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Safety in your Car


Always keep your car doors locked when driving, and windows rolled up far enough to keep anyone from reaching inside. At stop signs and lights keep the car in gear and keep alert. This advise goes double at night.

If another car follows closely or tries to force you over, or if you are being threatened by someone on foot, drive off and blow your horn. Blow it in quick blasts or in an "SOS" pattern -- they're more attention-getting than leaning on the horn. Don't be afraid to pull into a gas station or police station blowing your horn like crazy. It may be embarrassing, but you'll be safe. don't drive home, you will only be telling the follower where you live-he could come back.

Travel well-lit and busy streets, even if it takes a few more minutes to get home. You're much less likely to run into trouble of a criminal nature. Plan your route to avoid high crime areas. Your peace of mind is well worth the small forethought it takes to do this.

Don't leave your purse on the seat beside you when driving. Place it on the floor. And don't leave bundles or bags or any other tempting articles in plain sight in a locked car. Lock them in the trunk.

Never leave your car without locking it, even for a few minutes. At night, park only in a well-lit spot near enough to your destination for safety. Look around before leaving the car. If anything looks suspicious, wait, or move. When returning to your parked car, night or day, circle it to check the front seat, back seat and floor and trunk before entering- to assure that no one is hiding in the car.

When you arrive home, deep the headlights on until you have the car in the garage and the house door unlocked. A remote control garage door opener can be worth the money it costs to install. It allows you to Stay safely in your locked car until you are safely in you locked garage. The garage light comes on as the door opens and stays on until you've had time to get in the house.

Never pick up a hitchhiker - even if It's a shame but the odds are against it ever being a good idea, for women or men.

Break Down
If you car should break down and you're not within seeing distance or earshot of safe assistance, these are the recommended steps, especially at night or in an isolated area.

  1. Get off the road far enough that you won't be hit by an oncoming car, even if it means driving on a flat tire.
  2. Turn on your emergency flasher system
  3. Raise the hood
  4. If possible, tie a handkerchief to the aerial or door
    If you are on a turnpike, freeway, or throughway and there is a police or roadside call box nearby use it.

Johnnie Morris
IMED 1416
9-25-02 Safety in your Car