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Dolls, Dolls, Wonderful Dolls

Different uses for Dolls

When I decided to do dolls as my topic for my E.L.C report, people thought, boring, and stupid. But really,it was a ton of fun. I learned a lot of new facts, as the ones in my list. Dolls are found in almost every country in the world. Different countries have different looking dolls. Dolls are made of different materials depending on where they come from. They have been around for centuries, and will probably stay around for that much longer. They have brought joy and treasure to little kids. They have become collector items for adults. They have become our friends. That's why dolls made for an exciting report.

"The First Voodoo Dolls"

A long time ago, in Africa there was a gypsy. This gypsy was named Alja Voodoo,and she believed that spirits could come back in different forms. One day, a little girl named Sirha came. She said that her mother was to go to the river later that afternoon, Sirha knew that her mother could not swim. "The reason she is going is because my baby brother Abdul drowned, and she is to get his body for a burial. I already lost my brother, I don't want to lose my mother too." "Don't worry," Alja said,"I will come up with a plan to save your mother." Alja stroked her chin, and looked back in to her head. "I got it!" Alja said, "But, I'll need your help." "Anything" Sirha said. "Go back to your house, and get a part of your mother, such as hair, an eyelash, a fingernail, or a toenail. Okay?" Alja asked. "Okay" said Sirha. She ran home. She went into her hut, cut off a long braid of beautiful, shiny, black hair from her mother's whole head of the braids stuffed into a turban. She rushed back to Alja. When she got back, Alja had made a doll that resembled her mother perfectly, all except her magnificent hair. Alja explained, "If we make a doll of your mother, which I did, and put a part of your mother's body on it, it becomes part of your mothers soul. With that little bit of soul, we can control what your mother does for a while. But,be careful,any scratch on the doll will come out on your mother." Alja finished. "What do you"Sirha was cut off, "Hush" Alja said while slipping a finger over Sirha's mouth. "It's called a Voodoo Doll, and it is now part of the wonderful world of dolls." Alja remarked with a smile of achievement on her face.

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