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Song on this page is titled "The Glasgow" (this is also one of the ships that some of the Zinn's came to America on, however I have not found a picture of that ship (yet))

Brothers ZINN to America 1705-1749

I. Brother Gerhart ZINN (Gerhardt, Gerhard, Garrett) d. 1765)
m. Margaretha W. GUTH (1702-
· Migrated from Palatine to Philadelphia on the ship “Thistle” –Aug. 29,1730 –York Co.
· Buried at Bethabara, N.C.
· A Long Trail, by John Marvin Zinn Jr., 1812 Mission Dr., Victoria, TX 77901
· PA Historical Society PA
· PA- VA- NC- SC- GA lineage
· Moved from Ephrata to VA to NC
· Now and Long Ago, by Glenn D. Lough – 1969 – pages 56-57 tell about Garrett Zinn moved to Carolina so as not to be killed by Indians, where he died intestate leaving Valentine, his oldest son and heir, 125 acres of New River, part of 900 acres patented to Garrett Zinn, June 20, 1753. Valentine sold the 125 acres to Samuel Eckerlin of Phila, PA. This is in excerpts from Augusta CO, VA records.
II. Valentine ZINN – oldest and heir (b. circa 1730 –d. before 1791 in S.C.)
II. Philip Henry ZINN
II. Sarah ZINN
II. Christian (Christina) ZINN (1726-1785)
m. Matthias ARDIS (1724-1781)
· Matthias and Benjamin died on a prison ship off the coast of Savannah during Revolutionary War
ARDIS Children: Sarah (1750 SC)
Mary (1756)
Abraham (1767)
Matthias Jr
(Cronimus Zinn is our direct ancestor in this family)
II. Cronimus ZINN Sr. (b. 1727 Ger – d. 1776/78 in Beach Island, SC.
m. 1750 VA to Christina ARDIS (1726-)
· (Cronomous, Cromious, Horonomas, Heironomous)
· ZINN Children:
Cronomous Jr.
William S.
Nancy, I. Brother Johanis ZINN came to America in 1738 on the ship “Glasgow.”
I. Brother Casber ZINN arrived in Philadelphia in 1744 on the ship “Friendship.”picture shown below
I. Brother Jacob ZINN and his wife arrived in Philadelphia in 1749 on the ship“Edinburg”(picture shown below)and settled in Lancaster Co. PA

This page lists some information on the Zinn Family and where we come from. Some of this information listed above in part comes from Donna Mason.

"The Friendship"

The following information was taken from several sources over many years.

Early Zinn Information

Our ancestors were what was then called High Dutch or Hollanders. They were Huguenots and all Protestants. They fled from France to be free from the Catholic persecution during the dates between 1563 and 1620. More likely in the later date and under the reign of Henry the Eighth. In indeed it was this later date they settled on the coast of South Carolina and near or at Charles Town. This is the early name for Charleston. Little is known of them from then until the wars between the Colonies and England in 1776 an 1812. The characteristics of the family was and is that they won't stand for persecution nor oppression and they showed that during the wars with England to such an extent that the English hired the Tories and Indians to exterminate them. They nearly succeeded! The Indians pillaged, burned and massacred all they could of the Zinns but a small number. Our side of the Family: (Rev. Jacob Albert Zinn) Two brothers were together a long while in the Army but by some means unknown to us they were separated from one another and each was supposed to be dead. They did not know better until near approach of the Civil War. It was discovered that one brother settled on the North East Coast of our Country and the other on the coast of South Carolina and this making the descendant of these two brothers scattered from the Atlantic to Pacific Coast. This information came from Rev. Jacob Albert Zinn. He was born in 1819. Earliest Record of Zinn's that I could find: Some intersting background information on the migration of our ancestors: It was very difficult to flee and come to America. Our ancestors came from Rotterdam to Philadelphia where the ships docked. There were three list of passengers (listed were the male heads of household only) Some of the Zinn's on this list names were spelled different than we might spell it today but this was common in those days because of the fact that so many could not write and others signed for them. Our ancestors names are found on the ship list of the ship Thistle of Glasgow with Colin Dunlap as the captain of the ship. The date on this voyage was registered at the courthouse at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 29, 1730. Even though the list had only 77 names on it there were in access of 260 people aboard (including women and children). The name of our ancestor listed was Gerard Zin (Gerhart Zinn). There were three different list for this voyage and on all the list the last name was spelled different. In checking many books at the Genealogy section of the library both in Colorado Springs and Tulsa, Oklahoma I find that there were a number of Zinns and also find that in doing this search I would find that there are many spellings of the name Zinn. I thought that a name as uncommon as Zinn would be simple to trace. Well I was wrong for sure. I decided that the best thing I could do was to just start with the first Zinns that I could find trace of that came to America. This starting in Pennsylvania with the landing of the ship "Thistle of Glasgow", in August of 1730. Some background information on the early pioneers that came to America helped me to understand where I wanted to go with the information that I gathered. It was very interesting to find out how very difficult it was to flee and come to America. Not all who left on the ship from Rotterdam. It is interesting to note that many could not write their own name and had to depend on others to write for them, thus causing the names to sometimes be misspelled in the process. On the ship there were three list of passengers (male heads of household only) kept for each ship which came from the Palatatinets, Germany, to Pennsylvania during the 1700's. List A would be the ship captains list which was carelessly kept, with names misspelled, omitted and etc. List B would have been a list where the heads of families signed the Oath of Allegiance to the British Crown. List C would be a list of signers of the Oath of Fidelity and Abjuration in which the signer and his family renounced all allegiance to their Mother Country and agreed to obey the laws of the proprietor and province in which they settled. This third list, is probably most accurate since it was signed by the head of the household himself. German Pioneers Journey This was done in three stages and took more than 6 months to complete. The trip down the Rhine River lasted from four to six weeks. They were further delayed five to six weeks in Rotterdam, Holland where the passengers had to spend nearly all the money they had remaining from the Rhine trip. From Rotterdam to Dover (this being the case of our ancestors) they were delayed from one to two weeks. Ocean voyages lasted seven weeks and the passengers were packed like sardines into the tiny ships. Many died and were buried at sea. The ships docked at Philadelphia where head of households signed the new oaths of allegiance and renounced their old loyalties. Early History of the Zinn Family in the Year 1745 In or about the year 1745 numerous Brethren both from Ephrata and from the First Day Brethren congregations in Pennsylvania were traveling Southward to join the New River Settlement. Among these early pioneers were two of the Eckerlin brothers, Gabriel and Emmanual, William, Mack, John Megley, Garrett Zinn (our ancestor) John Miller and Peter Shaver, along with families of Weisers, Wolforhrts, Graffs, Webers, Gribils, Freys, Landies and Huffacres. One on the earliest recognition’s of the presence of the Dunkers in the legal records occurred on November 19th, 1746 when Augusta County Court ordered the building of a new road from :Reed Creek to Eagle Bottom and thence to the top of the Ridge that parts waters of New River and those of South Fork of Roanoke". After naming a number of men living in the area, the order added that all the Dunkers that are able to work should work on the project. In 1750 the surrounding community absorbed the New River settlement over a period of years and various Brethren continued in the area but gradually lost their Brethren identity. The original nine hundred acres that was known as Mahanaim was sold by Samuel Eckerlin to Garrett Zinn. The sale was officially recorded on June 20th,1753. This is noted in the official court records of the time. A couple of years after Henrich Zinn and the family he lived with were killed the Zinns decided to sell their land and move. He sold his 900 acres and it is thought that he moved from Virginia to South Carolina. They lived in a community there called Bethabara and after about four years they ask to become apart of the Moravians group (like a Church). This was thought to be about the year 1762. Both Gerhard and Margreth Zinn were elderly by this time. According to information from a book "Wachovia Church Book", which is a diary that was kept by the Committee of the Church. Both Gerhard and Margreth wanted to have a closer connection with the Brethren of Moravains and they left the Seventh Day Adventist Baptist which is also called Dunkards. They were allowed to become a part of the Moravians in Bethabara and they lived where until their deaths. Gerhard Zinn died on March 4, 1765 and Margareth Zinn passed away in the year 1773. From information that I could find they had two sons, Valentine and Chonomus Zinn (also with a spelling Honomus Zinn). I found information several court records that show Valentine as the executor of the estate for Gerhard Zinn.

Information on our direct Zinn Line

Wylie Potts Zinn-Rosa Jane(Ward)Zinn

Wylie & Rosa Zinn 50th Anniversary

Wylie Potts Zinn & Rosa Jane (Ward)Zinn
Louis&Leroy not in picture (they both died young

Louis Monroe Zinn
Nellie Juanita Zinn
Velva Ruth Zinn
Albert Martin Zinn
Wylie Leroy Zinn
Van Alvis Zinn
John Clyde Zinn
Douglas Paul Zinn
Domby Lloyd Zinn

This would be my(Janice McConnell Cowan's)
Zinn Ancestor List (1705 until current)

Garrett (Gerhart) Zinn
born March 12 1705 born in Germany
died March 4 1765 Surry County, North Carolina
Margareth W. Guth - ca 1725 in Germany
she died March 7 1773 Surry County, North Carolina

Cronomaus Zinn
born ca 1727 n Germany
died ca 1786 - 1788 Beech Island South Carolina
Christinia (Ardis) ca 1750 in Virginia

Jacob Zinn I (1st)
born ca 1762
died ca 1846-1847 Pontotac County Mississippi
Mary Bowers ca 1790 Edgefield District South Carolina

Jacob Albert Zinn II (2nd)
born February 16, 1819 South Carolina
died June 22, 1887 Tarrant County, Texas
Sara Ann Ragland November 20 1839
she died October 29 1891 Farmer Texas

Jacob Albert Zinn III (3rd)
born August 28 1843 Lafayette
died June 15 1912 Jackson Co. Oklahoma
Cornelia Ann Walker January 17 1868 Tarrant County Texas
she died October 14 1883 Big Springs Texas
Emma Morrison October 1 1887 Wilbarger County Texas
she died ?

Wylie Potts Zinn
born February 1 1879 Tarrent County Texas
died March 17 1958Hobart Oklahoma(buried Hobart, Oklahoma)
Rosa Jane Ward March 17 1904 Mangum, Oklahoma
she died June 25 1977 Weatherford Oklahoma(buried Hobart, Oklahoma

Nellie Juanita Zinn
born August 23 1906 Beaver County Oklahoma
she died October 29 1988 Claremore Oklahoma(buried Hobart Oklahoma
Clarence LeGrande McConnell
born October 20,1906 Wise County,Texas
he died December 24 1966 Lone Wolf Oklahoma(buried Hobart Oklahoma)
Janice Elaine McConnell
born September 2 1944 Hobart Oklahoma
William James Taylor September 21,1963 Lone Wolf Oklahoma
Robert Wayne Cowan April 10 1977 Lone Wolf Oklahoma

CL McConnell & Nellie Zinn McConnell

Grandma Rosa Zinn & Janice Elaine

Memories Last Forever

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