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The Exciting World of Computers

Different Kinds of Computers

The first successful computer was invented by Herman Hollerith. The computer was invented for military calculations; for calculating how far a bullet will go when fired from a gun. The computer was also inventedbecause people got bored of adding and subtracting numbers. The first computer was called an abacus. But tools like that soon meant that more adding,subtracting,multiplying,and dividing could be done and we need faster and bigger computers! The first electronic computers were bigger than a classroom,and they have gotten physically smaller,but much faster,with bigger hard drives and more memory ever since. People soon figured out that even things like music and speech are really just numbers that could be added together and divided apart.

Laptops are PC's

Also have same power as normal computers

Portables include laptop,notebook,and palmtop

To some people palmtop computer have less power than


Operating workstations obtain copies of information from server

Portable PC's is popular with people who often work away from desks

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