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Military Aircraft

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I chose this topic because when I was little my dad got me plane models. He gave them all away before I could even go to school!!! He just told me about it. Another reason is that it is something that I have never done before, It's cool too!


What You Need

-piece of string

-something that can swing from string

-something to hang string from(a small,lightweight rock

-10 pieces of an item(for example, building blocks),5 one color,5 another color


Tie the string to the thing that it is going to hang from,and tie the swingy thing(maybe a rock or something) onto the end of the string. Arrange the pieces on the ground so if you swing the thing(rock that swings from the string,it can knock the pieces down. The color with the last piece standing wins. This is kind of like a plane dropping bombs. But,instead of it crashing,it swingsback up!