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Beautiful , Graceful Doliphins

What Dolphins Look Like?

song tune to A Whole New world dolphins live in the sea. wild and free as can be. swimmming and jumping having lots of fun that we can't even see see their echoeing style. look at them catching their food. can't wait to see them again!

A Dolphin Named Grace

One day in the deep sea a dolphin named Grace came home from playing seaweed ball.She never told her parents she hurt her left fin. Her parents were very mad because Grace never told them. Grace got sent upstairs to her room. She was so mad that she packed her clothes and swam away. She swam so far she felt scared because she remembered their was a shark near her town. Then something swam towards her it was the shark swimming faster and faster every time and he was three feet away now Grace swam as fast as she could and she cut her doursle fin. Grace's parents came and badley hurt the dolphin and she never ran away again.

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