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The Cosmic Joke

I start with nothing
I end the same
What I do in between
Its just a game

Its a game of the living And of the dead Of searching for the light In the darkness of my head

Throughout my life Itís truth and justice Iíve sought I now know It's all for naught

Iíll start with nothing Iíll learn the rules RULES! Rules, of pompous fools

Lets see. . . I get points for goodness And I lose points for bad I see the cycle never ends And thatís whatís so sad

Unthink the rules Itís so clear Iím the only one I have to fear

Nothing, nothing, nothing Strange rule but clear The object is to want nothing While I am here

There's no yesterday, no tomorrow Only now, I wonít fret What I want most Iíll never get

To sum up: What you want most Youíll never get Its the Cosmic Joke, GET OVER IT!