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A Childs Point of View on Child Labor

What children do in Child Labor

A song of Child Labor "Old McDonald Had a Farm"

Child Labor's really bad, oh yes, oh yes oh! Kids work all day and all night, oh yes, oh yes, oh! They get beaten if they make a mistake, oh yes oh yes, oh! If you want to help stop Child Labor sing oh yes, oh yes, oh!...... OH YES, OH YES, OH!

In Child Labor children work ,get beaten, and are treated with disrespect. People have freed many childen but not all of them. I have chosen to do this web page because if I was in Child Labor all of these things would happen to me and I would want it to stop. I hope that after reading my wep page you have learned a lot of sad, but interesting facts.

check out these three fabulous web sites to learn more about the interesting topic of child labor!!!

On this site you can see teach in on child labor, a school for Iqbal, a guest book, and the global march against child labor.
On this sit e you can see what is child works in Asia: what is cwa, there network, and what is current in cwa. Cwa's publications: our news letter, behhind closed doors, and the world of working children. you can also see childrens paticipation: mapping
On this site you can see pictures of children and child labor tellin gwhat they do an d who they are