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The Amazing World Of Butterflies

A Butterfly's Life Cycle

Would you like to see a short song that I wrote?

A Butterfly

(Goes to the tune of Silent Night)


Flying by,

High in the sky,

Look at it fly,

Pretty colors and so much more,

Dancing, prancing and galore,

Peacefully fluttering by,

Let it flutter in peace.

Would you like to try a puzzle?

Butterfly Puzzle

1. L_r_a_

2. P_p_a_

3. E_g

4. A_u_t

5. W_n_s

6. P_o_o_c_s

7. A_d_m_n

8. L_g_

Here are the ANSWERS to the puzzle:

1. Larvae

2. Pupae

3. Egg

4. Adult

5. Wings

6. Proboscis

7. Abdomen

8. Legs

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