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50th Class Reunion Notes

Updated August 24, 2003


Isn't it ironic that Bob Hope passed away the same weekend we had our 50th year reunion.
Yes, thanks for the memories it brought to all of us. The reunion was indeed a smashing success. Thanks to all who had a hand in making this the best reunion ever.

Reunion Committee:
Shirley Hausmann (Schweighhart), Sharon Lappin (Lumsden), Ray Griffet, Dick Haines, Harold Keller, Phil Matteson, and John Wilson. A special thanks to Phil, his wife, Donna, and Shirley. They spent endless hours planning and covering every detail for a delightful time.

Special thanks to the following sponsors:
Mary Jane Bruggeman (Stevens), Shirley Hausemann (Schweighart), Sharon Lappin (Lumsden), Phil Matteson, Bill Oliver, Ron Selvidge, and John Wilson.

The Friday night reception was indeed a great icebreaker, with a luscious assortment on the buffet.
The Saturday bus tour of the Champaign area was an eye opener for the alumni who hadn't visited in many years.

Touring our old Junior High School brought back a lot of memories, good and bad. A lot of changes have been made over the past 50 years.
Following the tour, the elegant sack lunch was a stroll down memory lane, but much better than the bologna or pb&j sandwiches we carried to school. Lunches were provided by Bob Slade.
Thanks Bob.

The Saturday night banquet began with renewing friendships with classmates who did not attend the Friday night or Saturday events.
Then the organized confusion of taking the class picture started. After many tries, the photographer finally got us together for a great picture.

Shirley Hausmann (Schweighart) opened the evening program with a prayer. Then a class memorial ceremony was held in honor of the deceased classmates.
When a deceased classmate's name was read, a long stemmed red rose was placed in a vase. It was a very moving moment.

The dinner buffet was next, with a scrumptious assortment to choose from. Then came ice cream and cake. The big cake was decorated with a very good picture of our old Champaign High School.

Shirley welcomed the class of 1953, followed by an official welcome by Ola Bundy. Ola gave a very moving talk on the pride and loyalty of CHS 1953 and its alumni.

Mary Jane Bruggeman (Stevens) reminisced about what the world was like in 1953. Gosh, some of the dollar values seemed impossible.

John Wilson, not losing any of his theatrical wit and humor, gave a lot of good examples of how we as senior citizens, are coping with life.

Ms. Dorothy Munger was our guest teacher. She gave out the diplomas to the alumni attending. Don Scott read the names of the seniors and their spouses.

Phil Matteson and Shirley Hausmann (Schweighhart), both received a plaque honoring their dedication for over 25 years of planning past and present reunions. Donna, Phil's wife, was presented a box of long stemmed roses for her support.

Harold Keller received recognition and a gift certificate for his work establishing the class web site on the internet.

Shirley asked the classmates, "How many of you remembered to wear your class rings"? There were 4 of us that did, and one had it with her, but couldn't get it on her finger.

Closing statememts were made by Phil Matteson. Then, former cheerleaders led us in singing of our fidelity, "The Champaign Song".

The rest of the evening was occupied by socializing, reminiscing with classmates, and taking many Kodak moments.


Harold Keller

A copy of my letter from Shirley and Phil

Dear Classmate, Harold:

This is a special letter, from Shirley and Phil for the Reunion Committee, sent only to classmates who attended our 50th Reunion and were recognized on the "Picture Wall." Enclosed is your picture as a souvenir. In the invitation letter mailed last February, it was stated that your attendance was needed for a successful reunion. You responded, you attended, and comments indicate it was the best ever.


Of "name guessing" Friday night, without name tags

Of seeing Champaign on tour

Of walking old CJHS halls

Of shooting basketballs

Of lunch in Seely Hall

Of gathering for the class picture

Of a memorial roll call

Of Ola giving a cheer

Of Mary Jane giving facts

Of John giving us a laugh

Of Don giving introductions

Of Miss Munger giving us a diploma

Of Shirley and Phil receiving "dedicated service" awards (not on the original agenda)

Of having our cake and eating it, too

Of conversation and remembering when

Of dancing the final goodnight dance

Of breakfast on Sunday morning

Of our "5" and "3" floating away into the sky

Of hugs and saying good-bye

Until we meet again.

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