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Graphic Arts Faculty

    Creating Internal Links
  1. Coleena Jackson
  2. Freda O'Connor
  3. Brad Traylor
  4. Sandy Yancy
  5. Karen Anderson

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These are some instructors at the College of the Mainland. I bet you have some of them for other classes.

This is my first html document. It is a template file which I can use to start all of my HTML documents in the future. It contains the four required elements of a complaint HTML file.

I am currently studying to be a Web Designer with the potential to go into graphic art, multimedia, Database programming and web managing.

I have achieved an associate degree in applied science. I am a Registerred Nurse. I have worked over 20 years in nursing. I am an expert in surgical nursing, I am certified insurgical nursing and ACLS certified. I have worked in Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Neurology Orthopedics, Obstetrics and Medicine.