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Bono was a "pound puppy" who was rescued from a local animal shelter by an acquaintance who couldn't provide a permanent home for him herself but didn't have the heart to leave him where he was. He came to us on May 15, 1987 at the age of approximately 2 1/2 months, and claimed our family for his own. The vet's best guess was that he was a terrier/sheltie mix with maybe a little Chihuahua thrown in for luck. He weighed about 26 pounds when fully grown.

Bono definitely had a terrier's temperament. He barked at anything that moved (and some things that didn't, like the time he "protected" me by keeping my oversized handbag cowering in a corner while I tried to sleep through a migraine), didn't care for other dogs (he once tried to take on a family member's 100-pound male bull mastiff over a turf issue, as the mastiff looked down at him and wondered what kind of a cat this was that had learned to bark), and was incredibly bright (we used to say that if he could walk on two legs he would be a Ph.D. candidate). If YOU walked on two legs, you were someone that he wanted to know...I don't think he ever met a person that he didn't like, and if you scratched his chest or gave him a Milk Bone he was your friend for life. And he had the amazing ability to "shark" food--especially Pizza Hut Big New Yorker pizza--off the table in a heartbeat if you were foolish enough to turn your back on it while you were eating.

When Bono was a little over three years old, his human "brother" Danny was born. Bono was protective of him from the beginning, and Danny grew up with Bono and loved him dearly. As did I. No matter what happened to us over the years, the three of us were always a family.

Bono was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, a particularly vicious form of vascular cancer, during the summer of 2001, and passed away on the morning of October 4, 2001 at the age of 14 1/2. During his illness he received outstanding care from Dr. Anne Chiapella, Dr. Nichole Birnbaum, and the staff of the Veterinary Internal Medicine Practice of Northern Virginia in Manassas (special thanks to Pat for always making the time to get a personal update for "Bono's mom"); Dr. Craig Wahlgren of PetCentre Animal Hospital, also in Manassas; and the 24-hour critical care staff of Woodbridge (Virginia) Animal Hospital, particularly Dr. Linda Prime and Dr. Rick Hammett.

Bono, we miss you terribly.

There are countless other "pound puppies"--not to mention full-grown dogs and canine senior citizens--who are waiting right now for loving homes. Below are a number of links to animal rescue organizations and shelters that provide online listings and photographs of some of these waiting pets. At present these links are primarily for organizations within driving distance of the Northern Virginia/Washington, DC metro area, but that could change as this site expands. Please take a look; you could save a life and make a new best friend. Most of these organizations sponsor off-site adoption fairs, usually on the weekends--check their individual Web sites for details. Some also offer cats and other animals. Since these sites are graphics-intensive, please be patient if you are using a dialup connection.

If you are financially unable to adopt but are otherwise qualified, many of these organizations have foster programs that they will gladly discuss with you.

HART (Homeless Animals Rescue Team), Fairfax Station, VA
(Dogs and cats of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Updated several times a week. This group also offers the opportunity for you to sponsor a pet--currently $10/month with a three-month commitment--if you are unable to adopt or foster.)

Humane Society of Culpeper, Culpeper, VA
(Lots of Lab mixes, shepherds, hounds, and larger breeds, but they get a little of everything...including puppies. Cats, too. Hosts Manassas-area adoption events on the weekends. Site is updated more often than the change dates would indicate, usually about once a week.)

All Breed Rescue and Referral, Gaithersburg, MD
("All breeds" of dogs and cats, serving the Washington, DC metro area. Appears to have an active--and carefully screened--foster program. Updated regularly.)

Pet Assistance League (PAL) of Virginia--Prince William County
(Caring for homeless and abandoned dogs, cats, and other animals in Prince William, Stafford, and Spotsylvania counties since 1986. About 80% of its animals come to them after having "run out of time" at local shelters. Hosts adoption fairs at the Woodbridge PetSmart most Saturdays.)

Oldies But Goodies Cocker Spaniel Rescue, Newington, VA
(Cocker spaniels and an occasional "honorary cocker," of all ages. Updated regularly.)

Pups2Luv, Springfield, VA
(Dog and puppy rescue and adoption. Adoptions are limited to within a 75-mile radius of Springfield to facilitate the required pre-placement home study. Site includes an excellent questionnaire on whether or not you should consider adopting a dog.)

Friends of Homeless Animals (FOHA) of Northern VA
(No-kill facility in Northern Virginia, established in 1973. Offers dogs and cats. Currently has a wonderful page of Hurricane Katrina pet rescue and reunion links.)

Pet Harbor Rescue and Referral, Inc., Woodbridge, VA
(Primarily Siberian husky rescues, with focus on adoptions within Virginia. Affiliated with Richmond Siberian Rescue.)

Beagle Rescue, Education, and Welfare, Inc. (BREW), Woodbridge, VA
(Beagle-related placements in the mid-Atlantic and New England regions. Will consider out-of-area adoptions.)

Mid-Atlantic German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) Rescue, Dale City, VA
(German shorthaired pointer rescue, with a foster home network throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware.)

Heaven Sent Chihuahua Rescue, Fairfax, VA
(Newly formed Chihuahua rescue, with branches in Northern Virginia and Indiana.)

Chihuahua Rescue and Transport, Inc.
(Multi-region Chihuahua/Chihuahua mix rescue organization.)

Humane Society of Morgan County, Berkeley Springs, WV
(A small facility less than two hours from Washington, DC. Very serious about making sure that the right homes are found for animals in its care. Many of its animals are unclaimed strays. Dogs, cats, puppies, and lots of kittens. We adopted a wonderful senior dog--Gertie, who is snoozing at my feet as I write this--from them in November 2002, who we found through Petfinder.)

Washington Humane Society, Washington, DC
(This link is to their dogs, but they also offer cats and other animals. Don't delay!)

MetroPets Online, Silver Spring, MD
(Search engine of adoptable pets housed by a wide range of participating shelters and rescue groups in the Washington, DC metro area. Dogs, cats, and exotics.)

All Rover's Rescue Friends
(A little farther afield than we normally list, but if it will save a life...A non-profit, volunteer organization serving Ohio/Michigan/Indiana that is devoted to the rescue of dogs, often from kill shelters. Rescued dogs are placed into experienced foster homes to give them a taste of a stable, everyday life while permanent, loving homes are sought. All potential adopters are screened, and placements are followed up on post-adoption.)
(Nationwide search engine of adoptable pets housed by participating shelters and placement groups. A free month of Petcare's ShelterCare pet insurance is offered to adopters in most states. Site currently includes a link to the Animal Emergency Response network, which houses Hurricane Katrina pet information--including info on lost, found, and sheltered pets.)

The Senior Dogs Project
(Adoption resource for older dogs who might otherwise be overlooked because of their age. Appears to be national in scope. Also has lots of good info about caring for older dogs, and the "Top Ten Reasons to Adopt An Older Dog.")

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