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Do you want to know something about slavery?

Interesting facts about slavery

Slaves didn't have too much free time, but in their free time the children played hopscotch, jump-rope, tic-tac-toe, and many other games that we play today! Slave children didn't have many toys, some maybehad a doll, so they used sticks and rocks to play with.

One game that slaves played is marbles. What you will need to play this game is: 2 or more people,1 small marble and 1 medium marble for each person. You will also need 1 big marble. First you draw a circle and put the big marble in the middle. Then each person takes a place around the circle. After that everybody puts their small marble in front of their medium marble. Then they flick the medium marble and try to hit the big marble out of the circle using the small marble. The first person to flick the big marble out of the circle wins!!!!!!

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