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Wilson's Wonderful Page On Pyramids

Kinds of Pyramids

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On a hot sunny day in Egypt a young pharoh named Mafisto orderedhis people to build him a pyramid. The people agreed because he was a kind pharoh. When the pyramid was finished and the pharoh was buried everyone was sad. The pyramid became buried in sand. Five thousand years later a young English visitor had obtained a rare map telling where Mafisto's pyramid was located. He thought it was just another toy map. But he followed the path anyway. He followed the path until the end. He saw nothing but a little well. At the bottom of the map appeared an Egypt word. He knew what it meant so he said it. Then a second later the ground started going up and there before his eyes was Mafisto's pyramid. He approached inside dodging deadly traps. Then he came to a room filled with many riches. There was a sign ahead that said don't touch, but he ignored it. He filled his pockets with as many gold as possible. When he was leaving a blinding light blinded his eyes. Before his eyes was a mummy guarding the tomb. He was the map seller. He sid he had went into this pyramid like you and stole and I became cursed and turned into a mummy to guard these riches until someone like you stole the treasures. Now it's your turn!

Pyramids are mysterious

Years of mysterious

Really tall

Are one of the seven wonders

Many pyramids are in Egypt

I think they are cool

Dead people live inside

Some are really old