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The Wonderful Page of Mysticle


A Day in the Life of a Dolphin

A song to the tune of: Animal Crackers in my Soup By:

Shirley Temple.

Dolphins swimming n the sea! Jumping and diving o so free! Spinning and wining happily! O so merrily!

~Amber the Dolphin~

Did you ever here about the dolphin named Amber? Well I must tell you then. She is just about an adult dolphin, but not quite yet. You could say she is a teenager. now she works in Sea World with her trainer, Scott. Amber is a trick dolphin, a;ways being awarded with treats. (fish) But you see Amber didin't always have it this easy. She was once free, as a matter of fact as free as free can be. One day there was a storm, a really,really bad storm. She was seperated from her mother. Amber was knocked onto a rock by a wave and broke her left fin. When she woke up she was on a beach with people all around her, but she was too tired and dry so she fell asleep. when she woke up again she wasn't tired or dry at all.Her fin still hurt but she was in water! But something was wrong. WAIT! Where was my mom she thought?!? Then she herd voices. " She will be well again in a week or so but she s too young to fend for herself." " Yes butno dolphin can fend for iself" relied the other." They worked at Sea World. The girl was Laura, and the boy was Scott. Laura was a veternarian at Sea World and the boy was a trainer." i think we souldkeep her here ", said Scott. " I guess i have to agree, but we will need to feed her from a bottle", laura replied. " When she gets old enough I will be her trainer, and she will be in the shows", offered Scott. " Yes, but we will have to, see how well she adusts", Laura said.

So now Amber is in shows and has a wonderfu life. She will have a dseese, but it will never interfere with her life. her fin if back to normal. only one problem Ambers become show off! Oh ya and before i forget theres one more thng.....Amber's pregnet! It's soposed to be a boy,but you can never tell. Wow as a matter of fact there goes Amber now!


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