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*Fascinating Footwear Facts*

(sang to the tune of "BINGO")

There was a farm who had a girl

And Karmen was her name, oh!

She had no shoes, no!

Oh she wanted them so!

She had no shoes, no!

'Cause she had crops to grow!

And if she wore her shoes one day

She would get them dirty...

Wonder, wonder, why?

Because of the dirt, that's why!

Because of the dirt, that's why!

And Karmen was her name - bye!

How in the world did I get interested in SHOES?!?! Well, it started when I was in third grade (at gym) at a relay race. I had won and I just looked on the soles of my sneakers (I guess I was checking for gum!:P). On my sneaker's bottom, there was a strange design that prevented me from slipping while I was running. So, after about nine months of studying "shoes", I have learned a lot (I admit that I was feeling like I was going to give up at the beginning of my research project).
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