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More and More Fun Facts About Mud Brick Houses

Mud Brick Houses

Here is a poem of Mud Brick Houses:

Mud brick houses have flat roof

They are not at all water-proofed

It has windows that are high near the sky

When you look out the window

It seems like you're five foot high!

Mud brick houses are used by Egyptians as a home. They were made of mud and straw. The Egyptians made them. Then they would put it in a rectangular mold to form it.Then it was left to dry in the sun.The windows were made to be very high to keep out the dust and sand outside.

Sometimes plants will grow on the roof of the mud brick houses, because it is made of mud.The Egyptians would sit on the roof with hosts to eat when they want to.When it rains, the mud brick houses might drip or even fall a whole pile of mud down.

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