Some books
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Too many of these books are out of print. I would like to see some reissues at cheaper prices.

 David House - Biogas Handbook
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 Harold B. Gotaas Composting (World Health Organisation) 1956


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More books
 Peter-John Meynell-Methane:Planning a Digester

Biogasanlagen. Die Gewinnung von Methan.
Ariane Van Buren - A Chinese Biogas Manual

L.John Fry - Methane Digesters

Methane digesters for fuel gas and fertilizer: With complete instructions for two working models
 Rose George - The Big Necessity

The Big Necessity: Adventures in the World of Human Waste

The Big Necessity: The Unmentionable World of Human Waste and Why It Matters

L.John Fry Methane Digesters (L.John Fry)

Christina Freeman & Leo Pyle Methane Generation by Anaerobic Fermentation (ITDG)

Dr. Leo Pyle & Peter Fraenkl Methane: Proceedings of a one-day seminar (ITDG)

Obtainable from the Intermediate Technology Bookshop, 103-105 Southampton Row, London, WC1B 4HH.

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