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sarah's fishy facts

interesting and fishy facts

Fish are very interesting creatures. From the tiny dwarf goby, whtch is the size of your thumbnail, to the massive whale shark, which grows in an excess of 40 feet in length. All fish are unique. Here is some enjoyable fish stuff:


Bettas, also known as siamese foghting fish,are a very easy to care for fish. Here are some tips for their care.

- NEVER PUT TWO FISH TOGETHER IN ONE BOWL OR TANK! This could result in death, so it's not a smart idea.

- Feed your fish only a small amount of special betta food ONLY!

- You could put your fish in a large mason jar or a tank. I don't think the fish cares.

- Bettas are usually pretty hardy, but don't put them in really hot or cold water or switch them immediately from a store tank to your own. Float them in the water-filled bags or container that they came in for at least a half hour.


Guppies are small fish less hardy than a betta,and heartier than other tank fish.

- guppies need a five-gallon tank, but I reccomend a tank closer to 20 gallons as it holds more fish and is easier to maintain Ph levels..

- Feed them a small amount of regular fish food.

- they need water 60-70 degrees fareinheit.

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