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Elisa's Mega Clarinet Page

Packs of Facts

Check out these other websites about the clarinet!

Tells information about the clarinet.
Some pictures of instruments that are in the clarinet famiy.
Pages of some professional clarinetists,student clarinetists,and orchestral clarinetists.

Hey! This is a clarinet page. You might be thinking why is this person writing the clarinet . Well, it's because I play it. It is a fun and enjoyable instrument. Well, that's at least what I think. I hope you'll relax and enjoy my page.

I made up a song about the clarinet with the rhythm of Frere Jacques. Maybe you can sing along with the song. This is the song.

Clarinets are really fun, Clarinets are really fun Yes they are, Yes they are It was made by Johann Christoph Denner, It was made by Johann Christoph Denner In about 1700, In about 1700.