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Websites: The Good and The Bad

- Commercial / E-Commerce: Good site, animations used to enhance products, primarily HTML rather than images, intended to sell piercing jewelry and accessories to a mature audience of piercing enthusiasts. I call this one "eyekiller". After the big eyesore of an animation loads, you may or may not notice that there is indeed a scrollbar on the right side of your screen (a scrollbar you'll wish you hadn't noticed, as this page requires a lot of scrolling. it doesn't use nearly enough HTML to fill its space.

- Informational: A broad database of cinema-related information can be found at Internet Movie Database with an easy-to-use keyword search. Not many animations are present, but they aren't needed. This site uses primarily HTML, and is quite a success. Even though this site offers quite a bit of information, it is cluttered excessively with buttons, links, and scroll-down menus. I couldn't find any animations on this site. It has a good amout of HTML, rather than overloading with images. It succeeds in providing information, though I don't think it succeeds at making its viewers comfortable while visiting it.

- Entertainment: An entertainment site with nice animations and sounds, lots of images, but they load quickly and are easy on the eyes. "Joe Cartoon" has succeeded at bringing a left-field, mature(?) sense of humor to a large audience. This site has far too many images, and far too much scrolling on the front page. It seems to want to entertain, but doesn't succeed in making it clear exactly what it's entertaining you with. It's cluttered, and the text is annoyingly small. It took me a while to figure out where the links are located--I literally had to use my mouse pointer like a metal detector, sweeping it across the screen until I found some links.

- Education:

University Of Phoenix Online: Doesn't appear much different from San Jac's webpage at first, but it actually has some animations, animated buttons, and is quite easier on the eyes and unpracticed navigation skills.

San Jacinto College's website: BORING. Too many buttons, not enough animations, and for some reason, they thought adobe acrobat wouldn't aggravate people or chase them away.

- Personal:

Andrew's webpage.: All I can really say is that he's got plenty of graphics on his site. Other than that, I'm pretty much confused.

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