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Exploring the Web with jim

This sight is boring but functional with no movement. It is a place to get information on cars. It does its job.

Fast Flash one minute to load to studio. Well done, informative. Hits its mark.

This sight is slow so, so slow, dull hard to navigate. This sight is even slower than COM's. The calender took two minutes to load it is a pdf (portable document format).

This sight is also boring but functional very slow loading, slow moving, poorly setup.

This sight is GREAT it is not only entertaining but educational I really enjoyed it. It also helps that I'm a contributing editor this month.

Dumb and Dumber, Worse and worser, not entertaining. PO, PO, PITIFUL SOULS!

Cool sight, loads fast, lots of information, no flash, clean.

flash movie,real, real slow on 56k motom. Too long to stay, by.

Not bad from a singles point of view, no flash.

Antimated.gif, good reading, clean.

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