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My very own web page of African Animals

Check out these awesome weblinks on African Animals

This website describes research and education on cheetahs and their ecosystems
This website has a description of a meerkat
This website has a description and a picture of lions
This has a picture of a rhino and how to save the rhinos

My Favorite Things About African Animals

Angry lion

Ferocious lion

Running cheetah

Intelligent meerkat

Colassal rhino

Adorable cubs

Nocturnel animals

Adventures of Africa

Nervous meerkat

Independent cheetah

Meerkat burrows

Ambitous lion

Lazy rhino

Strange colored cheetahs

African beasts, cute

dig elegant far grand holes

interesting jackles

kind, long, mean, nice, old, plain, queer

rambunctious, silly

tigers, usually vast

with ''xeptional''

yellow zoos.