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In-between THE LINES


Please read 4 black lines

then 4 red ones


The first plane hit at 8:48 EDST.

The God of the Terrorist

The second 18 minutes later.

Is the GOD of the terrorized

The third hit the Pentagon.

It has nothing to do with GOD

The forth made a crater.

Man has to be Victimized


In less then an hour,

The Terrorist called upon his GOD in heart felt prayer!

THOUSANDS were dead!

In heart felt prayer the Terrorized called upon his GOD too!

“They sucker punched us,”

But neither got an answer

That’s what the White House spokesman said.

It’s all so old there’s nothing new


The media’s on TV 24 hours a day.

It has nothing to do with a GOD, of any kind


But EVIL in every man

The worst terrorism ever,

You can’t pray to the same GOD

That’s what they say. 

When you take a opposite stand


Osama bin Laben.

We all have to live on this Ole Earth

He’s the moneyman.

Why, can’t we all just get along?

He’s mad at the USA,

although we all want the same things


We’re always right, they’re always wrong: I don’t belong


bin Laden is a Saudi.

The cycle of violence will never end

He’s on the attack.

You, I, We, always have to be right

Because the USA when in Desert Storm,

Can’t you just be a friend?

Didn’t finish off Iraq.

Hell no, It’s not the winning, it’s the fight


“Today we saw EVIL!”

Supposedly GOD said,

Young Mr. Bush has said,

“Turn the other cheek”

“And that’s enough of that!

But we ready for war instead

We’re going to kick some ass and put this thing to bed!!”

Because It’s vengance we seek


The President of the United States said,

So do you turn the other cheek?

“The world stands behind us”

To see if He hits you again

We’ll take this war to them.

Where do you go from here?

In a cave, in a house, on a bus!

Do you commit a sin?



Young George said on that day.

Do you say, No!

“Terrorism is a problem The World has to solve!

That’s enough of that

These acts shattered steel,

do you pick yourself up? dust yourself off?

But they cannot dent the STEEL of AMERICAN RESOLVE!”

Do you hit ‘em with a bat?


Narcissism, paganism, racialism, Nationalism,

Christianism, Islamism, Judaism, Buddhism,

Catholicism, Mohammedanism, Zionism,

Marxism, Taoism, Krishnaism, agnosticism,

Monarchism, territorialism, isolationism, apocalytpicism,

Antidisestablishmentarianism = Terrorism



j. park