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Cheddar Boyz Kennels

Home of The Performance AB and Gamebred APBT

We are a small kennel located in Michigan. We specialize in Performance Bred American Bulldogs and Game Bred APBT.We do not mix AB blood with APBT. Our goal is to produce Performance American Bulldogs with the working ability and temperament of a true old time bulldog. Our line of AB are known for broad skulls,working length muzzels,medium to large bones with dense muscular bodies. We produce athletic dogs in the 80-100lbs range. Our females range from 75-90lbs.Our AB lines include Hines, Tate, tuck, williamsons,and some Johnson.We also have Game Bred APBT out of Jeep/Eli blood.

Pictures and Links

AB Sonya pic#1
AB Sonya pic#2
AB Sonya pic#3
AB JR. pic#1
AB puppys
AB puppys
AB puppys
AB Mustafa and Lilly
AB Bear
APBT Stewart's Slimm
APBT Slimm
APBT Slimm
Slimm's Pedigree
Robinsons Black Lightning
Simms' Razor/Lightning