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Purrrrrrfect Cats

Kinds of Cats

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Get tons of info, pictures and more-everything you need to know!
they might repeat pictures but some of them are cute!
So you want a kitten.....
Why does a cat rub itself on your feet and furniture?
Why does a cat hiss at the other after a visit to the vet?
Can cats become depressed?

Play With Your Kitten!

You can play with your kitten in a lot of diffrent ways, here are a few ways you can. You could take some string and wiggle it. It will start to attack it and have fun, it wont hurt you!. Or you can put a blanket on the ground and put your hand under it and move it around. If you have another cat or kitten you can watch them play together. Or you could just pet it. Watching your cat can tell you what it likes to play with and more. Also you don't need to buy it expensive toys. It can play with anything!

Some people hate cats. Well here are a few good reasons to get a cat. First they don't need to be taken out for walks, unlike dogs. They`re clean and they use a litter box. They`re very quite and don't annoy you by barking. They dont run at people and lick them in the face. They don't drool or attack people.