Cracks & Numbers 2 010 - Serial Box Serial Box 04.2003 In memory of surfer Greetz and thanks to All who contributed If a serial don't work, make sure you followed all instructions, see the Cracks/Tips. Beware of apps phoning home. If you want to submit a serial please do so at: usenet: alt.binaries.mac.serials or if you're paranoid use an anonymous remailer. -WANTED- ALAP InTools 1.0 ALAP InBooklet 2.1 BBEdit 7.0.3 Cacidi Cropmarks 2.0 Cacidi Contact Sheet Pro 2.0 Clicker 1.0 Fax STF Pro 10.1 Lasso Professionnal 6.0.3 Lucis Art 2.1 Snak 4.9.2 Super Getinfo 1.1 SwitchRes 3.0 Synchronize Pro 2.1.1 Themer 3 DiscomVOBulator Haxial Net Phone Icon Builder Pro 4 Power Rip 7 X Proof Master 1.10.1 Quick DNS 4.0.1 - ++Mail v3.0 46211700ABC-EER 46211701ABC-XER 46211702ABC-YER 46211703ABC-MER 46211704ABC-AER 46211705ABC-NER 46211706ABC-CER 46211707ABC-DER 46211708ABC-WER 46211709ABC-ZER v2.0 32243504EWB-AZX - ++Mail Lite v3.0.2 41247078FWB-FEC - 1996 v1.0 666 - 1stImpact v1.2 77494416 - 3-D Cannon vAll 1275565377 1144333343 - 3-D Website Builder v1.0 GMCAH109-000-9AC8 3DWEB053-000-1C10 - 37thResEx v2.x.x Name: Inpher Keywords: NOP Code: 26112147 Name: Back Stage Keywords: TYO Code: 28982162 - 386 Max v7.0 240-104343 40090206002 - 3D Bridge Deluxe v2.0 Name: Lain Code: L986-5991-6591-1299-I157 v1.0 13062 - 3D Euchre Deluxe v2.2 Name: Lain Code: L551-5991-6591-1299-I153 v1.0 11025 - 3D Hearts Deluxe v7.2 Name: Lain Code: L870-5991-6591-1299-I156 v5.0 4118121134 v4.3 x1181xxxxx (x any number 0-9) Press space immediately after starting a new game to display the registration dialog. - 3D Invigorator v3.0 Pro IAEP30-H0350-L6128-H9487 IAEP30-H9250-J2998-G1210 v3.0 (AE) IAEC30-C9970-J9198-G7627 v2.2 (AE) Name: Lucifer Org.: Lucifer Code: RAAKAIQG (AE Code: EMW410R7031337-999-771) Code: TMYWSKQG (AE Code: EMW410R9999999-999-671) or Crack (1) by Lucifer Datafork: 2.2 for AE $F5E98 4182003C -> 4800003C $F7108 4182000C -> 4800000C Crack (2) by Freedom/nop Datafork: $F70A8 40820044 -> 48000044 $F70FC 4800ED5D -> 38600000 v1.0.4 (FH) Name: Lucifer Org.: Lucifer S/N#: FHM800-06210-07824-91448 Code: BJCIANEL S/N#: FHM800-11719-70724-34643 Code: CFHBOFCB S/N#: FHM800-00016-88024-01686 Code: HGEPGMLK S/N#: FHM800-10812-60724-64643 Code: NDENLKMN v1.0.3 (AI) Name: Lucifer Org.: Lucifer Code: KKIJPPBL (AI Code: AAJ700U7128118-754) Code: JMDJLDDF (AI Code: AAE700R7000068-005-566) Code: PLOAHHEI (AI Code: AAW801R7000039-999-295) Code: AGCIFFFP (AI Code: AAW800X1031337-666-367) or Crack... Datafork: 1.0.3 for AI $1E340 41820020 -> 48000020 $1E480 4082FD74 -> 60000000 v1.0.1 (PS) Name: Lucifer Org.: Lucifer Code: EFHNBJFJ (PS Code: PSW300U3100172-005-319) Code: APGGEILL (PS Code: PSW500X1031337-666-737) Code: EKCLELCI (PS Code: PSW500R7100000-999-978) or Crack... Datafork: 1.0.1 for PS $2514 40820018 -> 48000018 $2654 4182FD9C -> 60000000 Note: The code of 3DInvigorator is using your host app code. For example, if you use PSW300U3100172-005-319 of the PhotoShop, you can use EFHNBJFJ. So if you using other code now and want to register, you need the unserealize tool or reinstall host app and enter above host codes or S/N#s first. - 3D Launcher v1.2 Name: (any or HotSix) Code: GV001 - 3D Myhome Designer PRO v1.0 MD3DMR-162009895 - 3D Spades Deluxe v3.2 Name: Lain Code: L970-5991-6591-1299-I157 v2.2 19304 v1.0 599545555 - 3D World vall 3DWD-V300-1921-7642-B94A-1942 - 470 CookWareRecipes vall Unlock Code: GH4VQ ld5xiuo - 4 Elements (RayDream Studio) vall versions 4E-1-100-1801-22085 4E-100-1-1801-22085 <-- verified - 4-Sight Fax v3.1 203589 (5 Users) - 4-Sight ISDN Manager v4.1 2000343 - 4D (4th Dimension) v6.8 R9Nh2v10f9jGC60425xvz v6.7mc3 Qbrt4v10I9jG7042s210QmYzc v6.7 R4-c4v10IDsp70440140 v6.5 (see text 1) 10aAg10A10690104201ez 10i6g10A10f84G704203WN 10Jng204Y10Y804203Qh 14vc10A10lk4G7042p8r7 or 10aAg 10A10690 10420 1ez (yes, the spaces do matter, and all the Os are zeros) v6.0.5J 0A71001783ED436387 v6.0 code: 6701466 ID : 0F914F1D73232FA565723 (0 = ZERO) v4D/4D Runtime A-342165175449 B-302260105256 C-362106850509 D-205200607255 D-225490055617 D-302200129276 D-342002870616 E-245191050449 E-332300119683 H-203030825071 H-243178434494 v3.5.1 29565629386861 47544657097060 67567065540801 52267172624551 83500815072270 v2.5 34868520554560 v6.5 10aAg10A10690104201ez 10i6g10A10f84G704203WN 10Jng204Y10Y804203Qh 14vc10A10lk4G7042p8r7 v6.7mc3 Qbrt4v10I9jG7042s210QmYzc v6.7 R4-c4v10IDsp70440140 v6.8 R9Nh2v10f9jGC60425xvz (text 1) 10aAg10A10690104201ez gives 1 Compiler 1 Insider 1 4D Mono 1 4D Runtime 10i6g10A10f84G704203WN gives 1 Backup 1 Compiler 1 Draw 1 External kit 1 Insider 1 Mono 1 Open 4D 1 Runtime 1 4D Write 6.5 10Jng204Y10Y804203Qh gives 1 Backup 1 ODBC Driver 1 Server 14vc10A10lk4G7042p8r7 gives 1 Backup 1 Backup PlugIn 1 Backup Res 1 Calc 1 Compiler 1 Draw 1 External Kit 1 Insider 1 Mono 1 Open 4D 1 Runtime 1 4D Write 6.0 1 4D Write 6.5 - 4D BackUp v1.5.x 817598772004126 800032016372280 644368850138728 640992100238542 628676449813031 433986608542308 400695109865595 333581311632471 176286538597270 813387133855653 604433127645157 086780838538146 v1.5 734599269880441 020576164612344 235454466188886 • ID U9E58573383TN11 S/N 92019594 LIC# 82C740E7EB64CCCD • v1.2 734599269880441 020576164612344 235454466188886 ••• 6.0.x ••• See v1.5.x - 4D Calc v1.5.x B/034105038547 Y/517283786316 R/071324464253 O/627866751536 D/021528454403 A/063110740054 v1.5 W/045381750456 M/061027731654 ••• 6.0.x ••• See v1.5.x - 4D Chart v1.1.x KP847931987911 LM417776149237 PX705591143002 CF429162120769 NF243152262030 CM645230973406 v1.1.1 CF429162120769 NF243152262030 JX565130042683 PF548101977902 TP697456010961 ZB408101595272 - Art-Scan v4.1.7 PRO password: great - Agfa Creative Alliance vall Password: wholesomefontsforhungrydiners - 4D Classic Runtime v3.5 07006674795361 43521537045130 11756068462131 05410213796240 87702225442500 80437089340641 - 4D Compiler v6.0.6 AF54255DF77A v6.0J AAAF9D45DE4A v6.0.x F49490D27DF20A F4DAF29AD9D5AA 97DF9D77FFE50A v6.0.2 Product#: M DE S IN 601 002157 ID Number: AF54255DF77A v2.3 20996169922891 20996169923881 20996169924871 20996169925861 20996169926851 20996169927841 - 4D Compiler Pro v2.5.2 EEE2D52D4E0504 D00FE4E477459A AD222AEF0A77EA AAD2FF0D2DF294 A99F7DA29FEA0A 97AED0AE2FE004 7DF77DFF4520F4 070724DEA5FFF4 00FE9F7D0229EA v2.5.1 E49A4A0DA7F09A 9E4DFADEF97DF4 7455FAF5575E7A 2ED49AF2D242E4 - 4D Connectivity v1.x 535DB1D1715D75 534BB1D1715D75 534CB1D1715D75 583AC8073E231A 582CC8073E231A 582BC8073E231A 6D0600A97E6999 6D1000A97E6999 6D1700A97E6999 - 4D DataCheck vall versions (see --> Datacheck) - 4D Desktop v6.0.6 0300200242292FC0EC v6.0.1 Product # -> M DE S IN 601 002157 License # -> 4D: 0300200242292FC0EC License # -> 4C: AF54255DF77A License # -> IN: 66A210EB0206 - 4D Developer v6.5 14vc10A10Ik4G7042p8r7 v6.0.x 0C91431DC42C345 0E9142354422341 0C81AE2C722448C v3.5.x 34868520554560 v3.2 34868520554560 v3.0.1 34868520554560 v3.0 08020600 18020700 28020800 v2.2 A-342165175449 B-302260105256 C-362106850509 - 4D Draw v6.0.x HB379706436786 PQ288769349214 GM900205358796 v1.1 XG124222124327 •v1.1: Change 'CODE' 14019 Offsets $14D2 from $53C1 to $5EC1 $1A34 from $53C1 to $5EC1 and register with XG124222124327 - 4D Engine v6.0.x English 45D97FED9D97E4 24A04FE77AA00A E2D5E072A290F4 v3.5.x 876C823815DD0C 8778823815DD0C 877F823815DD0C 4489C4445726E3 449DC4445726E3 449AC4445726E3 7904A0CCAE6692 7910A0CCAE6692 7917A0CCAE6692 v3.5.3 3D3F07705A7CDA 76D0E549EAB820 C96253BCEB1EC0 E4552DC77283CA 0CBE133C4A2720 7D72016726A29B - 4D First v1.2 14335100 - 4D French v6.0 001146172 0931031AE - 4D Insider v6.0.5r3 66A210EB0206 v6.0J 6B6EF6B21F06 v6.0.x F2B26000E01064 FBAE190E696944 0AF9FF61426216 v2.x.x 11144266352841 11305970911491 11306000000000 16160575601741 16841263497281 56570463850540 66364024652731 70262244245741 78055377448680 80482011526520 81565589218410 82708755461001 v2.5.x 11144266352841 v2.5 78055377448680 66364024652731 80482011526520 81565589218410 70262244245741 16160575601741 v2.0.1 11306000000000 - 4D Internet Extension v6.5 10+7c40270XIY2RSHb or 7c40270XIY2RSHb - 4D Internet Toolkit v1.0 ITKV212882966653820075 ITKH131370067177268772 ITKA017352471374187413 ITKI180374517018936019 ITKE062760983308537614 ITKJ181320934401374876 - 4D Online Help v3.x.x 144835511 131777221 146565601 v 3.0.5 654321301 123456400 - 4D Open v6.0.x 0B00E01C12A5198 1241232252A0284 11114B0D82A023D - 4D Runtime Classic v6.0.x 0E21A21B02A32EB 1791C63082EB424 0D108118E1E224C v3.5.x 57800678711601 05433429847821 89230637511230 58241417605911 79808969582911 57447624808840 41576482682631 v3.5 07006674795361 43521537045130 11756068462131 05410213796240 87702225442500 80437089340641 - 4D SQL Server v6.0.x E274BA97984476 or E256BA97984476 or E251BA97984476 8DFFC35C1842A3 or 8DDDC35C1842A3 or 8DDAC35C1842A3 BA1128BD6E0555 or BA3328BD6E0555 or BA3428BD6E0555 - 4D Sanity Check vall versions (see --> Sanity Check) - 4D Server v6.7 Product ID# 44128207 Serial # RFic4104L10YG7042gMXF 4D Client 5 User V 6.7 Expansion Product Expansion Product ID # 39421390 Expansion Serial # QamY41029020j2gMXF10de5sY v6.5 Name: Morani Code: 10hf8Y104Y10Y804103D5G 4D Client 5 connessioni 10tDY2029020L103D5G20sHM 4D Write 1 connessione 10ohY40C904103D5G20sHPp 4D Write 5 connessioni 10pY40C90L103D5G20sHQG v6.0J 0A50E91362C931040D v6.0.x 06014813118E045 05012413B204049 0C31480D21441DD v6.0.2 Product # -> M 4S M IN 602 003545 License # -> 0A50E91362C931040D v1.5.1 01010115320A1E7 0710A603514128C 05110A1B90860A4 0C61001211CC41E 0A206A15414A235 0640CB12D14A375 ++ S/N 92019594 LIC# 82C740E7EB64CCCD ID 0210E11281C414E 0210E312B1C8145 09822727A44E3C8 v1.2.6 ID 09822727A44E3C8 SN# 92019594 LIC# 82C740E7EB64CCCD - 4D Web Smart Server v3.5.x E5FAC0E6444BC6 BCD7160200B128 A80715CB7A7D2C A80415CB7A7D2C A80315CB7A7D2C 8944C5B7B14E39 80D5466D342A3B 80D2466D342A3B 80D1466D342A3B 7AFFDAA0B6D0B4 75F77DFB33E383 75F47DFB33E383 75F07DFB33E383 64774D55C91049 64734D55C91049 64704D55C91049 59BCB2795CA909 443F4E3E06D74A 3AFED176EC64CC 3AFAD176EC64CC 3AFDD176EC64CC 8750E5B3E4D691 8754E5B3E4D691 8753E5B3E4D691 B308345C409D2A B30C345C409D2A B30B345C409D2A v3.5 7AFFDAA0B6D0B4 59BCB2795CA909 8944C5B7B14E39 443F4E3E06D74A BCD7160200B128 E5FAC0E6444BC6 - 4D Write v6.5 10ohY40C904103D5G20sHPp 10pY40C90L103D5G20sHQG v2.5.x P.040029220455 S.411737521692 G.485355335792 D.061425074663 R.413583084647 v2.5.1 K.115863785190 U.041721121454 G.213543770270 N.474546930247 K.071806141834 W.447512760870 v2.5 SN# 522691 Card# P.040029220455 S.14162850 v2.1 SN# 522691 Card# P.040029220455 ••• 6.0.x ••• See v2.5.x - 4D for Oracle v6.0.x 6B9E79AC19E1A7 or 6BAC79AC19E1A7 or 6BAB79AC19E1A7 49D507509C46B8 or 49E707509C46B8 or 49E007509C46B8 277960AC777EC5 or 274B60AC777EC5 or 274C60AC777EC5 - JiXXii v2.3.1 X PR69003A4099 v2.0 Key: XX27AA325AA0 - 4th Dimension v6.0 001146172 v6.0J 0A71001783ED436387 v3.5.1 67567065540801 52267172624551 83500815072270 47544657097060 29565629386861 85617611858101 - 4th Right vall versions Butterball (case sensitive) - 500 Supreme v1.0 Name: KIRI Code: 700609383 name: Shadowgeist code: 556665761 name: Pretty Good Pirate code: 1031871222 - 5PM Term v3.5.1 ATTT-DDLB-PLIM-MBBI-CAAC-FTFCL v3.1.4 LAA-NEPKCT-TTIFCL-DFFJJJ-KMCNEH SAB-NECGBC-DNIBTB-TNGENM-EGDBLJ v2.2 AICDBP-HHIJLD-FPTAJF-IBHBIM - 7 Tuner v2.0.9 Name: Lain Org.: Knights Code: DGN8879UTI576 v1.7 7788DGN8879UTI576 - 750 CookWareRecipes vall Unlock Code: AQQPLV xf-9ls - 8 Ball Deluxe v1.0.1 4635EM10232 6267EM11002 6348EM16339 - 8-Ball Emulator v9.2 (see tip) Open datafork and change $64AC 40820038 -> 60000000 Type in any 16 numbers. - 8Tuner v3.x.x Name: Inpher Code: 8697TNR274APP6135 - 98/V vall versions PMQC4Y0010427 - 9Tuner v5.0 Name: Junkie Code: BUXUEZEBN43KDS - A Better Finder Attributes v1.5 Name: Code: abfa-dtrb66-46889-tdwf-bxxt v1.1.x Name: Inpher Code: ABFA-dtrb66-46889-tdwf-bxxt - A Better Finder Creator and Types v2.0.1 Name: Atlantis Code: ABFCT-qw77-1717-trew-bxhg v1.x Name: Inpher Code: ABFCT-gw77-1499-trew-bxhg Name: MoonDark Code: ABFCT-gw77-1680-trew-bxhg v1.3 Name: FRAGIL Code: ABFCT-qw77-1322-trew-bxhg - A Better Finder Info v1.1.1 ABFI-337233344-ATMOSFEAR v1.0 784532458977 - A Better Finder Rename v4.3 ABFR-780683291KRAK v3.8 ABFR-000113456 v3.1.1 name: The Zozo code: ABFR-lq70-78533-ketr-rept v2.2 Name: The Zozo Code: ABFR-lq70-78533-ketr-rept v1.x Name: Macintosh Code: ABFR-lq70-78712-ketr-rept Name: Server Surfer Code: ABFR-lq70-79072-ketr-rept v1.0.1 Name: Wicked Code: ABFR-lq70-78377-ketr-rept - A Better Finder Select v1.2.1 Name: Wicked Code: ABFS-cp07-78376-xtrt-traw v1.0 Name: Macintosh Code: ABFS-cp07-78711-xtrt-traw Name: MoonDark Code: ABFS-cp07-78572-xtrt-traw - A Smaller GIF v1.2.2b1J Name: Fubu Code: !+!65US-TT!-!JA9 - A+ Certification Theory & Study Guide vall versions code: ic-300024926 - A-10 Attack v1.3 0664353645 1377071046 1378460112 1520866043 1745039717 1883260622 1975171254 2000552139 2474548256 3177351882 3577076214 3782544887 v1.1 1523995795 1662946582 3751737067 v1.0 1745039717 2000552139 - A-10 Cuba v1.x 2523436004 3946381398 2656972435 4004945625 1561486209 4256726404 942978559 2312345923 2329419248 3895574812 2011329649 4144095307 686653718 - A-Dock v2.8.4 LAIN45630 v2.8.1 BLPG33370 v2.7 OOX932433 v2.6.7 KIRI39639 v2.5 PHRK44550 v2.4 DOCK44625 v2.3fc2 (see tip) v2.3.2 WXGQ65772 v2.3.0 KRAK52350 v2.2.1 DOCK44625 v2.1.3 123419864 077719965 v2.0.1 Deutsch name: fill it or leave it blank code: AUQG34638 # PKFK51750 v1.x Name: HotSix Code: 607 v1.2.1 Name: (any or Cendryom) Organization: (any) Registration Code: 222220000 v1.0 Code : 000018432 A-Dock 2.3fc2 1. Install version 2.3fc2 2. Restart 3. Download 2.2.2 to your desktop (from 4. Open the 2.2.2 control panel 5. Register using the old serial #: DOCK44625 6. That's it! Once you open the 2.3fc2 control panel, you'll see you're registered - A.I.D. Auction Information Database v4.01 KV92374-J4E0T - autoZIP v1.1 AZ3616#$ hold down the option key while opening up the file and enter password. - AutoLog v1.0 CANTOO-V.1-AUTOLOG - Auction Ease v1.0 X Name: SerialLain Code: R7593106-9789100-100B1 Name: Pablo SN: R728990-100P7087-100B1 (don't copy/paste) - AAuction v1.06 Name: Atlantis Code: A59-Y26-A52 - ABC aiueo v1.0J PSZa090938 PSZa****38 - ACDSee v1.6.5 Name: P Code: 32345678901234567890 v1.0J Name: CRS Code: 000000 - ACT v1.1a MACT-NMANO-IOGP4-BUJKUO - ADCheck v1.x MMAB-0000001438-B37uo3 needs dongle emulator - ADIEU v1.0 7924-2214-8501 - AE Companion Installer v# AE4-1111-22-A3-AA44 - AGNetTools v2.5.1 name : (any) company: (any) code : OJOXOBXOQBO21GO v2.0 OJOXOBXOQBO21GO - AHOY! v1.2.x (see tip) needs number generator The algorythm of "AHOY!" The format is: Code: AY-xxxx-01 Reg#: xxxxx This exchange table is: a=B b=C c=D d=E e=F f=G g=H h=I i=J j=K k=L l=M m=N n=O o=A p=B q=C r=D s=E t=F u=G v=H w=I x=J y=K z=L This swap is: AY- a b c d -01 -> * b c d a - - - - - - - - | | | | | | | | | | | +------------|-|-+ | | | +--------------|-+ | | +----------------+ | +------------------------+ Example: The code is making random at start up. But, this algorithm is very simple. For example, if it made AY-kiri-01 at start up, look at the exchange table: k=L, i=J, r=D, i=J yes, kiri is now exchanged LJDJ. next, execute the swap: AY-kiri-01 -> *JDJL * is wildcard, so anything in it (Must be Uppercase). Now Reg# is AJDJL, BJDJL, CJDJL .....ZJDJL. - AI Igo v2001 669138-483637-32616 392844-990632-46114 475942-655275-50443 v5 123456 xxxxxx (any) v2000(8.0.1) 724734-173838-44218 560215-677229-28044 491332-607661-09786 665204-246892-38314 348134-930830-47041 217498-408657-35593 927197-553062-20338 480218-312975-34565 652741-215631-02777 725810-236466-33906 486370-676829-57653 v2000 135909-342476-37747 2610-000606-52479 542323-118540-57996 - AI Majong (AIñÉêù) v2001 12345-123456-47282 v2000(2.0.1) 511622-943077-46993 986039-174852-60924 447292-504159-43816 278522-124485-01608 158310-482303-56050 511219-564114-03387 894875-397757-06840 980829-171122-30739 v2000 30650-886650-63636 15342-497534-22297 2622-000353-26305 v# 2583-001318-10032 japanese game - AI Preflight v1.0.4 197-30721 - AI Shogi (AI è´ä˚) v2001 123456-234567-12848 v3.0 2519-001784-00886 v2000(4.0.1) 233374-783421-01244 524173-420867-30892 416441-837059-44962 290278-750926-14273 694849-427826-25037 909090-888602-22262 128835-789289-49172 382779-970608-29807 v2000 27703-146814-06510 845063-147804-24435 2610-000606-52479 20002610-000606-52479 v2.0 2338-000433-42693 2338-001663-45238 japanese game - AIDB Pro v# 3333-24150-5555-50211 - AIInfo v1.47 657373110102111 1. Open the about. 2. Click left "i" picture. 3. Enter name and code. 4. Quit and re-launch app. That's it. - ALAP Imageport v1.0.2 IMGP102-2260-0467-0240-20AV-8 v1.0.1 100-1730-0679-0600-40AV-8 or IMGP100-1730-0679-0600-40AV-8 - ALLright Utilities v1.0 1026439 - AMP Radio v1.6.5 Name: nowhereman Code: AMPR-961535-4818 - AOL3CacheCleaner v1.x name: Cendryom code: 921390 - APA-Style Helper v2.0 apash2-00014343-00019128-d - AQ-16Color v1.0 Pc46231893 - AQ-16Number v1.0 Pn89447552 - AQ-Metronome v1.0.0 Mt90301092 - AR8000 Toolkit v1.1.1 AR1020RBYOFWQRMH0HCOY - ARA Personal Server v# code: 1002465504 - v1.7.2 X Name: (any) SN: Sloboda - ARENA v2.2 ARENA-2160-2961-7712-2951 v1.6.6 Name: Me Org.: Me Code: MwH7BrR3 Site: Qef4ibS7 # 7KS6D7Ux v1.6.x Name: [k]rkckWorks Com : TYO Serial: 1) fvMDh7Xb 2) Urv0A7RN Site Serial: 1) kvgAjLUi 2) PT0FCLXO Name : [k]rkckWorks Company : NASA Serial : XMT8ALRY Site Serial : lfH6C7R1 v1.5.x Name: Macintosh Org.: Apple Code: Hvu6ALIS - Article Archivist v1.0 DJ-40MQ - AttackZip v1.0.6 User: 1188130 Pass: 406140116 User: 8342156 Pass: 1940075668 User: 00085 Pass: 360000000 User: 1188130 Pass: 403846356 User: 8342156 Pass: 1930572948 - AssistPad v2.0.2 Name: Lain Code: 02A77FB4M1713D92F - ASCII Shall Receive v1.2.1 2701 - ASTARTE DVDelight v1.0.2e DVL1-DELI-APGH-EHFL-AFAG - ATBEdit v1.0J 3821947526 - ATM Deluxe v (see --> Adobe Type Manager) - ATOK12 vall versions 1839100139-60098958 1839100129-10274834 - AXS OnLine Reader v1.0.x TNJFDC H255ZR QSQDEH QY64AX Y7CJGE YBXT27 Y49G74 THIHR3 ZHRYUN 2EZAWU - Aaron vno serials (see Cracks) Keep the Return key pressed during the computer boot up. - Abbalone 3D US v1.0 0000075 - AboutFace v1.3 1022446 v1.x (see tip) 1. Open the app with resorce editor. 2. Open STR resorce ID 256 and change 4785507. 3. Open STR resorce ID 257 and write 185574. 4. That's it. AboutFace is an old version of Fontabulator. So if you have unregistered version of Fontabulator, you can register same way. - Absoft Fortran v6.2 f77: 18078-28VA-18MSG-1WL f95: 18078-6J6U-18MSG-20B v5.0 pro name: code: 15345 v4.2 124485 - Absynth v1.2 262-18544-08918 262-06660-12956 262-00000-70862 262-11111-94455 262-77777-26947 v1.0.2 32325076913230667 - Abuse vno serials (see Cracks) Use the command line parameter -edit to get the game in Edit ("God") mode. Hit SHIFT+Z and then TAB to start the game. - Accelerator vall versions A300-11114-CP4U A300-12935-CP4U A300-31239-CP4U - Access PC v3.0 0120 0000 0253 0278 0120 0000 4589 1115 v2.0.2 500056261 - AccessStrip vall versions Name: Inpher Code: QSKFVDPR - Accountant Inc. vPro 18225 - Accutext v2.0 10900016 - Ace v1.0.9 8277-9369-KIRI-ACM 2629-7284-6996-ACM v1.0.4 Name: nowhereman Code: 4967-6434-1234-ACM v1.0.3 5047-0610-4626-ACM 7041-6176-3584-ACM 1093-8969-2345-ACM 4971-7318-0518-ACM 0517-1913-6969-ACM 5097-9349-1029-ACM 8937-5288-8264-ACM 9271-1650-3970-ACM 8999-6466-5442-ACM 3891-5327-0255-ACM 9325-2177-3889-ACM 5445-7385-1849-ACM - AceReader v2.0b X Name: Lain License: Site SN: F5amsrJWmC Name: Pablo License: 10 SN: B6imzvJSmG Name: Pablo License: Site License SN: B5emtrJWmC - AceReader Pro Deluxe v2.0b X Name: Lain License: Site SN: inqWLG4BYn Name: Pablo License: 10 SN: fnuWNA4DZn Name: Pablo License: Site License SN: bnuUMG4BYn - AceReader Pro Deluxe Network v2.0b X Name: Lain License: Site SN: mJqFn3iSzC Name: Pablo License: 10 SN: mKzBm5bWqC Name: Pablo License: Site License SN: mJuDm3iSzC - Acid v1.0 AC10-M345K-VW98C-359 - Acme Movers v1.1p1 AM-3552724-RLB - Acta Pro v1.0J RcaY-H4P7l-k32YR - Action Files v1.5.2 F123N45678-75797287 F123N41678-72876277 v1.5.1 F234N6789593996445 v1.2b1 F111N11111-21066900 v1.2 F234N6789593996445 F100N6789576807554 F100N4541833991173 v1.1J F154N-57581-48164738 F764N87612-98301770 v1.1 F000N00000-59715904 F111N11111-21066900 F154N57581-48164738 F234N6789593996445 F100N6789576807554 F100N4541833991173 F154N57581-48164738 v1.0 F234N6789593996445 F100N6789576807554 F100N4541833991173 - Action GoMac v2.1.1 C210N9092161220141 v2.0.3 C218N6324521361337 C773N4440180809081 C722N2623355598187 v2.0.1 C123N4567837796891 v2.0 C123N4567837796891 C777N7777769485055 C999N9999960506025 C666N6969496963695 - Action Menus v1.0 M100N-350017-79927366 M100N3133725134020 M087N5667796330088 M810N6644705941931 - Action Space Doctor v1.0.2 J102N-650044-98068261 J123Z-123823-12312318 J321Z-848484-63636363 v1.x J102N-351823-42713601 v1.0.x J102N-300019-38057410 If you try to reg the program from the mounted disk image you might have problems. Copy the mounted image to a drive and _then_ reg the program. - Action WYSIWYG v1.0.x W100N3133708236682 v1.0J W812N37124-77308693 - ActionLine v1.6 code: 089711234 code: 08971xxxx (x any number 0-9) v1.5 code: 069610000 code: 06961xxxx (x any number 0-9) v1.0 06961xxxx (x any number 0-9) - ActivStats v1.0.6 TWXQ78SP - Active Changer v1.1 Qj^K^YdU - Actua Soccer vCD Type SOCCER -01142475549 You get a kick-ass team - AdInfo vall versions 1.0.2 MADI-NMLTJ-HIPI4-NVNDYA Administrator MADI-NMMUC-FEBI4-JJRFGV - Add Date v1.4 Name: KIRI Code: AD120R26111339/A - Add to URL! v1.4 onabehamouakita - Add/Strip v3.4.x Crack Open "Edit Add/Strip" with Resorcerer Open CODE 1, Anon 53 Anon53+0086: _SysBeep Anon53+0088: bra Anon53+$049E --> Change to NOP (w/Resorcerer Patch Menu) Anon53+008C: subq.w #$4,SP You can then open "Add/Strip" with "Edit Add/Strip", choose Personalize from the Customize menu, and register with any number. - AddDepth v2.0 AD-200-1-6501-54924 AD-200-1-1764-42848 v1.0.2 AD-100-2-1272-46699 v1.0 AD-100-2-1272-46699 AD-102-8-1615-41219 - AddWindow+ v2.1.0J Name: Anonymous Code: DSALLNCO v1.0 Name: Server Surfer Code: FJVQQVFF Name: MoonDark Code: QKGDNTJX - Adobe Products vno serials (see Cracks) Adobe softwares WARNING!! Before installing illustrator 9 or Photoshop 6.0 cut off your connection. Before entering any information into the personalization dialog (serial number, name, etc.). Install the software then go into System Folder > Application Support > Adobe > Web : and then compress the following files : > AdobeOnline Inventory > Adoberegistrationeng.html or Adoberegistrationenu.html > Adoberegistrationfra.html > AdobeWeb.dll > AOM You can now open your apps while your connection is on!! Those !#$@ty modules in illustrator 9 or Photoshop 6.0 send directly your registration number and products informations to "Adobe's girls". so beware!! As recently reported by, these modules send your registration name and number directly to Adobe. Make sure to read the privacy statement by Adobe. This is where they inform you of the registration number being sent. From a reliable Adobe source The format is the following: PPLVVVZZXXXXXX-CCC (Single License) PPLVVVZZXXXXXX-NNN-CCC (Multi License) PP: Product Identifier L: Language Identifier W = US E = English International F = French G = German I = Italian P = Spanish J = Japanese T = Chinese K = Korean VVV: Product Version ZZ: Package ID/Media Type X = NFR 1 = CD U = Upgrade 2 = CD (Bundle, I think) B = Bundle 3 = 3,5" Floppy R = Regular 5 = 5,25" Floppy E = Evaluation 7 = CD P = ? XXXXXX: Sequence Number, 6 digits NNN: Number of licenses CCC: Checksum When calculating the checksum with Adobe Checksum 2.1 (included), you must fill the Header field with the 8 first characters of the SN (PPLVVVZZ), the Lower and Upper fields with the Sequence Number (6 digits (XXXXXX)), and the Users field with NNN (Number of licenses). Some Mac Products Prefixes (Product Identifier): Acrobat Pro < 3.0 : AN Acrobat WorkGroup 2.x : DE Acrobat Pro . 3.0 : AE Acrobat Distiller <3.0 : MD Acrobat Exchange <3.0 : MV After Effects : EM ATM : AT SuperATM : GH ATM Deluxe : CI Dimensions : DA GoLive : GI Home Publisher : MH Illustrator : AA ImageReady : DG ImageStyler : FK PageMaker : 02 PageMill <3.0 : AP PageMill . 3.0 : ML Persuasion : 08 Photoshop : PS Premiere : PR Presswise : PW ScreenReady : SR SiteMill : ST Streamline : SA Type Reunion : GP - Adobe Acrobat v5.0.5 AEB100R3100000-100-150 v5.0 KMW400R7901197-900-579 KMW400R7179755-403 KMW400R7112227 5.0 French KMF500R7123456-691 KMF500R7123456-100-790 ( 100 users ) KMF500R7000001-316 KMF500R7000001-100-131 ( 100 users ) KMF500R7013365-789 KMF500R7999999-982 v5 beta ANW500R31000100-100-422 AEB100R3100000-100-150 v4.0J KMJ300R7121992-872 WCW100R3101909-171 KMW400R7768553-543 KMW400R7083564-894 KMW400R7480993-189 ANJ400R6662216-100-590 ANJ400R7024508-100-534 ANJ400R0031470-100-750 ANJ400R4764753-100-192 ANJ400R2732646-100-216 v4.0.5 KMW400R7179755-403 v4.0 AEW400R7100000-999-308 (US) KMM400R70355558-166 (French) AEW400R7100001-999-941 AEW400R7100002-999-574 AEW400R7100003-999-207 AEW400R7100004-999-840 AEW400R7100005-999-473 AEG400R7100000-999-412 (german) AEF400R7100000-999-981 (french) AEP400R7100000-999-291 (spanish) AEB100R3100000-100-150 KMW400R7100007-751 v3.0J KMJ300R7103491-848 KMJ300R7110385-790 KMJ300R7105429-377 KMJ300R7121992-872 KMJ300R7122150-397 KMJ300R7105429-377 v3.0 AEB100R3100000-100-150 AEE300R1100000-560 AEE300R1100001-193 AEE300R1100002-826 AEE300R1100003-459 AEE300R1100004-376 AEE300R1100005-725 AEE300R1100006-358 AEE300R1100007-991 AEE300R1100008-624 AEE300R1100009-257 AEE300R1100010-159 KMM301R7231868-309 v2.1 Pro ANW210E3100327-330 ANW210R3105314-136 v2.0 WorkGroup DEW200U3100000-010-974 DEW200U3100001-010-607 DEW200U3100002-010-240 v2.0 PC WVW200U3100000-340 WVW200U3100001-689 WVW200U3100002-322 WVW200U3100003-955 v2.0 ANW200U3010000-353 ANW200U3010001-986 ANW200U3010002-619 ANW200U3010003-252 ANW200U3010004-885 - Adobe Acrobat Approval v5.0 KNW500R2100052-934 - Adobe Acrobat Distiller v6.0 beta Name: Mac Newport Company: Adobe System, Inc. SN: 101600212246080745574821 v4.0 MDE400R7100000-999-333 MDE400R7100001-999-682 MDE400R7100002-999-315 MDE400R7100003-999-948 MDE400R7100004-999-581 MDE400R7100005-999-214 MDG400R7100000-999-911 (german) MDF400R7100000-999-480 (french) MDP400R7100000-999-790 (spanish) v2.1 MDE210R7100000-999-369 MDE210R7100001-999-286 MDE210R7100002-999-635 MDE210R7100003-999-268 MDE210R7100004-999-901 MDE210R7100005-999-534 MDG210R7100000-999-231 (german) MDF210R7100000-999-800 (french) MDP210R7100000-999-110 (spanish) MDE210P7006420-855 MDE210P7100000-583 MDE210P7100001-216 MDE210P7100002-849 MDE210P7100003-482 MDE210P7100004-115 MDE210P7100005-748 MDE210P7100006-381 MDE210P7100007-298 MDE210P7100008-647 MDE210P7100009-280 MDE210P7100010-182 MDW210P7154748-899 v2.0 ANW200U3010001-986 ANW200U3010006-151 ANW200U3010009-334 - Adobe Acrobat Exchange v2.0 MVW200R3100000-999-837 MVW200R3100001-999-470 MVW200R3100002-999-103 MVW200R3100003-999-736 MVW200R3100004-999-369 MVW200R3100411-609 v1.0 MVW100R3100000-050-208 (50 User) DEW100R3100564-885 - Adobe Acrobat InProduction v1.0 CTW100R7100339-728 CTW100R7100335-100-295 CTW100R7100336-100-928 CTW100R7100337-100-561 CTW100R7100338-100-194 - Adobe Acrobat WorkGroup v2.0 DEW200U3100000-010-974 DEW200U3100001-010-607 DEW200U3100002-010-240 DEW200U3100003-010-873 DEW200U3100004-010-506 DEW200U3100005-010-139 DEW200U3100006-010-772 DEW200U3100007-010-405 DEW200U3100008-010-322 DEW200U3100009-010-671 DEW200U3100010-010-573 DEW200U3100011-010-206 DEW200U3100012-010-839 DEW200U3100013-010-472 DEW200U3100014-010-105 DEW200U3100015-010-738 DEW200U3100016-010-371 DEW200U3100017-010-288 DEW200U3100018-010-637 DEW200U3100019-010-270 DEW200U3100020-010-172 - Adobe After Effects v5.5 b53X EMW500R7031337-666-311 v5.0 Beta EXX470X7041501-050-392 v5.0 EMW500R0888597-100-476 EMW500R7031337-666-311 (see tip 1) EMW100R7560000-100-855 EMW500R0888597-100-474 # EMW500R3687722-001-168 EMW500R5772547-001-141 EMW500R0152575-001-264 EMW500R0501624-001-291 EMW500R2200014-001-303 EMW500R4747016-001-374 EMW500R3730365-001-477 EMW500R4016146-001-404 EMW500R2236126-001-500 EMW500R1447353-001-530 EMW500R0768138-001-622 EMW500R2167067-001-628 EMW500R6651621-001-741 EMW500R2630247-001-776 EMW500R1257048-001-820 EMW500R8824521-001-880 EMW500R6378310-001-939 EMW500R6330136-001-909 EMW500R6750160-001-990 EMW500R2085242-001-983 v4.1J EMJ410R2353017-100-662 EMJ410R4042433-100-744 EMJ410R4207344-100-852 EMJ410R4211212-100-237 EMJ410R4606267-100-579 EMJ410R5361554-100-143 EMJ410R5411807-100-995 EMJ410R5616855-100-755 EMJ410R5864716-100-348 EMJ410R7841265-100-792 v4.1 EMW400R7100609-703 EMW400R7731179-010-228 EMW410R7031337-999-771 (999 Copies) v4.0b? EXX700XX000122598-554 v4.0b48 EXX500R7042200-980 EXX381X7030899-020-814 v4.0J EMJ370R7100419-591 EMJ370R7100122-634 v4.0 EMW400X1031337-666-475 (666 copies) EXX700XX000122598-554 EMW400R7100609-703 EMW400R7100610-605 EMW400R7100611-238 EMW400R7100612-871 EMW400R7100613-504 EMW400R7100614-137 EMW400R7100615-770 EMW400R7100616-403 EMW400R7100617-320 EMW400R7100618-669 EMW400R7100619-302 EMW00000000001-345 v3.1J EMJ371R7100524-141 EMJ310R7101016-295 EMJ370R7100419-591 KMJ300R7103491-848 v3.0 EXX00000000002-328 (demo) EMW00000000001-345 v2.0.1 XH9-SVJ1-B5K (tip 1) Works on AE5 and AE5 Production Bundle. On the Production Bundle Installer, it will completely enable the package - no dongle needed! Note: This serial number is good for 666 network users, and will completely enable the Production Bundle. (tip 2) To remove an old serial number from a previously installed 3rd party plug-in, zero the last two words in its PiPL resource with Resorcerer. Don’t remove them, just zero them! - Adobe Dimensions v3.0 DAW300R3117616-223 DAW200U3200001-742 DAW200B7104144-005-669 (5 users) DAW300R3100000-999-236 DAW300R3100001-999-869 DAW300R3100002-999-502 DAW300R3100003-999-135 DAW300R3100004-999-768 DAW300R3100005-999-401 DAS301R7205729-680 DAE301R7205182-559 v3.0J DAJ200R3100072-178 DAJ200R3130651-432 DAJ200R3178782-513 DAJ300R3934073-010-278 DAJ300R2775287-999-598 v3.0# DAD200U3000063-317 v3.0 F DAF300R7000001-418 DAF300R7000188-300 DAF300R7000222-999 DAF300R7123456-361 v2.0 J DAJ200R3100072-178 DAJ200R3100110-693 DAJ200R3104197-664 DAJ200R3150925-182 v2.0 DAW100R3100720-191 DAW200U3200000-109 DAW200U3200001-742 DAW200U3200002-375 DAW200U3200003-292 DAW200R3117616-223 v1.x J DAJ101103621-718 v1.0 DAW100R3104865-875 DAW100R3100720-191 PCA100000100953 - Adobe Fetch v2.1.2 51-1003-102157313 51-1000-201176607 51-1007-201194631 v1.2J 51-1206-00815471 v1.2 60-0001-000000001 60-0002-000000002 60-0003-000000003 60-0004-000000004 60-0005-000000005 - Adobe Font Folio v8.0 CDF800R7100266-538 CDF800R7102066-162 CDM800R7205168-929 GPM200R3205233-159 ATM400R7044449-330 AWM400R7035823-679 XNM400R7022571-778 - Adobe FrameMaker v7.0 1030-0206-6607-1607-8590-8721 v6.0J 40-0-01-01-6-A71A3-E07483 40-1-01-01-6-00000-B040EA 40-1-01-01-6-11111-DC0214 40-1-01-01-6-99999-435DE4 40-1-01-01-6-12345-F02D46 40-1-01-01-6-98765-2D2BA7 v6.0 + SGML german 34-0-01-01-6-46FD1-5D3FAC v6.0 + SGML J 40-0-01-01-6-A71A3-E07483 v6.0 20-0-01-01-6-47161-96B535 FrameMaker 20-0-01-01-6-00101-6A17F3 FrameMakerSGML 24-0-01-01-6-00101-98ACD0 v5.5J 40-3-01-00-5-adbe0-9dece4 01-0-01-01-5-12345-986F2E 20-3-01-00-5-adbe0-b84c22 55-20-3-01-00-5adbe0-b84c22 v5.5 55-20-3-01-00-5adbe0-b84c22 20-3-01-00-5-adbe0-b84c22 30-0-01-01-5-9ABB0-12BED1 (german version) v5.1.1 01-0-01-01-5-12345-986F2E 01-0-01-01-5-23456-23E7B8 01-0-01-01-5-34567-9FA6D4 01-0-01-01-5-45678-B3139E 01-0-01-01-5-56789-FF0E3E 01-0-01-01-5-67890-867E62 01-0-01-01-5-78901-A40ED1 01-0-01-01-5-89012-FA688F v5.0J 01-0-01-01-5-12345-986F2E - Adobe Gallery Effects v1.5.2 35-1526-303530507 v1.5.1 56-1000-202888264 02-4008-20001008 - Adobe GoLive v6 retail 1033-0013-0013-0023-0207-0028 v6 GM 1033-0208-5122-1025-1035-3001 1034-0206-5641-4422-8839-6411 1033-0234-8435-4064-0492-6989 v6 b40 1033-0020-4881-0976-9672-2410 v6 b34 1033-0013-0013-0023-0207-0028 v5.0J Upgrade (1st dialog) GIA400R1973522-010-666 (2nd dialog) GIJ500U7316274-656 v5.0F GIW500R7111010-113 GIW401R7113067-700 (upgrade, 1st dialog) v5.0D GIG500U7142871-705 GIG500U7242871-253 GIG500U7282871-317 GIG500U7283871-220 GIG500U8483871-162 v5.0 x026 ZXX500X7100000-296 v5.0 GIW500R0000100-100-386 ZXX500R7100000-100-633 GIA500R5107832-010-477 GIA500R1471424-010-397 GIA500R1521456-010-283 GIA500R6338631-010-342 GIA500R7785002-010-846 v4.0J GIA400R1973522-010-666 v4.0.1 name: mike one code: GIW401R7113067-700 v4.0 GIA400R1234567-999-861 GIA400R1240299-010-933 GIA400R1240300-010-220 GIA400R1240301-010-853 GIA400R1240302-010-486 GIA400R1240303-010-119 GIA400R1240304-010-752 GIA400R1240305-010-385 GIA400R1240306-010-302 GIA400R1240307-010-651 GIA400R1240308-010-284 GIA400R1240309-010-917 GIA400R6969696-000-323 GIX400R1100125-010-418 GIW400X1031337-666-147 (666 copies) GIW400U7109522-689 - Adobe HomePublisher v2.1 SS111-072-347-473-63 - Adobe Illustrator v11 Pre Release 1034-0024-5795-9572-7235-3347 v10.0.3 1034-0206-5641-4422-8839-6411 v10 1034-0209-2279-5329-9400-2465 1034-0206-5641-4422-8839-6411 1034-0021-7155-9289-4954-2867 1034-0234-8578-9142-1699-2211 1034-1003-4400-0000-1115-2040 1034-0021-7155-9289-4954-2867 (PC) v9.0J AAJ900R0024591-350 AAJ900R0024592-699 AAJ900R0024593-332 AAJ900R0024594-965 AAJ900R0024595-598 AAJ900R0024596-231 AAJ900R0024597-864 AAJ900R0024598-497 AAJ900R0024599-130 AAJ900R0024600-417 v9.0 AAW900R1751400-001-370 ABW900R71111141-999-830 (999 user) AAW900R7324414-100-350 (100 user) AAW900X024585-145-222 AAW900X024586-145-821 AAW900X024587-145-420 AAW900X024588-145-303 AAW900X024589-145-618 AAW900X024590-145-602 AAW900X024591-145-201 AAW900X024592-145-800 AAW900X024593-145-399 AAW900X024594-145-998 EXX900R9071063000-155 EXX900R9999063000-473 EXX900R7588870-317 EXX900R8448338-628 EXX900R2343748-168 EXX900R7778110-249 EXX900R8753865-339 EXX900R3380268-556 EXX900R2528812-373 EXX900R1155655-870 EXX900R4804440-818 EXX900R4506246-596 v8.0x28 EXM100XX399999999-956 v8.0J AAW801R7000039-999-295 AAW801R7000040-999-197 AAW801R7000041-999-830 AAW800R1102228-010-855 AAJ801R3500638-705 AAW801R7000075-999-159 AAJ801R8603101-941 AAW801R7000078-999-342 AAJ801R1670668-973 AAW801R7000079-999-691 AAJ801R2230668-847 AAW801R7000039-999-295 AAJ801R8711723-774 AAW801R7000040-999-197 AAJ801R2101811-333-995 AAW801R7000041-999-830 AAJ801R0840254-333-777 AAW801R7000042-999-463 AAJ801R1117615-333-998 v8.0 (d4 final) AAW600R1534729-959 (individual) v8.0 AAS800R7000817-406 AAW800X1031337-666-367 AAW801R7000000-999-801 AAW801R7000001-999-434 AAW801R7000002-999-351 AAW801R7000003-999-700 AAW801R7000004-999-333 AAW801R7000005-999-966 AAW801R7000006-999-599 AAW801R7000007-999-232 AAW801R7000008-999-865 AAW801R7000009-999-498 AAW801R7000010-999-400 AAW801R7000011-999-317 AAW801R7000012-999-666 AAW801R7000013-999-299 AAW801R7000014-999-932 AAW801R7000015-999-565 AAF801R7010786-674 (French) v7.0J AAJ700U7128118-754 AAW700B7100000-370 v7.0.2 AAK702R7100226-750 (korean) v7.0.1 AAW55OR1147180-106 5-Users AAW601R1100144-005-228 v7.0 AAE700R7000068-005-566 AAW600R1196900-666 AAW600R1534729-959 ABW700R7106044-373 AAW500U3105408-140 (check the button licensed to 'individual') v5x & 6.0 5User AAW600R1100660-005 AAW550U1100000-005-609 AAW550U1100001-005-242 AAW550U1100002-005-875 AAW550U1100004-005-141 AAW550U1100003-005-508 AAW550U1100005-005-774 AAW550U1100006-005-407 AAW550U1100007-005-324 v5.x & 6.0 AAW600R1101333-672 AAW550U1200000-637 AAW550U1200001-270 AAW550U1200002-903 AAW550U1200003-536 v10J 1034-0203-2196-4852-5260-5245 v10 beta 1034-0024-5795-9572-7235-3347 or 1034-0024-5795-7235-3347 ••• Version: "7.0" ••• 1) go into system folder and remove: Adobe Registration Database Adobe Illustrator prefs (if they exist) 2) reboot w/ extensions off 3) perform easy install 4) check the button licensed to 'individual' use this serial number: AAW600R1534729-959 5) follow the entire registration proceedure fill in all the info, etc... choose the 'print-out' registration option at the end then u can save it to a file instead of printing if ya want 6) restart when it asks ya to 7) and voila! have fun illustrating : ) - Adobe ImageReady v1.0 DGW100X1031337-666-245 (666 user) DGW100R7900900-010-182 (10 User) DGE100R7991377-005-113 (5 user) DGW100R7100000-999-486 DGW100R7100001-999-119 DGW100R7100002-999-752 DGW100R7100003-999-385 DGW100R7100004-999-302 DGW100R7100005-999-651 DGE100R1061398-005-101 EXM100XX399999999-956 EXM100XX675071598-005-414 DGW100R7102377-649 DGE100R7205135-588 QAK123R1000000-495 v1.0J DGW100R7155698-010-788 DGE100R7205135-588 - Adobe ImageStyler v1.0 FKW100X1031337-666-949 (666 user) FKW100R7104489-010-864 (10 user) FKW100R7104490-010-766 FKW100R7104491-010-399 FKW100R7104492-010-316 FKW100R7104493-010-665 FKW100R7104494-010-298 FKW100R7104495-010-931 FKW100R7104496-010-564 FKW100R7104497-010-197 FKW100R7104498-010-830 FKW100R7104499-010-463 FKW100R7104500-010-750 FKW100R7104489-967 (one user) - Adobe InCopy v2.0 1036-4304-2462-1647-2636-5431 1038-0023-2915-1815-5842-7368 1037-1414-1548-0527-4534-6085 v1.0 IBW100R7100001-984 - ARTIS Team Task v2.0 X Name: Pablo/Minimal SN: TT3-87908-7176 (160 Users) Name: Pablo/Minimal SN: TT3-88038-4182 (171 Users) - ARTIS Simple List v1.1 X Name: Pablo SN: 28782 - ARTIS Screen Lupe v2.0 Name: Pablo SN: ST-34862-K - ARTIS Small Screen v1.0 Name: Pablo SN: ST-34862-K - ARTIS Screen Guides v1.0 X Name: Pabloo SN: ST-47186-J - ARTIS Screen Ruler v2.0 Name: Pablo SN: ST-34862-K - Adobe Indesign v2.0 1037-0203-4362-9247-4863-0270 1037-0024-0378-1649-2624-8335 1037-1207-3926-9934-2437-2605 1037-1208-8245-1384-6813-9613 1037-0302-9351-5673-9352-6474 v2 beta (BETA build #340 release #98152) 1037-0024-0378-1649-2624-8335 v1.5 IHG100R7005426-113 IHG100R7991377-005-574 IHG100R7991371-100-355 IHG100R7991372-100-988 IHG100R7991373-100-621 IHG100R7991374-100-254 IHG100R7991375-100-887 IHG100R7991376-100-520 v1.0beta EXX700XX352122598-297 v1.0J IHG100R7412617-010-369 v1.0 IHW100R7132033-314 IHG100R7991376-005-941 IHG100R7991377-005-574 IHG100R7991378-005-207 IHG100R7999999-999-224 (german) IHG100R7000000-999-641 (999 Users) To translate Indesign US in another language : # Install Indesign US # Open a copy of " Indesign " with ResEdit # Open the Resource "vers" # Change the " country Code" # Close and save : and it is finished! Tested with Indesign 1.5 - Adobe LiveMotion v2 1038-0023-2915-1815-5842-7368 1038-0209-2080-2255-0252-2118 1038-0237-9193-3022-4729-1617 (Upgrade) v1.0J LIJ100R7012341-100-957 LIJ100R7012342-100-590 LIJ100R7012343-100-223 LIJ100R7012344-100-856 LIJ100R7012345-100-489 LIJ100R7012345-100-489 LIJ100R7012346-100-122 LIJ100R7012347-100-755 LIJ100R7012348-100-388 LIJ100R7012349-100-305 v1.0.2 german LIG100R2100013-908 v1.0 F LIF100R7000148-496 v1.0 D (German) LIG100X7100000-999-362 v1.0 LIW100R7100000-536 LIW100R7100001-169 LIW100R7100002-802 LIW100R7100003-435 LIW100R7100004-352 GDW100R1031337-999-132 (999 Copies) - Adobe PageMaker v7.0 1039-0302-3710-4902-4997-7549 1039-1121-2998-7586-7388-7545 # 1039-0238-3897-7091-0868-6201 Enter a PageMaker 6.5 SN into the first SN Box 02E652R7100000-999-315 02W600X1031337-666-926 2nd SN Box: 1039-0234-6092-2286-5348-6130 v7.0 Beta 1039 0023 4283 7507 1746 0331 v6.5J 02J600R1108177-307 02J600U1600751-760 02J600R8740620-966 02J600R8281310-999-429 02J600R4050116-999-975 02J600R7002841-999-419 (999 Copies) v6.5.2 02W600X1031337-666-926 (666 copies) 02W052R7105353-783 02E600R1012513-517 02E600R1308380-882 02E600R1977905-221 02E600R1669220-414 02E600R1105194-606 02E652R7100000-999-315 02E652R7100001-999-664 02E652R7100002-999-297 v6.5 02W650R7100120-920 02W600R1112258-259 02W600R1100816-005-332 02W650X7101014-143 02F652R7300647-675 (French) 02S652R7205941-992 MDW301B7224163-364 v6.0J 02J600R1106004-182 02J600R1108177-307 02J600R1112305-137 v6.01 02W601R031337-100-821 (100 User) v6.0 02W600X1102274-458 02W600X1102548-318 02W600X1102539-352 11-1516-200723741 02W-600R116964-699 11-1009-200021734 02-40P2-200325280 v5.0J 02-3504-100617874 02-5000-100001729 v5.0-6.5 02-4210-201529362 02-5004-201765030 v5.0 11-1009-200021734 11-1516-200723741 v4.2 02-4008-200010087 02-6023-000345263 02-3013-000-196593 08-1003-000357503 02-0004-000094245 02-3008-000036469 - Adobe PageMill v3.0 MLW300X1031337-666-644 (666 copies) MLW300R7102296-238 APW300B7100000-705 APW300R7100002-579 APW200R1102671-733 APJ200R1112087-222 APM200B1102000-739 v3.0J MLW300R7185955-010-852 APW300R7100002-579 APJ300R7101416-794 APJ300R0655335-275 APJ300R6100167-001-408 APJ300R1260466-999-704 v3.0 PC MLW300R7999999-960 MLW300R7102296-238 MLW300R7109957-488 v2.0J APJ200R1118770-939 APJ200R7102850-866 APJ200R1106317-957 v2.0 APW200R3100000-999-935 APW100R3100001-010-555 APW100R3100002-010-184 APW100R3100003-010-817 APW100R3100004-010-450 APW100R3100005-010-367 APW100R3100006-010-716 APW100R3100007-010-349 APW100R3100008-010-982 APW100R3100009-010-615 APW100R3100010-010-517 APW100R3101471-534 APE200R2003755-169 v1.0J APJ100R3102118-830 v1.0 APW100R3100001-010-555 APW100R3100002-010-184 APW100R3100003-010-817 APW100R3100004-010-450 APW100R3100005-010-367 APW100R3100006-010-716 APW100R3100007-010-349 APW100R3100008-010-982 APW100R3100009-010-615 APW100R3100010-010-517 APF101B2007910-716 - Adobe Persuasion v4.0 08W400R7365269-010-712 08-000-00000 v3.0J 08-2109-000732692 v3.0 08-3004-202794550 08-2009-000379488 08-2001-200201529 02-3008-000036469 - Adobe PhotoDeluxe v2.0 HUW200R7014177-100-905 HJW200B7100277-509 HUW200R7100409-859 HUW100R7101023-992 HUW100R7106368-613 v2.0J HUW200R7090864-010-642 HJJ100P7100004-892 v1.0J HJJ100P7100008-424 HJJ100C7000001-360 v1.0.1 HJW200B7100054-662 HGW200B7100054-775 (Win95) v1.0 HJW100I7100001-705 HUW100R7101023-992 - Adobe Photoshop v7.0 1045-0777-5104-8776-1723-5835 (retail) 1045-1989-3692-1791-7204-1293 1045-1890-4436-9754-0662-7420 1045-1178-7064-5898-4014-6638 1045-1185-9791-2216-4314-3476 1045-0994-9222-9402-8709-0850 1045-1897-0084-4166-7333-2029 1045-1716-9174-2622-9063-1777 1045-0633-9307-0876-4274-4173 1045-0050-0430-0561-2591-8823 1045-1145-2265-6493-4398-9134 1045-1395-8517-2214-3915-6701 1045-0013-2125-1555-3970-0524 1045-0740-5300-3616-0157-4095 1045-0768-2043-6940-7732-7192 1045-0122-5505-0180-4150-2685 1045-1156-5358-0167-7287-2952 # 1045-0009-2130-3302-1733-9518 (Upgrade) 1045-0230-6247-6480-7393-2007 (Upgrade) v7.0 b84 1045-0008-6003-1643-7124-0387 v7.0 b74 1045-0008-6003-1643-7124-0387 v7.0 b62 1045-0222-2772-4566-4681-2405 v7.0 b54 1045-0222-2772-4566-4681-2405 v7.0 b51 1045-0209-0013-0086-0096-2458 it's the same as b43 but you have to delete: Application support/adobe/web/ v7.0 b43 1045-0209-0013-0086-0096-2458 v6.0beta EXX600R0938613-100-654 v6.0 (see warning) PWW600R7105467-948 # PSW600R7516172-060-697 PSW600R2700572-080-690 PSW600R1785007-060-742 PSW600R5085308-080-742 PSW600R5458570-060-845 PSW600R0726427-080-805 PSW600R1783422-060-901 PSW600R8045886-080-901 PSW600R8088454-060-985 PSW600R4702307-080-978 # PSW600R2305046-001-111 # PSW600R7778827-001-144 PSW600R7135147-020-188 PSW600R7435720-040-147 PSW600R7546716-001-232 PSW600R5010144-020-224 PSW600R7674736-040-233 PSW600R7686542-001-359 PSW600R5654187-020-335 PSW600R1882712-040-378 # PSW600R4575684-100-849 PSW600R0098667-100-877 PSW600R0233534-100-297 PSW600R0097684-100-989 PSW600R5465545-100-348 PSW600R3434540-100-185 PSW600R1234567-015-794 PSW600U7000000-100-523 (upgrade) (upgrade see tip) v5.5x39 EXX550130000-010-960 EXX550130001-010-335 EXX550130002-010-710 v5.5J PSJ550R6624584-999-246 PSJ550R0034250-999-373 PSJ550R0360470-100-191 PSJ550R7480745-100-328 PSJ550R3130456-100-398 PSJ550R0111437-100-592 PSJ550R1653013-100-102 PSJ550R3631087-156 PSJ550R2328770-625 PSJ550R1152335-665 PSJ550R1315832-518 PSJ550R0680867-958 v5.5 PSW550R7113204-900-437 PSW550R1012345-539 PSW550R1054321-963 PSW550R1023456-278 psw500x7151515-015-914 PSW500X7151516-015-547 PSW500X7151517-015-180 PSW500X7151518-015-813 PSW500X7151519-015-446 PSW500X7151520-015-348 PSW500X7151521-015-981 PSW500X7151522-015-614 PSW500X7151523-015-247 PSW500X7151524-015-880 PSW500X7151525-015-513 PSW550X1031337-666-877 (666 Users) PSF550R7001397-417 (French) (see Tip) v5.0b2 EXX500XX052053198-392 v5.0J PSJ303X3287246-025-399 PSJ400R7116366-329 PSJ400R7108215-471 v5.0 PSW500X1031337-666-737 (666 copies) EXX500XX052053198-392 PWW400R7106337-339 (Retail Version) PSW300U3100172-005-319 (Upgrade) PSW500R7100000-999-978 PSW500R7100001-999-611 PSW500R7100002-999-244 PSW500R7100003-999-877 PSW500R7100004-999-510 PSW500R7100005-999-143 PSW500R7123569-635 PSW500R7102284-466 PSW500R7117497-594 PWE500X7205119-408 PSW500R7106797-587 PSW502R7105613-183 psw500r7125795-308 PSW401B7134648-490 (upgrade from 4.0) v5 (PC) pww400r7106337-339 EXX500R7042200-980 v4.0J PSJ400R7116366-329 PSJ400R7108215-471 v4.0.1 PSE401R7005457-360 PSW300U3100172-005-319 PSW401E7103198-827 v4.0 LE SDM401B1742225-713 v4.0 PSW303R1100000-010-154 PSW400R7114228-769 PSW400X7100195-473 PWW250R3107069-312 v3.04 (5 User) PSW300U3100051-005-113 PSW300U3100052-005-746 PSW300U3100053-005-379 PSW300U3100054-005-296 PSW300U3100055-005-645 PSW300U3100056-005-278 PSW300U3100057-005-911 PSW300U3100058-005-544 PSW300U3100059-005-177 PSW300U3100060-005-363 PSW303R3232323-005-448 v3.0.5 PCDSTAR123456-020-753 (100 User) PSW305R1100499-005 (5 User) v3.0 J PSJ251R3107968-392 v3.0 PWW300R3000011-926 (for Windows) v2.5J PSJ251R3122686-154 v2.5 PDA100000180-362 v2.0 PDA100000180-362 PDA200100141-356 PCA200102249-484 PCA107011754-639 PCA200110733-522 PCA100002582-359 PDA100001185-501 PDA100001517-722 PDA100000915-575 PCA100000100-953 PMW200100345-605 PDA100001018-372 PCA200108975-448 PCA200102474-344 PHW200100021-751 v1.0 PCA 100000100-953 PDA 100001185-501 PDA 100001517-722 (warning) WARNING about ADOBE !! Before install Photoshop 6.0, please disconnect the internet. When Installed, delete the following files: > application support (hope its the right name in US) > Adobe > web : and then delete the following files : AdobeOnline Inventory Adoberegistrationeng.html Adoberegistrationenu.html Adoberegistrationfra.html AdobeWeb.dll AOM If not delete, the app will send your serial to Adobe Online automatically when connect the internet. (tip upgrade v6.0) This will do a full install from an updater disk!! Open Adobe Photoshop® 6.0 folder in the centre of the window - move the Installer file onto your HD. Run the main installer at the top of the CD image. When asked for the CD, Choose the HD with the moved Installer. Use the serial PSW550R1012345-539 [ similar may also do] as requested [ 2 places ] When Installed, delete moved Installer from HD. Seems it just needs to check that a VISE Photoshop installer exists somewhere!! Happy days :) # to make PS 5.5 german language, you have to copy the file tw10428.dat from ps 5.0 to the ps 5.5-folder and restart PS. Here ya go, it's german (except the new commands) - Adobe Photoshop Elements v2.0 1057-4428-4832-7650-8979-5185 1057-4422-0061-1667-8528-0944 1057-4427-8084-7059-3638-1053 (PC) v1.0 1057-4422-7433-2707-3287-2617 1057-4422-1198-0751-6983-5530 1057-4425-6718-3793-3980-0831 - Adobe Premiere v6.5 MXX241X0110102-745 MXX600X1177419-888 v6.0 PRE600R7100554-987 PRW510B7102762-868 PRW500R1123456-341 MXX500R145503-500-448 PRW510B7102762-868 PRW500X1031337-666-108 v5.1J PRX200100002-025-609 v5.1 PRW500X1031337-666-108 (666 copies) prw510b7102762-868 PRE510R7100000-999-819 PRE510R7100001-999-452 PRE510R7100002-999-369 PRE510R7100003-999-718 PRE510R7100004-999-351 PRE510R7100005-999-984 MXX45678901-574 MXX500R145503-500 MXX827R0061598-318 MXX500R145503-500-448 MXX500R145503-500-448 v5.0J PRX200100002-025-609 PRW500R7659622-010-148 PRX200100002-025-609 MXX500R145503-500-448 MXX500R145503-500-448 MXJ500R8654113-710 MXJ500R4772833-213 MXJ500R8453405-999-179 MXJ500R5332753-999-870 v5.0 Beta MXX45678901-574 v5.0 MXX500R145503-500-448 PRW400U3100000-290 MXX266R0061598-010-378 v4.x J PRJ401R1107029-701 PRJ401B1101165-210 PRJ420R7101014-606 PRJ420R7100176-654 v4.2.2v5b MXX500R145503-500-448 v4.2.2 PRW400U3100000-290 v4.2 MBW400R1109394-244 v4.0 PRX200100002-025-609 (25 user) PRW400U3100001-923 PRW400U3100002-556 PRW400U3100003-189 PRW400U3100004-822 PRW400U3100005-455 PRW400U3100006-372 PRW400U3100007-721 PRW400U3100008-354 PRW400U3100009-987 PRW400U3100010-889 PRB100101253-785 PRW200101810-587 PRW200100586-763 PRW100101890-129 - Adobe PressReady v1.0 EAW100R7108758-900-301 EAW100R7102785-302 EAW100R7000012-663 - Adobe PressWise v3.0 18W300X1031337-666-345 (666 copies) PWP300DU6612033711 PWE300X1100000-999-230 PWE300X1100001-999-863 PWE300X1100002-999-496 PWE300X1100003-999-129 PWE300X1100004-999-762 PWE300X1100005-999-395 v2.5 18-2500-303486105 18-2502-303310624 02-000-00000 11-1009-200027072 v2.0 11-1009-200027072 (Also needs a dongle crack) - Adobe Print Central v4.0 PPC 65-4003-303403776 v3.0.5 65-3054-000915595 - Adobe Screen Ready v1.0 SRW100R7102824-459 SRW100R7100738-841 SRW100R7500686-387 SRW100R7101765-926 SRW100R7100000-999-315 SRW100R7100001-999-948 SRW100R7100002-999-581 SRW100R7100003-999-214 SRW100R7100004-999-847 SRW100R7100005-999-480 67-1008-303415606 - Adobe SiteMill v2.0 STE200R3100000-999-385 STE200R3100001-999-302 STE200R3100002-999-651 STE200R3100003-999-284 STE200R3100004-999-917 STE200R3100005-999-550 STE100R3123456-010-112 v2.0J STE200R3670007-010-108 v1.0 Multi-User (10 User) STE100R3123456-010-112 STE100R3234567-010-399 STE100R3345678-010-686 STE100R3456789-010-973 STE100R3567890-010-930 STE100R3678901-010-227 - Adobe Streamline v4.0 SABKWM00000000-999-244 SAW400R7100000-999-484 SAW400R7100001-999-117 SAW400R7100002-999-750 SAW400R7100003-999-383 SAW400R7100004-999-300 SAW400R7100005-999-649 SAS400R7205729-803 v4.0b1 SAW400R7100000-524 v4.0J SAJ400R7824570-010-963 SAJ400R7330637-999-290 SAJ400R0670218-999-727 SAJ400R5612015-336 SAJ400R5175268-187 SAJ400R7043651-592 SAJ300R3104808-395 SAJ300R3155468-401 v3.0 SAW300R3113443-487 SAW300R3100127-190 3.0J SAJ300R3132123-264 v2.0 SAW200U3100000-471 SAW200U3100001-104 SAW200U3100002-737 - Adobe Super ATM v3.5-3.6 GHB100R3100136-472 GHW100R3106316-197 GHW100R3159437-689 - Adobe TextureMaker v1.0 56-1000-202888264 56-1004-303451233 56-1006-303452748 - Adobe Type Manager Deluxe v4.6 ATM450R7808526-100-225 or ATW450R7808526-100-225 DLL460R7100002-426 CIB460R0347668-999-500 CIB460R2473112-001-343 v4.6J ATJ460R0351508-100-672 ATJ460R0631712-100-977 ATJ460R1433083-100-302 ATJ460R2856726-100-721 ATJ460R3004011-100-695 ATJ460R6371822-100-163 ATJ460R7122245-100-222 ATJ460R7147716-100-758 ATJ460R7261003-100-951 ATJ460R8807811-100-870 v4.5x207 CIB00000000001-999-266 CIB00000000002-999-899 v4.5J ATJ450R1145105-499 ATJ450R5836162-656 ATJ450R7071263-817 ATJ450R6480603-827 ATJ450R8617130-332 ATJ450R5574554-123-160 ATJ450R8140445-123-582 ATJ450R6715704-123-374 ATJ450R7733008-333-372 ATJ450R8527824-333-307 v4.5 ATM450R7686151-322 ATW450R7100000-999-883 ATW450R7100001-999-516 ATW450R7100002-999-149 ATW450R7100003-999-782 ATW450R7100004-999-415 ATW450R7100005-999-332 ATW450R7100006-999-681 ATW450R7100007-999-314 ATW450R7100008-999-947 ATW450R7100009-999-580 ATW450R7100010-999-482 ATW450X322300-250-570 ATW450X322301-250-169 ATW450X322302-250-768 ATW450X322303-250-367 v4.0fc9 ATW400P1234852-273 ATW400P1234567-912 CIB00000000001-999-266 v4.03J ATJ403R7110089-837 v4.03 CIW400X1031337-666-771 (666 copies) ATW403R7100000-999-966 ATW403R7100001-999-599 ATW403R7100002-999-232 ATW403R7100003-999-865 ATW403R7100004-999-498 ATW403R7100005-999-131 ATW403R7115574-486 v4.0 ATW400R7152940-653 CIB00000000001-999-266 CIB00000000002-999-899 CIBXBKWM000001-999-178 v4 ? AWW400R7178832-844 - Adobe Type On Call v4.2 CD Key: 4302-0783-1421-4936-5842-123 v4.1.1 8045-7083-5997-6433-5081-400 4597-6152-5965-7949-4035-642 (Product ID: O3971338) <-O is Not Zero - Adobe Type Reunion v2.6 CIB260R5167700-999-333 CIB260R8181413-001-196 v2.5J GPJ250R8775384-593 GPJ250R0234166-436 GPJ250R1851155-667 GPJ250R3437266-290 GPJ250R0724001-381 GPJ250R4874843-333-436 GPJ250R4665460-333-381 GPJ250R8107118-333-673 GPJ250R6551242-333-150 GPJ250R6340674-333-485 v2.5 GPW250R7100000-999-307 GPW250R7100001-999-656 GPW250R7100002-999-289 GPW250R7100003-999-922 GPW250R7100004-999-555 GPW250R7100005-999-188 GPW250R7100006-999-821 GPW250R7100007-999-454 GPW250R7100008-999-371 GPW250R7100009-999-720 GPW250R7100010-999-622 GPW450X355200-250-910 GPW450X355201-250-509 GPW450X355202-250-108 v2.0 Deluxe GPW200P3123456-457 GPW200R3127266-880 CIB00000000001-999-266 v2.0 ATW400P1234852-273 - Adobe TypeAlign v1.0 TYW1051007921 TYW100R5710508-832 TYW100R1021438-166 TYW100R1027264-803 TYW100R2075827-753 - Adrenaline Charts & Numbers vall versions CH5598-DV-3373-MX (Charts) NB3897-MD-8744-MP (Numbers) - Adrenaline Charts Pro v1.0.3 CPM478W8116103-484-739 - Adult Media Finder v1.0 31a39c274ec6848dbbe46c1173ec9a2c - Aetherize v1.2 1027311 1503177 1853250 2483985 3179505 v1.0 3605239 - After Dark vX 1.0 Password: e2ce0940#a7a69041 v4.0J 80200000000 7007758718 v3.0b ADM-00670-6681 v3.0J AMJ-55134-1159 AMJ-00670-6681 AMJ-75689-8965 v3.0 ADM-00670-6681 ADM-21289-8489 ADM-30306-9708 ADM-75689-8965 ADM-90213-6771 - FinKit v1.0.4 X Name : Pablo SN : FK1-5186-1508-6003-8025 - Audio Hijack vPro 1.0 Name: Hirosue Code: RYOKO-671460-6831 v1.6 X See Crack v1.5 Name: m@ns@ku Code: IPRT-615440-5643 1.6 X Crack: Open Audio Hijack with Resorcerer and look for "m@ns@ku" and remplace by "mansaku" then use 1.5 sn - After Dark Atom vAll 210A0001BA-105740 - AudioX v2.1 X Name: Pablo SN: 0310197802 - After Dark Black Jack vAll 210B0001BJ-200045 - After Dark Disney vall versions DIS-00670-6681 DSM-75689-8965 - After Dark Flintstones vall versions 5111-3471-1752 - After Dark Loony Tunes vall versions xxx-00670-6681 ZQA-35600-2587 FUN-00670-6681 - After Dark Marvel vall versions EAM-30306-9708 MAR-00670-6681 - After Dark Mighty Atom vall versions 210A0001BA-103333 - After Dark Myst vall versions MSS-00670-6681 - After Dark Scream Saver vall versions SSM-75689-8965 - After Dark Simpsons vall versions ZQM-65187-4617 - After Dark Snoopy Fun Pak vall versions 000-FPA0-000004 113-FPWU-142051 - After Dark Star Trek vall versions EAM-30306-9708 LSM-00670-6681 KAM-21289-8489 STM-00670-6681 - After Dark Star Trek Posters vall versions SPM-90213-6771 - Agenda v2.5b2 X AGN-V20-9M2M6E1P6F7E - After Dark Star Trek:TNG vall versions NGM-00670-6681 ZQM-35600-2587 - After Dark Totally Twisted vall versions TTT-00670-6681 - After Dark X-Men vall versions ZQM-65187-4617 - After Dark Yamato vAll YPM-66241-6184 - AgentDA v2.1.3 179105018 v2.0 101208510 v1.x 102800455 - Agglomeration v1.0 1312914118 - Air Combat v1.2 Change 'CODE' 9 Offset $46CE from $6624 to $6024 and any number you enter in the Query-Dialog will work. v1.01E CRACK: removes pasword protection: change CODE 9 at Offset 44F0 from 660C to 4E71 and at Offset 44FA from 6700 to 6000 v1.0J EAM-3004 - AirMail (OpenStep) v3.1.5 opppjldfd - AkuraTools vAll 0160183 - Aladdin Desktop Magician v2.0.1 (see --> Desktop Magician) v1.0T First Name: Server Middle Initial: (empty) Last Name: Surfer Unlock Code: LBMP-VJUD-8DTJ-MBDT v1.01T FCDQ-LBFB-FQLL-RNDU v1.0.2J DTMA-713-001024 v1.0 Name: The Dead Guy Copies: 2112 Code: BLPXGXC - Aladdin Desktop Tools v1.0.3 ADTB-778-055000 v1.0.x ADTE-777-455225 ADTH-619-131366 ADTK-761-463014 v1.0.1 ADTB-778-055000 ADTP-968-267822 ADTX-764-125860 ADTL-978-121617 v1.0 ADTB-778-010000 ADTO-862-478521 ADTF-816-028213 ADTF-800-546436 ADTM-851-166858 ADTC-980-357506 - Aladdin DragStrip v3.7.1 name : (any) serial: 66666 code : hhhhhd v3.7.1J Name :urajam serial:74200 code :jwABBd - Aladdin FlashBack v1.1 First Name: Moon Last Name: Dark SN: 6N65-89N2-6FDZ-FFHQ v1.x Name : Sam Company : :o) Code : FKDT-L5FV-FSLC-PNDU Name: Moon Dark Code: WFUV54ZWSAW94RF89UM Name: HackUser Code: H6FJ-PFQ8-L8VF-L68R Name: Macintosh Code: FBKA-868-001940 v1.0J & 1.1J FBKA-844-010747 FBKA-868-001940 v1.0.x FBKV-936-216402 - Aladdin InstallerMaker v7.0 ASIM-0795-031337 v6.5 ASIN-8366000666 ASIM-8356000666 v6.0 ASIM-8356666666 v5.0 ASIB-585-010379 ASIJ-072-625803 v4.5 ASIA-925-010402 ASIV-610-055267 ASIC-428-371182 ASIS-755-885444 ASIM-817-570004 ASIL-847-004311 v4.1.x SIML-551-211388 SIMB-856-017858 SIMJ-570-417486 SIMD-459-706185 SIMX-939-615737 v4.0 SIMO-983-233822 v3.0.x SIMB-848-001631 SIMU-708-131565 SIMN-530-284064 v2.0.x I347000002 I0668666789 I547000005 - Aladdin IntelliNews v3.0 Name: Sushi Code: INTN-35390-64882 v2.0.1 Name: nowhereman Code: INTI-111636-123456 v2.0 Name: Atlantis/nop Code: INTI-9258144-9245429 - Aladdin MacHeadlines v1.7 code: 11929968-0009-HOTSIX16 Look at the preferences window, there is a field called "Registration or License". Enter the serial and make sure you have marked the checkbox left from the field, then click the ok button at the bottom of the window. That's all. - Aladdin Private File v2.0 PVT457151123456 PVTY-883-471310 PVTR-928-883526 PVTL-025-135601 PVTP-762-163761 PVTL-998-207502 PVTB-809-174640 PVTA-810-010000 PVTP-835-740642 PVTY-063-815718 PVTI-007-870504 PVTO-136-251808 PVTR-767-371234 - Aladdin ShrinkWrap v3.5.1 First Name: Arthur Middle Initial: C Last Name: Clarke Unlock Code: FWDB-LBHA-FQLV-NNTU v3.5 First name: Registered Initial: *leave blank* Last name: User Code: HLGH-KF48-PBPF-K68R First Name : AAA Last Name : AAA Unlock Code: WNUF-49Y9-W949-69BM First Name : SpaZ M.I. (leave blank) Last Name : SpaZ Unlock Code: G7EV-Q3KC-GPQA-S3WG First Name : Hack Last Name : User Unlock Code: SBQH-Y9UM-S5Y3-276K First Name : End Last Name : User Unlock Code: LPML-QJ8D-CFNJ-LBDT First Name : Single Last Name : License Unlock Code: DHLD-5BH4-Z6LB-P24P First Name : Licensed Last Name : Copy Unlock Code: JVHK-PZLF-JMPB-RRVW v3.0J SWPA-728-123456 v3.0 First Name :Registered Last Name :User Unlock Code :FSDV3LVFB6FSLQ9PNHU First Name :John Last Name :Doe Unlock Code :FZDAELGFEKFTLVQPNHU First Name :BOOK Last Name :WORM Unlock Code :FVDP3LGFB6FGLC9PNHU - Aladdin Spring Cleaning v5.0 SCLF-AP6SWXP-00021102 v4.0 SCLE-0960-044839 # SCLE 0831-043534 SCLE-0840-010008 v3.5 SCLD-0855-042217 SCLD-0559-031052 SCLC-0534-005062 SCLE-0578-021055 SCLE-0584-021056 SCLE-0590-021057 SCLE-0596-021058 v3.0J SCLD-0823-000000 SCLD-0812-111111 SCLD-0801-222222 SCLD-0790-333333 v3.0.x SCLD-0868-803102 SCLG-0840-914228 SCLP-0841-324001 SCLW-0884-408007 SCLF-0475-083070 SCLC-0893-170994 (French) v3.0.1 SCLC-0594-092694 v3.0 SCLC-0534-005062 SCLC-0497-037187 SCLD-0785-000012 SCLD-0785-001012 SCLD-0785-002012 SCLD-0785-999012 v2.0J SCLA-842-100857 SCLA-932-101628 SLCB-802-104530 v2.0.x SCLL-499-535286 SCLH-956-154518 SCLV-890-824523 v2.0 SCL0769000000 SCL0-769-000000 SCL1-770-000000 v1.0.1 SCL0769000000 SCL1770000000 SCL0654456789 SCL1584567890 v1.0 SCLB-998-352715 SCLI-906-028848 SCLE-652-682032 SCLI-879-335316 SCLY-754-656875 - Aladdin StuffIt Deluxe v7.0 DLXJ-GJ4S4G4-00017649 DLXJ-B6GFZEP-00017305 DLXJ-JKWXTMD-00017638 DLXJ-5KCX3V4-00024218 v7 PC SFWB-46LQKLV-22138000 SFWB-J83H98P-33684378 SFWB-9KZSA8D-24996231 v6.5 DLXH-0959-876841 DLXH-585-406285 DLXF-0395-00609 DLXH-0622-200593 DLXK-0971-794315 DLXK-0744-473256 DLXL-0907-133228 DLXM-0444-861090 v6.0J DLXH-1135-087608 v6.0 DLXH-0883-123432 DLXH-0807-036023 DLXH-0730-987367 DLXH-0807-987023 DLXH-0731-876047 DLXH-0807-876456 DLXH-0732-765782 DLXH-0808-654136 DLXH-0733-654462 DLXH-0808-543549 DLXH-0734-432575 DLXH-0809-432871 DLXH-0735-321255 DLXH-0810-321551 DLXH-0736-210348 DLXH-0811-210664 DLXH-0737-109329 DLXH-0812-109757 DLXH-0737-098518 DLXH-0813-098738 DLXH-0739-987463 DLXH-0815-987872 DLXH-0656-876373 DLXH-0959-876841 DLXH-0883-765432 DLXH-0883-765865 v5.x.x DLXF-0705-857240 DLXV-0629-567054 DLXJ-0483-146294 DLXN-0666-395156 DLXH-0748-667134 v5.5J DLXG-1112-268709 DLXG-0861-569646 DLXG-0841-071850 v5.5 DLXF-0859-006229 DLXF-0853-006228 DLXF-0847-006227 DLXF-0841-006226 DLXF-0835-006225 DLXF-0829-006224 DLXF-0823-006223 DLXF-0817-006222 DLXF-0811-006221 DLXF-0805-006220 # DLXG-0675-020048 DLXG-0675-912345 DLXG-0675-023929 DLXG-0675-029221 DLXG-0675-023512 DLXG-0675-029334 DLXG-9122-000973 # DLXG-816-111111 DLXH-817-111111 DLXI-818-111111 DLXJ-819-111111 DLXK-820-111111 DLXL-821-111111 DLXM-822-111111 DLXN-823-111111 DLXO-824-111111 DLXP-825-111111 # 935 unique Stuffit Deluxe 5.5 SNs: Everything from [DLXG-9122-000973 .. DLXG-9122-933973] v5.1J DLXF-1077-126814 v5.1.5 DLXK-0931-490109 DLXH-0748-667134 (see tip) v5.1 DLXF-0714-215147 v5.0J DLXF-1077-126814 v5.0 DLXF-0835-001225 DLXF-0835-002225 DLXF-0835-003225 DLXF-0835-004225 DLXF-0835-005225 DLXF-0835-007225 DLXF-0835-008225 DLXF-0835-009225 DLXF-0835-006225 DLXF-0859-006229 DLXF-0853-006228 DLXF-0847-006227 DLXF-0841-006226 QYKS-0805-006220 QYKS-0811-006221 QYKS-0817-006222 QYKS-0823-006223 QYKS-0829-006224 QYKS-0835-006225 v4.5b DLXU-674-772032 v4.5J DLXR-787-654222 DLXH-777-574655 DLXM-999-261505 DLXE-851-563744 DLXN-921-736623 v4.5 DLXU-674-772032 DLXE-851-563744 DLXN-721-010663 DLXP-769-655012 DLXJ-731-760458 DLXE-851-564744 DLXA-838-254215 v4.0J DLXD-744-018330 DLXJ-077-630802 DLXN-921-736623 v4.0 DLX 07590000000 DLX 07650000001 DLX 07710000002 v3.5.x DLX 07590000000 DLX 07650000001 DLX 07710000002 DLX 07770000003 DLX 07830000004 DLX 07890000005 DLX 07950000006 DLX 08010000007 DLX 08070000008 DLXN-921-736623 DLXD-744-018330 DLXJ-077-630802 v3.0.7 Bxxxxx (x any number 1-9) 5.1.5 Tip: how do you get StuffIt Deluxe to work.. The problem you are having is that the app knows its a pirated number. Solution: trash your Stuffit Deluxe prefs reinstall 5.1.5 over your existing 5.1.5 enter the following for a sn: DLXK-0931-490109 ••• StuffIt 5.5 Serial Number Generator by FullCrack <> K1 = 29 K2 = 33 K3 = 11 K4 = 99 K5 = 5 x = ( 0...9) Seed: 973 (by example) ———————————————> K1 + ∑ (ASCII) = 332 ( 29+68+76+88+71 ) | ————> 9 x K2 = 297 ( 9x33 ) | | ——> 3 x K3 = 33 ( 3x11 ) | | | ____ _ _ DLXG-cksm-xxx973 ———— __ ^ | | ——> ( K4 - 73 ) x K5 = 130 ( (99-73)x5 ) | + _______ | 792 ———> | | | | <——————————————————————————————————————< Result: DLXG-792-xxx973 ≈:•) - Aladdin StuffIt DropStuff with Expander Enhancer v7.0.1 DRPF-859-089644 DRPF-858-266531 DRPF-877-483647 v5.5 DLXG-0675-020048 v4.5 DRPL-781-251448 v4.0J DRPF-757-120012 DRPG-608-364475 v4.0.x DRPL-781-251448 DRPF-828-402533 DRPW-595-845150 DRPL-596-080152 DRPD-875-225843 DRPN-439-555086 DRPS-540-475480 DRPL-536-101386 DRPD-591-180058 v4.0 w/ EE DRPB-631-376254 DRPQ-848-734007 DRPR-983-046822 DRPF-757-120012 DRPG-608-364475 - Aladdin StuffIt DropZip v7.0.1 DZPF-885-483647 DZPF-666-277571 DZPF-876-336118 v6.5.1 DLXH-0733-654462 v5.5 DLXF-0835-006225 DRPL-781-251448 - Aladdin StuffIt Engine Patch vall versions (see patch) Here's a nifty patch I made to "fix" the Stuffit Engine so that it no longer asks "this archive is corrupted, do you wish to continue working with it?" whenever I use the Magic Menu "Expand" command to expand old archives. (Interstingly enough in this dialog, yes means yes and no also means yes.) If you don't know what I'm talking about then you don't need this patch. However, if you find yourself in situations unpacking multiple archives from the MagicMenu, and have cursed Stuffit's stupidity in refusing to recognize its own older archives, then use this patch. Hex search for 66 1C 20 6C 78 F8 0C A8 72 4C 61 75 Hex change 66 1C to 4E 71 Hex search for 66 0E 20 6C 78 F8 20 2C 79 18 B0 A8 Hex change 66 0E to 4E 71 Hex search for 67 24 2F 2C 78 F8 42 A7 42 A7 42 A7 A9 8B Hex change 67 to 60 - Aladdin StuffIt Lite v3.5 LTE 07560000000 LTE 07620000001 LTE 07680000002 LTE 07740000003 LTE 07800000004 LTE 07860000005 LTE 07920000006 LTE 07980000007 LTE 08040000008 v3.0x L297000000 L347000001 L397000002 L447000003 L497000004 L547000005 L597000006 L647000007 L697000008 L747000009 L267000010 L317000011 L367000012 L417000013 L467000014 L517000015 L567000016 L617000017 L667000018 L717000019 L237000020 - Aladdin StuffIt SpaceSaver v5.x.x SPSW-0654-749263 SPSM-0917-262104 SPSV-0905-501006 SPSK-0689-421158 SPSD-0893-498007 v5.0 SPSF-711-123456 v3.5.1 SPSB-807-090000 - Aladdin Stuffit InstallerMaker Electronic Commerce v4.5.x Primary Code: 325445-4515-053685-3342E Secondary Code: 538533-3887-805826-2926M Primary Code: 184558-0865-550450-2633E Secondary Code: 430327-6267-038374-2637G Primary Code: 685173-7120-063141-2628E Secondary Code: 744767-3073-321251-2535G Primary Code: 086708-4612-123647-2942E Secondary Code: 455784-6058-763748-3235G Primary Code: 523825-8737-141381-2726E Secondary Code: 178157-0248-110557-2831G v4.1.x Primary Code: 406747-0288-764624-3425E Secondary Code: 854463-3805-854525-3042G Primary Code: 841064-4863-002884-2630E Secondary Code: 644822-3183-282806-3427M Primary Code: 661158-4564-332647-3543E Secondary Code: 783662-1232-151240-2336G Primary Code: 123788-2233-214463-2237E Secondary Code: 462066-7108-232550-2824M Primary Code: 534366-6426-658858-3948E Secondary Code: 668173-3626-312817-2646G v4.0 Serial: SIMO-983-233822 Electronic Commerce: Primary Code: 177864-3853-104118-29 Secondary Code: 061672-4577-386447- - Aladdin Sundial v3.0 SDMA0779561234 - Aladdin Transporter v1.0 TRPA-0674-567890 TRPA-745-456789 - Aladdin Tuner v3.1.1 MCTA-862-217214 v3.0 MCTA-863-391327 MCTA-873-334969 MCTA-1123-383919 MCTA-1015-595712 MCTA-911-121524 MCTA-938-821623 MCTA-966-622835 MCTA-875-512329 MCTA-1045-554717 MCTA-900-072635 MCTA-948-868832 - Aladdin iClean v5 ICSF-4TK3EXV-00010339 v3.5 First: John Middle: Q Last: Public SN: AQZ03UZUT0TQZ0RMTYUP93 - Alarm Clock Package vR2 Name: Cendryom Code: SN-1676949 - Alarm Clock Pro v6.1.1 X Name: Mouto Code: 8324403112 v6.1 X Name: Pablo SN: 2630388112 v6.0.5 X Name: Pablo Code: 1602484901605978215 v5.5.2 Name: Ragnarok Code: 164253094762286283344 v5.3 Name: Alarm Clock Pro Code: 13026228924645917645 Name: Koingo Software Code: 150253096602226405645 Name: Thanks freakstiez Code: 168253089242305917731 v4.5.4 Name: KIRI X Code: 150167975441765002258 Name: Thanks freakstiez Code: 168253089242305917731 v3.0.6 Name: kiri@overkrack Code: 91XO0a94912P525I0420k5121820 v3.0.4 Name: Macintosh Code: 01XO0A87792P525I0420H8801170 v3.0 Name: Chrisco* Raz Code: 71XO0a93912P525I0420z9201560 v2.0b2 Name: Chrisco* Code: 22254939124209201040 v2.0.8 Name: Apple Code: 9025410896432808650 v2.0.6 Name: Mac Code: 822548779200390 v2.0.1 Name: KIRI Code: 50254656562920520 - Acquisition v0.8.2 X Name: Pablo SN: AEDEEECYDBB v0.8 X email address: verification code: FEYBFHBQVVB - Andromeda RedEyePro v1.0 2MR1250020-0183 - Andromeda Perspective v1.1 1MP0450123-0498 - Andromeda Scatterlight v2.4 2MF0400031-0174 (Mac) 2PF0400031-0183 (PC) v1.1 SN: 2PF0400031-0183 - Alarming Events vall 3478 03478 - AlbumWrap v1.0 X Name: Pablo SN: AW10-2733500-3854600 v1.0 Name: Ragnarok Code: AW10-4511300-6378500 - Alchemist Pro v1.0 963852741 - Aldus Fetch v1.2J 51-1206-00815471 v1.0 51-1000-201176607 51-1003-102157313 51-1007-201194631 (later see Adobe Fetch) - Alias Director v3.5.2 B883 D785 C587 - Alias Sketch v2.0 SMFRZ9CQG7ZWQ86 SMZMP22W2CD6CER SMDFQHB3THRH4LJ v2.0J SMASFSZG8UE761N v2.0.1J SMZMP22W2CD6CER SM9EMHY6L69RL5E v1.x SMKB8MMKZ6SM8EV SMCPDYYQB9DQVZ v1.5 SMDFQHB3THRH4LJ - Alias upFRONT v2.0 UMP4VTCR4GEDK52 - AliasCrony v2.0.1 Name: MoonDark Key : NOP Code: 27912195 v2.x name: Macintosh key: Apple code: 29302456 - AliasMenu v3.0 X Name: Pablo Company: Minimal SN: 1068-1964-1164-4540 v2.2 Name: Enigma! Org.: Multi-Hex-Trace Code: 980486656 v2.x User : Macintosh Company: Apple Computer Code : 1150557024 v2.1J Name : Dr.EVIL Company : AustinPowers Code : 965338688 v2.1 Name : HotSix Company: Cracking Service Code : 1092030784 Name : I was blacklisted! Company: Inpher/nop Code : 1240067744 v2.0.3 Name : Inpher Company: (1 space) Code : 1250395904 v2.0.2 User : MoonDark Company: NOP Industries Code : 1114064192 v2.0.1 Name : MoonDark Company: NOP Code : 1156753920 - AliasMultiplier vX 2.2 ZIK-31783-25688-10190 v2.0 ZIK-31783-25688-10190 - Alien Action Dome v1.0 10401200,41,0-30255,00.html - Alien Attack v# Serial: MUA9JLDMAZ39 Name: HotSix Key : 4234-QWA2-FPQH-3232-2NUG Before you register! Inside your Preferences folder you'll find a file named "Finder Future Prefs". Open this file with BBEdit or SimpleText and change the serial to the one above. - AlienNations v1.0 AN10-1F48-V490-Q8L6 - Alistel v2.1 Name: pablo Code: 2125834618 # Name: PhrekBBS Code: 2125830057 v1.x.x Name: Macintosh Code: 2125797056 v1.8 Name: Pablo Code: 2125834362 v1.6.1 Name: MoonDark Code: 2125800769 - Alius v1.0.2 IXP-578R-224T-5GF8 - AllWrite v2.1 name: (any) code: LOVE (or Acropolis, or Psychidelia, or....) - Allegiant Marionet v1.0 US-MN-1000-200020972 US-MN-1000-200000932 - Alley19 v1.0.9 F.Name: KIRI L.Name: ANGEL Code : 3245461433 - Alliance ScreenSaver vall versions 09-980943 - Alpha Blaze v1.1 Rhiannon - AlphaMania v1.0.1 150703 it may run ONLY with director's serial: DRM500-50272-87072-29378 v? 102257 - AlphaPage vAll 6204609 - Alsoft DiskExpress v3.0.1 pro JS093722 J0301328 (1 user) v3.0J JJ304625 v2.2J J0184614 v1.x.x 3204-567063 3204-719353 3204-578217 3204-791831 3204-375599 v1.0.6 JV103761 JE103744 JI103774 JV103735 JX103737 JX103763 JY103738 JZ103739 - Alsoft DiskWarrior v3.0 RO420330 RR350055 RZ428037 valid until March 31, 2003 v2.1 X RZ428037 v2.1 RR350055 v2.0J name: nobody code: SP001627 v2.0 RX309657 v1.x RY200744 v1.0.3 RK010358 RK005756 RX309657 v1.0.1 RB-12345 - Alsoft PlusMaker v1.0.1 NO200786 LS004828 LH054321 v1.0 LI123456 LB-12345 v# LY102022 - Alsoft PlusMaximizer v1.x MB-12345 NO200786 - Alsoft PlusOptimizer v1.3 QV101967 QB201683 QS101626 QI101954 QZ101581 v1.1 QI101954 QS101626 QB201683 v1.0.1 QZ101581 - Alsoft Power Pack v1.0.7 PO017018 vAll PS001604(001) (2nd char=Letter 'O' not zero) - Alter Ego v The program will never ask for the master disk * search for "24D0 5DE0 3584" change to "23D0 5DE0 3584" * search for "B07A 09B0 05A5" change to "D1BC 0DA4 3EC8" - Always Online v2.0.x Name: Inpher Copies: 50 Code: LCWCSHWWW v2.0.3 Name: Nicholas Young Copies: 1 Code: ZSMSWWPLZP Name: Akuma Copies: 4E71 Code: LRMMSCZHWP Name: mb Copies: 9999 Code: WZQQPSQZH v1.7b Name: amukA Copies: 17E4 Code: QQRRCZWPS v1.6 Copies: 9999 Name: mb Serial: WZQQPSQZH Copies: 4E71 Name: Akuma Code: LRMMSCZHWP v1.2.5 Copies: 9999 Name: MaximumBob Serial: ZZCPWCHSL Copies: 1 Name: Free Serial Number: MRSRPRRMM - AmaPicture 3D v1.0 3345072 - Amadeus II v3.5.1 43172619-44904294-95710717 v3.2.3 41309413-94654816-67476583 v3.0 44135544325490930819414162 v2.4r3 44135544325490930819414162 ( creates invisible file "__??!!Hello!!??__" in prefs folder ) - Amapi v6.0 a3d 60 all 11150 fuekbogu FUL a3d 60 all TFL ayckfngu FUL 123 v5.1.5 2bd896a48bc52a714 v5.0 code: 20358 pass: 23501a92034d75d7c code: 10302 pass: 2ac985cc9ad4e7135 SDM500R7037070-844 (French) v4.0 name: dwop code: 46211700ABC-EEC # 29fab031a8f632846 v3.03 YS1451282586 YS145128258 YS145128286 v3.0 MX4275601852 v2.1.1 AP4205957070 v2.0 3470602389 - AlamDV2 v2.1.2 Name: Alfred E. Neuman SN: zomuxcwvwkgvpvvi - Amazing Animation vAll U94350-006A - Amazing Slow Downer v1.0.4 89-Phy9-aw34k To register ASD choose “Password…” in the Help-menu and enter the password. - Amazon Trail v1.0 Dream - Ambrosia Games vno serials (see Cracks) In many Ambrosia Games pressing x in the title screen brings up a secret dialogue box - Ambrosia Software vall versions Ok, Lets start. As you probably know Ambrosia Software serial numbers expire 30 days after they are issued in an attempt to curb piracy. I figured that it is very easy to use Ambrosia's expired serial numbers. The article says that the code once entered into the app is good forever. What you must do is find out when the serial that you have was posted/confirmed working (the date). Once you have this set your date back on your computer until the software accepts the code. Once you have successfully registered simply set the date back on your computer to the current date and enjoy. This should work unless of course the serial number you are trying is blocked. - Ambry v1.2.3 Name: MoonDark Code: RPG02-B9QHX-GB4 v1.x.x name: Macintosh code: RPG02-4DGXX-8R4 v1.2.2 Name: Akuma Code: RPG02-LK377-U0D - AmericanHangman v2.0.1 Name: Lain Code: 123469846 - American Heritage Dictionary v3.0 A9-L0010M3 A9-D0010M3 36688919 - American Revolution v1.0a 2323591 or 0a2323591 - Amorphium v1.1 Pro name: any code: 2000-0176-7500-0103 name: any code: 2000-5413-9264-4022 v1.0 1098-3026-5901-6967 - AmortView v1.0 1536895602 - Ampcaster v2.0.2 Name: Lain Code: SCM-2670-1757236633 v2.0.1 Name: Atlantis Code: SCM-2836-5733714385 v2.0 Name: KIRI Code: SCM-2585-1458267342 - Anarchie Pro v3.8 ( see --> Interarchy ) v3.7 Name: Akio Code: C68829GKEBMXKDTE6I Name: [k]rkckWorks Code: 9BFSY85WYUGKFWUHR6 Name: The Rants Code: E69MAFRIVHFAKXKKTU Name: A User of Surfer's Gay Serials Code: 2224338D2N6JCEDWG2 (see Tip) v3.6 Name: Inpher Code: 2224378DGU888X34VY Name: Da M! Code: 2224368F3PLZWJKDPK Name: Da M! Code: 2224368F3PQZWOKDLK Name: Da M! Code: 2224368I3P6ZW5KDKK v3.5 name: MacsRule code: 2224378F6XRYMJCOQ6 name: Inpher code: 2224378CGUY88E34FY v3.0 name: Macintosh code: 2224358CUXYUME4OFS name: I see It, I try it ! code: 2224348C9UYV8EA4F8 Anarchie 3.7 Serial Hack: Open Anarchie in resedit. Open resource STR# and scroll down to "Evil Serial". Remove all the text strings and save Anarchie. Just register with a 3.6 serial from surfers serials! Presto! - AnchorPoint no Seiretu v1.0J ANCP171100 (AI PlugIn) - Andromeda 3D Series I v1.0 2M10701991 - Andromeda 3D Series II v2.0.1 5M20304240-0816 5M20605157-1400 5M30400120-0441 5M20304526-3390 0P20000000-0051 v1.0 xM20xxxxxx (x any number 0-9) all 0's are zeros - Andromeda 3D Series III v1.4 7M30908692-2244 v1.0 5M30400120-0441 - Andromeda 3D Series IV v1.0 6M41200285-1625 - Andromeda CutLine v1.0 9M90750332-1146 - Andromeda LensDoc Filter v# 1ML1027890-2823 1ML0567890-2847 - Andromeda Shadow v1.1.1 1M50067890-2814 1M50567898-6713 - Andromeda VariFocus v1.1 name: FullCrack code: FD4F1E86-83946599 v? 0000000000-1234 FUP-123-HUI-1234 (Install the plug-in then go to the "about plug-ins" item under the apple menu in PS) - Andromeda Velociraptor v1.1 7M10210542-1728 - Anffis v2.3 LFAA52082774 - AngelEgg Pinball v1.2.2 E-mail: Code : 651656199062368478713097 v1.1 5611AEM100864-J1 - Angler v1.4 Name: KIRI Code: ANG519872 Name: ANGEL Code: ANG710144 Name: well, now what's? Code: ANG817536 - Anima+ v1.0 Code: AllIsWell - Animal Kingdom vAll Search for: 3CBA 000C 4EBA Change to: 4E71 4E71 " " - AnimalLand2 v1.2 1357 - Animaq/DIGITAL v1.1.5 906423 - Animation Maker v3.2 name: Robert Vellios code: AM44466IPOTN3 v3.1 name: Animation Maker code: MAM10228SRSO5 v3.0 name: Apple Computer code: MAM10283SNSN5 Name: MoonDark/NOP Industries Code: MAM10108KATC8 v2.0.1 Name: Maximum Bob Code: MAM12345KPCK3 how to: copy the ser# launch animation maker press register paste ser# into the ser# field (you must do this 1st!) enter name into the name field after the last letter has been entered, the app says it has been reg'd - Animation Master vall versions ( see --> Martin Hash 3D Animation ) - Animation Stand v2.0.2 201063 202012 - Animation Toolkit v•Crack: ••• • Crack: ••• Search for:6608 45FA 0020 3012 9041 Change to :600A " " " " " " " " - Animation Works v• 45482 v2.0 Interactiv 3001162627 - Animorpher v1.1 Name: Lucifer/nop Code: 428571 - Ankoku no Tou v1.1J DT12345VG - AntiCrash v1.0 97206680524 - Antidote v5 JRF-KPF-XUN-QHV-H40 v2000 ESD-XVK-WFG-EQV-H30 v4.0 FCY-YDG-LHF-JEV-H40 v3.0 CED-EVG-GNH-WMV-H40 v2.0 BVV-KMK-WSR-WQC-H20 v1.x hre-cxd-Hph-rLv-M10 or HRE-CXD-HPH-RLV-M10 - Anubis v2.54 9611181 - Apeiron v1.0.x Name : Macintosh Copies : 100 Code : GOKCAHOB Name : Anonymous Copies : 10 Code : HHJOCCOL Name : Buck Rogers Copies : 100 Code : LDLHBKGE Note: The license code must be in all caps - Apimac Clean Text vX 2.2 Name: Any (but more than 4 chars) SN: 65****7 (*= any) - Apimac Note Pad vX 1.6.1 95****6 (* = any) v1.2 953SURFER6 95*******6 (* = any) - Apimac Secret Folder vX 2.2 Name: Any (but more than 4 chars) 79*******6 (* = any) v2.0 79*******6 (* = any) - Apogee Create v Series 2 4810091000013096 - Apollo v2.3 Name: KIRI Code: 0002710228 Name: ANGEL Code: 0002530E36 v1.22 name: Buck Rogers code: 00x2f0x536 (x = any no. 0 - 9) like Name: Buck Rogers Code: 0032f04536 - App-Doc Linker vall versions 817GrGn5jkfh78h - AppMaker v#13 55555-5555-5580 - AppSizer v2.3 PSxxX&BBBBASD (x=Any number) v2.2.1 PS12X&BBBBASD - AppTab v1.x.x Name: Inpher Org.: NOP Code: 759DGN2315CDV944 - Appale Mizuman v2.1.0 Name: (any) Code: 1181 - Appearance Menu v1.0 220xxx (x..any number) - AppearanceHopper v1.9.1 Name: AtmosFear Code: 8J72-E52B-90LE - Apple DVD Studio Pro v1.5 F-279-IGZ-171-QEC-349-JAB-352-UBG-342 v1.5a4e1 (OSX) B-277-IGZ-170-QEC-349-ICB-151-KSB-340 v1.0 B-277-IGZ-170-QEC-349-ICB-151-KSB-340 type in manually - Apple Easy Open v• 0120 0000 0253 0278 - Apple Final Cut Pro v3.0.4 B-373-HXD-170-QEC-325-IAO-200-QMV-8311 B-373-HXD-170-QEC-325-IAO-200-QMV-8312 B-373-HXD-170-QEC-325-IAO-200-QMV-831b B-373-HXD-170-QEC-349-GDN-190-QVS-349 v3.0 B-373-HSF-170-QEC-413-NR2-195-CWE-340 B-373-IGZ-170-QEC-341-ICB-186-SMS-340 B-373-IGZ-170-QEC-341-IFN-153-NZE-340 (Unlimited User) B-373-HXD-170-QEC-325-IAO-200-QMV-831 B-373-JAR-170-QEC-349-IUE-386-MOX-642 (Academic sn) F-373-WSF-177-XEC-413-RAQ-481-FPM-47291 v2.0 DE B-373-HSF-170-QEC-415-BJZ-202-EJU-340 v2.0 B-373-HSF-O42-QEC-341-IBM-260-CQT-340 B-373-HSF-170-QEC-413-ITW-176-GQB-340 B-373-IGZ-170-QEC-341-IFN-153-NZE-340 Boris Script LTD: ING94B-49BI279-GL0G0 v1.2J B-373-IGZ-170-QEC-341-ICB-446-ELQ-340 v1.2 B-373-IGZ-170-QEC-341-JBT-426-NAK-340 B-373-IGZ-170-QEC-341-NQY-224-CJL-340 v1.0beta B-341-UFD-170-QEC-341-IBI-055-TWM-340 v1.0 B-373-IGZ-170-QEC-341-ICB-186-SMS-340 - Apple Final Cut Express v1.0 Release Name: Apple B Computer Company: INC SN: B-369-IGZ-234-QEC-349-ICD-209-ROE-080 v1.0 MacWorld edition B-369-IGZ-042-QEC-349-ICB-005-UJN-600 - Apple Mac OSX Server v10.1 ( see tip 1) v10.2 k-375-htd-168-ick-322-ufd-165-apf-039-p k-375-htk-232-ick-322-ufd-141-qfj-122-a k-375-htd-168-ick-322-ufd-165-cdc-275-g k-375-htd-168-ick-322-ufd-165-btk-302-e k-375-htd-168-ick-322-ufd-165-cwm-506-k k-375-htd-168-ick-322-ufd-165-cmu-433-i k-375-htd-168-ick-322-ufd-165-apf-039-o k-375-htd-168-ick-322-ufd-165-apf-039-p k-375-hqb-168-box-018-can-170-qeo-132-a k-375-hqb-168-ick-322-ufe-408-wpn-346-o (5-User key, enter during installation) k-375-hqb-169-cdz-180-ica-117-mcr-057-k k-375-hqb-168-box-018-can-170-qeo-132-a Will expire on December 31, 2003 (10.2 build 6c105) v2 k-375-htd-168-ick-322-ufd-165-apf-039-o k-375-htd-168-ick-322-ufd-165-cmu-433-i k-375-htd-168-ick-322-ufd-165-cwm-506-k k-375-htd-168-ick-322-ufd-165-btk-302-e k-375-htd-168-ick-322-ufd-165-cdc-275-g or K-375-HTD-168-ICK-322-UFD-165-CDC-275-G v2.0b k-375-htd-168-cvp-213-can-170-qgj-045-i K-375-ICJ-170-CUT-068-ICB-170-QJJ-050-I v# 0e74d0ebd17dee0640a38509d136b108 Converting Update CD tip 1. to Install CD 1. Insert your MacOS X 10.1 Update CD 2. Fire up "Disk Copy" from /Applications/Utilities 3. Select from the Menubar "Image | New Image from Device..." 4. Select your CD-ROM drive's contents from the resulting dialog 5. Image it as a "DVD/CD Master" type (this will take a little while) Modifying the CD contents 1. Control-click (or right-click) on the resulting disk image 2. See that it's mounted 3. Navigate with the Finder to System/Installation/Packages on mounted image 4. Select the "Essentials.pkg" file... 5. right-clicking on it and select "Show Package Contents" 6. In the pop-up Finder window, navigate to Contents/Resources/ 7. Drag "CheckForOSX" to the Trash and close all these Finder windows Burning your new Install CD 1. Go back to Disk Copy and select from the Menubar "Image | New Image from Device..." 2. Select the mounted volume you opened up above and make another "DVD/CD Master" image 3. Now select from the Menubar "Image | Burn Image..." 4. Select your newly modified .dmg file 5.Burn it to CD and enjoy - Apple Media Tool v2.1.1 062-3078 v1.2 AMT00-00000-4304-048 - Apple Network Administrator Toolkit v2.0 1001624771 1002420574 vRetail 435010U v1.0 1000004123 - Apple Network Assistant v4.0E Z693-2359 v4.0D XYZZY - Apple QuickTime VR Authoring Studio v2.0 1-098-JYNQ-343-NQUI-MBTO v1.0b 1-076-B01-058-LEAH v1.0J 1-CTSF-171-ENGJ-338-IBUU 1-CTSF-171-HEFF-322-GVPW v1.0 1-CTSF-169-IPFC-311-LHMU 1-CTSF-169-JNSW-333-IVMU 1-CTSF-168-MREY-499-GNWA 1-CTSF-168-APON-176-IMAQ 1-CTSF-171-BCHS-198-GTDW 1-CTSF-170-JYNV-095-BGAA v# Name: MMC SN: 1-CTSF-171-FTBX-323-EFBS - Application Wizard v1.1 X Name: Pablo SN: H123-3952-2346-5868 - Apple Quicktime v6 Pro Name: Apple Computer Code: 9CLP-UAAZ-ZUNU-4RW6-F3E1 QuickTime User Z684-9ZDD-U86D-KCGC-B760 Name: Pablo SN: PU4W-CWNN-CKUU-KR4K-A845 v6 Dev Seed Name: MPEG4 Code: 3K8H-JNFD-SAKK-Q35H-FACE Name: DevSeed Code: 8JFD-WNFU-ASS7-CDQK-3EED (you will have to delete your "QuickTime Preferences") v5 PC name: NSA_CRACKERZ_TEAM company: NCT serial: WUWM-GPPJ-T4GA-W2T3-5678 v5 beta Name: MACOS QA Org.: Leave this blank Code: WT8Q-UQPJ-PAEU-P3RT-CA8D Name: PPC Org: BUG SN: 48F7-A869-FC3C-41E4-1234 Name: ZZZZZ Code: 5A18-A82C-E81D-23FB-57AF (old serials still work) v5.0.2 Name : Pablo Org. : Code : PU4W-CWNN-CKUU-KR4K-A845 #gives "Future Pro Player Edition" Name: Apple Org.: Code: 10db-c756-8a9c-a85c-dead #gives "3.0/4.0 Pro Player Edition" Name: MACOS QA Org.: Code: WT8Q-UQPJ-PAEU-P3RT-CA8D #gives "5.0 Pro Player Edition" # Name : Mac User Code : P4JX-8AJJ-TEET-XJPP-41A6 Name : QuickTime Code : WATT-RUEM-4PME-XEJM-0C29 Name : No Windows Code : ARU2-4TPU-RMQ8-WE84-B781 Name : Freeware Code : MQR4-PUP8-PUJA-UGMX-B781 Name : System Part Code : UUX3-2Q43-UPAQ-W8AR-B781 Name : Value Pack Code : 488U-AWWT-R3G2-28JQ-B781 Name : Private Code : JUMG-A82U-X2J8-GAQR-B781 Name : Open Source Code : P8JE-WJUT-PRXT-GGTQ-9897 Name : Low Cost Code : M4WR-WGEM-TER2-ERJT-9897 Name : Apples Finest Code : 228J-4R8P-XMQT-QUM2-9897 v5.0.1 Name: Apple Org.: Code: 10db-c756-8a9c-a85c-dead v5 for PC Name: NSA_CRACKERZ_TEAM Org.: NCT Code: WUWM-GPPJ-T4GA-W2T3-5678 v4.1.3 Pro Name: Apple Code: 10DB-C756-8A9C-A85C-DEAD v4.0b14 PC Name: QuickTime Developer Code: A3WT-RG44-T3GT-2EAU-QT4! v4.0b18 Name : Hotline user Comany: I think you can use anything here, if not use nothing Code : 4FF8-7A84-3424-3C26-9830 v4.0b11 name: QuickTime Developer code: AJMG-QXJR-PRRJ-GUP4-QT4! v4.0J Pro Name: MoonDark Code: DE70-D250-2DBA-A153-E882 v4.0.3 Pro Name: Apple Code: 10DB-C756-8A9C-A85C-DEAD v3.0 Pro PC name: John A. Haverty code: 3FDF-F69E-5A79-9088-BD63 name: QuickTime Pro comp: Anything you want code: 1971-767A-4298-29BC-0000 v3.0 Pro Name: PPC Org: BUG SN: 48F7-A869-FC3C-41E4-1234 Name: Anonymous SN: F7F9-D8CD-7CE6-1677-4321 Name: MoonDark SN: 22C6-3A5A-D2CD-8D2A-FFFF Name: Apple SN: BD21-A97C-6910-6C23-FFFF Name: Apple SN: 10DB-C756-8A9C-A85C-DEAD Name: Undefined SN: 4AED-19ED-094F-1048-4321 v4.0: according to Apple, the same registration number used for QT 3 Pro works on QT4. In fact, if you've already got QT3 Pro installed and install QT4 Pro over it, you'll find the same registration is automatically used by QT4 Pro. - Address Book Publisher v1.0 X Name: Pablo SN: 0022-2111-2133 - Apple Shared Library Manager v1.1 30129 14216 37145 35600 39294 8669 - Apple WebObjects v5.1 Developer License Key (Unlimited) B-323-XKV-170-QDA-357-HXJ-091-RCH-342 B-323-XKV-170-QDA-357-HXJ-091-RCH-343 # (expires June 30, 2002) B-321-XKV-186-MBA-349-ICF-364-GMU-340 v5.0 OS X developers edition B-323-XFX-170-QDA-277-HQF-001-JLL-270 v5.0 B-323-XFX-170-QGC-357-HXJ-091-RCH-340 v4.0.1 Developer B-321-UFD-162-QCO-IAF-277-SII-240 v4.0 (Dev) B-321-UFD-162-QCO-357-GKM-357-HPW-340 v4.0 B-321-UFD-174-QFA-269-IEQ-281-LDG-340 - AppleGuide Author v1.0.5 Here is a hint how to register the app so you can use all its features: 1. launch one of the apps in the package (68K or PPC version) 2. when the splash screen appears write down the ser.# 3. quit the app and open it with Norton Disk Editor or some other tool to search/manipulate the datafork (eg. Resourcerer) 4. Search the datafork of the app for the ser.# 5. when you found it you can see/read the corresponding reg.# about 40 bytes before the ser.# sorry that I can't help with more info, but this app is written in Supercard which is VERY difficult to patch/trace or whatever. However, this method works :-) - AppleShare File Server v4.1 B-341-UFD-170-QEC-309-IBZ-461-QYV-340 B-341-UFD-170-QEC-309-ICJ-348-VZJ-340 B-341-UFD-170-QEC-309-ICI-155-NEE-340 B-341-UFD-170-QEC-309-ICI-218-QVH-340 B-341-UFD-170-QEC-309-ICI-025-MNQ-340 U-341-UFD-170-QEC-381-HUJ-185-IOI-340 v4.0.2 B-341-VFD-170-QEC-381-ICV-075-GSN-340 v4.0 B-341UFD-170-QEC-357-HZM-484-XDG-340 U-341-UFD-170-QEC-381-HUJ-185-IOI-340 (Windows Version) - AppleShare IP v• SN:8813487 Mac Connect: 250 B-337-XFX-170-PQG-374-JXG-329-PYD-340 v6.3.3 B-337-OIN-170-PQG-380-VAV-112-ABP-340 (500 clients) v6.3 (6.3.1 - 6.3.2) B-337-OIN-170-PQG-381-BIX-101-KDC-340 (500 clients) B-337-ODP-170-PQG-381-ITB-302-QCJ-350 B-337-XFX-170-PQG-369-HNX-446-XJT-340 B-337-XFX-170-QBI-374-LOM-280-XAZ-340 v6.2 B-337-XFX-170-QEW-373-IFN-129-FBE-340 (5 clients) B-337-XFX-170-PQG-369-PZO-190-OXP-340 B-337-XFX-170-PQG-369-MYN-153-KNL-340 B-337-XFX-170-PQG-369-HOJ-144-IRL-340 B-337-XFX-170-PQG-369-HNX-446-XJT-340 B-337-XFX-170-PQG-369-HUX-291-OQD-340 v6.1 B-337-XFX-170-QEW-373-IFN-129-FBE-340 B-337-XFX-170-PQG-374-VLN-282-ELQ-340 (250-User License) v6.0 B-341-UFD-170-QEC-309-ICJ-348-VZJ-340 B-337-XFX-170-PQG-370-IIN-335-RXZ-340 B-337-XFX-170-PQG-372-LYG-261-HFW-340 B-337-XFX-170-PQG-373-SLC-289-TET-340 B-337-XFX-170-PQG-370-XCY-325-GTF-340 B-337-XFX-170-PQG-371-QAZ-210-TQA-340 v5.0.2 serial: 1234567 max conn: 250 code: B-337-XFX-170-PQG-372-FWV-383-UFY-340 v5.0 B-341-UFD-170-QEC-309-IBZ-461-QYV-340 B-337-XFX-170-PQG-371-NQQ-223-QLG-340 B-337-XFX-170-PQG-372-AGP-032-RAV-340 B-337-XFX-170-PQG-375-FZE-097-JXB-340 - AppleWorks v6 L4080K7SG07 v5.0.3 1120000 INPHER-392119304-02 type in your name followed by 123456789 - Applimac Address Book v4.1 name: The Shark code: 853223315439 - Applimac English-Italian Dictionary v6.1 7788 - Applimac Slide Show v5.8.2 name: The Shark code: 9665544445 - AquaGrep v1.0 AGREP-6938-3453-6788-2387 - Aquamatic v1.5 ( see --> Button Builder ) v1.0 AQUA18069 or Aqua18069 - Aquazone v1.6J AZ15E-JMN-NO1166 v1.5 AZ15A-JMN-N06229 AZ15G-JHC-N02966 vunknown INFR72 - ArKaos VMP v2.1.1 BNNJ-GKPN-HGBO-PCEC-BGFE-OIMP-NPNP-IIBB - Arabic XT (QuarkXPress) v3.0.1r1 PAP31011328 - Airburst v1.0x Name: Cendryom/nop Code: C380-8725-4N0P-1159-O342 - anoMovie v1.0 Name: Lain Code: SENN - Arboretum v3.0.2 (global sn) 1072-0100-28671127-342727-021391 v3.0 1005-0150-18128225-943365-210105 contains installers and manuals for Ionizer, Hyperprism, Ray Gun and Xx, plus Hyperprism plug-ins and other files. The s.n. should work for all installs. - ArcView GIS v3.0 708281182921 709901101873 708281182646 - ArchCalc v1.6 X Name: Pablo SN: 20570-pablo v1.5.1 Name: KIRI Code: 20570-1234567890 - ArchiSITE v5.0 6983-0040-8225 - Architect v9.5 5900M-DG-M0LDZH4-112233 v9 5900M-DG-M0LDZH4-112233 5900M-DG-B7L8FHH-112234 - iKeeper v1.5b1 X KPR-V10-9X2A1X2F4S1M - iEvents v1.5b3 X EVT-V10-8K9S1S7F5Z8W - Archive v5.0b1 X ARC-V50-4A2W1S9X2Z7E v4.9 ARC-V40-8P6A5P9A3P2S v3.0 123451 - AreAre ArrangeBall v1.0.1 1737-00000132-ABLM - AreaLauncher v1.5.0 REH-CNU-ALA-ERA - Ares v1.2.0 Name: Dark Mage Copies: 2 Serial: LDKFDHAL Name: Bounty Hunter Copies: 1 Serial: NMPHIPMG Name: Batman X Copies: 2 Serial: IDHFOKIN # Name: kiri@overkrack Copy: 999 Code: JOJMPLIP v1.1.x Name : Krack Master Copies: 9 Code : DFJBEAHP v1.1.1 Name : Gringo Man Copies: 1 Serial: JNKEJEIO Name : Gringo LAN Man Copies: 1 Serial: LNBCMDKF v1.1 Name: Inpher Copies: 1337 Code: INPCBCHB Name: Registered User Copies: 100 Code: HFPBPKAK v1.0 4F-FVDH-X9XR-YTQ2 Y7-7N2Z-R9QK-RMJW (Net) Be sure to remove your old "Ares License" file from your Preferences folder before entering this new code in the "Register Ares" application. - Aresuki v3 hhrhjrf v2 tyroks - Armor Alley v1.1 EXC2H3Y EXC53RH EXC5F33 EXCA992 EXCE8AT EXCEDJM EXCJMBF EXCLBL6 EXCMTCN EXCNCEP EXCQRF5 EXCRR6X EXCSDLL EXCY2PP EXD3XPA EXD89FT EXDB85R EXDFPA5 EXDGPPG EXDH8NL EXDLAB2 EXDMWHM EXDREBM EXDS2QL EXDTCHB EXDTY9M EXDYGQX EXE3NMF EXE669P EXE9583 EXE9QQ3 EXEALLY - Arrange v2.0 CWC144NG - Arrange-It v1.0.2 ARM9300533 - Art Dabbler v2.1 DA210RAZ0034206-XMSX-001 DA200EAZ0056207-JFND-001 v2.1J DA211RJE0003848-HCRQ-001 v2.0J DM200UJF0080344-NEFV-001 v2.0 DM200NAZ0006148-FKWW-001 DM200NEZ0022487-GHAL-001 v1.0 0015791-4047 0015028-1979 0013058-6239 former "Dabbler" or "Fractal Design Dabbler" - Art Mixer v1.6 9208001 - Art*lantis (Atlantis Render) v4.5 1107916-732645-970301 (Mac) 123486-617945-813250 (PC) v4.0 881316-106240-248501 880916-99840-992401 881116-103040-120501 v3.5 1083184-992935-755001 606316-705235-684501 615516-852435-837001 (see tip) v3.0.1 519514-275821-792401 v2.1.5 369616-917130-515801 v2.1.1 040412-486921-226001 Artlantis 3.5 B4 (this is not the final demo version from the official site but the one u will find in Hotline) This demo only works for 15 days, then it stars putting a banner on your rendered images and disables the save function... After some days looking in the wrong places (resources etc...) It turned to be much easier than I thought... just trash the SysAPref file from the preferences folder and enjoy 15 more days... - ArtMatic v3.0 Pro 4980010 7437772 v2.0.6 name: Akuma code: 257888 v1.x 446850 325990 227424 151152 528285 496601 487211 141084 485090 420279 377762 357539 v1.1 168582 - ArtSchoolDabbler v2.0J DM200UJF0080344-NEFV-001 DM200RJZ0190387-VFHX-001 - Ascend v3.0 Serial Number 6008031 Key Number 5iagjik - Ascii Converter v1.4.1 Name: Inpher Code: 51376651 v1.4 Name: HotSix Code: 18846278 - Ashlar Sketch v2.0J SPM-200451 SPM-200011 - Ashlar Vellum vall versions (--> see Vellum ) - Asistant Pickle v1.0 AP-WING47SP-892XW - Ask the Web v1.2b2 X Name: Pablo Code: WLHKHRAF v1.2b1 Name: Ragnarok Code: WTUPJOMU - Astarte A.Pack v1.0 APA1-QGAH-BCQM-HFJG-JKAH APA1-JRHL-BEAK-PHRC-EFAF APA1-KQGH-QBMQ-FHND-LRAJ APA1-HPJN-FLRQ-PGPR-EPAG APA1-CHHJ-RNPJ-BQPD-HPAL - Astarte CD-Copy v2.0.3 CDC2-NFRV-PHFF-MKQN-JFAG CDC2-RLCP-QCHN-ARPL-NKAJ CDC2-ALNG-HPDK-KQKP-QPAG CDC2-GLAG-JEQF-CBPK-ADAG CDC2-BJRB-RERG-MMEG-KBAE CDC2-GRLC-NJQR-LPBH-CHAG CDC2-ELHK-MFMF-PGEH-HBAJ CDC2-FQHM-PPEC-JRCM-RRAJ v2.0e CDC2-NFRV-PHFF-MKQN-JFAG v1.0e C.012169 v1.0.2e C.102106 - Arabic Genie v2.x Name: PYRUS MALUS Company: RELCSYS SN: DLAG2-757430-5548-55-7123 v2.0 X Name: Pablo Company: minimal SN: DLAG2-713957-4669-51-8074 - Astarte M.Pack v3.5.1e MP35-AMFR-FDAA-HMKN-RPAF MP35-MRNA-LPMD-EMCF-KRAK MP35-BFEL-MAAP-NKHE-MPAK MP35-QQQQ-CJLN-BFEB-LHAH MP35-GGQN-QFLE-MDFD-FRAG MP35-MJGC-PRFK-RDQK-DRAK MP35-QPDB-RMJL-KFEF-BRAG MP35-QKBE-FPHE-GAAL-DRAG v3.0.3 MPA3-UMPA-KKAH-QJAC-PNQD MPA3-MJCC-KMLG-GEEH-PKAH MPA3-BAFQ-DJHH-JGBF-EPAK MPA3-RAEK-LJRP-FQFE-QMAG MPA3-MQRP-DLAR-FKRH-GRAJ MPA3-EQLB-DMGE-HFAM-BMAG MPA3-ARHE-FMRD-GRBF-HHAH MPA3-FKCA-BAMC-KHRQ-LKAE v2.1e MPA2-UEMP-LJGC-BDEN-MPAG - Astarte mp Exporter v1.0 AMEX-KAGI-RKJA-NFHK-FRAG - Astound v3.0 3006005109 v2.0 3006005109 3058635267 v1.0 3004400378 - Astrologie v2.0.1 Name: Cendryom Code: FR-4237696-8136484 - Astrologyk v3.0.1 X Name: Pablo SN: STDUS-30497846-66818 v3.0 Name: Ragnarok Code: STDUS-30396170-108347 v2.5 Name: Lucifer Code: US-3315966-4589024 Name: Macintosh Code: US-3445516-4926554 v2.0.1 Name: Cendryom Code: US-3390156-0509184 - AbSoft ProFortran v7.0 5555-8LF3-3333-28U - StageGrow v2.0 X SG2001Y3FG1 SG2001Y3FG2 SG2001Y3FG3 - AtWork v3.0.2 X AT20021023SUL1 AT20021024SUL1 AT20021025SUL1 v2.5.1 AT20011023SUL1 - Atare Numbers v1.0.3J BSL20072241XBXB - DailyJournal v1.1 X niloc-semaj-newo - Crosser vall See: Le MotsCroiseur - QuizTer v1.1.4 3384 - Le MotsCroiseur v1.3.7 MC-3F3C0002 - Atena Shokunin v7.0J 1170-xxxxxx v6.0J 1160-xxxxxx v5.0J 1150-727436 1150-xxxxxx - AthenaQuizEdit v1.0 Ta Beggalika sou matia - Atlasta Vista v1.0 QA374U8ZTX6AV781 - Atom in a Box v1.0.4 Name: Lucifer Code: 624833452 - Atticus Vista v1.0 126100023 - Auction Listing Creator v5 first name: Orygun SN: 86-515502517499505542-644-644 (type, do not paste) v4.3 X First Name: Pablo Last Name: Pablo SN: 75-468565494572531-988-0 First Name: PYRUS Last Name: MALUS SN: 75-468557478549503-805-33 (type, not copy/paste) - Auction Monitor v1.5 Name: Pablo Qty: 10 Lic.: Single User Code: 742635888 Name: Pablo Lic.: Site License Code: 741733783 Name: Pablo Lic.: Worldwide Code: 741733773 v1.0 Name: SPC Lic.: Worldwide Code: 1052882953 - AudioActive v1.1 100011-301000-5000 - AudioCatalyst v2.0.1 AC10561040100520029163168000 AC10561040100530038085974400 AC10561040100520022156100800 v2.0 AC10561040100530038085974400 v1.0.1 AC10561040100530038085974400 AC10626260098516246213512000 v1.0 AC10561040100520021078873600 AC10561040100520021078940800 AC10561040100520022156100800 - AudioFusion TWS v1.1 Name: nowhereman Code: AJPQ-3240-1985 v1.x 76226-PAJ-069 v1.0.x 76387-OBL-068 33081-RGK-163 95759-SIW-057 59269-RLG-091 79007-HUD-060 v1.0.1 41388-NOP-124 - AudioLog v1.1 1282KD v# ABV123ZX - AudioMeter v2.x EAC4567890128047 - AudioReplay v1.2 Name: Moon age Code: AMY47L1 v1.1 name: Skrilla code: J2ME3S - AudioShop v2.0.1 514.200.00016351;sku=111673 - AudioTrack v2.x 60031ATTA4409 v1.0 60031ATTA4409 - Audiofile v4.0 AF-400-BC200328-66910-02 - Audiofile Internet Companion vall versions AFIC-87112-07 - Audion v3.0.2 0000L52-403QP1K-SSKPJH2-6BUSSYJ 0000300-257W9HQ-HHC4W7H-0SP22W1 0000Y00-265WL30-T5UQHY8-W0DE62Q 0000U30-0555YC0-7P0NYF8-ZYK662F 0000430-005MJ00-VM4UW37-N0BJCSH v3.0.1 0000C51-027R10S-GABY8A4-8MCG8LU v3.0 G7U0290-NH0WU31-N2Y0W4Y-M111VL1 0000N57-752J09N-NGPGGD6-0Z70A0Q v2.6.1 0000T00-3171ML2-TCL2LFK-Y5V2LAG v2.6 SUCK700-0009000-00T0003-000000S FUCKW00-0009000-00T0004-0000004 # 000MR09-00TRYY5-Y8RTTT6-3P222TN v2.1fc1 GREEZ14-0006008-00V0006-0V0000H v2.1 V234060-1239560-1264564-1X34568 5XBNXY0-Z5MMYFS-A82YD29-PPZA6LR 4P7M0G0-B5DX0V0-RG81S99-F0PQ708 7EJZ060-6ZFYCM0-9NTXVJC-3K2ATTD SEQRQP1-RR6VFYK-S24D5AC-QN2U7UB RECBQJ1-4XZ79E2-PAMPVFZ-KCTAFQU v2.0 0000F01-000F009-00F000U-0F0000R v1.x 1894D80-9230340-78V0124-6A8981H v1.5 ABC85F0-ABC8EF4-AB5DEFK-ARCDEFJ ABCD5F0-ABC8EF5-AB5DEFF-AWCDEF8 v1.2 OWH1YO4-1R581GR-BQNJV52-YZ27R9R v1.0.1 0WH1Y04-1R581GR-BQNJV52-YZ27R9R 02WQ100-1TKR0T7-CYACGG7-XY8D3FS v1.0 8234560-3345670-345670M-056780J - Apple Cinema Tools v1.0 B-375-IGZ-234-QEC-349-IDG-183-SAV-786 - Aurlio Sculo XXI vAll AM10000970-44 - Audiotracer v1.0 00123456 1000122456 6754116702 - Authorware vall versions (see ---> Macromedia Authorware) - Auto FX DreamSuite vSeries II (see tip) vSeries I 71-288098994-0616282-D1200380602 71-297539648-0484921-D1200380233 vGel Series 71-297539648-0484921-D1200380233 71-017566848-0817228-D1200385164 v1.0.4 71-288098994-0616282-D1200380602 To use Series 2: If you have a full working copy and SN# of either Dreamsuite Series 1 or Gel, download the demo Series 2 from AutoFX, install it and just copy these 3 original files ( DS, DS_PLUGIN, DS_PlugIn_8bf ) from your working copy into the demo installation to replace the demo ones (which you can now delete). Start the program and you will be prompted for the SN# (use the same one as you have) - Auto FX Mystical Lighting v1.0 71-294390800-0745941-M1200381205 - Auto FX Universal Animator v1.0 UA1-306M65219 - AutoBoot v1.x.x (One User - Seed: 0632) Name: Macintosh Code: 000063209340555 v1.6.5 Name: Scott Code: 000144805250557 v1.6.1 Name: SPC Code: 199000002300552 v1.5.4 Name: SPC Code: 199000002300552 Name: Registered Code: 299999910380596 Name: John Doe Code: 299999907110593 Name: =-BOOK-WORM-> Code: 299999908820602 v1.5 Name: Buck Rogers Code: 123456710470568 - AutoCAD v2000J CDkey: 111-11111111 Pass : gx8nug vR14 Complete CD CD Volume Label = AutoCAD R14 CD Key = W36H SN: 117-99703105 Code: C3DF32EA v2000J Auth.Key : FFD54A5A SN : gx8nug or gx8nvg CDkey : 111-11111111 v1.2 110-10638231 100-89003928 is there AutoCAD 2000 for mac??? - AutoCat v3.0.5 Name: Surfer Code: 9465 v2.9.2 Name: Macintosh Code: 14010 v2.9 Name: Mac Code: 4095 v2.3 Name: Inpher Code: 9210 v1.7.2 name: Buck Rogers code: 14658 - AutoDelete v1.4 Name: Chrisco Is Kweer Code: 317135593 - AutoEye v2.0 71-296486962-0485147-A1200380219 v1.0 LI348EMMT18 YV348RZZG18 - AutoLaunch v1.0.9 Pro name: FRAGIL code: 2436 v1.0.x Pro name: Macintosh! code: 3392 v1.0.x name: Macintosh! code: 5258 v1.0.8 name: FRAGIL code: 4302 vunknown code: 4742 - AutoMenus Pro v4.0 237389774 v4.x Name: Macintosh Code: 748144406 v3.x.x Name: Anonymous Code: 45011585 v3.2.1 Name: Buck Rogers Code: 506974691 Name: HackUser Code: 373225394 Note from original developer: "Hi, I am the 'real' Michael Conrad. I am not affiliated with the product called 'AutoMenus Pro 4.0' in any way. The last version I released was AutoMenus Pro 3.5.1 some years ago. Someone is apparently using my name to build off of an old yet (apparently loyal :-) customer base. In fact, the real AMP 4.0 is sitting here on my computer, but I never released it due to several compatibility issues that cannot be resolved. I looked at the v4.0 that was released and it appears to be 3.51 with some ResEdit hacks. All they did was add some small code blocks using ResEdit, made you change the load order and gave the dialogs a new look. I would appreciate any information anyone can provide as to who these people are. My attorney will find them, but I'd like to speed up the process. They face criminal as well as civil penalties. P.S. I sent them email this morning and it now appears their web site is down. They sure move quick." - AutoTextTyper v2.3 b********j (* = anything) - Automask vall versions AMK423503039 - Autothenticate v1.1.2 (see tip) You register Autothenticate by pressing the keys "A" and "T" at startup when the extension is loading. - Avalon 2029 vAll 6578568777 - Avara v1.0.0 Name : Registered Copies : 9999 Code : KPMMGLPL Name : HackUser Copies : 100 Code : FNNMFFOH Name : John Doe Copies : 9999 Code : CEMGMCFM - Awale v3.2 ZAMR4-LDF4O-72S2V-75 - Awesome BlackJack v1.7 1701d - Phone Dialler v1.7 X Name: Pablo SN: 1784 Registration informations : Home/Library/Preferences/ - AutoDialer v1.1 ASD4W86A2SD4 - Awesome Craps v1.0 cheers - Awesome Roulette v1.1.0 arlington - Awesome SicBo v1.0.1 excelsior - AXELcore v1.5 SN: GZYTCHGJ4G39 - Axis Game Cheater v2.0 5020000000176 v1.0.1 GC100/30728/02381QI - B's Crew v4.0J B61A-MBWW-9991-5014 v2.0.2 1521-026218 - B's Recorder Pro vGold J 11A6-ACLL-9430-7775 10A6-ACLL-9430-7775 1234-AAZZ-8893-9777 v4.0J 0213-AAAS-6615-6277 0945-AAWG-6418-5277 03C4-AAFL-1638-9391 1396-AGAP-8953-3919 v4.0 0213-AAAS-6615-6277 v3.6J 0444-AAFY-0856-1915 0213-AAAS-6615-6277 - B'sFun! MP3 v1.0 11A6-ACLL-9430-7775 A81A-ACDM-0920-5399 - B-ROOM v1.2 FRI-nw864410 FRI-nx416354 FRI-p5029015 v1.1 FRIEND-0117002 FRIEND-o117002 ff341481 v1.0 FRIEND-0101106 - BANG! v# code: 24582 (LW PLUGIN) - BB Edit LineSort Extension v# 3976141 - BBEdit v7.0.2 BEE700-96554-82275-D7P54 v7.0.1 BEE701-66676-12345-1234D BEE700-26553-82475-2795F BEE700-66666-66666-6666T See Tip v7.0 BEE700-00000-00000-0000T v5.0 BECD5001-919638M-E47A v4.5 BECD4501-118231R-H05F 7.0.1 Tip: 1) Launch BBEdit 7.0.1 and Quit 2) Open BBEdit Serial Number which is inside BBEdit Preferences with TextEdit or something like. Delete all and type this: BEE700-66666-66666-6666T save that file. 3) Launch BBEdit 7.0.1 and Enjoy - BBT3 v3 41241501 - BEEBOP 2000 v3.0.3 ABCENDRYOM!603945 v1,2 and 3 (see --> Hyperball) - BESTColor Designer Edition v1.0 DE-384685206-513234 still dongle protected - BIG&SMALL v1.0 3200-3200-5678-M 3384-3406-KIRI-M - BPM Counter v1.0 Name: unknown Code: KC8AAH9 - BTV v5.4.1 Pro Name: Lain Code: BTVPro-376360 v5.4 Name: theone Code: BTVPro-427995 Name: msj Code: BTVPro-320100 v5.x Name: kiri overkrack Code: BTVPro-135703 v5.2 Name: nycshoot Code: BTVPro*878130 v5.1.1 Name: kiri overkrack Code: BTVPro-135703 Creates a "BTV 5 Preferences" file in prefs. (Open with resorcerer and modify "kiri" to "kira" and then register using previous info.) v5.0 BTVPro Name: The Shark Code: BTVPro-801220 Name: Great White Code: BTVPro-101268 v5.0 BTV Name: The Shark Code: B4157-NP9378 Code: B1978-KA1720 Name: Great White Code: B4157-NP7444 Code: B1978-KA8456 v4.0.1 view Name: nowhereman Code: B4157-NP9812 v4.0.1 edit Name: nowhereman Code: B1978-KA0888 v3.x.x Name: Inpher Code: B4157-NP2718 v3.2.2 Name: HotSix Code: B4157-NP2459 - BitVice MPEG2 v1.2.51b name: 0x sn: 106 942 540 5 - BackBurner v3.2 12-8524-8880 22-9033-8680 92-9376-8683 v3.x 22-9176-9865 22-9232-9180 22-9120-2448 v3.2 (50 User) Mac-50-014-3189-0336-0187 or 50-014-3189-0336-0187 v2.6 or 3.1 22-9033-8680 22-9043-5686 22-9063-2682 22-9073-9678 22-9093-6674 22-9014-3670 22-9024-0676 22-9044-7662 22-9054-4668 22-9074-1664 v1.1.1 03-1489-0280 03-1420-1721 03-1420-5036 03-1422-1672 03-1422-2788 - BackToBasics v8.000 7264069850 v7.009 7264069850 - Backer v1.5.2 name: fb code: T1J6DWLH - BackgroundWarper v2.2 1144605689 - BarWare Deluxe v2.5 Password: NEL-HQSX See Tip v1 JNX-7-M To register choose export from the menu and the registering option will come up... - Bad Cookie! v1.1 Name: KIRI Code: BDCK28-1-673811034-1609132414669-5516578 - Badia FullColor v1.1 BFC1100220111 - BadiaFullMeasure XT v2.5 BFM1026250125 - BallPark v1.0 emperortomatoketchup - Ballade v1.2.1J 5103040351 v1.1.0J 4071270194 v1.0xJ 6470151358 6470151434 - BambooCraft v1.0 98727642 - Band in a BOX v6.0.4J 510.604.00037405 v5.0J 510.500.00026940 - BankUp v1.3 Kundennummer:15075534 Reg: dd11y170ag3 Kundennummer: 123 Reg.Nr. : wbx5qv8c btvfu170ag3 b1in4670ag3 7czka670ag3 ijqxw170ag3 ijvj2170ag3 - Bar Code Pro UPC v1.0 230,780,677,334,210 When Bar Code Pro first launches after installation it will ask for the number of bar codes used in the US last year (from the manual on page). - BarCode Pro v4.x 1004328480 v4.0.3 1234564540 v3.5.5 7952-345 TN293 45501 v3.5 8094-645 TN293 45501 v3.0.7 8707-445 TN293 45501 8094-645 TN293 45501 v3.0 8556-545 TN293 45501 v2.0.9d 9760-945 TN293 45501 v2.0.8 9074-545 TN293 45501 9760-945 TN293 45501 - Barcode Automator v1.0 SURF--RAGNAROK940AB4 - Barcode Producer v1.2.5 SURF--RAGNAROK0B23ED - Barrack v1.0.x Name : Buck Rogers Copies : 100 Code : PBLKICBJ Name : Anonymous Copies : 10 Code : KBJFKKIB Name : Everybody Copies : 10 Code : ONBADHAC - Base & Box v2.5 B300394 B601307 - BassTuner v2.0 Name: KIRI Code: GTJIJ Name: ANGEL Code: GT@LM - Batch It! v1.0 53060INPHR 53060XXXXX (x=Any Char) - Batman: The Movie vno serials (see Cracks) While the title page is displayed, type "JAMMMM". The words "CHEATS MODE ON" should appear at the top of the screen. You also have unlimited lives. Press F10 to skip levels. - Battery v1.0 251-26080-64081 - Battle for the Planets v2.0 957550351 153550759 287058301 772845668 v1.0 name MoonDark code 153550759 - Battle for the Universe v1.1 826840262 v1.0 933558551 - BattleGirl v1.0 UUMW-ZBL8-3Y7S-ZF96-PJ34 [MacAddict] First Name: MacAddict Last Name: Hacker Code: FTFR-DBDN-F9LQ-NNPU - Battleship v2.0.2 Phrase : DESTROYER Password: BIACURNXE - BayTex Organix! v 2000 (see tip) (Crack) Open datafork and change: $01FB2C 4182 -> 4800 $03BDBC 4182 -> 4800 - One Key v1.0 X Name: Pablo SN: 5837539-5928229-756989 - Duplicate Catcher v1.1 X Name: Pablo SN: 1634-17e7-423b-adc9 - BayTex Party! v2.5.1 Code: realcool v2.0 code: verycool 2.5[k] Open datafork and change: $03151C: 4182 -> 4800 $06FB24: 4182 -> 4800 Now removed Unlock Code(Register) 2.0[k] CRACK: if you don't use the verycool-password, but go with ResEdit into Resource address $ 98F8 and change 7C1EF8004182000C INTO 6000000060000000, you'll get an unlimited version instead of the 25min-version. SAVED PLAYLISTs you can get by duplicating the >Baytex Party! Default List< in the Preferences folder in the Systemfolder. Duplicate it, rename it and drag it anywhere, open it with the Open-Command from the file menu. - BeHierarchic v4.2b3 name: BSPJ code: 6D3D2E32 Name: LAIN code: 2A5F073A v4.1.1J name: BSPJ code: 6D3D2E32 v4.1 name: Abba code: F4CEE159 name: imac code: D6A3B5D7 name: iMac code: DEA3B7D9 name: Maci code: 711FE554 name: NASA code: F83FE772 (tip 1) v4.0 name: Macintosh code: 711FE554 (tip 2) v3.1.x name: Macintosh code: 711FE554 name: Buck Rogers code: 53EB64D9 (tip 1) from the controlpanel, open the register dialog with command-r type in the code, paste wont work (tip 2) When opening the BeHierarchic ControlPanel use the Menu Edit. There you'll find the register dialog. Don't click on ok button, hit the ENTER key when you filled out the 2 fields. - BK Task Time v2.0.1 X Name: (Any) SN: 5 To register, choose 'New' and you will have a Registration dialog - BeMaker v3.2.0 BcMtPCtm-0415 - BeRometer v1.0 2-75252074 - BeamTron v1.0.1 Name: Macintosh Code: 23F-05E-244 - Beat The Cheat v1.0.1 UVNE-9948-KMNE-EHHW - Beatnik Editor v2.01 User Name: Inpher Email Address: Registration Key: VV6DTM-5S29 - Bedlam 2 v# Name : MMC Serial : (lower left field)154269 Reg : (lower right field) 35636132 Name : Buck Rogers Serial Number : 67566 Reg. Number : 57228395 v1.0.x Name: Macintosh SN: 473831 Reg. Number: 328364876 Name: HackUser SN: 797347 Reg. Number: 552561464 Name: Buck Rogers SN: 2049942273 Reg. Number: 98765432 - BeerMeister v2.x 092499020322 v1.0 092499020322 - Berkely Systems Products vall versions TNT-00670-6681 This is a "master" password. It will work on all their products. - Bernie ][ The Rescue v2.6 Name: kiri overkrack Code: 4nhf52jayvez Name: hey F.E.Systems... Code: hcfs6emcw85m Name: Attach the APPLE2GS.ROM! Code: app27kmjytez v2.x name: free ride code: 3.14159-r-8 v2.5.9 Name: KIRI Code: mmbbtbmmiacm v1.0b3 name: Buck Rogers code: 148347 - Bertrand v1.5 ID# : 25000 Code: 82359 v1.3 ID# : 12345 Code: 71828 How to register 1. Run the Bertrand app and quit at once. 2. Open the app with resource editor. (ResEdit, Resorcerer, etc) 3. Open STR resorce ID 133. This number is your ID# that made start up. 4. Change 12345 and save. 5. Run again, you will see changed number 12345. 6. Enter 71828 in reg box. (File -> Enter Registration Code) 7. That's it. Bertrand.html - Better Alarms v1.0 Name: MoonDark Code: BTRA-8114-9000 - BetterWriter v1.0.1 BW9112131832 - BeyondPress vall versions (see Extensis) - Bhodinut Penny C4D v1.0 PRN100-TSQP9F5DEGXHKP1G - BhodiNut Shader C4D v2.0 SLA200-PGMHLB8SFV4JS8K5 SLA200-H6UGW9ZJYUMK7V7N - BiDiary v1.6 RSA515 - BiblePromise v2.5 Name: Surfer Code: 47141 v2.0 E729-4AF3-AG51-C960-6 - BibliOtheque v3 BIB-30-HYB-10-FR-M00R01000-J0 - Bicual v2.0.1 UST925693 - Big Thesaurus vall versions AxxxxBC (A+B=C; x=any #) 3133769 - BigBusiness v2.0 Serial Number 6000-0943 Registration Code M9-GQV4-7G Confirmation Code G59F-Q2GP-YH22-M289 Serial Number 6000-2339 Registration Code M9-GAVH-7F Confirmation Code 2525-RG2R-YU2Q-5667 Serial No 600-8849 Registration Code M9-ZAV4-7F Confirmation Code G59F-Q2GP-SHMX-YJ8L To register: 1. Locate the Big Business program. 2. Start it while holding down the "Option" key. 3. Keep the "Option" key depressed until Big Business opens. 4. In the dialog box presented, click the "New" button. 5. Use the above info to register the new data file. - BinEdit v3.2 BEdtN00091 v3.1 BEdta00000 - Binuscan v5.0 16849 PW1: QRBs2LBUeY4 PW2: vUEpAVINq8C - BioAssistant v1.7.1 bj bxxxxxxxxxxj (x = any) v1.0 name: MoonDark code: 1234X678212B12345 Name: Inpher Code: 1234667830AXCDE2 - Biorhythm v5.0 Name: NOWHEREMAN Code: li962bt47 - Birmy PowerRIP v4.2 Serial: MBNOP PrinterCode: 3014898104 Printer: Stylus 1500/1520 FullfilmentResponse: 532291512 Serial: MBNOP PrinterCode: 2998055097 Printer: Stylus Color FullfilmentResponse: 515579577 Serial: MBNOP PrinterCode: 3183329206 Printer: Stylus Color II/500/600/800 FullfilmentResponse: 297013686 Serial: MBNOP PrinterCode: 2981213114 Printer: Stylus Pro FullfilmentResponse: 498605498 Serial: MBNOP PrinterCode: 2964370107 Printer: Stylus Pro XL FullfilmentResponse: 481893563 Serial Number: BKWM0 Printer Code 741092432-BWM Printer Type Epson Stylus Color FullfilmentResponse: 2052094544 Serial Number BKWM0 Printer Code 538976348-BWM Printer Type Epson Stylus Pro Fulfillment Response 1985771100 Serial Number BKWM0 Printer Code 555819357-BWM Printer Type Epson Stylus XL Fulfillment Response 2002614109 v4.1 Serial No.: 6307 Printer Code: 2981212585-82 Fulfillment Response: 318444283 v3.1 (For the Epson Stylus) Serial Number BKWM0 Printer Code 741092432-BWM Printer Type Epson Stylus Color Fulfillment Response 2052094544 Serial Number BKWM0 Printer Code 538976348-BWM Printer Type Epson Stylus Pro Fulfillment Response 1985771100 Serial Number BKWM0 Printer Code 555819357-BWM Printer Type Epson Stylus XL Fulfillment Response 2002614109 Authorization code 318444283 Serial Number 6307 Printer Code 2981212585-82 Fulfillment Response 318444283 name (Printer MUST match type or it just won't work.) - BitSURFR QuicConfig v2.x (see tip) v1.0 68k - ABEHE PPC - ABEHJ This format is: Code: BC-xxxx-01 Reg#: xxxxx This exchange table is: a=B b=C c=D d=E e=F f=G g=H h=I i=J j=K k=L l=M m=N n=O o=A p=B q=C r=D s=E t=F u=G v=H w=I x=J y=K z=L This swap is: BC- a b c d -01 -> * a c b d - - - - - - - - | | | | | | | | | | | +------------|-|-|-+ | | +--------------|-+ | | +----------------|---+ +------------------+ OK, talk with example: The code is making random at start up. But, this algorithm is very simple. For example, if it made BC-kiri-01 at start up, through the exchage table: k=L, i=J, r=D, i=J yes, kiri is now exchanged LJDJ. next, execute the swap: BC-kiri-01 -> *LDJJ * is wildcard, so anything in it (Must be Uppercase). Now Reg# is ALDJJ, BLDJJ, CLDJJ .....ZLDJJ. - Bitwise v2.3.2 Name: Cendryom Code: 128.08487.119 Name: KIRI/ANGEL Code: 128.31734.186 - Black & Bleu v5.1 ekFy-afNl-tYvO-ooek-rrrx v4.0 phEr-soNi-eRkB-jbpb-sxsx ( see read me for v3.0 ) v3.0 12DR5raJj012345hT1901214 ( see read me ) v2.1w 12Ca5ncJk01A4A5da1801214 v2.1W Pro NQCaFkaKrFZAJTCgtNEIMLMO HOCvVwuPwMRVUGFggHBVMZMO IQCpSewNiWYPRNJgnINHMYMN RECzCppFgAIZIGUggRAVEAEV KNCxFcmGqJVXJSFgsKPBLELG v2.0W Pro 32CR5sfKo012395gY3901214 Black & Bleu v3.0 SN Read Me IF you have a previous version of Black & Bleu installed, you may get a message "invalid license file". This means you present SN has been black-listed. Here is what you need to do: Do a "Find" for invisible "Icon". Find it and delete it. Problem is all you custom icons are also invisible which means unless you can isolate the date you install B&B, it's hit and miss removing them one at a time until you find the correct one! Information: Once entered your license, an invisible 'Icon' file will be created on your desktop, containing registration data. The author tried to make it resemble a desktop pattern file by adding a 'cicn' ID -17502 resource, representing a 128x128 MacOS logo and a 'STR ' resource with the same ID containing the string "Desktop Pattern 55". Registration data is encoded into a part of the 'cicn' resource, the interference will also cause the MacOS logo to look distorted. Deleting this file will result in the deserialization of Black and Blue, which then allows you to enter a valid SN. The program will refuse to run if a banned license key is found. What you might do to narrow it down for future reference is check the creation date/time when you installed the thing and then label it with a color or record the date. When program upgrades arrive, it's easier then to locate it. - Black Box v2.11J 98-949 - Black Night v1.0.7 CDSa58334DD879B CDSa58334DD879B CDSa63334316A54 CDSa723165A95C0 CDSa8418C467AFF v1.0.5 12345671512EAE5 v1.0.3 0000000D1FF113F - Black Night Connection Set v1.0.1 123456_FFFFFFFD - Black and whites v# 8yawi-jhx2q-uyrxk - BlackOut v2.1.1 52356913 21766917 74657186 - Blade v2.1 X359764139 v2.x 261760 v2.0.9 Pro 100037 301281459 v2.0.1 187233847 134515221 735561247 17796129 301281459 100037 Seed number : 123 Code : 120415 v1.3.x 85916713 10921549 84645982 40553579 31115429 - SockhoEasyFind v1.3 X First Name: Pablo Last Name: Pablo Country: RELCSYS SN: 714A213A - SockhoCurrencies Converter v1.2 X First Name: Pablo Last Name: Pablo Country: RELCSYS SN: C2B12A139DEC0F38 - Mellel v1.5 X Name: Pablo/Minimal SN: MCV3-P8MB-K0L7 or: See Crack v1.4.1 X Name: Pablo SN: MCV3-R0GC-LBS8 1.5 Crack: Do not launch and try to register Mellel 1.5 with the name and code from v1.4 CTRL + Click on the Mellel application icon and choose <Show package Contents> from Contextual Menus. Browse and Open that file with Resorcerer : OS/Mellel Open the DataFork (DF) Choose <Show ASCII> from <Hex> Menu Choose <Find/Replace> from <Hex> Menu Make a Non-Hex search for the string <Pablo> (Case sensitive) Replace <Pablo> for the string <Pabbo>, or change any other letter of your choice Save the file and Quit Resorcerer Launch Mellel 1.5 Use the registration datas from v1.4 to register Mellel v1.5 Name : Pablo [SN] : MCV3-R0GC-LBS8 - Blaze v2.0 X Name: Pablo SN: BLZ-132514710689399663 v1.5.5 X Name: Pablo Code: 124105465408119134428 Name: Mouto :) Code: 119305465402127135166 v1.5 Name: KIRI X Code: 1169054654028444674 Name: undercult Code: 181305465406112145412 - Bliss Paint v2.0.1 code: 1653 - Download Wizard v1.0 X First Read Crack, then: Email: SN: PABLOCOUSGGACFGCFOIUGR 1.0 X Crack: The serial is based on your computer date. So you need to use Resorcerer to make a k'ed copy which will accept a serial not based on date. 1) Open Download Wizard/Contents/MacOS/Download Wizard with Resorcer. Look for this hexa string : 2c030000408200207f83e378 and replace it with 2c030000418200207f83e378 Save and Quit Resorcerer. 2) Open Download Wizard 1.0 (you've cracked). Go into Menu Help and choose Enter Registration Info. - Blitter Library v0.8.1 Name: KIRI Code: BACF500B367DEA47C57C92A3 v0.x Name: A6 Code: E230ED162220980C1C0C99F9 v0.7.1 Name: Cendryom Code: 915D2E7F180F82859471C3B5 - Blix v0.9b1 Name: KIRI Code: 2A78F913 - Blobs v3.1.1 Name: Cendryom Code: Ce6911 - BlockForge v1.0.4 Name: nowhereman Code: 1A-56F358BB-5675-03A2-01 - BlockPaint v1.1 BLOCK - Blood Bath v1.6 see TIP TIP: sgtrock-invincible badass-all weapons - Bloodlust vAll SKM-567-901-345-O - Blox Arcade v1.0.2 Name: KIRI Code: 75738273 - Blue Box invoices vall versions code: 332917 - Blue Label v1.6 se 155-409-8858 v1.5 143-226-7434 v1.0 143-226-7434 286-442-5642 000-548-3178 429-016-1322 456-956-3232 - BlueBox Pass vall versions (StuffIt pass) ff4d6127Lf962a75d - BlueDolphin v1.0.3 Name: BlueDolphin Code: B9LL3 - BlueDragon v1.0 BD4376 - BlueHTTP v1.1 Name: anything or Chrisco* Code: MSBH100-1250-5254-145706 v1.0 MSBH100-1250-5254-145706 - BluePaint v1.0.1 709MQ514 - BluePrint v5.0.2 2500-00009062 2500-00019822 2500-00029682 2500-BKWM5642 v4.0 240*-00080642 - BluePrintTools Pro v2.1.0 4KIRI-18870-4HACK-30795 12345-31115-12345-38963 00001-18867-00001-30787 51367-33045-36479-74243 v1.03b 1-18867 Open the app with resorce editor and delete ID 16056. - BoardRoom vall versions ( see --> The BoardRoom ) - Bob vs The Aliens v1.1 code: 2389723 - Body Works v3.0 Q24474 - Bokassher v1.1 14159265 - Bolero v• NAJE/805372218 IBII/620696533 IHJF/385817533 v1.0 Tango 1.5.2 SN: GLMI/301926298 Butler SQL 2.1 SN: EDGL/1560220268 Bolero 1.0 Use the [k] - Bonkheads v1.0.2 000-220-666-456 - Bonoduler v1.0J 000003056BNAP0000 - Bottom Line Lite v1.4.0 Name: Lain Code: 01002017717713B-680 - Bonzer v1.x AZ10020735 AZ10024830 - Booklet Page Calculator v1.2 <DOYBOY> - Boogle v3.0 X Name: Lain Code: 776225 Name: Pablo SN: 775307 v2.0 Name: nowhereman Code: 767017 - BookBin v3.03 BI-300-BC65921-240136-03 BI-456-JF60999-201030-X3 - BookWorm v3.6 X 8491-norb-newo-niloc v2 Name: KIRI Code: 8491-norb-newo-niloc - Bookends Plus v7.1 3492ATMS0003FEAR v4.1 1365-6782-0817-0218 2611-1565-2059-8251 0356-5678-3566-1234 4362-6641-0623-5360 v4.0 1335-0000-0090-0001 1335-0000-0101-0002 1335-0000-0111-0003 8619 5678 6409 5678 - Bookit v3.0 X Name: Pablo SN: 49513-17034-39329 v3.0b3 Name: Pablo SN: 49513-17034-39329 v2.2.1 User name: Denise McAllister. SN: 75254-24643-21196 v1.2 Name: nwhereman Code: 305434-5817-2094 v1.1 Name: nowhereman Code: 305451-5818-2094 - Neo m Generator v1.1 X Company: Minimal Name: Pablo SN: 1478-9451-9922-7512 - Bookletizer v1.0.4 MBKL-NMMGY-DAGO4-EDRGQY - OnSync v1.0 X SN: KRACKED-BY-PABLO-MINIMAL-84218941318-6569984456 - BookmarkTool v1.2 X Name: Pablo SN: TMI-BMIN-FCNX-BYUX-XBWO v1.1 Name: TechnoCore/nop Code: TMI-BM01-G0MY-VA3P-YI7I - Boom v1.3 X Name: Pablo SN: FEXXDIPKAXAX-8030 v1.2.3 Name: XOR^SS Code: MEXCIAPHEAXAX-030 v1.x Name: KIRI Code: IEKXCIKPAXAX-3030 Name: ANGEL Code: JEXXIPKAXAX-62030 v1.2.1 Name: Blanche Neige Code: DEXJIXPKUBNVX-870 v1.2 Name: macyan Code: KEXXIOPJXAXAX-730 Name: Cendryom Code: EXIHPCEOXAX-72130 Name: Surfer Code: HEXCINPNHAXAX-330 Name: Laplanque Code: XEXXFIPJKXKAX-810 Name: somewhereman Code: HEXKIPXUVNEQ-0290 v1.0.1 Name: Akuma Code: JEWXOIKPKAXAX-030 - BootSwitch v1.4.1 52356913 21766926 42504657 - Bopalong v0.9pb Name: SerialLain Code: 1CG59E913231295CW5 v0.9 Name: Chrisco* Code: F3G83893233V239FW5 Name: Pablo Code: FTG1CFCFT2T22C11W5 - Boris Continuum v1.0 BG740J-579Z022-1ZLZ1 - Boris Effects v3.x A302I9-62M0075-22717 v3.5.1 PG024E-413E927-16930 Premiere M90004-607MG16-1361E Media100 F902BH-079G812-12F9B Avid v3.1 F902BH-079G812-12F9B Avid M90004-607MG16-1361E M100/Premiere M90004-607MG16-1361E After Effects v3.0.1 8000HC-1936009-19DE6 v3.0 M600FG-19F1I85-23IA4 v2.1 9H00H7-23ME093-17G14 v2.0 AE A302I9-62M0075-22717 v2.0 AH00E6-19A4G69-255GL - Boris FX Pro v6.1 ING94B-49BI279-GL0G0 v6.0 BNA006-28F6666-1M1M6 v5.0.3 BNA006-28F6666-1M1M6 v5.0 QA1001-101H385-J1086 - Boris Factory vunknown QB022I-5A27L4H-41K7B - Boris Filters v1.0 8F002G-03B8M09-123DL - Boris Graffiti v2.0 HAG003-287C139-3F701001 v1.0.3 HN6007-35EG998-4F511 (Graffiti Keyframer 1.0.3) v1.0 HAG000-287C139-3F701 - Boris RED v2.5 JB149B-30L0487-23GGH JB149B-30L0487-23RED v2.1 CD JB149B-30L0487-23GGHD v1.0 JB148B-30L0487-23GGH - Boris Script LTD v1.0 ING94B-49BI279-GL0G0 - Borscht Raider v1.0 Name: KIRI Code: 908345003 - BothWay v# ID : 12345678 Pass: qqOWSyuW ID : 123456789 Pass: qqOWSyuWq v1.2.2 UserID : TokyoSerial PASS : c0dMjaLRFOE UserID : AustinPowers PASS : vCVTp@aS3KKK UserID : WhiteAngel PASS : JNrTloC6JB - Bouncer v1.0 057305735656 - Box of Tricks v1.0 NJKL2345YT6789 - BrainForest vall versions BP8272611 - BrainHex v1.1 Name: MoonDark Code: next mac os Name: Inpher Code: hercules v1.0.x Name: Anonymous Code: whole new world Name: Registered Code: mental Name: John Doe Code: american maid Name: = -BOOK-WORM-> Code: buckaroo banzai - Bran 'Dur v2.0.0 ax-15739-25 bt-43962-11 xy-77653-09 cf-31302-98 dt-77655-73 eh-93712-15 - Brewer's Planner v1.0.1 02-000681 - Brickles 3000 v2.0 Name: Lain Code: LAIN-90972 v1.0 Name: Cold Fire Code: 0000000062669 - BricklesDeluxe v1.3.2 Name: Macintosh Code: LJBE-55008 v1.3.1 Name: Lucifer Code: 1234554850 v1.2 Name: KIRI Code: ANGEL54628 - BrightChick v2.0J Name: kiri overkrack Code: 439757 - Briscola v1.3 Name : KIRI Company: ANGEL Code : A016-0199-B4C1 - Brittanica v2003 C3CA1ACA00041412 v2002 580F00699686 720S00061013 720S00020893 v98 CD 040120112557 040120125273 Promotion Code: CACDA98150 v2000 CD name: any code: 210000578952 - Brix v1.0.2 Name: KIRI Code: 803337H - Bryce 3D v5.0.1 (see tip 2) v5 beta 1-B476416-1 v5 BF50CRD-1256319-SMA BF50CRZ-0945685-EAY BF50CRD-1257022-WDB v4.0J (see tip 1) v4.0 BF40CRD-0039108-MWZ BF40CHN-0000026-GRE BF40CND-0000038-EKM (Force Quit the installer when it says it cannot register... Then run the [k]... it is a cd-rip...) v3.0 20050-00015-08227 20052-00016-02186 (tip 1) Open datafork and change: $1B2B60 60000000 $1B2B7C 60000000 $1B2B9C 60000000 or Open datafork and change: $169188 4182 -> 4800 tip 2 Download the Bryce 5 Trial version from Corel and the 5.01 update. Install it and if you run ResEdit you can find in the bryce 5 directory a hidden file named 'SalesAgent'. Delete it and run the update and it will be full version! - Bubblomania v1.5.4 Name: Lain Code: 18349700 - Bub & Bob v1.7.2 Name: Cendryom Register code #1: 294136380 Register code #2: 505478816 # name: momo code: 141236728 v1.0 Name: MoonDark Code: 467542272 Name: Server Surfer Code: 1177186340 - Bubble Trouble v1.0.0 Name: fishy Copies: 1 Code: IAGOPBNL Name: Macintosh Copies: 100 Code: FOFAPNDO Name: Registered Copies: 9999 Code: NAGODJKH - Budget v3.3 X Name: Pablo B330-B534-Z366-Z553 - BudgetfM v1.3.2 Surname : Nop FirstName: Nop Street&No: Nop Zip : Nop City : Nop Mac-Key : 12591911701218 # Enter 'Nop' all textboxes without key box. - Bugdom v1.2 ABCDEFGHIJKL - Bugdom 2 v1.0.2 install 1.0.1, serialize and then update See Warning! v1.0.1 GCRHKJQGMIGH Warning: Bugdom 2 contacts Home ! It contacts this IP : If you are using OS X, 1) Open the 2) Type sudo ipfw add deny log ip from to any 3) Quit the 4) Launch Bugdom 2 and reenter the sn 5) If Bugdom 2 freezes, kills it 6) Relaunch Bugdom ; It now works ... - Crosswordz v2.0 F.Name: Lain Middle: L.Name: Org. : Knights Code : E6FUSBLGBD vX 2.2 Name : PABLO MiddleName: HAS LastName : CRACKED Org : MINIMAL SN : W2WC4849LK vX 2.1 Name : TEAM TSZ MiddleName: TEAM TSZ LastName : TEAM TSZ Org : TEAM TSZ SN : VEUPKVEUPK - Buggy Boogie Time3 vall versions ( see --> BBT3 ) - Bugs Bannis v1.3 Name: Akuma Code: 69032 v1.x Name: KIRI Code: 6557 Name: ANGEL Code: 60431 Name: well, now what's? Code: 031298798206004 Level Codes for Bugs Bannis =========================== L 2-3120734 L 4-2095781 L 6-5293505 L 8-3532466 L10-1568246 L12-5319059 L14-4126487 L16-4545715 L18-7368911 L20-3164849 - BulletEx v1.00 KKKKKK - Buntakun v1.0J JHYUAFS NHSMPKM UEDNPVJ BOUOGDB JBUUDHS KUTTLIR PBCCPTG XHAONGI VAOWTQN DSEAJML ZEOOFAZ NTGYVQA v1.0 XVIOYUI WJPRNQK LCQAPKH - Burn-It! v1.0 NBFA-AFFB-EAAB-BAWBK - Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab v1.0 1S13A8M1234567890 The unstuff password is "monty" - Burning Monkey Solitaire 2 vall versions code: K5294186 - BusStop v1.2.1 3855 - Business Plan Toolkit v7.0 BPT7014195987 v6.0 BPM0202829 Password for Excel Sheets (be careful): "NoSupport" Capitalization matters. - BustersII v1.0 MAGIC - Butler SQL v2.1 EDGL/1560220268 v2.0.2 ONMM/1560221608 vunknown 1543650128 - Button Builder v3.3.1 Extreme See Crack v3 Extreme Name: Button Builder Serial: 0014-1379-1393 v2.0 1086573-434-BB20 v1.5 AQUA18069 3.3.1 Extreme Tip: 1) Look for '0000-' with resorcerer (ASCII mode) You find something like this : Invalid Serial Number 0000 0000-0000-0000 -Nice try, but that's an Invalid Serial Number 0014-1379-1393 2) Change '0000-0000-0000' to anything ( 9999-9999-9999 for example ) and save 3) Launch ButtonBuilder 3.3.1. It will ask you for a serial. Put this : Name : SN : 0000-0000-0000 (In nameField put absolutly nothing ; no space ; no name ..) The app is now registered to "Nobody" ....... 1.5 Tip: the previous button plug-ins (from Aquamatic) still work - ByeByeBlue v1.96 Hold down "M" and "R" keys when quit. - BzCalc v2.6 Name: KIRI Mail: Code: 92851 - C.A.T. IV v1.0 SeRvIcEs - C.DEV Boogle v3.3 Name: Lain 776225 - CarCare v3.3 HJASN-S CLY-VB - CardSaver v2.0 SBVC8VALJY5N3C 8UVAGELFWLK7AA 6SAJWMTPG8VAKC N48MS9ZJXPK7CA 2KC6TGC7BWK5KC QLDC6ZF78UTR2B K5HN8R5RXUYZEA GDAF6WJTN6XTLA VAAMY6ZERZBTKC SBVC8VALJY5N3C N8Y974BSFXWJYC 8UVAGELFWLK7AA 6SAJWMTPG8VAKC N48MS9ZJXPK7CA K5HN8R5RXUYZEA N8Y974BSFXWJYC VAAMY6ZERZBTKC QLDC6ZF78UTR2B GDAF6WJTN6XTLA 2KC6TGC7BWK5KC y u k i - C/S Calendar v1.0.6 Name: Lucifer Code: mnRj50000 - C1 v2.2 115948C1MA0722 - CACTUS v1.0 modernlifeisrubbish - CAD Artificer v1.1 (DEMO Crack) $1B0D8 4082 0020 -> 4800 0020 $1B100 4082 020C -> 4800 020C $1B314 4182 0074 -> 4800 0074 $1B408 4182 0008 -> 6000 0000 - CADintosh v4.2 CD00-KKKKKK-WxQ v4.x Name: PYRUS MALUS [SN]: C37068728 v3.7.1 Name/Organization: Inpher/nop Number: C94931284 - CADtools vall versions ( see ---> Hot Door CADtools ) - CAMPS Pro v5.0.3J M231-112383509 v3.0 PMT300114246 - Captain Bumper v1.1.4 1785508430 - CC Mail v1.1.1 Windows 19342 030390 v4.0 DOS 19340 030380 v2.0.1 Mac 19344 030400 v1.x UP8DW0XCN45ZGX - CCN Plus (CalCountNote) v1.30 Name: Macintosh Code: 31743254365976987497 - CCalendar Converter v1.1 Name: Surfer Code: 117311539 - CD Directory v1.0.6 0400-0200-0609-5972 0400-0200-1345-9154 0400-7026-7817-0237 0400-2257-6370-3620 0400-6868-3807-1729 v1.0.x 0400-4880-7344-0743 0400-5283-5483-8636 0400-5045-8441-9806 0400-7177-5050-2135 0400-0865-3642-0685 0400-4177-3082-0583 0400-0175-8656-3613 0400-1756-2226-0603 v1.0 0400-5678-9012-5236 - CD Equalizer + Karaoke v3.2 Name: MoonDark Associates Code: JJQJJAQA Name: Inpher Code: AQQAQA2J v3.xx Name: AFEX Code: YQYQAAYA v3.0.x Name: Tony Carpenter Code: AQJQ2Q2Q Open the app with Resorcerer and edit the datafork at ED3B...changing the '00' to '01'. Register then with 'Tony Carpenter' and 'AQJQ2Q2Q'...this worked for me! - CD File v2.000 first name: Registered name: User code: 123456-CDF-9876 - CrushFTP v3 Put "_;m" (only these 3 letters, minus quotes)into a file called "reg.txt" and put the file into the crushFTP3 folder. - CD Folder Partitioner v1.0.2 A34 134 591 131 v1.0.1 X00 100 546 347 - CD Label Printer v1.0 25904699 - CD Master v1.0.3 2733-0249-0173-6791-1 2345-0143-5864-4381-1 2114-8212-6173-9231-1 2507-4179-5859-5811-1 2914-1296-0701-9901-1 2683-3168-9085-8831-1 2315-6260-0169-8001-1 2466-7121-2053-1461-1 2314-7081-9433-5071-1 2450-3222-6367-4801-1 2203-6100-0001-6032-1 v1.0.3p 2203-6100-0001-6032-1 v1.0.1 2028-0145-2664-1341-1 2804-1167-1756-7531-1 2349-5125-1109-3011-1 2460-3283-2476-4541-1 2701-9234-1511-8771-1 2485-4229-8469-4141-1 2484-5250-2082-0941-1 2482-3035-7676-6521-1 2348-2159-3064-6301-1 2918-0220-2487-9261-1 - CD Namer v2.0.x name: HackUser code: 0018457026 name: Bill Gates code: 0020891940 name: Anonymous code: 0027001335 note: case sensitive, and leave company field blank - CD Speedster vCD GCIA-BFFC-FDAC-BAWCD v1.0 AQOD-EFFQ-IJKDM-NWTO EEDA-CCCD-NBAD-BAPDD AQOD-EFFQ-IJKD-MNWTO - CD Zeek v3.1.6J Name: KIRI Code: 01001031234567A0629 - CD-Copy vall versions (see --> Astarte CD-Copy) - CD/DVD DriveTuneUP vall versions CDTU10JM-112038 - Ableton Live v1.5 Serial: 1001-7DBD-5765-D330 Challenge: 5648-10AB-3ECO-2833 Response: 488E-64FD-6111-4F6B when it asks for a serial enter: 1001-654A-5765-CBC7 then when the challenge/response screen pops up enter this as your response: 96FE-64FD-6ADF-75A8 - ADGate v2.7.5 sn: 1234-5186-0381 - CD/DVD SpeedTools v6.0 CDEV v5.7 cache v5.6 SCSI v5.5 RAM v5.1 Partition v5.0 Menu v4.5 LUN v4.1 Disc Configure v4.0.2 Audio Extraction v4.0 Format v3.9.8 Backup Block v3.9.6 CDEV v3.9.4 CDEV v3.9.2 cache (updater pass) - CDFinder v4.0.3 Name: PublicLice SN: N03709D239 No. of Copies: 1 v4.0.1 Name: apple SN: N30972D703 No. of Copies: 1 v3.6.x Name: Lain Code: N15701D451 v3.6.4 Name: razor Users: 1 Code: N10454D741 Name: SPC Users: 1 Code: N38426D726 v3.6.1 Name: Surfer Code: N40265D994 Copy: 1 v3.5 Name: cdfinder Code: N82397D165 v3.1.1 name: supermat keyword: N55912D173 No. of Copies: 1 name: anything keyword: N23541D174 No. of Copies: 1 name: supermattt keyword: N54250D277 No. of Copies: 1 # Name : CrYpTo Nite Code : N03931D270 Copies: ? # Name : supermat Code : N55912D173 Copies: 1 v3.0.2 Name : supermatt Code : N40079D214 Copies: 1 # Name : mutti Code : N48840D742 v3.0 Name : Payforthisone! Copies: 1 Code : N87386D457 v2.x.x Name: Inpher Key.: N18595D986 Copies: 1 v2.8 Name : NOMANWHERE Code : N58931D181 Copies: 1 Name: Dude Code: N82353D449 v2.7.x Name: Inpher Keyword: N20229D693 Copies: 31337 v2.7.1J Name: NOMANWHERE Keyword: J54780V144 Copies: 1 v2.7 Name : BonsaiFreak Code : N69533D293 Users: 1 Name : HotSix Code : N28206D179 Users: 6 v2.6.1J Name: nowhereman Code: J42239V791 Lic.: Site v2.6 name : Sorrow code : N34684D106 users : 1 v2.5 name: 2cheap code: N57685D930 v2.0.x name: Macintosh code: N59704D214 v2.0 name: HackUser code: N57007D173 v1.5.1 name: MoonDark code: N33960D16158 v1.5 name: MoonDark code: N34567D961 v1.2.1 name: NASA code: N63006D316 - CD Library v2.0 PRELUDE - CE Tiles v1.0 100369 - Cinema 4D Dynamics v8.1 36000900999-CKLV-DTTN-MXNV-JLDR v8 36030001278-NMZN-PKJV-SSBX-LGHX See tip 1 See tip 2 v7.2 76000007686-SR-TM-EA-PO tip 1: If you encounter the error: "Internal error: String Resource not found!" when opening Cinema 4DXL8, Go to "Home/Library/Preferences" And delete the file "mca8" ________________________________ tip 2: If you have trouble with the TEMP SN in C4Dr8: 1.) open ~/Library/Preferences and locate and remove these files: mca8 mca2_1008277 mca2_1002007 mca2_1002005 mca2_1001443 mca2_1000318 mca2_100001300 2.) Start up C4Dr8 and of course have you're SN handy. On the upcoming dialog type in the SN and get another 3 month. - CINEMA 4D XL v8 PC C8DXLNET: 30000001431-CCCC-CCCC-CCCC-CCCC C8DXL: 10801900999-LKXC-VNZD-SZMJ-KMKC C8DXL: 10801001431-CCCC-CCCC-CCCC-CCCC NetRenderer: 30801000999-XSJN-TRHL-JWGX-HTBG BP: 31001001431-CCCC-CCCC-CCCC-CCCC All Plugins: 10801001431-CCCC-CCCC-CCCC-CCCC ?: 10832001782-CCCC-CCCC-CCCC-CCCC v8.1 10802900999-PLVP-HCWB-GDWC-HXGB v8 10832001782-CGND-XJJS-ZRVM-JPKS v8 CD 72001000815-CM-DY-MW-LA v7.2.0.1 72002001247-DA-TW-KK-NR v7.1 72002001247-DA-TW-KK-NR v7.0 72002900572-MS-GY-YX-NA v6.3 62242001377-95A5F4 v6.1.0.3 62242001719-05F3FC v6.1 62242001719-05f3fc v6.0 62242001687-5913CA v5.x 20241101153-B3FA00 v5.3 20241101214-9885D5 v5.2.9 20241101821-24C6C2 v5.2.7 20240101441-520045 v5.2.1 20241101014-29ED69 v5.0.1 26060101169-54A8C4 8.1 Tip: When updating 8.0 to 8.1 doesnt't work with these serials Try this: Uninstall C4D R8 (inc. all mca, prefs etc) Reinstall C4D R8 and then the update. Now use the 8.1 serial. 5.3 Tip: das File 'c4d_language.prf' aus dem Prefs-Ordner loeschen und 'c4d_language.prf' aus Prefs/de nach Prefs kopieren - schon hat man die deutsche Version. Handbuch im .pdf-Format gibts bei Maxon ... - CINEMA BodyPaint 3D v8.1 31800900999-XKTW-VDKW-SWXJ-XMBJ v8 31830001289-wplm-jncx-gwjf-wcrw v7.303 64002001142-7E52B9 v7.201 64242001142-C152E7 v7.1 64002901215-C25238 v7 64002901215-C2523 v6.207 64002001142-7E52B9 64242001142-C152E7 (valid for 6 months) - CINEMA 4D Mocca v8.1 35000900999-RKPK-LNPC-JWBL-ZMKG v8 35030001732-VKWM-DJCG-RFPG-XXCP - CINEMA 4D Thinking Particles v8.1 33000900999-DSZX-MWVW-LTPV-ZNMH v8 33030001733-ZJSS-NVTZ-GWXG-GJLB - CINEMA 4D Advanced Renderer v8.1 32000900999-CZZK-TBBM-XBRR-BMFX v8 32030001753-BPXD-FBLC-HVJM-RVLW - CINEMA 4D Net-Render v8.1 30802000999-ZMJC-SMTF-WGJD-GZFN v8 30832001108-MHFR-ZZSX-GWNN-SVSF v6.1.0.5 63000101114-030B2C (10 Clients) v6.0 63000001453-D0EDDF v5.2.9 50240102027-FD0A05 - Ten for X v1.0 T4XA-1299-073680 T4XA-1338-017781 T4XA-1451-768443 T4XA-1570-580106 T4XA-1413-891888 T4XA-1375-539467 T4XA-1120-233196 - COLOR CHART PRO v1.0 2098153960-9876543210 2015976912-1234567890 - COPYright v1.0.1 70837-015270-100569 - CP290 Director v1.4 Name: KIRI Code: 418531382 Name: ANGEL Code: 229367994 Name: well, now what's? Code: 362366699 - CPS Soft Ripper 4 vR4.5 030C523E5D006760 0FDC518F37DC674C - CPU Doubler v2.0J 20449338 v1.0J 20431332 - CS ChemDraw vall versions ( see --> ChemDraw ) - CS ChemOffice vall versions (see --> ChemOffice) - CSI PhotoLab vall versions PHL12100661372 - Web Site Maestro v2.0.1 X SN: wsm23150ar or SN: wsm26469eb SN Upgrade: opt60641pro or SN: wsm23571kb SN Upgrade: wsm60641tb SN Upgrade: wsm6641tb v1.5 wsm60641tb - CSI Socket Set v1.0 Enter anything in the Name and Company Code: jimb0 last digit is a Zero - CSS Creator v1.5 CSS100-h1al-o2d3-4r5i-ve6r CSS100-q7vz-r2b5-9w2f-nk6d - CU-SeeMe v3.21 SCBETTPGJCKLBADFEAPLCTFNI vWindows PC SCBTK-NPJGG-PKHEG-MJDCT-TECLM v3.12 SCBET-TPGJC-KLBAD-FEAPL-CTFNI v3.1.031 SCBET-TPGJC-KLBAD-FEAPL-CTFNI SCBTK-NPJGG-PKHEG-MJDCT-TECLM v3.1 Preview 2 DCZPN-NTJGA-CLJDG-LTILF-NIBGB v3.1 SCBTM-JTAHM-PIBCN-TBEJM-ANGBJ SCBEA-PKANJ-TMTTT-TPCEH-JJAKB SCBCI-KAPFT-HGDDH-BHKME-HFCMD SCBCP-NPJLN-PKCJE-PMAAK-GIBKA v3 (prev.27) DCZTK-GITLJ-TJFJT-LHHHC-PDHPD v2.0.0b2 BCBE-001Y-0NAG-82C8 v2.0 Enhanced SCNE-0011-0DY0-8TC4 ZCBE-0000-0A2D-24C1 ZCBE-0000-0P26-30C1 ZCBE-0100-062M-4BC1 ZCBE-0100-0T3H-3TC2 ZCBE-0000-023P-4YC2 ZCBE-0000-0L3Y-5MC2 ZCBE-0000-0L4K-4PC3 ZCBE-0000-024R-5TC3 ZCBE-0000-0P43-6JC3 ZCBE-0000-0A5M-5WC4 ZCBE-0000-0L5E-6EC4 ZCBE-0000-0251-7AC4 v2.0 XCBE-0110-0100-0HC0 - CWCVS v3.4 000000000000 00000F033001 00000U066002 000009099003 L2335F70L0I2 - CWProjector v3.4 000000000000 00000F033001 00000U066002 000009099003 L2335F70L0I2 - Cache Killer Pro vII 2.0 Name : nowherema Code : 22A4N678902 CKP 1.x Code : RD4567891 vII RDW451091 - CacheSaver v1.0.2 name: Macintosh! code: 5223 v1.0.1 Name: Buck Rogers code: 4087 Name: HackUser code: 4707 - Cachet v1.0.x CM0000045VPM CM0000567VOM CM0000151SNC - CadGate v1.0 APCG-M10-11111-510664 see Tip (Evaluation) from Applicraft This is an illustrator plug in that let you import and export dxf and dwg formats.. it has been very useful for me. The demos only work for one month and i find out a way to make it available at least for the whole year, so u dont have to download a new version every month... file: CADgatein Open the resource with resedit (+forker ext), open data fork and change: in line 03FDB8 from 03FDB8 ---- --01 ---- ---- (this 01 can be 01, 02 or 03, it depends on when u downloaded the demo) (---- means other numbers, dont touch them !) to: 03FDB8 ---- --12 ---- ---- file: CADgateout Open the resource with resedit (+forker ext), open data fork and change: in line 03FDB8 from 053C64 ---- --01 ---- ---- (this 01 can be 01, 02 or 03, it depends on when u downloaded the demo) (---- means other numbers, dont touch them !) to: 053C64 ---- --12 ---- ---- - Caffeine vall versions Password: say moof and enter - CakeWalk Metro v4.0 Startup Password When you start up the program for the first time you'll be asked to type the name at line#__ of the manual. Here are the names and #s enjoy! :-) 1.Craig Anderton 2.David Borden 3.Bryn Carlson 4.John Dalton 5.Thomas Dimuzio 6.Ann Druyan 7.Greg Dunn 8.Jay Friedland 9. John Galinato 10.Vance Galloway 11.Jeffery Gastineau 12.Steve Grace 13. Keary Griffin 14.Jeffrey Grossfeld 15.Posey Hedges 16.Al Hospers 17.Caitlin Johnson 18.Martin Joseph 19.Charles Kirsh 20.Johnathan Lob 21.Kenny Lyon 22.Christie Lyons 23.Dr. Lynn Margulis 24.George Mayfarth 25.Ron MacLeod 26.Bob Melvin 27.Chris Meyer 28.Mats Myrberg 29.Hung Nguyen 30.John Offenhardtz 31.Jeff Pucci 32.David Roach 33.Dorota Rola 34.Randy Roos 35.Jay Rose 36.Josh Rosen 37.Edward Rosenblatt 38.Dr. Carl Sagan 39.Jeremy Sagan 40.Tony Sanderson 41.Sax 42.Richard Schermerhorn 43.Kieth Scripps Jr. 44.Emile Tobenfeld 45.Pete Townshend 46.Richard Viard 47.Christopher Yavelow 48.David Zicarelli 49.Joe Zobkiw - Cakewalk Overture v2.0 CD Key: CWOV 264-210271-1744 - Cakewalk In Concert v1.0 CWIC1.00-031337 - CalcIT v1.0 101999111208 - CalcOne v2.0.9 22333400 - CalcStrip v1.x Name: Server Surfer Code: GLYUVCMN v1.1.1 Name: MoonDark Code: RMJHSAQG - CalcWorks v1.7.5 1000000740 1111111128 1234567846 1BOOKWM036 0000000416 v1.6.x SE 1008747130 1071853537 1310802681 1423074255 1657618819 v1.5.x 1526543729 1668272306 1593518657 1264704510 1536047738 1747203228 1855700802 1337864459 v1.4.x name: Anonymous code: 0000000416 (Hold down option key when clicking on Register) (Hold down option.. Go to about calcWorks in the apple menu. Put in the # there) Note: This program used to be called ProCalc. - Calendar Tukutte v1.3.0 Name: kiri Code: ArWXq32iB2iq - CalendarBuilder v1.0 Name: TechnoCore/nop Code: 5380-3023-1601-8667 - CAMEDIA Pro v4.0 ZCMA-400E-0006-8638-PGHB - CalendarMaker v4.5.1 2001620 v4.5 2000000 v4.1 1000975 2000000 v4.0 300870 - Calorie Diet v3.01 ming735us - Cambio v1.6.1 001-003-0005-160 - CameraMan v3.0 [MacAddict] First Name: MacAddict Last Name: Hacker Code: FTDR-PBDN-F9LQ-NNTU v2.0 CMSV0336 - Cameraid v1.1.3 Name: nowhereman Company: NOP Code: 48788117 - Can Combine Icons v2.0.2 Name: TechnoCore/nop Code: 101748 - Candy Crisis v1.0 SKIT2-BF92A-0EEF4-2B34D-979EA-90C3A - CandyBowl v1.0.9 KIRI9911 Name: nowhereman Code: 12345188 - CandyHouse v1.1.0 9637105N47VJC 92B3496S40GJC v1.0.7 01234478901JC v1.0 19M4189G84GJC 0776998K002JC 73F77499642JC 4997224635MJC 30M8603T78IJC 0537492E97LJC 32L2188N30MJC 45S1858V60PJC 21Y9239K32NJC 7402703P954JC 2213017Q46GJC 89X92421059JC 66W2873B69KJC 79C8883E88XJC 04C8364B83CJC 00O14219421JC 06331006729JC - Cannon Fire vall versions name: (any) code: Z93A68R85Q84X91 - Canoma v1.0 CF10MRD-0002908-QGB CF10MRD-0002637-NSR v1.0J CF10MRJ-0017075-AFX - Canvas v8 M18A7VKZSL9 sn: M162*UKVUK1020102 (Mac 5 Users) sn: W165*RFQBA1023782 (Win 20 Users) v8J X281-FEQPX0000 v7.0J M28A0TYSPO0 v7.0 M18V7APHKF1 M181+IICME5007808-1438 (15 days) v6.0J X251-SVHQO1038190 v6.0 M160-HLDQM1SPC X100-VIZVJ908 (demo) X12Z-EXTOX908 v5.0b2 1565464 v5.0J M231-112383509 M222-698079468 v5.0.3 M131-049437908 M163-189025328 M151-753113856 M151-753113857 M151-753113858 M151-753113859 v5.0 MSPC-08500000 M122-16551409 v3.5.2 3001700735 3860817489 4753234241 2090414360 - CapsOff v1.2 Name: (any or HotSix) Code: Killer - Captain FTP v1.3 758FE5-2CB410-221126-8EF864-D5AA605A 96FBA3-C016A9-261431-E87443-0819A596 - Cap´n Midnight´s VCR+ v1.0 [MacAddict] First Name: MacAddict Last Name: Hacker Code: FTDR-NBVN-F9LQ-NNTU - Caramel v1.2.1 +19605 - Carbon Copy Mac vall versions 100003660 100003661 - Card Target v2.0 Name: Lucifer Code: 2142868 (bundle with Number Target) - Apple Remote Desktop v1.0.1 Default Password:xyzzy - Carracho v5.2 Time limit crack Open datafork and change: $4874 41800040 -> 48000040 - Carrara v2.0 RF20CRD-0000206-ZQQ v1.1 RF56CCD-0190666-ULZ v1.0 RF00MCD-0031337-DGP - Carrara Studio v2.0 RF20CRD-0000206-ZQQ - Cartesia Map Art - Clip Art Pack vAll CPH067-305 - Cartesia Map Art - World & USA vAll DSBH065-585 - CG Invoicer v1.3.6 name: Orygun code: CGI-931-YMT - Cartman vall versions name: Akuma code: JEWXOIKPKAXAX-030 - Casino BlackJack v1.2 4D6-172-6961 - Cast Off v1.2 Name: Chrisco* Code: C4RM7B95 Name: nowhereman Code: C5RM1B96 - CatFind v1.2.1 234570 2014562 1869666 1919330 2041699 - CatFinder v1.5.5 shadow fax 109176985 235642596 235983691 258605775 453029002 687233582 750013862 857605513 921358721 - Catacombs v2.0 Name: Akuma Code: 17881687 - Catalogue v3.0b3 C3.0-147-951-197-121 C3.0-147-951-197 v3.0b1 C3.0-147-951-197 v2.1.1 C2.0-15951-496 - Catch the Bunny III vAll code: rabbit5264 - Catz v(Commercial Version) 5467-2077-5882 5781-6128-4259-5247-3201 1287-5846-7535 v1.0(sw) Enter Code:1111-1111-1111-1111-1111 Unlock Code:3451-3724 v(CD Version) 5467-1872-5763 - Cave Bomber v1.0 Name: nowhereman Code: 1A-1CD00CD7-2E36-6D52-01 - EvoCam v3.0 X CC1000000961PABLO v2.4 X CC145678913134567 - Cave Dig 3 v1.1.1 Name: Lain Code: 478-44-789 v1.1.2 X Name: Pablo SN: 428-47-288 - Cave Dig v1.3.1 Name: Black Spider Code: MATTHEWBEEDLE - CHN Calculator v4 OPUS - CellDetail NXTL v2.1 X Name: Lain Code: CD20-5664000-2700000 Name: Pablo SN: CD20-7165500-3432600 v1.1 Name: Ragnarok Code: CD10-8549300-3653500 - CenterNet v1.5.1 Name: KIRI Code: MB-CN-MCMXV-001-722-5923 - ChainGang v1.0 0400577890BBA3 - Chakumero Hensyuou vAll A199808201540 - Chakumero Konbu v2.1.1 ID : EHUJKOGWK Pass: 183468789 - Chakushin Oshirase v1.4 139453 v1.2 139453 - Challenger XT v2.0 name: Wicked code: 0-196086805-5278870 - Change My image v1.0J 871-123-123-834-123 - Change&Launch v1.0J 11288265 - Chaos Master v1.2.1 3006-7021-0007-7131-1 v1.1 3101-9080-0000-8081-1 - ChartBuddy v1.0.1 Name: KIRI Code: SCM-2585-8237240647 - ChartWizard v3.0 name: Akuma code: WM885C27966W145671 - ChatManPro v1.3.6 Name: La femme Code: 2147454925 v1.3.4 Name: [k]rkckWorks Code: 1359 - CheckSheet v1.0 Name: nowhereman Code: 220-10-989 v1.x Name: KIRI Code: 148-4-995 Name: ANGEL Code: 141-5-994 Name: well, now what's? Code: 182-17-982 - Chem3D Plus vall versions 60086 KYAKRP If you’re using MS Word 5 and System 7, place the ‘EGO for Word’ plug-in module in the Word Commands folder that is found in the folder containing the Word 5.0 application. Keep the ChemDraw folder in the same folder as the CSC ChemDraw app. - ChemDraw vOSX Serial: 999990661 Reg. code: C63I-TKJ5-OQ3S-YLBM-BO Serial: 999990661 Reg. code: CKZY-ZLB5-OEZC-SKJJ-FA v5.0 S/N : 4500057 code: BNHDXJAAV v? serial: 12345 code : FDGBUFOYH v4.5 Ultra Serial Number : 210539 Registration Code : JPROPSBBE v4.5 Std. Serial Number : 735525 Registration Code : buqnajbwa v3.x Standard Name: MoonDark Company: NOP SN: 123456789 Code: HYBLHSQQE v3.1.3 Pro serial: 123456 code : WSTXXJ v3.0 serial: 40770 code : CQXWPQ serial: 60086 code : KYAKRP - ChemOffice Pro v2002 (7.0) Serial: 999990661 Code : CKZY-ZLB5-OEZC-SKJJ-FA v4.5 Ultra serial: 99999 code : NTMKBWYKD v4.0 Ultra serial: 493731 code : VRQJUMMID v4.0 name : ZoMbI company: LiQuiD serial : 99999 code : VWHFAJWO v3.5 serial: 99999 code : VWHFAJWO v3.1 serial: 000094661 v2001 Ultra Serial: 197901979 Code : GPZWCPDAHI4DQVE Serial: 313370000 Code : FGLA4-L3DHE-5TWDD serial: 313370000 code : FWJAU-L3HHU-7T6HB v2000 Ultra serial: 550640 code : DXUXOBCWO - ChemViewer3D v1.1 kwsrh49pa7 - Chemintosh v3.4.4 CISTSUEM1025974 - Chequebook vAll Search for: 6718 4267 3F3C 040B Change to: 6018 " " " " " " - Cheyenne-ARCserve v1.0 5 User SN: 1141727 - CD Labeler vall DECEIVER9 - Chinese Tiles v1.11 670906 70-89-54 98-47-65 32-45-68 55-48-97 87-96-42 26-51-84 10-35-71 78-65-44 48-77-66 - Chiral v1.0.4 Name : Macintosh Copies : 100 Code : GINNHLAI Name : Buck Rogers Copies : 100 Code : LAHEJHKC Name : Anonymous Copies : 10 Code : NHDFFLNN - Chiryoyaku Manual v2000 012D2526E00 - Chizujiro v1.0 MJM1000006962 - Chord Man v1.0 Name: Serial Experiments Lain Code: 1693-5675-9013 - Chocoletters v1.7 Name: Lain Code: 2871 v1.5.8 (see tip) CODE 1 "Sources" $5058 660000FC -> 4E714E71 Type in any numbers. - ChordBook v1.x name: Macintosh code: 3961935 v1.6 name: MoonDark code: 3961796 - ChordLab v1.3 name: PowerMac code: 189039751 - Chromassage v2.0 CH1-1500349 - ChromaticTuner v4.0 name: Akuma code: JC@ab # Name: KIRI Code: JCJIJ Name: ANGEL Code: JC@LM - Chromatica vCD CCA-100-0001-000196169211 CCA-100-0001-000711219514 - Chugaku Kanji Kakitori v2.0J 8/9+1/4=?AHO - Chugaku Kanji Yomitori v2.0J 5G3P%WS9? 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Start the Programm and it will work. - Claris Home Page v3.0 1120000 1120001 1120002 1120003 - InDesign II InBooklet v2.1.1 INBK210-24505-36721-90652-M - Claris Impact v1.0.x 0003116155 0003119496 - Claris Organizer v2.0 0008624343 v1.0.4 (British) 7003958325 0007643787 v1.0.2 0085731 (Enter any number with 6 or more digits) v1.0 0007643787 7003958325 - DivXRay v2.1.1 X Name: Pablo SN: DXR2-123H-82916231 - Claris Universal SN# vall versions 1120000 1120001 1120002 1120003 - ClarisWorks v5.0 0010014225 v4.0v3 600202U v4.0 0007710072 v2.1 0003900476 - Coloristic v1.5.1 Name: Lain Code: A296213 - Classic Cribbage v2.0 Name: Lain Code: L379-5991-6591-1299-I151 v1.4.2 c5466372 - Classic Gin Rummy v3.0 Name: KIRI Code: BMTAUGFEDC - Classic? v2 Name: mansaku Code: C2.VSS.VSV.VSS.SVS - Classroom Publisher v2.0 CRP 9234-5678 - Clean Desk v1.0 5532175-247 - Clear Side v1.0 Name: nowhereman Code: CS-13057386-24597 - ClearPhone v 4.x.x Seed: 12345 Code: 1-GHXIFRD-12345-MEEPVIF v3.8.5 1-GHXIFRD-01234-AGWFRPE v3.5.7-2 1-GHXIFRD-01234-AGWFRPE v3.3.6 1-GHXIFRD-01234-AGWFRPE 1-GHXIFRD-12345-MEEPVIF 1-GHXIFRD-23456-MWNSQQ 1-GHXIFRD-34567-SRYSXSL 1-GHXIFRD-45678-WRDEBWB 1-GHXIFRD-56789-AIRZPRH 1-GHXIFRD-67890-RERAFWE 1-GHXIFRD-78901-BEZMGMF 1-GHXIFRD-89012-JSSDRQ 1-GHXIFRD-90123-ZUBFQBD 1-GHXIFRD-1001-WJTICLE 1-GHXIFRD-1002-SNUTOTE 1-GHXIFRD-1003-MYSTFZE 1-GHXIFRD-1004-KVWPNKF 1-GHXIFRD-1005-QQLEDHG 1-GHXIFRD-1006-MIWDIAI 1-GHXIFRD-1007-OTYYRML 1-GHXIFRD-1313-USPLLQE v3.3.3 1-GHXIFRD-6666-EYMTRGE Watch it !! DO NOT USE the attached serial Numbers !! VocalTech will harrass you if you do! They are able to trace your IP. They are threatening with a fine, and jail time. - ClickE2J v1.2.4 Name: La femme Code: 1611796111 v1.2.2 Name: [k]rkckWorks Code: 1177022740 - ClickN'Design v3.1 First Name: Atmos Last Name: Fear Unlock Code: 8AQ5F-STGU-2806 (see Tip) First Name: Ed Last Name: Artinger email: Unlock Code: IEAXAO-EPXS-2019 Note: The last 4 digits are the date stamp, in Day/Month format. The above code is valid for June 28th only. 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Then enter the code. - Clipmedia 2 - Industry at Work vAll CMM020-13510 - Clipmedia 3 - Perfect Presentation vAll CLM300 CMM030-10986 - Clipping Pad v1.9 C2345678@123452 v1.4 C*******@*****2 (* can be any number) - ClippingConverter v1.0.1 Name: BonsaiFreak Code: CVTR1111472 v1.0.x Name: Inpher Code: CVTR66302 - ClippingNamer v1.0.3 Hold down shift-4 when clicking on the "ok" button when the shareware dialog comes up after booting. - ClipsNotePad v1.0 code: Rattlesnakes type the code into the field and click the "safe" button - Clock Synch II v• Code: swatch 0-10 Licenses Code: ticktock 0-3 Licenses Code: grandfather 0-25 Licenses Code: leapyear 0-50 Licenses Code: blindmice 0-100 Licenses Code: greenwich 0-250 Licenses Code: marlborough 0-9999 Licenses - Clock Talk v1.5.1 Name: KIRI Code: KCWMHQIH v1.3.4 name: Shadowgeist code: VDWGQPZN v1.0 name: Anyone code: GYCAXTIH - ClockWork v1.0.3 1133904594 - Cloudz v1.0.9 Name: KIRI Code: AGBMC1D7 - ClusterWorks vVol.1 name: Sardanapalm code: 77374093 vCD name: - enter anything - code: MHB00114 v1.0v1 email: Code : CW01784221085 - CmdSOHO v1.1.1 XPA00000 DKD03111 VGL03269 TQA07550 DAC0O122 - Co-Pilot v1.0.1 08660973 - CoCo (Convert&Count) v1.0 Name: KIRI Code: 123-567-200-0000000 - CoMa v5.4 name: Mile Peric code: A1D5928861A5 v4.7 Name : MoonDark Licence : Professional (3) Code : A14255CFA822 Name : TIGERGAOOO! License : Professional (3) Code : A1882F97AE26 v4.5 Name : Maradona Code : A14039FACCD1 v4.1 Name : The Shark Code : A02991DFD22E v 4.4 Name : Buck Rogers Licence : Professional (3) Code : A1382AECA95E v 4.2 Name : Buck Rogers Licence : Professional (3) Code : A1342AECA952 - Coach & Coach Pro vAll 1552467 1000001 1234567 (1st+6th digit=7th) - Cobra Gunship v1.3.3 (see tip) v1.3 name: Walter Belmonte code: GSH100-NFRWF9-V6RDUT-HAHZ6G-EAJHGQ-ZYN5J7 v1.2 name: Bill Harris code: GSH100-6UTNK5-7HAVT3-5CJ8XB-Y7WGW7-PYQNHT v1.1 name: Ian Skirmunt code: GSH100-5VXFUB-TCXY4N-RBQC9S-A8A22X-2GHAJ7 (1.3.3) Crack DF +85D90: 7E83A378 -> 38600000 Type in any numbers. - Coco v3.0: BW-0-000-419-016 BW-0-000-229-007 BW-0-000-715-029 - CodeBuilder v1.1 1-5-11-3ffff5e1a-241445-94-4CB - CodeEdex v1.0 Name: Lucifer Code: 11115427 - CodePerfect v2.1 Name: Cendryom Code: 315896 - Codebook v4.0.4 (see tip) v4.0.3 Name: Merry Christmas! Code: CB4-4665-1348-9727-4313 v4.0 Name: nowhereman Code: CB4-3741-5083-9635-1626 v3.x.x (see Note) CB3-efy9830asu CB3-kjd765shjn CB3-98dhj76sgh CB3-jklajh6765 CB3-shjd9876sh CB3-lkoijuyhj2 CB3-sh86dk75al CB3-ak893dhjs8 CB3-alks923re3 CB3-skla9dk3rg CB3-skld98shj3 v3.5.x Name: Inpher Code: CB3-sh86dk75al v3.5 Name: (any) Code: CB3-efy9830asu v3.4 code: CB3-efy9830asu For version 4.0.4, use the one from Surfer, but add an extra exclamation mark (!) ## Note: Export all the cheats (by The Gray Box): Make a FileMaker Pro file with three cells: "Test", "Title" and "Category". Then execute this AppleScript. It may be slow, but the interface of FileMaker is better than CodeBook's! By the way, SuperCard sucks... property codeBookName : "\"Codebook 3.5 FAT\"" property newCodeBookName : "\"FM-YourOwnCodeBook\"" tell application "Codebook 3.5 FAT" set curNumCards to evaluate "the number of cards in window 1 of project " & codeBookName repeat with curCard from 1 to curNumCards tell application "FileMaker Pro" activate do script "NewCard" do script "GoCodeBook" end tell do script "open card " & curCard & " of project " & codeBookName set curNumChars to evaluate "the number of chars in fld 2 of project " & codeBookName set curNumChars to curNumChars + 1 do script "select char 1 to " & curNumChars & " of fld 2 of project " & codeBookName do script "copy text" tell application "FileMaker Pro" activate go to cell "Text" of record curCard paste end tell set curTitle to evaluate "fld 1 of cd " & curCard & "of project " & codeBookName set curCategory to evaluate "fld 3 of cd " & curCard & "of project " & codeBookName tell application "FileMaker Pro" set data cell "Title" of record curCard to curTitle set data cell "Category" of record curCard to curCategory end tell end repeat end tell - ASF Digital SHO v1.0 Registration Name: Rajashree Pimpalkhare Registration E-mail: Registration Code: ST2C4FTYJ8A-98F92N (Type in the reg. info do not copy/paste) - Codewarrior Pro vunknown 20703-02466-85126 v4 - Cognicon FreeD v1.0 A1C8CX0X1523C - Corundum v0.5x Name: PYRUS MALUS SN: cdum-1.0-248403941322133323941 - Comment Synch v1.2 X Name: Pablo SN: csync-100-464801181817011818170 - ColEm Plus v0.4.x name: Macintosh code: SNZS2ZA v0.4.1+ name: Steve Jobs code: 45WT8ZJ v0.4+ name: Bill Gates code: MK1RRWA - Colibricks v1.5.0 krackedzaqafv v1.3.1 8AAAWBAAAAANQ be careful, the author has included some hidden traps. machine will crash... go find older copies. - Collage vAll 06-3977-8068 06-1748-1438 06-1405-6209 v2.0.1J 06-5283-5247 06-5183-2114 - Collect Pro v (see --> Extensis) - Color Access v1.4.5 SN: 25194 Reg: 24F631715384202F - Color Central v3.0 123123123129123123 - Color Drive v1.5 SS-PCDM-101-05368 - Color Ensemble Light (ArchColor Light) v1.2.6 62115-90288-56970-34851-71164 - Color Finesse v1.x CFM40-13518-40040-96 v1.0.1 CFM11-00411-20040-96 - Color It! v4.0 C402434276 C419283749 C492983828 C499292229 v4.0J C4J11111111 v3.6J plus R CC020095 v3.5J CC031321 CC020095 v3.2.1 C13100056592 CI3xxxxxxxx2 (where x is any no. from 0 - 9) v3.0.x J 001013 005052 v2.0 CI20A-xxxxx (Notice that it is CI and not C1) ^-L one-^ - Color Manager v1.0 Software# KM211-LUA-RAB-A72-011-073 Hardware# B08411 - Color Minder v1.1 188877 - Color REDUCER v1.1 FLXR56VQ794C945678 FLXR49FO239U068286 - Color Studio vAll CS27968 CS11305 - Color mechanic v pro LVJIHWHEDCUA AEMOSZOARAGC v # ATMOSFCARALC - ColorKeeper v2.4 Name: KIRI Org.: ANGEL Code: CK362718753 - ColorKnit v3.0.7 591275722466 591275722512 591275722853 - ColorSafe v1.6.x 6RKFLFXWWSVX R74ALUKHRQ5G QLLWLPAW9E66 WUBALSJURXWN GW5WL6YECRY9 XJJALYUYEKF6 v1.6 6F9WLCAY6B6G XJJALYUYEKF6 Q7LHLVRTKN6X v1.5 1CLAL66H1H16 v1.1.1 1CJ456FH9H18 - ColorSet Calibration v1.0 TCL3-LBJ-4TDS - Cookware Deluxe v1.2 Password: VBKemYSX It is rather tricky to enter code. After downloading doublClick file and in the following window you will see two buttons, Preview and Export. Click on Export. You will be presented with dialog to enter code. Press enter code. In following window enter code. 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Master Key: 600 147 073 139 572 981 473 921 800 700 321 480 141 839 907 658 141 486 832 260 95 License Issued Key CommuniGate Fax Gate 12/96 134 295 259 826 251 630 788 030 741 852 CommuniGate UUCP Gate 12/96 269 740 706 622 620 529 677 929 630 741 CommuniGate SMTP Gate 12/96 321 962 928 659 104 963 011 363 074 185 CommuniGate POP Gate 12/96 287 528 583 051 857 296 344 696 307 418 - Compact Pro v1.5.x Name: HackUser Code: 66041765 v1.51 HackUser 20456603 John Doe 51432026 Registered 35427117 Buck Rogers 47545016 Buck Rogers 51731656 - CompassPro XT v2.1 CPX-101-583-450 - CompassProfile v2.5.3 CPF-104-238-285 - Compress2Impress v1.0 Name: KIRI Org.: ANGEL Code: 949310395 - CompuPic v1.70 Name: Registered Phone: 666666 Serial: KPGH67CBBB - CompuRoc v2.0.1 Name: KIRI Code: CR-20-6602 - Computer Cuisine v3.1 e2h78%cm327 5639merjocin v3.0 eh78%327 v5.0 8675309 - Concatenate v10.5.2 Name: KIRI Code: 58-968 v7.0.5 U.Name: KIRI B.Name: KIRI R.Code: 57-958 - ConceptDrawPro v1.8 Pro CP-0b0f-3443-505f-1 CP-bof6-6323-88e4-52 vX 873D-750B-8060 v1.7.1 Medical MD623A-1401-F521 v1.6 6D3D-3309-7BCD (OS 9) 873D-750B-8060 (OS X) v1.5.5 873D-750B-8060 v1.5.2 6D3D-3309-7BCD - Dream Temple v2.0 KOOTHOOMI A2244 2JUGGLE 12SKIES 89WAGONEER SELMER553 ZZCOFFEE 0HARMONY 8KTIME - ConcertWare v• 006298 v1.5.8J CWS8000913 - ConcertWave v1.6 65001WCMA - Concurrence (OpenStep) v2.7.7 544445qor - Conference Room v1.1 168-0187-123 - Confirm It! v1.5.2 C2345678$012345 - Conflict Catcher v9.0.1 CC9-000-001-44481 v9 CC9-001-011-83411 v8b22 CC8-000-000-40640 v8.0.x CC8-000-001-64673 CC8-000-002-67362 CC8-000-003-64099 CC8-000-004-39364 CC8-000-000-40640 FU2-CTN-SWB-36740 v8.0.7 CC8-545-311-88511 CC8-241-435-10427 CC8-673-148-90300 CC8-015-821-25133 CC8-758-429-60157 CC8-280-230-48806 v8.0.6 CC8-000-777-09673 v8.0.4 CC8-747-782-56294 v4.0.1 CC4-123-456-472 CC4-234-567-479 CC4-345-678-422 CC4-456-789-901 CC4-567-890-746 CC4-678-901-677 CC4-789-012-132 CC4-890-123-595 CC4-901-234-066 CC4-927-356-228 CC4-434-333-037 CC4-793-285-885 CC4-257-961-393 CC4-257-473-897 v3.0.4 123-456-789-141123-567-901-917 CC3-175-318-406 (StarMax OEM version) How to un-demo Conflict Catcher 8.0: Converting this demo to fully working version! 1 Install demo 2 Do not restart 3 Open CC8 control Panel with ResEdit 4 Create resource ççFV with ID 0 5 Open it and write in it - 4C524A52 6 Quit ResEdit and save changes 7 Double click Control Panel and register using your name and this registration > CC8-545-311-88511 < You have now fully functioning version of Conflict Catcher - Connectix Desktop Utilities v1.0.5 273842 - Connectix DoubleTalk v1.1 DTL1-4405-4339-3890-4963 DTL1-8451-9424-5587-7896 v1.0 DTL1-3249-1233-4373-1778 DTL1-2139-1750-4671-8328 DTL1-3249-5562-8083-9234 DTL1-2873-5615-1880-8459 DTL1-5327-2099-2487-5292 DTL1-3028-2872-0653-8659 DTL1-5329-9456-1694-8413 DTL1-2574-7268-4968-1304 DTL1-5794-9773-7439-8693 DTL1-4729-5002-1770-6525 - Connectix SpeedDoubler v2.0.3 08968034872 - Connectix Virtual Gamestation v4 see tip Mount with DVDExtractor and you wont need the CD-crack! (unmount the PC partition) - Connectix Virtual PC v6 VPM6-0568-9355-6475-7743 VPM6-1362-6084-1115-4618 (upgrade sn) windows xp home sn's: RHKG3-8YW4W-4RHJG-83M4Y-7X9GW QW4HD-DQCRG-HM64M-6GJRK-8K83T PQTHM-RWBHR-3BPVW-TFB22-V8HXQ KQC2B-X683R-2CDXT-PQ7HQ-47MPT JFQYM-YJQFQ-VBRCY-4VV7W-QRXBY KMTTB-68H32-8MKRK-GBHKT-RKCP6 v5 VPM5-1256-1805-1952-2419 (upgrade?) VPM5-4863-2857-9404-2055 v4.2 VPW4-0993-2047-4105-9839 v4.0.x VPM4-2196-1948-7149-2847 v4.0.2 (OS X) VPX4-8106-6815-8929-4280 VPX4-4436-5871-2222-7579 VPX4-2435-8829-4147-0731 Requires VirtualPC 4.02 and Additions 0006 v4.0.1 VPM4-5417-5500-7367-3159 v4.0 VPM4-5417-5495-8818-2471 VPM4-2828-4509-5790-8111 VPM4-5134-4469-4603-1068 (update) v3.0J R7PQQ-424BV-M27TR-WTDWM-CBGFY v3.0.2 this serial is only for Windows2000 Pro that goes with Virtual PC 3.0.2. Others codes won't work... code: RM233-2PRQQ-FR4RH-JP89H-46QYB v3.0 V3-0033246 0002-0360-001 0002-0886-002 V3EU002583 (update) V3EU000403 (update) VPC21-1016-7470 XRFQB-496VT-8KQXV-VDTK9-QGMQJ G6M84-6PBMH-D8WTR-BKK4Y-W9H6W (Win2000) (see Tip) v2.12 VPC21-1016-7470 v2.0J 3071-4783-3448-2872 2379-8855-3314-1435 v2.0 1925-3637-6190-7648 4498-3570-7552-3920 7979-6871-0130-2571 0372-6585-9353-1819 v1.0b 3234-8266-9281-1218 v1.0 0372-6585-9353-1819 6859-6419-0594-0306 7132-8697-3965-3568 v# p9y3g-rbqbr-3fpjd-krwkh-vvx8b XP Home JQ4T4-8VM63-6WFBK-KTT29-V8966 8XBPX-KBTJC-J6CFT-BFGK4-8PCPW RHKG3-8YW4W-4RHJG-83M4Y-7X9GW QW4HD-DQCRG-HM64M-6GJRK-8K83T PQTHM-RWBHR-3BPVW-TFB22-V8HXQ XP Pro FCKGW-RHQQ2-YXRKT-8TG6W-2B7Q8 Window$ 2000# RBDC9-VTRC8-D7972-J97JY-PRVMG RM233-2PRQQ-FR4RH-JP89H-46QYB XGH9J-KBPBD-FXDKQ-K36XB-X9J6Y 2000 Professional - Full Version / RETAIL MT93V - GXPJQ - W4HQ3 - DV2Q7 - 8G64Y TQ4CV - XPJR3 - KPG3Q - HGH74 - BMYWT F6PGG - 4YYDJ - 3FF3T - R328P - 3BXTG WFX8X - J8FHX - RY234 - RBPPB - QZWBM F2T26 - BMK6H - 69QX8 - FYV8D - TY4CM RWRTK - 2RRQC - C4RHF - C7BQF - WP6TB RM233 - 2PRQQ - FR4RH - JP89H - 46QYB # # Windows reg number for Virtual PC: 11195-OEM-0000043-11111 12095-OEM-0004226-12233 Windows 98 SE HQ6K2-QPC42-3HWDM-BF4KJ-W4XWJ Windows 98 s/n HTTMH-JHRC2-HWMMT-QMK6D-JVMD3 DKRBQ-TXYCX-6K4GD-4CPJ7-C6B26 #### How to Crack VirtualPC v2.0 All you need is ResEdit. Open VirtualPc 2.0 with ResEdit and look for something called SrlN. When you open it look for ID 237. Open it (duh). On the first line you will find the serial number. It looks like this; xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx #### #3.0 Register it with this number: VPC21-1016-7470 and PRINT the registrie (DON'T send it to Connectix ;-). After that put the print in the trash. So the dialog is away!! :-)) - Consultant v3.0.2 name: blackIsAHoax org.: docToo code: 06221073191003 vOffice 3.0.1 User Name: nowhereman Company: nowhere Registration: 36232030841503 v3.0.1 User Name: nowhereman Company: nowhere Registration: 19053218367002 ( see --> Personal Organizer ) v2.5.8 Name: Inpher Company: NOP Code: 75382773508501 v2.5.6 User Name: Anyone Company Name: Anywhere Registration #: AU-CDEF-GH42-HYY (see [k]) v Server 50677213231400 [k]rack: to get this to work, you need to prepare a file with Resorcerer. 1. make a new file 2. create a resource "alis", id 128 paste this into it: 0840665E37EB8D1B65000020075337D0B1B664430D8A5349434E 00010753379007534E60EB000010000000200022E134B0B454C4 199669637338000307534E300640665E2FF18D0400348B20072A 6EF8524D00001A3246524546000207534E304F4700021A625744 454600031A867665727300011AB63F3F3F3F00001ACE77630D40 4D2804C86EF0485B4A1599C44D44454600011B82436847640000 1B9A6372737200171BA66D63746200031CC650494354002D1CF6 70706174000E1F1E4573 2. create a resource "alis", id 129 paste this into it: B0B454C4 3. set the fileinfo: Type "pref" Creator "JHRM" 4. safe it as: "consultant registration" 5. drop it into the preferences folder 6. start Consultant from the webside: Name Change "We have changed the names of Consultant and Office Consultant. Consultant is now Personal Organizer and Office Consultant is now Group Organizer. The products are the same, we just changed the names. - Contact Keeper v4.0 Pre-Release Name: Mouto Code: 84715a24c044k1o5i9nGo04a564e11100 v4.0b95 X Name: Pablo SN: 88015a24c038k1o5i9nGo04a564e11100 v3.0.8 Name: kiri@overkrack Code: 695210a66zsP234788478719442 v3.7.5 Name: KIRI X Code: 487146A66ZSP233444154506274 Name: Pablo SN: 520194a66zsP2341165013479628 v3.0.6 Name: Macintosh Code: 2469633194792106666 Name: Halo Driver Code: 2309633194864221972 v2.2b3 Name: KIRI Code: 240963314665646051 v2.2b2.1 Name: Chrisco* Code: 2149633208912106963 (see tip) v2.1.8b6 Name: Chrisco* Code: SN-1036096 v2.1 Name: Cendryom Code: SN-1036949 There is an invisible file in the Preferences folder called "Contact Keeper 2 Prefs" which is locked as well. You'll have to make it visible and unlock it with something like ResEdit or File Buddy, and then trash it. Then register it. - ContentBarrier v1.0.2 yxti-9l5z-afy7-6mne - Contextual Menus Manager v1.x Name: Macintosh Code: -10439 v1.0b1 Name: MoonDark Code: 8216 - Control Commander v1.1.2 Name: Lucifer Org.: Lucifer Code: 273-52-6800 - Control Strip Menu v3.0 Licensee Name: Macintosh Company : Apple Computer Num of copies: 100 Serialnumber : 11111 License code : Wdv3fffmezfk - ConverTable Units v2.x Name: PYRUS MALUS 763433-132982-CVT1 v1.6 Name: Inpher/nop Code: 763433-132982-CVT1 v1.0 763433-132982-CVT1 763433-132982-cvt1 - Conversion v3.0.3 Name: Surfer Code: 65-1313 - ConvertMachine v1.2 press ctrl-option-command and select "register" under the apple menu - Cookie Dog v1.2.3 X Registration Code: ATMO-0523-4653 Registration Code: PABL-1004-2830 See Crack v1.2.1 Name: <anything> Organisation: <anything> Registration Code: ATMO-0523-4653 Registration Code: LAIN-3278-2954 v1.1 0000-8841-3840 v1.0.1 0001-5842-3868 1.2.3 X Crack: 1) Open with Resorcerer or BBEdit, look for 'ATMO' 2) Change into 'AAAA' 3) Save and use the sn - Cool Address Book v2.0.7 Name: Akuma Code: 11390 - Cool Unmount Volume v2.0 Name: Ragnarok Code: BB6U-MI3N-QF73-KXU9 v1.0 Name: MoonDark Code: -53687-0912 - Cool Views v1.0.1 Name: Akuma Code: A4CM7X - CoolAgentTimer v1.5J NeXT - CoolCam v2.2 CC1KRACKE959DCOPY v2.x CC145678913134567 v1.5.1 CC3456789233AKUMA Instructions: drag and drop the serial number onto CoolCam's video window... from simple text for example, or even from a finder clipping (i am sure you can figure it out ;) ) - Copernic 99 plus vall versions code: 016-851210549 - CopsTalk v2.5 IP SQLI25001084 vNT OOCC40010002 2.0 IQIA21008904 v2.4J SSEK25000682 COPSTalk 2.5 will recognize that there is a previous installation. It will use your previous serial number as the COPSTalk 2.5 serial number. It will enable the IP services in the new version. - CopyNo v1.4 CPNO-Surfers-Cracked CPNO-*************** (* = any) - CopyPaste v1.5b5 X Name: Any SN: 247478627 SN: PHMS1844 v1.1 X 247478627 v4.x Rename "CopyPaste 4.x" to "CopyPaste-4.x" v4.4.2 Rename "◊CopyPaste 4.4.2" to "◊CopyPaste -4.4.2" (or "◊CopyPaste-4.4.2") (the 1st letter is char 215) v4.4 Rename "CopyPaste 4.4" to "CopyPaste-4.4" v4.1 Rename "CopyPaste 4.1" to "CopyPaste-4.1 v4.0.5 Rename extension CopyPaste to Copy-Paste. v3.1.1 Rename extension CopyPaste to Copy-Paste. - CopyPaths v1.5 Name: nowhereman Code: 12345678-00035160 (or 12345678-00003516 ?) - Corel Draw v8 D8MXR-6611429263 D8MXR-832695K425 v6.0 4480-1415-5172142 v8: enter just about anything you want - Corel Draw Suite v6 300A930083 - Corel Graphics Suite v11 DR11CRD-0012082-DGW v10 DR10MND-0910150-KWX DR10MRD-0012810-NYA v8 D8MXR-832695K425 D8MXR-66114Z9263 - Corel KnockOut v2 KO20CRD-0010380-TRL KO20CRD-0010335-NHA v1.5x 23-A6848-516 v1.5 12-B692224-193 v1.1 Installer Password: 5019 Serial Number: 1-B1284608-1 - CheckBook v1.0.5 X 1234567822 2345678813 - Chronomenon v4.0.1 X Name: Pablo SN: 274692 - State Tool v1.0 X Name: (Any) SN: QUAB-SAPA-BLQY-VZ2X - CandyBar v1.5 X 1010-1014-1818-1814 2020-2129-2525-2326 3030-3433-3939-3536 v1.0.3 X P0A2-B0L2-0122-1636 C0R4-A4C9-K3E4-D536 M0I1-N8I1-M8A9-L705 v1.0.2 6010-0306-0756-0035 v1.0.1 1010-2427-3533-4140 v1.0 1030-5773-9415-3656 - Corel Print House v3 PHM-5B90545833 PHM-54A8977256 - Corel Print Office v2000 P2MNR-2161706E69 - Corel Wordperfect v3.5e (Enhanced) WP4R-19792A527 v3.5.x A13-28Z4605861 v3.5 ADEWPXXM013226 - Corkboard v1.5J CB121-5291406 - Cortex v4.02 KLcendryom!904212 - CountWord v1.0.0 May the Force be with you. - Countdown Pro v1.0.1 Name: KIRI Code: PBLUH-AHOVB-HVMJY-LOJGY - CountdownTimer v2.4 CDT756461 - Crackerjack v4.0 F257-4551-B3C3-E183 v3.0 F1L1-66C6-46J2-4432 - Cram Session v1.0 CRAM28-1-683481534491-4966255119-5516222 - Crash Barrier v2.0.x 852328092 1852328092 1982487924 v1.1.2 893482255 852328092 - Create it vAll CRM9301513 - CreativePage v3.0 X Name: Pablo SN: CP10F-1456-1767-F Name: PYRUS MALUS SN: CP203-26722-1573-F v2.9 Name: KIRI X Code: CP210-16734-0-F v2.2 Name: Lucifer Code: CP30A-76342-17708-F Name: iCrack/KIRI Code: CP211-12616-10875-F v2.1 Name: KIRI Code: CP301-167110-6174-F v1.5 HDHY-4575-45D4-D v1.0 HDHY-4575-45D4-D - CreativePartner v1.0 2AE90-5270-6B95A 2B044-D29F-25567 - Creator vall versions ( see --> Multi-Ad Creator ) - Creator and Types vall versions ( --> see A Better Finder Creator and Types ) - Creator2 v1.6 C2-15-USA-UPG-001505629 ( see --> MultiAd Creator ) - CreditMedic v1.5e name: Macintosh code: 9Otaru3 name: Buck Rogers code: 1Sapporo0 v1.5 name: Asgard code: 5Otaru9 - Crib 3000 v1.0 DroopyIsWatching - Critters v1.0 Name: KIRI Code: C9724-TR2726 Name: ANGEL Code: C9724-TR5078 Name: well, now what's? Code: C9724-TR5734[peek] - Cro-Mag Rally v2.1 AAMMAAMMAAMM v1.0 CENDRMHCQGPR This is the future game of Pangea Software. At the time I write this serial number, the game is not yet out. This serial number has been guessed thanks to the other games of Pangea Software. C. - CronoTask v1.3 Name: SerialLain Code: 260460948 v1.0.6 Name: MonDark Code: 207230310 v1.0 Name: MoonDark Code: 842017584 Name: Akuma Code: 985050509 - Crop Circles v1.0 Name: Robert Tomich Code: 55216-137446-37867 v1.0b4 Name: Beta Tester Code: 11831-558675-67877 - Crops XT v1.0.5 MCXT-NMYAW-OCPG4-GPLLFH - Cross Platform v1.1.5 X Copy the following to the clipboard, then launch the program SIG_REG_STARTAJEBFEENEPFDEGEFEBFCIKIDLLHISIG_REG_END v1.0 name: Macintosh code: 1654845676 name: MoonDark code: 81098692 - Cross Word Search Creator v1.1.1 Name: Surfer Code: 340740 - CrossCards v1.0 1281159 - Cruise Control v1.1.x W1B91FC1640B W1E9C9F4CCA7 W1E64DE34CEB W1DBCEF34233 W1FF01F7A623 - Crush Beta vAll tioga - Cryptomatic v1.01 346190 - Crystal Caliburn v2.5.1-ie E-mail: Code : 671656199062368478713099 v1.x 9525CCW102365-U1 v1.02J 4290CCM110941-J1 8136CCM108063-J1 v1.02 1602CCM111413-U1 9189CCM111819-U1 4877CCM103892-U1 6937CCM109446-U1 - Crystal Designer v7.0.1 Name: Lucifer Org.: Nop Code: 80783434 - Crystal TOPAS v1.5 RB20-0010-3545 RB20-0110-0730 - CrystalDiffract v3.0.2 Name: Lucifer Org.: Nop Code: CDAC31323678 - Cubase vSX RC2 110000000 the app will install with it... but you still need a patch to fix dongle protection vSX KAT-MU50-RS-AD1223-FUK-BST v5.1/32 Workaround 020190033 (see tip) v5.0 0184692443 0183456789 v4.1 0183456789 v4 LKA9-NAA5-E8FA-AAI6-FC3B8C LKAO-NAAO-EOFA-AAIO-FCOBOC the O are not zeroes but shift+o you will need a cd emulator v3.535 AudioXT serial = 110000000 Score serial = 070000000 v3.5 LKA9-NAA5-E8FA-AAI6-FC3B8C 1. Get Ser # and Cubase 5.0 "full" CD ready. Back up old pref's (of course ;) 2. Launch 5.1 installer and go to the "install" button page and stop there. 3. Click on the desktop to make it active thern launch the Cubase 5.0 "full" CD. 4. Load and open the 5.0 CD, then drag the Cubase 5 installer to any drive so a copy resides on it, and leave the window to the 5.0 CD open. 5. Go back to the 5.1 install window and click install to the destination you choose. 6. Enter the serial # from 5.0 7. The installer should be now reading from your 5.0 CD 8. After installation... choose "quit" and you are golden! ##### For the crack of Cubase VST 3.5 to work, you CAN NOT install it on a Mac OS 8.0 system. It has to be installed AND CRACKED on a 7.x.x system; then you can copy the files over to a Mac OS 8.0 system. - CubicConnector v1.0 Name: Cendryom/nop Code: 963JBN-0064 - CubicConverter v1.0 Name: Cendryom/nop Code: 963JBN-5743 - Cumulus Desktop v5.0 (single user edition) jra-wte-mpj-wuj-apl-zmj djz-spl-jel-pzo-nln-tfv v5.0 activation: nkh-ozp-bua-ujx-tkf-udh serial number: oha-qxq-imu-ijs-gfw-cau v4.1 serial: vek-apf-duf-ict-xer-zew unlock: 40299-3a8568 v4.03 stv-phq-dzl-hjz-ylx-wbr 40200-400635 v4.0.3plus stv-phq-dzl-hjz-ylx-wbr v4.0 stv-phq-dzl-hjz-ylx-wbr v3.0J 226068442 12100214 v3.0 226344943 - Cumulus Network v4.0 xpf-shn-czl-ult-ghl-nfq - Current Protocol CD vall versions Reg# 72461 reg #: 74723 key code: 2c2e b56a d201 81dc The serial# and code for Current Protocol/Mol Biol works only if you turn the mac system clock to 1997 or earlier on clicking "OK" button to enter the magic code.• - Curvius v1.51 R1CiqJP89jBU - Curvus Pro v2.5E Name: Akuma Company: [k] Field1: 666 Field2: emeth - Custom Menus v1.0.x name: Macintosh code: PBMP name: Anonymous code: YPBN name: HackUser code: YPPN v1.03 name: Buck Rogers code: LDJF - Customer (The) JIT Server v1.2.6 Name: LeetCheeZ Company: SPC! ID: 03210715A <-- zeros - Customer Tracker v2.7.2 X Company Name: Pablo SN: 5B07-O656-2N00 Company Name: My Compagny SN: 5C77-M968-2N00 v2.6 Org.: AtmosFear Code: 5M58-S957-2N00 To register, go to Edit menu -> Preferences. Then click on the Contact Info tab - CutLine vall versions ( see --> Andromeda CutLine ) - CuteMozaic v1.0 224236248 - CutieAlbum v2.1.1 (Web.Ed) Name: La femme Code: YVG-DDPH45AMTGDM4TYMGYY-W9BTYY9 v2.0 Name: La femme Code: YVG-DDPH45AMTGDM4TYMGYYT39 - CutieMascot v1.5.2 Name: jiro Code: MMTY855JH36V64D45EB85-46GT PP000099 - CutieMascot ++ v1.5.2 Name: La femme Code: YVG-DDP2ADMYGAWYD6BGDQAT39 - CutieMascot Jr. v1.5.2 Name: La femme Code: YVG-DDPLYPACAGAGLYGPGJ4S39 - CutiePocket v1.0.4 Name: La femme Code: YVG-DML54DYKY4P4Q4K3YYPS39 - Cutout v4.0 L6755cd - Cutting Tools v7.0 U.Name: KIRI B.Name: KIRI R.Code: 57-961 - CutyMate v4.xx CUTYMATE@000413 - CyberAssistant v1.3 name: MoonDark code: MPBDFGBF - CyberFinder v2.1.x CYBP-508-108382 CYBS-847-461328 CYBS-695-821565 CYBL-057-108800 CYBJ-721-133025 v2.x CYBG-699-146342 CYBE-587-336153 CYBK-425-815180 v2.0 CYB 07490000000 CYB 07550000001 CYB 07610000002 CYB 07670000003 CYB 07730000004 CYB 07790000005 CYB 07850000006 CYB 07910000007 CYB 07970000008 - CyberGate v4.1.1 01333 vTNG cybergate@tng0000003 v3.6.1 CyberGate@07933 C********@****3 ('*' is a wildcard) - CyberGate PPP v5.1 CyberGate@07933 C********@****3 ('*' is a wildcard) v4.1.1 01333 v3.6.1 CyberGate@07933 - CyberGate TNG v2.1 cybergate@tng0000003 c********@t********3 ('*' is a wildcard) - CyberGauge v2.0 First two letter must be "CG". Then numbers must be from 49001 to 49990. CG49001 CG49003 v1.1 CG41008 CG47824 CG43752 - CyberPress v1.0 CMU-100-000-653-000000 - CyberRefill v1.4.1 C2345678@012348 - CyberSound FX v1.0 67-04-10-000025-144 67-01-10-000274-014 67-01-10-000194-250 - CyberStudio vall versions (--> see GoLive Cyberstudio ) - CyberViewer v1.3.5 CV11-3580199-156848-101 v1.0 CV11-3580199-156848-101 - Cyberopoly v1.0 Code: Macs rule! - Cyclone II v1.0.2 346-JKL-1 v1.0 234-FMA-4 244-FMA-5 254-FMA-6 264-FMA-7 274-FMA-8 - Cyrk Text Converter v1.0.6 Site14263 Site94637 U129129 U2537190 - Cythera v1.0 Name : HotSix Copies: 6 Code : ajiaomaf Name : Inpher Copies: 1337 Code : HGNDKKIC Name: Hotline User Copies: 69 Code: DGJPAOEM - Cytopia Plug-in Manager v1.0 PHL12100661372 - D' Studio vall versions ( see --> Designer's Studio ) - D-SoundPRO v3.5.x Name: Inpher Code: BCA-1075535 v3.x name: Macintosh code: 342-87397 name: MoonDark code: 231-86656 v3.5.1J Name: Power Macintosh Code: BCA-1456281 v3.5.1 name: [k]rack Works code: BCA-1372384 - D-Verb v1.8 LE CUB BIDS EATS FURL PLAY - D6 Custom Cursor Xtra v? Name: Paul Tooze SN: EXD100-03157-13580-75056 - DAG MIXER v2.03 DAM20011209024932 - DAVE v4.0 VFVA-88PM-3PAS-NYBT-RDY VFDA-QQPM-JPAA-NQBA-9VY VFDK-ENH5-3ZI4-N8MJ-Y4 v4.0b1 license code: ngdy-3jrs-udj4-9sax-b5ny-4i34-j9nx-vx3 serial number: DVEC498765 (will expire on 9/25/02) v3.1.1 td5o-a77h-frif-c2vy-zzgh tdmn-u9pv-rv2p-ui5h-ryg tdj6-ap7x-pr26-5bdf-zfg v3.1 tbj8-ytfj-5psx-4kjo-fxoo tb5n-uppv-p5k7-4avh-fhwh tb36-ar9b-rd46-d35z-ohh td5n-upjz-b92e-vjtp-7eo tbjn-a99b-jvnr-c25y-6ppf # 2gt4-vhm3-gfjh-3eaj-pmky-wfdp-dc68-by4f (valid till Nov 2001) v2.x RDBKPEEISW5123SWW652YBBV1P HDT8PEOJSC6162SES6O5YBAV1P JDT8PERISE51T3SWW6OTYBCV1R JDT4PEFJSU5164S5Y65XYBCV1J v2.5.x  v37a-2eft-b3ck-bwm-f63  v37a-2eft-ddc2-bwm-f63  v37a-2exv-bdci-bwm-f63  v37a-2exv-d3c4-bwm-f63  v37a-2whv-ddu2-bwm-f63  v37a-2wzt-bdui-bwm-f63  v37a-4yhv-dvu2-bwm-f6t  v39c-2ehv-mdu2-bwm-e73  v39c-2ezt-jdui-bwm-e73  v39c-2wft-j3ck-bwm-e73  v39c-2wft-mdc2-bwm-e73  v39c-2wxv-jdci-bwm-e73  v39c-2wxv-m3c4-bwm-e73  v39c-4ghv-mvu2-bwm-e7t  v57a-2eft-3vu3-bwm-g7t   v57a-2eft-tda3-bwm-g7t  v57a-2exv-vds3-bwm-g7t v2.5.2 tfmi-arbm-dfie-mmbo-e7rh tfjk-a73j-d7sn-3mvz-xpg tvp8-wp7h-v72w-d5b9-xfy ttm6-c57h-jzop-c25z-6rpo tt5i-a59b-f92e-v3de-8fhh tdm2-ampm-hrap-kidy-gzhr-c v2.5.1 xdmt-begy-uu3u-ipi5-pq # SN: 7f6b-t88t-akvz-6d63-c4 Unlock Code: V8D181974 v2.5 Serial Number: DVBC130159 License Code : vb76-8wrr-xvnb-hnri-v5 v2.1b7 XTIB-YD5-Q4C-6JT-D18-A5A-6X3-JSE-JCS-L v2.1J 47FV-POK-QHC-B2Q-G1Y-B1 v2.1 Serial: 35326 Licence Code: BDBRPEYISY6161SEU6OWYBBV1P Serial: DV5E84700 Licence Code: JDBVPEFJSU61T1SWS65WYBCV1P v2.0 Serial: 84700 Licence Code: JDBVPEFJSU61T1SWS65WYBCV1P Serial: 35326 Licence Code: BDBRPEYISY6161SEU6OWYBBV1P Serial: 86157 Licence Code: LDTVPEYJSY6124SOW6OSYBBV1P Serial: 34643 Licence Code: HDBQPEQISG5163SES6OWYBAV1P Serial: 55824 Licence Code: PDTDPEPISA6161SEW65TYBAV1L Serial: 47652 Licence Code: FDTCPEGISE6122SWY651YBBV1R Serial: 54773 Licence Code: LDTLPEZISE51T3SOY65XYBDV1L Serial: 57333 Licence Code: LDTLPEHISE51T1SWY6OWYBDV1L Serial: 16548 Licence Code: JDTVPEXISA6124SEU65TYBAV1R RDB3PEWJSW51T2S5S65SYBBV1L PDT4PEFlSY51T1SOW60WYBBV1P BDBKPERISE6164SWW65XYBCV1L JQFPEYCUT2TYGLVUTJ218IB5 RQPJEGEUJ4T7CL4WT28IHIBE PDT4PEWJSG5164SWW65SYBAV1R v1.0.1 Client 8HPZOQJ76K1O3D3 v1.0 JR6JFYCVJ4SQCKDUST8J8IBW JR6LFYAVJ4SYCKDUST8J8IBW JR6PF7GVJ4SYGKDUST8JHIBW JR6RF7EVJ4SQGKDUST8JHIBW JRFJFYCVJ4SQGKDUST4J8IBW JRFLFYAVJ4SYGKDUST4J8IBW JRFPF7GVJ4SYCKDUST4JHIBW JRFRF7EVJ4SQCKDUST4JHIBW LR6JFYAVT4SYCKDUST8J8IBW LR6LFYCVT4SQCKDUST8J8IBW LR6PF7EVT4SQGKDUST8JHIBW LR6RF7GVT4SYGKDUST8JHIBW LRFJFYAVT4SYGKDUST4J8IBW LRFLFYCVT4SQGKDUST4J8IBW LRFPF7EVT4SQCKDUST4JHIBW LRFRF7GVT4SYCKDUST4JHIBW PRPJFYGVT4S7CKDUST4JZIBW PRPLFYEVT4SGCKDUST4JZIBW PRPPF7CVT4SGGKDUST4JRIBW PRPRF7AVT4S7GKDUST4JRIBW PRXJFYGVT4S7GKDUST8JZIBW PRXLFYEVT4SGGKDUST8JZIBW PRXPF7CVT4SGCKDUST8JRIBW PRXRF7AVT4S7CKDUST8JRIBW RRPJFYEVJ4SGCKDUST4JZIBW RRPLFYGVJ4S7CKDUST4JZIBW RRPPF7AVJ4S7GKDUST4JRIBW RRPRF7CVJ4SGGKDUST4JRIBW RRXJFYEVJ4SGGKDUST8JZIBW RRXLFYGVJ4S7GKDUST8JZIBW RRXPF7AVJ4S7CKDUST8JRIBW RRXRF7CVJ4SGCKDUST8JRIBW - DeskShade Plus v1.1 Name: Pablo Email: SN: DS10-SOUH-FQ85-TC v1.0.1 Name: Cendryom Email: Code: DS10-5214-9963-05 - Decimal Ease v1.0.1 Name: Lain S/N#: DE1-504007-EPS Key : ZZK-0002-LJ001 - DB Plug v1.0 DPM1000564400 - DC20/25 Link v1.1 Name: KIRI Code: LMDC-7278-1000 v1.0 Name: MoonDark Code: LMDC-3743-2837 - DDClip v2.0 Name: [k]rkckWorks Code: 4CD361C0-5371 - DFinder v1.5.1 Name: MoonDark Code: N33960D16158 - DICOM Import v1.3 8F374EA5C4783412 v1.2.1 0000000000006F9D - DINR Digidesign Intelligent Noise Reduction v1.0 yj9660mkk236 gv3019whp234 - DNS Expert v1.6 pro DXPM-rcvf-5eha-dcjw-ciuj v1.2 DXPM-k2va-vebk-muzd-cv2b - DNewsMac v2.7re Count: 0 Code : a0a0a0a2a0w4a1 v2.x Count: 7 Code : a0a0a7a2a0r8a2 Count: 1 Code : a0a0a1a2a0z4a1 - DOS Mounter 98 v98 DM9820JM-109010 - DOSMounter v4.0 DS111247 DS144993 - DP Autochanger v1.2 Just enter the following when it asks for the registration code. "I sent the money to Kagi for Don" ( i hope this tip was serious! ) - DevalipiPro v3.8 Name: Lain Comp: Knights Code: DLP3-1412-2102-3022 v3.9 X Name: Pablo Company: Minimal SN: DLP3-1432-2122-1121 Name: PYRUS MALUS Company: RELCSYS SN: DLP3-1481-1741-0319 - DSM Player v1.4 Name: KIRI Code: DSM4F4CA543 v1.0.4 name: Buck Rogers code: DSM714F5924 v1.0.2 User: LeetCheeZ Code: DSM8CDA72FC - DSound Boxes VST v2 004-0000011792 - DTP603 vall versions DT08D16F-P1F58CA3 - DTPLauncher v1.6 DTPL-604132-604e180 - DTerm v2.0 10140-12341-14345-12345-92345 - DUY vall versions *V.Wide NOOK MOP USER DEFT GUTS EATS SPOT RET SLEW ID KID BATS *V.SHAPE NOON LEAP LUG LIKE FROM ROUT MEND RIDE TAP BOND INCH PLAY *V.DAD VALVE NOON SHUT KINK NAG CUBS AIR CAP DROP LYRA INCA PEW CAR *V.MAX DUY TENT PAST AFAR GEEK LOON TONE LACY SAG BUB URGE LIT IBIS when you launch your host program,hold down the d and u keys make sure caps lock is OFF- then enter the response for each challenge with caps lock ON.This will authorize your hard disk for DUY. Keep the codes- they will work forever! - DV Companion v1.2 1fc2-g12q-7oa5-x14a - DVD Shelf v1.2 sn: DVDSH100-6685GH - DX-7 Patch Editor v1.1.5 Search for: 8438 3F3C 0001 A Change to: 76BE " " " " " - DXF to Illustrator v2.1b Code: 11148933 - Dabbler vall versions (see --> Art Dabbler) - Dai Yonmoji Jukugo vAll î˘çπñÂìV (This code is Japanese character) - Daily Plan-it v1.0 10045678901231 - Stop-Motion Studio v1.2.2 X loudreg - Loud Journal v1.1.0 X loudreg - Loud Alarm v1.0.2 X loudreg - Loud Accounts v1.0.0 X loudreg - Daily Starter v1.0.4 Name: [k]rkckWorks Code: 5369 - Dain v1.0.3 563H2cvJ - Dairy Eiwa/Waei vAll SEW-950251 - Daisy Quest v1.0 DQ 1255 - DamefileFINDER v1.0 ID : Macintosh Code: 248444 - Dark Castle v3.0.4 [MacAddict] First Name: John Last Name: Doe SN: FZFA-FGNE-FTLV-NNRU - Darkness v1.5 EACKIRIANGEL4832 v1.3 EAC4567890128041 - Dart Board v1.0.6 00000370 - Darts 501 v1.1 TDS4000072 TDS4****72 - Data Rescue v10.0.4 X Name: Any Name SN: 5234-40AP-ABLO-5999-2 v4.0.1 Name: Pablo SN: 0234-91A8-9012-0456-2 v3.0 Name: SURFER Code: 6B34-6789-1234-6789-2 v2.x.x name: Macintosh code: B0001-1F94 v2.1.1 Name: TIGER Code: B1858-54CB v2.0.2 Name: MoonDark Code: B6476-51BA Name: MoonDark Code: B7325-8D27 Name: MoonDark Code: B5818-6C7A v2.0.1 Name: MoonDark Code : B1271-A4FD Name: Registered Code : B1271-C660 - DataBox v3.0.3J Pxxxxxx (x = any number) - DataCheck v2.1 DC-79865-2237 - DataDesk v5.0 FFFFFFFF v3.0r1 132158307 Accepts any hex number between 1 and FFFFFFFF (inclusive) as a SN. - DataForker v2.2.8J Name : (any) Address: (any) Company: (any) Code : Ç≥ÇÈÇ‹Ç›ÇÍ (Hold down option and click right button) - DataSaver v1.0.6 DSV01714 - DateView v1.3 (see tip ) simply open it in ResEdit and find in STR# [DateViewer is shareware] delete string 5 that's all folks - Datebook Pro and TouchBase Pro v? 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Using Resourcer's (or your favourite hex editor) open dialog, find the Default Folder preferencepane in /Library/Preference/ Drill down and find (/contents/macos/default folder x) Use the find command to locate: 546563686E6F436F72652F6E6F70 In the replace dialog box, type in the following: 457463686E6F436F72652F6E6F70 Now logout and login. 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Click the Register button in the shareware notice window. 2. Enter your name or the name of your company or organization in the edit field below where it says "User Name". This should be the name to whom the product is registered. 3. In the edit field below where it says "Registration Number", enter your Desktop Magician 1.0 registration code, as provided by Aladdin Systems (OR AS FOUND IN SURFER'S!!!) , followed by the letter J. YOU MUST HAVE THIS CODE TO REGISTER VIA THE UPGRADE OPTION. Straight Ahead Software cannot verify your purchase or provide this code to you if you have lost it. Only Aladdin Systems can provide verify your registration and provide a code to you. 4. Press and hold down the shift and option keys on your keyboard. 5. While holding down the shift and option keys, use your mouse to click the button labeled "Register". That's it. 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I know." - Dilbert Screen Saver vAll 5180-6344-1654 - DimageScanMulti II v2.0.2J #2883v2 - Dingbat Magician v2.0 Lambertville - Diphone v1.6 1525909071 - DayLite v1.x Serial Number: DLAAGAK-B7PN-IBLL License Key: DL-1.0-1-17BZ-CWAK-1A12-2Y1A v1.2.1 sn: DLAA7AJ-ABAA-VA1Q lic key: DL-1.0-1-17BZ-C4AM-6BHL-NZQA Personal Edition single user - Diplomate v1.2.2 7005666653 - Direct Text Pro v2.1 Beta Testers None T-1654327 5257-100226-7817 Anonymous None T-1234567 2431-808781-0806 Buck Rogers NASA T-1234567 1470-832632-8592 - Dirt Bike v3.1 Jr6v12345 JCJr9333 - Dirt Bike 3D v1.6 6rFFaNZM43NBoNZ v1.x code: Jr6v12345 - DiscVue v1.0.1 Name: Halo rocks! Code: 594-2760-6274-8105-16 Name: msj rocks! Code: 530-1543-5409-7946-16 - Disco v1.0 name: Lu code: X756648349 (see tip 1 + 2) (tip 1) Many of you have tried to register Disco with the SN includes in Surfer. It does not work, except if you do the following Open the app Disco with HexEdit, search for the ASCII string X756648349 and replace one number with another. Save and launch the modified app. The surfer registration is now valid. (tip 2) It does work. What you do is dump the one you have now everything and go to your system folder and delete the disco preferences make sure everything of disco is gone. Reinstall it then open it go to your menu and click register enter the number xactly the way it is. For the name use Lu. It should work i have it installed and it works just fine with that serial number. By the way download disco from Tucows. - Discover Painting v1.0.2 1244-9401-5920 - Discribe v5.0.15 7bb33eb8a56f v2.0.1 5005569 - Disk Cafe vall versions DC000444B52 DC000796A32 - Disk Label Printer Pro v1.0 985622 ( see --> Label Printer Pro ) - Disk Maid v1.0 (see crack) How to crack (PPC Only) 1. Open the app with resorce editor. 2. Open datafork and change: $C430 4182024C -> 60000000 3. Save and run changed app. 4. Enter your cool name. 5. And enter key is xxx-xx-xxx (x is any characters). Do not omit hyphens that 4th and 7th. (Example: Name: KIRI Key: 123-56-890) 6. That's it. - Disk Manager Mac v 190915 - Disk Recall v1.2.8 Name: Lain Code: 65940 v1.2.4 Name: nowhereman Code: 93629 v1.2 Name: Keuja Code: 7381 Name: Tortoise Code: 68924 - DiskDiverPro v1.11 ****-****-A*** ****-****-B*** ****-****-S*** ( * can be any number ) - DiskDup Pro v1.1.x 2067972382 12352383 1918662382 0193512382 1117652382 1558372382 00032382 000032382 v1.0.3 1641882382 1800012382 0537912382 0621772382 2115712382 0086132382 v1.0.2 08645119 - Direct Mail v1.3.6 X Name: Pablo SN: J3-aKkVYhmqA - DiskDup+ v2.9 Type 3 spaces in the '# Copies' field to register. - DiskEssentials v1.x.x 3204-567063 3204-719353 3204-578217 3204-791831 3204-375599 v1.06 XXXX-XXXXXX ( X is any number between 1-9) - chartConstructor v1.2.1 X Name: Pablo/Minimal SN: C2100-0671-5910 - DiskFolder v2.5P DPPILC-000000sp v2.4 DPPILC-000000sp HMLFRY-960513Iw - DiskGuard v1.8.5 68297-528895-120794 v1.6.3 13108-004389-456789 v1.6.2 43128-519551-123456 36599-468271-234567 91747-211446-345678 13108-004389-456789 95121-229238-567890 99815-341601-678901 v1.5.5 13108-004389-456789 36599-468271-234567 43128-519551-123456 91747-211446-345678 95121-229238-567890 99815-341601-678901 - DiskList v1.0 Name: free Company: freewarez Code: IsSdl48639-Bv3 Careful when entering this code. First character is uppercase letter "i", fifth character is lowercase letter "l", and that is a dash - or hyphen - between the 9 and the uppercase B, not a minus sign. Clever little shit, but couldn't beat The MasterCracker, a.k.a The Mad Programmer - DiskMaster v1.0 DMR100AAA00000043 is this mac? - DiskSurveyor v1.2 Name: Buck Rogers Code: DBIGCJAM - DiskTools Collection v3.3 DTC-0330-663775888 v3.x.y DTC-03xy-013515798 DTC-03xy-078005618 DTC-03xy-442515138 DTC-03xy-637155456 DTC-03xy-520635114 DTC-03xy-494735699 DTC-03xy-715680321 DTC-03xy-936425111 DTC-03xy-416385420 - DiskTop v4.5.3 0068522 v4.5.2 0065449 0065279 v4.5.1 65279 v4.0 06412 - DiskTracker v2.3b1 Name: PYRUS MALUS SN: 10-66264-JVYWCGQK v2.2.2 Name: Lain Org.: (anything) Code: 111-LAIN-W8GPC222 v2.2 Name: AtmosFear Org.: (anything) Code: 123-0067-KP2S4CSG v2.1.1 Name: DiskTraker Code: 199-6237-GG2GK42K ( and yes, the name is without "c" ) v2.0 Name: Atlantis Company: Lost City Code: 199-5059-CKCCKW2G v1.1.4 Name: Infer Code: UUOGQSGGCC name: Unknown code: CGMMIWQQCM v1.1.3 Name: Code: WEAAMYAGIE v1.1.1 name: Buck Rogers code: YMCMSAYEKM v1.1 name: Macintosh code: IWQEEGUSKO v1.0.3 name: SPC code: OMIYQMCQSQ v1.0.2 name: Anonymous code: UKUYUSYOKE - X-Sat v1.0 X XSAT-6B09CF71-PABL - X-Namer v1.0 X XNAM-56A77F86-PABL XNAM-56A77F86-PABL - X-Locks v1.0 X XLCK-09DB524E-PABL - DiskWorks v3.0.7 DW30208687483 DW30007291330 - Disklock v4.5.x D451N31337090105898 D451N03133707625741 v2.0 DLM$3004XAAINO0255IN - Distant Suns v2.0 DMB12974 - Ditto v1.0 XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX (any numbers in this format) 76826925-31337230 83220223-90129867 - Divine Right v1.0 Name : Akuma Serial: 12345 Code : 4208569 - Divinity vAll Name: Akuma Code: 75517051 - DocAssembler v1.0 Name: Buck Rogers Code: 6634F0A829A704356H124 - DocBreaker v1.0 Name: Buck Rogers Code: 6634F0A829A704356H124 or Code: 663420A8B7A704367H124 - DocJet v1.x.x Name: Inpher Keywords: NOP Code: 2611347 v1.3.0 Name: Akuma Key Words: 60000000 Serial Number: 2492500 - MoosePad v10.2 Registered To: Cendryom/nop License Type: Kracked Activation Code: 6E7EB8CA-2F6F5CD0-E0F69347-60167D1D - Voice Box v1.2 X 1234-2430-5678-2430 1111-2210-2222-1111 - SafeShred v1.0 X 0000-bee8-73e2-361b-1111-119e 0000-d181-73e2-835b-2222-1a28 0000-28bc-73e2-53f5-3333-0576 0000-fe00-73e2-e068-4444-1e3a 0000-cd7c-73e2-98b1-5555-18d2 - SafeFile v1.2 X 0000-31a9-b53a-0a4e-1111-2104 0000-7de1-b53a-f9c2-2222-0e0a 0000-45d8-b53a-bc28-3333-0a3c 0000-78d0-b53a-fbb5-4444-0f90 0000-910c-b53a-7539-5555-15d2 - Dock Switcher v2.0 X Name: Pablo SN: 148809509 v0.89 Name: Cendryom/nop Code: 569762560 v0.98 Name: TechnoCore/nop Code: 526093869 - DockExtender v2.2.x 0000-a28c-7f12-4b0a-1111-15fc 0000-2091-7f12-4086-2222-24c2 0000-da19-7f12-b81b-3333-1a8a 0000-78b0-7f12-cd97-0000-0d7c 0000-c3f8-7f12-c182-0001-1c1c 0000-3461-7f12-5497-0002-2580 v1.0 0000-50d0-7f12-cca4-7890-0d1a - DockZone v1.0.2 264452811 - Documents To Go v5.001 (Build 512) Registration Number: 5880258-8132 Activation Key: C2K9-5980805F03ED Registration Number: 4233889-3678 Activation Key: 5K5E-24083F02A3A5-FFFF v4.0 Code: 5339134-4936 Key : FE77-5M80QEDFEK9K Addon kit: Key : FE77-5M002M4K9F2 from a diff source: reg#: 5339134-4936 activation key: FE77-5M002M4K9F2K v3.004 Code: 4848053-4686 Key : K5F9-4980EF4A88F7 v3.0 Code: 1123-65536 Key : 5K5E-24083F02A3A5-FFFF 3.001 Code: 4848053-4686 Key : K5F9-4980EF-4A88F7 v2.0 Code: 4848053-4686 Key : K5F9-49008E0C7089 This is convoluted, but following these three simple guidelines worked for me... 1) INSTALL the application using the new number by Nowhereman. 2) Then LAUNCH it using the new number in Junkie's "fresh" ones area. Documents to Go 3.001 Registration Number:4848053-4686 Activitation Key: K5F9-4980EF-4A88F7 3) HOWEVER, make sure you DELETE the SECOND HYPHEN in Junkie's activation code, or else it won't work. - Dogz vAll 7002-8914-8334 5501-9175-0105 3204-1730-3509-9390-1855 SN: 4201-8407-8889 SN: 65085476 v1.0J 9000-0130-4192 v1.0(sw) Enter Code:1111-1111-1111-1111-1111 Unlock Code:9042-1268 v1.0 S/N: 3695-6076-2837-1617-0050 Code: 4041-0783 S/N: 3695-5076-2867-1717-0050 Code: 4041-0614 S/N: 3695-0076-2897-1717-0050 Code: 4041-0144 S/N: 3695-8076-2857-1417-0050 Code: 4041-0901 S/N: 3695-1076-2867-1217-0050 Code: 4041-0219 S/N: 3695-5076-2857-1517-0050 Code: 4041-0602 S/N: 3695-5076-2817-1417-0050 Code: 4041-0661 - DollHouse v1.0 2513*07186043-HM - Dolphin v2.0 ashes2ashes (Stuff It password) v1.0r4 AA-03596 v1.0 A-00XXX (XXX = any Number) UM-00980 - DomeWars v1.x 000000000000AAAA 111111111111TTTT 123456789012itYR FEDCB9A87654IWDC mM5QfAayMcqLv4If STPoHBreTMsZ7lHw rhFXTDMmuiQongOT LCjZ1jhdk2m8EZB7 Md1gdDXc1000Y00X WKhRUa6yKirb3WGi NpV6FPv7oNNrPGFd eT5O2mNveYNT87M0 UwKEhrG8y7QPOifD - Domitrix v1.3 Name: Lain Code: EsmaUaXD v1.0 Name: Cendryom Code: ItmaUaXD Name: kiri@overkrack Code: OpnaUbXD - Dongle Terminator v2.0.2 DT-10305 - Doodle v8.5 ROCI-88359980-251046 - DoorStop v2.0 25107686192685 25105776912543 25106807511806 v2.0 personal 25101008166783 v1.x 25107686192685 25108407418538 25103363945775 25105776912543 25104101807957 25106807511806 v1.0 25100000320000 25108698807243 25102348802409 25101842864039 25101936142400 25107938340897 - Dot What? v1.5 X Name: Pablo SN: JNU95-2BECC-PV43E v1.3 Name: Cendryom Company: NOP Serial Number: J12E5-43ESC-PW4L9 - DotShot v2.0 017a07j0200B v1.7.2 dtst@1998 - Double v1.1 Name: Lucifer Code: WMXI996550018 - Double Helix vall versions DHMC180800011V30R1 - DoublePush v2.2J Mail: Code: 5BD12A3770D93639 - DoubleScroll v2.1 11000*FT33$2931 - DoubleTalk vall versions ( see --> Connectix DoubleTalk ) - DoubleTouch v2.3 Name: nowhereman Code: uPDC-BZnX-UImiZ v1.2J Name : [k]rkckWorks code : ~:T!TC~~B~ - Doublet Scan v4.0.4 X Name: Lain Code: 1088-IBFJANHAIH Name: Pablo SN: 1455-JBHJANAAJH v4.0 Name: Ory-gun Code: 2279-IBNJDNAAPH v3.4.1 Name: Halo Kracking Force Code: 5965-CBBJLNJADH Name: tetrabromophenolphthalein Code: 9783-IBFJCNHAAH Name: HeHeHe BBS Code: 2083-LBAJANCAEH v3.3.2 Name: Akuma Code: 1456-ABHJNNGAAH Name: Orygun Code: 1705-IBNJDNPALH Name: Inpher/nop Code: 2792-JBJJINAALH v3.3.0 Name: h@lo driv@r Code: 2574-LBAJNNFALH Name: Th@n[k]s nwm! Code: 3397-ABHJONIALH v3.2.2 Name: Orygun Code: 1705-IBNJDNPALH v3.1.1 Name: Lucifer Code: 1600-LBCJDNFABH v3.0 Name: nowhereman Code: 3038-IBAJHNCALH Name: ji Code: 1057-FBFJINAABH v2.x Name: Registered Serial number: 2676-ILACBDLFML Name: Ass Biscuit sucks horses Serial number: 8280-IAALBLLAMF v2.1.x Name: nikki Code: 1546-IIAFBGLGMF - Download Picture v1.0 UPTOWN-00716 - Doublet Scan Lite v1.0.0 Name: Macintosh Code: 2890-EBLJJNMAIH Name: Halo Driver Code: 3562-LBCJNNFALH Name: absurd Code: 2928-BBLJNNLAAH Name: applicant Code: 3905-MBIJANBAFH Name: Belfast Code: 3123-MBLJANDAHH Name: bombast Code: 3264-MBLJANAAHH Name: coherence Code: 3982-CBBJINCALH Name: Pablo Code: 2252-JBHJANAAJH - Down Down DX v3.0 Name: Hirosue Code: H:++A-XYAE82 v2.2 Name: La femme Code: GCRM41262947 v1.x name: [k]rack Works code: JAOM25302623 name: TIGER HOLE TYO code: GWWX40456017 name: Shuhei Yamada code: GCRH34152936 v1.7.x Name: [k]rkckWorks Code: GXLJ06272320 Name: DownDownDX Code: GYIC16102016 Name: Macintosh Code: GBFO23324323 v1.7 Name : Macintosh Code : GBFO23061723 v1.6.1 Code: GAEK03051608 v1.6.5 Name: Shuhei Yamada Code: GCRH34152936 v1.6.4J name: TIGER HOLE TYO code: GWWX40456017 v1.5.1 Name: [k]rack Works Code: GXLJ22272320 - Down to Business vall versions SSN719 - Download Deputy v2.1.x Name: Anyone Code: 3197471.78 v2.0 Name: Anyone Code: 3197471.78 v1.6.5 Name: Anyone Code: 7724.651 - Download Mechanic v1.x.x pro C-45569560 v1.8.2 pro C-18905202 C-47261516 C-00153711 C-72949247 v1.6.x B-04099046 B-52143844 B-00259523 B-67061016 B-03038038 v1.6.3 BSPC555100 - Dr. Max v1.0 Name: KIRI Code: PF999EC - Dr.Mouse v1.0 1199100119-10026495 - Dr.SURF v2.0 name: Macintosh User (or any name?) code: MVIM-022-999999 - Drag Net v2.0 (MacAddict CD) First Name: Akuma Initial: L Last Name: ikes to [k] Unlock Code: 1ENVZWVUS6$6SWF214G6Z - Drag'nBack v4.2 AAA12345A12345AA3954 v2.x Name: MoonDark Organization: NOP Registration ID: 123456789 - DragStrip v3.7.1 (see --> Aladdin DragStrip) v3.x.x hhhhhd MrMMjd jAMrMd v3.6 serial: 12487 code : rAwyjd serial: 48582 code : wy3yAd serial: 55775 code : 33jj3d serial: 47144 code : wjrwwd serial: 70535 code : jB3M3d v3.5.2 serial: BaYZXAtJy code : yE9Q1f4dDq v3.5.1 serial: 66666 code : hhhhhd v3.1.2 Name: Akuma Serial Number: u4Q Authorization Code: stuv v3.0 Serial Number: 123456789 Authorization Code: 1234567890 Serial Number: 84402 Authorization: ywwBAd v2.0.1J 5WF-QZT-3UB9 v2.0.1 2RC-Z2D-AQA6 - DragThing v4.5.2 First enter: DT2-A9P3QV-ZQMYRZJ Upgrade with: DTU-974ZEP-DX32D6D v4.5 DT4-R9Q995-XS99935 upgrade sn v4.3.1 DT4-6P7HKR-23RKE9T see Crack 1 v4.3 DT2-SB77LK-X9J76PC and then DTU-GFFT2Z-121CKLZ # DT2-8EJMGM-GV5MGNC Upgrade DTU-076F56-KFL5CJH v4.x DT2-A9P3QV-ZQMYRZJ upgrade DTU-974ZEP-DX32D6D v4.2.1 DTU-076F56-KFL5CJH DT2-8EJMGM-GV5MGNC DTU-076F56-KFL5CJH # 4.2.1 U[p]grade SerialZ First register with one of these DT2-4VU89A-SVXGVCF DT2-SB77LK-X9J76PC DT2-8EJMGM-GV5MGNC DT2-EQ3CXL-WQ2GYVF DT2-6YYSF4-4DPS3RJ DT2-7CJCE6-WNNYQNF DT2-E58EXL-CEK3MRC DT2-P8V4BN-NQ6KENQ DT2-4VU89A-SVXGVCF DT2-SB77LK-X9J76PC then u[p]grade with one of them DTU-GFFT2Z-121CKLZ DTU-UTYT7P-U3VZG3Z DTU-2WFALR-ESQPX44 DTU-6C1G9L-IP1SS6J DTU-RQMWZP-AZI4P24 DTU-2XYVF5-ATFR6DA DTU-APU0T6-M6UTX6J DTU-OA387R-5E7WOTA DTU-UFWSCP-FDJHVR4 DTU-D6JB44-R74EH3E # first enter… DT2-B4ACKH-X7T5J9Q …then upgrade with: DTU-WATTX7-3SZSGLT v4.2 DT4-X3XUD9-9RKQDFB # first enter: DT2-K372M9-PS7ED5F then enter the upgrade sn#: DTU-J4CGFT-JZO54W3 v4.1 Name: Pablo Code: DT4-FAZPU6-CRIQ36E Name: Pablo Code: DT4-EJSI19-RFXEQA6 Name: Pablo Code: DT4-RRRFBJ-WACA6WX Name: Pablo Code: DT4-ZB6UIB-WRJFE42 v4.0.2 DT4-6AJWI2-2ZBKOW9 DT4-2SQI6L-47L8AE2 DT4-6I54HA-4568G2Z DT4-C6CTTA-DKEXNXX DT4-7AZLBE-CZ7S09Z or Delete the prefs. Enter DT2-B3CFZ8-V3UTECQ first Then upgrade with DTU-PL8FK4-6FJEIPK v4.0.1 DT2-TKK9KD-48NEYMJ (enter first, upgrade serial) DTU-SP1M6X-ITUHTWK DTU-NPNQXT-936L167 DTU-5C832J-ISN4ODK (delete the old prefs)* v4.0 DT2-CK4YM5-8TD5YTJ DTU-RHNEW3-CKDRYW3 (upgrade) DT2-D7SN7W-FBX4AAC DTU-TJXG76-MEGLPX4 (upgrade) v2.9 Name: nowhereman Code: DT2-12340A-8UUFYB7 v2.8 Name: nowhereman Org.: nowhere Code: DT2-238585-42KKBRZ DT2-39857E-QDMTLKJ DT2-TKK9KD-48NEYMJ DT2-Y3E58Y-BE2Z3VC v2.7 Name: Inpher Org : NOP Code: DT2-828648-H6964FJ Name: PAOLO VANGELISTI Code: DT2-3NG9JT-NJDMJKQ v2.6 DT2-053750-EUT6IUI v2.5 DT2-014569-CMRN85I v2.0 DT2-014569-CMRN85I DT2-316802-AB5JKJF DT2-542521-7XXVTLF DT2-454105-XVUE6ZI DT2-113458-WY6W2PI DT2-821865-GN5WXSJ DT2-242853-7XDS2CC DT2-024725-5LU2T2I DT2-055052-29MHJZF DT2-657182-757EC9I DT2-717081-IMLWIBJ Crack 1: Open it in Resourcerer or ResEdit: In Datafork... at offset B56AC replace 7FE3FB78 with: 38600001 at offset B6964 replace 7FE3FB78 with: 38600001 *********************************************** Crack 2: Open it in Resourcerer or ResEdit... In Datafork... at offset 10174c replace 6000 to 3c60... run it. enter valid 4.0 serial number like: DTU-F5R2LT-OHE5CT2 (or use export function) - Dragon Burn v# ••B•5••L••••••G•K•0•NOP• **F*5**Q******I*R*0*NOP* Use any name you like. (Those are option 8's [bullet's] in the first serial, shift 8's [asterisk's] in the second serial.) - Dragon Clash v1.0 86781320 - DragonHunter v1.0J 652-97-3010 - Dramatica Pro v4.0 143A-102-596-6472 v2.x code: DR20MAC-9679 Key : YSP8-YP78-8JVV-5MH6-YBAU-A5PA v2.0r5 Just change X with any letter/number except 1 and 0 [zero that is]. xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xUx5 FFFF-xxxx-ADEG-2453-4444-xUx5 2344-2344-ABCD-2344-2344-xUx5 66PH-EBER-CRC7-ÿFDE-STRU-CUT5 4444-4444-4444-4444-4444-4U45 v2.0.5 4444-4444-4444-4444-4444-4U45 2344-2344-ABCD-2344-2344-3U35 - DrawTools v (see --> Extensis) - DreamSuite vall versions ( see --> Auto FX Dreamsuite ) - Androkids v1.0 X First Name: Pablo Last Name: Pablo SN: AK1725LU1 - EtherShare OPI v3.1 Serial: 12345678 Expries: 1-Oct-2001 Units: 20 Checksum: jcgj-jvco-eoai-csah - PDF Handshake v2.1 Serial: 12345678 Expries: 1-Oct-2001 Units: 20 Checksum: ipec-athp-fegf-cxbu - EtherShare v3.1 Serial: 12345678 Expries: 1-Oct-2001 Units: 20 Checksum: gcjm-bvcy-epic-idah - PCShare v3.1 Serial: 12345678 Expries: 1-Oct-2001 Units: 20 Checksum: foca-eihp-fegj-heip - Print Preview v2.0 Serial: 12345678 Expries: 1-Oct-2001 Units: 20 Checksum: jdbz-aqea-jndk-amfm - Dreamweaver vall versions (see --> Macromedia) - iSpectrum v0.1 X Name: Pablo SN: 158926222 - iVCR v1.0 X Name: Pablo Email: SN: XKZVMHMHZMCFYYCB - Drive 10 v1.1.4 101351791365144 103351151373933 v1.1.3 101352611343154 103354131363543 v1.1.1 103351151337933 v1.0.1 103354131363543 - Droids v1.1 Code: 1857780 - StudioMonkey v1.0 X Name: Pablo Email: SN: 01-0601-0604-9704-4609 - Drop Drawers v1.6 Copy this data to your Clipboard, the application will detect the string on launch, and register the Application. SIG_REG_STARTALFAFJFCFFFDCAENEBEMFFFDBDAABNAASIG_REG_END v1.5.9 see tip 2 SIG_REG_START_EBEKGPGOCAFCGFGJGEANDCDDCAEDGBGMGEGFHCCAFCGPGBGEANEEGBHCGMGJ GOGHHEGPGOANEOGFHHCAFDGPHFHEGICAFHGBGMGFHDCADCDADADIANEBHFHDHEHCGBGMGJGBIDDOCPHA_SIG_REG_END v1.5.8 see tip 1 SIG_REG_START_AEEGHFGCHFBBAAOOAA_SIG_REG_END v1.2.6 SIG_REG_START_AEEGHFGCHFBBAAOOAA_SIG_REG_END (see tip) v1.1.1 (see Tip) tip 1 copy this into your clip board (command c) SIG_REG_START_AEEGHFGCHFBBAAOOAA_SIG_REG_END quit drop drawers and set your date back two years start up drop drawers it will tell you it has been registered perminently ;) and you can reset your date ;) # tip 2 1. Ensure Drop Drawers is not currently running. 2. Select the entire block of data below. 3. Choose Copy from the Edit menu. 4. Run the Drop Drawers application. # To license Drop Drawers : 1. Ensure Drop Drawers is not currently running. 2. Select the entire block of data below. SIG_REG_START_DBEEGFGCGCGJGFCAEIGFHCGPHJANDCDADFDGDICAFHGDHCCADIDIANEBHFGM HEANEDGPGMGPHCGBGEGPCADIDADGDBDAANFFFDEBKHCCAPFG_SIG_REG_END 3. Choose Copy from the Edit menu. 4. Run the Drop Drawers application. If that wasn't clear: just select the text after copying it to a simple text doc (with your cursor just the way you would select text to copy it...) before starting drop drawers. Select copy from the edit menu (so that the text sequence is in the clipboard) and then start (double click the app icon!) drop drawers. I'm not going to venture to explain how, but it does register the app; not in your name but in Debbie Heroy's name; whoever she is... I know it sounds strange for a registration but it works. After it's started it tells you its registered and go to the about menu for registration info... It probably deserves the strangest way to register award, but it works. - Drop Launcher v1.0 email: a@b.c code : RUP-891-QSS - Drop Rename v3.5 X439BD38305 - Drop Viewer v1.0.1 Name: NopsBug Code: 69883071 - DropCard v2.5.2 53762854-200 27485739-210 45187935-250 - DropDMG v1.2 Name: TechnoCore/nop Code: DDMG-IGEZ-I7A2-M13R-UVA9 - DropIcon v3.02 Name: @mosFear Code: 2898-1704-0192 # Name: Atmo5Fear Code: 0090-6704-0192 Name: Atmos Fear Code: 0090-1704-0192 # Name: Atm0sFear Code: 0630-6704-0192 (that's a zero in the name, not an "oh") v3 Name: AtmosFear Code: 0030-6704-0192 v2.x Name: NiceBunsChrisco Code: 8090-3008-0192 v1.0 Name: MoonDark Code: 4830-1704-0192 - DropImage v2.3 Name: nowhereman Code: 110111119104 Name: Z;Q Code: 122059081 - DropStuff v (see --> Aladdin StuffIt DropStuff with Expander Enhancer) - DropZip vall versions ( see Aladdin StuffIt DropZip ) - Drumbeat v1.1 KRAK-12345678-5CFCF2 v1.0.6 ATMOSFEAR000-A79D66 v1.0.5 NOP-123456789-061FA3 Registration information is stored in an invisible file ".mdt-stamp" located in the root of your hard drive. If this file exists, delete it before entering new registration information # A word of caution: when launching the program, it connects to and "checks for updates" # better to change all occurrences of "" in the data fork to another valid url. - DukeEdit v1.x Name: MARLEY Code: 1198589128 v1.10 PPC (US) (see crack) v1.02 (PPC French) (see crack) 1.02 (PPC French) In the program Data Fork : Replace 48 00 53 4D 60 00 00 00 54 60 06 3F 41 82 00 34 By ^^ 48 00 53 4d 60 00 00 00 54 60 06 3f 40 82 00 34 Replace 48 00 55 59 60 00 00 00 54 60 06 3f 41 82 00 34 By ^^ 48 00 55 59 60 00 00 00 54 60 06 3f 40 82 00 34 It allows you to save maps with more than 20 sectors without registering the application 1.10 PPC (US) but it doesn't work any more with the 1.02 PPC version. It doesn't register the app, but it allows you to use fully DukeEdit: you can save maps with more than 20 sectors. In hexa in the Data Fork Replace AB830014 4800B585 60000000 5460063F 41820034 By AB830014 4800B585 60000000 5460063F 40820034 Replace AB030014 4800B369 60000000 5460063F 41820034 By AB030014 4800B369 60000000 5460063F 40820034 (Each time 41 becomes 40) - Dummy kun v1.5 2906-7821-0008 - Dumpster v4.0 Name: Cendryom Code: 9960 Name: Gégé Code: 4980 v3.0 name: Shadowgeist code: 13574 name: TIGER code: 6170 v2.6.5 code: 92537389 - DupFinder v1.2 1050-1190576388 - DynSiteConfig v1.1 dGhhbmtz - DataRecyclerX v1.0.0 X Name: (Any) Company: (Any) SN: 5234-41AP-ABLO-9399-2 - DynamicEfx vAll 2300600845 2300603067 - Dynamo v1.x 233-3279-57017 - E to J vall versions ( see --> Logovista E to J ) - E2F v1.6.2 Name: SAMSON2 Code: L007109011 Name: SAMSON22 Code: L008109011 Name: SAMSON123 Code: L009109011 # Master password = TR7G3 v1.1 Name: SAMSON Code: L006109011 - EDICOLOR v6.0 S/N : M0630420 Pass: SWJYBSABKPBK v5.0 S/N : M6010209 Pass: CRSXUYJAYRSY S/N : M8310125 Pass: SAXBFFHSFXAF v4.0J code: M6010209 pass: CRSXUYJAYRSY v3.0J code: M2012341 pass: REKJJRCFPJFY v2.2J code: A1051928 pass: AWPTAXYFBKWY code: M2050540 pass: UTWBXCWSUWUA v2.02 code: AI052782 or A1052782 pass: YWUCAHSHTJXK - EG Book vall versions (All Version) 51120300481990 - EG-02 Scientific Calculator v2.02 rebeccalauratim - EGBRIDGE v11 121222600010301648 017600002082114 111240100014800896 v8.0 DM-403-1-7495-1776 v7.0 017600002082114 - EGWORD v• 51122000000000 51122400002818 v10J 121222600010301648 017600002082114 111240100014800896 vClassic 01101300781324 v9.0J 51130000501662 v7.0J 01M600400703964 51130000501662 v6.7J 018600006425080 011670000791720 011670000794400 011670001252548 v6.0J 011600021716704 018600006425080 011600031106388 v3.0J 151210430718100395 - EIMS vall versions ( see --> Eudora Internet Mail Server ) - ELFDUST EFFECT v2.5.1 ED000631700 v2.5 ED000000288 v1.1 ED000631700 - EMF Profiler v3.0.1 Name: KIRI Code: 909-274 v3.x Name: Chrisco* Code: 2271-274 - EPS Extractor v1.1 Name: Surfer Code: 69-631 - EPS Summoner v1.0.0 KD40MFIW - EV Nova v1.x.x Name : Anonymous Copies: 5 Code : BIKKJKIG v1.x Name : Zeus Copies: 666 Serial: JBPBFBBF v1.0.4 Name: HackUser Copies: 100 Code: LCDBEFPF Name: Buck Rogers Copies: 100 Code: DHMADKCM v1.0 Name : Fredrik Gadnell Copies: 1 Code : HE43-TNK5-VAXA Alright, for starters, to hack this file, you need Resorcerer (doesn't matter which version). If you don't have it, get it ... ResEdit won't work ...' 1) Ok, open your EV Nova License in your prefs folder (both Classic and OS X will have this file, use Sherlock if you can't find it) 2) Go to the Data Fork, open it and adjust the window so you get 4x4 in one line. For example: 789C F3F3 0F51 0872 75F7 0C0E 710D 72FD 3) Copy line 18, you have to copy the ones with an x, the "•" are unimportant 0 •••• •••• •••• ••••  8 •••• •••• •••• ••••  10 •••• •••• •••• ••••  18 •••• •••• XXXX XXXX 20 XX•• •••• •••• •• Copy the X's to notepad or whatever suits you ... 4) Fill in this form I made for you, replace the X's in the order you noted them down 789C F3CB 4CCE 5770 2ACD 2862 1899 202C D0CD 51D7 C73D 2448 D7D9 C4D8 71A0 5D33 2080 D1XX XXXX XXXX 2000 BC2A 083B 5) Save. Put the License file back in your prefs folder, boot Nova and, VOILA!test3 - EV-Edit v3.x Name: Chrisco* Code: 695425 - EXDXF Pro v1.0.6 7KIRI-22966-7HACK-37716 12345-27016-34567-75814 64982-42087-32759-60117 63728-41281-40937-83889 - EZ Bible v1.3 0530998024 - EZ Verb vall versions 177979EVMA1901 - EZ Vision v3.0.2J 210.300.00046295 v3.0J 210.100.00017809 v2.0 210.100.00023829 - EZ-Mixer v1.0 EZM10-81ROYLDS-03267 - EZ-PDF v2.0 E234564590489256 v1.0 EZ-1782356257757 - EZCalendar v1.0.x Name : Inpher Copies: 31337 Code : 156685-188022-0614 Name : Inpher Copies: 1 Code : 0005-06-0614 - EZIndex v1.01 Name: KIRI Copy: 9999 Code: 69993-39996-303 Name: White Flame Copy: 9999 Code: 69993-109989-1030 - EZNote/QuickNote v1.5.1 Name: Macintosh Copy: 9999 Code: 169983-89991-934 v1.x name: Charlie Chaplin copies: 10 code: 170-150-1431 v1.4.1 Name: Inpher Copies: 666 Code: 11322-3996-0614 - EZee LM v1.2 Name: Inpher Code: 738-27 Name: KIRI Code: 490-27 - Ear Training v2.3 Name: F U Z F U Z (you MUST put a space between each letter!) Code: 40 40 (again there must be a space between the 40's!) - EarSaver v1.5 ES0100-000573-654108-MWC000 v1.0.1 7001AMM:66504-R1 - Earth Browser v1.7 3006119970 3007024310 See Tip 1 v1.6.2 3023409969 v1.3.5 3334567879 v1.0.5 3334567879 3005007990 3005008977 3005009969 3005010072 3005011073 3005012107 3005013173 3005014295 3005015553 3005016517 3005017998 3005018981 3005019971 3005020105 3005021104 3005022106 3005023170 3005024294 3005025550 3005026533 3005027506 3005028989 v1.0.3 3334567879 Tip 1: Be aware that this app phones home every time you launch it.. Tip2: To download the High Resolution Maps, choose the second link, don't enter the serial number above on their Web page. - EarthDesk v# K10J-56FE8AR804-U08M - Easy Account v2.0 54125113 - Easy Grade Pro v3.5 19-397-9635-15817164 - Easy Open v1.1 Name: KIRI Code: JCTQT-MKO9W-MRIHR-ZJGOW - Easy Transfer vall versions 0496012515 - EasyBell v3.2b2 Name: T.Mikawa Code: 909196337 - EasyFract v1.1 Code: GZZESFR1997 - EasyGame v1.9.0 GameEater1.10 GameEater1.50 GameEater1.80 GameEater1.90 - EasyLabels vAll 00032382 000032382 - EasyLife v1.0.1 Name: KIRI Code: 0846-CGDFFLHFPC Name: Pablo Code: 0772-CJDAFAHHPJ - EasyMage v1.0.3 Name: KIRI Code: 1815054539 - EasyPhoto v1.0 4T768T00226BB - EasyTransfer v3.4.3 BT-001-388T - EasyTyper v1.0.2 Phone 123456789 Password 2028614308 - Echo Fire v2.1 EF263-11481-33646-59 EFM53-52093-82720-82 v2.0.3 EF241-25523-12212-36 v2.0b14 EFM73-51894-61499-14 EFM77-64209-82807-82 v2.0 EF290-47071-70041-50 v1.1.4 EFM10-54809-31337-61 v1.0.4 EFM52-95005-82869-26 v1.0.2 EFM90-00000-00001-28 - Eclipse v3.1.x Name: Buck Rogers Copies: 100 Code: GFLGKKBI v3.0 Name: Anonymous Copies: 10 Code: KNBFBGII v1.0 Name: SPC Copies: 666 Code: HDKLNKCC - EdgeWizard v1.0 CWA-100-0001-005563826038 CMA-200-0001-00391331-9147 - Edit One vall versions 427-123-00040749 - EditDV v# EPPT JHQC UCDX MSWL QDXQ (unlock key) Hopeful (unstuff code) v1.6.1 EQDP RAZV HGSX UCGU NLXB v1.6 JDYT LDPU BHST LNWD ABCD v1.1 crimson K - Effector Set I vall versions 217016 - EhonKoubou v1.1.0J BR@8513-#-Z74F! - Eight Ball Deluxe vall versions ( see --> 8 Ball Deluxe) - EightyRez v1.0 50006006 or 0006006 - Eigo de Mail vAll MBAR-NAAA-000000 - EigoJisho vAll 0580-9450021 - Einhugur VanHoek Realbasic Plugins v Einhugur 133-11859 123-9999-10875 v VanHoek 123-12819 The plugins are encrypted, so you have to use the following tool to decrypt them: After you've downloaded Registrator 4.0.5, enter any name and click on the "Add Key..." button. For Einhugur software, use either of the following keys: 133-11859 123-9999-10875 For VanHoek software, use the following: 123-12819 Once this information has been entered, you can now decrypt an encrypted plugin by either double clicking it, or clicking the "Browse" button in the Registrator. - EjectDisk v3.2 Name: IRIK Copy: 100 Code: 58987390 v3.1.6 Name: Macintosh Copy: 9999 Code: 33415872 v1.2 Name : MoonDark Copies: 99999 Code : 86072536 - EjectMenu v2.3.3 Name: list of sn Org.: by nowhereman Code: BROXZG0AQ2SMXC v2.x.x Name: Inpher Org.: NOP Code: 97EJ396CDV23276 v2.3.2 Name: No Where Man Code: AJ6OWX7BTLH70G v2.3 Name: nowhere Org.: man Code: A3QLYTUBNDYG3K v2.2J Name: nowhereman Org.: free Code: BW5AQ36BTLH70G v2.2.x Name: Inpher Org.: NOP Code: BXYOOTPBLNQHHS v2.2 Name: HotSix Code: AMOQWIOA5409T8 v1.1 97EJ396CDV23276 The old "2.x.x" doesn't work not because it was blacklisted, but the algorithm was changed. - Ekispert vAll B10241066086 B10240019229 B10240034956 B10213012233 B10210031831 - Elastic Reality vAll 80862801118 - Elastic Reality Transjammer v1.2.1 81-46609-51273-59795 v1.0b7 82-34075-22609-02307 - ElectricImage Animation Studio (EIAS) v2.9 Key: KE03847E Serial: CCJL-EKAZ (You need also the Dongle Patch for 2.9! ) • Key Serial: BW00002 Your Name: (any) Your Company: (any) Authorization Code: DEMO-TXGP • HYKE-LFAX v2.5.2 AA00001 Also needs dongle emu (EI 2.8 emu worx) - ElectricImage Modeler v1.0 Key Serial: BW00002 Your Nmae: (any) Your Company: (any) Authorization Code: DEMO-WKEY Also needs dongle emu (EI 2.8 emu worx) - ElectricImage Universe v1.0 Key Serial: BW00002 Your Name: J&D Your Company: Auth. Code: JMDK-WKJW - Electrifier Pro v1.0 ELE-100-083-GLK ELE-104-393-DGH ELE-567-901-A4B ELE-101-009-BCA - Electronic Kaleidoscope v2.1 Name: MoonDark Code: 1360960896 - Elements of Anarchy: Text v1.0 12-B10938880-795 - Elements of Style vall versions ESM 113904 T - Elite Force v exp cd key C9-R4X6-PNFM-MFFP-PPTK v# (Multiplayer --> see tip) tip To get Star Trek Voyager Elite Force to do multiplayer without entering a CD-key, all you need to do is go into the BaseEF folder, open the hmconfig.cfg file with SimpleText, and change the line that reads seta ui_cdkeychecked "-1" to seta ui_cdkeychecked "1" - Elmer v2.0.2 02465612 - Email Archiver v1.9 Name: Akuma Code: 43779 v1.8 name: orygun code: 42937 Master unlock code is: thesuniseclipsedbythemoon - Email Cleaner v2.0 Name: kiri@overkrack Code: EMCL-ABLB-Y0TD-0KKZ-IL0V v1.64 Name: nowhereman Code: EMCL-UV4I-Z0LC-Z0CR-LZ0T - Email Effects v1.6.8 SIG_REG_STARTALEIGBGMGPCAEEHCGJHGGFHCFFFMJMFISIG_REG_END SIG_REG_STARTAOFAGPHHGFHCENGBGDGJGOHEGPHDGILEKCELBFSIG_REG_END (copy the code to the clipboard before you start the application) v1.6.5 SIG_REG_START_ANEGHFGCHFCACIGIGFGOHEGBGJCJBMKDBAHD_SIG_REG_END v1.5.5 name: Server Surfer code: SIG_REG_STARTANFDGFHCHGGFHCCAFDHFHCGGGFHCNNAICKDLSIG_REG_END (copy the code to the clipboard before you start the application) v1.4 name: CrYpTo Nite code: 391145662 v1.2 name: Macintosh code: 1789657745 v1.1 name: Sig Software code: 1442927399 name: HackUser code: 650753712 v1.0 name: Buck Rogers code: 1303607479 (copy the code to the clipboard before you start the application) - Email Merge v1.4 name: MoonDark code: 1812291787 - Email2FMP v1.8.3 Name: CLAXON Serial: L006007011 Master Pass: ∂´ƒ¢∞§   (opt-d, opt-shift-e, opt-f, opt-4, opt-5, opt-6, opt-space, opt-space, opt-t) v1.8.1 TAMPON L006676011 MKCONSULT L009876110 CLAXON L006007011 SLOWPROG L008059011 SEXXON L006359110 MKCCON2 L007481011 master password = ¶¶¨??÷÷ (press option while opening db) (type it in as: opt-7 opt-7 opt-shift-u opt-h opt-b opt-/ opt-/) v1.8 Name: SAMSON2 Code: L007109011 Name: SAMSON22 Code: L008109011 Name: SAMSON123 Code: L009109011 - EmiClock v# Name: EmiClock Code: LGO:F9JA6L (For optional costume kit.) - eZedia MX v3.0.5 MX300-K777-0BY8-B4RW-JMT4 see Tip Tip: Creates "jgl3.1.0.jar" "jh.jar" "jimi.jar" and "swingall.jar" in extensions/MRJ Librairies/MRJClasses. Also "eZediaMX Preferences" in preferences folder. - Empower vall versions Name: Administrator Pass: Admin - Empower Pro v5.x.x 8788-0556-0000-6021-80102312 3133-0606-0000-2005-21823472 2557-0626-0000-4041-07615465 2440-0627-0000-5088-27505113 5241-0135-0000-9032-34148877 v5.21 1234-0783-1234-8042-12345678 7378-0538-0000-6054-00000000 v5.0.1 02065321 v5.0 01039451 - EmptyTrashOf... v1.3 12827443 - Encore v4.1.2 EV40-0-01034-5656 v4.1 EV40-0-01034-1997 EV40-0-01034-2862 EV40-0-01034-2253 v4.0.4J EV40-0-01034-1955 v4.0 EV40-0-01034-4939 EV30-0-01032-8582 EV30-0-01032-3224 v3.0.7 EV30-0-01032-8582 - EndNote v6.0 205500355 (Upgrade sn) 205605515 (Clean install) v5 205500355 v4 409105473 v3.0.1 409105473 v3.0 409000247 - Energy v1.0J bnbmcnm - EncodeText v1.4 Name: Lain Code: TE4WAJQ2NKU1NDK5 - Econ Calculator Deluxe v1.5.2 Name: Lain Code: ECD-2101N044270 (Single) Code: ECD-2201N044270 (Site) Code: ECD-2301N044270 (WorldWide) - Enfocus PitStop v5 PPEC573345395579 v4.6.1 PPDC217153710687 v4.5.1 PPDC037061850353 v4.0x Serial : 40009 License: PSDC400093994263 v4.05 Serial: 57223 License: PSDC572236199964 v1.5.1 serial : 30446 license: WFWYNFL-SKDAXOE - Enfocus PitStop Server v1.0 Code: PRAC710031474922 - Enfocus WebPerfect PDF v1.1 WPAC007448172203 - Enforcer v2.9 876855327801 - Enhance v4.0 EN49999H0025C EN44567H9012C SN Algorithm: EN4xxxxHxxxxN where x= any number - Enhanced CU-SeeMe v? SCBTM-JTAHM-PIBCN-TBEJM-ANGBJ v2.0.x LCBE-0000-0G4F-2RC2 Site License A ZCBE-0000-0W4P-26C2 Site License B XCBE-0110-0C4C-25C2 Multi-user MCBE-0110-044D-2PC2 Single User LCBE-0000-0S0M-05C6 Site License A ZCBE-0100-0F09-0SC6 Site License B XCBE-0010-0K0J-0DC6 Multi-user MCBE-0110-030K-0LC6 Single User LCBE-0000-020J-33C4 Site License A AZCBE-0100-0Z0S-3HC4 Site License B XCBE-0010-0B01-3NC4 Multi-user MCBE-0010-080R-3LC4 Single User v2.0 ZCBE-0100-0S07-01C0 ZCBE-0100-0F0X-15C0 ZCBE-0100-0W0D-2RC0 ZCBE-0100-0J06-38C0 ZCBE-0000-090M-4KC0 ZCBE-0000-0B0T-5WC0 ZCBE-0000-0K01-6EC0 ZCBE-0000-030E-7AC0 ZCBE-0000-0N0Q-8HC0 ZCBE-0000-000L-9DC0 - Enigma v1.4 There are numbers on the briefcase that you must "push" To Register: push: 5, 1, 3, 1, 3 For Secret Message: push: 6, 1, 3 - Ennoc Besfidec v1.0 ginger frequency or ginger frequently - Entourage Email Archive v1.0 (see tip) To register this application: 1. Create a text file named: "Registration Code" 2. On the first line type: "Akuma" 3. On the second line type: "[k]" 4. On the third line type: "54954-3053" 5. Save The file to the same folder that Entourage Email Archiver is in The file will look like this: Akuma [k] 54954-3053 - Envelope Window v1.5 Code: Ev1 12345 23456 345 678 - Envision v4.3 8019 - Epson Software Film Factory v1.03 FF1A-NRSLXD-PBCS5-ZBK-RH7FG2 - Epson StylusRIP v4.5.0 30714D036C5F5F6C v# C6265EC0E2C6D040 - EpsonShare v1.5 GB-838-484-840-13090 GB-838-484-840-13410 v1.2 code: GB-838-484-840-13090 To validate your software, run the installer on the Mac Server with option or command key down and enter your personal serial number - EquationBuilder (OpenStep) v3.3 dccdptqor - Equipper v1.0.1 4832-C-36215 - Erase The Trail v2.0.1 Name: Surfer Code: MAB-MTWW200-U2P45NP890 Enter 'NOP' in other text boxes. - Eric´s Solitaire CD v1.3 [MacAddict] First Name: MacAddict Last Name: Hacker SN: FTFR-FBNN-F9LQ-NNPU - Erm v1.4.0 Name: nowhereman Code: 2Zaufk4Neq3sT2CW3A3L v1.2.0 337F13J611GD342 - Escape Velocity Nova vall versions ( see EV Nova ) - Escape Velocity Override v1.0.x Name : Macintosh Copies : 100 Code : CKDCLGLL - Escape! v2.x.x Name : InFiNiTe vOiD Copies: 100 Code : 3100-1300-1128 v2.1.x Name : ANONYMOUS Copies: 10 Code : 0310-090-0713 Name : Zeus Copies: 666 Serial: 20646-2664-0423 v2.1 Name: HackUser Copies: 100 Code: EDOONOCL v2.0 Name: Anonymous Copies: 50 Code: 1550-450-969 - Essay Writer v# ATMOSFEAR-3143151 - Eternity v1.0.2 Name: Lucifer! Code: EzTkRA3ThwCKJsd7 - EtherPeek v4.0 demo 000X0-10YQX-0ZZLB v3.5 0J0X0-BX0QB-021G0 PC SERIAL # GJ000-2BZKG-X1KAZ PASSWORD cordillera v3.1.1 G2Y00ZBZKRX13CB (after crack is applied) v3.0 G2Y00ZBZKRX13CB - Eudora Archiver v1.4 (see tip) - Eudora Internet Mail Server v3.x 7735XXX Where XXX = any 3 digits you would like - Eudora Pro v5.2 First Name: UCSF Last Name: Site License Code: 5523-4273-8172-4039 v5.1.1 First Name : tonton Last Name : crack Code : 7219053783824773 First Name: registered Last Name: user Code: 6790125783823686 v5.1 name: Registered code: 41775481-64997677 name: Inpher code: 42029377-64999270 name: Nowhereman code: 39387469-64999265 name: Hotsix code: 40968561-64997231 name: Akuma code: 37040481-64999586 name: MoonDark code: 47808885-64999466 name: KIRI code: 49619265-64998572 name: Accura code: 49099081-64998305 (but won't these numbers "expire" once July 01, 2001) v5.0 First name: charles 2nd name: demos code: 5114-4423-7758-2037 (menu "Help", --> Payment & Registration) First name : tonton First name : crack serial : 45687125-64997793 # First name : Any Last Name : User serial : 41791833-64997863 First name : My Last Name : Name serial : 36000117-64998319 First name : Abc Last Name : Xyz serial : 43852117-64996197 First name : Secret Last Name : Code serial : 49103197-64997025 First name : Whats Last Name : Up serial : 36770141-64996459 v4.x 4616288 v4.3.2 name: Unknown User code: 5923-5303-7131-2381 v4.3 First Name: FullCrack Last Name: (empty) Serial: 9287-4573-8381-7763 First Name: happy Last Name: fracer Serial: 59695429-64988606 v4.2 Serial : 12M-66789012-456 Access : 464839185648256A v4.0.1J Serial: MMM-87654321-012 Access: 6274C21086C533 Serial: MMM-87654321-012 Access: 866274C21086C533 v4.0 Installer Code IC233 Registration number 4550424 v3.1.1J Serial: KEM-40001712 Access: 15303E6FCF239D3C Serial: KEM-50008255 Access: 35FA490C51DE41D4 v3.0.2J Serial: EM-40009003 Access: 952012278A65753 Serial: EM-40000222 Access: F7B284C49915173 Serial: KEM-50008972 Access: 159D1F3554D17A32 Serial Number: KEM-40001712 Access: 15303E6FCF239D3C Serial Number: KEM-40009003 Access: 6952012278A65753 Serial Number: KEM-40000222 v2.1.4 J Serial Number: KEM-30004349 Access: A0E2BDC1D5DA4333 Serial Number: KEM-30016068 Access: 67233CAB1CA12A77 Serial Number: KEM-30007242 Access: 25625B2D6253B1CE v2.1.3 SN: 1020145 UserCode: IC233 For get a REAL version of Eudora Pro 4 (tested with 4.01, Mar98) walk this way: 1. look for the Demo Version 4 & install it 2. look for the Eudora Pro Updater from the Web-Pages... 3. change the 'vers'-Resource in the demo-version to "4.0" instead of "4.0d" & "Demo" (yes, you must use a Resource-Editor) 4. apply the Eudora-4.x.x Updater. 5. Be happy (or not). The Installer/updater installs a full EudoraPro 4.x application and the new updated Plug-Ins. - Eudora2FMP vall versions ( see --> E2F ) - Euro Assistant v2.5 Pro Name: Lain Code: E221-0382-0688-8090 v2.0 see [k] v1.1 name: The Dead Guy•ExF code: D909-1122-2257-0775 Open the Euro Assistant Preferences file in ResEdit. Then open the 'gbls' resource. Change offset 4/5 from 00 01 to 01 00 and your copy of Euro Assistant is registered. - Euro Convert v2.0 EC-456-1 - Euro Hyphenator v2.x f47e-f75c-3f76-4910-00 - Evolution v1.0 31337JAD-7301F44A (Retail only, not the demo !) - ExPressNet vall versions ( see --> FirstClass ExPressNet ) - ExSTAND v# MJB-0138-000312MA - ExcelKeiri v2.0.1J E502072295/E - ExchangePoint v1.0 Name: Inpher/nop Code: XPT306-5B1DAE-1700 - Executor Macintosh Emulator v2.0 Serial: 5958004 Key: 9mbszf42fhhth - Exhibit v2.0.x code: YJN2973A - Exile vno serials (see Cracks) Exile I, II + III need serial number generator - DesignBase vunknown SN: registereduser - ExpandBook Toolkit v2.0J KTL2-04548 - EZgather v3.1.1 Name: Lain &h0000-0000-C78 - Expenses v1.7.3f1 Name: Lain Code: ESE-2370K044607 v1.7.3 X Name: Pablo SN: ESE-2360E125666 v1.7.1 Name: Expenses Code: ESE-2320R018662 v1.6 Name: AtmosFear Code: ESE-232OG079602 Note: The first O is an "oh", not a zero. - Art Directors Toolkit v3.0.1 Name: Cendryom Company: NOP Serial Number: 4BA800-E14C-002000 or 0BA400-224E-003000 Art Directors Toolkit creates an invisible '.RSRC_88D982.15' file in the Preferences folder where the registration information is stored. - ExpertFile v2.0.1 Name: Lucifer Org.: Nop Code: EFv2-78234-CL - Export Icon v1.7 name: ronaldo code: QIMHSUXPJ v1.5 Name: SuperMatt Code: O/BWYK/SY v1.x name: Sardanapalm code: CSSTUGGMG v1.1.2 Name: nowhereman Code: 3IXOIORPT - ExposurePro v2.x.x 001441-77148-001 410024-37446-B90 003275-25362-223 012230-83850-2AE 301116-86730-424 v2.01 302056-89ABC-313 v2.0.3 000587-75433-024 000598-63800-016 000521-58800-009 - ExpressModem vAll 690-1289-A - Expression v3.0 EEMAN-SAKU-9999-K0HHVM-PX5LK2 v2.0 Name: Fubu Mail: S/N : EMAB-41219-58883 Code: 58223-26675 v1.0b RD-403-1-9999-24894 v1.0.1 EM-101-2-2595-34860 v1.0 EM-101-1-3021-3299 EM-101-1-1984-14790 - Expressionist v3.2J ERS-MAC-320J-314847-A - Expresso v1.0 EXM-51679-5594 - Extension Overload v5.9.7 Name: ccb Code: R12409AW734M01A0G8 v5.9.5 Name: the heXX Code: X17000XT837G21D2U8 Name: Halo Driver Code: K15111XC038P41W4U8 v5.9.2 Name: HappyGuy Code: Q14715MW032Y01O1E8 (see tip first) v5.9 Name: HappyGuy Code: T11507RH938G31X0Z8 v5.8.4 Name: The Shark Org.: Code: A17202XK934F21N3P8 v5.8 Name: Halo Driver Org.: Code: 191503659320613097 Name: Peggy Org.: Code: 515200187386719278 # Name: MicMac Code: 956000081392717477 (see tip) v5.7.2 Name: Crystal Code: 284307786302610967 or Code: Y15501FU931E91W0Y8 v5.7 Name: some name Company: (leave this empty) Code: 556709183399217437 name: ithinkthereforeispam code: Z13625OR239G61Q3T8 name: loshooligun code: A14810DY234Z21A8M8 v5.6.1 Name: Merry Christmas! Code: N12416AA531A11A1A8 v5.6 Name: Inpher Org.: NOP Code: A14106DR832N71F7E8 v5.5 Name: Steve Jobs Company: Apple Computer Number: T12618GJ036Z11K0P8 # Name: nwm Code: A18803AA738A21A2A8 v5.4.2 Name: some name Company: (Leave Blank) Code: 556709183399217437 v5.4 Name: n@wh@rem@n Code: A11108AA838A51A9A8 v5.3 Name: nnnowhereman Code: N13217JC236U21M8J8 v5.2 Name: nqwhereman Code: A93209CDH38A91E0F7 If you enter previous S/N# you must delete following files. "EO Preferences" in Preferences filder "EO Preferences Extra" in Preferences folder (invisible item) "Icon" in System folder (invisible item),that created and modified identical time with "EO Preferences Extra",and file size is 1,110 bytes. v5.1 Name: kracked by Org.: nowhereman Code: A35306BCL31D71E6F8 (If you enter previous S/N# you must delete follwing files. "EO Preferences" in Preferences folder "EO Preferences Extra" in Preferences folder (invisible item) "Icon" in System folder (invisible item) that created and modified identical time with "EO Preferences Extra") v5.0 Name: extension Org.: nowhereman Code: 135415782342715678 v4.9 Name: John Fillebrown Org.: BROWNFILL PRODUCTIONS Code: T69108AN937B31C4R7 Name: List of S/N Org.: nowhereman Code: 126416780382015678 v4.8 Name: overload Org.: nowhereman Code: 006204568330913458 (You must delete 'EO Preference' and invisible 'EO Preference Extra', in case u use old SN on Surfer's Serials) v4.7 Name: nowhereman Organisation: nowhere Code: 345571904312122634 v4.6 Name: Arthur Dent Org.: Planet Earth Code: 008233000200010900 v4.5.1 Name: HotSix Code: 126406789662845678 There are 3 files you need to trash. 1 visible, 2 invisible. 1) System Folder/Preferences/EO Preferences (visible) 2) System Folder/Preferences/EO Preferences Extra (invisible) 3) System Folder/ Icon (invisible) (note: there is a space as the 1st character) (note #2: there 2 files in the system folder named "Icon". Only delete the one with the space as the 1st character!) once you delete these install the newer version of Extension Overload and enter the serial... - Extension Wizard v1.0 SUYU-ZVWD-MTYC XRZQ-XQBR-MTW6 TXTR-ZERQ-MTSV VRQS-RLK2-MTHR VYTS-H8H2-MT7R TUTT-WD4Y-MTCY - Extensions Strip v1.2 To personalize Extensions Strip, open Extensions Strip Control and click on the "Register this copy" button. In the dialog that appears, enter what you like into the name and/or company fields. There is no registration code for Extensions Strip. Instead of a code, a "trick" is used. The registration trick is: (1) Turn on balloon help. (2) Click three times in the code field while holding the option key down. (3) Click on the OK button. - Extensis BeyondPress v4.0.1 CCE-400-100-412-603857 v4.0 CCE-400-100-412-603857 (100 user license) CCE-400-100-485-333626 CCE-400-100-291-554734 CCE-400-100-344-567612 CCE-400-100-844-076648 CCE-400-100-652-501054 CCE-400-100-896-762666 CCE-400-100-328-310744 CCE-400-100-243-674235 CCE-400-100-637-000001 v3.0.4J CCJ-300-100-771-814502 v3.0 BPAF-01AE-MG30-0742 v1.0 GATE00414816 - Extensis Collect Pro v2.x XME-200-100-681-810466 XME-200-100-231-370143 XME-200-100-254-006104 XME-200-100-494-647533 XME-200-100-139-622426 XME-200-100-447-222222 v2.1.1 XME-200-001-522-065574 v2.1.1J XDJ-200-100-835-862503 XDJ-200-100-660-700508 v2.1 XME-200-100-439-752722 XME-200-100-460-143717 XME-200-100-920-284613 v2.0 XME-200-100-200-653340 (100 user license) XME-200-100-421-453858 XME-200-100-439-752722 XME-200-100-401-506188 XME-200-100-460-143717 XME-200-100-680-552284 XME-200-100-920-284613 XME-200-100-048-441635 XME-200-100-902-017388 - Extensis CyberPress v1.0 CMU-100-000-653-000000 - Extensis DrawTools v1.0 DMU-100-001-693-107443 DMU-100-001-009-115356 - Extensis Fetch v1.5 FME-150-001-315-101911 FME-150-005-597-800000 v1.2 51-1007-201194631 51-1003-102157313 51-1000-201176607 - Extensis Flight Pro v1.0 TMU-100-100-100-000264 TMU-100-100-100-002125 TMU-100-100-100-002152 TMU-100-100-100-006549 TMU-100-100-100-006895 TMU-100-100-100-007109 TMU-100-100-100-008135 TMU-100-100-100-008153 TMU-100-100-100-008936 TMU-100-100-100-010569 - Extensis Intellihance Pro v4.1 IDE-400-100-702-553144 IDE-400-100-200-333333 IDE-400-100-183-083225 IDE-400-100-365-070670 IDE-400-100-012-440325 IDE-400-100-898-408835 IDE-400-100-417-462265 v4.0.3 IDE-400-100-200-333333 IDE-400-100-183-083225 IDE-400-100-365-070670 IDE-400-100-012-440325 IDE-400-100-898-408835 IDE-400-100-417-462265 v4.0 IDE-400-666-330-250147 (666 copies) IDE-400-666-134-456411 IDE-400-666-253-377551 IDE-400-666-702-368553 IDE-400-100-880-000001 IDE-400-100-702-553144 IDE-400-100-926-752371 IDE-400-100-304-686503 IDE-400-100-222-643522 IDE-400-005-120-000001 IDE-400-100-286-863713 v4.0J IDJ-400-100-666-000001 IDJ-400-999-872-000001 v4.0D IDG-400-100-757-552541 v3.0J ICJ-300-001-072-700256 v3.0.2 ICE-300-100-666-000001 ICE-302-100-666-000001 v3.0 ICE-300-100-100-000571 ICE-300-100-100-001436 ICE-300-100-100-001648 ICE-300-100-100-002483 ICE-300-100-100-006537 v2.0.2 IMU-200-001-640-102450 - Extensis Mask Pro v3.0 EN (PS) MME-300-100-685-200381 MME-300-100-873-850066 MME-300-100-434-424120 MME-300-100-004-622435 MME-300-100-770-262658 v2.5 BFE-250-001-584-000001 BFE-250-100-394-000001 BFE-250-001-456-245478 BFE-250-001-629-584321 BFE-250-001-629-584321 BFE-250-001-495-222222 BFE-250-001-921-888888 v2.0.2 MCE-200-100-072-328165 MCE-200-100-627-333333 MCE-200-100-222-066171 MCE-200-100-939-740031 MCE-200-100-741-381874 MCE-200-100-160-851041 MCE-200-100-333-228336 v2.0J MDJ-200-100-666-000001 MDJ-200-100-982-200738 MDJ-200-100-551-443683 MDJ-200-100-982-200738 v2.0.1 MDF-201-001-482-259864 (FRENCH VERSION) MDF-200-001-482-259864 v2.0 MCE-200-100-884-140368 (100 user license) MCE-200-100-072-328165 MCE-200-100-608-000001 MCE-200-100-492-835775 MCE-200-028-877-000001 MCE-200-028-611-251723 MCE-200-028-542-346863 MCE-200-028-428-566575 MCE-200-028-781-506221 MCE-200-028-459-740784 v1.0J MCJ-100-001-967-700926 v1.0.1 MCE-100-100-100-003264 MCE-100-100-100-004285 MCE-100-100-100-006321 MCE-100-100-100-008668 MCE-100-100-100-010488 v1.0 VMU-100-100-100-001814 VMU-100-100-100-005109 VMU-100-100-100-005571 VMU-100-100-100-005941 VMU-100-100-100-006108 VMU-100-100-100-008473 VMU-100-100-100-010308 VMU-100-100-100-010468 VMU-100-100-100-011483 VMU-100-100-100-012559 - Extensis PageTools v2.0 PME-200-001-587-465255 PME-200-001-960-308838 PME-200-001-184-043712 PME-200-001-342-626407 PME-200-001-679-757633 PME-200-001-986-258218 PME-200-001-963-105707 PME-200-001-678-282155 PME-200-001-493-584001 PME-200-001-344-728604 PME-200-100-294-567477 (100 user license) PMU-200-005-357-101695 PME-200-001-422-003812 v2.0J PMJ-200-001-845-802462 - Extensis PhotoAnimator v1.0 ACU-100-000-653-000000 ACU-100-100-666-000001 ACU-100-001-741-001153 ACU-100-001-015-678521 ACU-100-001-070-735448 ACU-100-001-589-111180 ACU-100-001-554-386101 ACU-100-001-355-558561 ACU-100-001-728-615020 ACU-100-001-617-650138 ACU-100-001-020-587824 ACU-100-001-957-075530 ACU-100-100-680-060865 (100 user license) - Extensis PhotoFrame v2.5D X BFG-250-100-616-284220 BFG-250-100-172-573385 BFG-250-100-006-780673 BFG-250-100-392-600600 BFG-250-100-190-433205 v2.5 X BFE-250-100-834-382330 BFE-250-100-781-527210 BFE-250-100-272-007018 BFE-250-100-048-830218 (100 copies license) v2.0 BDE-200-100-088-573034 (100 copies) BDE-200-100-155-666666 BDE-200-001-997-015882 BDE-200-001-164-131057 BDE-200-001-858-240577 v2.0J BDJ-200-124-843-015425 BDJ-200-100-517-012322 v2.0D BDG-200-100-336-000001 v1.0J BCJ-100-100-093-000001 BCJ-100-001-095-156487 v1.0 BCI-100-666-993-243836 BCI-100-666-589-447113 BCI-100-666-592-465801 BCI-100-100-093-000001 BCI-100-001-197-158341 BCI-100-001-315-516546 BCI-100-001-372-887608 BCI-100-001-293-263646 BCI-100-001-677-723787 BCI-100-001-403-125865 BCI-100-001-344-113742 BCI-100-001-578-282330 BCI-100-100-915-181777 (100 user license) - Extensis PhotoText v2.0 code: HXU-300-001-948-241525 - Extensis PhotoTools v3.0.7 HCE-300-001-096-415678 (1 user license) HCE-300-001-113-338747 HCE-300-050-034-475285 (50 user license) HCE-300-050-174-168358 HCE-300-100-088-564818 (100 user license) HCE-300-100-186-772831 v3.0 HCE-100-666-095-328176 HCE-100-666-714-445087 HCE-100-666-485-221547 HCE-300-001-997-473426 HCE-300-100-122-000001 HCE-300-001-220-333757 HCE-300-001-539-278082 HCE-300-001-229-287270 HCE-300-001-476-415538 HCE-300-001-213-578103 HCE-300-001-593-827254 HCE-300-001-860-036372 HCE-300-001-006-034643 HCE-300-001-290-204613 HCE-300-001-576-366382 HCE-300-100-587-241205 (100 user license) v3.0J HDJ-300-100-886-506022 HDJ-300-100-666-000001 v3.0D HDG-300-100-578-663711 v2.0J HCJ-200-100-152-000001 HCJ-200-000-653-000000 v2.0.2 HCE-200-100-122-000001 v2.0 (german) HCG-200-100-181-000001 v2.0 HCE-200-123-996-456789 HCE-200-789-210-567890 HCE-200-555-173-678901 HCE-200-111-203-789012 HCE-200-222-781-890123 HCE-200-333-456-901234 HCE-200-444-971-012345 HCE-200-456-958-123456 v1.1.1 HMU-100-100-100-000991 HMU-100-100-100-002935 HMU-100-100-100-007119 HMU-100-100-100-007816 HMU-100-100-100-008664 HMU-100-100-100-009409 HMU-100-100-100-009836 HMU-100-100-100-009908 HMU-100-100-100-011213 HMU-100-100-100-013794 v1.1 HME-101-001-250-100834 v1.0J HMJ-100-001-197-770170 v1.0 HMU-100-111-725-313370 - Extensis Photographics v1.0 GCE-100-100-251-308027 GCE-100-100-696-000001 GCE-100-001-536-000000 GCE-100-100-070-011823 GCE-100-100-459-421831 GCE-100-100-434-873680 GCE-100-100-022-246884 GCE-100-005-013-136170 GCE-100-050-597-773872 GCE-100-001-762-257862 1.0J GCJ-100-100-186-546575 GCJ-100-100-428-042472 GCJ-100-100-970-006480 - Extensis PortWeb v5.0 FPE-400-324-592-215252 FPE-400-324-315-145184 ( see --> Extensis Portfolio Web Plug-in ) - Extensis Portfolio v6.1 X FSE-600-100-489-778888 FSE-600-100-876-613624 v6.0.1 US FSE-600-369-365-090702 v6.0.1 D FSQ-600-100-152-000001 v6.x FSE-600-100-489-778888 FSE-600-100-573-668110 FSE-600-100-651-084411 FSE-600-100-547-300223 FSE-600-100-858-067300 FSE-600-100-594-188400 v5.0.2 German (Desktop Edition) FDG-500-100-782-705022 FDG-500-100-638-614346 FDG-500-100-888-268732 FDG-500-100-914-000834 FDG-500-100-966-273044 FDG-500-100-315-108004 v5.0.2 French (Desktop Edition) FDF-500-100-028-252348 FDF-500-100-830-255822 FDF-500-100-782-811377 FDF-500-100-837-005150 FDF-500-100-501-248500 FDF-500-100-202-007885 v5.0.2 English (Desktop Edition) FDE-500-100-369-388335 FDE-500-100-938-633074 FDE-500-100-857-644422 FDE-500-100-119-200377 FDE-500-100-693-511667 FDE-500-100-677-523002 v5.0 Server English: FFE-500-100-394-000001 Deutsch: FFG-500-100-938-000001 v5.0.2 FDE-500-100-938-000001 (Desktop) # FFE-500-001-015-028037 FFE-500-001-725-115420 FFE-500-001-977-244708 FFE-500-001-891-318041 FFE-500-001-731-447525 FFE-500-001-946-575535 FFE-500-001-818-670618 FFE-500-001-577-725236 FFE-500-001-125-785876 FFE-500-001-626-802224 FFE-500-001-005-862537 FFE-500-001-142-921435 v5.0.1J FFJ-500-999-841-999999 v5.0 FFE-500-100-394-000001 FFE-500-001-488-043272 FFE-500-001-305-027142 FFE-500-001-776-072314 FFE-500-001-678-005757 FFE-500-001-285-017101 FFE-500-001-158-140673 FFE-500-001-144-112714 FFE-500-001-637-150082 FFE-500-001-774-140271 FFE-500-001-104-134704 FFE-500-001-248-284214 FFE-500-001-896-210330 FFE-500-001-347-265306 FFE-500-001-151-256623 FFE-500-100-649-012146 - Extensis Portfolio Web Plug-in v5.0 FPE-400-324-592-215252 FPE-400-324-315-145184 v4.0 FPE-400-324-592-215252 FPE-400-324-315-145184 - eZedia iMovie plugin v1.0 EZB10-EEQ9-J4FX-2Q3G-V853 - Extensis Preflight Designer v1.0.3 XME-100-001-136-142416 XME-100-001-188-175256 XME-100-001-214-445727 XME-100-001-649-232155 XME-100-001-799-454443 XME-100-001-267-058357 XME-100-001-414-066527 XME-100-001-076-224852 XME-100-001-898-537770 XME-100-001-758-688077 XME-100-100-937-716368 (100 user license) XME-100-100-163-610221 XME-100-100-703-533115 v1.0.1 XMU-100-100-100-000368 XMU-100-100-100-001139 XMU-100-100-100-010378 XMU-100-100-100-014999 XMU-100-100-100-016427 XMU-100-100-100-016472 XMU-100-100-100-017909 XMU-100-100-100-018309 XMU-100-100-100-020283 XMU-100-100-100-020945 - Extensis Preflight Pro v2.11 TME-200-001-128-065574 v2.1J TDJ-200-100-666-000001 v2.0 TME-100-100-349-648876 (100 user license) TME-200-100-169-361406 TME-200-100-617-122466 TME-200-100-863-014512 TME-200-100-651-427611 TME-200-100-606-673108 TME-200-100-810-502834 TME-200-100-835-066815 TME-200-100-619-180582 v1.0.3 TME-100-100-447-650451 TME-100-100-419-040021 - Extensis QX-Effects v3.0.2 EME-300-001-263-283433 EME-300-001-776-850067 EME-300-001-532-747721 EME-300-001-754-225650 EME-300-001-372-821264 EME-300-001-229-306671 EME-300-001-242-178618 EME-300-001-804-281435 EME-300-001-518-425363 EME-300-001-955-056571 EME-300-100-800-568433 (100 user license) v3.0J EMJ-300-100-093-000001 EMJ-300-001-686-656546 v3.0.1 EME-300-100-381-375527 v3.0 EME-300-100-920-123456 EME-300-100-464-234567 EME-300-100-245-345678 EME-300-100-468-456789 EME-300-100-405-567890 - Extensis QX-Tools v5.0E Pro QME-500-100-756-031338 v4.0J QCJ-400-100-276-130466 v4.0 QCE-400-100-406-184387 (100 user license) QCE-400-100-590-307505 QCE-400-100-130-461540 QCE-400-100-673-167406 QCE-400-100-625-611141 QCE-400-100-525-881617 QCE-400-100-141-018540 QCE-400-100-060-733842 QCE-400-100-909-314437 QCE-400-100-120-733560 QCE-400-100-731-400743 QCE-400-100-177-466546 QCE-400-100-386-846423 QCE-400-100-666-000001 v2.0J QMJ-200-001-217-704221 v2.0.1 QMU-200-100-100-000399 QMU-200-100-100-007511 QMU-200-100-100-010338 QMU-200-100-100-012823 v2.0 QMU-200-001-915-106796 QMU-200-001-821-102922 v1.0.x QMU-100-001-915-10796 QMU-100-001-915-106796 - Extensis Suitcase v10.1.2 SME-100-100-487-538217 SME-100-100-148-156048 SME-100-100-378-177634 SME-100-100-694-213548 SME-100-001-900-333333 SME-100-001-900-939393 SME-100-001-242-100001 SME-100-100-261-238710 SME-100-100-456-886826 SME-100-100-297-375631 SME-100-100-886-783622 SME-100-100-808-145501 SME-100-100-829-606011 SME-100-100-552-435384 SME-100-100-207-812046 SME-100-100-180-618667 SME-100-369-256-220678 v9.0J ZZJ-900-999-301-999999 v9.0.4 NE ZZE-900-900-370-900900 ZZE-900-666-555-777777 ZZI-900-888-848-900900 ZZI-900-777-425-555555 v9.0.3 DE YME-900-100-152-000001 YME-900-900-282-900900 YCE-900-900-250-900900 YMI-900-555-480-900900 YCI-900-333-450-900900 v9.0 french ZZF-900-100-057-477262 v9.0 German ZZG-900-100-160-178636 ZZG-900-100-089-648681 ZZG-900-100-658-230038 ZZG-900-100-736-857670 ZZG-900-100-248-044034 ZZG-900-100-977-308421 v9.0 ZZE-900-001-718-017708 ZZE-900-001-750-176274 ZZE-900-001-875-273063 ZZE-900-001-208-372873 ZZE-900-001-742-426185 ZZE-900-001-808-511615 ZZE-900-001-810-683578 ZZE-900-001-586-704664 ZZE-900-001-443-806417 ZZE-900-001-505-921206 100-User-Lizenz: ZZE-900-100-933-180550 ZZE-900-100-965-458222 ZZE-900-100-325-686331 ZZE-900-100-206-868837 ZZE-900-100-195-025863 v8.2 Name : of the user Cie : n/a serial : ZMF-800-000-653-000000 Use the 8.0 serials (see tip) v8.1 HXE-800-324-644-220212 ZME-800-100-556-523185 v8.0J ZMJ-800-100-122-000001 ZMJ-800-100-592-000002 ZMJ-800-001-691-010855 ZMJ-800-000-653-000000 v8.0 ZME-800-121-124-249509 (Unlimited Copies) ZMF-800-001-573-010253 (French) ZME-800-324-188-520008 ZME-800-324-698-623630 ZME-800-324-284-662256 ZME-800-324-309-457874 ZME-800-324-886-826054 ZME-800-324-862-281532 ZME-800-324-880-214374 ZME-800-324-285-586214 ZME-800-324-260-360151 ZME-800-324-230-511871 ZME-800-324-644-220212 ZME-800-324-640-775050 ZME-800-324-214-514158 ZME-800-324-509-347772 ZME-800-100-608-000001 ZME-800-100-230-627008 v10J SMJ-100-167-261-992760 v10.1.1 (OS X) GERMAN SMG-100-100-840-833050 SMG-100-100-552-073305 SMG-100-100-750-601006 SMG-100-100-181-140100 SMG-100-100-690-580001 SMG-100-100-050-806800 v10.1.1 (OS X) FRENCH SMF-101-100-950-660672 SMF-100-100-410-377224 SMF-100-100-862-815557 SMF-100-100-797-366670 SMF-100-100-926-032004 SMF-100-100-190-425222 v10.1.1 (OS X) ENGLISH SME-100-001-424-032780 SME-100-100-421-455060 SME-100-100-592-027740 SME-100-100-893-022212 SME-100-100-298-200058 SME-100-100-002-337710 SME-100-100-189-574400 v10.1 SME-100-100-049-120726 SME-100-100-261-238710 SME-100-100-456-886826 SME-100-100-297-375631 SME-100-100-886-783622 SME-100-100-808-145501 SME-100-100-829-606011 SME-100-100-552-435384 SME-100-100-207-812046 SME-100-100-180-618667 SME-100-369-256-220678 v10.0 (US-English) SME-100-369-256-220678 # SME-100-001-900-333333 SME-100-001-900-939393 SME-100-001-242-100001 SME-100-100-487-538217 SME-100-100-148-156048 SME-100-100-378-177634 SME-100-100-694-213548 SME-100-100-764-371542 v10 F SMQ-100-001-864-117770 v10 (German) SMG-100-100-305-670686 SMG-100-100-780-380768 SMG-100-100-361-077535 SMG-100-100-573-338763 SMG-100-100-864-570012 SMG-100-100-040-763102 v 8.2 D ZMG-800-001-283-648754 "in the s/n provide by Surfer's Serials replace HXE with ZME.. Do you have an invisible file named ZME in your system folder ? If this is the case, make it visible and delete it. Now it should register... My copy of Suitcase 8.2 was registered with this number: ZME-800-324-644-220212" - Extensis Suitcase Server v10 BACS-NEDQ-KCNB-JOMA (256 USERS) ABCS-EEBC-KEFX-DIMC (132 USERS) - Extensis VectorTools v2.0.2 VMU-200-001-572-141712 v2.0 VMU-200-001-536-000000 VMU-200-010-440-000000 Demo Crack Open VectorToolboxDemo and delete ID 25100. - Eye Candy v4000 Carbon HKKECGGLFMMP v4.0 HKKECGGLFMMP BFNMMHPENCCI v3.1 (AE) EMOPLKCMPGMD LKDCABHHLLEF v3.0J LOEEGGKBNIOF v3.01 ELLDCINOGDGN NBCNFJIPIIKC IIIGEBFHMJNB GPBLHLLJBEKC LNGJBNFPKADG (german version) v3.0 9198324124120 919-832-4124-120 iiigebfhmjnb (PC number) v1.0 9198324124 - F-Secure SSH Client v2.1 P/N: 210-00012 CD7131 KEYCODES Client 1.x/2.x/5.x: GBG9-PUT3-7FMK-7VEX-545H Client 2.x for UNIX: GBG9-PUT3-7FMK-7VEX-545H - PriorityMail v1.0 b19 X Name: Pablo/Minimal SN: 4223-0512-9112-1122-Q (World License) Expires October 31, 2003 - F/A-18 Hornet v2.0 name: MMC code: 110-54-1452 vAll 100-98-4298 100-64-5896 Unlock code is 032-244 116-27-9820 110-22-4670 110-26-6771 v2.0J 121-32-3165 - FAXcilitate v2.1 0001428 v1.7.4 FR 00298757 v1.7.3 00192898 - FILE Kensakuken Pochi v2.4J 1636179 v2.3.7 12345669 - FLMASK v3.01a code: 37005963 code: F8002468 code: F9024694 v(32) A6023403 Name: 0000 0000 S/N : 9040 0000 - FM7 v1.0 272-27834-94811 - FMPorter v1.0J FGP00715MD - FR-PhotoStudio v1.3.3J Name: KIRI Code: 0140000005 v1.0 0139567132 - FTP Share v3.x.x NEELIB-HAFADH-THPCNE-GDINBC - FWB Backup Toolkit v3.1 L81170301876 L69100183137 L50100197081 L50102131448 L99170031571 L99188771289 (Multi-User License) v3.0.2 L99 644 655 613 ( 99 users ) - FWB CD-ROM Toolkit v4.0 FB401001023 FB406409024 FB406400025 FB408403026 FB408400027 FB406406028 FB401405029 v3.5J KA392255593 KA298862991 v3.0J KA392255593 v3.0.2 KA318248678 KA344484438 v3.0 KT319540678 KT329752789 KT336463890 KT340971901 v2.5.1 KA298862991 v2.1 KA292936191 KA298862991 KA299150991 KA296202991 KA294541991 KA291194991 v2.0.1 KA292936191 KA298862991 KA299150991 KA296202991 KA294541991 KA291194991 v2.0 J KA243117538 v2.0 KA292936191 KA298862991 KA299150991 KA296202991 KA294541991 KA291194991 v1.5.8 M03539528 v1.5.5 C38292117 v1.1 C38292117 v1.0/1.01 C34012798 v1.0.3 C12348678 - FWB HMS Toolkit v1.0 AB191693999 AB125051789 - FWB Hard Disk Toolkit v4.5 RF400998999 RF410001000 RF422008000 RF438001000 RF443002000 v4.5F RF443928398 v4.0 AN484904799 AN456003000 AN483909899 AN404003000 AN419009000 AN424009000 AN430006000 AN448003000 v3.0 GT301004000 GT317002000 GT321007000 GT331002000 GT346007000 GT354004000 GT366004000 GT377007000 GT385002000 GT395008000 v2.5 GC205007000 GC213002000 GC225002000 GC235008000 GC247007000 GC253004000 GC267004000 GC273007000 GC282002000 GC292008000 v2.0.6J EB214344321 FB239368610 v2.0 EB213002000 EB225002000 EB235008000 EB247007000 EB253004000 EB267004000 EB273007000 EB282002000 EB292008000 EB214344321 v1.8 JA130420B3I GA030687C9Q 19064C71 48043C9G v1.7.5 JA130420B3I 336363C5K v1.6.2 10033B7E 10829C7I 10000B9S GA01623C1E 33636C5K - FWB Hard Disk Toolkit Personal Edition v1.6 P58115C71 JA072921C5K v1.2.1 P58115C71 - FWB Raid Toolkit v2.0.6 DC216345678 DC221451789 DC232568890 DC244676901 DC258784012 DC267897123 v2.02 NB231003000 v1.8 00000B1Q v1.2 UA010466C3C 00000B1Q - FWB SCSI JackHammer v3.2 UA010466C3C - FWB Storage Wizard v2.0 WB101403000 WB110202000 WB128703000 WB132203000 WB146700000 WB157402000 WB165400000 WB174702000 WB189205000 WB193805000 - FWB Turbo Toolkit v1.0 SB191693999 SB101403000 SB110202000 SB128703000 SB132203000 SB146700000 SB157402000 SB165400000 SB174702000 SB189205000 SB193805000 - Waldorf D-Coder vunknown 93900329 - Fizz vall 11008156298-20152 - FXpansion VST v# fxpansion!RingMod 7564-4731-3773-5140 fxpansion!PhatSync 7564-6553-2406-5140 fxpansion!MidiComb 7564-3277-6029-5140 fxpansion!AutoPole 7564-5838-2564-5140 fxpansion!Vocoder 7564-4639-8374-5140 - FaceEdit v2.0.1 see tip Create a new file with Resorcerer. Name: "FaceEdit 2 Preferences" Type: "pref" Creator: "FaE2" Paste the following text in the Hex Data field of the Data Fork: "0114B9844F06D8EE3B314C19A159B32804C20B9B81220041DFB1E7FF80F4030AEEEF7CE0FC06C239E06C435002A459C43EE51BC393C3B03D4915976FDA2E2FA097C45E604BC437EB57C92766A757DFA7B69454400031DDC122" Put the file in the preferences folder, FaceEdit is registered. - FaceSpan v3.5 FSSN-5483-1752-7787 v3.0 FS30-0580-7148-25 FSFU-0004-0200-69 FS30-4547-3281-11 FS30-6279-1105-23 FS30-0623-6975-00 FS30-9476-2743-28 v2.1 FSBT-5422-9674-02 v2.0 FSBT-5425-9477-03 FSBT-5446-0722-70 - Factory v1.3 Name: Akuma Code: 116280 v1.0 142650 - Factory's FileMaker Plug-in v1.0.2 FFMP1-1234-HUCF - Fantasm v5.3 6502700 6502701 6502702 6502703 6502704 6502705 6502706 6502707 6502708 6502709 6502710 - Fantasphere v1.0 FSCA1700KIRI5085 - Fast Eddie v3.0 name: Buck Rogers code: 148347 - Fast Email Check Pro v1.1.1 Name: HotSix Code: 12108147155122147162 - Fast Mail CM v2.0f2 Name: Lain Code: TE4WMJQ4NZM0RDHF v2.0b1 Name: nowhereman Code: TldIUk0wNjQ2NzE0QkQ0 v1.1.1 Name: nowhereman Code: TldIUk0wNjQ3ODM1REQ3 - FastEdit/Deluxe v1.0 013537C9CC 01E537C9B3 - FastOpen v2.0 Name: The Dead Guy Code: 1089111-32702993 - FastTrack Schedule v8.0.3 X 7382940014976 v7.0 7367805016581 v6.0 7369964011656 (single user) v5.0 •info 1 Key Code: 6000012016076 Users: 19121 Serial Number: 6234567012096 Name: PPC Organization: BUG Serial Number: 6234567012096 9 User Keycode: 91389 10 User Keycode: 103159 1000 User Keycode: 10007090 10000 User Keycode: 100003097 •info 2 U.S. (01) 6234567012096 Key Code: 6000012016076 v4.0 7535309101 9044(1000 users) 7355249019308 v3.0 724037 One interesting thing about these serial #'s is that they will only work on the Country code they are programmed for. In this case its for the U.S. (01). Serial #: 6234567012096 Then you can go into the About... splash and hit the "users" button. Then enter the code: Key Code: 6000012016076 and you should have 19121 users. - FM Register v1.0.0 1848 0000 9630 - fmMailscan v1.0.0 135791F - fmMailmerge v1.0.0 523567J - FileFone v0.9pb Name: SerialLain Code: 2CG29E51393C9115 - CosmoSaver v1.3 X 1005050040 - Faster! v1.0 Code: be099c74S9fcd0741 - Fauve Xres v2.0 50020-0040-4492-15201 50020-0023-0007-54189 50020-0048-0016-75183 50020-0073-0013-03894 v1.0.3 12978 - FavorStrip v2.x.x Name: Inpher Code: QSKFVDPR Name: Cendryom Code: PFFNENVK - Favorit24 v0.1.2 Plfd;fGwrska[asdlS skfsf - Fax Network v2.8 Server FXNM 7914877 User FXNM7515226 - FaxExpress Solo vall 5117779 8105639 - FaxSTF v X 21014-17818-16412-12320 v6.0 Name : Apple/FAXstf Bundle User serial : PZ000001 v5.0fc5 FC567890 v5.0fc2 FC234567 v5.0fc AB111111 CD123456 EF456789 TR000000 v5.0J Pro LJ102034 v5.0.3 code: NS-100-000-640 key : 65F9-1FC7 (key is needed to unlock the installer) v5.0 Pro LE101120 v5.0 FC234567 v3.5 Server 689988032198877dC 760 maximum users. 678888936198766h5 2224 users !!!! v3.5 Network 678888936198766h5 v3.2.5 AB132398 v3.2.3J AD100240 CJ112607 v3.2.3 BB100000 BB123543 v3.2.2 (Bundled) AD100240 v3.2 BB123543 BB100000 BT100002 v3.1.4J AJ118998 AJ123196 v3.1 AA100187 AA709213 AG101024 v3.0J S116911 v3.0 T100300 S200200 - FeatherGIF v1.9.7 5062361 v1.9.5 771324591 93833867 v1.8 277648931 853193747 668716639 861432531 863809279 v1.7.x 93833867 48805937 86102117 31911519 78712475 v1.6 106703 v 1.8 SeedNumber: 123 Code : 106703 - Fetch v4.0.3 EN/FR Name: Mr Magoo Code: FETCHFL001-JXF0-917A-2S43-0925-0V4X v4.0.2 Name: Isi Dor Code: FETCHED001-1949-4DV2-7MJP-AEF3-65P3 v4.0b5 Name: NateDogg Code: FETCHTS000-819P-CCJ0-3BDG-7C7R-S0PQ v4.0.1 Name: Paul Johnson Code: FETCHED001-A4K5-2JR0-2230-4KXB-91A2 v4.0 Name: Registered User Code: FETCHED001-20KH-KFL9-3FF3-R5Q0-EGHC Fetch 4.0 leaves this invisible file in the system preference folder to keep track of time in the trial. until a s/n surfaces, simply delete the file to restart trial. LProcNub-3F0A56FF0932B6533200 - Fetch (J) v4.0.1J THM11111111Q v3.0.xJ FBJ20222235P FCJ29222235P v3.0.3J2 FBJ11212245P GBK10376230T JT-MFDJ28222235P3-ST QTK83549962R DXN94001721F GYW90748830H WAU85910862H SFS97984278X JPX19339001P LBA58118598V RFU56824395E v3.0.3J FDJ28222235P - Fez v1.5 FEZ-507840123426889019345 - Fiber Factory v2 FF56436CEAD6FBD8 - Field Assistant vall versions 8E06D026670F0550 0B1470BCBE030B8 - Figleaf v1.8 GR-FIGX - File Batch Exchanger v3.0 MI06D22 - File Buddy v7.2.6 FB7-08301-1960322053-3791 v7.1 FB7-Haywood1!-FU7NOPKrakd v7.0b17 FB7-CENDRYOM8-NOP5KRACKED v7.0.2 FB7-HAYWOOD1!-FU7NOPKRAKD v7.0 FB7-978320390-65784031337 v6.1.7 FB6-84714-0185004680-6315 v6.1.4 FB6-12345-7463079570-1234 v6.1.3 FB6-11434-0725008200-6515 FB6-84714-0185004680-6385 FB6-30217-0228002280-6747 v6.1 FB6-NOWHERE96789912345678 (if you've previously registered, trash your old FileBuddy prefs) v6.0b9 FB6-NOWHEREM2123466789012 v6.0.6 FB6-HDRIVER88968721376421 v6.0.5b3 FB6-354276717281768892510 FB6-NOWHERE96789912345678 FB6-516592115221508636365 v6.0.4 FB6-NOWHERE96789912345678 FB6-516592115221508636365 v6.0 FB6-11111-1234567890-2222 v5.3.8 FB5-ANGEL-1238567870-KIRI FB5-ANGEL-[K]8Hack7!-KIRI FB5-ANGEL-XXX8XXXX7X-KIRI v5.3.5 FB5NWHEREMAN10345698-1234 v5.3.4 FB5-04289-9299967666-2927 v5.3.3 FB5NWHEREMAN10345698-1234 v5.3.2 FB5-HOTSIX2HIJK3MNOPQRSTV v5.3.1 FB5-ELITE-2936682154-1337 v5.2 FB5-12345-4234597890-1234 FB5-ELITE-2936682154-1337 FB5-INPHR-3029889322-1337 v5.0 FB5-23456-8911234867-9012 FB5-32321-4343243432-5454 v4.3.9 FB4-07284-4157110530-1373 v4.3.8 FB4-07284-4157110530-1373 v4.3 FB4-03034-2531352439-4206 FB4-00683-1835391166-3688 FB4-04679-4186903801-0593 FB4-00235-0276659582-2864 FB4-06766-1274010336-8284 FB4-10309-4172061631-6453 FB4-11512-0728058872-5524 v4.2.2 FB4-03034-2531352439-4206 v4.2.1 FB4-11775-3264408409-1912 v4.0.1 FB4-01234-2249685838-5678 FB4-11234-3356663220-5678 FB4-02345-0926898224-6789 FB4-12345-0447206835-6789 FB4-03456-2862966750-7890 FB4-13456-1063028333-7890 v3.x.x FB3-27451325425 FB3-11303374247 FB3-87482974570 v3.4.8 FB3-12345678903 (trash the old File Buddy preferences if you've "registered" before) - File Chameleon v1.0 (see crack) How to crack (PPC Only) 1. Open the app with resorce editor. 2. Open datafork and change: $11568 408200F0 -> 480000F0 3. Save and run changed app. 4. Enter any numbers. 5. That's it. - File Clerk v1.2 Name: Chrisco* Code: 0337-0384-0385-0381-0302 - File Force v1.0 code: X-442540368699 - File Manipulator v2.0.1 BK2L-GAPX-3F5T-HS7J - File RoundUp v2.1 KRAKD16043 v2.0.3 Pro CEND146988 v2.0.3 Lite LT00935460 - File eXpress v1.0v0 code: 6295 - FileChange v1.1 FC-102-ACS-12G4-SIXTI - FileCrypt v1.0 80228-157702-123456 24135-827951-234567 04848-003834-345678 10686-364404-456789 18812-918305-567890 44952-556206-678901 - FlashEx XL v6.3 0815035450901107155673 - FileDivi v3.1J 63506 - FileFreak v3.7.1 X FFR-59273897 v3.0 DRQ-BB8C2975 DRQ-BD05F51F DRQ-BE7FC0C9 - FileGate v1.0.3 1112-334 - FileGeek v3.5 Name: Pablo SN: 208098638817632422278 v3.3.4 Name: KIRI X Code: 19509863929842196484 Name: PHREKBBS Code: 208098638898420715096 v3.0 name: Orygun code: 205498635645230923484 - FileGuard v4.0 40770-751001-100004 v4.0F 81440-822617-110898 v3.3 Remote US 40202-133391-678901 v3.1 48136-466564-696811 40202-133391-678901 v3.0.x 09486-613587-196522 38709-342169-704868 80019-207415-830220 15441-037783-200308 21386-005117-590949 66048-005219-366342 93152-504117-725567 80053-647772-234660 v3.0.8 40202-133391-678901 73738-109559-100000 27732-103008-100001 66752-096650-100002 v3.0.1 99765-135771-100004 87115-047302-449023 90137-514844-449024 45136-449307-449025 81138-383967-449026 36137-318430-449027 03139-777080-449028 57139-711543-449029 04141-646113-449030 48140-580576-449031 66132-990651-449032 v3.0 Remote 32487-845649-176844 83511-632408-133875 33309-601954-571921 23104-915558-469012 55192-922128-630854 v2.9 32189-774941-560621 v2.7.4 04264-904468-226561 77151-111159-201238 00111-683277-201548 21414-749204-236308 v2.7.3 04264-904468-226561 v2.7.2 67188-222480-206181 77151-111159-201238 v2.7.1 77151-111159-201238 00111-683277-201548 - FileGuard Remote v3.0 47268-313239-698144 32487-845649-176844 83511-632408-133875 33309-601954-571921 23104-915558-469012 55192-922128-630854 - DeskLog v0.9b X Name: Pablo Email: SN: Y0V8XOF-B6WBLS-KTRKAR-AP - iPasteboard v1.0 X 73794PABLO-2181 101000730-2181 101812277-2181 101812277-2181 103140263-2181 115165914-2181 - FileLift v4.1 Name: Cendryom & Chrisco* Code: 23465 v3.x.x Name: KIRI Code: 4940 Name : Angel Code : 6175 Name : TokyoSerial Code : 13585 Name : Macintosh Code : 11115 v3.2.1 name: Inpher code: 7410 v2.2.1 Reactivation Code: 10293847 - FileMaker Mobile v2.1 2-2011-0281-7912-7284 v2 2-1012-0114-4924-7111 v1.0 2-1011-0208-8347-5218 - FileMaker Pro v6.0 Developer 1-5937-7505-3658-0572 1-5287-7325-8704-8210 1-5827-1353-2658-3898 1-5747-6213-9480-0151 1-5207-0037-7861-2691 1-5007-5404-4680-6412 v6.0 hybrid 1-1027-1630-2001-9034 1-1026-1633-1829-1263 v6.0 1-1027-1630-2001-9034 1-1687-1902-8269-0564 1-1767-5520-6646-1020 1-1187-5984-3664-7450 1-1317-7294-4012-3464 1-1007-0139-6504-7377 (unlimited users) 1-1007-3446-1837-1223 (unlimited users) v5.5 Server 1-8086-0082-7746-7449 1-8316-2108-1405-5482 1-7656-5521-5905-8154 1-7756-8510-8229-8546 1-8196-2152-0774-3608 # 1-7636-3789-2467-0339 v5.5 Developer 1-5026-0145-4712-1088 v5.5 1-1555-4064-8732-5757 # 1-1026-1633-1829-1263 # 1-1026-0613-4411-5434 1-1026-0546-4897-6501 1-1026-0549-1216-3143 1-1026-0624-6195-8907 v5.0fc1 1-1015-0046-7621-6618 1-1025-0025-7611-0560 v5.0.3 1-1005-0783-3365-0823 (Unlimited) v5.0 Server 1-9775-1144-7600-1767 1-1005-0045-2334-5890 (not tested) v5.0 Developer 1-5025-0148-0200-8628 v5.0 Client 1-1025-2788-4012-4486 (unlimited) v5.0 1-9125-1024-5927-9834 (25 users) 1-1875-1609-0570-1700 1-1465-3351-9320-7208 1-1035-6059-5881-0360 1-1325-7180-2735-2720 1-1845-8180-2662-4100 1-1045-4629-3918-5394 1-1305-7411-6047-2419 1-1825-8480-4518-0339 # 1-2025-1098-6859-1149 1-2025-1220-4303-1399 1-2025-2788-4012-4486 1-2025-1257-0044-8409 1-2025-1098-6859-1149 1-1465-3351-9320-7208 1-1035-6059-5881-0360 1-1325-7180-2735-2720 1-1845-8180-2662-4100 1-1045-4629-3918-5394 1-1305-7411-6047-2419 1-1825-8480-4518-0339 1-1775-1042-7367-6371 1-1025-2788-4012-4486 1-1025-0025-7611-0560 v4.1.1 1-1024-2538-7395-6682 1-1024-0870-3548-1300 1-1024-0726-1909-5294 1-1024-4112-2774-5299 1-1024-0197-5609-3458 1-9014-1053-4784-8578 1-1014-5572-1271-1881 1-9014-0971-3797-3185 v4.1 Installer CD 1-1024-1114-1623-3980 v4.1 1-9024-0984-4361-0806 (10 user) v4.0D 1-1014-1978-7099-6945 1-1014-1923-4034-9262 1-1014-1982-0505-3490 v4.0.4 01-0-01-01-4-12345-48C951 01-0-01-01-4-23456-A27E6F 01-0-01-01-4-34567-E58B9A 01-0-01-01-4-45678-BEC165 01-0-01-01-4-56789-5CDC8E 01-0-01-01-4-67890-BE4FB4 1-1014-0093-5556-7528 1-9014-1162-2607-8043 v4.0 (PC) 1-9014-1162-2607-8043 v4.0 You'll need an installation code: 1-9014-1162-2607-8043 1-1014-8202-3422-5503 1-1014-4853-6353-3488 1-1014-5760-6587-7434 1-1014-4700-1566-7751 1-1014-3856-3360-7811 v3.0 UK 7004950629 9000676006 v3.0 1120000 v1.0 1120000 - FileManipulator v2.0.1 bj - FileMunger v1.2 Name: Lucifer Code: 282-68-1600 - FileT&C v2.0.2 name : Macintosh company: Apple Computer code : 5258108 Name : MoonDark Company: NOP Code : 90921228 - FileTopia v1.0 Name: Chrisco* Code: FTCE-170-396-7 - FileVisor v4.46 590D900221B60D - FileWave vWork Group Edition 0223008000120067356589 0223008000130067352245 0223008000170067351806 0425000000223107967670 0987000000061024223723 0454000000011006782893 0034645635473567345624 vEnterprise Edition 0323000000022008662463 (10 seats) v2.5 042500000022310796 (50 user activation code) - Files to PDF v2.1 (beta 1) Name: Halo Driver Mail: Code: FPDFM3502208-172 Name: Python Bug Mail: Code: FPDFM3151648-088 - Film Format Translator v1.2 0002842284123456 - FilmCredits v2.0.1 F200M5031 - Filmothéque v3 FIL-30-HYB-10-FR-M00R02497-XA - Filter Organizer v1.0.7 398051704776 463344091719 993552329151 217365619239 365579454781 v1.0.5 000584086015 v1.0 000151826000 000584086015 - Final Draft v6.0 FD6-820-274-384-666 v5.0 FD5-000-530-977-160 v1.0 AV FAV-071-898-730-666 - FinalWord v2.5 Name: KIRI X Code: FW210-16734-0-M Name: AtmosFear Code: FW306-76050-18000-M v1.2 Name: Lucifer Code: FW30A-76342-17708-M Name: iCrack/KIRI Code: FW211-12616-10875-M v1.1 Name: Chrisco* Code: FWCE-170-396-M Name: unknown Code: FW106-176-3240-M - Finale v2003 MFNR-001561 MFNA-103100 v2002 PC DVDA-002112 v2002 MFNR-001561 v98 89103020-006468 (You will still need the cd or the virtual cd) v97 Name: ANY Serial: MFNA-100031 Code : 062-838-331 Serial: HFNR-001561 Code : 106-140-614 v3.7.2 89103020-006468 v3.5.2J MFNR-105017 MFNA-122616 v3.5.1 89103020-006468 v3.5 89103020-006468 v3.2.1J MFNR105587 v3.2 89103020-006468 v2001 89103020-006468 (the Finale 2001 Installer will work if you installed Finale 2000 properly on your HD; to do that you will need the full disc image: Finale 2000.img) v2000 89103020-006468 (You will still need the cd or the virtual cd) - Finale NotePad v# MNNR-00005159 - Finance v4.5b2 X FIN-V40-4A3A2W1E7A5Z v4.1 Oryn555 v2.x 2367843 2078591 8088267 6652078 v2.0 0213087 - FindFile Chooser v1.0 To register and remove the daily shareware reminder open the control panel, launch SimpleText, type @@ "return" your name here "return", select all of your typing and drag the text onto the previously opened control panel window. - FindText v1.x.x Name: Macintosh Code: 199656 v1.2.1 Name: MoonDark Code: 165186 - Finder 7 Menus v2.0 cc5187efH28b911af - FinderArranger v1.6 EFN06240 PFA06749 XJW05825 EJH02223 PZD05794 FZO08036 PAH03753 PHT07717 KBO04366 EJW09225 EFL05241 ZBA03669 XFL04841 - FinderMenuTuner v1.2.1 Name: HeRTecK Code: BF1KCCHBRKLPU4 v1.0.x Name: Inpher Org : NOP Code: BXYOOTPA4ND5RK Launch the program that is called "Register" then enter the serial number. - FinderShortCut8 vAll (see tip) Hold down "M" and "K" keys when restart system. - FinderViewContextMenu v1.0.4 Name: Inpher Code: GNKE v1.0.2 Name: Akuma Code: FKCE v1.0 Name: Al Bundy/nop Code: MLCE - FinderWindows v1.2.1 Name: MoonDark Code: Stack 'em - FinderWindows Pro v2.0 Registration Number: W6YQ2B (2.x code) P8FT3T (upgrade code, when prompted for your old 1.x code enter 'Stack 'em') - FineReader Pro v5 FPEM-5015-0000-0800-1543 FRP5-907346-828813-666 - FingerType v1.0.3 FNGT-103-198-00-325-000-070-009 FNGT-103-278-00-728-021-010-003 - FireMax v# FM44-242G-SU91-J09M FMLM-9LP7-91E3-A013 - FireNet v2.0.1 name: mac code: FNCL-1367361627-2927605668-1194008052 name: apple code: FNCL-1982424433-2312542862-3531370932 name: firenet code: FNCL-1595163418-2699803877-2673387128 name: steve code: FNCL-3387648329-907318966-1980812176 - FireSite v2.1 NEVER EXPIRE KEY Multimedia Edition: CWAY-MdSc-sAsa-Tzth-6cea-r4e4 v2.0 Multimedia Edition: CWAY-MdSc-sAsa-Tzth-6cea-r4e4 (demo version) CWAY-StDm-DBph-DBph-f2da-4cNY - FireWork v2.0 90908010 - Firefall v2.0 CENDRMGBPFOQ ABCDEFNOPQRS AAAAAASSSSSS - Firewalk X v1.0 1356810470 - Fireworks vall versions ( see --> Macromedia Fireworks ) - Fireworks MX vall versions ( see --> Macromedia Fireworks MX) - First Things First v4.0.2 4412345519 v4.0 pro 40000054701732 40000000000000 v4.0 4032131305 1.5.1 45012345678941 - FirstClass vall versions First Class Gateways 1000025 First Class IPX 1300141 First Class Reg 10 & Gateways 2100165 First Class Reg 100 & Gateways 2100236 First Class Server 35058 First Class Server Reg 5 100015 First Class Tel 100 & Gateways 3000396 First Class Tel 1000 & CLUI 4200000 First Class Tel 250 & CLUI 350058 First Class Windows 1200597 - FirstClass Delivery v1.0.4a F7F-8466-75-8169 v1.0 10B2-0010-0000-0008 - FirstClass Enlink FTP vall versions 097-056638-2884936739 975ec05c41d07f4f2e317b71ef4089b6|f2b14ff3cdf9dac165a6a777353a8002 - FirstClass Enlink Gopher vall versions 141-065174-2884928247 b348777b51266aa9fb72ab5ecd78cc93|6eb4e2826a72899e79d11d2cd0eaccb5 - FirstClass ExpressNet v? Admin Name Admin Site Name This Site Server SN# 12345678 Act.Key 525366751 - FirstClass Hologate v1.1.6b2 Z8ZV3HZBVY3CL4 Z8ZVCGHBVY3PXE - FirstClass Leecher v2.1 SN: 12345 Code: 3243809 (Delete LeecherData file. Hold option key. Launch. 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This will serialize and unlock both Font Reserve and Action WYSIWYG. If your copy of Font Reserve is working fine, but Action WYSIWYG is still running in demo mode, repeating this process will unlock it. To enter the serial number: *Open the Font Reserve Settings control panel. *Turn Font Reserve off. *Click the Serial Number button. *Enter the Font Reserve serial number, even if it's already there, and click OK *Turn Font Reserve back on - Font Showcase v4.0 Name: Pablo SN: 8028-1131-5406-4001-0071 v3.3.1 Name: KIRI Org.: ANGEL Code: 1234-1234-1234-0043 (disable 'Check for Update') v3.1.1 (see tip before using) name: nowhereman org: msj Code: 1234-5678-1234-0092 v3.0.6 Name: nowhereman Company: msj Serial: 1234-2345-3456-0299 ( see also crack ) v3.0 Name: nwhereman Comp: msj Code: 1234-5678-1234-0092 v2.0.3 Name: nowhereman Comp: nowhere Code: 1234-1234-2345-0202 tip 3.11 Delete old prefs folder first if you have one. Open the FS app in Resorcerer and open the Data Fork. Go to Offset 55EED - 55F18, on the right you will see the 2 previous numbers. Change any digit in each one, save, close, and reg. using the code for v3.0 crack 3.0.6: Open the FS app in Resourcer and open the Data Fork ( <df> ), go to Offset 47025, on the right you will see the 3.0 # from surfer's ....change any digit there, save and close it, then reg. with the 3.0 serial. - Font Smoothie v1.1 Name: nowhereman Code: J977H-JP3RC-CR4YJ - Font Agent Pro v1.1.2 X see Crack 1) Install the app running Install FontAgent Pro. You'll obtain a folder in the applicacions folder named FontAgent Pro. Inside that folder there's the FontAgent Pro app (which is a package). 2) Make a copy of the FontAgent Pro app somewhere on your HD. 3) Using Resorcerer,HexEdit, or whatever open up the copy of the file at FontAgent Pro->Contents->Mac OS->FontAgent Pro 4) Do a hex search for 4182008880c10140 (offset 198A4) 5) Replace the code with 6000000080c10140 6) Just after this code you'll see 4081007C. 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They make security software and leave the password file lying around. 2. Open ResEdit (free from Apple), Snitch (not avail for OS 9.1 yet), or another shareware app that allows you to make invisible files visible. 3. Go to your "preferences" folder. 4. Look for a file called "FGP" and make it visible. 5. Open the file using "BBEdit" or another text editor. 6. The word use see IS the security access password. 7. Change it, or just remember it for later use ;) - FreeHand v8.0 (--> Macromedia) FHM800-73311-53525-65559 FHM800-73311-53525-65504 FHM800-73311-53525-65054 FHM800-73311-53525-65009 FHM800-73311-53525-60554 FHM800-73311-53525-60509 FHM800-73311-53525-60059 FHM800-73311-53525-60004 FHM800-73311-53525-10504 FHM800-73311-53525-10054 FHM800-27119-37025-33424 FHM800-03315-17024-62450 FHM800-73311-53525-15004 v8.0J FHM800-06210-07824-91448 v8 b FHM800-73311-53525-15004 v7.0J FHM700-03719-77893-74494 FHW700-05317-78097-19326 FHM700-01313-35793-49356 v7.0 Suite Freehand 7.0 serial: FHM700-19111-97093-19326 FHM700-72014-48094-39376 FHM700-08014-82193-64481 Fontographer 4.1.5 serial: FTM410-16464-47772-19326 xRes 3.0 serial: REM300-10058-87782-19326 v7.0 FHM700-72014-48094-39376 FHM700-19111-97093-19326 FHM700-08014-82193-64481 v7 Graphic Studio WFM700-00224-83172-09146 v5.5 10255-0459-0148-30302 10255-0542-0171-77541 10255-0698-0220-88744 10255-0799-0252-83900 v5.0 10250-0397-4374-13083 v4.0a xx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxx 02-1235-002302134 02-3008-000036469 02-4008-200010087 12-1234-123456789 02-6023-000345263 v3.0 02-1235-002302134 02-3008-000036469 02-4008-20001008 02-6023-000345263 04-1000-000006699 11-1009-200021734 06-0001-100000000 v2.0 08-1004-0268684 - FreeHand Graphics Studio vAll 40110-0474-0131-41211 WFM700-03121-17072-42408 WFM700-00224-83172-09146 - FreeStyle v2.11 FS210-00EJV-81T62 - CD Session Burner v1.0.1 X Name: Pablo Company: Minimal SN: 12-55624026 - DiskSpy v1.3 X Name: Pablo/Minimal SN: 2625-6857-2412 - StartUp v1.0 X Name: Pablo/Minimal SN: SU10-0142-7615-2891 - Charmas v1.1 X Name: Pablo/Minimal CM10-7469-6190-8538 - Frosts Virtual Desktops v1.1 593-66-8206 - Golem v 23237768052 - Freeway v3.5.6 CR188130045950-753 v3.5.5 CR199130011234-268 CR103130017360-337 v3.5 CR199130011234-268 v3.0 CR199130011230-268 v2.0 MBV17330352035-452 v1.x.x Single User: MBY40213647455-393 100 Users: MBS35708536131-848 250 Users: MBV17330352035-452 MBV86244488380-878 MBV00000031337-024 MBV26236018281-282 - French Assistant v1.0 M2100906 - Frew's Code Viewer v0.2.x Name: MMC Code: ABS-25689-S23 - FriendlyShare v1.1 f03s9c718eba3db4581b (4 User) - Frog Xing v1.2 Code: 164511 - Front Office v1.6.2 FB101521 - FrontPage (MS) v1.0 806-4714784 806-4719966 111-11111 - Frontier v1.0 ULF.10108.100 ULF.13106.100 - FrozenGame v0.31 Name: KIRI Code: 1OTXZZAHINOV - Fuchi Kuma v1.0.1J ED-K1038940572-CG - Fuchi Syokunin v1.0J QF1637246962 - Fudeou v3.0J 2552004805 - Fuffy v2.1.1 Name: Ragnarok Code: 12045162101434567710123 - Full Contact v2.0.2 9310401FBE0750A 5106F04E30033020 - Full Impact v5.5 0000000-00 0031337-17 1038432-21 (XXXXXXX-AA X=any #, AA = sum of x's) - Full Screen Player v1.1.5 X Name: Pabloo SN: FSP1-939-404-059-810 v1.0 Name: Al Bundy/nop Code: FSP1-450-757-070-681 - FullWrite Pro v2.0.6 FREE-33333-33333 v2.0x 10000000-88000000 v1.x 0000000-00 (XXXXXXX-AA X=any #, AA = sum of x's) PN=1013409103 SN= 8052167-29 - WebWorks Publisher Professional v7.0 3-000-005-70-000000-PJOS-EQQIEMLR - FunKeys v1.5 Name MaximumBob Copies 9999 Code QMMPRWPSC - Funnel Web v4.0.3 Enterprise Edition: FWE-023M-600236-V147 v3.0 FWP-000M-777777-A683 FWD-000M-111111-A683 FWD-000M-921397-A683 (demo) v2.5 FWB-200A-111111-D321 FWB-200A-105720-D327 v1.7 FWB-100A-487305-A211 v1.6.x FWB-1zzA-192349-A21z FWB-1zzA-919238-A21z FWB-1zzA-194932-A21z FWB-1zzA-919293-A21z v1.06 Name: MoonDark Code: AAA-578A-123456-A901 Unserializer also needed - Furbo Filters vAll 63676b34-cb65-11d1-bc43-0060b0a13dc4 8cba8cd6-cb66-11d1-bc43-0060b0a13dc4 02879e00-cb66-11d1-bc43-0060b0a13dc4 ec8d7010-cb66-11d1-bc43-0060b0a13dc4 1333cf0c-cb67-11d1-bc43-0060b0a13dc4 3caa3434-cb67-11d1-bc43-0060b0a13dc4 The Designer Filters put an invisible file in your Preferences folder called "furbo registration". This is what contains the state of how many times the filters have been run. The filters will run normally the first five times you use them, and then will begin introducing that annoying pause. So... Get into ResEdit, make the old "furbo registration" file visible, and then delete it. Go into Photoshop and run each of the four Designer Filters exactly once each. Go back to ResEdit, find the new invisible "furbo registration" file in the Preferences folder, turn on the "Resources Locked" attribute, and save it. Now the filters will never start those delays, because they always think they've been run only once. Work perfectly normally too! I've been using them for almost a year now with no problems... - FutureShare v1.0a8c1 B-341-UFD-170-QEC-293-ICI-066-QVM-340 - FutureSplash Animator v1.0 536A-0434-F732 - G-Sat v1.0.2 Name: Ragnarok Org : NOP Code: CC01-0F10CRACK - G3 v1.0.1 52494627 - G3Strip v1.x.x name: Macintosh code: NINCFJMT v1.3 Name: MoonDark Code: WWYCSFBV - GoFont v1.0 X First Name: Pablo Last Name: Pablo SN: -1667911998 - VorbisRage v1.0 X Name: (Any Name) SN: CRACKSHRZCIOJPABLOOOJ - FridgeMagnets v2.0 X Name: (Any Name) SN: CRACKSHRZCIOJPABLOOOJ - G3Throttle v1.3.2 Name: Inpher Code: JEOCLLQL v1.3.2J Name: Nowhereman Code: YNHWLQIC v1.2 Name: MoonDark Code: YBFKDRPM Name: Server Surfer Code: NAUXGTLT - G4Strip v1.x.x Name: Inpher Code: KGRGQRXT - GEDitCOM v3.5 X Name: Pabloo SN: M2C5DCOCJXQRZYVG v2.8 Name: KIRI/ANGEL Code: 6BJ3WX8PRYRKK66A - GIF Converter v2.4.1 162-37-77-f4-de-a8-8b-b2 v2.2 162-37-77-f4-de-a8-8b-b2 862-37-77-f4-de-a8-8b-b2 - GIFmation v2.x DFAVED6UBGD5 v2.0 UFXYEDVCKRCR (30 days trial) - GLMStat v5.6.4 Name: Ragnarok Code: X0391037873 - GPSy v3.3.8 111111-c495 v3.35 412938-509666 112938-559666 102938-559766 (see Note) v3.21 Code:1234567b290 v3.0a16 Code:1234567b290 v2.x Serial Number: 00000 License Key : 200000-d795 v2.5.1 276242-f596 211822-f49c 255455-8794 250337-a497 253418-559d v2.2.3 code: 1$Òı?5c58a Note: The application handles each of these serials in a different way. I didn't see any differences in the function availability - maybe you'll find them?! - GREEN v1.0J 110701884 - GSM Remote v1.1x 76544-RXkli-00001-932 - Gabura v1.1.x 638174 - Gaiji Helper v1.2.4J 413774353 - Galactic Patrol v1.5 Name: HotSix Code: 1173-6874-9849-9530 Push R key at the title screen. - Galactica v# GL-1252-2345-NOWHEREMAN5628 - Gallery Effects v1.5.2 35-1526-303530507 v1.5.1 02-4008-200010087 56-1000-202888264 - GalleyOops vAll 5260-2002-009000-10215 - Game Cheater v2.0 5020000000176 5020123456787 5020234567891 5020345678970 - GeoLink3D v1.0 NXML-D46-5H9-Z12LAIN - Game Doctor v2.0 G100-9519 v1.2 G000-9519 v1.1 1000-9519 1100-9519 v1.0 0000-9519 - Game of the Winds v2.0e Just hit Register, then the Unlock button and enter a name - GarbageTruck v1.0 Register Code : I_payed. - Gazou Kanran Soft v1.0 Name: Lucifer Code: 9N0D33L - Gear v3.3.1 G26739E09 vCD G05641E69 v3.0 G51541U99 G51542U99 G51543U99 G51544U99 G51545U99 - GearBox v1.5 [MacAddict] First Name: MacAddict Last Name: Hacker Code: FTDR-VBTN-F9LQ-NNRU v1.5J gbx-3003-qmhvc-0681320 v1.5 gbx-0000-rocks-0000000 v1.1 name: Greg Gunthner code: gbx-2000-rbval-5600490 v1.0 00000000rocks00000000 99999999uvxwi99991144 Name: MaximumBob Organization: nop Number: 123456789udqry67891904 - Gebührenrechner v5.0 Name: Lucifer Code: aaaaaqquu - Gemini v1.0 name: Cendryom code: 011-234-0FBAB5 - Generic Cad v2.0b 72205-4725 - Genetic Photo Optimizer v1.1.0 223200110000000143011167156014 - GeoAssistant v# p6qdw-pjvs49-8zrwd - GeoFlare v1.1 964070565 - GeoGenius USA v1.0 99176GB - GeoGenius World v1.0 33092GW - GeoStudio v1.3 99MS-A52-7F5-V123456 - GetPath Plugin v1.4 Name: Lain Code: TE4WAJQ4NZQ1MDK1 - Geometry Calculator v2.0.1 Name: Lain S/N#: GC1-888868-1 Key : EEK-2100 v1.0 GC-888868-1 GC-248007-1 - GamePad Companion v2.1 j-583-9437-fzi-0621-05-1 - German Assistant v1.0 M4100441 M4102046 - Get Info Pro v2.0.1 Name: nowhereman Code: 2860986344428312202108 Name: Chrisco* Code: 174298631636831523096 v2.0 Name: Chrisco* Code: SN-4026096 v1.5 DR3 Name: NopsBug Code: SN-4686439 - GetMouse4Prog v1.2.0 Name: MoonDark Code: 22480020 - GetRight v3.34 413460209855 v3.33 268554735020 v3.2 035285034223 v3.10 744288981574 552553816746 110028491137 v1.0 111000219147 - GetWeb v1.2 Code: 75843901 - Ghost v3.5 Name: Lain Code: 469747287281 v3.0 Name: nowhereman Code: 313389138238 - Ghost Hunter v2.1 Name: JJoshGR Code: 1G0-H39451MAB3-M39-9M20ZA (see tip) v2.0.x Name: JJoshGR Code: 1G0-H39451MAB3-M39-9M20ZA v1.6 Name: No Where Man Code: GN25080 v1.0 Name: nowhereman Code: gn23672 Open with resorcerer and look for the code below in ghost hunter and change the first 0 (zero) to A. Save and register with the data below. Creates a "Ghost Hunter" file in prefs and also modifies "error.html" file in data folder in Ghost Hunter folder. # needs to "verify computers clock via the internet" during serialization. evil stuff?! - GhostWriter v2.0J 2367-003267-33282 2367-001380-64070 2367-001997-23051 - Gif.gIf.giF v1.5.3J Name: Fubu Code: A!+2AH4DZF7W77VM - GifDANCER v 1.x needs generated serial number (Release Software SalesAgent) - Giza v2.x.x name: Anonymous code: WK-07421 name: Buck Rogers code: WK-06300 v1.0.3 name: Registered code: WK-55610 v1.0 47RIOS3490 - Glare v1.2 1058569 2076439 2967707 4115515 5170273 v1.0 3637529 - Glidel vAll Hold down Command+Control+Shift+Tab when you ask the Registration dialog box - MOX Optimize v2.0.2 Name: Lamar A. Dykes Reg Code: 205-241-106-303-073-244-326-064-131-064-322-275-240-203-071-310-354 v1.7.8 limpghoule564 - Glimmer v1.1 name: Registered code: 4073724051 name: John Doe code: 4207286158 name : (anything can go here) code : 1159028700 - Glitterato v1.0 2353161 2377625 2780099 2902505 3041000 2328179 2293794 2426249 2721549 3082481 3238654 3309885 3705859 3883337 4015529 4350619 4622813 6398039 - Digiphone v1.0.3 4006200105553327 4002700149795519 - Global IRC-d v0.6a5r Name: Diego Rey Code: 9K9K59K9K-100388-7H12H0 v0.6dp1 Name: Cendryom Code: 3T9935-99733-60H1H1 v0.6a3 Name: nowhereman Code: 33874-31290-H10558 v0.5.3 Name: Surfer Licks Hamsters Code: 3T373T09-51723-3202H75 - Global Village TelePort Fax v1.0 KZW3 - GlobalFax v Update JOYSKCAMWKTFRYJ v2.6.5 JOYSKCAMWKTFRYJ NQCYPRXWSAKORYM v iMac/G3 JFKMBGRJUVQMIYJ - Globetrotter v1.0.1 A000001-05 vDictionaries ENG-330000 US English BOK-800000 Bokmal BRT-890000 British English CTL-730000 Catalan DAN-540000 Dansk DEU-170000 Deutsch ESP-850000 Espanol FRN-580000 Francais CFR-740000 Francais Canadie ITL-780000 Italiano NDL-020000 Nederlands NYN-240000 Nynorsk PRT-510000 Portugues BRS-820000 Portugues Brasil SDE-030000 Schweizerdeutsch SUO-180000 Suomi SVN-210000 Svensk v1.0 A000000-00 A000001-05 BKWM000-51 - GloomyAlert v1.3.1 Glmy-6789-00000063 Glmy-6789-00000042 Glmy-6789-00000021 Glmy-6789-84634221 Glmy-6789-21212121 Note: Hold down option and click icon in main screen. Then appear reg box. - GoClick v3.0 GC30-2976453-776 (Upgrade ser# - Adobe GoLive required!) GC30-752849331-229 (Myrmidon upgrade*) GC30-752849331-278 (GoLive upgrade*) GC30-752849331-282957 (registered) GC30-752849331-53285 (30-day demo) GC30-1-1101 *In order to use this SN a copy of Adobe Golive or Terry Morse Myrmidon must have been previously installed and registered. - GoLive CyberStudio v4.0 ( see --> Adobe GoLive ) v3.5b4 BETA_R968HYJG1D19HWVJCQH (60 days) v3.5b2 BETA_R968HYJG1D19HWVJCQH (Trial) v3.1.1 DLE01RD7VKBJS7DT9G8JDWYM DLE01PS32BEMGEDC9KEKNAZR EN001MV72SDNCZC17F92WC2M FR001M57WFXSRPM1E3KQMAFH EN0014N77DZQSYG41PX74WSG v3.1 DLE01RD7VKBJS7DT9G8JDWYM dle01pp37qtkgqndejnpn5xq v3.0J JA0012H28NXJH6GDPW47NWMG v3.0 (Preview) TRI4QVZUF8W67GKP v3.0 DLE4QVZ3GRW67GKP DLE4QVZ3YRW67GKP DLE4QVZ3GRW67GKO DLE4QVZ3YRW67GKO USP4QVZ3CRW66NGP v2.0: DLE4QWF3CRW67GEH DLE4QWF3CRW67ZPD DLE4QWF3CRW67HGN BTA4QWX7F8W67GJJ v2.0.x AAA4QWF2F8WP2GJJ v2.0.2J DLE4QWF3CRW6KC7P USP4QWF3CRVP3MHE v2.0.2 MWT4QWF7F8WP7GJJ DLE4QWF3CRYPGEKK v2.0.1 DLE4QWF3CRW67ZPD v1.1 AAADAAADAAAAC AAADAABEAAAAD AAADAACFAAAAE AAADAAADAAABD AAADAAADAAACE AAADAAADAAADF v1.0 123G567U1234L 000A000A0002C 001B000A0002C 000A001B0002C 001B001B0003D A quick resedit [k] patch for: Cyberstudio 2 trial and Cyberstudio 3 Trial Find hex in data-fork : $4082 0098 809c 0000 3861 014c 8084 001e and change the $4082 to $4800 This patch will... 1) if already registered for trial time: Expand trial time to _unlimited_ 2) if not registered: Register the application without name and serial #. - GoLive CyberStudio Professional Edition v3.0 mr_182495 cmr_182495 Activation key: TR14QVZUF8W67GKP - GoMac v2.x (see --> Action GoMac ) v2.0 C123N4567837796891 C777N7777769485055 C999N9999960506025 C666N6969496963695 v1.6 12301234-345672 v1.5 12301234-345672 15404486-874669 18815278-705368 v1.4.4 12301234-345672 v1.4.2 12301234-345672 12312345-123451 v1.4 (100 Copies) 17404064-038075 15528842-438019 12123447-534162 16410843-561242 18133014-577464 v1.1 12301234-345672 12301678-901244 12312345-123451 12312345-678983 v1.0 Name: LeetCheeZ Company: SPC SN: 123365789112360 - Gofer vall versions 504209 - Gold Digger v1.3.0 Name: KIRI Code: 3286710 v1.0 Name: Doom Code: 3024849 Name: Anonymous Code: 6269400 - Golden Logres v? 5444GLM100008-J1 v1.0.5 E-mail: Code : 711707135245820962802890 E-mail: Code : 711748164757430210792900 - Golden Mahjong v1.0.1 1366-5245-3456-GMM 6765-1644-KIRI-GMM - Golden Slot v1.0.1 9043-KIRI-5500-SLM - Golden Tarot v1.0 6997-KIRI6923-TM - Golden Throttle v1.0 1022-9012-6811-SLM - Golden2 v1.1.5 7072-2288-KIRI-M v1.1.4 5960-1980-3456-M - GolfMaster! v1.1.2 82443585637 25534548934 17342569802 94998494809 18332261640 31272621706 76231462076 54483232762 14998536792 71687663592 - GoodTypist v1.0 My hobby is practicing Kyudo. - Goodman & Gilman´s vall versions GG-73873 - Gopher Golf v3.x.x Name: MMC Mekka SN: MP-35430 v3.0.7 code: MP-07757 name: Anonymous v3.0.6 code: MP-6700 name: Buck Rogers v3.0.4 code: MP-7757 name: Anonymous Code: MP-01968 Name: Anyone v2.0 code: MP-7757 name: Anonymous - GraceLAN v2.0 359006812187 014125527017 14126000000 v1.1.1 359006812187 - GraceLAN Update Manager v5.5 794800000000 v1.1 794800000437 - inPHormer v1.0x Name: PYRUS MALUS SN: 1-1021-1999-SALG-EZE1 - GradeBook1 v2.6 MWAP-6900-BRTC-5423 v2.4.1 MWAP-6900-BRTC-5423 (Start up password) jmy3d71uiskq3xcfc31 - Gradekeeper v5.3 Name: Registered User Code: 538345 v5.x.x Name : Inpher Code : 376996 v5.2x Name: AtmosFear Code: 282116 v4.x name: Macintosh code: 348068 v4.8 Name: MoonDark/NOP Code: 540736 v4.6 Name: MoonDark Code: 632025 v4.3 466785 The Informant 734449 LeetCheeZ 577188 SPC 414673 Anonymous 624777 You 714025 Everyone 320273 Trial Copy - Gutterball 3D v1.0.1 Serial number: type zero 20 times Player email: use your first name (not an email address) - Grafyxx v1.3 96-100-1175-003-12291 - Grag & Thog Bonkheads v1.0.2 000-220-666-456 - GrainWave v2.0.4 code: 21336737 - Grammarian vX 1.0.2 Pro GMPX-000-003-001-0183 The banned number is in Application Support / Grammarian / ToolData / WebGrammarianSer. vX 1.0.1 GMX-010-0270-343-0205 GMX-010-027-343-205 v2.1.4 GM2-333-444-002-480 GM2-139-720-565-065 v2.x GM2-010-013-015-997 v1.x GM1-010-011-692-538 GM1-010-010-913-725 GM1-0T4-ITS-OJ3-730 v1.0J GM1-Q63-Q7R-PJ7-449 - Gramotki v1.5.9J 940130000 v1.5.x 3650004 9928238 v1.5.4 Serial Number: 170177 master access v1.5.3 170177 v1.5.11 949999995 - Grand Central v3.0 798C-DAOD-ZRNP-74HT (license) 4YEA-GUKH-5FTP-KU25 (update) v2.0.5d 798C-DAOD-ZRNP-74HT - GraphMaster v5.5 US100000598 v1.1 US100000598 - GolfCard v2.0 X golf221202 - GraphPad Prism v3a16 G3-M00000-110 - Graphic Astrology (Io Series) v# serial: 4a?B - GraphicConverter v4.5.3 GC99-PPKDKD-WBT GC99-DDJAFF-PPU GC99-PZKKDA-NTY GC99-DZKKAR-CCP GC99-ZAAZAD-NNY v4.5.1 US GC99-KZRFSS-YSS v4.5.1 FR See Tip v4.5.1 EN Name: Name must contain 3 Characters Minimum Code: GC99-KZRFSS-YSS GC99-PPKDKD-WBT GC99-DDJAFF-PPU GC99-PZKKDA-NTY GC99-DZKKAR-CCP GC99-ZAAZAD-NNY v4.4.4 Name: Scotts Shadow Code: G86905748 v4.4.1 Name: Rosario Squatrito Code: G39149762 v4.4 Name: Ragnarok Code: G21546329 v4.4J GCJP-XXXXXX-FFI v4.2 Name: CHEETAH Code: G98306320 v4.1 Name: Thorsten Lemke Code: G81078140 v4.0.9 Name: MacClub Code: G63393423 Name: Mr. Pink Code: G71476025 Name: Ben Dover Code: G21542925 Name: Oxycontin Code: G71488329 Name: SCR Code: G32110615 v4.0.7 OS X Name: Tested Code: G17581210 v4.0.6 Name: Kill Gates Code: G28707526 v4.0.5 French Name: Tested Code: G17581210 v4.0.5 Name: PisssQue Code: G29493814 v4.0.1 Name: Tested Code: G17581210 v4.0 Name: Lucifer Code: G14513421 v3.9.1 name: Laundromat in Oakland code: G24263576 v3.9 US PPC Name: Scott Code: G25441922 v3.8 Name: Scotts Shadow Code: G86905748 Name: Larry Vogel Code: G63889327 Name: *** Code: G26092709 v3.7 Name: Lord Preston Code: G80016132 v3.5J GCJ3500101001000 v3.5.1 Name: *** Code: G26092709 Name: Inpher Code: G14424913 v3.4 name: Thorsten Lemke code: G81078140 v3.2.1 name: Registered User code: G85336230 v3.0.1 J GCJ3000102003347 GCJ3000101****** v3.0 name: Zeus code: G23331909 v2.x.x name: Anonymous code: G69466831 v2.9.x code: G22684517 name: HackUser v2.8 name: HackUser code: G90624311 v2.7 name: Thorsten Lemke code: G81078140 Open the application with Resorcerer (or Resedit) Open resource TEXT ID 503 Replace FR with US Save... The US serial Numbers are OK ! - GraphicsBrowser v2.0 code: TR775 - Graphing Calculator v2.5 code: 12345 v2.2 Name: nowhereman Code: 14262616 - Graphite v1.0.4 128551192793 v1.0.x 746640008454 - Graphsoft Blueprint v5.0.2 2500-26951884 2500-00029682 2500-00009062 2500-00019822 2500-BKWM5642 - Grapple v1.x name: Macintosh code: 48018106 Name: MoonDark Code: 167676859 v1.2 Name: Maximum Bob Code: 2019877762 - Gravity v2.11 Name : Finn Mac Cool Serial: ABCDEFUL Code : EAE9-A58C-77D5 - GravityPiecesClock v1.4.0 LL7P42G8 - Great Plains Accounting v7.2 Code: 13=0613214797 Key : 5945261362 User: MANAGER Pass: ACCESS - GreatTypist v1.0 Typing is MentalSports - Greebles vall versions Name: HotSix Code: 22483B5C96YUAEVPFZ - Grid Master v1.0.1 MGRD-NMLQS-HFFA4-DXOCKH - Gridz v1.x 46CXX256 v1.0 BTK8C2HM VRCRNE7Q v# 4PHCTZJM - Grocery Helper v2.1 Name: Chrisco* Code: 777-82120 - GrooveMaker v2.5 GVM25-80AMTZIX-77902 GVM25-80Q5ERO6-81719 v2.0 GVM20-82QAGE8E-21627 GVM20-82JU6UWP-23131 GVM20-82JU58XL-51777 v1.1 GVM11-84JP14B3-84503 GVM11-84JP15LR-16307 11111-26P77201-56967 - GrooveRecorder v1.1 Name: unknown Code: 674288.6857143 - Group Organizer v3.0.4 Name : nowhereman Comp.: nowhere Code : 36232030841503 - Guaranteed Undelete v2.0 211204515 211252619 - GuiToonz v1.0 12345678919999 - Guide Master v# MGUM-NMUMJ-CGNE4-FTRXPI - Guitar Tuner v4.0 Name: KIRI Code: GTJIJ Name: ANGEL Code: GT@LM v2.6 name: MoonDark code: GTLkl - Guiter no ossan v1.2J Name: ja Code: 000000203890 Name: jb Code: 000000204890 Name: jc Code: 000000205890 Name: jd Code: 000000206890 Name: je Code: 000000207890 Name: jf Code: 000000208890 Name: jg Code: 000000209890 Name: jh Code: 000000210890 Name: ji Code: 000000211890 Name: jj Code: 000000212890 v1.1J Name: nowhereman Code: 000001076339 - Gumshoe v1.0.3p2 GS-3552724-RLB - Guro v1.1.1 Login: Chrisco* Code : 188995-110-XG8-864 v1.0b1 (Suite) Login: Chrisco* Code : 565059-1302-St8-3648 v1.0.3 315-9679-0502 - Guy Friday v1.22 name: Buck Rogers code: GBXX - Gyakutokei v1.1 IEKOT99 - HCGateway v1.0.3 Name: Lucifer Code: 4711061324 - HDST vall versions ( see --> Hard Disk SpeedTools ) - HHWCTS v 0450663264 1522110135 1516813111 4405067554 2500863631 - HLBMM (HLBookMarkMgr) v1.0 name: Anyone code: 41-47-56-46-47-36 name: [k]rack Works code: 5B-48-6-41-58-56-48-123 - HSM Toolkit v1.0 AB191693999 AB125051789 - HTML Creator v3.5 X Name: SerialLain Org.: Knights Code: 992769F2FE-FB3DB8A9B5 Name: Pablo SN: 0E65997E8E-437DEF7497 v2.7 Name: Phrek Org.: minimal Code: 0805CBA6CB-5494468092 v2.6 Name: nowhereman Org : msj Code: 61E28D47-44BBF167-60D8CFDA - HTML FitnessFlyer v1.30 FFCD-54321 v1.12 FFcD-12345 - HTML Grinder vunknown still works if you set the cpu's date to 1st of August before you register - HTML Rename v2.10 Name: kiri@overkrack Mail: Code: 1903284412 v1.21 Email: Key: 883521127 - HVS ColorGIF/JPEG v2.1.2 SN: MJ6061 v 2.x SN: 11 Code: 2147483627 Serial Number:100 Registration Code:2147483459 HVS Colorgif and HVS JPEG version "where_the_code_doesn't_work": Remove invisible files named "snfn" and "jsnfn" in the preferences folder for other 30 days - HVS™ ColorGIF v2.0.7 MG6054 HVS Colorgif and HVS JPEG version "where_the_code_doesn't_work": Remove invisible files named "snfn" and "jsnfn" in the preferences folder for other 30 days - HVS™ JPEG v2.1.2 s/n : MJ6061 reg : 2146230962 HVS Colorgif and HVS JPEG version "where_the_code_doesn't_work": Remove invisible files named "snfn" and "jsnfn" in the preferences folder for other 30 days - HX Anchor Box v1.0J 6PA2-2D21-AG3F (Quark Extension) - HX Box Tool v1.0J W619-0B1N-GPTF (Quark Extension) - HX Color Master v1.0J JN9P-X3XB-PS52 (Quark Extension) - HX ExpressFont v1.0J O8P5-DU6L-NIRF O8P5-98O2-1T54 O8P5-HU7V-JPS4 O8P5-VPNJ-4QEF (Quark Extension) - HX Index/TOC v1.0J UUQE-W3J3-5AW4 (Quark Extension) - HX Mozi Kaiten v1.0J 9TGA-VE3A-U1YY (Quark Extension) - HX Power Search v1.0J 5J81-GFI0-S9M4 (Quark Extension) - HX PowerSelect v1.0J 2367-003267-33282 (Quark Extension) - HandyMan v2.1 3QGH-00272-04097 v2.x 3QGH-00049-00019 3QGH-04112-00257 3QGH-16446-01028 3QGH-20560-01285 v2.06b20 3QGH-00160-00010 v2.0.8 3QGH-17830-21610 v2.0.6 3QGH-26092-22222 3QGH-46346-23456 v2.0.2 3QGH-08224-00514 3QGH-12336-00771 v2.0.1 3QGH-00915-12345 - Hang2000 v1.7.4 Name: Macintosh Code: LJBE-13032 v1.4 Name: KIRI Code: 1234512652 v1.3 Name: BonsaiFreak Code: 1234513161 - Hang3000 v2.0.1 Name: Lain Code: 1234580056 v1.0.1 Name: Macintosh Code: 1234566266269 - iBot Driver - 1.0.3 - HappyGear v2.5.1 10210-12346-11365-12345-32615 - Hard Disk SpeedTools v3.5 Bad Block v3.4 Block Device v3.2 Terminator v3.1.1 Stripe v3.0 Operating System v2.7 Media v2.6 MTBF v2.5.1 MacOS v2.5 Bad Block v2.3 HFS v2.2.1 Extension v2.2 Gigabyte v2.0.1 Diskette v1.5.6 Directory v1.5.5 click - Hardwood Solitaire II v2.0 name: Anonymous code: 126375 in order to enter the serial number, you need to press Command K - Harmonics v1.2.1 Name: KIRI Code: J*ABPELDF - Harmony v1.0HE 1411-0095-44790763-830041-960333 - Harmony Assistant v8.0.5 XH0000000000000000000000001 XH0101010101010101010101067 XH0RAGNAROK0NOP0KRACKED0054 - Harrison's Plus CD v REG: 80442H KEY: D6F2 5759 AB7F OCCA+ or KEY: D6F2 5759 AB7F 0CCA - Harrison´s 14th vall versions SN: 82520 Reg: H 77833, HL-52754 - Harry The Handsome Executive v1.0 Name MoonDark Copies 999 Code BKPBMJAL Name Macintosh Copies 100 Code NHBCOJNC - Hasegawa Drummer v2.0J Name: JI Code: 000000147650 - Haunted Mansion v1.5 117453644 - HeXXor v1.0 Name: HeXXor Code: OGISAEUY - Headline Studio v1.0 HF10MRD-0000954-PQY HF10MCD-9090911-QND HF10MCD-0000062-QND - Hearts v3.6.4 Name: kiri@overkrack Code: 873fndie v3.1.1 eidnf378 - HeftyFTP v1.6 X Name: Pablo SN: EXSJHJEJAJJF1JPFDW1K v1.5.1 Name: no-where-man Code: EXSJHJAJ1KJFJFPF@W1K v1.5 Name: nwhereman Code: EXSKHJKKFJJFJJPF@W1K v1.0 Name: nowhereman Code: EXSJHJAJ1JJFJKPF@W1K - DVD Film Transformer v1.0 Registered Name: qffgd qfffg Serial Number: DVDFilm000-943H-XBE2-4DFK-EDPC-G30Q - MPEG Append vX Registered Name: qffgd qfffg Serial Number: MPEGApp000-714E-0F37-A3AP-A709-BF0P - Helium v3.0 Name: MoonDark Code: 2020-3000 v2.1.1 2020-3000 v2.0.2 40859 - Helix Express v3.0 FULL Mode: SN#31327 Key#BZAG-9QXX-QFWL-CQX1-YAT7-5QL0-ST SERVER (2 CLIENTS): SN#31328 Key#BZ42-395F-T8R4-RSYH-CA84-H9BD-YT - Hello wURLd v2.0 User name: nowhereman Organization: nowhere Serial number: 26220-12345 - Help! v12/98 014444479444 v8/98 011234276890 011111419111 014444479444 v2.4.3 01-809094 v2.3 01-208098 v2.0 5840344 6949477 v10/98 011234276890 v1.1.1 5840344 6949477 v1.04 5840344 - HelpLess v1.1 Code:A860A970 - Heritage v3.1.1 H2WK v3.0.9 HWRK - Hermes v3.0.2 CDEF12346C42091809000918092809200908090809080908090809080908090809080908XD52FXFXBXvjku"DDU"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""XXXXXXXXXX.T2X1718. v2.0 857F08EC420C9B3C9B049B149B349B2C9B1C9B1C9B1C9B1C9B1C9B1C9B1C9B1C9B1C9B1C9473C6E55F6BE380178E781A080F6E81BD99449DE5F3F231D67FB517525F08A3AC2FEAAA857F08ECDEDC0F6B6FA8E956339CA4A0B5282BA83B1B893C578110503692DCD36FB8BF7B877665542C1777677767777F775F77477747774777477747774777477747774777477747851234566C83AEE3AEF3AECBAECBAEFBAED3AED3AED3AED3AED3AED3AED3AED3AED3AED3F44D4F0515519F44AD855850FDAD10868EA8EC1F9C2240E233503628D57F083599A41085 v1.9 DDD78BE7792ABA98BB60A5B73F08B37714BF51E3F775EDC0351D245EA7CF1D40B68ABBAAB7C3E51E05EB54B7F3C89C49165C89922A48D72115F4DE699EF7DC6BE370F4CCD43692449B131754F29C8458A2C931DAB81FBC5624A71204FC8357E541B4159B7883FE864C31220C - Heuris MPEG Extension v1.3i HMEE-A649-E5D0-F12D - Heuris MPEG Power Pro v2 DVD M2DUF-5A50-040E-8C3F v2.0g M2DUF-5A50-040E-8C3F - Hex Appeal v1.0 Name: KIRI Code: 1382645479 - Hex Ya! v2.1.3 (see tip) How to regist: 1. Run "Hex Ya!" app and quit at once. 2. Open invisivle file "SystemMapDB022066" in System folder. 3. Open datafork and change 00254B495249. 4. Save and invisivle again. 5. Open "Hex Ya!" app with resorce editor. 6. Open datafork and write 4B495249. 7. Save. 8. That's it. - HexVector v1.x PNTN0862L2636K40-676 PNTN1015C0081M90-021 PNTN0770A0112Q71-289 - HexWeb CSS Edit v1.0.x SA Name: Inpher Code: F8D5011BACDE3E8C v1.03 BBEdit name: Akuma code: B5454E37B21E5ADA v1.02 SA name: MoonDark code: AFWZGGYL name: Akuma code: A895D345817F66A8 name: MaximumBob code: AB71B5DCFD199CA3 v1.0 name: Shadowgeist code: 3B29F63E617238B8 - HexWeb Typograph v2.0.x SA Name: Inpher Code: DF5A9BE658FDFDE7 v2.0 for BBEdit name: Akuma code: 9227587CAB252899 v2.0 name: Akuma code: BC5D178A83BC88C1 name: Shadowgeist code: 3B29F63E617238B8 name: Pretty Good Pirate code: E5F47869A15472B9 - HexWrench v# PHXM-100-001192-5686D v1.0 HWPT-007-PM4541-PNPLX - Hexx v Name: MoonDark Pass: AFWZGGYL - HideFolders v2.3 51 v2.2 SN: 48 v2.1 SN: 45 - HideIt v2.0.1 Name: anything or "Chrisco*" Code: MSHI201-2805-2652-140600 v2.0 MSHI100-1501-2104-020159 To unregister it, delete the invisible file named finder.8.6.3.prefs.12 which is in the Preferences folder. The password to use HideIt is in an invisible file named macII.92.prefs which is in the Preferences folder, too. - HighGrow v2.0 Name: Accura Code: 162-SORMPQL-104 v1.1 Name: Accura Code: 385-9015453-728 - Hijouguchi v1.1.0R4 676462592 - Clone'X v1.x F12 345 568 469 A00 170 773 003 X10 341 173 323 - H2C v1.6 Name: Lain Code: 006-772-705-937 - Hikouki Pachinko v1.0 2191-00000072-PaAM - Hippo v2.0.x Name: Akuma [k] Code: 12288!APZm82 Name: The Dead Guy Code: TDGK21k?KHkk - Hiru no Kayoukyoku v1.0J TR-2027175707 - Hishiki CID Font Tool v1.0 CID-010-831-390301900 - Hit Factory VST v3.3 PRO 12345-Lzf-406 80008-3FP-042 Algorithm: XXXXX-YYY-ZZZ XXXXX * ZZZ = YYY example: #12345 * #406 = $4C7A66 (Lzf) - Hitchcock v1.0 NPW-2TYG-L92 - Hogwasher v3.1 C7kf-6pef-ZiT9-tg23 N2AK-npef-Zu39-tvYs mogT-M5ef-ZpX9-tvCc v2.6 tUgt-HrI5-Z8EB-sfgp v2.5 tUgt-HrI5-Z8EB-sfgp ( see tip ) v2.0 GNJO-SLI5-Z7sB-sbgg v1.0.3 GNJO-SLI5-Z7sB-sbgg GNJO-SLI5-Z7sB-sdyg v1.0.1 Dx2p-6QDY-DnFQ-sRzg 3.0 Tip: Disconnect from the Internet first/Disable modem Enter one of the posted serials Enter the serial as 'protected data' in NetBarrier Block Asars website in NetBarrier NOTE: The application communicates w/ ASAR when Launched . (NetBarrier should do the trick). Open Hogwasher 2.5 with Resourcerer. Open the DATA Resource, not the DATA Fork and goto location 4D26B to 4D2B8 you'll see the list of Pirated numbers there (Actual Numbers start at location 4D282) and just replace the first letter of the numbers ie: GNJO-SLI5...etc to something else (easier if you do it in the ASCII side and save the file) Then you should be able to use the s/n found in SS. Good luck ! Yep!! And for the PPC goto location ... 29A6A4 -> 29A6DE and do the same changes, It will accept the OLD s/n's in the DATA FORK instead.... It WILL accept the old codes. # Don't bother with a serial! Took me ages to work this one out... Just make sure that the FIRST time you start it up, you set your computer's main date setting to some date way in the future (I did it for five years). Then start Hogwasher. Then quit it again. Then reset your puter back to normal. Hey presto, you'll have a thousand or two days of test use... :-) But presuming you've already started it, you'll have a pesky prefs file hidden somewhere that for the life of me I failed to find. I had to wait until I was doing a clean system install to lose that and then start from scratch - Hold'em Poker Lite v1.0.1 Name: KIRI Code: 4112531 - Hold-Up Pro v1.6 F FSFSRMNI-2176 - Holiday Lights v5 777000000590 053142270951 240561682580 232281385071 740371644789 070714204072 883283740393 v3.x 482066505586 100000000261 v3.1.1 313370000722 123456789235 v3.0.4 000000000261 313370000722 v3.0.3 123456789235 v3.0 125000431 313370000722 - HollywoodFX v3.0 HFXMP-BKW-000000-14Z - Holmes v1.0.x Name: Inpher Code: 1270 v1.0.1 Name: The Dead Guy•ExF Code: 3016 - HoloGate v1.1.6b2 Z8ZV3HZBVY3CL4 Z8ZVCGHBVY3PXE - HomeMakerPro v4.0.1 27653579 1620918 65329271 - Honyaku no Tetuzin e/j v2.0 FBWX-PBCD-123456 Dictionary Computer : YBFY-AACD-123456 Business : YBJT-AGCD-123456 Medical : YBYG-ADCD-123456 Chemistry : YBZD-AECD-123456 Engineering : YBPT-ABCD-123456 Finance : YBQS-ASCD-123456 Electronic : YBCE-ACCD-123456 There are PocketTranser/ej eco family. - Honyaku no Tetuzin j/e v2.0 HBKS-PBCD-123456 Dictionary Computer : ZBFF-AACD-123456 Business : ZBBL-AGCD-123456 Medical : ZBNF-ADCD-123456 Chemistry : ZBDS-AECD-123456 Engineering : ZBXC-ABCD-123456 Finance : ZBQD-ASCD-123456 Electronic : ZBAH-ACCD-123456 There are PocketTranser/je eco family. - ExhibitionX v1.0 X AA22-CC33-44BB-EEFF BB33-DDEE-FF11-CCAA 44AA-EE77-99DD-BBCC - Hoshichoco Memo v1.0J ohsamapengin - TextForge v1.1 X Name: Pabloo SN: 359299302332341116605 - HospiceCare v4.0 code: HC211811 - Hostal v1.2.3 Name: Lain Code: HS10000-156816 v1.2.5 X HS11111-160000 HS1PABL-241081 v1.1.7 Name: Surfer Code: HS14567-174724 - Hot Door CADTools v2.0 6821-1-M-200-CTE-80525 7453-1-M-200-CTE-80526 v2.x 7381-1-M-200-CTE-83055 v1.1 2433-1-M-110-CTJ-10020 - Hot Door Harmony v1.0 2366-1-M-100-PHE-10493 4785-1-M-100-TLE-53023 - Hot Door MultiPage v# 2798-1-M-1-MPE-31415 12114-123-M-456-PE-20000 38088-456-M-789-PE-20000 - Hot Door Perspective v1.0 1805-1-M-100-DE-30023 - Hot Door Transparency v1.0 4785-1-M-100-TLE-53023 - Hot Metal Pro v3.0 SQGB00419C 88296 or SQGB0 0419C 88296 - Hot Rod Calculator v AZHREI - Oekaki v1.3 179653337 - Hougeki v1.0 Name: Lain Code: E0GW12PI8LVGZH756 - Print MAX! v1.0 Name: Lain Mail: Code: 0D0Z0G0G - Stampa Saito v1 Name: Lain Mail: Code: SS46941736574 - Komidashi kun v2.1 Name: Lain Code: 9352381296-38 - Kogitte Stamp v1.1 Name: Lain Code: O6ZZ - Inreki Life v3.1 Name: Lain Code: 3VX,/?N:4'R_AKZJ^~WNT([* - HotApp v1.2 Name: Code: 1FZD65K4XB Lic.: G2X-AVU-ZZZ-ZZZ-3CK - HotEdit v2.2 75493210 - HotFax Message Center Pro v1.0 17149-MM-10 - HotReels v1.0.1 Name: Lain Code: HR1E3C7LAIN - HotFind v1.2.4 Name: Lain Code: 380-TECHX-LAIN Name: HALO Code: 378-DRIVE-HALO Name: HOTRED5 Code: 265-01978-1977 v1.2.3 Name: KIRI Code: 359-ANGEL-KIRI v1.2.2 Name: nowhereman Code: 250-01234-1234 v1.0 Name: BonsaiFreak Code: 270-45678-BONS Name: Sonoko Code: 255-12345-SONO The sn# is valid and accepted by the app, but you always get a message that your sn# is a pirated one if you refresh the server list. - HotGrabber v1.0p3 Nmae: nowhereman Company: nowhere Serial Number: 9432-7888-3510-4997 - Raspberry Quark v1.0.1 X Name: Pablo Company: Minimal Email: SN: RR855-894848432-182083 - Ultimate Alarm Clock v1.2.2 X Name: Pablo/Minimal SN: 378254812164 - Drop Box Watcher v1.0 X Name: Pablo/Minimal SN: 378228607804 - Dream v1.0 X Name: Pablo/Minimal SN: DRM10-3951-1179 - Hotel Reservations vall versions Code: 2833701 Click on "(C) iArch 1998" characters in the right of main screen. Enter 2833701 and click Enter button. Now FULL VERSION. And unlock the DEMO VERSION code is 2896311 that enter the main screen. - Hotline Bundle CD vall versions BRXPJJKHTSNKLC - Hotline Client v1.8.5 Name: Jane Doe Code: C1-XXXX-XXLN-7SL6-KF2N (see note) C1-XXXX-HZYW-WENS-7T7A name: Johnny B. Goode code: C1-XXXX-KWKU-YBHP-U46R C1-XXXX-XXLN-7SL6-KF2N (PC) vPC name: Oren Zvulovny code: IIOJKJMZSGATPD name: BillGates code: QRQSBYGDGSCUFC v1.8 banner hack! (2) v1.5.5 banner hack ! v1.2.3 name: macintosh code: AQNRSOKYRNSDGC Name: Me Code: GMQOLJDDIEBMRA v1.2.1 name: My Darling code: VRSXIMBUGALULC v1.2 name: HackUser code: SHOUALIPZXMIYB name: [k]rack Works code: XKSVPSCATQOSMD That SN# is listed in the Hotline documentation and works BUT it reminds you every 5 seconds-minutes (depends) that the SN is already in use # You can disable Hotline 1.55 Client banner by modifying or adding "hosts" file of TCP/IP. 1. Make or add (if already exist) a file named "Hosts" with simple text in System Folder with A A A A A A 2. Open TCP/IP control pannel and do Edit --> User Mode. Then click "Advanced" 3. Click "Select Hosts file..." button and select the "Hosts" file. That's it! By doing this the Hotline Client can not find the address of banner server. BTW, if you want to make the banner space of Toolbar small, open Hotline Client 1.55 with Res Edit. Open "GIF" and change 3C00 to 0100 in second row. (banner hack 2) Everything you want to know about hacking HL 1.8. Sunday, 19 March 2000, at 4:39 a.m. In Response To: How to hacking HL opening banner. (-) I did this using Resourcerer but it can be done with ResEdit just as easily. The opening banner (the Welcome to Hotline thing) is pretty easy to hack out actually. You want the two "banner" resources. They are MooV and GIFf. Simply open up a COPY (always work with a copy and not the original, just in case) of your HL 1.8 client with your resource editor of choice. Open one of the two resources mentioned above. Once opened you need to create a new resource. Save the empty resource and delete the resource with ID 128. Change the empty resource's ID # to 128 and save. Do the same to the other of the two resources. Once done, save completely out of your resource editor of choice. When you open your copy of your client it should work perfectly except no more opening banner. (If not, you did something wrong.) Replace the original with your new hacked copy and go. NOTE: THIS DOES NOT GET RID OF THE REGULAR BANNERS. I'm working on that one, but I think it's a bit out of my league, someone will probably already have a [k] done by the time I finish mine. Hope this eases some of your annoyance though. First you'll want to carry out the instructions above, that will take care of the opening banner. Then you need to create an empty text file. Inside the text file you want to place the following data: A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A Save the text file as "Hosts", minus quotes and drop it into your system folder. Open up your TCP/IP control panel. In the Edit menu, change the user mode to "Advanced" and click on "Select Hosts File..." button. Find the Hosts file in your system and select it. Save out of TCP/IP and restart your internet connection. All banners will be gone. This was not my hack as I predicted, but it was done the same way I was trying. I still have a lot to learn, but it's here for you anyway. Final thing. To get rid of the cookie file, create and empty text file and name it "Cookies" no quotes (the same as the real Cookies file) and save it into the Hotline Data folder where it usually saves the Cookie file. Then, get info on the empty text file (command-I) and check on the Locked box, lower, left-hand corner. This will not allow Hotline to save a cookie file to your drive any longer. This, plus the resource thing WERE my hacks so if they don't work, yell at me. =) That should be all you need. Enjoy the new version if that's what you like. - Hotline Log Inspector v1.1.2 code: LI-45678907330 - Hotline Server v1.7 name: [k]rack Works code: FIWRMMKEDFHDO # ISSQBTDBORBQTF # (see Tip) v1.5.5J Name: weekly Code: SQFUQAHCGMSGMB v1.2.3 name: macintosh code: AAFLDIKSMLGFHC v1.2 GM name: [k]rack Works code: FIWRMMKEDFHDOD v1.2 name: HackUser code: NMIXIDDNQETHZB Hotline Server 1.7 Registering 1) Start hotline server and go into the options, 2) Click on unlock button, (it might be register, i'm not sure) 3) Enter user name= [k]rack Works 4) Enter Password= FIWRMMKEDFHDOD That should work, well it did for me... - Hotline User Data Editor v1.1.4 name: Anyone code: if3.14a1592641ce v1.1.3 name: Anyone code: df3.14a1592641ce - HotlineHelper v1.7.1 Name: [k]rack Works Code: 12345615 v1.7.x Name: lnpher Code: 2343424423434 (NOTE: The first letter in "lnpher" in a lowercase 'L', not and uppercase)'I'!!! v1.6.5 Name: Inpher Code: 2343424423434 v1.6.2 name: Akuma code: 3024234289430242342 v1.5 name: Akuma code: 3024234289430242342 v1.0 name: Akuma code: 30242342894 name: Macintosh code: 82020426226 - HourWorld v3.1 X Lite Edition SN: PabloKrack-HYYH Pro Edition SN: PabloKrack-WMWQ v3.0 SURFERKRAK-QPPR v2.5.1 (Lite Registration) ANGEL-KIRI-ZKQK (Full Registration) ANGEL-KIRI-MPKL v2.1.6 1234567890-NXZM v2.0.0 1234567890-ZFJN - HourWorld Live DeskPicture v1.2.2 KIRI-KRACK-DBTH PabloKrack-FJTX v0.9beta HOTSIX1999-JPKF HOTSIX1999-KLYR HOTSIX1999-BQLJ HOTSIX1999-RZKR - Hoverspeeder v1.0 TR34RK569012344878 - Hoyle vAll 117360000000000 117363101307525 - Hue & Cry v1.0 1017007 1035544 1085416 1101171 2065990 1017007 1085416 1206916 1713136 1927115 2412030 2525434 2705464 2901321 3058408 3279688 3452572 3820780 3935860 5245432 - Image Doctor (PS Filter) vall HOKPFBIKCPCF - Hybrid v1.2 HYB2-120-0-553B2B16 - Hyper Kakeibo v3.0J KM1-349498 - HyperBox v1.0.1 2270936.2522 before register, set the date of your mac to: Mar 23, 1999 - HyperCanvas v1.0.2 ABBC-F8F9-D09D - HyperContact v2.3.0 TERA NC511300 v2.0.1 NC511300 - HyperSlider v2.0e Name: MoonDark Code: 391776000 Name: Akuma Code: 80437500 - HyperStatusEditor v1.6 981892734 - HyperStudio v3.1.4 MGA001AZR108996 MGA001AZJ137365 v3.0x MGA00100V000000 v3.06N MGC010AZI601843 MGC010AZI501844 MGC010AZI401845 MGC010AZI301846 MGC010AZI201847 MGC010AZI101848 MGC010AZI001849 v3.0.4 MAA001AZT126147 v1.0 101M-101392 - HyperVoxel v2.0 ID : 1638 s/n : Z124-P097-G586-A488 v2.0 Rev M ID : 1638 s/n : Z124-P097-G586-A488 - Hyperball v7.0.1 ABCENDRYOM!603945 - Hyperland v2.x.x G021323678H2 D196807452M7 W231862103G6 v2.0.2 E085538333K6 V312602368I6 R035018324G5 O334486684L0 G026643442H3 G070627023H7 E281665327K4 K058646113J6 Z216688615K0 G100381863H4 - Hyperprism v1.5.5 1005-0150-18128225-943365-210105 (Plug-In Pack) v1.1.1 1013-0102-06959223-653686-565516 - HypnOptic v2.0.1 Name: Chrisco* Key.: Chrisco* Co. Code: 27562815 - Input Dialog Plugin v1.4 Name: Lain Code: TE4WAJRBNDQ2QZG4 - iMedia v1.1 IM87549MACV1 - I Shadow v1.0.4 MEYE-NMJQA-MOCH4-OWYPYG - I'mFax v1.x 717108 v1.56a Basic name: [k]racked code: 338314 - I'mFileMan v0.x 232661 - I-Write v2.2.1J D6WV-AST4-2LTF - I.C.E'd Tools vall versions AW3992334191 - IBM ViaVoice v3.0 OS X IMU300001223 - ICC AutoFlow v# AF2-100-216-526 - ICEblast v# IC672042B51L00001 - ID3X v2.6 Name: Cendryom/nop Code: ID3X-26-719019113111 v2.5 Name: Steve Benington Code: ID3X-15-918039111161 v2.1 Name: Cendryom Code: KRACKED-715019019111 - ICI v2.0.1 TOTO68 AM68 - IceDreams v1.0 DMIF102715 - I'm Age v0.64 Name: Lain ID : 122900 Pass: 12468671 - IDL v5.0.1 Installation Number = MAC-DBT Site Notice = PPC Installation Key = 000-WERWLPAE - IE Administrator vall versions (see Internet Explorer Administration Kit) - IEAK vall versions ( see --> Internet Explorer Administration Kit ) - IKARUS TRACE MASTER v1.0J 1-B829440-93 - IM Away vno serials (see Cracks) you type the sn "$im_off then type a . - INIT Info Pro v1.0 B102131444366 - INn v1.0J 35356150 3535615009 (Bonus) - INposition v1.6.3 IM-3774481 v1.5.1 IM-3727581 - INposition Lite v3.0 gA1f-upbC-?mSU-y3W3 - INterClip v1.1 Name: Lucifer Code: 760939218 v1.0.1 Name: nowhereman Code: 1991181010 - IP Netlink v1.0 Name: Registered Copies: 9999 Reg. Key: 390D690F Company (Leave Empty) v0.3a Name: MoonDark Company: NOP Number of copies: 9999 Registration Key: 3062E531 - IP Reporter v2.0b1 1067-IPRP-3116B10537-13B v1.3 0000-KRAK-30159F930-129 - IPNetMonitor vX 1.1C1 see tip v2.5 Name : PHREKBBS Organization : (blank) No. of Copies : 100 Serial Number : CC895B47 Name : Micmac Organization : (blank) No. of Copies : 100 Serial Number : 97525624 v2.xx Name : Midiman Org. : TYO Copies: 100 Code : A583C56E v2.x Name : surfer Organization : (leave blank) Number of Copies : 100 Registration Key : 38594CD0 v2.5c6 Name: Macintosh Company: Apple Copies: 100 Code: F51EA5A8 v2.2.1 Name: SPC Comp: Copy: 100 Code: 9B29C3AB v1.x Name : Nighthawk Organization : (leave blank) Number of Copies : 100 Registration Key : 0BDFE0AF v1.0 Name : =-BOOK-WORM-> Organization : (leave blank) Number of Copies : 9999 Registration Key : 82D067D6 Start with a new IPNetMonitorX. Unstuff and open in Resorcerer: IPNetMonitorX/Contents/MacOS/IPNetMonitorX Open the datafork. Press Command-f Write in the field for "go to offset" 52f4 Press "go to offset" (the cursor jumps to this offset) Write down in the field for "find" 7C0802A6BF81FFF0 Press "find" (It will be found in this string) Write down in the field for "replace with" 7C0303784E800020 Press "replace with" Save, quit Resorcerer and start IPNetMonitorX - IPNetRouter v1.5.4 Name : CrYpTo Nite Org. : CNN Copies: 100 Reg. : CB2FB8FC # Name: The Backstreet Boys ARE GAY Copies: 24 Code: 0DBF2A26 v1.x Name : Name Company: Company Copies : 200 Code : AF0ADC02 Name : MoonDark Company: NOP Copies : 9999 Code : 3062E531 v1.5 name: pet company: ... copies: 100 reg. key: 7478FB87 name: registered company: none copies: 100 reg. key: 05F23289 name: PPC company: BUG copies: 999 date: leave blank reg. key: 9567378A v1.4.7 Name: The Mac Community Company: Worldwide Copies: 5 Registration Key: 06E63F06 v1.0 Name : PPC Org BUG Copies : 999 Code : 9567378A - IPNetSentry v1.2.3 Name: User Org: Copies: 100 Date: Reg: 484B0610 v1.0c4 Name: Bubba Org.: Jack the Mac N0..: 5 Reg.: D5D16B8 - IPNetTuner v1.4 Name: Atlantis Organization: The Lost City Copies: 100 Key: CD16F96C Name: The Shark Organization: Harbor Bay Copies: 100 Key: 2B2634FA v1.4c1 Name: Cendryom Organization: NOP Number of copies: 200 Registration key: 6EC38537 - IQ Test v2.0 perseverance - ISDN Manager v4.0 13631502 v3.0 204870 - ISDN Tools v2.0.x Seri : BT-kiri-01 Code : QLJJD Seri : BT-isdn-01 Code : GJOEE Code : FJOEE Code : CJOEE Code : UJOEE Code : BJOEE Code : NJOEE Code : HJOEE This format is: Code: BT-xxxx-01 Reg#: xxxxx This exchange table is: a=B b=C c=D d=E e=F f=G g=H h=I i=J j=K k=L l=M m=N n=O o=A p=B q=C r=D s=E t=F u=G v=H w=I x=J y=K z=L This swap is: BT- a b c d -01 -> * a d b c - - - - - - - - | | | | | | | | | | | +------------|-+ | | | | +--------------|---|-+ | +----------------|---+ +------------------+ OK, talk with example: The code is making random at start up. But, this algorithm is very simple. For example, if it made BT-kiri-01 at start up, through the exchage table: k=L, i=J, r=D, i=J yes, kiri is now exchanged LJDJ. next, execute the swap: BT-kiri-01 -> *LJJD * is wildcard, so anything in it (Must be Uppercase). Now Reg# is ALJJD, BLJJD, CLJJD .....ZLJJD. - ISFX vall versions Matte Wizard: MW11-6960969-2922 MW Adv Comp: MW14-6960969-5832 MW Edge Effects: MW12-6960969-0760 MW Elem Correct: MW13-6960969-2336 Style: ST11-0188756-0507 - shadowClipboard v1.0 X Name: Pablo/Minimal Company: Minimal License type: Groupe SN: SCG10-5581-5457-5214 - DVDCollector v1.1 X PABL-5600-9972-8356-4791 - iWork v1.2.2 X iw2002112702 iw2002112703 iw2002112704 iw2002112705 v1.1 X iw2002112702 iw2002112703 iw2002112704 iw2002112705 - iDraw v1.3 Name: Pablo SN: 553687778363 v1.2 Name: TechnoCore/nop License #: 531678886497 - iDownload v1.0 Name: TechnoCore/nop Code: DL100-1086-7301 - Ichitaro v5.0J 1049100159-P034490 - Icon Archiver v4.0 Name: KIRI Code: LMIA-1261-1653 Name: ANGEL Code: LMIA-1244-9933 Name: well, now what's? Code: LMIA-6343-7784 v2.3 name: Akuma code: LMIA-8450-6822 v2.2 name: sNax code: LMIA-8154-1646 v2.0 name: Registered code: LMIA-1575-2497 name: LeetCheeZ code: LMIA-7247-0273 v1.0 name: SPC code: LMIA-4598-6566 - Icon Machine v3.0b22 Name: Lain Code: AP11311FY v2.0.1 Name: Himitsu Code: AY14630HM v2.0.1J Name: Tiny Hip Code: BC14630RM Name: Naisyo Code: AS12576GU - Icon Tools vAll (see tip) when the shareware reminder appears, before clicking the OK button, quickly type the word "aledalbicone" (without the quotes). - IconBuilder v3.5.1 X Name: PYRUS MALUS Product: 5000 Number: 328046 v3.5 Name: TechnoCore/nop Product: 5000 Number: 333506 v3.0 pro Name : Dr. Qwerty/nop Product: 5000 Number : 332305 v2.0 Pro Name : Inpher/nop Product: IconBuilder Pro Number : 702341 v2.0 Name : HotSix Product: IconBuilder Serial : 4294888629 Activate the Enabler and fill in, after putting this whole folder into PS plugins folder - IconDropper/IconPacker v3.2.2 Name: nowhereman Code: 47436 v2.x name: Macintosh code: 46444 v2.1 name: Zeus code: 42615 name: Al Bundy code: 45118 - IconList v2.1 ICL0140CLD637 - IconMasterMind v1.0J 023-5674-0926 - IconRADAR v0.2 KCY-504211 - IconShop v2.0J Name: (any) Code: 019505 - IconSwapper v1.2.1 Name: Lucifer Code: 283-41-5400 - Iconizer Pro v1.5.2 PCW650R1018372123456 12345678018371234567 PHREKBBS01837MINIMAL xxxxxxxx01837xxxxxxx (see tip 1) v1.3.5 Naratt (see tip 2) tip 1 SN Format: 8 chars, 5 constant chars "01837", 7 chars. No calculation required. :-) A rsrc of type "regs" and ID=128 is created inside the app after registration. It contains the unencrypted SN. tip 2 Here is the method for registering Iconizer Pro to eliminate "Unregistered" message of icon's Get Info window: (You do not need to quit the application.) 1. Select Iconizer Pro application and open the Get Info window (you can also use Cmd+I from Finder.). 2. Type the word "Naratt" (case sensitive, no space in front of or behind the word) in the Comments box. 3. Now this software is registered. Enjoy ! - Iconographer v2.4 X Name: Pablo SN: TG874578 v2.3 Name: AtmosFear Org.: (anything) Code: NG025578 v2.0 Name: Inpher/nop Org.: (leave empty) Code: AN238578 v1.1.1 Name: Macintosh Code: XD244578 v1.0.x Name: Inpher Org : NOP Code: AN274578 - Idea Keeper v2.0 Name: Al Bundy Code: IK-1.5-1361-293-22337 v1.5.x Name: Inpher Code: IK-1.5-1173-253-22336 v1.5 Name: HotSix Code: IK-1.5-1223-253-22336 v1.0b name: MoonDark code: IK-243474-539-12987 - IdeaStorm v2.0J MVIM-100-002444 MVIM-050-999999 - Ideal Solitaire v1.0 27480163 - Ie wo kauzo v1.0J Home Sweet Home - Igoppi v1.2.0 ID : kiri/nop Code: FDE34173 - Igor v1.2.8 7506 - Illustrator HaichiMan v1.0 ID: Lucifer PS: 194208 http// - Illustrator Syotai Kensa v1.0 Name: Lucifer Code: 000007149233 - Illustrator Tokusyoku Simulator v1.0 A1182 - Illustrator denhou v1.0 D7CD5Z9F4A - Illustrator zyosyo v1.0 F8S1AQFZY - Image Extractor v3.0 Honesty is the best policy - Image Fountain v1.0.1 OE 321431790482068646 v1.0 321231700014400490 - Image Lounge v1.0 Code: PDPI4269IMGL20126 Auth: IL11-0176036-7025 - Image2DB v1.0 field 1: nowhereman field 2: nowhereman code : 12m0115336 or Name: nowhereman Code: 12m0115336 - Image2HTML v1.1 name: nowhereman code: 12s0115336 - Image2Mesh vAll SN: SSSSSSG - ImageAXS v1.5.4 215-267-389-928-237 v1.5 RC23V7 5.5 RC23V7 - ImageBuddy v2.6.0 Name: Lain Code: 6704-3076-1182-3093 v2.1 Name: Orygun Code: 7418-8816-2944-8827 Name: Pablo Code: 6829-5624-1882-5637 v1.7 Name: TMS Code: 5621-5294-5578-5512 Name: undercult Code: 7541-1721-6735-1722 - ImageConverter v1.2.2J 123abc - ImageDBMaker v1.0 22367754 - ImageDV v1.2 DV1Surfer603-Surf v1.1 DV3456789295-KIRI DVLucifer368-KIRI How to: 1. Launch ImageDV app. 2. Launch SimpleText and type (or paste) a SN. 3. Select text and drag onto the ImageDV window. That's it. - ImageEvents v1.4 IMGE-Surfers-Cracked IMGE-*************** (* = any) IMGE-NOP Industries! - ImageMapper v3.0 Name: Akuma (Akuma followed by 27 spaces) Code: IM-F-577972-A (The code is followed by one space) v2.5J name: UNREGISTERED code: IM-L58291-UD v1.4.1 name: “Many thanks Shark !” code: IM-S77012-M! v1.3 name: UNREGISTERED code: IM-L58291-UD - ImagePort vall versions ( see --> ALAP ImagePort ) - MobileSync v1.0.2 name: Colin Lantz serial: MSYNC10000-38CL-Q81G-PFDC-2DL8-8448 - ImageSiteBuilder v1.0.2 Name: Lain Code: ISB4762906-100 - ImageScissors v1.1.2b 2AAE321AD1 - ImageUtilities CMM v# To disable the shareware reminder in the ImageUtilities CMM plug-ins, when the shareware reminder appears, before clicking the OK button, quickly type the word "lasirenetta" (without the quotes). - ImageVice v2.0.x FFHURCVFUTYC GFN7R7GR25SC MJZERWTVFB5J v2.0.5 DUADRDUDDDDQ - ImageViewer v6.0 R10054A1-6B3U7008-7794 G91054A3-4C3A4002-7866 V09062J5-3C1D8182-7848 Y65054B9-3A5Z4022-7886 W47054C0-3A6U2029-7688 v5.x B40759A7-7J9J7681-4104 v4.6.1J name: ImageViewer code: 1169 v4.6 name: registered code: 4322 v4.5J name: Anonymous code: F3580 v4.41 name: Registered code: 4322 name: Anonymous code: 3580 v4.4.2 name: Gazelle code: 3696 Files created in the Preferences folder: ImageViewer™ Preferences ImageViewerV3 (invisible) *** IMPORTANT!!! *** Be sure to delete the invisible file called... 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Iryohin Shikibetu Handbook v2001 ZFRHUZDST - Ishido v1.1 CRACK: any answer will do (just hit twice enter): change CODE 12 at Offset 4098 from 660A to 670A - Island Trapper v2.0 1285452565 - Italian Assistant v1.0 M3100579 - Italian Verbs v1.0 J940311 - Ittuuryodan v1.1.0J matahuyunojiki - J Builder v6 Enterprise Serial: 8UQG-SPX3VN-NSKA7M-MWAV Auth Key: 7AH-ET7 See Note v3 Pro code: 300-000-2824 Note: choose "phone" to "register" in order to get a license ( yeah right...) and close JBuilder open Jbuilder again to register with license string, copy this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and choose paste from clipboard you're done - J-Kerner v1.0 T4K-10241-3CQ vFor AI T7N-10009-JIA - Linplug DELTA III vretail XD22G9e4hYhS7NDhDMS - TurboTax vany lbh-zhfg-or-na-nby-re - CodeTek Virtual Desktop v2.1.1 694e-7d06-9cc1-74f1 v1.4 0000-9072-0805-76ce-00cd-1517 v1.1 0000-f041-0805-d10e-00c8-1c6e 0000-2396-0805-1d93-00c9-21fc 0000-4bbc-0805-8493-00ca-0994 v1.0 0000-78b0-0805-cd97-0000-0d7c 0000-1627-0805-0a82-0001-204e 0000-c769-0805-81e4-0002-18ca - JAW MPEG2Splitter v1.4.1 First Name: Steve Last Name: Jobs Company: Apple Postal/Street Address: 1 Infinite Loop City: Cupertino ZIP/Postal Code: 95014 Country: United States of America E-mail: Registration Code: 2CF64B-59AB54-534A4C-2EF3A4 v1.1 Name: Cendryom Org.: NOP Industries Code: 2EBC5E-8F0878-B1977F-2ABBB9 You have to press option when clicking the 'Validate' button. - Jester's Wild v1.0J Name: Lain Code: JW01-V064-8KQ2 - JackPot Stock Analyzer v1.2 Name: Lain Org.: Knights Code: 19101220&h475315 - JAWS PDF Creator v2 Code: V3RK-K7RC-KGYU-O7VA Installer Password: Ornithology - JChecker v3 Name: JULIANA'S TOKYO Code: 3931336669 v2.1.1 Name: nowhereman Code: 34211 v2.0.1J Name: nowhereman Code: 1244516238 v1.0.3 name: [k]rack Works code: 58514 - JClock v1.0.1 1448582841 120180679 806222051 750511189 - JEDict v3.2 Name: Akuma Code: AEF-6158520 - JINNI ZEALA v1.1.4 E-mail : Key-Code : 901000112861713652502727 - JipBook v1.5.0 Name: Lain[k] Code: BYBD7033 - JMC Map Converter v4.0 Name: Lain Code: 75883010 - JJWorks v3.0 Code : xxxx-6024-xxxx - JJWorks & JJCommander v2.3 1234-1234-A123 xxxx-xxxx-Bxxx xxxx-xxxx-Sxxx - JMP v4.x AD00009156 v3.1.6 SN:2611 When Launchin Install, hold option + ctrl keys and wait for double-beep. Afterwards press 4 times the number 0. - JPEGBatcher v1.2.x RJPG-0147-OYuz v? RJPG-0147-OYuz v1.x.x D08X-ZJun-Ibsv pf+D-6oZ3-HkTX BYdL-3?xz-Enz0 E/Q2-meL1-P33+ 413m-yYEd-?ojS Gg9y-83pE-EeFu drtH-dCQZ-LcQF BRlc-5oa1-wSQV UTDn-sOIm-LCJv LzMo-7H74-iyWg PXLa-MWi0-cNS9 MzpY-HVkd-13w/ v1.2.2J xEYa-fnM4-NutZ fE2W-NhLQ-K5/z Dcx9-edL0-L7s4 dUhb-hSje-T1QD MUcj-lfrp-lmVd v1.2.1 RJPG-0142-OYuz RJPG-0143-OYuz v1.0r0 HvMz-wmbE-FJVP I5dp-IWJx-Kd5C - Ju Contact v1.2 Name: Lain Org.: Knights Code: JCT-388-1116 - Jam v5.2 CD SP-HG15N-HP693-S720R v5 BS-CYFQ3-CZ29F-QY2YS - Jamming v3.0 Name: (any) U.ID: 1234567890 Pass: 99682340 v2.9.1 Name: nowhereman Code: ZK3A3141928 v2.6 HHH13141928 - JaneBuilder v1.5.2 X Name: Pablo SN: 123454A261C4644A7925AC2861333089972 v1.5 Name: AtmosFear Code: ATMOS5B33134558C1D71B90861333089972 Registration info is stored in an invisible file "HSM Pref file" located in the Preferences folder. - Janken-R DX v3.0.1 mccdnfgki v3.0 abcdefgzp - Jankyu de Chun v1.0 3331-07182402-JaQM - Japan v1.1 1234-6515-3989-MJP - Jashin no Meikyu v1.0J JS1182CRB - Jedit v4.2 Name: PYRUS MALUS Code: 1536082315 v4.0 Name: nowhereman Code: 363630744 v3.0.x Name: [k]rack Works Code: 2815806861 Name: Inpher Code: 2697381898 v3.0.1 Name: [k]rack Works Code: 2573923122 v3.0 Name: [k]rack Works Code: 363626484 v2.0.5 131053 v2.0 65516 - Jeremy's CSM Bundle v2.x (see tip) How to register: Hold down Caps lock + Control key and click any modules. Regist info is the Jeremy's Drive Space CSM. - Jigsaw-It v1.0 7104400480 7101300271 - Pschyremble v KD18281-84864JM - Jisupa 2 v Katakana 0003010538 v Kokugo/Kanwa 0001020441 v Eiwa/Waei 0002022867 - Proteus v2.2a11e Name: Proteus Tester SN: PROTEUS000-F9CL-241M-3F3K-0DD2-FHN8 v2 Name: NOP Industries Email: SN: POKY-9983-9683-8977 Name: Justin Wood Email: SN: PBDE-4576-8160-3066 - Visage v1.0.1 TSTR-9230 TSTR-4129 UKDL-3578 QWPL-9878 - FilteriT v4.1 (AI) DRMNJHJ2632626177 DRMNJHJ2632626102 DRMNJHJ2632626103 - JobLog v1.8 Name: Mac Code: 125456289 v1.6.1 385947305 - JobSlug v1.0.3 MJOB-NMEJC-MDOA4-IJLGGU - Joe's SmartProxy v1.0.2 Name: unknown Code: 1819618497 - JoliPhone Pro vno serials (see Cracks) Page# - Code 10-4347 11-7344 12-5655 13-5825 14-2527 15-2316 16-1573 17-7670 18-1469 19-8225 20-3919 21-6021 22-1562 23-4089 24-6027 25-6629 26-8905 27-6810 28-1319 29-4273 30-7473 31-5606 32-1468 33-4312 34-5714 35-5278 36-6673 37-8715 38-7290 39-9138 40-1256 41-5462 42-3443 43-7451 44-7548 45-7297 46-6082 47-3637 48-2841 49-8996 50-7314 51-1883 52-8904 53-7886 54-9794 55-1858 56-7179 57-6928 58-6437 59-2317 60-4724 61-6805 62-7363 63-4125 64-6443 65-2660 66-5731 67-5344 68-3923 69-4050 70-2037 71-9594 72-6828 73-6471 74-1649 75-8437 76-5021 77-9675 78-8277 79-7558 80-5354 81-6344 82-4845 83-5626 84-3969 85-6538 86-3744 87-2755 88-2643 89-8281 - Joliet Volume Access v2.0.2 Name: AtmosFear Code: 13453 - Joshikousei PuruPuru v0.1b1 PU000823 PU0001206 - JoyContact v1.0 1234-1234-A123 ****-****-A*** ****-****-B*** ****-****-S*** (* is a wildcard) - JoyKeeper v1.1 1234-5678-A901 ****-****-A*** ****-****-B*** ****-****-S*** (* is a wildcard) - JoyToDo v1.31 9876-5678-A111 ****-****-A*** ****-****-B*** ****-****-S*** (* is a wildcard) - JpeGet v2.1.2 Code : JKA55-05612-001 - JpegDownLoader v2.0.1 3190-9864-9076-3256 v1.x JKA55-05612-001 v1.0.3 0103-2851-0005-2227 - Jterm v3.0J JTRM-00351729 JTRM-00309632 v2.0J JTRM-00217165 - JumboEditor v1.5 Name : Macintosh Code : MV9YE4PYLM458K46M6448-WFMM Name : Back Stage Code : -Y9YE4-6SAGMGKEGMSBA933GYY - Jump Zampoli v1.03 Name : Cendryom Street : Reverse street Town : Cracktown Country: STW Code : 4784PMP76N6Q52i - Jump to Jump v1.10 jtjs1009 - Jumper v1.0 123-JUP-4567897 - K's Tools v7.0J 010G008B627N533A v5.5 010G008B627N533A - K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Spreadsheet) v1.0 KS1-010-001-025-550 - K2edit+G v1.1 a06w22 - Folder Text Labeler v1.0 X Name: Pablo/Minimal SN: FTLX1-0671-5910 - KEY HUNTER v1.0 KEY - ScrapX v1.0 X Name: Pablo SN: QUOA-W23F-1V3U-AW8D (Multi-Computer 100-Pack) - KFEnd v1.10 2317647908 - KO Create vall versions SQNM-VSEO201 - KOMEI LOCALIZER v# 003-0305521947 - KPT v7 TF70CRD-0015408-EGF TF70CRD-0018152-AVT (Update) v? pass: KPT273 v6.0 TF60MUD-0013057-JCZ TF60WRD-0022525-UHV v5.0.1 (update) KF50CRD-0004595-GJJ v5.0.1 KF50CRD-0004475-CBH KF50CRD-0004769-LXS - KPT Equalizer v1.0 KE50MCD-0000103-UBU KE50MCD-0000705-RUN KE10MCD-0004486-HWH KE10MCD-0005547-SXV KE10MCD-0004232-TJM - KPT Final Effects v3.0 18002-15447-00597 - KPT Gradient Filler vAll KPT273 - KPT Vector Effects v1.5 VF15MCD-0000041-BSH v1.0 17006-07049-0003639 17001-07047-0107809 - KPT effects v1.0 TF70CRD-0028042-SKY TF70CRD-0018152-AVT - Kaboom v3.0 KBN3-310059 - Kai's Power Tools vall versions ( see --> KPT ) - Kai's Powershow v1.1 25000-00247-04872 v1.0 25005-00225-14145 - Kaimei Daiou v1.0J MI06D22 - Kairon v2.19 Ka-24404-28056-40721-i - Kaitoukun 1 v1.4.5 Name: KIRI Code: 4862 - Kakin Kanshi v2.1.1 whitecat - Kaleidagraph v3 name: Gina code: 2345 - Kaleidoscope v2.x AC10-M345K-VW98C-359 v1.x AC10-M345K-VW98C-359 - Kali Mac v1.0b3 SN: 920dea047805 SKEY: 5cab31531c7e Tkey: 261207711224 - Kamigata Simulation v2.0J tonkatu - Kane ha Tokinari v3.5EX 505458116 - Kanimaru Br v1.0.4a4 Name: nowhereman Code: 9234554083 (see tip) v1.0.2 Name: Registered Code: 7063 Name: Anonymous Code: 6935 Hold Command + Shift keys on the first dialog. - Kanji Shokunin v3.0 291270500017100519 vAll 291270200315401520 - Kantankan v1.1.1J Name: Anonymous Code: ;>9190918692908:8< - Karaoke v3.0.x Name: Inpher/User Interface Code: QQJA2JJQ (see also CD Equalizer) - KaraokeKun vAll KABU - Karen v1.4 YFV05678 v1.1.3 TZR00000 - Karigura Hakase v0.0.3J TU01-KA00-AQZ538 - Kathy's Cookbook v1.0 KATHAG JUSTWES KATHY hold down the option key while opening up the file and enter password. - Kasou Hanafudasou vAll 71293151 - Katabounga v3.5.3 EFDI 377299-350035-251301 v3.5 3777299-350035-251301 v2.0 165999-42772 it asks to insert the original CD AND enter the serial. It still needs a CD Krack for the demo version or an original CD or the original CD as a disk image mounted - Kaz's Checkers v1.0 Name: KIRI Code: 2VMBH7+k1CNGSdagWfff - Keep It Up v2.5 Name: Ragnarok Code: 599996708210593 v2.4.1 Site Licence Name: Webmaster Code: 532817309380577 v2.4 Name: nowhereman Code: 423456710760573 Name: UnderWorld Code: 323456710300562 Name: Akuma Code: 312400104950557 v2.3 Name: nowhereman Code: 912435610760572 v2.0.1 955579907950598 (Site License) v1.4.1 Name: Akuma SN: 312400104950557 v1.3.1 User: SPC code: 300400002300540 (Single User) code: 430000002300540 (30 Users) code: 500200002300540 (Site Licence) - Keep Out v1.1.1 Name: nowhereman Code: KO-J01941-nn - Keep Trying! v 1.0.x Name: Serial Code: 677413 name: Macintosh code: 679191999 v1.0.3 Name: Akuma Code: 1666427896 v1.0 Name: MoonDark Code: 88509733 - Keitai Hensyuou vAll ASK9450-KK01-7541178 - Keitaro v1.0 KTM1000243886 - Keroppi Day Hopper v# 4LA9-4103-S9MT - Key Commander v1.0 Name: MoonDark Code: The Eye v1.0J Name: (any) Code: Meridae - KeyDiskTerminator v4.0 code: T4-10305 v2.2 code: R10132 - Image Rodeo v1.3.1 X Email: SN: RRT53S - KeyQuencer Lite v2.5.x Name: Inpher Code: KL25-1919-4881 v2.0 Name: Akuma Code: KQLT-7332-4742 - KeySwapper v1.11 Name: Chrisco* No. of copies: 777. Code: 63714-6216-757 - KeyXing v2.0 NOP-0AA7B31-TECHNOCORE - Keyboard Maestro v1.2.2 X see Tip v1.1.2 Name: Cendryom Organization: NOP License Key: OUYXBVMZVHQMAG Tip: Open it with Resorcerer or BBEdit and look for 'Cendryom'. Change this into 'Dendryom' or something like, Save . Now you can use the 1.1.2 sn - Keyboard Menu Manager v1.4 Name: kiri overkrack Code: KM0--G09-+79--69-B97 v1.3.1 KM04598690133J5411N0 - Slacker v1.3 X b956ec8d0a2bc717ccb780c0672013c4947dbc4e da34d659db37d79beb7814051c64cc62fdfaba55 3e598a9ab48bb36b5d19d97fde4cc1e052ec014f a6b9a621c3bf9d898feac8b400c48de3d4e49f27 - KeyboardLock v1.5 Name: Lucifer Org.: Lucifer Code: 282-52-0200 - Keychain Cat v1.x 543390014 389174980 - Keys Off v1.1 code: KO567B-CDZ319 v1.x Enterprise Name: MoonDark Code: 269578972 Name: TIGER Code: 1877763715 - Keystroke Recorder v2.0.1 7cd3c31dQ27f9defa (see tip) v2.0 vbqp9648bgas5247 or bqp9648bgas5247 v1.9 ee0332ebYc55261e9 v1.8a db1eca7cVf2bf546e v1.8 74f819a7V8df5bff8 v1.7 KSRSRKRKS This is the valid pass for the "Registered User Extras.sit" - Kicho v1.5 name: nowhereman code: 30EIM3JHUE - Kid Pix Studio Deluxe v1.0 GC253348591 - Kids Animation Maker v1.0.1 (iEdition) Name: Robert Vellios Code: KIDSAM5IPOTN3 v1.x Name: Kid SN Code: KIDSAM24ISCF5 (or : KIDSAM63ILCF6) Name: MoonDark NOP Code: KIDSAM64KQEL0 (or : KIDSAM25KQEL6) - Kids GoGoGo v5.8 KGX-1301-4682-3760-2512 v5.1 CGM-1234-7H59-N451-IYC2 (OS 9.x) BGT-8483-CF64-JEQ4-ULE0 (OS 9.x) 8GX-8483-SH64-JV43-ROD1 (OS X) YGX-1234-HS59-2RR0-3RO3 (OS X) v4.9J for OS9 Name: KIRI Code: 0GG-9999-6C032L5H301CM5 v2.0 KG02-KJJI-KIRI-KIQC - KidsMenu v1.4 Name: AtmosFear Code: yriQwhmOveiJwsqxE - KidsPuzzle v1.0J KPZ-10***** - Kidspiration v# K7731L0254J1581 - Kid´s Desk vAll To get to administrator mode type Command-Option-A - Killer Transitions v1.0 KT1-10001-BWM19-01123 - Kimbo vall versions 1.61 XIjPAzH804YX - Kinematic Land v1.5.1 7807-0198-4511 (7807-01-98-4511 is not accepted) - Kineticon v1.7.1 Name: a Code: D14G0G64D5G50G5 v1.6 Name: HotSix Code: 375253013500000 v1.0.x 256826586230260 514504648575035 014103644555065 314109642575085 v1.0.2 314109642575085 v1.0 014103644555065 - King of Parking v1.1 Name: BonsaiFreak Code: 72168615288 - King'sEdit v1.xx JJJJJJ-WZZZZZ-JJJJJJ v1.33 ABCDEF-CDEFGH-HIp3L5 WPPk6V-G4DTPT-mDNDfY - Kingyo2 v1.1.2 KIRI9923 # name : nowhereman serial number : 23456767 serial number : 12345696 - Kingyo3 v1.0.2 name: nowhereman code: K737-1226-1 - KinkyBeepII v2.0.1 SIZRH69DG8BP - Kiwi Envelopes v3.x KE301120RA KE304244RC KE311870RK KE311120RA - Kiwi Power Windows v1.0 10KPW002996b 10KPW003224b - KiwiFinder v1.0 VB1011672KF KE304244RC KE301120RA KE311120RA KE311870RK - Klondike v8.0.1 X 10039J v7.5 Name: Tom Fowler Code: 10039J - Knot v3.7.1 646053593 360709717 437875812 418487465 225560778 v3.6 106585 141965 195220 266302 319009 337008 354837 390393 407786 408154 - Eyewitness Science v2.0 Username & Password: SCIENTIST - FileDeamon v2.5b4 FD1X770427 - PictureDeamon v1.6 X PD382613 - KnowledgeMiner v3.1 1474067771 (Gold) 1832016584 (Silver) v2.1 1832016584 v2.0 1474067771 - Kodak Profile Editor vall versions code: 107635009 - Kodex v1.01 ESN-121-4521-190103 - Koji The Frog v2.0.4 Name: nowhereman Code: NCBPOXKFL v1.0.2 Name: MoonDark Code: ECBP*MNIH - Korya Eiwa v2.0 KiW200-00MR0-0005630 KiW200-00MRF-0001468 (E-J Dic Key) HYK8MM88ANA98G39A (J-E Dic Key) ALN2KNA3A3UD9L425 - Kotei Seiretu v1.0J KOTE281100 (AI PlugIn) - Koukou Kanji Kakitori v1.0J "-7TASU5WA-2" - Koukou Kanji Yomitori v1.0J 3X+5Y=8ZKUKU - Koyomichan v1.0 TJIGRQW AGNBNEL VWKWFQL ZSISOTZ BVCYCKE IKRBAGZ LEUACGX ERPTLXS JLYYFDA XAQABOR NCCSQQN APVTWSC VYCGSUD IALVTJR HPMWVIA AHNHOEO RGSKLKH TOIUJQL PYYUFGN - Kozaiku WebDesigner v3.0J 2100466601-SXW - KuConta v2.1.1 Name: Lain Code: E2-YSGY-IGD3-NH0M-E2EU v1.5.0 Name: Ragnarok Code: 9100-1901-5116 - Kudo Image Browser v2.2.x A305567890 - Kumijouzu (Quark Extension) v1.0J 158A001A776F346A - Kurashiwakaaru v1.0 O 281430490260019798 281430490213104538 281430490567237748 281430490900491514 281430490920877917 - Kuro The Cat v1.0J ARIGATOU - KuruKuru v1.0 8855-KIRI-0389-SM - CDXtract v4.0 6ALB-HS82-23J8-TJ32-U2LS - L'Astrologue v4.3 X Last Name: MALUS First Name: PYUS SN: 853870948 v4.2 X Last Name: Knights First Name: Lain Code: 900865408 v4.1 X Last Name : NOSFERATUVAMPIRE First Name : RELC/SYS Code: 1027451346 v4.0 Last Name: PHREKBBS First Name: RELC/SYS Code: 914316303 v3.9 Last Name: Surfer First Name: NOP Code: 848493898 v3.0 Last Name: Lucifer First Name: Lucifer Code : 953758503 # First name: nowhere Last name : man Code : 16345-6789-017 v1.3 Name: Moon Surname: Dark Code: 66783421 - L.K.I.S.S. v1.0 SN: KS1-010-001-025-550 - L1 v2.2 110948L1MA8096 - LAN Commander v1.1 N110S-00000-75375631 (standard license) v1.0.4 N324SHAI-00000-55976807 N104SHBI-00000-94740423 N123SHAI-00000-10559234 N123-45678901-06915103 N234-56789012-74524827 N345-67890123-68491502 N456-78901234-15605690 N567-89012345-27563959 - LANsurveyor v6 Lu60001 v5.x Name: Freedom Org : NOP Code: Lu60000 (any number between 60000 and 69999) v3.5 Le20635 v2.0 Lu60000 Lu69996 - LAST WAR v1.0.6J C3MKEYP X25BYHS v1.0 MCEOQPM OWUYIIQ GVICFKJ SPSGGLF QDYEDHX BFLBOYL ZEFPVDY AKAWILE OFAGDSZ BPLZGYF JWNXJJS HAPZDHU IAYWCDS WRGKFTF - LEAFO v1.0.2 Name: Power Macintosh Code: LbxL-fpyb-xLjo - LXR Test v5.1 Scoring 1001ESS v5.1 1000B v5.0.10 1500B - LaCie Storage Utilities v1.4 1411092382 - LabView v5.0 G10X45921 v2.2.1 SN 27645 PN 4224446-24 - Label Printer v2.07 Name: Akuma License Type: Site Code: 2-505-688-06 - Label Printer Pro v6.0 5468932 older versions see --> Ultimate Label Printer Pro - Lacquer v1.2 1032528 1535550 1928667 2589616 3244042 v1.0 3678556 - LandscapeCalc v1.2 Name: Surfer Code: 58266-209304-345420 Name: Pablo Code: 480-1164-1764 - Language Converter v1.6.5 1D895-16301-1D5D9-7E7E - Lantana PDF creation v1.0 User Code: I1o4-F217-O4B7-Q5G3 Serial: F1D1-18E7-S721-L787 Code: F1L1-66C6-46J2-4432 (Crackerjack 3, OPI Doctor, PDF Bellhop, PDF Librarian, PDF Valet) - LapTrack v# License Key Code: 6070000000007123 Serial: 85599990 - Laser Pointer Pro v1.0 5468932 - LaserMerge v2.0.1 01-000001000 v2.0 348745343 any 9 digit number - Laserwriter v8.4.1 Archive Password = 4b451702Lf3923939 - Lasso v3.6.6 Web* Plugin CGI/PLUG-MAC V4yq9eBgCk4agL FMPMOD-MAC SrfSTXq4Hnsmy9 v3.6.6 Server SERVER-MAC mtGkvM8n4crHFT FMPMOD-MAC VKZfUkYdzAgAWG v2.5 LP2-BVaazejk8zXYWd v2.0 LP2-wBAbEPHMILaOMP v1.2 KwRmAKgVbFif KwRmAKgVbFhe KwRmAKgVbFgd - Lasso Application Server v3.5 name: see below code: see below a: install lasso 3.5 b: enter serialz, listed below c: open    and enter your private Adminstration password    to get access to blueworld lasso application server features 1. CGI/PLUG-MAC Nwq5P5FJVGGrKj FMPMOD-MAC grfSNXE8Dd84Kf 2. CGI/PLUG-MAC WXrDUR5g5HnaP6 FMPMOD-MAC ctRUnZEWxNseYH - Lasso Studio for Dreamweaver v1.x STUDIO-DW-MAC FeHKAW84heS8RB - LastOne v1.0 5728-9712-KIRI-LAM # Name: nowhereman Code: 5830-0830-1234-LAM - Launch v1.1.0 777-2222-2 070-BWM2-0 - Launch Key v3.0.1 SW87WQXD6H - Launch Pad v1.0 LPM-03061-3480 - LaunchBar v3.2.5 41-000007-10000000-055420F2 Licenxe Type: Home User License 41-000000-00031337-611CE874 v3.2.1 License Type: Home User License License Key: 41000000000101006F981593 License Type: Network License License Key: 4100000050010100DAF11EC7 v3.1.2 41000000000666003D65F4B1 Home User License 4100000050066600F424A113 Network License v3.1.1 OS X 41-000000-0BEBC347-DF7DBDF6 v1.1 LN11254685 - LaunchControl v1.0 When the registration reminder appears, hold down the 1 and left shift keys and press ok, you will hear a beep, the program is now registered. You cannot use the keypad 1 key, use the main keyboard´s. - LaunchStrip v1.1.0 name: BonsaiFreak code: JFTMMNQA - Layer It! v1.0.4 MLAY-NMKSQ-KGAK4-UVDERE - Layout It! v1.0.1 Name: kiri@overkrack Code: PT187361 - Lounge Lizard v1.0 Serial Number: LL-0320-0040-0800-2 Response code: C626-652E-B66B-0944-8055-D439 - Lazer Plus v# SN: 201MD00621 - Correcteur Bilingue v2.5 S8Y U8E U4T F2A v2.0 H4B J2H U4T E9S - Le Correcteur v2.2 0132391-0067394-0499963 v1.0.1 V3 t9r u8x h6w r7s v1.0.1 0382752-0369610-0049402 v1.0.1 v4 017130300336130139425 - Le Correcteur Pro v4 (101 Pro v4) 017130300336130139425 v3.5 Pro D4K U8X H6Q F5F v3.0 Pro V2S V2H H6W R7S R8Y W2V H6W M5F v1.01 Pro V2S V2H H6W R7S R8Y W2V H6W M5F D4K U8X H6Q F5F - Le Franglophile v2.01 code: 12345678EF81 - LeTarot v2.1 Name: Cendryom Code: KR-D884-C668 v2.x Name: Emmanuel DE SOUZA Code: TS-W006-R208 - Learn To Type v1.5.1 1. Do not enter a name 2. Enter the number 408194084083 3. Delete the number 1. Enter a one letter name 2. Enter the number 2021 3. Delete the number - Leecher v2.1 Delete LeecherData file. Hold option key. Launch. Register. SN:12345 Key:3243809 - LeoExpress v3.0 ZK8A-VX47-NLPN-KNST v2.0.x 492C-A274-KLRW-93C9 - Leprechaun v3.0 68uwxw58 (case sensitive) - LessTalk v1.0 801038 - Lestrade v3.0.2 LS3-002-160801 - LetraStudio v1.5 LS1144UK - LetsSee v1.8.2 Name: Surfer Code: Surfer-openMe242D41 - LetterPerfect v2.1.2 F2USMLP21D - LetterRIP v4.0 Pro preview Yid-03389-3269 expires on 31.12.2002 v3.0.7 Pro yav-26904-0869 v2.5 AUWDBTGRG1SZSTGZG$B1W v2.1.x VLT-02435-5163 DkY-04344-5018 Zqu-06372-5355 v2.1.2 SPC-31337-6824 Cgx-21525-6242 v2.1.1 SPC-00029-2920 SPC-00030-0280 SPC-00031-1080 SPC-00032-4312 SPC-00033-1672 SPC-00034-8008 SPC-00035-5368 SPC-00036-2216 SPC-00037-8552 SPC-00038-0376 v1.0 SPC-00060-9960 SPC-00061-6296 SPC-00062-3656 SPC-00063-6376 SPC-00064-3224 SPC-00065-5048 SPC-00066-1384 SPC-00067-8744 SPC-00068-5592 SPC-00069-8312 - LiSa v2.22 bobO-&&Dd-kQFY-6dtw-WJ@F-gHmO v1.1 LS-71827-36250 - Liaison v3.0 40026825185 40063496992 40063576094 - LibBuilder vall versions 1.3.8 Name: Lucifer Code: 226979 - LibéCompta v4.0 LBC-400-B-LIBEFL27-18478 - Lost Souls v1.0 Name: Undefined Code 1: 151142EC61 Code 2: BDE7B1C0E6 - Life Balance v3.0.5 LBMA-18197-AHTRFKU LBMAHTRFKU-0000000000-0000018197 - Life Forms v3.5 Trial 8600-1230-2208-0002-0000 (Note: This serial expires on Sep 6, 2001) v2.1 39CC-75DA-2EFB-AF20 - LightWave PGL vall versions PGL CD : PGF266666 MD2 ID : MD26666DB13 REG : 4626382 - LightWay Text v3.0 LEU0104602 YSE6852027 AWN4019037 CCN3519731 PCA5565077 ACU4504908 YHU6907998 LTP0735771 LTN0713662 YEP6132622 CBE3250555 AHU4980453 BAE7459535 v2.0 LEU0104602 VBP1234505 - LightWayText v4.0.1 R2J Name: KIRI Code: ACA4567890 - LightningDraw/WEB v1.1 67345672 - iLink v0.7 X ZIK-658487-189734-3245689 - Gordon v1.1.7 Name: Pablo SN: OC31-021M-EKTC-ZPB0-L41V v1.1.6 Name: (Any) SN: EVAL-GN11-74GL-P9AN-K23H - Lighthouse v3.0b2 Name: Lain EBLHP300-0210-0532-CP03 EBLHP300-0409-0730-CP18 EBLHP300-0608-0524-CP06 EBLHP300-0807-0728-CP21 - Liner v1.2 X 2PABL06674066741667 v1.0.1 2234-0678-0633-1456 - Lingotto v2.0.1 (Licenza d'utente & N.1) CB04-0011-664E - LinkUPPP! Turbo v4.0b2 Name: Akuma Org.: [k] Code: 165760FD8E9567650E928CA6037 - LinoColor v6.0 code: vhs49-8tkt25-lmztm (Install CD) code: x4v72-9hqvkb-u6g3e (License Key) code: x4v72-9hqvkb-u6g33 code: x4v72-9hqvkb-u6g36 code: x4v72-9hqvkb-u6g37 code: x4m26-wdqv5b-uuj32 code: x4m26-wdqv5b-uuj34 code: x4m26-wdqv5b-uuj35 code: x4m26-wdqv5b-uuj38 v5.x code: ST37D-3HQ6JK-WWTLS v5.0 CD code: C4475-WKQV8Z-UUQ3B - Linocolor Elite v6.x R8ZUL-WDXDV6-DPCBY v6.0 BQR9B-R7HMCF-AMBKV X4Z3V-PYQVUB-UUV3P (see note) v5.1 UTPFT-5CDYK6-ERFRC well that is off the cd pack of the cd.... so it aint from surfers none in surfers i tried to use for linocolor worked - ListSTAR v1.0 SMTP L*SM-wr8q-q7pW-Tuue-pwTW POP L*P3-9w97-t3RQ-pYte-uyYW QuickMail L*QM-u397-7rey-yrYr-epWR Microsoft Mail L*MS-p8ye-9rYt-RyRy-ttTW vAll Licence number: 837654 Licence string: XXV Serial Number: L*SM-y71W-7reu-uYp7-up61 - ListSTAR/POP v1.x L*P3-rr0T-37Yr-TP87-rtwP L*P3-Q316-98@9-YQp8-wuwU L*P3-0R04-3rTe-%E47-38w% L*P3-uw40-9wQq-YPqw-r73R L*P3-y7e@-tuTp-Q53q-9p8R - ListSTAR/SMTP v1.x L*SM-r0R4-wp8u-9Yut-93r2 L*SM-8t18-7wy4-eP7q-tuuQ L*SM-Wte@-tey3-uTw3-p93R L*SM-R0r1-37ue-80t6-4q81 L*SM-Q5eR-uq63-qY3w-6uq@ - ListStar SMTP Server v# Licence number: 837654 Licence string: XXV Serial Number: L*SM-y71W-7reu-uYp7-up61 - ListStar/MS v1.x L*MS-%UTq-erU2-%6%9-e3eP L*MS-060e-3e55-%7Y6-q6p1 L*MS-@%eW-t92R-Q428-w7t% L*MS-QwTR-98PU-07Pe-36t2 L*MS-Q5eR-up05-2wT4-36yE - ListStar/QM v1.x L*QM-QwT0-9uqW-4yP7-rwu2 L*QM-rRr4-3ryT-6yR7-p8tP L*QM-tU4U-e8p1-y6Qt-wuqW L*QM-y74W-t37R-pw28-ru4Q L*QM-%peq-eer2-8e%r-y8pW - Little Red Wagon v1.0 78124PL - Little Saver v1.0 3876-0692-KIRI-M - LittleNaming v2.3.2 u7hiqjqi74q - Live Index v1.0.1 The current evaluation key is: LV001000-860622359-291088260 Key expiration date: 20 August 1997 - Live Picture v2.6 W2D52-19E4-B61E-A2B5 P9DD4-136D-B281-7B14 v2.6J W77D5-D72C-9502-7D95 v2.5.1 LA4EE-A1A2-E74C-9FDC v2.5 LBA69-31DB-E31C-0B9C L2442-2180-765E-AEF8 v2.1J K1D44-D588-571F-ACF9 K9DFD-D5AB-C20D-9D95 v2.1 HA4EE-A1A2-E74C-9FDC LA4EE-A1A2-E74C-9FDC v2.0 HN001-01-90001 HN001-01-91437 v1.0 Overdrive P9DD4-136D-B281-7B14 - LiveAction v# MLA-39054-00151 - LiveSlideShow v1.0.1 XLSS1-1002692R - Mobilohm v1.0 Username : Saul Todd Key : D8SDP67SH9FEV5OL9NN4 - LiveStage v4.0 Pro 4TBM8ANNJKJPNKJO v3.1 Pro KETAPKUTWEKXX4T0 v3 KETAPKUTWEKXX4T9 v2.0 MLS2-1234567 v1.x MWP30-123456 MWP20-200536 Type into the SN box: Alex said I could have it (LiveStage 1.x opens with any WebPainter 3.0 SN or the "Alex said I could have it" crack. It's a great app too) - Living Album vall versions 160-10011-07191 - Loaded! v1.6.1 code: 05c004205f3fb78be - Loan Calc v1.5 MAC-OLTogA4MTk5ATMOSFEAR-1 - Loan Hensai v1.0J kobitokaba - Loan Pro v1.7.5 Name: Registered Code: 724850384 - Local Path v1.0.2 21306259915 - Location X v1.01 Name: TechnoCore/nop Code: LMX100-1527-7670-1412 - LockSmith v2.0 Name: Buck Rogers Company: NASA Code: 107722566 - Lode Runner - The Legend returns v# Name: MMC Ser.: 116464092204949 - Log Watcher v1.1.4 name: MoonDark code: 2216914381 - LogDoor v2.x 24214022638245 24212752044155 24217652205216 v2.2 24210650127430 24211993894369 24219781686677 - Logic Audio v2.5 6447374 - Logic Mania v1.1 IG7kB1OmaLazALI2cN8 - LogicPict v1.5 NARITA BRIAN - Xlog v1.0 X 123X50418715X1PABLO - Logo Corrector v2.1 210342-5733 - LogoMation v1.1.2 Name: Registered SN: 905-451-1686 PW: 36K-95F - LogoMotion v2.1 004-6100-0433-0104 v2.0.2J 004-8191-0321-0382 v2.0 04-5320-2590 v1.5.1 04-5654-4922 v1.5 04-2742-8360 v1.0 94-9369-5689 (3D Web) - LogoSender v1.0 Name: KIRI Code: 630305525300737373 - LogotypeMaker v3.2.1 Name: AtmosFear Code: TF-190F350U95K6865 v3.2.0 Name: Halo Driver Code: TF-198376993136679 Name: I love you Pet! Code: TF-215349296161933 v3.1.4 (see note) Name: HaloHalo Code: TF-205606615721927 Name: Halo breaks in! Code: TF-194756699996018 Name: Have a nice day! Code: TF-203893611379149 Name: Invalid List! Code: TF-122606177220140 Name: Longer Break Code: TF-157971022843118 v3.0 pro Name: The Shark Code: TF-208120607856958 v2.5.6 (see tip) v2.5.4 Name: Halo & Pet Code: SD-171836627996141 Name: Total Recovery Lab Code: SD-193948176688257 Name: It was a bug, Dave. Code: SD-189822678773864 v2.5.3 pro Name: INFOSEC.MIL Code: SD-135468346025827 Name: anyserial Code: SD-189630375695744 Name: bluelinesucks Code: SD-193651181611415 Name: accurately Code: SD-193351734546545 Name: actiondominated Code: SD-204400695441237 v2.5.2 pro Name: shut down Code: SD-212842297921474 Name: arviragus Code: SD-210331342087615 Name: canterbury Code: SD-210130719762521 Name: cleon Code: SD-200586331776562 Name: cornwall Code: SD-200786381658158 Name: fortinbras Code: SD-207415642044189 Name: hatfield Code: SD-192645834677989 v2.5.1 Name: revirD olaH Code: SD-203393510557129 Name: conformist Code: SD-197771244782464 Name: informant Code: SD-202595248030381 Name: scavenger Code: SD-193250328132544 Name: therapist Code: SD-208521431478442 v2.5 Name: h@l* driv@r Code: SD-197771737160613 Name: Daniel C. Kueng Code: SD-157270932225175 v2.3.3 Name: h@lo driv@r Code: SD-187163199208 Name: Nothing can stop me! Code: SD-205208223187 v1.2.x Name: Chrisco* Code: LY-172187217190 v1.1.2 Name: Akuma Code: LY-166196226202 3.1.4 Note Before you “register” LogotypeMaker v3.x.x quit all apps where the app name contains “Serial”. # LogotypeMaker Pro v2.5.6 and newer looks for running apps named "SerialSurfer" or "SerialReader". If one of these apps are present, Logotype Maker shows a "Thank you for supporting Shareware", but it does not register the app. To solve this problem copy the name & code to your favorite text editor and quit your serial reader app. Now open LogotypeMaker and enter the Name & Code. That’s all. - Logovista E to J v4.5 Pro 46-784D-2E1358AF4 45-144E-7F1259AA4 v4.5 Personal 46-784D-2E1358AF4 06-3FA1-4227D9146 v4.0 4C-F98A-9A17760E2 EJS-400-00-MR-0-00222 EJT-300-90-XR-0-00706 1B-0655-1C17AE8D2 v3.0 Pro 49-38E4-F96D29F26 v3.0 2D-32E6-D43EA61C5 - Loki v2.9.5 001 005 013 066 - Lolita Manami vAll mjknbeds - Lolita Yumi vAll dhgfajdk - Look Mom, No Hands! v1.5.1 (see tip) Hold down the Control + Mouse button during startup. (If the startup-Registering with pressing Ctrl+MouseButton does not work, do this: Open the Extension with ResEdit. Open Resource INIT and go to $8BE. Change 4EBA FB20 into 2020 2020. Save. No more teachers, no more school, no more Reminder-Window) - Loony Labyrinth v2.5.1-ie E-mail: Code : 761956149062368478713072 v1.0.x 9269LLM106162-U1 4880LLM234567-U1 1409LLM123456-U1 - Simple Diary v2.1 X Name: Pablo SN: 9865399578451 - iuSoftware v1.1.3 X Full Name : DPablo-is-a-Minimal-RELCSYS-Member-KRACKED-minimal-minimal2-minimal3-minimal4-minimal5-minimal6-minimal7-minimal8-minimal9-minimal9-u Company : FPablo-is-a-Minimal-RELCSYS-Member-KRACKED-minimal-minimal2-minimal3-minimal4-minimal5-FFFFZ Email : ÄPabloo@minimal.minimal2.minimal3.minimal4.minimal5.minimal6.minimal7.minimal8.minimal9.minimal10.minimal11.minimal12.infos.comÄ Web : SN : IULO-5145748484848484848484 Registration Informations are stored into Home/Library/Preferences/.iusorp - iuLoan v2.1.1 X Full Name : DPablo-is-a-Minimal-RELCSYS-Member-KRACKED-minimal-minimal2-minimal3-minimal4-minimal5-minimal6-minimal7-minimal8-minimal9-minimal9-u Company : FPablo-is-a-Minimal-RELCSYS-Member-KRACKED-minimal-minimal4-SEXFFFZ Email : ÄPabloo@minimal.minimal2.minimal3.minimal4.minimal5.minimal6.minimal7.minimal8.minimal9.minimal10.minimal11.minimal12.infos.comÄ Web : SN : IULO-5145748484848484848484 Registration Informations are stored into Home/Library/Preferences/.iulorp - iuAssets v1.1.0 X Full Name : DPablo-is-a-Minimal-RELCSYS-Member-KRACKED-minimal-minimal2-minimal3-minimal4-minimal5-minimal6-minimal7-minimal8-minimal9-minimal9-u Company : ZPablo-is-a-Minimal-RELCSYS-Member-KRACKED-minimal-minimal2-minimal3-minimal4-FFFF Email : ÄPabloo@minimal.minimal2.minimal3.minimal4.minimal5.minimal6.minimal7.minimal8.minimal9.minimal10.minimal11.minimal12.infos.comÄ Web : SN : IUAS-5145748484848484848484 Registration Informations are stored into Home/Library/Preferences/.iuasrp - iuCreator v1.0.1 X Full Name : Pablo-is-a-Minimal-RELCSYS-Member-KRACKED-MarchW Company : YPablo-is-a-Minimal-RELCSYS-Member-KRACKED-KKK-G Email : yPabloo@minimal.minimal2.minimal3.minimal4.minimal5.minimal6.minimal7.minimal8.minimal9.minimal10.minimal11.minimal12.minimal13.minimal14.minimal15.comX Web : SN : IUCC-5555523555654351785999 Registration Informations are stored into Home/Library/Preferences/.iuccrp - Lord of the Deck v2.5 8503056 - Lotus Notes v3.2 CD 100-1208613 - Lovely Capybara v1.0 Name: nowhereman Code: LC333380502 - Lovely Penguins v1.0.1 name : nowhereman serial number : LPE03511 serial number : LPE033207 - LucisArt v2.0.2 MLA20-11sPAQ-0pL5Hp-0F0UfI - LunarCell v1.4.0 2483254 2681266 3034585 3246438 3321313 3517000 3583078 3957214 4410016 4949838 5489868 6295018 v1.0 8741076 - Lupe v1.4.1 252645135 - M-Diary v2.2.7 *Yasuhara* - M-Zeek Lite v3.1.6J Name: KIRI Code: 04001037123456A0629 v3.1.6J (for CD-Z) Name: KIRI Code: 01001031234567A0629 - MAC DE Kakeibo v2.0.4J 1702030 v1.2J 1702030 1701956 - MAC Kaikei MarkII v2.0.4J 1702030 v1.2J 1702030 1701956 - MACAST v1.0.1 12345678901234 - MACAST Lite v2.1 Name: Dr.Qwerty Password: Registration Code: defray Serial Number: MALT-33533EY Name: John Doe Password: Registration Code: found Serial Number: MALT-35647OD Name: Serial Surfer Password: Registration Code: stitch Serial Number: MALT-34629TH - MACh Speed G3 v1.4 MSG3050659 - MACnTV v3.0 Jack London - MAOchan nurie v1.4 UNDINE3571 - MAPublisher v LT: MPLITE-8399234567890225 v4.0 Illustrator MP40MI-2B990502DE000202 v4.0 MP40MI-73993D3957152444 v3.5 FreeHand MP35MF-2B9991027F010021 v3.0 MP20MI-4F553E113A147734 MP20MI-3B553E113A147734 MP20MI-13553E113A147734 MP20MI-6A553E113A147734 MP20MI-83553E113A147734 v2.0 MP20MI-9C553E113A147734 - MDIC2 vAtok14 Name: Lain Code: MDC-123-JKL - MARIMO Chime v1.1.3d2 Name: Lain Code: VC1717412 v1.0J FRIEND-21665 FRIEND-30112 - MATLAB vunknown 54854 25352 58564 24199 35079 v6.5 13-22955-32678-26249-06848-40366-39620-03472-09765-20949-30945-19673-43738-38950-44548 v6.0 12-64223-05656-55232-4 v5.3.1 11-10224-43044-38818-03811-61063-11324 v5.3 11-30608-63868-33547-31267-29961-41669 v5.2 06084-56234-17396-59009-65071 13271-43236-64668-65249-01271 v5.1 12345-12345-12345-12345-12345 v5.0.3 11-43195-44514-09872-37212 v5.0.1 14976-02590-24715-61170-60415 v5.0 06492-09293-48567-50690-50674 (demo 3Apr97) (both the small and large ones) 63198 42616 64327 16020 32158 (demo 1Jan97) It will let you install MATLAB 5 and all MATLAB 5 toolboxes. They are fully functional. The catch? It's a demo number. :( Matlab behöver en licenskod för att kunna användas. KTH:s licenskod för Mac-versionen av Matlab avsedd för hemmabruk är - Dink v1.3 X SkfP92LSl-02QpW3NSA - MERCURY-1 v1.0 924002XX - META Maker v3.0 Name : No Where Man Email: Org. : nowhere Code : MTA10256-107-T20017-37632 v2.0 Name : nowhereman Email: Org. : nowhere Code : MTA12447-110-T20859-21525 v1.2.6b Name : nowhereman Email: Org. : nowhere Code : MTA9442-146-R20859-21525 - METAL BLASTER v1.0 Name: Lucifer Code: nKFL1qFyxyxzr - MGM Cad v2.5 II 220301 - MiMi v1.0.4 Name: Lain Code: 000U5D7LAIN - MI Convert v2.7 Name: Lain S/N#: MIC27-667206-2 Key : 34-7-VJ007 v2.6.1 MIC26-461214-1 MIC26-667206-1 - MI Edicolor v2.02 AI052782(A1052782) YWUCAHSHTJXK - MIDIBuzz v1.1.3 Name: nowhereman Code: 1234514157 - MoneyIsMoney v1.0 Name: Lain Code: 50646B6F5649 - Momma T's Kitchen cookbook v2.0 MANGIAX2 - MIKI no kakeibo v2.xJ Footprints In The Snow - MIKI no kozukaityo v1.2J MIKANET - MOZCO vAll MOZCO Vol.1-5 870550 MOZCO Vol.6-10 CoMOZZ MOZCO Vol.11-15 50486304 - MP3 Digidesign vall versions CUBS HIP NEAT LIST MARE - MP3 Rage v5.0 CDRFVSUHPQIBILMBTWXBJBHH v3.x bj v2.x bj bxxxxxxxxxj (x = any) v1.x.x code: bnrx-inpher-af-vinkj - MP3 Strip v1.0.3 1130458599 v1.0.2 MPS-112-420-6055 - MP3JUKEBOX v4 JB40000068 JB41111111 v2.5J JB25002522 - MPEG Editing Software M v1.0.0J 12345678 - MPEG Power Professional v1.4 Name: (kuder) Code: HMEE-12345678-C0D3 - MPEG Video Player v3.1 123-EDA-4567897 - MPLAY Multimedia Player v1.7r3 X Name: Pablo SN: 4509-6704-5407-5136 v1.6.1r2 Name: Macintosh Code: 1334-4512-6528-1792 v1.5.6 Name: Inpher/nop Code: 3297-2544-6757-5552 v1.5 PPC Name: nowhereman Code: 3389-0048-6816-5376 v1.5 Name: Cendryom Code: 8507-3664-6272-5888 - MSP v5.1 NOEL JUTE FIST ROUT RITE SIT CUB LAIR - MWCalculus v3.0.1 (Tip) 1. Open the app with resorce editor. 2. Select ALRT resorce ID 129. 3. Open with HEX mode. like: 00380082017A017C00845555280A Change $A 5555 -> 0000 like: 00380082017A017C00840000280A That's it. - MYM v6.0 TM25461 - MYOB Account Edge v2 customer: FH11976 serial: 100013862000 part: USM455-010101 - MYOB v10 ab12345656 or ab1234565 v8.0 JZ51726 9593567 v5.0.4 JZ51726 - MZ-Link PRO vall versions PRBJJG0281448 - Mac Army Knife v2.1 bj bxxxxxxxxxxxxxj (see note) v1.x.x J-639-INPHER-6 v1.0 J-DIK-667826-1 Note: x is any characters and as many as you want. Chaoticsoftware's products are all of "bj" algorithm. - Mac Caller ID v1.3.x Name: Inpher Code: I4 186 0R 24N v1.1.9 Name: AnonyMouse Code: A6 3010 0E 40N Name: MacTrix Sucks Code: M7 397 65 28A Name: KrackTraders Die Code: K9 4812 4E 489 v1.1.6 Name: 'Anonymous' Code: 'A5 279 0S 36N' v# Name: The Informant Code: T7 393 10T 12H - Mac Coder v3.0 Name: Lucifer Code: 30A-76342-17708 Name: iCrack/KIRI Code: 211-12616-10875 v2.4 Name: Chrisco* Code: MCCE-170-396-A Name: KIRI Code: MC301-167110-6174-A v2.3.5 Name: Chrisco* Code: CE-170-396 v2.2 1423-JFDG-5GE-A 1423-GDFS-s5HF-B 1423-SADA-5IG-C 1423-NCN-5JH-D 1423-YTEY-5KI-E - Mac Disk Explorer v1.0.4 code: CbXdefghijkl http:/ - Mac INIT Strings v2.5.1 MIS25-111000011111111 - Mac Identifier v2.2 All you have to do is control-option-click on the "this is not registered" line at the bottom - Mac Kali v1.0b3 SN: 920dea047805 SKEY: 5cab31531c7e Tkey: 261207711224 - Mac Lasso Creator v1.0.1 code: 453445445 - Mac Recorder Sound System Pro vall versions MSP100-14260 MSP100-27431 - Mac Restart v2.0 Name: MoonDark Code: 206862428 - Mac Speaker v1.6.0 Name: Akuma Reg Code: JRQIKJRRQ Reg Number: 198021998 - Ratchet v1.0 X Pablo1000021689 654321005408625 Registration Information are stored into Library/Preferences/.ra62n54dz09 - MacAT v6.2 KRACKED-6666-CEND - WeatherPop v1.6.5 X Pablo1002372341 654321000007937 v1.3 X 123451029347826 123451029849083 123452000094830 Registration Information are stored into Library/Preferences/.wp319ca5d8 - Mac Syodou Pro v1.0J Number: MC-995353 Serial: 261154 151844 151776 247622 - Mac Syodou Sansui v1.0J Number: 9K1D95662-4462T-7395 Serial: 169529 Number: 9K1D95662-4462T-7395 Serial: 100031 - Mac-HaBu v6.0 Name: Lucifer Code: aaaaaqqun - Mac2Win v2.0 Name: ANGEL Comp: (None) Code: 27264420 Name: KIRI Comp: (None) Code: 20209839 Name: ThankYou Comp: (None) Code: 51385065 - Mac3000 vAll 4861 - Mac320 v# SB23-0015-0057-1800 - MacAdministrator v2.0 MA2-BAKZYIHGWFES (100 clients) MA2-BAZYXVIHGFEE (unlimited) - Page Sender v3.0 X Name: Alfeo Dixon SN: PGSENDR001-TW9Q-0851-5B17-121X-4103 - MacAmp vX 1.0 Lite Name: Daniel Lundin Code: MALTX-941408-6699 v2.0 Name: nowhereman Code: AMPR-961535-4818 vBeta ADHESIVE v1.5.2 lite Name: HotSix Password: MALT Registration Code: 319028Q v1.5.1 lite name: Flagel Lewandowski pass: code: propelled v1.0b3 Name: Pirated copy Password: Response: chartering This gets rid of the date restriction of MacAmp v1.0 Preview Edition. Open MacAmp v1.0 Preview Edition w/ Resorcerer or Resedit. Search for "7c0018404080000c387d0000" and replace it with "7c00184060000000387d000". Search for "7c0018404081008c386007d4" and replace that with "7c0018404800008c386007d4" Save, and now you can keep MacAmp v1.0 Preview Edition forever. - MacAnalysis v2.1.x (see tip) v1.8b63 First Name: Inpher/nop Last Name: <one space character> Serial: 63-500-539-236 Note: If you have already run MacAnalysis and entered a first and last name, then you must delete the invisible file in the Preferences folder named "MacAnalysis KeyCode1.5". tip It seems that the OSX version of this app stores the machine dependent information in a file called "MacAnalysis Keycode 2.1.5" located in /Users/<username>/Library/Preferences, but it doesn't bother verifying this information after it's initial creation. This means you can change this information and Macanalysis won't know the difference. So to register Macanalysis 2.1.6 OSX, first launch it and enter any firstname/lastname and click on the arrow to continue. This will create the "MacAnalysis Keycode 2.1.5" file. Then open the file with a text editor (I used BBedit) and replace the contents with: 5000. Save the file and launch MacAnalysis. It'll now prompt you to enter a serial number. Use the following (without the dashes of course) 1690-2459-5584-2564 Press the unlock button and enjoy. In case you were wondering, the registration info is stored in a file called "Icon__mn.ds". Unfortunately, this method will not work for the OS9 version of MacAnalysis.. AtmosFear - MacAntennaMaster v1.3.0 ABA356D1 - MacAstro v1.6 11527 - MacAstronomica v2.0.1 FirstName: Lain LastName : Knights Password : Q904-L64-N85016 v1.5.1 FirstName: KIRI LastName : ANGEL Password : M247-K72-D51086 - MacAttack v1.9.9J U.Code: LFWXMGHU Serial: LLVVTCLL (see tip 1) v1.9 User Code: AKWJTEBE Serial: MQBBGMP (see tip 2) (tip 1) How to regist: 1. Run the app and quit at once. 2. Open invisible file "Scratch.F238F.HD" in System folder and MacAttack folder. 3. Open both files, you will see word at top. This word is your user code. Change LFWXMGHU and invisible again. 4. Enter LLVVTCLL in reg box. 5. That's it. (tip 2) Time and time again I had tried registering MacAttack (with the serial-from Hackers Helper that is), but since the user code in the-registration dialog didn't match the info in Hackers Helper (or any-other serials archive) there was just no way of doing it. Until I-accidentally stumbled across an invisible locked file in the MacAttack-folder called "scratch.f238f.hd". This devilish little bugger had the-user code so f&$ing visible in it (the programmers obviously thought-hiding and locking this file would suffice, and thus did not ecrypt-anything in it) that it was a piece of cake to change the user code to-the one found in Hackers Helper. There is also an invisible Demo.DATA file-that should be deleted.After that, registering was a no-brainer. Notes: The 'tip' you give won't work with 1.95 as they-encrypted the password in the 'scratch' file,-i.e. if the file contains the code 'abcdefg', when you run the app, it-comes up as 'keofpyz', the tossers have totally encrypted it.--Your method will work perfectly up to version 1.93, and as a work around--Get v1.93, register it in the method you describe, THEN run v1.93 so it-shows as registered, then take the file you hacked 'scratch.f238f.hd'-and put it in the v1.95 version folder, replacing the one already there.--As long as you ran 1.93 to validate the registration, this will-automatically work with 1.95.--I also noticed that once you hack the scratch file, you need to make it-locked & invisible again, otherwise it crashes on startup. Don't know-why, but after hacking it, return it to the state it was in, i.e. locked &-invisible. - MacAuthorize v2.3 CES: 28101164 ECHO: 4792712 FDC: 2775303 FDR: 2105284 MAPP: 27106618 MDI: 2791033 NABANCO: 27101573 NDC: 27135913 NOVA: 2397859 TELEMONEY: 17103574 VISANET: 3099774 AMEX: No serial number needed M38779630 - MacBZone v1.3.1 Serial: 5000 Code:48406914 - MacBarCoda v3.0 CL 31F1 AA00 BG53 - MacBean v0.1b3 kdfhfkdnkfnq1$$fdlafldasd jjN**ejldfdvkhlskvlnslvlf - MacBibble v1.99 Name: AtmosFear Code: PF72C1DC9D - MacBoom v1.2.3 Name: XOR^SS Code: MEXCIAPHEAXAX-030 - MacBreakZ v3.0.1 MB3-8996588789 v1.0 Code: mb-15876548789 - MacBrickout v4.1 (Crack) (Crack) DF $3BE54 4082003C -> 4800003C disappeared the green nag dialog. have fun :) - MacCDR v4.0 73801629 - MacCDSpeed v1.0.1 Name: Inpher/nop Code: MCDS-0006103289 Name: nowhereman Code: MCDS-0006823050 - MacCRO v2.1.1 Name: nowhereman Code: 1425226917 Name: KiriCRO Code: 1930683053 - MacCallerID v1.3.7 Name: XOR^SS Code: X4 186 0S 24O - MacCleaner v1.2 CLEAN-12345.17CF7-123.2C6F-456.166F - MacCoder v2.0 Name: KIRI X Code: 1156577 - MacComm Center v1.3.2 1.3.2 1.018.478-B - MacConnect v1.0.5 code: 8R4HW9KSKN - DockFun! v3.7.2 DF400JMD-12-140-56 DF400JMD-3-94-3 v3.6.6 X DF000JMD-123456-217-789 DF000JMD-1-22-1 DF000JMD-2-290-2 - MacCurveFit v1.5 Name: KIRI/ANGEL Code: 1D0B-1234-KIRI - MacD v1.5 Name: nowheremanD Code: 556-100-355-009 v1.0 Name: nowhereman Code: 133-448-217-681 - MacDeBlock v1.1.92 mDEb-Code1682580 - MacDiary v1.25 GAD-2001-SOFT-TNKU-795-B - MacDo v1.0.4 1234KCE8901 KIRIu||KIRI - MacDoc v1.2 Name: MoonDark Code: Y5JTBXY v1.0 Name: Buck Rogers Code: W2NTL39 - MacDomino v1.0.0 fluegelhorn - MacDoppler v3.x.x UOFGIUOFGZ GMNGGMNX v3.9.1 name: (any) code: AAAAAAAR - MacDoppler Pro v1.5.9 MRIHGEMRIHGX v1.5 FTWBXBFTWBXU NFJHJGNFJHJZ v1.0.x DIOFDIOY FTWBXBFTWBXU v1.0.5 IOSMLBIOSMLU - MacDos v1.0.1 0000036568 4294930727 - MacDraft v5.0.5 MDFT-V500-1635-7642-551D-1842 v3.1 302437 - MacDrive v2000 MD4-EWRNG-QCD0D-HAJ # MDC1-403WW-OWL010 MD80-001W0-0WL050 v99 MD80-001W0-0WL050 v98J MJ01-Q008C-03L010 v98 2.0 MDC0-W02LW-0EL090 MD42-802L4-01L050 v98 MDC1-403WW-OWL010 MD80-001W0-0WL050 - MacEKG v3.0.1 12345Z9L2416 - MacEmatics v2.1.5 /////r333$347 - MacFamilyTree v3.0 MS3-0567-0234-0464 v2.5 MS12345678 - MacFerret vAll Marty - MacFont v3.01 Name: MoonDark Code: 2425902904 - MacGhostView v1.1 N5@TI*0 FG@AW*F 25@KR*G 3N@41*B WV@TR*B B3@G8*2 - MacGiro v3.5.3 D SN# : 00200602001 Key#: 5038-1675-5663-6689 - MacGradeBook v1.8.1 200533921 - MacGrayliner v2.2.0 1B465652 - MacHeadlines vall versions ( see --> Aladdin MacHeadlines ) - MacIntercomm v1.1b21 ToasT - Bank X vX 3F1R-ujxi-mCUF - MacKennel v2.1 MK20084 - MacKonto v 10308-JO-43541-AD - MacLabel Pro v1.6.4 5117081730 - MacLine Light v2.0 14111047 - MacLink v13 Registration #: 964976-0268 Activation Key: 70K9-0E8025554QK8 v9.7.x Registration # 01900987-7051 Activation Key BKWM-MD807C59DFC1 v9.7.1 Product :MacLinkPlus Translators Pro 9.71 Registration # :01900987-7051 Activation Key :BKWM-MD0077547D44 Product :MacLinkPlus Translators Pro 9.71 (Upgrade) Registration # :01900987-7051 Activation Key :BKWM-MD8077549D89 Product :MacLinkPlus Easy Open Translators 9.71 Registration # :01900987-7051 Activation Key :BKWM-MD0077597D2C Product :MacLinkPlus Easy Open Translators 9.71 (Upgrade) Registration # :01900987-7051 Activation Key :BKWM-MD8077599DE1 01931901-2396 v9.7 Product MacLinkPlus PC Connect 9.70 Registration # 01900987-7051 Activation Key BKWM-MD00095482B7 Product MacLinkPlus PC Connect 9.70 (Upgrade) Registration # 01900987-7051 Activation Key BKWM-MD800954627A Product MacLinkPlus Translators Pro 9.70 Registration # 01900987-7051 Activation Key BKWM-MD007E543F64 Product MacLinkPlus Translators Pro 9.70 (Upgrade) Registration # 01900987-7051 Activation Key BKWM-MD807E54DFA9 Product MacLinkPlus Easy Open Translators 9.70 Registration # 01900987-7051 Activation Key BKWM-MD007C593F0C Product MacLinkPlus Easy Open Translators 9.70 (Upgrade) Reg# 01931901-2396 Activation# 7D7A-MD807C597A9M v9.0 1931901-2396 v8.1 1302075-2985 v8.0.6i 612159-5575 v8.0.4 00823013-6398 v7.5 603050-1601 204612-7000 v6.0 00678935 v12 Registration #: 4039601-8460 Activation Key: KMA3-3D80FF54F54E v11 Registration #: 2236346-1901 Activation Key: KAMF-2288C8543C4C-K405 (130 days?) Registration #: 3966114-8331 Activation Key: A284-3C80C854QAEQ v10.1 Registration #: 3728704-2097 Activation Key: 40E5-38809Q549M2M v10 Registration # 2910669-3937 Account Key CDQ9-2C809554035E Registration # 4221985-5815 Account Key 2MQC-4000955475QM v# Registration #: 5056902-6608 Activation Key: 8Q29-4D00C85495CK - MacLinkPlus for Easy Open v7.52 204612-7000 603050-1601 - MacLoggerDX v1.3 Name: RAGNAROK Code: 1952784 - MacMP3 v5.x 0000L52-403QP1K-SSKPJH2-6BUSSYJ v4.x MJ48-97882-05448-58640 v3.0 1115-1141-1311-2111 v2.0J 0541-8246-6066-1330 v1.0J 0810-8491-0792-4*** 0210-8493-0992-4594 japanese Audion ? - MacMath Pro v2.7.6 Password "Psalm of Life" - MacMedic v2.1+ Name: ANY Code: 20433-002136 v1.1 abf9e750!0b9c3cf8 v1.06 20740-001002 20736-001170 "regarding v1.5: i had 1.1 installed and my old pref just took over and i was never asked for one......" - Y! Groups Extractor v1.3 Name: Mouto Code: 90226507 - MacTFTP Client v1.1.1 Name: Mouto Code: 84524209 v1.1 Name : PYRUS MALUS SN: 161689837 - MacMod Pro v5.2 (see crack) How to crack (PPC Only) 1. Open the app with resorce editor. 2. Open datafork and change: $3902C 41820224 -> 60000000 3. Save and run changed app. 4. Enter your cool name. 5. And enter key is xxx-xx-xxx (x is any characters). Do not omit hyphens that 4th and 7th. (Example: Name: KIRI Key: 123-56-890) 6. That's it. - MacMolecule 2 v2.0.0 SN: E99-99999999-99-99-97291 - MacMuPAD v1.4.2 Name: KIRI Code: 239228-47178-189178 v1.2.2a name: Buck Rogers code: baCK6NOgQnSQ - MacNFS v3.0 td56-s9pm-wocp-42m9-ezpr-c tdmn-c97b-n627-ksdw-owr tdmo-s9rb-4u4o-d35y-9hr tdmn-u7pt-n627-4svf-ynh # tdm8-crpd-yoix-uido-h8oo tbmn-c79h-a82w-djb6-e6h td5n-u7m5-c6s6-mmbr-ewo tdj8-s7d3-ae2x-kajn-n7hr v1.0.1 XI44-C01-7GV-TS7-V3H - MacOS Items Manager v2.0.1 Name: KIRI No. : 1 Code: 757924 v1.6.3J name: nowhereman no. : 1 code: 246888 v1.5.2J name: Himitsu no. : 11 code: 970940 - MacOpener v6.x Reg : 123456-2953 Key : 5K5E-24083F02A3A5-FFFF v4.x registration : 408804-0609 activation key: C4Q0-3E0032M7MFD3 v4.1 registration : 123456-2953 activation key: 5K5E-24083F02A3A5-FFFF v3.0 2208418-2827 v2000 registration : 4233892-4494 activation key: A49A-40209QM7QQFQ-0500 v2.0 PC 2359608-5888 v2.0 2207860-5791 for the PC - MacPassword v# Nov301954 May261951 - MacPerfect v3.0 2234567890 - MacPhone v0.8.6 Name: MoonDark Code: MP1234142 - MacPipes vX 1.0.2 Name: Pablo SN: FJXTDKRLVKRJAX-84 vX 1.0.1 9499-5072-0011-3761-2 vX 1.0.0 Name: Cendryom Registration Code: ICLXUASXIO-560642 v2.2.7 Name: XOR^SS Code: MECCAWHCVCKGAX-00 Name: Cendryom Code: ECHWCCOCLGKI-7201 v2.x Name: KIRI Code: IEKCCKWKCXCAX-030 Name: ANGEL Code: JEXCWXCKCHAX-0620 v2.2.2 name: MoonDark code: KELCXWECXCCGWI-00 v2.2 name: Buck Rogers code: PUCSUOSXDBWJ-1180 name: SPC code: HETCKWJCVXAX-0730 name: LeetCheeZ code: WUSADSTDWJ-111811 - MacPlay3 v0.99 100011-301000-5000 To call up the registration input dialog box click on the "©" in the about box. - MacPlexTool v1.0.1 Name: KIRITOOL Code: 01084380 - MacPlot Pro v4.2.1J 1234562432 - MacPopUp v2.1 0660133900 0770766982 0223893636 2379798668 0660101132 2236766862 - MacPrefect v3.0 2234567890 - MacProby v3.3 name: MacProby code: 250717 v2.5 Mxxxxxxx*xxxxx7 (x is a wildcard) - MacRAR v2.0.1 Name: CHEROKEE Code: 183BC2EBEB2551 Name : utena Code : 6AD8869AEA2AA2 - MacReaderPro v4.0J MA1MR-G9510082 v3.5J MA1MR-G9510082 v3.0J MA1MP-49402622 MA1MR-G9550303 - MacRenderman v1.3 978862966 - MacReporter v1.1.2 Name: Vargnatt Code: 3A7D-9BA5-39BB-E4FB-DE0F-FD59 v1.0.1 Name: mvb Code: 13RTR - 9871E - CV12B - 8E13V5 - MacSOHO v1.0 Name: (any) Code: tao6-erpg-u6je-u5bg-p7o - MacSOUP v2.5b2 X Name: Pablo SN: 087-BKTTTG v2.4.6 name: Ant Research code: 078-LSKGME v2.4 Name: Nighthawk Code: 112-JDJNOJ v2.3 Name: HackUser Code: 193-UTFEKS Name: Tom Cruise Code: 025-KZBBOL - MySQL v1.0.3 X Name: Pablo SN: KKPVgz9XCD - MacSQL v2.2.1 Name: AtmosFear Serial Number: MS21N69TMO8SFDK1AR123456 v2.0.1 MS21-Z5PP-70P3-CSR6-NSO0-QO0J - MacSafe ][ v2.0 686279 or 00686279 - MacSchool v4.0 School Name: Demo System (Not case sensative) School ID: 3076800 (Not case sensative) District ID: (blank) Registration Key: S5fY5 4&M2= S7C@G SF22T Cj22 Registration Key: (Is case sensative) - MacAdmin LogReader v1.0 X Name: Pablo Company :Minimal SN: 3031-3526-4299 - MacSki v1.x SI2-VMF6P-1727 SI2-W166N-QD1Q SI2-CJ5EX-51P6 v1.6 SI2-46WFK-ND22 - MacSolutions v3.0 Bnkep*hkkl* - Microcosm v1.0 MCZM-CEND0B3-777 - MacStammbaum v2.5 MS12345678 ( see --> MacFamilyTree ) - MacTEX v 00229.002 - MacTicker v1.6.2 MTRA-0773-601123 MTRA-0626-171059 v1.5 MTRA822000000 MTRA-0626-171059 MTRA-0558-126066 v1.1.3 W2qwwSxZ4*NZ - MacTuner v3.0 ( see --> Aladdin Tuner ) v2.1.x 123456-123456-10370304 v2.1.2 SPC-7889043-47336076 313-1836-30958494 v2.0.x INFR-NOP!-53431854 1337-KRAK-25844364 v2.0.8 4234-4234-17427144 12345-54321-50812020 HOT6-HOT6-39291336 MACT-UNER-17518284 1111-1111-32010132 2222-2222-1023467304 If you want to calculate your own serial: xxxx-yyyy-zzzzzzzzz Function: 1. z = x + y * 6 2. if z smaller than 10000000 then z * 7 3. repeat step 2 until z is larger than 10000000 You can do it with any calculator or simply write a small app for it ;-) P.S.: WARNING! MacTuner 2.0.x will send the serial to the MacTuner server, be carefull!!! "Yeeessssss. INFR-NOP!-53431854 worked; I didn't attempt second SN. I'd tried other SN's in previous days and at first the INFR... SN didn't work. I trashed everything including preferences txmt20p and txmt20px, restarted the machine and reinstalled v 2.0.8. Using the above cited SN it spun right up." - MacTurnover v1.2.2 Phrase : WAROFCAPTURE Password: LLQONZROJYRH - MediaCapture v1.3 X Name: Lain Code: 537552655 Name: Pablo SN: 537568767 v1.2 name: Orygun serial:537591567 - MacVCD v4.1.3 X MAVCDX4001-08AT-T328-BKY8-2L9C-710C v4.0.3 X Sn:84d31123d0e9d6840cbc958742254245 v4.0.0 X 84d31123d0e9d6840cbc958742254245 v3.2.1 X MAVCDX4001-133R-XF0V-B3N8-1E2F-003E v3.2.1 MACVCD2001-4DCB-A91V-D359-6CNG-1P9D 00000000000000000063b7a0d3-e6e2c619 v1.5 123456789012345678b78d9278-0b511773 - MacVector v7.1.1 160339 v6.0 160339 - Ittec v1.6 Name: Sean Goluban Code: ITT1-1JFA0E-FXYS9C-D9NPUH - MacWebCam v2.4.0 Name: Registered Code: 4957 - MacWeek vAll 688800-24641865 - MacWrite Pro v1.5 0003319114 - MachTEN v4.0.3 code: 250238 - Machiuke Chu v3.0.0 79755-888645-17748-687401 - Macintosh Explorer v3.2 X Name: Lain Mail: Lic.: 0-1889 Code: MACX-147172-113-RS6-43230-64321 v3.2.5 X Name: Pablo Email: License: 12345 Code: 0-302-NFG-323-11330 v3.0 Name: Halo Mail: Lic.: 1 Code: MACX-95752-106-RS1-43111-64310 v2.0 Name: Chrisco* Raz Mail: Lic.: 1 Code: MACX-95832-114-RS1-43111-64310 v1.7 Name: no Mail: where@man Lic.: abc-def Code: RGS-16214-87-A07-0 v1.6 Name: no*where*man Mail: no*where* Lic.: 1234-5678 Code: RGS-20759-97-A09-11106 (ignore messages, option-click the "Register" button) v1.5 Name: nqwhereman Email: License Code: 123-456 Registration Number: RGS-16481-95-A07-861 (option-click the "Register" button) v1.2.1 Name: nowhereman Email Address: License Code: nowhereman Registration Number: RGS-19311-93-A010-0 v1.0 Name: Chrisco* Email address: not@a.chance License code: 777 Registration number: RGS-13673-93-A03-2331 In order to enter the serial number, you must hold down the option key when pressing the Register button. - Mail Monitor v2.0 Name: Lain Code: 27466345 - Mail Agent Plugin v1.4.5 Name: Lain Code: TE4WAJRFNJE2OTHE - MacQibla v2.1 Name: Lain Org.: Code: GO34567-0146-447RR - MacroMedia 3D v1.2 T120-12345-CP4U D300-31239-CP4U T100-12407-CPU4 - MacroMedia Accelerator v A300-12935-CP4U A300-31239-CP4U A300-11114-CP4U - MacroMedia CourseBuilder v3.0 CBM300-01957-57214-23437 CBM300-03559-54414-56764 CBM300-06850-69814-83380 CBM300-09951-31514-76917 CBM300-04050-42414-33142 CBM300-06252-08314-15879 v# CBM300-01957-57214-23437 - MacroMedia FreeHand vMX FHM110-02280-87210-08484 FHM110-07981-77110-42277 FHM110-00684-02110-40059 FHM110-01381-56410-42714 FHM110-04480-09810-64332 FHM110-05589-32510-12646 Upgrade sn: FHM100-00654-47258-19356 v10 FHM100-00658-45126-82914 FHM100-00856-44526-08508 FHM100-01157-72326-76966 FHM100-01555-31226-96131 FHM100-01957-56326-65221 FHM100-02050-22426-45164 FHM100-02858-67226-97009 FHM100-03151-31526-61341 FHM100-03157-19426-36342 FHM100-03357-14326-58225 FHM100-03759-91526-28966 FHM100-06252-01526-26994 FHM100-06254-43426-06421 FHM100-06654-24626-72449 FHM100-06656-07526-16881 FHM100-07953-17726-42591 FHM100-08652-07426-18392 FHM100-08856-61426-38404 FHM100-09353-55626-54795 FHM100-51531-97005-00400 v9.0r97 FHM900-81117-57173-59306 v9.0 FHM900-81117-57173-59306 FHW900-86612-07178-59306 FHM900-04612-86473-42741 FHM900-50610-67073-75486 FHM900-03707-93100-97936 WFM900-77129-37238-77423 (cd) v8.0J FHM800-06210-07824-91448 v8.0.1 FHM800-00016-88024-01686 v8.0 FHM800-11719-70724-34643 (5 user) FHM800-10812-60724-64643 (5 user) FHM800-73311-53525-15004 FHM800-03315-17024-62450 FHM800-73311-53525-10054 FHM800-27119-37025-33424 FMH800-02016-07024-50973 FHM800-73311-53525-65559 FHM800-73311-53525-65504 FHM800-73311-53525-65054 FHM800-73311-53525-65009 FHM800-73311-53525-60554 FHM800-73311-53525-60509 FHM800-73311-53525-60059 FHM800-73311-53525-60004 FHM800-73311-53525-10504 (student version) v10 (build 192) FHM100-09151-97226-19336 FHM100-51531-97005-00400 FHM100-15755-56826-05793 FHM100-17559-70926-65387 FHM100-00856-44526-08508 FHM100-06254-43426-06421 FHM100-08652-07426-18392 FHM100-06656-07526-16881 FHM100-03759-91526-28966 FHM100-06252-01526-26994 FHM100-08856-61426-38404 FHM100-03157-19426-36342 FHM100-02050-22426-45164 FHM100-03357-14326-58225 FHM100-09353-55626-54795 FHM100-03151-31526-61341 FHM100-01957-56326-65221 FHM100-06654-24626-72449 FHM100-01157-72326-76966 FHM100-00450-45826-89343 FHM100-00658-45126-82914 FHM100-02858-67226-97009 FHM100-01555-31226-96131 older versions see --> FreeHand - MacroMind Director Interactive Training v 04176-IT01M - MacroMind xRes (Fauve) v3.0 REM300-10058-87782-19326 REM300-01951-57084-80400 REM300-52252-47182-60432 v3.0b 500-07377-17072-89453 v2.0 50020-0040-4492-15201 50020-0023-0007-54189 50020-0509-0166-10804 50020-0048-0016-75183 50020-0073-0013-03894 50020-0093-1123-21144 50020-0153-0050-36821 50020-0383-0124-02054 50020-0509-0166-10804 50020-0536-0173-26154 50020-0571-0183-92768 50020-0685-1337-85281 - MacroModel v1.5 MM150-GC-10997 mm150-AB-11618 MM150-CP-10413 v1.5b AlexY - Macromedia Authorware v4.0 APM400-02236-07072-79319 APM400-00230-67072-40470 APM400-79739-17074-60487 vProf APW400-08038-47073-40402 v3.5 20335-0037-1128-69625 20335-0614-2080-00270 20335-0857-3050-55364 20335-0487-4419-61245 v3.0 21530-0157-1837-92983 20030-0979-1236-56383 21530-0157-1837-9298 v2.2 3028-7078-3072 v2.0.1 A-O-00378-00-1963 - Macromedia Director vMX DRM900-02220-67204-19336 DRM900-00828-05104-17603 DRM900-04426-06404-98510 DRM900-07127-79004-19924 DRM900-08222-61104-97047 DRM900-07921-76804-03205 DRM900-04228-88804-73153 WSM600-00210-63106-26982 (student version) vMX beta DRM900-02220-67204-19336 DRM900-84824-67204-39376 DRM900-01721-37104-75262 DRM900-05127-97604-63039 DRM900-04224-87204-52799 v8.5 WDM850-57545-37004-72946 WDM850-07743-55704-20404 WDM850-02848-82804-20504 WDM850-09747-38804-20804 WDM850-03141-58804-25704 WDM850-05545-54804-25504 # WDM850-05947-38804-07683 WDM850-09747-70504-00049 WDM850-07547-35204-06719 WDM850-06440-41104-14345 WDM850-00044-89504-13803 WDM850-02448-03404-16429 WDM850-04642-25404-22406 WDM850-00042-20304-25300 WDM850-00844-47604-24008 v8.5 beta WDM850-88444-47204-70401 v8.0J WDM800-00060-69193-16865 WDM800-01363-17893-96395 WDM800-01363-53493-35477 WDM800-01569-34493-16776 WDM800-03163-14693-14420 WDM800-04066-05493-02427 WDM800-04068-26493-02723 WDM800-04464-85793-06510 WDM800-05369-51293-96100 WDM800-05561-30493-38149 WDM800-06064-88193-16532 WDM800-06466-09593-35811 WDM800-06662-45193-46297 WDM800-09363-92193-74607 WDM800-09961-77693-36092 v8.0 Install serial: WDM800-09169-37293-20442 When starting app, serial: WDM800-04876-67045-61424 v8 (beta) DRM800-80264-27299-39326 v7.0beta WDM700-72474-28247-09591 DRM700-86870-28283-35582 v7.0J lite LDM700-09175-17256-21482 LDM700-08272-82556-23690 LDM700-09573-53556-83942 LDM700-02476-48256-97360 LDM700-03579-30856-31893 v7.0J WDM700-04274-87094-79336 WDM700-72474-28247-09591 v7.0.1J (see tip) v7.0 First Installing s/n# DRM700-86870-28283-35582 Next launch Director 7 app s/n# WDM700-72474-28247-09591 (Non-Commercial?) WDM700-04274-87094-79336 (full?) v7 CD Macromedia Director 7 CD image. Director 5 SN: DRM500-50272-87072-29378 Director 7 SN: WDM700-72474-28247-09591 (Non-Commercial?) (see note) v6.5 DRM600-05979-37063-90445 (This sn in the first screen) DRM500-50272-87072-29378 (This sn in the second) DRM600-05979-37063-90445 DRM600-83173-97192-89398 6.5J DRM600-08276-67863-14484 v6.0r56 DRM600-83173-97192-89398 v6.0.xJ DRM600-02278-67863-70411 v6.0 DRM600-05979-37063-90445 DRM500-50272-87072-29378 DRW600-09377-77068-20461 v5.0b DRM500-50272-87072-29378 v5.0.x J DRM500-06276-65172-92473 v5.0 DRM500-53375-57072-29379 DRM500-57179-17072-29377 DRM500-54076-47072-29376 DRM500-50272-87072-29378 DRM500-58672-47072-19388 DRM500-51775-17072-19389 DRM500-55579-77072-19387 DRM500-52476-07072-19386 v4.0.4 DRM404-1799-3074-2073 DRM404-3702-6075-3064 DRM404-3745-9071-4064 DRM404-5713-8178-0037 DRM404-4743-5871-9047 DRM404-4716-6176-6081 DRM404-3752-7670-1030 v4.0.3 DRM403-1799-3074-2073 DRM403-3702-6075-3064 DRM403-3745-9071-4064 DRM403-5713-8178-0037 DRM403-5716-8070-7081 DRM403-9762-3971-1056 v4.0 DM400-1799-3074-2073 DM400-3702-6075-3064 DM400-3745-9071-4064 DM400-5713-8178-0037 DM400-5716-8070-7081 DM400-9762-3971-1056 To reserialize Director 7 delete an invisible file called "BRAND.BRD". This also works for Freehand 8. 6.xJ/7.0.1J (Crack) 1. Open the app with resourse editor. 2. Open "vers" resourse and change Country Code 14(Japan) -> 00(US). 3. Open the System with resourse editor. 4. Open "itlc" resourse and change System Region Code 14(Japan) -> 00(US). 5. Restart, run Director and enter SN. - Macromedia Director Shockwave Studio v8.5 WDM850-57545-37004-72946 v8 WDM800-04876-67045-61424 WDM800-09169-37293-20442 v7.0 WDM700-09175-51845-22867 v6.0 WDM600-05177-70774-18885 - Macromedia Dreamweaver v4.0 DWM400-46478-87016-48977 DWM400-45577-57016-45977 DWM400-40672-27016-49976 # DWM400-04220-7299-53506 or DWM400-04220-07299-53506 (commercial) WBM300-73519-30108-31337 (upgrade sn) # DWM400-69371-38016-24726 DWM400-65777-18016-22726 DWM400-69371-98016-23323 DWM400-65173-38016-44324 DWM400-61579-58016-43222 v3.0 (Studio) WLM300-37713-31295-10712 UNLOCK CODE: YFYICNYXMS v3.0 DWM300-00200-47287-40843 DWM300-03311-12760-73923 DWM300-05317-30160-07669 DWM300-07515-50460-63897 DWM300-08012-87660-64067 DWM300-03313-51360-35621 DWM300-09911-30760-87940 DWM300-00204-07298-90666 DWM300-08010-81860-20733 DWM300-02200-07298-76581 WLM300-37713-31295-10712 v2.0J DWM100-08082-87025-21455 DWM100-08486-83545-55079 DWM100-01589-50725-96488 v2.0 DWM200-04888-27023-70717 DWW200-05987-98274-58597 DWM200-00082-88223-58587 EXX700XX352122598-297 DW200-08284-83823-13273 (French) DWW200-01189-17085-21442 [PC] v1.2 DWM100-08082-87025-21455 DWM100-08486-83545-55079 (Good for 30 days) v1.0 DWM100-08486-83545-55079 (Good for 30 days) DWM100-08082-87025-21455 DWM100-08486-83545-55079 DWM100-01589-50725-96488 DWW100-01183-77026-89349 - Macromedia Dreamweaver MX v 6 DWM600-45589-53101-19239 DWM600-49389-79201-72075 DWM600-40682-08301-36838 DWM600-43389-71801-46416 DWM600-40880-05101-56231 DWM600-49787-97101-80901 DWM600-49581-72301-70392 DWM600-42484-05201-29083 DWM600-45589-95501-51989 DWM600-43583-18301-90284 # DWM600-07783-92201-88471 DWM600-04284-42601-85482 DWM600-02682-41301-84687 DWM600-09787-33501-79222 If you have a firewall, close the connection to this ip: (The Macromedia Serialization Server). - Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev v4.0 WUM400-07531-32094-67613 WUM400-02230-24294-25517 WUM400-00634-87294-25617 WUM400-06632-47294-66616 # WUM400-07133-77294-65416 when prompted use UDM100-00028-47284-29306 as version upgrading from v1.0 UDM100-00028-47284-29306 UDM100-08424-89484-14340 UDM100-03521-53784-31604 UDM100-05521-97284-36079 UDM100-05729-70784-77937 UDM100-09729-96184-79500 UDM100-03321-52184-90062 UDM100-08426-60584-47652 UDM100-02824-68484-75034 UDM100-06626-83684-46796 UDM100-08826-25584-40959 UDM100-08222-07684-60729 UDM100-08826-64384-73901 UDM100-07721-98284-57352 UDM100-03129-92784-35942 UDM100-05929-38884-38645 UDM100-01125-98384-36846 UDM100-03323-91884-87437 UDM100-05721-19184-76867 UDM100-03925-10784-82342 UDM100-00824-44884-45712 - Macromedia Extreme 3D v2.0 ETM200-07741-37053-91419 v2.0J ETM200-02244-67853-43428 ETM200-07741-37053-91719 ETM200-07741-37053-91419 v1.0J 40110-0823-0267-02304 v1.0 40110-0776-2307-16851 40110-0059-0019-44904 40110-0157-4464-52815 45110-0037-0012-60272 - Macromedia Fireworks v4.0 FWM400-01939-77288-84582 FWM400-23135-99888-84582 FWM400-29931-79888-86782 FWM400-20230-29888-46783 FWM400-01939-77288-84582 FWM300-21133-14313-43933 (see tip) v3.0 FWM300-62232-09250-45025 FLM300-70858-60024-70077 FLM300-76450-27724-77777 FLM300-75757-97794-77777 FLM300-78858-87715-77777 FLM300-75759-97725-77777 FLM300-70252-47744-77777 v2.0J FWM200-03751-37815-90462 v2.0# FWM201-02450-87824-10496 FWM201-03751-37815-90462 v2.0 FWW200-04250-28229-06684 FWM200-60458-08224-04636 v1.0 FWM100-02650-87073-20412 FWM100-04456-41773-50261 FWM100-08858-27873-50473 You need an old fw2 sn as well as a new fw4 sn for the installer to work - Macromedia Fireworks MX v6.0 FWM600-00850-87207-84582 If you have a firewall, close the connection to this ip: (The Macromedia Serialization Server). - Macromedia Flash v5.0 FLM500-05181-17215-04829 FLM500-57149-79086-37349 FLM500-50640-08686-15383 FLM500-59341-78486-90763 # FLM500-68444-87286-19336 FLM500-09185-97215-05484 (commercial) FLW500-03143-72238-80660 v5 beta FLM500-49745-12486-57527 FLM500-98248-47286-29307 v4.0J FLM400-07563-37843-72446 FLM400-07563-37843-72446 v4.0 FLM400-69363-77192-30496 (unlock: YFYIHLKXFT) FLM400-05361-77192-19336 FLW400-67963-17145-20486 FLM400-07563-37843-72446 FLM400-23963-16363-53249 FLW400-16664-27865-12345 FLW400-82262-47145-29336 v4 b1 FLM300-08068-27091-18478 v3.0J FLM300-08262-47891-89492 v3.0 FLM300-08068-27091-18478 FLM300-08660-27091-50434 FLM300-09569-77091-10422 FLM300-00464-27091-49306 FLM300-01361-71891-45237 v2.0 FLD200-02860-67071-83453 FLD200-03965-17071-11558 v1.0 FLD200-02860-67071-83453 ### Remove these files for the Flash 3 demo: • Desktop EF • inControl Panel • Release preferences • Pocahontas Font • SystemEssential Note: Some files are invisible - Macromedia Flash Generator v2.0 FGW200-73367-77008-35461 FGX200-03769-57259-14519 - Macromedia Flash MX v6.0 MX FLM600-87935-37203-53411 Upgrade: 1st box: FLM600-04806-67266-90978 2nd box: FLM500-57149-79086-37349 FLM600-04806-67266-90978 FLM600-00408-88766-79182 FLM600-09931-11403-07467 FLM600-03537-38403-64021 FLM600-09933-55203-29054 FLM600-05135-32303-98960 FLW600-84032-42240-33333 (for Flash MX PC) v6 MX beta FWM600-00850-87207-84582 (expired March 1, 2002) FLM600-87935-37203-53411 ( see tip ) †Warning: the program calls home. when you disable your internet connection you will get an alert saying the program is disabled until program checks with micromedia server, the program then quits. ### how to get Flash MX Beta from connecting to Macromedia 1. Open up the main flash program ("Flash MX") with Resourcer 2.4 2. In the left hand column, select the WIND resources. 3. Find 1209. 4. Delete it. 5. Find 1560. 6. Delete it too. 7. Save your changes and run Flash. If you are really paranoid, you can also set up a Firewall rule that prevents outgoing connections to (The Macromedia Serialization Server).. - Macromedia Generator v2.0 FGM100-08666-67002-41528 FGM100-03761-97802-86351 FGM100-01169-95502-20923 FGM100-01161-77502-87883 FGM100-00260-83402-66455 FGM100-08666-67002-41528 v1.0 FGM100-08666-67002-41528 - Macromedia SoundEdit16 v2.0.7 30120-0255-4475-41877 30120-0926-2007-29733 v2.x 30120-0926-2007-29733 30120-0423-4997-87325 30120-0916-2651-75511 30120-0335-5318-80340 30120-0997-3346-92399 30120-0475-2933-13443 v2.0J 30120-0255-4475-41877 30120-0238-0078-55523 v2.0.4 30120-0145-4041-02166 30120-0102-0033-30708 v2.0.1J 30120-0892-0991-56166 30120-0255-4475-41877 v2.0 30120-0947-0299-05505 v1.6 SSM100-4604-1072-4078 SSM100-4611-8075-2069 v1.05 SSM100-4604-1072-4078 SSM100-7692-5074-2065 v1.0.1 SSM101-7692-5074-2065 SSM101-4604-1072-4078 - Macromedia Studio v4 WBM400-71559-77243-49349 (Dreamweaver 4 + Fireworks 4 full Mac CD Combo SN) Note: this combo SN renders both DW & FW as "Non-Commercial Use" versions. To get "full commercial license" versions, run the individual DW & FW installers (in their respective folders) instead of the combined installer, and use these SNs: DW4: DWM400-04220-07299-53506 DW3: WBM300-73519-30108-31337 and: FW4: FWM400-01939-77288-84582 FW3: FWM300-46634-69452-40024 Most Flash 5 SNs floating around will render a "Non-Commercial Use" version installed. This one will render a "commercial" grade version: FLM500-09185-97215-05484 - Macromedia Studio MX v# (Flash MX, DreamWeaver MX, FireWorks MX, and Freehand 10) WSM600-08418-41506-26957 WSM600-00210-63106-26982 WSM600-06018-65206-11112 If you have a firewall, close the connection to this ip: (The Macromedia Serialization Server). - Macrou v3.05J 002425 - MadBreaker v1.1 Name: KIRI/ANGEL Code: 6636149987 - Techno Design Hyphenator XT v2.5.3 Bahasa Indonesia: 3490-5129-7F7F-9C10-D8 Bahasa Malayu: 3560-5129-7F7F-9C10-D2 Basque: 8180-8229-7F7F-9C10-D3 Brazilian Portugese: 2C17-A473-BAF0-2010-BC Bulgarian: 7073-7882-3B23-7310-C7 Byelorussian: DE33-2F5A-7E3D-1F10-62 Catalan: E3A0-68CD-31E1-0C10-F5 Croatian: 9774-C393-6D2E-3910-53 Czech: 5444-9C83-0FF2-4A10-00 Danish: FD84-7F83-0FF2-4A10-04 Dutch: 4649-CB30-0BEE-8110-94 English: 6876-90D8-2124-4110-E0 Estonian: 2224-6750-557F-8310-16 Finnish: 9936-83D8-2124-4110-E2 French: F734-4450-557F-8310-13 Galician: 4359-CB30-0BEE-8110-96 German: F394-2857-0B48-3910-37 Greek: 4453-A882-3B23-7310-C5 Greenlandic: 4094-FB57-0B48-3910-3D Hungarian: 8376-B3D8-2124-4110-EC Icelandic: 4573-A882-3B23-7310-C2 Italian: 5764-0093-6D2E-3910-55 Latvian: 2577-DB53-BA2A-0810-8A Lithuanian: 6070-A129-7F7F-9C10-D6 Norwegian: 0497-FB53-BA2A-0810-81 Pilipino Tagalog: 4307-1B53-BA2A-0810-8F Polish: 5243-9882-3B23-7310-CA Portuguese: 0543-1C5A-7E3D-1F10-69 Rhaeto-Romance: 2527-A473-BAF0-2010-B0 Russian: 2504-4C83-0FF2-4A10-05 Serbian: 4800-4129-7F7F-9C10-D5 Slovak: 2934-1B57-0B48-3910-3A Slovene: 3287-3B53-BA2A-0810-86 South African: 3360-5129-7F7F-9C10-DC Spanish: 4339-CB30-0BEE-8110-9C Swedish: 0093-1C5A-7E3D-1F10-63 Turkish: 1330-7BCD-31E1-0C10-FB - Techno Design Speller XT v2.4.3 Basque: 3784-D093-5D2E-3910-57 Catalan: 9834-AF83-3FF2-4A10-00 Danish: 8690-B8CD-01E1-0C10-F9 Dutch: 9154-F857-3B48-3910-31 English: 9034-9F83-3FF2-4A10-08 Finnish: 7327-7473-8AF0-2010-B6 French: 4327-4473-8AF0-2010-B6 Galician: 8720-B8CD-01E1-0C10-F1 German: 9344-9F83-3FF2-4A10-0E Italian: 9054-E857-3B48-3910-3E Latin: 5769-CB30-3BEE-8110-95 Norwegian: 0006-40D8-1124-4110-EB Portuguese: 3544-D093-5D2E-3910-55 South African: 1193-1C5A-4E3D-1F10-68 Spanish: 3714-C093-5D2E-3910-5E Swedish: 9334-F857-3B48-3910-31 - Techno Design WordPerfect Import XT v1.4.3 8770-F329-4F7F-9C10-D3 - Techno Design Reference XT v1.0 491500-08CD-01E1-0C10-F1 - Techno Design Photoshop Import XT v4.5.0 6424-BE83-7FF2-4A10-04 - Techno Design Multi Style II XT v4.5.5 3630-6229-0F7F-9C10-DD - Techno Design Job Time XT v3.4.5 9093-AA82-0B23-7310-C3 - Techno Design Euro Font Converter XT v1.2.1 8257-1853-8A2A-0810-80 - Techno Design TCP-IP XT v1.5.2 0694-2450-657F-8310-1A - Techno Design TCP-IP XT Impression Edition v1.5.1 1900-08CD-01E1-0C10-F5 - Techno Design ToolBar XT v1.0.2 4947-5853-8A2A-0810-88 - Maelstrom v1.4.x Name: HackUser Copies: 100 Code: LLBPBGOF v1.4.3 Name: Buck Rogers Copies: 100 Code: BKEDDEIF - Magellan v3.5.0 MS03-271-588-035-058-039 v3.0.1 MS03-200-989-242-905-342 v1.x.x ML08-854-979-164-655 ML04-277-044-290-039 ML03-802-129-226-584 ML00-444-426-002-726 ML05-854-974-139-100 v1.8.2 Name: kiri overkrack Code: ML02-G09-+79--69-B97 v1.5.4 ML01-598901309098B9K needs more RAM then set. take 8 meg. serial request comes up on 2nd. start. - Magic Seperator v3.1.4 ISTR-0100 - MagicMac v2.0.x Serial Number: 106483 License Code: 2510648301 Serial number: 800127 Licence Code: 2580012705 v1.2.x 2553664301 2575863705 2562404200 2547667301 2551355604 v1.2.5 2512345600 2523456705 2534567804 - Graph-O-Matic v2.2.1 X Name: (Any) Company: (Any) SN: 4580-2036-1008-PABL SN: 2849-2068-1036-1234 SN: 5206-1720-1064-5678 - MagicMask v1.0 CMA-200-0001-00391331-9147 - MagicTrack v1.0 MGT103120078 - Magical Marker v1.6f7 104-035-058-039 - Magictone Duo v1.5J (see tip) Delete invisible file in System folder: "87655343209877662" or lock. - Sorpion VSTi v3.1.0 SMAC-1A23-A31E-29D9-0DF3 - MoonWrite v1.0.1J 1234567890-94 - Mail GoGoGo v2.0.3 MG02-891-035-058-039 v2.0.1 Name: kiri overkrack Code: MG02-G09-+79--69-B97 - Mail Merge Pro v2.0 Name: Halo Driver Code: 15748955-MMP - Mail Siphon v II (see tip) 1) Go to Apple menu -> About Mail Siphon II 2) While in the About window type the word 'SONIC' (without quotes) - Mail-Delete v1.5.0a1 Name: Lain Code: MD-01355976 v1.3.0b1 Name: Lucifer Code: MD-01853778 v1.2.7 (Crack) v1.2.6 name: nowhereman code: MD-02406552 1.2.7 Note: Datafork $39289 00000002 -> 5B200002 Enter reg code same 1.2.6. - MailArchiver v1.0.1 9BA-b5D-AF2-Db - MailBackup v2.0.2J QSP01001M2 - MailCall v2.x Name: Lain Code: 9G-3RFC-AZC v2.1 Name: Ragnarok Code: GG-9ETB-21B v2.0 (see tip) v1.8.1 Name: KIRI X Code: EM-DDXL-A2L v1.6.2 Name: KIRI Code: EM-DKAL-NKL v1.6.1 Name: n0wh3r3m@n Code: CR-JDBR-H0R v1.6 Name: nwhereman Code: 0B-BD17-8D7 v1.5.2 Name: list of sn by nowhereman Code: 0L-XTX2-K02 v1.4.3 Name: no-where-man Code: 0J-EJ0F-LAF v1.3 Name: No Where Man Code: BB-410F-75F You can use the SN for v1.8.1, just trash your old Mail Mall preferences. # (If u have entered old S/N#,delete Preferences and use this S/N#.) - Mailing Sender v1.0.0b4 Name: Lain Code: TE4WAJRFNKM1MZG1 don't paste, type it. - MailDrop v1.0 Name: TechnoCore/nop E-Mail: License Code: M234-SMMZ-1234-3RC8-LVQ8 - Mailsmith v1.0 MSCD1001-304465M-V94D - Makafukasi v2.1.1 563H2cvJ - MakeItGrow v2.4 Name: Alberts Ambry Code: GHJKMNPRSUV - MamimuMemo v1.6.xJ Name: nowhereman Code: enbenken - Manage Pro v2.0 AFDSJH220231 - Mando! v1.7 Name: KIRI ID# : 3961305 - Manic Minefields vall versions 1.3.x name: Sardanapalm code: 1369731778 - Maou's Block v1.6 code: RFG625482K - MapFun v6 MF010411-E5GSHNMD6 - MapLinx v3.0 000000 - MapMaker v1.1.2 263459 146027 346018 964450 - Maple v7 783897735 783954564 685077901 v4.0 MAL-5403-321138-7 v3.0 MAC-5303-951412-1 - Mapper v1.0 GSNBZPELG64530 - Marathon v2.0 AYDC657SZTM63DT1 1C5X4JF9E76RHKMG ZVKRKJVMJZAZQVRT S11NUC7TJJ98M7F4 69T855MYZ59V1Y4Y DQ2GMY456KTA9EA2 (Net) v1.2J RJNLNV7GM1A9LDRE v1.2 429715FNNZBCZEYX (net) 4EMUDZ528RDKGC1Y (net) F8S6Q5KVEDCES4YD (net) X61SGC4ANZB7881X (net) 8M2K4VGB7PALXX28 (full) GVFHNPJ1S3NS4V2E (full) MSK9TJSCVNVYKGEN (full) RTQJKYJ1M6PKLXBR (full) 46D3FZCV6Z7NN889 8JC8CY7M7ZNLQDZV EMNRMPVCMPLDDXX6 - Marathon II v1.0 S11NUC7TJJ98M7F4 (Full) MSK9TJSCVNVYKGEN GJ88KJ7B8TAUED2T (net) F8S6Q5KVEDCES4YD ZVKRKJVMJZAZQVRT 69T855MYZ59V1Y4Y DQ2GMY456KTA9EA2 (net) 41DEQM1V6S1HYSFB (Full) 2YJ8G5M6VL93USF4 (Full) 1C5X4JF9E76RHKMG DF5UMNZQZ76NCCUT C45A9NZEZJ6PFKUE 535VMAAKZGSA54U2 K45GM3AZZJ23FLGE AYDC657SZTM63DT1 BCNV9JLKJQF9RNQ2 - Marathon Infinity v∞ Full: A89CT8XAGYJFXYTD Full: TE9PNQBTMP38HY41 Full: 227CL1TSR43R5YFL Net: BS6VQX8B2E5M8EQN Net: 1GLV72QKAGR3JEM7 Net: TEV94GMXGELJH1FC Net: ja19pmm6vhpvk7b3 Net: a299pmg3m1l131b1 Net: 227CL1TSR43R5YFL - Mariner v3.1.4J PMP005M/JP004384 - MarinerWrite v2.0.5 US230-01-2288 US270-01-2536 US201-01-2477 US240-01-2698 v2.0.4 US200-01-2001 v1.6.x US123-00-1234 v1.6.2 US162-00-1998 - PuttyTunes v1.2.1 Name: MATRIX Code: 9F02-FF1C-6ABB-2A2D - Marine Aquarium v2.0.1 KILLA23LX2WC64263VO4 v0.1.7b1 corek-25btl-ogycw-uubzm rteam-25zhm-zig32-63bi7 v0.99.0 GJEAN-234CG-4W632-6CGOV COREK233RXLXPUL647FF COREK24FLCCHQVXJ36LX v1.0 COREK25BTLOGYCWUUBZM - MarinerWrite Lite v1.0 Name : KIRI Code : DQ4474 Name : ANGEL Code : EU15325 Name : TokyoSerial Code : KV76496727415 Name : Macintosh Code : IB512457673 - NetNewsWire v1.0.1 X NW16-4567-9013 NW11-5111-1113 NW02-2222-2223 NW13-3333-3333 NW04-4444-4443 NW13-4567-9013 v1.0 X NW12-4567-9013 or: See Crack On: ~/Library/Preferences/com.ranchero.NetNewsWire.plist you'll find a line: FirstRun 12-02-2021 Changing that string does the trick (i changed mine to the year 2005) - Marionet v1.0 US-MN-1000-200020972 - MarkIt v1.7.2 MRKT161-1340-0560-0570-80AJ-3 - MarketWatch v1.5 Name: KIRI Code: aIb-wErA-4RhT-aEL - Marketing Plan Pro v1.0.6 MPM0206324 - MarkzScout v1.2 Name: nowhereman Code: 103-111-000-000-000-700-074-0 - MarkzTools II+ vJ4.6 06724 v3.8+ 5068320+ MZTMA0227 v3.5 5068033 5068332 - MarkzTools III v8.4 5081358 5081447 v8.0.6 5081358 v7.8 5082195 - Maquarium v1.1 Name: Pablo SN: 169449-174964-91862 - Mars Rising v1.0.2 Name: Hot Six Copies: 1 Code: LMFJIMKO v1.0 User: HackUser Copies: 100 Code: GDKDNHMG User: Akuma Copies: 999 Code: FFEMDMFA User: Xioth Copies: 25 Code: LMMDHFOA User: Anonymous Copies: 25 Code: ABJACFKG User: Suffusions, Ltd. 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(in your “File Sharing” control panel or whatever). 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There are only three key types: BOXED RETAIL UPGRADE INSTALL +---------------------------- G2FGT-6HYRW-X2W2C-RT7HW-RF7WX TFYX7-9GG6R-PHK2H-TBR44-T6Q79 C3HJX-FPCVK-V7KKQ-3GCYQ-9Y6HP CCW67-GWQY3-9TG6G-3P7YP-728JX HCGYX-8Q23F-237WM-WJ6TV-9KK72 CQKDD-TJC3J-3Y7YJ-8CG9M-22MFF BOXED RETAIL FULL INSTALL +------------------------- F73WT-WHD3J-CD4VR-2GWKD-T38YD K4HVD-Q9TJ9-6CRX9-C9G68-RQ2D3 VD4WG-Y998T-3MGWX-GPW2Q-3QVC8 PYDMY-DVJ9J-996VH-JX66P-9TWKW ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURE (OEM) +----------------------------------- FT9CH-XVXW7-7BFCM-RPR49-VDHYD PW3DW-PC9D8-Q7VMQ-8YTMY-RTR9G M4G3G-77CGM-9FY8T-PMWBC-JJYDM TBXVP-MB6YG-MH8W4-VXGW2-QYB9W CMT3F-GYCQP-BP29T-TJQY6-WHBMW F2WQC-WTPDW-TC9QC-RKPTB-PKHRT W8HCH-CGQ6G-9J3MG-77F7J-8XDP3 XB88B-9B96V-CRJPG-64882-GQBDD DKRBQ-TXYCX-6K4GD-4CPJ7-C6B26 HMTWJ-VPPWP-9BXP8-WD73Y-GGT6M D9C9Y-FWH6M-2QG4H-YXWGM-BM7RD PTX6T-WTQ9G-C7B2Y-TC3K8-YT4GB HK6PD-2QBPV-4RCXY-KRPWT-DM346 QCWJD-F94YQ-KWQXX-M48M3-MCFQW JR36V-8DGVC-64PT2-WB66P-D647J KQTRP-WYYMY-XWGWD-996K6-TTQCG VYKYV-P48FR-VKT2J-QWR36-VFF8M OEM - untested - not sure where 98 uses this, possibly when floppy disks are created or a network license used. It looks like a 95 number... 25295-OEM-0004467-55555 +------------------------------------------------------------------ Microsoft Plus!98 Serial Number is real simple: 111-1111111 +------------------------------------------------------------------ To 'register' Windows98, without registering through Microshaft, In the registry, edit the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Regdone make the value "1". This tricks Win98 into thinking that it is registered without actually registering, and allows download of the files marked "for registered users only" on the Windows Update download page (without registering/transmitting your key to Microsoft). - Microsoft Windows SE v# J3QQ4-H7H2V-2HCH4-M3HK8-6M8VW - Microsoft Windows XP v XP FCKGW-RHQQ2-YXRKT-8TG6W-2B7Q8 V7F92-PFYV3-Q7X9K-GJ2RM-YV29Y CJXM9-8KT83-4XC3C-M2HWC-WJF8W QB2BW-8PJ2D-9X7JK-BCCRT-D233Y FM9FY-TMF7Q-KCKCT-V9T29-TBBBG RK7J8-2PGYQ-P47VV-V6PMB-F6XPQ DTWB2-VX8WY-FG8R3-X696T-66Y46 RBDC9-VTRC8-D7972-J97JY-PRVMG - Microsoft Word v98 419-001916 387-2415342 v6.0 20958-097-0199916 34290-065-0104207 v5.1a 00-034-0510-E6206486 vunknown xxxxx-E91-3491317 - Microsoft Works v4.0 070-096DV400 - Microstation 95 v# 00069676000132 - Maya v4 Personal Edition password: 3510020028 v4.5 See Crack 4.5 Crack: 1) open the package contents of maya 3.5.1 2) go to Contents>Frameworks>flexlm.framework> 3) copy "flexlm" from out here 4) go into 4.5 contents>frameworks>flexlm.framework 5) paste the flexlm file into here 6) run maya 4.5 :p (provided you installed maya 3.5.1 properly and it's licence file, you will be able to start) - Midi no Daifugo v1.03J YYS0133792 - MidiKit v2.7.1 Name: KIRI Code: 1908651645 - Midius ProjectPlanner v1.4.4 2111164567 - Midnight Download/Mail v1.1 Name : Al Bundy/nop email: Al.Bundy@nop code : MEYQOFOEFOFY - Midnight Express v1.2 Name : Al Bundy/nop email: Al.Bundy@nop code : MEYQOFOEFOFY - Mighty Mike v2.0 AAAAAARRRRRR DEBIDBQOJQNO IFBADHKORQMJ v1.x FEDEFFMMNONM IIADHFMKORJJ BHEGFENMLNKQ - Mike's Cards v1.7 8116823829238188 v1.6.1 2345678904866369 v1.2 8234567893005258 - Mike's Edge v1.0 2776843916207789 (Pro) 2776843916603789 (Standard) 2776843916691789 (Upgrade) - Mike's Marbles v1.1a 5762241976819641 - Mildew v# Name: HotSix Code: 4210556928 - MileageSaver v2.5 Name: Surfer Code: 29133-104652-172710 Name: Pablo Code: 240-582-882 - Million Steps v1.0.2J R59GkxXLpQ - MindControl v1.1 CLI100M8901234567-65189 CLI100M0000000124-10555 - Mini FontViewer v1.2.4 MFV-5279-198421-12-80-246 - MiniCAD v8.0 ( see --> VectorWorks ) v7.0J 170M-0KALC5SD-108522 v7.0.3 1700-WCKF3MVW-017284 v7.0 1702-HS3CC10S-W00000 1702-LR2RFTTJ-999999 1700-NSKYLZ9T-002827 1700-LSJ4KWBN-0004290 1700-nskylz9t-002827 v6.0.1 50020-0509-0166-10804 v6.0.0b2 16B1-ARLMDXAQ-000000 1601-A01V34XY-000000 1600-Z0LMWFGC-016019 v6.0 1600-Z0LMWFGC-016019 Note: that is a zero between the Z and L 1601-A01V34XY-000000 Note: that is a zero between the A and 1 v5.01 1400-07710400 1500-02837048 1500-04059406 v5.0 J 150J-SBT23N5Q-506200 - MiniCalendar v2.3.1 Name: Macintosh Code: 725034 v2.x Name: MoonDark Code: BKFKAJCG Name: Nighthawk Code: NNEFENEE v2.3J Name: nowhereman Org.: NA Code: 8142 v2.0.0 Name: MoonDark Code: BKFK1J37 - MiniCoder v1.0 Name: Orygun Code: 1226586 - MiniTAB v M8208005 - Minuet v1.0.2 345678129 - Mitekiku Sound v1.0 1598064 - MitemView v1.0 11089 - Mixman Studio Mac v4 421-2611-00833 v1.1 2200000000 v1.0 2199916168 2199913746 2166360610 - Moaning Monica v1.0.1 cush10ns - ModPlayer v2.16 Name: KIRI Code: 122-5072-123 - Modalys v1.6 1998225840 (Do not 'Paste' this number. Just type it in on your keyboard.) - MoguraManabii v1.0 (for the general) 131430790011456024 131430790012359266 131430790016534879 (for the pupil) 131430790026595379 131430790022838775 131430790024400074 (for the businessman) 131430790032137148 131430790035505571 131430790038825785 - Moho v3.x atmso 0000,888 - Mokkyun no Desktop Syusyu v1.0 KMGSU1120 - Moneydance v3.2 B100174-79760A49 - Monica v3.0 Name: Buck Rogers Code: s2g526f6437627pB567A Name: Pablo SN: sAj6F616526606p2572F v3.0pb1 Name: hugoz Code: sAj6A756526687p2677F v2.2J name : Macintosh Seri : sAj6E6165266D6m2473F name : kan Seri : sAj6A6165265B5p267EF v2.2 Name: Danyul Code: sAj65616526747m247EF   Name: Registered! Code: sAj63656526627p2577F   Name: Will I be backlisted? Code: s7j5C6165C6626pC663A   Name: Linn Code: sAj6A6965266C5m247EF   Name: lewis Code: sAj636575266C7p2677F   Name: NOP Code: sAj6A4F55265E5p2470F   Name: Macboy Code: sAj6F6165266D6m2473F Name: Sardanapalm Code: sAj61617526636p2572F v2.1 Name: Sardanapalm/nop Code: sAj61617526636p2572F Name: christelle Code: s0j61525796524mC4659 - Monkey Bread Software REALbasic Plugin Package v2.3 Name: AtmosFear Serial: 10040623 v# Name: Nowhereman Registration Number: 3489942 Name: KIRI Registration Number: 3460717 Name: Inpher Registration Number: 3464602 Name: HotSix Registration Number: 3464556 Name: MoonDark Registration Number: 3446067 Name: Accura Registration Number: 3465031 Name: Akuma Registration Number: 3457084 Name: User Registration Number: 3460916 Name: The User Registration Number: 3446416 To register, you must call the RegisterMBSPlugin function in one of your event handlers. ie, use something like the following: dim dummy as boolean dummy=RegisterMBSPlugin("AtmosFear",10040623) - Monkey Shines v1.2.2 name: nowhereman code: 1972033116 or name: Nowhereman code: 1972033116 (see tip) v1.0 name: registered code: 1769005394 The codes do work, you've gotta have the capslock key down though. - MonkeyRecorder v1.0J Banana - Monster Panic v1.0 PD123 - MooVer v1.x Name : surfer License: Site License Code : 2147601222 Name : TIGER License: Single User License Code : 28694 Name: KIRI 1 User: 6625 5 User: 2147490274 10 User: 2147490275 20 User: 2147490276 50 User: 2147490277 Site: 2147490278 - MoonMenu v2.0.3J 0000000001-087310 0000000001-087311 0000000001-087312 0000000001-087313 0000000001-087314 0000000001-087315 0000000001-087316 0000000001-087317 0000000001-087318 0000000001-087319 v2.x 16395630220876776 27551007770877147 30888841230877524 46639271110877043 52387511200876413 v1.x 1338440408-085158 v1.0.3J Name: nowhereman Code: 12345678-00085167 v1.0.3 Name: nowhereman Code: 12345678-00085160 - MPC2K PGM Maker v1.0.5 Name: Lain Code: 52741204 - PhotoCircus v1.0.6 X Name: Pablo Company: Minimal SN: ms-2005-10021-om - MovieMaster v1.6 (Loaded) STANLEY KUBRICK hold down the option key while opening up the file and enter password. v1.6 (Empty) HARVEY KEITEL hold down the option key while opening up the file and enter password. - MoonSked v1.4 Name: KIRI Code: 0075927575 - More Disk Space v1.0 1982487924 - More File Info v2.4 MFI6466864 v2.3J MFI1564706 MFI9124871 v2.2 MFI4572724 MFI8505811 MFI8109993 - More about this Macintosh v1.5 1. Press option while selecting "About MATM" from the apple menu. 2. Click the box. - Morph v2.5 4606000800 1606001053 1606002981 v2.0.1 1406016346 1406008650 v1.1 1300670063 - Morpher v2.0 1234561420 (see tip) Hold down option + command and click icon. then appear reg box. - Morphile v1.6 Code: 389-764-FF9C-160 v1.5 Code: 389-764-FF9C-150 is now "Cambio" - Mortgage Maker v2.0 Friend of Nick license: 8114 Single User license: 62071 Site license:13680 Worldwide license:14845 - Motion Designer v2.0 ID : MD26666DB13 REG: 4626382 v1.0 Code: MDN566698 - Motion Editor v# MOISONEI LightWave PlugIn - Motiv'CV v1.0 French MCV-10-HYB-10FR-M00R02744-V8 - MotoDV v# EPUA ZTEJ TQAB SPXR YKJA (unlock key) - MouseHouse v2.0.6 code: 230170 - MouseNavigator v2.0 Name:afex Code:VC003659 v1.5 Name:afex Code:IPdPqtKE command+option+shift - Move v1.6.2 252702735 - Movie FileMakerPro Pro v1.3 J43-26S-SV4 v1.x.x 79D-D35-4YE OE6-82W-ZWF v1.2 oe6 82w zwf v1.1.1 oe6 82w zwf - Movie Flo v2.0 1124817834 - Movie Magic Scheduling v3.6 133A-000-000-1003 - Movie Magic Screenwriter 2000 v4.0 712B-367-607-6903 - MovieInfo Pro v3.0.1 EAC4567890128445 - MoviePaint v2.0 Name : [k]rkckWorks Reg# : GCGG8AP6AA45NY4YCHHY3-373P Name : Back Stage Reg# : 4V64-YDGKAGLMYDGM6GG9-3RYY - MovieStar v1.5.1 Name : (use your own name here) Company: BKWM Reg# : MSTR/LARG-phvp6-43acg-kn4ym - MovieUtilities CMM v To disable the shareware reminder in the MovieUtilities CMM plug-ins, when the shareware reminder appears, before clicking the OK button, quickly type the word "qtemfeaqp" (without the quotes). - MovieWorks v4.5 first name : nowhere initial : N last name : man Unlock Code: NBNU5VUX20N1T25VQZ9 - Moving Pictures v1.1.1 Name: kiri Org.: overkrack Code: 1019kr10 v1.0.1 Name: UnderWorld Org.: BlueCrack Code: 1030Ud11 - MovingRecorder v1.0 Name : Macintosh Code : PH2538 - MozaicKiller v1.0 MOZ-123456K MOZ-xxxxxxK (x = any) - Mozkiller v1.0 MOZ-123456K v0.7b (see tip) How to Crack 1. Open the app with resourse editor. 2. Open CODE ID 129. 3. Change: $00017A 6604 -> 4E71 - Mpegger v1.1.1 1112-3110-2117-4115 4326-9879-4328-9879 v1.x Serial : 1237-2341-3458-4566 Serial : 0000-0000-0000-1112 v1.1 Name: nowhereman Company: NOP Serial: 1237-2341-3458-4566 - Mr. Contrast v1.0 2419328 2457710 2483676 2548698 2419328 2548698 2876010 3114256 3573742 3795692 4254422 4910310 5721404 6349108 6924226 7456934 10054274 - Mr. Fixitup v3.0.1 Code: 9dk4mcu4j85KQ The code must be manually typed in, copy/paste fails - Mr.Bookmark v1.7 44164649bm - MrSID v# 07090-0JLZU-B070120-A5348 - MuchoThumbs v3.0 Pro Eng sn: 0EFA030986035D0116F003C9 v2.5.3 11c1f91f v2.5 Pro 078140a 08f16bb 0a8198c 0c31c7d 0e01f8e 0ff22bf < verified see text v1.0 25508C7890 †you have to answer an extra question. - Mug Plug v1.0 Name: >:-|~ Code: 12545678K - Mulberry v3.0b6 Licensee: Sharon Hilde Organization: Serial Number: U-402855 Registration Key: C6F32CA1 PGP Plugin Key: A349497D DONT copy/paste, has to be entered manually to work! v1.2.x Serial #: W8772221 Registration Key: E9100D3F Serial #: W7454010 Registration Key: E9644954 Serial #: W6674303 Registration Key: EB96AF60 Serial #: W1508077 Registration Key: EC60E832 Serial #: W0545382 Registration Key: ED4553F5 - Mult Anination Master v2.0.1 Name: Maximum Bob Serial: MAM12345KPCK3 - Multi Ad Search v 100063800 100066120 - Multi-Ad Creator v6.0.3 CM-60-ENG-001-009643878 v6 ( see tip ) v4.0.3 CR-40-USA-UPG-021494855 C2-10-NFR-000-001915447 v4.0 CR-40-USA-UPG-021494855 v3.6.2 000437085 100911030 100733861 100063800 100066120 v3.6 117032 117051 117187 119784 v3.0.1 000437085 Open ResEdit, then open MultiAd Creator 6 look for the CSSK box and open it select all and clear then write 64480078B03ECF2EB03ECF2E That's it. Save the Change and launch the [k'd] Appl. Enjoy! # see also --> Creator2 - Multi-Ad Creator2 v1.5 C2-15-USA-UPG-001505629 C2-10-NFR-000-001915447 - Multi-Disk v1.29 PS001604 PRO13199 - My Money Minder v1.1.1 Name: SerialLain Code: 12398361112 - MyWILL v3.0 MW-2000 - MyMonEE v1.1 YF-2000-1000 - Music Collection Deluxe v2.1 twfrmcd? - Multi-Resolutions v2.2 F.Name : Lain L.Name : Company: Code : 77F2DBE23637B5CC v2.1 Name: FullCrack Code: MR2-178030125 Name: HotSix Code: MR2-135605925 - MultiClip Pro v3.5.x EKQ20506-001 LEV30105-003 FXR40008-021 MUG30308-005 XOD30507-001 QQT40607-001 v3.5 HHW30106-005 v3.2.x XMD30304-001 NOU40201-004 GCB00403-128 v3.1 ENV30307-002 - MultiMode v3.9.6 1MULTIMODE ANTTENNA see Tip v3.7.2 0CE71239 0D72F634 v3.7.0 0D21DB34 Tip: The serial of Multimode 3.9.6 must start with: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, a, b, c, d, e, f. (hex value 1/15) - MultiPage vall versions ( see Hot Door MultiPage ) - MultiTextConverter v1.8 MTC273a75Gz - MultiTimer v3.5.3 Name: Akuma Code: 5078389450 vPro 3.5.2 Name: surfer likes hamster sodomy Code: 3866975385 v2.1.4 Name: MoonDark Code: 732774649 - Multiclip v1.0.1 MC-503219854605650 - Multimedia Designer v1.0 Name : MoonDark Key 1: 1554403 Key 2: 883134 - Munchies v1.0.6 Name: KIRI Code: 20230307 - Musashi v3.2.4 MUS3-XWXXKWKS-XXMSG6XX v3.1.1J Name : Macintosh Pass : 0114-B507-BEDH v3.0.6 MUS3-XWXXKWKS-XXMSG6XX v2.x Name: Macintosh Code: 0114-B507-BEDH v2.1 1234-5678-ABC-TY6N v2.0.5 Name: MoonDark Code: 1234-5678-90A-BY64 v1.1.2 PPC Name: Registered Code: 0023-CDE7-AHDH If you had a previous version installed with a correct serial, then you are probly already registered. If the "Enter Registration Code.." under the Apple Menu is greyed out, then it is reg-ed. If you can't get it to register, then trash all your prefs for it and try again. There is an invisible file in Preferences called "TPsys.preferences" that you will need to remove also. - Music Ace v1.0.6 MHC66498 # name: ME code: MHC60109, MHC62901 or any combo of last 4 numbers - Music CDR vall versions 73100054 73100000 - Music Maid v1.1 X Name: Pablo SN: 1116-JHHNALAFJB v1.0.1 Name: KIRI Code: 1152-FHLNFLGFBB - Music Time v MV20-0-1045-1830 - MusicMatch Jukebox v3.0 W93WK-L729A-G7H75-HU59Q v2.5.1 K5A9W-RUWQ3-AK5HU-75WK9 v1.0.2 5711C-00E02-70104-F45D0 # K5A9W-RUWQ3-AK5HU-75WK9 9103D-40C6A-C1473-8B046 - MusicOtheque v3 MUS-30-HYB-10-FR-M00R00201-19 - MusicShop v2.0x 210.202.00052160 v2.02 210.201.00036020 v1.0 210.100.000115xx (x = any number) - MusicTime Deluxe v# 2-357158108-674 - MovieHouse v3.0 FFCC-DDEE-AABB-CCFF AABB-FFDD-CCBB-AAEE CCFF-DDAA-EEBB-AAAA BBBB-CCDD-AAFF-EEFF - Meditation Music v4.1 AAFF-BBEE-CCFF-AADD DDCC-BBAA-EEEE-FFCC BBBB-EECC-DDFF-AAAA CCDD-EEFF-FFAA-AAFF EEAA-CCFF-BBBB-DDEE - NI-Studio Collection vall Code: 310-28531-88150 - Naumachia v1.0.0 Name: Lain Code: EsmaUaNM Name: Serial Lain Code: LrmaUaNM - Native Instruments vall see --> NI- - PARTY v1.2.5 P452-655-085-413 - Mutant Beach vAll 000234 003557 - Muwse v2.1.1 US02-720-035-058-039 v1.0.8 Name: kiri overkrack Code: US0--G09-+79--69-B97 - My Battery v1.0 jbundle - My Calendar v6.4.0 &&&DB5??WQ#@1997MB& - My Clock mini v1.6 05220902 - My FAX vall versions 1.0.4a code 1 : 126191 code 2 : 12345678 - My Precious Baby v1.2 MPB86961 - My Rook v2.0J MR2000719548 Illustrator PlugIn - My School v 6580040 - My Town v 8620045 - MyEyes v2.3.5 Name: Cendryom Code: EHCOILEAX-7201303 v2.3.5J Name: nowhereman Code: VMVHKBOXIJKIUG-78 Name: KIRI Code: ICKHCKTKKOMFAX-00 Name: ANGEL Code: JCXHTXKKMAKAX-602 v2.2 Name: MoonDark Company: NOP Registration Code: KELXEXICFAX-00303 - MyFAX v1.0.4a User: 126191 Code: 12345678 - MyLabelDesigner v1.0.1 2227-30259 - MyPicture Screensaver v1.01 Name: KIRI Code: MPSS-00100-29483 Name: BlueCrack Code: MPSS-00100-54850 - MyZip v1.5 Name: KIRI Code: SM071150G7 - Myriad v1.0.3 4716204255585277117 290804073897246 v1.0.2 0s51-f063 0st0-mp3d v1.0.1 000m-0045 000m-0049 v1.0 0e0x0009 00ex0019 00e0033x - Myrmidon v2.0.1 187ZR432W975 - Myst ScreenSaver v MSS-00670-6681 - N2MP3 v2.0 NP10-16845-23556-34567 v1.0.3 2243-0937-8083-9985 3009-9089-3003-1110 v1.0.1 Name: (any or HotSix) Code: 2111-0113-7112-5114 v1.0 PR 6234-9789-8234-9789 0000-0000-0000-2111 - NFS Manager v1.12 Name: TechnoCore/nop Code: C040-6504-0198-F8AB-3533-E129 - NFS/Share vall versions (see ---> Intercon NFS/Share) - NI-Battery vall versions ( see --> Battery ) - Uninstaller v1.6 X Name: Pablo SN: X.ssImSz - Codex v1.2 X Name: Pablo SN: uuECZL4u - Stok v1.0 X Name: Pablo SN: 5OuvnIRI - NI-Pro53 vall versions ( see --> Pro53 ) - NI-Spektral Delay vPTE 506-41948-90536 v1.0 502-30162-32453 - NIM2 NASU v2.0.0 123456-790578 - NOVA v4.0 AFE2NOV63503 012345676543210 QRSTUVWXYBOX - NS-SHAFT vAll JAAAAAJ JBAGBAM VKIQOUL DAYSYVV AJXRUUW UPLBISE KLNXJMC CSTJNXR FSYMNER BFYWXUY FDIGBMO - NS-TOWER v1.0 ABUGEWR AFCWGNZ ACYIWCS SEKOSAM LIBTBTS SUYCHLG CIOKBIS PCNXEPS KGCKSAO YRCKAHZ FCJFCMO GKUCPHM UCEEHEY - NSAutoAlert v2.0.0 1234567889 - NTRIGUE Net Client v1.0 0501-0000-0000-0712 1234-678-A331-000000 - LiveSticks v1.0.2 Name: Lain Code: LS1A4C7LAIN - Listen&Type v2.2.1 Name: Lain Code: 12721272 v1.0 X 12721272 - Modifier v2.6.0 X Name: Pablo SN: 123G8G6RE5V9Q11V6TB3K4KH8D2 - Name Editor v1.0.1 Name: KIRI Code: NE101R23106291/A - NameChum v2.x.x Name: Inpher Keywords: NOP Code: 2611446 - NameCleaner v2.5.1 Copy the following line to your clipboard then launch the program: SIG_REG_STARTAJEBFEENEPFDEGEFEBFCAKNBJCAESIG_REG_END You will then have an 'administrator license', which allows cleaning of files situated on your network + which adds scheduling and basic scriptability. v1.7.0 Name: Under Handed Code: 581932 # name: MoonDark/NOP code: 610574 name: HackUser code: 56064 v1.1.1 name: Registered code: 94104 v1.0.1 name: Anonymous code: 77207 - Namer v1.3 Name: Lucifer Org.: Lucifer Code: 99199422 - Nametag v1.0.2 MNAM-NMNAO-LHPB4-XKPESW - Nandoku Kanji 2960 v3.0J èHìÅãõ (This code is Japanese character) - Nanosaur v1.3.x CHDFGEMKLNJO FEBCCIIOOPML abcdeflmnopq bcdgfgklknop - Konfabulator v1.0 X Name: TechnoCore Company: NOP SN: KONF-1234-CFF8-7447 - Nanosaur Extreme v1.3.1 code: BBBIIDNIIPPP - NasuKeeper Pro v1.2.3 32002101234 - Native Assault v1.x.x Name: HotSix Code: 457774693833 Name: Inpher Code: 543838693833 - Natural Scene Designer v# code: NSD-10-0119 - NavBar Builder v1.6 X Name : PYRUS MALUS 03101978 v1.1 03101978 (see tip) Here´s how to get the NavBar Builder 1.1 Carbon to create Navbars without the "Register" text plastered all over them: 1. Open the app with ResEdit and go to its picture handler 2. Delete the first two pictures (The first one is the Register picture, and the second one is a red square which is decined to fill the registered text with a red color ) 3. Save the app And thats it, now when NavBar Builder 1.1 Carbon builds a Navbar it can´t find the 2 pic´s and therefore cannot plaster them on you Navbar... HAVE FUN - Navigator Button Editor v1.3.2 Open the About Box and type "zaphodbeeblebrox" - Navigator Enhancer v1.2.1 name: MoonDark code: M-1612-ANW-21-023 - Neatnik v2.0x name: HackUser Code: 525817960 Name: Akuma Code: 5475795674 v2.0.3 Name: Neatnik Code: 4069680 v2.0 Anyone 872266 - Neko vAll MB-12345-16602421-12 Illustrator PlugIn - Neko no Fuchi v2.0J NF1000288986 v1.0J NF1234567086 Illustrator PlugIn - Neko no Tume v2.0J NT1000052648 NT1001068624 NT1000331200 v1.0J NT1000051962 Illustrator PlugIn - Neko no Tura v2.0J TR1000019900 TR1000871300 TR1000456286 TR1000006962 TR1000384848 TR1000194386 Illustrator PlugIn - Neko to Tama v1.1J TA1000194386 Illustrator PlugIn - NeroMAX v1.1.7 3500-1000-0124-0329-9513-2572 - Net Go-Round v1.0 221231900019300617 221431990167414001 221431990058919845 221431990104858387 221431990339293930 - NetAssistant v3.0 XYZZY - NetBarrier v10.1 VOTZ-WVVE-MWCA-ZPRM-11381 VOTV-TRVE-HWCH-SWVM-10395 TEVZ-WVVE-MWCA-ZPRM-11381 Only use this after update to 10.0.4 v10.0.4 TEVZ-WVVE-MWCA-ZPRM-11381 (updater sn, works fine with OSX Jaguar) TEEZ-WVVE-NWMC-ZPVM-14325 v10.0.3 TERV-WVVE-NWCA-ZPPM-10853 TEPE-PRVE-LWMH-ZPTH-11148 v2.x 0fff-659a-9fqv-fcik v2.2 fdb-dc23-0hly-54iv uyc0-47b8-0c3l-cf0r 0fff-659a-9fqv-fcik (see tip2) v2.1 uyc0-47b8-0c3l-cf0r v2.0.3 uyc0-47b8-0c3l-cf0r yf6b-7b8n-oriv-h28h v2.0.2 xfdb-6996-062w-f0cm v2.0 n68c-a65t-9v6z-2hxk zfc3-kbf4-9p5y-92cu v10.0.2 TEVV-WVVE-NWMA-ZPVM-11253 TEVZ-TVVE-LWCA-ZWRM-11863 v10 TEVZ-TVVE-LWCA-ZWRM-11863 v1.6 french t322-aaf1-4fwq-2qsh v1.6 qis9-5d9b-3f88-8cd3 (see tip + crack) v1.5.3J (Crack) v1.5.2 name: AxelRulz code: nmu4-0d4v-s50m-apdb v1.5.1 bl2b-fm5a-9n0n-s9d5 (see note) v1.5 zx7v-8r1y-w1zx-v98r v1.1.1 1wac-z8ky-ix65-s36i v1.0 zxb4-q4ks-xvqn-ks73 (tip 2) update through Netupdate but don't restart, it accepts the sn and works, after registration you can restart and it keeps working just fine. ### (tip) delete the invisible Files "Nu" and "Ni", in preferences the folder "Indego" an replace the systemfile "System" from a fresh installation. (crack) NetBarrier DF $78214 4182000C -> 4800000C NetBarrier Lib DF $A32C 4182000C -> 4800000C and enter previous SN's. (tip 1.6) Install NetBarrier 1.5.1 or whatever so you can upgrade to 1.6 Afterwards delete <Boot Volume>:System Folder:Nu (It's invisible) Restart Open Barrier 1.6 Control Panel if the serial dialog doesnt open on boot up. Use the serial 0xst-0r3w-xidh-cknd ••• (delete the old prefs before you install the new version) ••• (1.5.3 crack) NetBarrier DF $754B0 4182000C -> 4800000C NetBarrier Lib DF $9B50 4182000C -> 4800000C Serial nmu4-0d4v-s50m-apdb How to 1. Install and DO NOT RESTART. 2. Crack NetBarrier & NetBarrier Lib. 3. Restart. 4. Enter serial. 1.5.1-Note: Look for a file called NU, its invisible. If you are using Sherlock 1 (like me, even with OS 9) hold down option when clicking on find by name, and three new search types will be at the bottom. Now just search for invisible files, hilight NU, and if you have an "open with" contextual menu, send it to resorcerer. If you dont, look at where it is (prefs folder) and manually go in with resorcerer and make it visible, then drag it to trash. I dont know if this works, but it should. Ohh, and delete your other Netbarrier prefs as well. - NetChronometer v1.x Password: schrodinger - NetClip v1.1 bj bxxxxxxxxxj (x = any) - NetCloak v3.2.3 Pro X Serial Number: NP-7654321 Code: 45399 v3.2.3 X Serial Number: NC-7654321 Code: 169886 v3.1.1 Pro Serial: NP-311537844 Code : 79083 Serial: NP-311635216 Code : 120861 Serial: NP-311480372 Code : 78801 v3.1.1 Serial Number : NC-1234567890 Validation Code: 207995 ( MaxumPack see --> MaxumPack ) - NetCommander v1.0 N123-45678901-06915103 N234-56789012-74524827 N345-67890123-68491502 N456-78901234-15605690 N567-89012345-27563959 - NetDICT vall versions 2.0 Name: Inpher/nop Code: 80300 - NetDoubler v1.5.2 Name: Inpher Code: ndbl57DAE89ED5688F2F v1.5b2 ndblA89BE7ACBD74BED6 v1.3.x ndblA89BE7ACBD74BED6 ndbl64FDC005FAC9EDDA ndblB9B8B43BF0512B73 ndbl6C9220EEE0F724DA ndblA305F6FD509A951C ndblECB7753B37D30879 ndblA03B8184B6248E54 v1.2.x ndbl778C3BD9DB6F41B3 ndbl78B1DB609D0FE55C ndbl87186EFA68ACA1F1 ndblA1FEA6C4A19CB4D7 ndblD295DA93AECB3F75 ndblED9A5FE0ABBB3467 ndbl775F54E7035FBAEB ndbl14AE30447D8C9021 ndbl8BC4D14B379835A4 ndbl8F5C5F58737A922E ndbl8F95A0AB8ADB3818 ndbl69127F58E9827C86 ndbl73A3665757342920 ndbl74FDE071A09D9C07 ndbl24677732B9F0468E ndbl04573449AC29BB5E ndbl34F49322AD088EF3 ndbl334A278443DE39C7 ndbl507BFEA6AB4B8A09 ndbl4940A002F649E6E4 ndbl63DE541FFE6EDFD6 ndbl1158B166B59724C2 ndbl0E85118E05FB3BCE ndbl919886834286CF27 ndbl5831BC309ABEC090 ndbl68AFD18F8A7CE5F6 ndbl0C9587097622B29D ndbl9CBBEB839B5F18FE ndblDADFA2B11241E67E ndbl13A3CB783E921CEE ndblFBE57B740E0ED349 ndblE2F604C768FFAA6D ndbl11E0D6844C12FBFC v1.2.0 ndbl778C3BD9DB6F41B3 ndbl78B1DB609D0FE55C ndbl87186EFA68ACA1F1 ndblA1FEA6C4A19CB4D7 ndblD295DA93AECB3F75 ndblED9A5FE0ABBB3467 ndbl775F54E7035FBAEB ndbl14AE30447D8C9021 ndbl8BC4D14B379835A4 ndbl8F5C5F58737A922E v(Other Versions) ndbla4f1c933b3c693b8 ndb1891022593b0a5ae1 - NetDoubler NT v1.5 SN: ndpn49c6b929c5cd0580 SN: ndpn37d0fda5904f44c0 - NetForms v1.1 (1 Server) NF-03-012 - NetLink v1.2.x serial: 495410591 a.code: 1399000191 v1.2 serial: 11953 a.code: 1727587603 serial: 11953 a.code: 1579816869 serial: 2948451547 a.code: 491453922 serial: 10779 a.code: 1025677833 v1.0.5b1 serial: 10779 a.code: 1025677833 - NetMate v2.0.4 MMAP-V204-1234-5678-6B76-1234 - NetMinder Ethernet v2.5 NE31510 v4.1.4 NE31294 - NetObjects Fusion v3.0 (NOT UPGRADE) SN = CAFE SOIL GUST CAN v3.0 SN (2) SN: BATS GLEE GOON v3.0 NFW-300-P-077-01851-47469 CM-M-11007-01 v2.0.1 CD CM-M-11007-01 - NetOctopus v3.6.x with SNMP (Mac and PC) User : 20000 Serial: 36000500 Code : 24D6DE703BAEFB7C3AD66D009C3A23A660330CA0 v3.0 s/n : 1 users: 50 key : C96963852DA383E0897D97DFA9580524 note: you have to remove the old key in the prefs folder for the new version to work. v2.1 SN: 03000138 Activation Key (0=zero): 9AD52B448D2613D021BE61B7A83846CE Licenses: 51 - OpenMenu v1.0.1 Name: Lain Code: 363629068 - Online-Timer v1.2.9 X Name: Lain Copy: 100 Org.: Knights Code: OT-1526610776 Name: Pablo Copies: 10 Company: (Any) SN: OT-1657140542 Name PYRUS MALUS Company: RELCSYS Copies: 100 SN: OT-0922296528 - NetPhone v1.2.4 NP103486 NP9665J8 v1.2.3 NPITNFPO NP1V19D5 NPD2EAMD NPQ356V8 - NetPresenz v# (see tip) Simply open the "FTP Setup" panel and check the "I Paid" box. No serial needed. - NetScrawl v1.0 name: HackUser code: RPMWHNFGSCJSZB name: [k]rack Works code: FXXEBGMHWIMROD - NetShred v2.1 X NETSHR3001-F5P4-M6T9-C20K-G43N-0P05 v2.1 NETSHR2001-2R02-982B-B9RK-GAD5-4PDO v2.0.3 000000000000000000367b0a3d v1.3 123456789012345678361581c3 - NetStatus Pro v1.x.x any 1 letter or number : NSta11200 any 2 letters or numbers: NSta22049 any 3 letters or numbers: NSta32898 any 4 letters or numbers: NSta43747 any 5 letters or numbers: NSta54596 any 6 letters or numbers: NSta65445 any 7 letters or numbers: NSta76294 any 8 letters or numbers: NSta87143 any 9 letters or numbers: NSta97992 any 10 letters or numbers: NSta108841 v1.2 Name: Inpher Code: NSta65445 - NetStickies v2.0J 39273037JWB-BLR 39283036JWB-WUP 39213038JWB-SBK 39283030JWB-YYP 39293035JWB-YRD - NetSurfer/ej v3.0 NC03H62Y91 NF00H00Y00 - NetTOWER v1.1 Name: nowhereman Code: NTwr-91601342 - NetWalker vAll 221234567895612345 - Nete Okite Hatarake (SleepWakeupRun) v2.0.0J 111111-646803 - Netfinder v2.1.1 Field 1 : BackStage Field 2 : BackStagePass Field 3 : fOx23n3MBXO2 v2.0 Field 1: MoonDark Field 2: Dark Factory Field 3: QhIeqCqX48hh v1.2.1 Field 1: NetFinder Field 2: NetFinder Field 3: En?oeSe9Swnq v1.2 Field 1: Nighthawk Field 2: LBB Field 3: BsZohXh9Mpso Name: Steven Wright Company: N/A Copies: 1 Code: wvUnm3m9envo name: user company: user licence: 100 code: En?oeSe9Stno - Netlink Remote v1.3.x Serial: 12345678 Authorisation: 3967823356 Serial: 66666666 Authorisation: 910595894 Serial: 934793548 Authorisation: 3336058310 Serial: 654654654 Authorisation: 3244432531 Serial: 625465496 Authorisation: 3494511813 Serial: 698732344 Authorisation: 1747238365 v1.2.x Serial Number: 474771290 Auth. Code: 1579816869 Serial Number: 749296041Auth. Code: 3749991065 Serial Number: 370787686Auth. Code: 1752049191 Serial Number: 693726841Auth. Code: 610633053 Serial Number: 754105667Auth. Code: 2799257675 SN: 123 Code: 2061381313 SN: 127 Code: 2617116782 SN: 11 Code: 3650786059 - SoftReg v3.0 X Name: Pablo Company: Minimal SN: 3502-3997-1504 - NetscapePlusAlpha v2.0.1 code: 8412796321 - Network News Flash v1.6 NHLR10122115 VPTZ18200323 MGKQ09112014 CWAG25011004 OIMS11132216 KEIO07091812 HBFL04061509 QKOU13152418 v1.x name: [k]rack Works code: DUIG19240817 (8) name: [k]rack Works code: ARFD42210514 (16) name: [k]rack Works code: BSGE43220615 (32) name: [k]rack Works code: CTHF44230716 - Note Editor v1.1.5 X CLPR-492-294A87-C218P - Network Scout v1.0 Name (option-space) Company: (option-space) Serial: 8535646 Name: Inpher Company: User Interface Code: 8424549 - Network Security Guard v3.0 Company: ACME Name: John Doe Serial : 7319772 Company : (option-space) Name : (option-space) Serial : 7424868 - NewNOTEPAD II v1.9.x 01-0000001 0x-0000xxx (x = any) v1.8 under student registration half of form enter: Name: @$CTSMDialogText$DITx$1028 SN# : @$CTSMDialogText$DITx$1028 v1.7.2 01-0000001 - NewNOTEPAD Pro v1.2.6 Name: Serial Experiments Lain Code: 03-EMKPQLJN-ZQHCZMC-NLPRLJX Name: Connect Wired Code: 03-FGCHPLGL-CLHTETL-LJXQGER v1.2.2 Name: NewNOTEPAD Pro Code: 03-CGHHMJEG-CBHFADW-MKPQLJN v1.2J Name: KIRI Code: 03-FDBGHCAE-JYHKACP-DBGHCAE v1.0.1 Name: Himitsu no Project Code: 03-HIMITSUN-WJHHORS-PROJECT - News XPress v1.23 Name: Surfer Code: NWSX-CMMU-PPLF-FPCC-QSSC - NewsFinder v1.2 Name: Ragnarok Code: JAk65616166256q22FU7 - NewsHunter v1.5.5 User Name: AtmosFear Registration Key: 232881 - NewsRunner v1.0 12-3456789019 23-4567890128 34-5678901237 45-6789012346 56-7890123455 - NezumiBan v1.0.4 52356913 21766944 78209696 - NiceTomorrow v2.0.0J Hello*World - Nickey v1.5.0J Name: KIRI Code: 1237-2707-6234 v1.4.2 (see tip) v1.2.2 Name: Anonymous Code: 1235-5662-1123 Open "OwnerResource" in "Nory" and change 00 -> 01. - NightWatch II v2.5a 00219561 - Nightingale v1.01 195121 - Nihon Chiri vAll ê⁄çúñÿ (This code is Japanese character) - Nihon no Rekishi vAll ÉTÉ}ÉãÉJÉìÉh (This code is Japanese character) - Guitar Kit v1.5.4 gKit-0000-1234-0049 - Niji vno serials (see Cracks) To register Niji: press and hold G and R keys while starting up your Macintosh. - Nikakudori FINAL v2.2 CODE: HON-NF-29050909 PASS: 0402770345 v1.1J Code: HON-NF-31091200 Pass: 8402710345 Code: HON-NF-01020304 Pass: 5402720345 - Ninshikiou v3.0J M300-851854 - Nisus Email v1.0.9 122452777 - Nisus Writer v6.5 B319-906C-O748-9E63 v6.0 0054-9744-9112-A857 v6.0J M-5426837936625 v5.8J H-9978930765221 h-5482069058081 v5.8.1J H-1294587864143 H-0840975765389 v5.1.x h-8188661754842 h-2805698368687 h-6844363640478 h-5993127456487 h-8695786872771 v5.1 h-1294587864143 v5.0 0000000000000 1000090220144 0010080340281 5020070260328 4030060380465 5040060100505 4050050220642 2060040340789 8070030260826 7080020380963 v4.1.x' 1822084648259 v4.1.6 9049823040902 v4.1.2 1923328854936 v4.0.6 1923328854936 v4.0.3 8382135866940 v3.4.5 90040236 - MiniJam Browser v0.91 X Name: Pablo SN: e4b11421025572f4d1 - NoTear! v1.1 Code : Smile! - Noah! v1.0.4 Name: KIRI Org.: ANGEL Code: N-07143541-00 - Nodester v1.0 A-11V5-B107-F013-213N - Nok Nok v2.0 9300 49591 9300 49799 9300 59593 - Nok Nok A/S v1.1 81648859 - Nora The Mamma Cat v1.0J KIMIGASUKI - Norton Utilities v5.0.2 07-83-00352 v4.0.1 07-26-00037 - Note v2.0.1 Code: 389475986 - Note It v2.1J 000000010359 - Note-It vall versions ( see --> TopNote ) - NotePad Deluxe v2.0 Name: Orygun Code: HU-CXW4D-G346 v1.2 00-00000-0351 11-11111-3459 12-34567-4559 BOOKWORM-8039 - NotePad++ v2.2 AA-BB-270 - Folder Spy v1.5 X Name: Any SN: b*****j (* can be any character) - EasyShare v1.2 X Name: Any SN: b*****j (* can be any character) - NotePod v1.1 X Name: Pablo SN: 5E-1139 v1.1 Name: Surfer Code: 62-1276 v1.0 Name: Apple Code: 5F-1143 - Notify v 5940166 0005940166 - Notify Mail v4.1.6 X Name: Pablo SN: 14648 v 3.x Name: KK Key : 300 v3.0.7a Name: MoonDark Key : 6360 - Nou no Kagami v1.0.0J CM1WJ0M0T0N2CD5A78 - Prosoft NetWare Client v5.1.3 9499-5072-0011-3761-2 - OmniForm v2.0 SN: 3509A-C00-439278 Re-Reg: 99703001 - Official Trademark v1.0 REA1-9801-1702-7999 - Novell Netware client v5.1.4 P2000050504702002 v5.1.3 name: not needed code: P2000010105103996 (with this code you can download Nw Client 5.13 for free and you are able to install) # Anonymous Nowhere N2002000122408998 v5.1.2 N2004500024704991 P1000011097308016 vX 1.0.1 9499-5072-0011-3761-2 - Now Bundle Installer v3.6.x (10 User) BNA-36x-0010-461060921787 BNA-36x-0010-207136009753 BNA-36x-0010-922962610171 BNA-360-0100-000000338752 (100 User) v3.5.x (10 User) BNA-35x-0010-669852669323 BNA-35x-0010-923306513798 BNA-35x-0010-271065657551 v3.5.1 (the x is the version No.) BNA-35x-0010-135866545281 BNA-35x-0010-395401879372 BNF-35x-0010-729395579063 BNJ-35x-0010-341239471047 - Now Compress v1.0x NCA-100-0001-003575417719 - Now Contact v3.9 NPA-380-0002-250606475318 v3.8 UDA-380-7890-123456-754870 v3.6x (10 User) CTA-36x-0010-402994056024 CTA-36x-0010-861685420220 CTA-36x-0010-077204603551 v3.5 (100 User) BNA-350-0100-000018976645 v3.0 CTA-300-0001-000666706778 CTA-300-0001-075642105493 - Now Fun! v1.0.1 NFA-100-0001-01830669124 - Now Quick&Easy v1.0.x 10 User NLA-100-0010-465437906676 NLA-100-0010-792544270550 NLA-100-0010-071987344424 - Now Synchronize Pilot vall versions NSP-100-1000-000001831624 NSP-100-1000-000003573414 - Now Up-to-Date v4.2.5 X Name: Any Org: Any SN: U425S0100-88888-98054994 v4.2.x U420S0100-00000-98864378 U400S0100-00000-98864378 U421S0100-00000-98864378 v4.1 U405S0001-10503-87477151 v4.0 U405S0001-12608-95167202 U400C05-12345-88533348 U405N-00009-84483131 v3.9 UDA-390-0100-921604105165 NPJ-396-3192-472365-345121 NPA-380-0002-250606475318 v3.8.x NPA-380-0002-253175022216 NPA-380-0002-250606475318 v3.8 UDA-380-7890-123456-754870 v3.6J BNA-360-0010-062277374369 v3.6.x (10 User) UDA-36x-0010-670577593854 UDA-36x-0010-799615295839 UDA-36x-0010-399738632271 v3.6.5 UDA-365-0005-210589450305 v3.5J BNJ-350-0001-093062794624 v3.5 (100 User) BNA-350-0100-000017152800 v3.0 UDA-300-0001-015049716191 UDA-300-0001-000001885057 UDA-300-0001-000002547761 UDA-300-0001-000004298420 - Net Tool Box v2.2b2 Name: Mouto Code: YZJZ v2.0 Name: Lain Code: FsqG v2.2 X Name: PYRUS MALUS SN: HI2YSF2 Name: Pablo SN: HSAFZ - Tenon iTools v6.0 1-5-11-3fff08161-21015454-97-4IT - Now Utilities v6.7fc5 NUB6700001000008 NUB6700002000008 NUB6700003000008 NUB6700001000016 NUB6700001000024 NUB6700001000032 v6.5.1 NUB6500001001016 NUB6500002001016 NUB6500003001016 v6.5 NUB6500002000008 NUB6500001000008 NUB6500003000008 v6.0 (100 Users) NUA-60x-0100-000145456610 v5.0.1 NUA-500-0001-005930092882 v5.0 NUA-500-0001-000001153288 NUB6500002000008 NUB6500001000016 - Now Web Publisher v3.6 BNA-360-0100-000000338752 (100 User) v? NPA -360-0001-060486008913 - NuBase v1.3 0000000-00 - Jotz v1.2.08 X PABL-OOO-822-496 PAB1-OOO-822-496 PABL-000-822-496 PAB1-000-822-496 - NuClipConverter v1.5 123909909123 - NuEdit v3.0b4 Name: Lain Code: 987-974-318-999 v2.1J Name: (any) Code: 236-296-052-740 v2.0.7 Name: nowhereman Code: 123-278-944-456 v2.0 017-086-616-094 119-686-668-516 236-296-052-740 206-236-246-691 301-050-092-720 718-888-434-493 936-924-286-227 091-422-904-436 542-136-728-056 219-490-252-402 027-106-034-105 922-312-198-469 317-502-280-918 - NuGoURL v1.0 123-171-171-123 - NuPaint v1.0 10111220 - Nudge Palette v7.0.4 U.Name: KIRI B.Name: KIRI R.Code: 55-937 - Nukidashi Ippatu (Up Help) v0.41 PMS7078WP - Number Target v1.12 Name: Lucifer Code: 2290652 (for Card Target see --> Card Target) - Numerology v5.0 Name: Cendryom Key: US-30353-050918 - Numérologie v5.0 Nom: Cendryom Clé: FR-30353-050918 - Nuts And Bolts v0.9.5 Name: KIRI Code: 1967012730 - ObjectAligner v1.1 Name: SerialLain Co : Knights Code: AN-0001-0001-0891 - Ozone (LW plugin) v2.0 PRE SN: PRE-31922-RIR-210-D-OZN2 - O I C - Oh, I See! v2.0 (see tip) So how to regist: 1. Run "O I C" app and quit at once. 2. Open invisivle file "SystemMapDB091265" in System folder. 3. Open datafork and change 00254B495249. 4. Save and invisivle again. 5. Open "O I C" app with resorce editor. 6. Open datafork and write 4B495249. 7. Save. 8. That's it. - ORTINA v1.0.8 47-962135 40-xxxxxx - OSC Metro 3 v3.0 OSC™ Metro 3 - The MIDI sequencer for Deck II Startup Password When you start up the program for the first time you'll be asked to type the name at line#__ of the manual. Here are the names and #s you will need. 1. Craig Anderton 2. David Borden 3. Bryn Carlson 4. John Dalton 5. Thomas Dimuzio 6. Ann Druyan 7. Greg Dunn 8. Jay Friedland 9. John Galinato 10.Vance Galloway 11.Jeffery Gastineau 12.Steve Grace 13 Keary Griffin 14.Jeffrey Grossfeld 15.Posey Hedges 16.Al Hospers 17.Caitlin Johnson 18.Martin Joseph 19.Charles Kirsh 20.Johnathan Lob 21.Kenny Lyon 22.Christie Lyons 23.Dr. Lynn Margulis 24.George Mayfarth 25.Ron MacLeod 26.Bob Melvin 27.Chris Meyer 28.Mats Myrberg 29.Hung Nguyen 30.John Offenhardtz 31.Jeff Pucci 32.David Roach 33.Dorota Rola 34.Randy Roos 35.Jay Rose 36.Josh Rosen 37.Edward Rosenblatt 38.Dr. Carl Sagan 39.Jeremy Sagan 40.Tony Sanderson 41.Sax 42.Richard Schermerhorn 43.Kieth Scripps Jr. 44.Emile Tobenfeld 45.Pete Townshend 46.Richard Viard 47.Christopher Yavelow 48.David Zicarelli 49.Joe Zobkiw - OT Advanced Tuner v1.4 ( see --> IPNetTuner ) v1.3c1 Name: Evaluation Copy Organisation: (empty) Copies: Unlimited Serial #: 7A9F342B v1.2.x Name: HackUser Organization: HackUser Copies: 100 Serial #: 99710F8A Name: Server Surfer Organization: The Internet Surfers Copies: 100 Serial #: 49443564 v0.5 Name: Registered Serial #: 952E8C7F Copies: 100 Name: LeetCheeZ Serial #: 666 Name: SPC! Serial #: 98AB0BD9 - Object Dancer v1.0 DNC-012505-5148-95 - Object Master Universal v3.0.4 C\021426182052 P\032507392133 C\445638702294 W\495827568594 C\365850126456 J\082726352423 I\411842334694 B\074302360005 Y\411457191056 v3.0 T\001405394153 v2.0.2 L\002428392663 - ObjectLand Memory v2.0 name: Buck Rogers code: 12345678C93F - ObjectPlant v3.1.5 X 2111458826 v2.0 2172654464 v1.00 2166600884 2172654464 2169200808 2184500845 2170900141 2119900861 v 1.xx 2152250948 2167500885 2109754403 - Ocean Bound v1.0 Name: Ocean Bound Code: 966807 Name: Spiderweb Code: 492132 - Oculus v2.5.x Name: Back Stage Code: 7a1g-7L3q-7t2z-8g3n v2.x Name: Inpher Code: 8y7a-6d5g-4i1k-9L7o v2.0 name: BonsaiFreak code: 3p9h-7b5s-9k5c-1u8o - Oddballs v1.0 6602-4699-3565 - Office GoGoGo v2.5.0 OG02-KJJI-KIRI-KIQD - Office Pro 97 vall versions 2978-0029987 - OfficePool 2000 v2.1 Key : Code: PCV-641043-Y Key : Code: BMT-071881-G - OfficePool 2002 v1.4.2a Mail: Code: PBU-071733-Y - OfficeWarp v2.1 15x8e10f19z2462 (single user) passwords stay the same as in v1.0.1 v1.0.1 Passwort: xr600r SN: 9x8x21x21x09x82x4 (8 Lizenzen) Nur Lesen-keine Finanzen: blond Ändern-keine Finanzen: donald Ändern auch Finanzen: dagobert Ändern der Layouts: picasso - OmniCore CodeGuide v5.0 MS65JGR-N56CYH-9CF97IH-YDALACK - OhyakudoMairi v1.0J AOHNOXELW Http:// - Oligo v5.1 1803 - Olive v# code 1 : abcdefg code 2 : 8XD1HFjWmuEvT8 v1.22 Keyword : Popeye, Password: JFf9O9AFFezE4 - Omega Window v1.8 112611231018715 - OmniForm v2.0.1 3501A-C00-002106 3501A-D00-999999 - OmniGraffle v? Name: Wicked Code: KHAF-KGHB-FBSE-BWAA-AAAA - OmniPDF(OpenStep) v1.2 oppogj9bf - OmniPage Lite v5.1 (SnapScan 1212u OEM) 5101E-H32-001055 v(PaperPort OEM version) 2801 A-C00-916513 - OmniPage Pro vX 9401A-G00-000000 vLite 2801 A-C00-916513 v8.0.1 Key#=86802233 PIN#=2103914 Registration#=79758855 Serial#=2801A-G00-035948 v8.0 2801a-c00-091108 Registration 06244393 2881A-D00-999999 2881A-C00-120769 2881A-C00-120770 2801A-C00-121425 v7.0 2801a-c00-091108 R/N: 06244393 v6.0 2801a-c00-091108 p/n 872-1221-010 Rev a R/N- 06244393 v5.0 2801A-C00-064596 2801G-%001327 0102E-%001705 0132A-%002643 v3.0 0102E-%001705 0132A-%002643 v2.0 2801G-%001327 - Super-Collider v2.2.16 Code: SLAP GIRD TOP LEAP SOFT BRAG - OmniWeb v4.0.3 name: Wicked code: AMGO-BBCC-EMOC-ROAA-AAAA See Tip Remove "Unlicensed", do as follows: Quit Omniweb if it's running Launch Resorcerer and open this file: Omniweb/Contents/MacOS/Omniweb Open The Data Fork (DF) Choose "Show ASCII" in the now visible "HEX" menu Hit <Command>+<F> and enter "Unlicensed" (w/o "") as the search string Uncheck the "Hex" checkmark Start your search The first occurence of the search string in the Area of offset 78568 (Omniweb 4.1sp27) is the correct one Replace "Unlicensed" with 10 blanks Save the file, quit Resorcerer Launch Omniweb The blue "Unlicensed" Tag will appear no more on open Windows - Omnis Studio v3.2 Development: P3DYAVYN 553729 14240 Runtime: P3RYAVYN 553729 78808 v3.0.1 L3DYANNN001M0040261 v2.4 d2dyavyn 502498 15242 v2.1 d2dyavyn 502734 40290 - Only Notes v1.1b1 X Name: Pablo SN: 0BEBB51299RELCSYS - Omnis7 v3.2 CMDS 000000 60889 (Mac Developer) CMDS 000001 49156 (Mac Developer) CMDS 000002 51122 (Mac Developer) CMDS 000003 25257 (Mac Developer) CMDS 000004 06951 (Mac Developer) CMDS 000005 43852 (Mac Developer) CMDS 000006 92290 (Mac Developer) CMDS 000007 11021 (Mac Developer) CMDS 000008 63760 (Mac Developer) CMDS 000009 54599 (Mac Developer) CPDS 000000 96347 (PowerMac Developer) CPDS 000001 30500 (PowerMac Developer) CPDS 000002 51254 (PowerMac Developer) CPDS 000003 31273 (PowerMac Developer) CPDS 000004 15399 (PowerMac Developer) CPDS 000005 61581 (PowerMac Developer) CPDS 000006 32962 (PowerMac Developer) CPDS 000007 11087 (PowerMac Developer) CPDS 000008 66768 (PowerMac Developer) CPDS 000009 58823 (PowerMac Developer) CMXQ 000000 12741 (Mac Runtime) CPXQ 000000 48397 (PowerMac Runtime) v2.0 7MDSI25119011700 7MIES 450M 000000 94312 v1.1 7MDI 10234437554 7MIES 450M 000000 94312 (450 users, SQL Enabled) 7MDI 103247 37782 v1.0.3 7MDI 102344 37554 7MDI 103039 37065 - On Guard v3.4 G321S-77467-86063141 G321S-16382-51582712 G321S-47623-21077189 v3.2 G320S-00000-74716220 (standard license) G5322-43220-17939400 v3.0.x Pro G301S-27588-72656656 G301S-25577-71604212 G301S-50880-94919556 G301S-00000-71769411 v3.0.1 Standard License: G301S-86753-26480648 Unknown License #1: G301DSL-86753-07206347 Unknown License #2: G301BSL-86753-62262811 Unknown License #3: G301CSL-86753-87923786 Demo License: G301DEMO-86753-41693326 Beta License: G301BETA-86753-28693287 v3.0 G5322-43220-17939400 v2.5.1J G250C05-80858-18515784 v2.5 G2345678901236394113 v2.1.3 G1234567890146680641 v1.5.2 administrator / admin - SmoothPrint v1.0 X 13258914 - shadowGoogle v2.1.1 X Name: Pablo/Minimal Email: License Type: Simple SN: SGS20-1112-0100-9604 Name: Pablo/Minimal Email: License Type: Group SN: SGG20-1112-5712-5216 - shadowIP v2.0.1 X Name: Pablo/Minimal Email: License Type: Simple SN: SIS20-1112-2304-1808 Name: Pablo/Minimal Email: License Type: Group SN: SIG20-1112-3260-2764 - OnTheAir Studio v4.7.3 F.Name : KIRI L.Name : NOP Company: NOP Code : 040DD87A36762CB8 v4.x Name: Inpher Code: OM4-133333200 v4.7b18 Name: Cool Code: OH4-99999900 v4.6.2 Name: surfer milks his kweer cerial Code: OM4-468332865 v1.0 OTA100AAA00000118 - Intelligent Assistance for FCP3 OSX vall fcp3-5444-bkhj-4626 - Omnidiskweeper v1.3.1 X Name: Virgil A Knox SN: GCFB-JXMB-LNXV-MAHX-OITS-WEB - HyBackUp v3.3b1 HBS12345AA - OnTimers v1.0 Name: nowhereman Code: 12345678-00065160 v1.0J Name: nowhereman Code: 12345678900006525 - OneApp Address Book v3.6.8 8539 v3.6.2 95333421167898 v2.2 German 8539 v1.0.2 958 859 - OhmiNotes v1.30b X Name: Pablo SN: HBILGZQVDU - OneApp Clean Text v1.2 6543-2107 - OneApp English-German Dictionary v2.1 6739 - OneApp English-Italian Dictionary v5.9.2 6799 - OneApp English-Spanish Dictionary v2.0 6769 - OneApp Secret Folder v1.0 name: n/a code: 964 - Oratorio v2.0b1 Name: Pablo SN: 02531-53968-02531-53968 - OneApp Slide Show v5.6.4 5662914639 v5.3.3 566789 v5.3 566-2291-799 v5.2.4 5662914639 - OneStep v1.0.1 To regsiter your copy of OneStep, hold down the 'G' key during startup. - OneToOneMail v1.2 INOMINIMEVOLEW - OneshotRecorder v1.0.1 10096421 - Onkan Shinkei Suijaku v1.0J Name : ThankYou Code : 25642 - Onsen v1.0 3089-KIRI-2941-PPM 3797-1234-7598-PPM - Onsen Takkyu v1.0 3797-1234-7598-PPM - Onslaught v1.0.5 df4330t7c8n3 hf455ts3c8g9 - Opcode Fusion FILTER v1.0 s/n: 703-000-00000000 ref: 467436 v1.0vst s/n: 753-000-00000124 ref: 450024 v# s/n: 753-000-00000211 ref: 620780 - Opcode Fusion VINYL v1.0 s/n: 702-100-00010100 ref: 621622 v1.0vst s/n: 752-000-00000206 ref: 552226 s/n: 752-000-00000271 ref: 256918 - Opcode Fusion VOCODE v1.0 serial 701-120-00011393 code: 475647 serial 701-100-00010229 code: 712554 serial 701-100-00010600 code: 268385 serial 701-100-00010600 code: 268585 - OpenBase v7.0.3 dev ed Code: OBWEBCDEV-513 Auth: D-2002.04.10-5-7.0-9E1-D86-396 - Propellerhead Reload v1.0 beta RLD100-0000-005724-JBNP-J3F6-M4JY - OpenWrite (OpenStep) v2.1.8 452r04643 - MenuMachine v1.5.2 X Reg Code: CCFB4841-7796F02D-B1E42C02-2D5238AD Activation Code: E01F9532C-43B1C6E05-900D05581-66B881C8C Activation Code: 58166B881-CE01F9500-32C43B1C6-E900D0587 v1.5 X CCFB4841-7796F02D-B1E42C02-2D5238AD (an activation key is provided on the download site) - Opera v6.0 leave name and org. blank m-zh57K-aPUyL-pvYDm-h4CvD-mz7SQ m-aKTkf-xUzsS-s7TRy-yK7Ck-wkJMa m-bKeev-KJdjj-k33Pd-BAkJi-Tvyxe m-cJuPc-QkyRa-6xxfs-rkMta-jXtrN m-d6irJ-c47cF-PDYNB-8rkvE-BkREu m-emdTe-zuCxN-Rikea-hAM4W-mhkFF m-fbpBm-P7BSQ-HV4Qt-YE6CV-FBk3R m-hRKkw-SBSjx-PmnAz-UcWWb-BmuM m-iyNTX-w5iHM-WKPpk-VVhBj-JDbDE m-jVsdB-JsKcF-LjVyx-DYFjE-V8M3B m-kEWkk-jCTRh-A5Ncr-rdkpa-vicCQ m-L36Ui-V45kw-exctn-eijpE-XmKtR m-rcFBT-Hmtek-eaumy-LRPvb-LkJ4A v5.0 m-xSLPe-hNeUk-Rjytu-nCJNT-YNatK m-rcFBT-Hmtek-eaumy-LRPvb-LkJ4A m-HzAfC-FuiNh-maYxU-CHX8n-35jtA m-FVKFc-ySvEF-ksFLn-ev8jU-Wsa6v m-fiKjj-AuLjE-H4LkE-KLJJD-u3Sxv m-wpD7v-B7eVN-jDNAT-DU3HJ-tsQJE m-PBRmJ-rPjNa-Mibxn-Ux6bi-NTMbr m-nbrei-AirAB-sUssT-hz8rm-hsUVv v5.0b5 m-xSLPe-hNeUk-Rjytu-nCJNT-YNatK m-ta56h-yLSKd-aUeJM-uD4ff-pJubu m-8EcHf-Rhzyd-7UdNS-ubeWH-efREd # m-n5yNs-cpnjn-aKyBj-HUWKC-ckRWd m-rJkrx-7v7Fs-EXi3U-Fyiyw-nhrHz m-JzSUz-5MzQH-jV8LV-paHXu-h3PDA - OptiCal v2.0 TCP-51EFF234-OP2M - OptiMem v2.1.4 ACPA-ZACA-UAAJ-AAWBB MUZM-TMOM-QMMH-MMEHB ZUMZ-TZBZ-QZZH-ZZRUB v2.1.2 OSOA-PFID-TOAU-GAJRB OTNA-QGQD-UEAD-OCKSB NZTA-WHQD-BJAE-ODQYB v2.0.1 AVFA-SHAA-LLAO-LBPUA v1.5.6 AVFA-SHAA-LLAO-LBPUA - Opus v1.x Name HackUser Company HackUser Code 458021999 Name Paul Company BigTimeSoftware Code 283988712 Name Tom Company NASA Code 628632461 - Oracle v2.1 Name : Buck Rogers Copies : 100 Code : MCCBGPND - Oracle PowerObjects v1.0.4 595282H0Z - OracleMediaObjects v1.0J A37475-1-102813 - Orange Vocoder v2.1 OVO2-629675992082-CC - Oratrix GRiNS PRO v1.5.1 A-VCPA-Q4BHX-4A-DDVU - OrderMaster v1.1 code: OMV1961081 pass: Athena - OriTombo vDR1 (see tip) How to: 1. Open an invisible file in the pref folder. (The name of this pref is japanese char) 2. Open datafork, you'll find that first line: 00000000B617..... change $3 00 -> 01 like: 00000001B617..... 3. Now registered. - Orniwell v3.0.6 Name: MoonDark Code: 487604326098 - OryouriJouzu vAll 1150-727436 - Osmosis v1.x CD ame3w-8gqtd-pnf2z - OttoPaths v# OMT103200139 v1.0 SMD110300102 SDM104300099 - Ousou v1.0J TAKEUCHITORUJUNKO - Outlook Email Archive v1.9.9 (see tip) To register this application: 1. Create a text file named: "Registration Code" 2. On the first line type: "Akuma" 3. On the second line type: "[k]" 4. On the third line type: "39105-2607" 5. Save The file to the same folder that Outlook Email Archiver is in The file will look like this: Akuma [k] 39105-2607 and named: Registration Code - OverDose v1.0d1 1234123412-134123412-1234134-DFAD-3SD-ADSF - P me D Asobo v3.1.4J PDX-2022-8AB2DE - PasswordSaver v1.0 Y U K I CS100-ASAS-001 - P.O. Toolbox v2.0 SURF--RAGNAROK206A70 - PAM v2.0c 184644 184188 184184 069069 - PANTONE ColorDrive v1.5 PCDM-100-02025 PCDM-150-A17807 PCDM-101-05368 PCDM-101-01185 v1.0 PCDM-100-02025 PCDM-100-01185 PCDM-101-05368 - PATHy v2.1 Name: Surfer Mail: Code: EB3238BD-561A52C6 - PB Suite v3.0.1 126456FZ-ANGEL-ANGEL-KIRI - PB Tools v1.1 PB1310340 there might be a space after the "PB" - PBMessenger v2.1 PBM4578 - PhotoAdvent v2.0.1 Name: Lain Code: 5TNSTP95OI2C - Personal Librarian v3.11 DSN5WMP9ETR5 hold down the option key while opening up the file and enter password. - PC Doktor v1.0 1139610360 - PC MacLAN v9.0 1234-8590d62 v8.1 777103-74B58030 777104-F4FEB49 v8.0 751504-27B72C70 v7.2 0000-2BF6EEAE 0001-4D3E92BF 0002-6E863DD0 0003-7032251F 0004-4EEA810E 0005-2DA2DCFD 0006-C5B38EC 0007-14EC6B25 0008-36340F36 0009-577BB347 v7.0J 0001-4D3E92BF v7.0 363221-474F05BF 302657-74DE3B0F 318067-5D086355 710246-2CECDA0A 363221-474F05BF 471065-5d607afd or 471065-5D607AFD <-- this one is verified v6.2 "-284aeefc" v6.1 363221-474F05BF v6.01 318067-5D086355 363221-474F05BF 362653-6df69a75 111111-29c1e522 222222-534e0b32 333333-7cda3142 444444-5999a8ae 555555-300d829e v6.0.x 351223-11a169be 351225-19ac40b0 351210-6ef5a6d4 351198-528e7a9d 351204-5366c717 351221-99692cc 301180-6fc528ef 351217-2d30497b 351196-4a83a3ab - PC MacLAN NT v4.2 777103-74B58030 777104-F4FEB49 4.1 751504-27B72C70 vNT 701657-C59C786 710246-2CECDA0A 710246-2CECDA0Ah 710246-584481F2 710246-2CECDA0A-584481F2 - PC-Trancer e/j v2000 EBEU-QAAA-111111 v5.0 EBEP-NPVE-301676 v4.0 MFEY1237 MJED9121 v3.0 MGEY007B - PC-Trancer j/e v2000 DBKM-QAAA-111111 v4.0 JBLL-NNVE-300793 v3.0 MCJY3158 MJJD9121 v2.0 MGJN138B - PCalc v2.x PC2-9X7Y9S-ZDZMJJ7 PC2-YAZHJ6-A6SRK34 PC2-SK5WQ9-8E3HXQD PC2-HREYDA-9DEXSJL PC2-2LL4D9-ARK7HQT v2.1 PC2-CW3DLE-RA5KKJ9 - PDF Seps2Comp v1.5/1.6 SA2GL4QEF4SC v1.01 BA4ER254JH64 - PG Converter v0.7.2 PGCAL67890 - PGL v# PGF230837 vCD PGF266666 - PGNTalk v1.0 name: MoonDark code: 74277116 - PGP Disk vall versions 1111-1111111 - PHOTO Selector v3.0J Name: KIRI Mail: Powered@by.PM8100 Code: 1H1G1M1A - PICTROBATCH3000 v1.0.4 83462234 20201057 - PICTUNE21 v1.0 P21PV100-0047 - PICkles v0.9.6 PICklesV10-18159002M - PM2Q XT v6.2 5075656 5069294 v5.9x 5075656 v5.7 5075656P - POPmonitor v2.0.3 Code: 41525-2E3E-8811 v2.0.2 X Name: <anything> 82393-0712-8855 82393-0713-8855 v2.0.2 Name: <anything> Code: 82393-0710-8873 - PPG 2.V v# PPG 2.V if you own the real vst 4 cd and have a good cubasex prefs file that plays audio... copy the cubasex file rename it to "PPG 2.V" open it in a hex editor and change the "ME-S" and "ME-C" to "PPGS" and "PPGC"... and there you go... - PPP Menu/SOHO v1.1.1 YH0TGIJ5TEOU8Y7 - PPP Speedometer v2.2.7 PSM-14339-369556 - PPPop v2.0.1 UGFOWMXA v2.0d UGFOWMXA v1.6.1 RPM^YZPS v1.5.4 name: MoonDark code: PGEYVMP0 - PPPremier Timer v2.0.4 Name : Inpher Org. : NOP Email: Code : WE-5GCD-Q59D-TFG6 v2.x Mail: Code: WM-TFN2-K59D-DCMK v2.0.3 Mail: Code: W8-DQNK-359D-E8VR v2.0.2 Mail: Code: WQ-EDTB-859D-HRHD Mail: Code: WK-2XH9-259D-BJXM - Lexicon PSP 42 vretail Your authorization name: Matthew Fagg Your authorization key: 5783479289 - Pro 53 vall 290-07970-39653 - PSP Vintage Warmer v1.0 Name: Professional Sound Projects Code: 8368351739 - PSX MagiKard v1.1 Name: nowhereman Code: 1234-5A1D-9012-4821 - PTE v3.0.1 X Name: Pablo Code: 1200140119429421222294 Name: Mouto :) Code: 1155140122235123222303 v2.8.1 Name: KIRI X Code: 112514011462461464297 Name: undercult Code: 1755140122030020228306 v2.1 Name: KIRI Code: 11251401146246140291 v2.0.1 Name: Chrisco* Code: 100514012083422123030 - PWR-JAL HTML PRO v1.x.x Name: MMC Code: LODJS5479FSFBHJGFE - PWR-JAL Reader v6.5.x Name: MMC Code: 8563622 v5.2.x (PPC) Name: MMC Code: f2451MM5456C96y - PacMac Deluxe v1.3 Name: KIRI Copy: 9999 Code: CWKXFXK v1.0.x code: AQBWFKM Copies: 10 name: Anonymous v1.0.2 code: BXBWLKD copies: 100 name: Buck Rogers - PacerForum v2.0 License Key: 5 User Key: B-6MX00096002114 - PacerTerm v2.0 B-43C78920099091 - Package Tracker v3.8 SURF--RAGNAROK7D42B9 - Pads v2.1b1 Name: Pads2.1b1 Code: PD1581922 - Print Magic v1.0 Password: PMXA83814 - PageBoy v1.4.4 Name: KIRI Code: SWJIJ Name: ANGEL Code: SW@LM v1.4.1 name: The Informant code: SWSeu name: LeetCheeZ code: SWKZ[ name: SPC code: SWRCD - Spector v2.00.12 3220A-A00000-00048 3220Y-J00001-00040 3220Q-T00002-00045 - PageInspector v0.82 1724598846-99 - PageMe! Costruction Kit vall versions 700109226001 - PageNOW v2.0 Personal Name: Registered Code: 900106080000 Name: Inpher Code: 900039168000 Name: Nowhereman Code: 900115872000 Name: Hotsix Code: 900079968000 Name: Akuma Code: 900313344000 Name: MoonDark Code: 900282336000 Name: KIRI Code: 900208896000 Name: Accura Code: 900001632000 v2.0 Lite Name: Registered Code: 300099552000 Name: Inpher Code: 300032640000 Name: Nowhereman Code: 300109344000 Name: Hotsix Code: 300073440000 Name: Akuma Code: 300306816000 Name: MoonDark Code: 300275808000 Name: KIRI Code: 300202368000 Name: Accura Code: 300411264000 v1.5 800427536402 800423099402 800430000000 v1.0 800427536402 - PageSentry v4.1.1 Enterprise X Serial Number: PE7654321 Code: 144610 v4.1.1 OneSite X Serial Number: PO7654321 Code: 109275 v4.1.1 ISP X Serial Number: PI7654321 Code: 75255 v4.0 ISP (500 Sentries = # of servers to test) Serial: PI400175821 Code: 190430 Serial: PI400391054 Code: 133099 Serial: PI400262905 Code: 191250 v4.0 OneSite (5 users) Serial Number: PO400562805 Validation Code: 115665 v4.0 Enterprise (100 Sentries = # of servers to test) Serial Number: PE400207381 Validation Code: 181184 Serial Number: PE400583072 Validation Code: 156899 Serial Number: PE400813410 Validation Code: 44897 v3.0 Standard Serial: PS-300531674 Code : 157376 Serial: PS-300276895 Code : 191427 Serial: PS-300742612 Code : 46120 v3.0 Professional Serial: PP-300246154 Code : 189097 Serial: PP-300701622 Code : 46860 Serial: PP-300103648 Code : 185739 ( MaxumPack see --> MaxumPack ) - PageShot XT v2.0.1 MPAG-EMPKY-HNJN4-MPBGVJ v2.0 MPAG-NMGKQ-HFAA4-LNIKUI - PageSpinner v4.1.1 X Name: Pablo SN: qnbfqllhgaehc v4.1 Username: James Innes Registrationcode: 1rh10k-s8a2-d8e0u1 v3.0.1 123457739928 v3.0 977657737762 v2.1 158647031828 v2.0.x 717484371223 v2.0.1 650854131267 v2.0 123454731225 BKWM04030025 802786831262 210436771260 753726671229 205764531260 106654331268 v1.4 554444333229 123454332123 000004030029 BKWM04030025 v1.2b1 BKWM04030025 554444333229 123454332123 000004030029 v1.0.4 554444333229 123454739020 v1.0.2 554444333229 123454332123 000004030029 BKWM04030025 - PageSucker v3.2 Name: Cendryom Code: PS0124E71-991D8BCE4E2417331B62 v3.0 Name: ICE Clothing Code: b817ed935d0d20cc7d10202c1cc3 - Pagelet v# MTRCZEUAYMAE - Pagestream v3.3 Reg # : 800348 Password : scgc7bs7u v3.2SE Reg # : 813975 Password : tx5hibw58 Name : Company : TEW Registration: Any number Code : t2pjm5u4w - Paint Alchemy v2.0 100110000000 100400428880 100110824578 100110000000 v2.0J 200960027048 - Painter v7.0 PF70CRD-2564458-SZH PF70CRD-2566866-DAS (upgrade) PF70CRD-2565449-ALX v6.0F 1st Dialog : PF60CUF-0013045-AMD 2nd Dialog : PM400RAZ0000001-UEDZ-001 v6.0 PF60MRD-0002717-FWP PF60MRD-0002717-XXX v5.51 PM500RAZ0001451-UYNQ-001 v5.5 Web Edition PM400RAZ0000001-UEDZ-001 PM400RAZ0007843-FBZE-001 PA500NAZ0000001-JGTF-001 v5.0J PM999RAZ9999999-GFLB-999 v5.0 PM400RAZ0000455-EPCK-001-000UUUU PM400RAZ0000001-UEDZ-001 PA500NAZ0000001-JGTF-001 v4.0J PM401RJF0024644-XGCL-001 PM310UJZ0015789-LPNF-001 PX310UJZ0014974-HRKX-001 PM310UJZ0016129-VWRG-001 v4.01.3 PM400RA0042340-KAFV-001 v4.0.3 PM400RAZ0000455-EPCK-001-000UUUU v4.0 PM400RAZ0000455-EPCK-001-000UUUU v3.1 PM300BEZ0008986-XESA-001 PM300NAZ0008665-RYKA-001 v3.0 PM999RAZ9999999-GFLB-999 PM300NAZ0008665-RYKA-001 v2.0a OOOOOOOAAA 0013951HZY 0014731DJN 0011187QBO 0601838OSO - Painter 3D v1.0 code: VA100RAU0004627-VGDU-001 code: VA100RAZ0000498-CELW-001 - Painter Classic v1.0 PC100RJE0010109-RSPB-001 - Painting v1.1 name: MoonDark code: PNtG-5F3F-67V4-2Z0Z - Pal-it! v1.1 (see tip) Here is the format of your serial number xx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx separating each item is a hyphen (-) Item one is always "SS" Items 2,3,4,&5 are numbers. Add up items 2&5. Subtract item 3 from the sum of Items 2&5 Make sure the result is "68" - Palace vall versions ( see --> The Palace ) - Pallino v1.4 A01PL3 A01PL6 A01PL9 B01PL2 C01PL1 - Palm Buddy v1.1 Name: KIRI Buddy Code: G4M6GV1S Name: ANGEL Code: W70B4201 Name: well, now what's? Code: WA1T45U1 v1.x Name: PALM Code: 0M6UM22A (0 = zero) Name: AIX Code: WM114E0A (0 = zero) - PalmSync vall versions 5558548 - PanALEX v Preview 4 see tip Bypass time bomb of PanALEX preview 4 /Library/Components/UniDocSimpChinese.component/Contents/MacOS/UniDocSimpChinese /Library/Components/UniDocTradChinese.component/Contents/MacOS/UniDocTradChinese offset = 5024 change from 48004EA9 to 60000000 - Pandoras Box v1.1 13661473 Note: The listed code for this app works, but not if you have _virtual memory enabled. I tried, and tried to get this thing to work and finally decided to disable _virtual memory and that did the trick. - Pangaea v1.2.1 122900825 - Panopticum Alpha Strip v1.1 (PS) ASP-311498-KIRI ASP-222844-1234 - Panopticum AnimaText v1.0 ATA-70789-2312 ATA-187185-SWAB ATA-126111-69 v1.1 (AE) ATA-180518-KIRI ATA-195434-1234 - Panopticum Array v1.0 (AE) PAE-188630-KIRI v1.0 (AI) PAI-181104-KIRI - Panopticum Digitalizer v1.0 (PS) PDP-137177-KIRI PDP-172320-1234 PDP-184380-2345 - Panopticum Engraver v1.0 (PS) PGR-110093-KIRI v1.0 (PR) GRP-285989819-KIRI v1.0 (AE) PGE-140800-KIRI - Panopticum Fire v3.0 (PS) F3F-174129043-KIRI v3.0 (AE) PF3-77136523-KIRI v2 name: Atlantis org.: NOP code: F2P-52103-7682 v1.0 First Name: Hot Last Name : Six Serial: 68651 - Panopticum Fire II v1.0 (PS) F2P-115305-KIRI F2P-88077-1234 v1.0/2.5 (AE) PF2-106200-KIRI PF2-187673-1234 - XSee v1.9.7 123X53006848X1PABLO ProCode: K67X21353809X6KRAK-NOP - Panopticum LensPro v3.0 (AE) L3A-1705255-KIRI LFA-1114591-KIRI (GlassFoam) L3A-1661624-KIRI (VRML) v1.2 (PS) LPP-206622-KIRI LPP-131654-1234 v1.0 First Name: Hot Last Name : Six Serial: 102784 - Panopticum LensPro II v1.0 (PS) LP2-1024544789-KIRI LP2-10988889-1234 v1.0 (PR) LPP-286031859-KIRI LPP-4454777-1234 v1.0 (AE) L2A-116519-KIRI L2A-107412-1234 - Panopticum Plugin Galaxy v1.0.1 PGP-284414-KIRI PGP-185729-1234 PGP-64886-2345 v# PGP-282588-107 After installation please delete Preference "PluginGalaxy PS Dialog" in the Preferences-Folder BEFORE RUNNING PLUGIN FOR THE FIRST TIME. - Panopticum RichTyping v1.0 (AE) RTA-109260-KIRI - Panopticum Tools v1.0 (AE) PTA-125782-KIRI PTA-122446-1234 - Panorama v3.0 12345678X-1241805776-ABCDEFG 12345678X-736530866-ABCDEFG 00000000X-1229465198-ABCDEFG 00000000X-724190288-ABCDEFG Name Registered Organization ACME Phone (555) 555-1212 <--(don't forget space after ")") Serial# 001234-5678-GLXBBYF v2.0.1 1-27835-XQVGEBC 01-1400-6350 1-19292-VQLFEBC - Pantone ColorReady vall versions PCR-M-100-6198B6-194600-53007027 - PaperPort v5.0 code: VZ5DANJUPD F8JTCGBZ67 PaperPort Strobe ZAMBENHUMH PaperPort vx ZAMBEWHUV9 v3.7 6754AWFU4Z 51CSAWGUTF v3.5.3 PaperPort 3.5: 3EP9AWGUYH Picture Works: 41-0025-001 Picture Works: 51CSAWGUTF v3.5 3EP9AWGUYH - Paperless Printer v2.0.1 00011364CSGP - Paperport Producer v1.0 PV1-0-01018-0580 - ParaSheet (OpenStep) v1.7 ghhhikrpr - Pardon? v2.1.1 12721272 - Park Quest v1.1 Beta Preview password: vintner - Particle Storm 2 v2 s/n : 24J8-L0060-1030 Code : 2L8-0A9-092 - ParticleMan v1.0 Name: KIRI Code: BGRVWGRYQOSBHHC - PascalWrite v2.0J PMP005M/JP004384 v1.0 PMP003M/JP001364 - Passenger v2.2 X Name: PYRUS MALUS Name 2 (Optional): RELC/SYS SN: 8219-6004-2446-1378 Name: Mouto Code: 8269-6064-2481-1432 v2.2b3 X Name: Pablo SN: 8259-6048-2481-1418 v2.1.2 1st Field: Surfer 2nd Field: NOP 3rd Field: P7166-1471-9026-3554 v1.0 Name: Cendryom Code: P7155-1470-9038-3548 - Passport Music Time v2.0.2 MV20-1-01045-2869 MV20-0-1045-1830 - Passport Producer v1.0 PV1-0-01018-0580 - Password Generator vall versions Name: Akuma Code: &H3039-150880-120028849 - The Missing Comic v1.0 X Name: Pablo SN: 560-1358-2058 - PasswordMaster v1.6.1 X Name: Pablo SN: 320-776-1176 - Ubercolor (AE Plugin) v1.0 1234994000-9933 - Password Master v2.0 S8QWF5MJWBV1F62VCLU98B7BSA6LSRBD - Password Retriever v4.1 X Name: Mouto :) Code: 173.93623267711040 v4.0 X Name: Pablo SN: 802.7842166771650 (There is a dot after the '802') v3.7.2 X Name: Pablo SN: 802.7842166771650 (There is a dot after the '802') v3.5 Name: Password Retriever Code: 80 292023072592340 (don't forget the space) Name: Koingo Software Code: 75 384022062831950 (don't forget the space) Name: Pablo SN: 208098638817632422278 v2.8.1 Name: KIRI X Code: 75 26561461952780 Name: Thanks DaVinchi Code: 64 377622065271950 v1.82 Name: The Shark Code: 64 38086450631170 v1.5.2 Name: kiri@overkrack Code: 47 391221039041820 v1.5.1 Name: Macintosh Code: 17 279221067101170 v1.0.8 Name: Chrisco* Code: 07 391221070151040 3.5: Don't forget the space between the first 7 and the 3! - Photo Objects vVol.1 PO6-30702-15327-17530 - Password Wallet v# Name: nowhereman Code: 12345678-00075160 - Portraits & Prints v1.3 X Product Code: PNP-0100 Quantity: 1 Keycode 1: f6Bv-dYlZ-9ooe-JD62-KYP8-3NGA-a0fl-qW1s - Pastelflow v2.4 PFEA123456787976 - PatchMaker v2.1 Serial: 12345678 Code : 58829 Serial: 23456789 Code : 23637 Serial: 34567890 Code : 15043 - PcConverter v2.2 Name: KIRI Org.: ANGEL Copy: 100 Key : PC20-12345110-060361-00D891 - Peak v3.2.1 serial: PLE-1234567890 (any 10 digits) code : FBFF EF7F DD70B5 040900 v3.0.1 DV serial: BPD-1120430014 code : 44RH-AAR2-EYKLXM-WLEURP v3.0 DV serial: BPD-1120130600 code : M8EA-A29M-TT2HAT-WTWACU serial: BPD-1120330999 code : LL9Q-KRU7-RA34FD-M4BPED v3.0 serial: BPD-1120130600 code : M8EA-A29M-TT2HAT-WTWACU or serial: BPD-2032330525 code : FCXS-V8LM-JK9DRQ-BNKAM3 or serial: BPD-0426125683 code: GVP8-A7A3-J4VQKD-G4G5VN v2.5 serial: BPK-0727025143 code : FM4D-J052-9R5ULC-PBIF1S v2.0.1 LE name : Macintosh company: (leave empty) code : PLE-4290560785 v2.0 LE name: Coyote code: PLE-4616118135 name: Macintosh code: PLE-4290560785 v1.62 LE name: HackUser code: 7662754971 v1.5 Name: snapCASE Code: 8947978621 - Pedalfects v1.0.2 Name: FullCrack Code: FD4F1E86-83946599 - Peek Limit v1.0 196334 (you must leave ALL of the other fields blank) - PegLeg v1.0.5 4-AD-3322-NRK-2 v1.0-1.0.4 8-AJ-3122-NHA-8 - Pentominosh v1.1 Name: Lucifer Code: 18132500 - PerFORM Filler Pro v1.0 PROMAC3LFLR1127929306 Registration 501127 PMF - PerMan Note v1.x 123450886PIMP4567 v1.0.3 123451003PIMPdefg - Performer v5.5 (1) Open the Performer 5.5 Application with ResEdit. (2) Open the resource named ALRT. (3) Delete ALRT #1100. Now open the programme. It's going to tell you it cannot find a resource. Just click OK and that's it. - Periodic Table v3.x Name: PYRUS MALUS SN: 0700756-PTV2 v3.3.1 X Name: Pablo Code: 0244425-PTV2 v2.6.2 Name: Halo Driver Code: 1076901-PTV2 v2.5.1 Name: Chrisco* Code: 0569636-PTV2 - Perman Surfer v3.1x Code : M09PFB Serial: EUFNJU05GPEAG0WS v3.0 Code : M05WUN Serial: P8U8C62KCZ6N824E v2.x Code : K05FTL Serial: J89A5W3B4T5443NE v2.03 Code : W00WRC Serial: 0G64GR1Q814DC1PG v2.02 Code : K05FTL Serial: J89A5W3B4T5443NE v2.01 Code : W05CLN Serial: HRX24W38H6H0E0E9 v1.x Code : M00CGQ Serial: ACT8WD1D01HB409B - Personal Backup v10.1 VOOV-LRTV-LRCZ-SWTV-201403 v2.0.1 78940-597284-700862 v1.2.2 name: MoonDark/nop code: 28810-772209-670545 v1.1 44827-706607-123456 49680-918286-345678 61435-338470-456789 43440-808250-567890 23585-827708-678901 - Personnal Manager v3.0.1 L30110186m - Personal Color Copy v1.30a Name: KIRI Code: 2200-055C00 v1.30a LE Name: KIRI Code: N6QC-AM87FR - Personal Log v2.1.3 Name : KIRI/ANGEL Org. : (any) Number: 1234567890 Code : -1004493906--365166303 - Personal Organizer v4.0 Name: Chronos Code: 47127649363908 v3.0.1 User Name: nowhereman Company: nowhere Registration: 19053218367002 - Personal Press v 2C91036 - Personal Trader v1.5.2 Name: KIRI Code: 000007zzzzzzzzzz - Personality Test v1.4 white sands 95 - Persuasion v4.0 08-000-00000 v3.0 08-3004-202794550 08-2009-000379488 08-2001-200201529 02-3008-000036469 - Petit Petit Musee v1.0.2 name: Back Stage code: DJNY31072330 name: [k]rkckWorks code: DUIG03240809 - Pf & brass v0.6.0 There are 8 input feilds, but its need only 4 fields for registration. so input anywhere you like. 1. Enter "Europe" in one field 2. Push dalete key 4 times in other field 3. Enter "phonium" in other field 4. Enter "123456" (or any numbers) in other field - Phantom Items v1.0.2 Name: MoonDark Code: TM-28208-1206 Name: Server Surfer Code: TM-21570-1305 - PhoneManager v1.0.3 Name: Surfer Code: 5C13A65DECE93C48A - PhoneNET PC v3.0 3022152-2F82 - PhonePro v3.2/3.2.1 AZ10028628 v3.0 AZ10038033 v2.0 AZ10035531 - Penciltest v1.0 X Name: Pablo Org.: RELCSYS SN: PTST5PABLO98745-005 - PhoneTech v1.1.1 Name: Cendryom Code: 4713561410 - PhoneWatcher v2.1 605024725374 602032200529 606613456209 608409262633 601973038957 v2.0 603456780012 - Phonebook Plus v3.0.4 name: Registered code: VDVEEMXDNVIMGM or: IOKTLER97OTE1T - Photlog v1.0 19731222 - Photo Fusion v• Code: P_L_U_G - Photo Mechanic v2.0 Company: Apple Department: Kracking Password: 68355869 - PhotoFetcher v3.0 PFETCH6/96-259076341-MSTR1963 FETCHER-1489-87236-USER3570 - Photo Album Plus vall CLEO TRIAL TRIPLE - PhotoAlbum Pro v1.1.3 0310197801 - PhotoBot v2.11 PBMC@B094@XCPX4 - PhotoBrowser v1.0J PB13069 - PhotoCal v2.x 224420-984340-2155 - PhotoCaster v1.1.2 150703 v? 239175 v1.1.1 021105 PhotoCaster 1.1.1 S/N I derived "021105" only works if you have used the SN "DRM500-50272-87072-29378" for Director. - PhotoCat v3.0 serial: E-SPA-87111498442-SPE421 name 1: NEPTUNE name 2: BLUEART 1- Copy the code before launching 2- Wait ( a little bit ) 3- Click on the register button 4- The code will be there 5- Enter the name and family name in capital also works: MARTIAN HURT VENUS OFHEART - PhotoCell v1.1 PC-1682309162 - PhotoChecker v2.1 o8wQp9oT7SA896aq v1.6 Open datafork and change: $1480 41820010 -> 48000010 - PhotoCollector v2.0 191432190486442094 191432190561630038 191432190069062857 191432190725196347 191432190712717294 v2.0J 1933218902345204R v1.0J 191231200013701357 191231200018501533 - PhotoDV v1.4.1 EQDP MXMX WZVF PJYE AAAB v1.1 IIA73710507716 - PhotoDeluxe v2.0 HUW100R7101023-992 HUW200R7110034-900-427 v1.0.1 HJW200B7100054-662 v1.0 HUW100R7101023-992 HJW100I7100001-705 HUW200R7100409-859 - PhotoFix v2.8.8 PX9510037 - PhotoFix (J) v1.0J PTFX-Y123-1234-5678-271D-5678 - PhotoFrame vall versions ( --> see Extensis ) - PhotoGIF v3.5 DH6PFDN7D2T9 v3.0.x DH6PFDN7D2T9 v2.2.1 N3N000MTL2YQPBK77Y123456123456123456123456 v2.1.1 N3M2IQMTL2YQPBWUBY0BK2EIDXFM82N3M2WYN3M2WY v2.0 N3N000MTL2YQPBK77Y123456123456123456123456 v1.0.1 DH6PFDN7D2T9 to enter the code, you have to go through the safe dialog - PhotoGIF Filter v1.5 DH6PFDN7D2T9 to enter the code, you have to go through the safe dialog - PhotoGenetics v1.1.1 SN: 5001193 Reg. Code: X7AC-DWBR-87GW-K4RX-UPRM v1.1.0 223200110000000143011167156014 - PhotoGraphics vall versions ( see ---> Extensis PhotoGraphics ) - PhotoGrid v1.7.3 X Name: Any SN: 11958774 v2.8 11958774 v2.6.2 11958774 v2.6.1J 11958774 v1.7 11958774 v1.4J 11958774 - PhotoLine 32 v8.06 525864-717528 525857-439736 525589-794765 525852-274868 525841-189526 525065-234888 525578-623429 525074-954754 525600-593795 525843-629635 525589-212995 525344-327048 526122-454308 526903-538464 526090-173615 - Paintfx v1.0.2 Name/Organization: Cendryom/nop Serial Number: 183015069 Name: Pablo SN: 773224069 - PhotoMagic v1.5 010000BA - PhotoMatic v2.0.1 4K2M-2K4-K2TC v1.0.1 GX9N-9W6-K3M2 - PhotoMover v2.0.6 7229567890 - PhotoOptics v1.2.3 ( PS ) Code: jimb0 - PocketMac v2.0 8023866-22722-PMG - Steinberg Plex v1.0 yup....920001468 - PhotoQuest v2.5.3E Name MoonDark Phone 5554312 Identity NOP Serial Number dcgc-lhgp-nobo-eifa - PhotoRetouch Pro v2.0 6760405923333 v1.0.6 7360109461768 v1.0 1871703351951 7360109461768 - PhotoScripter v1.0 Name : (any or HotSix) Company : (any or HotSix) Number : 00510145499848802677 - PhotoSpot v2.0.2 PS15-2500257 - PhotoSpray! v# SMP113150159 v1.0 SMP112150118 - PhotoTools vall versions see --> Extensis - PhotoTracer v1.0.5 PTP-M-01-10*iwtb-0kn540r-4s70y2b v1.0.3 PTP-M-01-109cd2a-0ms460p-zh*0gxb - PhotoUpload v1.0.1 3328A2309217CE - PhotoVista v1.0 Serial: 2004043 Code : 9rpr8x-&a$aca-51b115 - PhotoWebber v1.0 PW-45237-4101-9099 - Photographic Edges v5.0 71-304875696-0483845-P1200380341 - PhotoLog (FM) v1.0 CS-V.1-PHOTOLOG - Photolog v1.0 19731222 - Photoscore v1.71 217-2006376 - Photoscript v• 705-00077912 80100381711 - Photoshop Import XT v4.0 code: 28C80F941F7B7A90A0 - Phrasea III Image Database v3.x Administrator: S/N = 90050334, Code = 6824378542 Server : S/N = 90050335, Code = 7726378542 Gateway : S/N = 90050336, Code = 8628378542 Client : S/N = 90050337, Code = 9520478542 - Phrazer v1.0 pw : hw853-mzqst-3p2ur Reg: PHR1-983269-692969-800289-409419 - Piano Sim II v1.2 196601085 - PicDog v1.22J GPD99S60AUM27j MASTERPicDog0827-4885J v1.14J GPD99S60AUM27j MASTERPicDog0827-4885J PDJ99M60TIM20j - PicPicPlus v1.0 MB-$KWKS-12926655-01 FC-QG2Y2-26268457-06 FN-Y8L2P-17986493-13 MC-8FS6R-24572514-15 MB-I86VG-28043474-12 FC-YEC1V-08287894-15 FC-9QBW3-17194282-12 MN-CEO02-05641152-04 FB-RWA6K-43511800-00 FB-EQCRT-29552445-03 MC-PMIGE-73727483-02 MC-HKXI2-22810337-12 FC-80KFU-62204893-15 - PicPops v2.1 Name: anything Code: PP-5474-6112-8691-MX - PicSlide v1.0.1J 129466970548232 - Pict Viewer v3.1b3 123abc v2.0.2 123ABC - Pict-2-Icons v3.1 Name : nowhereman Comp.: msj Code : TSP-43-110111119104-14 - Pict2DXF v0.9.2 Key: 19690828hiroshima# ID : master - PictSort v1.6 Name: Evangelist Code: 966735E - PictoGizer v1.0 PTGZ-NOWHERE-MAN-38368 - Picture Play v1.6 X Name: Pablo SN: 1601-1210-2107-2107 v1.2.5 Name: KIRI Code: 1551-5107-5107-5107 - Picture-in-Picture v1.0.7 X Name: Pabloo SN: PPX1-088-596-365-937 v1.0 X Name: Al Bundy/nop Code: PPX1-509-586-446-708 - PictureArchive v1.0 sC74M8KL32y7 tp:// - PictureBank Lite v3.2 Name: KIRI Code: PBLT-2160-1554 v3.0.1 name: MoonDark code: PBLT-5365-2857 name: LeetCheeZ code: PBLT-6459-2708 - PictureBuddy v1.1 MSIV100-0205-0201-191061 To unregister it, delete the invisible file named ppc.struc.231 which is in the Preferences folder. - PicturePacker v2.01 640075703 - PictureSnooper v2k Am76gYR9XW v1.5.1 a342GUi98W3 v1.0 a342GUi98W3 - Pirts v1.0.4 P2edjofpa Paadmjbbv Pascocjsa Pksio2930f Pam23ssig - PictureSnooper98 v1.2 code: Ba9gh45WQ23 - PictureWorks v 41-0025-001 51CSAWGUTF - PictureWorks Widgetizer v1.0 B-71Z4-A006-F714-814N - Pillars of Garendall v1.0 Name : Esther Gallagher Copies : 1 Code : HQEJ-D325-L3EJ - Pilot Emulator vall versions (see --> Co-Pilot) - Pingere v1.5.1 X A01IM3 C01IM4 v1.5 A01IM6 A01IM9 B01IM2 B01IM5 B01IM8 C01IM1 C01IM4 C01IM7 D01IM0 - Pinna v 1010-1110-8206-2760 1010-1110-0786-9021 1010-1110-1105-1860 - PinupClock v2.3.x EACKIRIANGEL4037 EAC4567890128245 EAC3165274982846 - Numbers & Notes v1.0.2 X Name: Pablo SN: A1-7975-6014 - Xnippets v1.1 X SN: 4234-567P-ABL0 - Pipeline v2.5 (68k + PPC) Name: Registered Code: PIPE-T6QZ-ESQD4-0FZK Name: Anonymous Code: PIPE-BGEV-4KWCS-KRA0 Name: HotSix Code: PIPE-D3TA-SY6ED-PQFC v2.0 Name: KIRI Code: PIPE-TEH1-11FD1-17YD - PitStop vall versions ( --> see Enfocus PitStop ) - Pitbull v2.3.5 Name: Denise McAllister Serial: PBPRO-NQ2KP-03042-&3PBJ-YWNZX-XO (see tip 3) v2.3.3 (see tip 1) v2.3 name: Abdullah Shahab code: PBPRO-BB8EX-09022-CNAWS-PYU3U-LQ v2.2 (see tip 2) v1.1 2345-6789-AIOR-XPNG v1.0 1234-5678-DEFF-VYVH tip 1 1) Have pitbull 2.3.3 in it's own folder 2) Download pitbull 2.3.0 and copy the folder to your Hard drive 3) Open pitbull 2.3.0 and register with the serial number 4) Close pitbull 2.3.0 and trash its folder 5) Open pitbull 2.3.3 and it will work just fine tip 2 1. install Pitbull 2.2, start and quit it 2. search "Pitbull Pro Preferences" 3. change Type from "pref" to "TEXT" 4. drop the file on BBedit 5. replace: # User settings NICK = Random ICON = 0 with: # User settings SERIAL = Ib6f=b32qPG0YuO&0lqG7FEl2uM9mnsAgHC9sPKE&xM REGTO = RealFuck NICK = Pitbull Pro User ICON = 128 6. safe and close file, change Type back to "pref" Pitbull is unlocked now... but, it will phone home... so: 7. drop Pitbull on Resorcerer, search for: "pitbullpro/version.cgi?" and replace with "##########/############" (exactly) otherwise your IP will be transmitted to tip 3 1) Install Pitbull 2.3.5 on your computer and use the sn in SurferSerial : name: Abdullah Shahab code: PBPRO-BB8EX-09022-CNAWS-PYU3U-LQ 2) When you launch Pitbull, it says that you've stolen this sn : open the terminal app 3) Type "sudo ipfw add deny log ip from to any" : Now it works but when you restart your mac, you have to open terminal and retype this ... - Pix Lite v1.0 Name: Chrisco* Code: PIXL-3811-435184 - PixMachine v1.0.8 Name: Macintosh Code: 104608 v1.0.4 Name: XaNaToS Key : 71456 v1.0.1 Name: Lucifer Key : 79968 PixNews Name: Lucifer Key : 80682 PixPlayer Name: Lucifer Key : 79254 - Pixar Typestry v2.1.1 1379000784 - PixeART v2.0.2 123-R87-218-012 - PixeDC v1.0 123-R87-218-012 - PixeDV v2.1 UMJ-1234567890123SDFFF v1.0 MMJ-1234567890123SA77F MMJ-kirioverkrack09C3D - Pixel 3D vno serials (see Cracks) Go to, enter the computer number (when u launch Pixel 3D) and they give u the key (in fact it is for the free version...but it works perfectly !!!!!) no crack needed..just ask ! - PixNewsPro v1.0 name: the key is: key: 51584 (yes it's weird but it works) (formerly known as PixMachineMac) - XPlay v1.0 XP1-EWRDZ-3AU44-1NQ - PlotTool v1.5 Name: Lain Code: 56100065 - PixPlayerLite v1.0 Name: Lain Code: 25646 - PixelPaint v2.3.1 Name: Lain Code: KBH53T23 - Pixel Paint Pro v3.0.2 000000000231 - Pixel Putty v2.0 PP-001-03689-A v2.0fc12 PP-001-03689-A v1.5.1 PP-001-214524 - PixelToy v2.5 Name: AtmosFear Code: GEJKSYPG v2.2 Name: No Where Man Code: BTQFHVKH v2.1b5 Name: nowhereman Code: HJKSHKNG v2.1b2 Name: Hot Six Code: hfhflael v2.0 Name: Himitsu Code: QZUMWTKE - Plain no Tatujin v1.1.2.2 daikonnonimono - Planet Color v1.5.8 893PC10-2444-427 - Planet Earth v2.1.2 Name: HotSix Code: 2345678799 (also, see Tip #2) v2.x (see Tip #1) v1.0.2 PLE-27f7434d48874f4 PLE-91h3890g62899c5 PLE-78j4758d14569f1 PLE-14j4595a15935d1 PLE-88h4060g81607f0 PLE-20h4314i01092b0 PLE-41f4706g71247c4 PLE-04h5158j54768d0 PLE-93b6077j13463i7 PLE-19f3552e37102g4 #1 This is a way to disable the protection. Trash "Planet Earth Preferences" from the Preference folder. Search the invisible file named "PETemp002" with File Buddy, then delete it. Repeat the procedure every 2 weeks. #2 Since Planet Earth 2.0; the way to disable the protection was to delete (or change the creation date of) an invisible file in the pref folder. That file was "PETemp002", "PETemp003" or "PETemp004" depending on the version of Planet Earth. For the latest version (Planet Earth 2.1.2), you only have to delete the visible "Settings" file in the folder Planet Earth/ Data/. The other way is to change the creation date with File Buddy; choose a later date (y2k or something) - mREG v1.0 X MKD-93653-23468-mREG MKD-70298-49761-mREG MKD-29806-46328-mREG MKD-35112-33717-mREG MKD-81495-88829-mREG MKD-53207-58235-mREG MKD-36129-92798-mREG MKD-56525-09882-mREG MKD-79315-41998-mREG MKD-66599-99979-mREG - Planet X v1.2.2 yteyWZIwB5NPHeGF - Pepper v4.0.6 Name: Pablo Sn: 0006-e41d-659e-e1ef Name: lws Sn: 0006-e41d-72f1-61ef - Play It Cool v3.3.5 1435-5678-1239 2367-6789-1239 v2.5 13277876 13256132 13245159 13277874 v1.5 100663302 101711894 101715974 102760486 102764566 102768646 103809078 103813158 103817238 103821318 v1.2 699831337 692931337 553133776 528313375 313371650 v1.1 203362076 - PlayEasyMusicEX v2.2.0 HITOSUJINOSHIROIKUMO - PlayEasyTheory v1.2.0 hotakagasuteki - PlayerPRO v5.9.3 CID4PQXPSQXVTYZ v5.7 CID4KQSPNSSRTWS2 v5.4 CID4GQOPJWOXTZQ v4.5.x 3025928248 365428792 2019885112 47906872 3841458232 1682309176 3013673016 v4.5.9.1 1515192376 v4.5.8 06110776 1160904760 v4.5.6 355401784 v4.5.3 1046151224 1045037112 544800824 v4.5.2 1046151224 v4.5.1 1045037112 v4.5 544800824 v4.2 12345678900 - Pluggo v3 code: FHX9-LKLE-BEAH-W499-J4BH-EHF5 # Serial#: 12012560001 Registration ID: ARFX-REQE-X626-AX7U Authorization Code: FFWR-2EFR-753H-BA7H-B52H-R77X v1.0.3 VOID HOPE CUE FED MUTT BIAS TABS RACE - Plugin Galaxy vall versions ( see --> Panopticum Plugin Galaxy ) - Plugin Manager v# PHL12100661372 - Plunk! v1.0.1 Name: Cendryom Code: PKM1-04550-44888-105212 - PlusMaker vall versions ( see --> Alsoft PlusMaker ) - Secure NoteBook v1.1 X MKD-75319-81843-ScNt MKD-31414-79424-ScNt MKD-17475-26214-ScNt MKD-74367-94474-ScNt MKD-20228-69394-ScNt MKD-98943-29173-ScNt MKD-07573-84798-ScNt MKD-03565-17155-ScNt MKD-29848-52566-ScNt MKD-86815-73463-ScNt - System Optimizer vX 3.1.3 MKD-48866-84536-SOX2 MKD-96389-15742-SOX2 MKD-66754-40658-SOX2 MKD-34089-39209-SOX2 MKD-81866-13904-SOX2 vX 3.1.1 name: any MKD-06542-46663-SOX2 MKD-48866-84536-SOX2 MKD-96389-15742-SOX2 MKD-66754-40658-SOX2 MKD-34089-39209-SOX2 - PlusMaximizer vall versions ( see --> Alsoft PlusMaximizer) - HTML-Optimizer v7.0 X opt4166tb v6.2.1 X opt4166pro v6.1 Reg. code: opt4166pro - HTML-Optimizer Pro v2.0 X opt60641pro - PlusOptimizer vall versions ( see --> Alsoft PlusOptimizer ) - Notio v1.0 X Name: Pablo/Minimal SN: NT10-4112-6635-1181 - JobTimer v1.4 X Name: Pablo/Minimal SN: JT10-1961-9668-0070 - Granite vX 1.0.1 Name: Mark Davis Serial: GNTE-4729-ABHR-3769 see crack Already banned.... Open the datafork of the app, just look for "Mark Davis" in DF and replace with "Dark Mavis" and use 1.0.1 sn - PocketDock v2.5.5 Name: (Any) SN: License Error -- invalid serial number! v1.1.2 Serial Number : 101010 License Number: 811E-605N-CZW9 - PocketNotes v2.0b2 Serial: 692198 License: 833Z-683A-CEY3 - PocketTranser v2.0 KBJQ-PDEF-123456 v1.0J KBWU-NBCD-123456 KBBM-NNBH-510678 EBEP-NPVE-301676 - PocketTranser/ej eco v1.0J ABLL-NBCD-123456 ABMV-NFGH-123456 Dictionary Computer : YBFY-AACD-123456 Business : YBJT-AGCD-123456 Medical : YBYG-ADCD-123456 Chemistry : YBZD-AECD-123456 Engineering : YBPT-ABCD-123456 Finance : YBQS-ASCD-123456 Electronic : YBCE-ACCD-123456 - PocketTranser/je eco v1.0J BBAK-NBCD-123456 Dictionary Computer : ZBFF-AACD-123456 Business : ZBBL-AGCD-123456 Medical : ZBNF-ADCD-123456 Chemistry : ZBDS-AECD-123456 Engineering : ZBXC-ABCD-123456 Finance : ZBQD-ASCD-123456 - Point Recorder v1.2.0 Name: Akuma Code: 2108765421 Name: MoonDark Code: 2929830309 - Postage $aver v6.2.3 Name : Lain Code : 39322492 U.Code: VELL9 - Pop-Up Zapper Lite v1.6 Name: KIRI Code: 5C4B61FF20-1F1E1D1C-1B1A19 v2.0.7 X Name: Lain Code: 6323266320-1F1E1D1C-1B1A19 v1.5.2 Name: Lain Code: 6323266320-1F1E1D1C-1B1A19 - Ponere v1.0 Name: Lain Street: nop E-mail: Code : 76dc-71ab-35a0 - PointCaster (PhotoCaster) v1.1.1 021105 - PokerDice v1.0.1 95475PD44 - PokerOne v1.0.0 Name : KIRI Company: ANGEL Code : 100000000 - PokerPanic v1.2J PEX80909090909 - Poly v1.06 Name: Fubu Code: U!HE9GTV3Z6-W66F - PolyPhontics v1.0.1 3651-1B15-9274-1374-4682 - Polyominoes v6.0 Name: $KIRI Code: 2686569 - Pong Kombat PK3 v2.0 You must hit these keys a number of times within approx 5 seconds. Key: A S D F G H J K L ; ' Times: 2 2 5 1 1 - Poor Man's Solitaire v2.0.1 221-230-217 - Pop! v1.x Name: HotSix Code: Pi-HLWPj-c Name: Inpher Code: RA-KR0PR-H (That's a zero, not an 'oh'!) - PopAddress v1.x name: InFiNiTe vOiD copies: 100 code: 1800-1300-1128 name : Charlie Chaplin copies: 10 code : 180-150-1431 Here are some other ready-to-enter SNs: Name Copies SN# Mac User 1 18-08-720 Registered 5 90-50-1038 John Doe 10 180-80-711 Redbull 10 180-70-714 Apple Computer 100 1800-1400-1377 - PopCalendar v1.1.2J Name: Macintosh Code: PPCA-64K4846T-50454-F83 Name: Power Macintosh Code: PPCA-144GF53A-50454-F73 v1.1.1 Name: MoonDark Code: PPCA-F4K4F4P5-50454-5K3 v1.0 Name: Anyone Code: PPCA-74K44430-50454-263 - PopChar Pro vX 1.3 POP-MCY-052002-1-106817-582260-1 vX 1.2 POP-MCY-052002-1-70116-693777-1 vX 1.1 POP-MCY-012002-1-61708-503889-1 vX 1.0.1 POP-MCY-052002-1-70036-492177-1 v1.x Serialnumber: 742524 Licencecount: 100 Licence Code: POP-102-742524-100-120224947-100 Serialnumber: 999999 Licencecount: 999 Licence Code: POP-102-999999-999-1189491449-999 v1.5 POP-MCY-052002-1-70036-492177-1 POP-MCY-052002-1-70116-693777-1 v1.3.3 POP-USP-626262-55-49909266-55 POP-USP-600000-20-19996994-20 POP-USP-607788-99-89232498-99 v1.3.2 POP-USP-605040-30-28700894-30 POP-USP-607080-90-81460094-90 POP-USP-608846-1-1451415-1 v1.3.1 POP-USP-612785-100-89093835-100 POP-USP-617707-100-89593637-100 v1.3 POP-USP-611126-100-88740552-100 POP-USP-623353-1-1702667-1 v1.2 POP-USP-578028-1-3501750-1 # POP-USP-597105-5-6542101-1 POP-USP-597105-5-6542101-2 POP-USP-597105-5-6542101-3 POP-USP-597105-5-6542101-4 POP-USP-597105-5-6542101-5 # POP-USP-684630-1-1987206-1 POP-USP-727440-1-2860134-1 v1.1.x POP-USP-831337-666-588094583-666 (666 Copies!) v1.1.3 POP-USP-627070-100-88235822-100 POP-USP-848674-100-90433175-100 POP-USP-741760-100-89271644-100 v1.1.2 POP-USP-587017-1-2196353-1 v1.1 POP-102-686482-100-118097687-100 POP-102-581785-100-118863335-100 POP-102-775342-100-118832117-100 POP-102-683628-100-119155898-100 POP-102-728500-100-119049104-100 v1.0 123-456-576900-987-1381567004-321 SN: 999999 Licencecount: 100 LicenseCode: POP-102-999999-100-128437709-100 - PopMenu Xtra v3.0 POPX300-26765-14178 POPX300-18376-74112 POPX300-27939-75936 - PopUpFolder v2.0.1 13504-649669-120706 89973-862565-120679 v2.x.x 24128-621846-108403 v1.5 70837-015270-100569 - PopupCD v1.4.1 2013579229 v1.4.x 2086660647 2047416530 2021734508 2043848599 2008768172 v1.3 2109876132 (Option Click the Register Button to enter SN) - PortShare Pro v2.6 57000709 - PortSniffer v2.0 Name: nowhereman Code: 097066106059 - Portfolio vall versions ( see --> Extensis Portfolio ) - Poser v• FM100RAZ0008042-GFLP-001 v4.0 XF41CUD-0005312-KHA (XF42CRD-0016849-NGX for Pro Pack) XF41CEF-0023995-NWX XF79CBL-8889125-WVM XF10MBG-0500020-RAY XF83WBD-8473803-USE (PC) v3.0J FA300RJE0009596-XTWE-001 v3.0 FM100NAZ0001902-VAGA-001 FM100NAZ0002026-DYVN-001 FM200EAZ0009414-QBNY-001 FA300RA0002003-DERW-001 v2.0J FM200RJZ0014564-YJVK-001 v2.0 FM100NAZ0002026-DYVN-001 FM100NAZ0001902-VAGA-001 v1.0J FM100RJZ0031412-LMFK-001 FM100REZ0009071-YCMD-001 v1.0.1 FM100NAZ0002026-DYVN-001 FM100NAZ0001902-VAGA-001 - Poser Pro Pack v1.0 XF42CRD-0016849-NGX ( use XF41CUD-0005312-KHA for Poser) XF42CRD-4752306-MTY poser propack ( FOR POSER 4 ONLY, UPGRADES IT TO 4.SOMETHING): 1 - install poser with serial: XF41CEF-0023995-NWX 2 - THEN LAUNCH APP. 3 - QUIT 4 - REMOVE FROM POSER FOLDER THE FILE NAMED POSER.DTA 5 -INSTALL PRO PACK 6 - USE SERIAL ABOVE FOR POSER 7 - THIS ONE FOR THE PRO PACK: XF42CRD-4752306-MTY ALL CAPS FOR THE TWO # First trash the file "Poser.dta" in Poser 4 homedir Install the ProPack Start "Poser 4 Pro" and type in the SN#s as req from the App - PostPetTypeLand UchiMoMo v1.0 1238-8678-abc4 7009-470C-069C 7009-4630-415F - PosterWorks v4.0 0892-BKEFUJOGHI 1883-BKHMEAFGHI v3.0 0792-JKMMRKROPQ - Posthaste v1.0f1 Code : B-12345-51142 Expires: Dec, 2010 - Postino v1.0 8100D395-00D22EAF - Power Cart Grandprix v2.6J JP7712 - Power DVD vall versions Code: 10860412 CD Key: MV69142654923773 - Power IRC v Code: 3b58f60b<62983e38 - Power Keno v1.0 4815-8009-6332 - Power Secretary v2.0.7 Name : OPS Org : OPS Code : 123456 Serial: 71-018-23-00 +--------------- SN: YCME207041768 SN: 455362 v2.0.7 (Power Edition Merge Key) 455362 - Power Translator French v4.0 LFMC012509 v2.0 PTFMA001598 - Power Translator German v1.0 PTGMA002333 - Power Translator Spanish v4.0 PTSMA002857 v1.0 PTSMA002857 PTSMA004852 - Power Windows v2.0 (tip 1) Command-Click into the fat word "Power Windows" of the opened Control Panel. (tip 2) you just hold down option and click on the big "Power Windows" title in the control pane. thats it! and option-click! amazing :) (tip 3) Just hold down the command and the option key and click on the big Power Windows title in the control panel. That's it, your a registrated user of Power Windows 2.4.4 - Power64 v3.0 Name: Holger Eudenbach Code: 000504-1-vtbfken879 v2.7 (see tip) v2.6 code: 12345678901234567 Open your prefs file with ResEdit (you'll need Forker), open the DataFork, at the beginning, you'll find that (in hex): 433D3634027100XX0000 (XX = whatever) replace it with that: 433D3634027100XX0002 (XX = the same whatever) Power64 is now registered :) - PowerBar Pro v3.x see crack v3.x.x To use these SNs, you must first (before launching the program) set the date in the "Date & Time" control panel between 2/14/99 and 2/26/99 4148651197 4148657186 4149650103 4148657186 4149652102 v2.5.x To use these SNs, you must first (before launching the program) set the date in the "Date & Time" control panel between 2/17/99 and 2/29/99 4108638126 4108633127 4108638132 4108636119 Load PowerBar Pro with ResEdit. Edit resource "SIZE". Double click resource: "-1" and disable option "Stationary aware". - PowerCADD™ 2000 vall versions Install Code: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - PowerCalc v5.1 To Infinity and Beyond! - PowerCorpus v3.0 a1vki289we8fz - PowerDraw v5.0J 58609D - PowerFPU v• 101-518675 - PowerFantasm v# code: 4017123 - PrintOpen v OSX: 02108 Key: 7aa2-867c-c2b4-c2cc-57 - PowerGT Evolution v1.1J 430160 - PowerGlot v2.0.1 name: P code: PGU2AAB10PYF6E Name : POWERGLOTTWO Code : PGU3AAA7UG7E09 v1.2 Name: SURFER Copies: 100 Serial: PGP8A0AY7G1EJE v1.1 name: KK code: PG14B75ADFG2JM - PowerKeyShortcut v1.0 PKSC-0000-00000047 PKSC-6789-47944794 Hold down option and click icon in main window. - PowerLED v2.3.1 LED-0086-70-614 v2.x LED-5711-46-638 LED-5810-88-596 LED-4451-35-649 LED-1175-58-626 - PowerLaunch II v2.0.1 123-456-24897-24897 - PowerMail v3 QFCFQ-FKCFC-FKACT-ARFKS-KTMMT-LBQAA v2.3 20755322 29311734 26221652 33899728 37635865 49874930 v2.2 23020780 v2.1.x 30399797 25707199 v2.1 22345677 23380598 v2.0.2 23020892 Instructions: try the following: copy the text beginning after --- ending --- (without the ---) to a word processor name the file PMKey change type to PMKi creator to Cmlt drop the file in the PowerMail Addition folder may be youíll have to trash the demo key enjoy jcp25 --- PowerMail Registration Information !!! Do not change the text beyond this line !!! :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 026127A5721317947F1091BC09849E9413093C2893BD2FAD4C24F488B225F13214DB55C5FA7C0698 696116FE0E5C27AA809D4805BF5B632892626FE20F67FD827B7E350F76968F4415384138654A7109 16224CF554E104E1A9C208C0E62B467FA7082302619ED593C22F33CDD676CA5087E6FC88EDDDFA4A 35CC4F0C6F3E87986609547789ADAF00B5D8C5B64E0644B93092B18B62D958A9A10B469A9D9BDA23 2424F13D1898D76AF275D71E31864130E237ACFED0307012ECC44503AF0417EB390B37F5D7820754 6667A3406FB9A407D93452B5D93BA53B85F31DB7E75533C005EE7C614D28133712EAE7D1F6BE4EC1 C4ADE5D9ED189079A4EE26DECE053E00B4DE18A1F3685C835850BE7CD405C7F7B5C404043D3C3926 203CE8535FFC10B5B9CF01AF0C71055293DE0D189804AA864C11A8B525D9D560891DE6BFF016B628 98AA16BFDF4FED638169E074E1F556BA869660D15EE31AF6CD31BCC75D9298034A23FD9BEA88372A 97BF5DD358C4AB29AA860D7022360DE24710266F1ED1434167E6EE81F08CDCC58E36931748A21433 212E89BE6C006419B124F1A5FAD44EF6CFFAE49ABEB62B2228594AE4166505E7AED8EA93A50C879C 1353FAFD3724FC7369F736FDD2136D7911E4526390884F7708B91468F6B36A87B219E636354E90B8 604A98668BAFE936106B8943029B7795B7561F18013C76F9B99CAC7EDBDAA8974E181076F0C9AAA1 FEF5A3FAD77F5AAA31862ED71A343126B520EEDD755E002AA1BA6E463DF06DC8EAB90371474CE541 8C723713D96C749CFB1B6A8C9F32F865FA5D5DC30A0812C4002E4F76A2902A9A38640C4AEA4B4BBA 76ABF8F402288C36863CFB017DF067D9873FAECEB4DC25E883E84765CC84C41BE3C54462792B2F2C 8010A859FE69CB918BD9824ECCF590B801421A31822B3FD74DD4987AE22101B075FA087DBBE94161 DFA91637F3BC7FCB2CF348AD6A2BF4AB451510B97DFEEF61D8AFEE1DD2BC54863EBAA7FF94A75ADA F64BD4A1CDEEAE97C073AEE2CD563E86FB63BFD9F66E8476C49BE47379558AB75B33F96B4B53D254 F3AA393D3FBA90454851F20B1B5F9874D7697CD82922E3A6F214CA130500F0477EA7FE712BA578A8 DC88725A7B515671D001801938EA9685E18BD4FA0808DD62E7F9DFE0BC056C5B1B5D84EC92D8E8FB 8E5D8FCC9185E7D9041A841050731164BDF92E480CBA1864DCC083C8BA545E6A5B73736C67DDC9D7 4E7CB05ABFA8ECC6627937CF53DD67FC2F2AB71EFD91A9A5007077AB6C78BDBCADC0FD35ECBEFFE3 42E6E12EEFADFA58B9EDBAD62DC323A3C2047B7467F814B5E52168200F56E7BB6D82E42C6D96D951 8163FD02FFD046EBC661B725FE7A11E3F0D8E8BC0ABCD2EC8B99AED53E8CD4CA81B356A7D8777F65 E864BCECA1CAEE618DB6E35614836BA52477786D462F682785D00D9332213E1352021A5BD84F4360 09669F25EF4BF709021DA5504AAA9918934390CBE65E73A8A37CFCDEC9192DE221D133568C4D54E4 25AE4E027C92AE1824D16DC53B2ECAA9A153AFF4EF62426922ABFF8111698196D9CDDFF55FEC8A28 357CF7F4EF9888FB70043FF100760FC03F05A55BC010FFC78021FE8BB5ECAAE90087FE42DC6511A1 5FFD68845B08CAAABC91A906CB0F5A176C3A0EFC63EE9E12B7F4ECA72B085434A0B6667B100A2FB4 ACA204523E7EE78ADC33CF1AC885ABBC12DA8DCD5691713EC31BFEC001F39F41EA2B12E889D2B056 3B8B7014846429700C79229B88DF0AA82AE20F7BFEC7E3F54F9E56FD7EA456D50ED666E4B5DD80A0 FA915B56F522B7AB5FEA38A9D48ADAC36A4A1BDE5EA431302DF2C2AA6975739BD61905D8491C51C3 FF1EB9D0926ED35787C252E6FC69CD9194278536E518513B121900D458B41459B9E651AEA561667E 589C483E3D530E4A8543097B95ED8EC965E6E9BC99C894CA9A033EB45C03A3625A110461B8E635DB 47A3B01BD115EE8C42930DDA32E13DEB087FF9550A4C376D14986FD29C9F885A5261BB24C9A95B3C 2BEC45142D3176FDAC04EA57D6D10E4D6102DFCBC0062FB1CCF69377548DB43ED68DF47F929805D3 D7A23A3024ED9C5F461ACCFD8AE54905FB199A45106EF203E8EBF84BDDDA1A5AF3BE0FFF218E6EEE DF001FF2F0C2FA5B8EF5FDA8690A98196279525B842B944BB7E055433D12318B4D6001BAA6486D19 F448C629E8918D59648C4D4DA246317B0D6866A3039A0C2C4B01B9566BA9E3332D92BFBBEE720FBA 874924F58EECB5C32D5C63335D2E53029E4B4A24B5718CC96AE31899606966CCAB8C66797C261365 5CC65F70B19EFE311BFDC2F51CF9140F21156D68E75A236D18A40F954F493F7F3F3B0F4EA565A15E 3D24FDFB7A49FAFA41276CDDE927EFC996EA36676FE202D61A2421FB78F7EFA9DC4DBD0488D16EE6 692060116BC15148A29E965B --- End Instructions - PowerMenu vno serials (see Cracks) Launch 'PowerMenu Controls' and type word 'powermenu' - PubMedMaker v2.2 Name: Lain Code: MAC120270 - PowerMenuBar v1.1.5 name: [k]rkckWorks code: PGUS15363221 name: Back Stage code: SYCN20224045 - PowerMerge v2.5 PM25-16298 v1.0 PM1-002897 - PowerPrint v4.5.4(USB) PP980421144277 v4.0 PP980421144277 v3.0.2 PP970303114223 v3.0 PP95091856203 v2.5.1 PPG9410124893 v2.0 PP92091813768 - Shirt Shop Database v1.0 53757065726D616E - Sgt. Zondi v0.1pb Name: SerialLain Code: GAH65656166257N23CR7 - SerialStorage v1.1.1 Name: SerialLain Code: R7593106-9789100-100B1 v2.0 X Name: Pablo) SN: STRG-2572-3245-1232 v1.2.1 X Name: Pablo SN: R728990-100V7693-100B1 (don't copy/paste) v1.1 Name: Cendryom/nop Code: R5993102-9210611-100B1 The serial is stored in an invisible file : Home/Library/Preferences/STRG Registration - Presentation Prompter v3.0.3 Name: Cendryom/nop License Type: Personal License Unlock Code: 9W21O393N6FY-9W4K7-QFCFC99N-9WAK7FD9-9DX31A - PowerPrompter v1.7 Name: nw is 3r33t Code: Uxu3YkAJqV1TIr5qZybJfnY84IqI - PowerRIP 2000 v Demo Krack ( see tip) PowerRIP2000 Demo krack When you install the demo you must insert the activation code in the "File" menu bar. In the window that appears there is the user code in default (you can't change this) and you just type the activation code. The installation create a invisible file on the hard disk where you have installed the application called "PowerRipStylusv5.3.0". This file is the registration. There are maybe 20 combinations of user code/activation code, so you must delete this invisible file and repeat the registration until you get the User code number "951894". Now you can type the activation code number "651704552" and it will work. - PowerRally.s.s. v2.2 88FA43 - PowerReplace v6.6 Name: KIRI Code: 328803-10289298 Name: ANGEL Code: 330824-13893779 Name: well, now what's? Code: 1455982-53609167 v4.5.5 name: Everyone code: 914915-26280380 name: Anonymous code: 918969-34275774 - PowerRip vall versions 438245919 yteyWZIwB5NPHeGF - PowerST v0.x Name: Inpher Code: JBLMBIDE - PowerScan v2.0.5 Seed: 6F312122 Code: 4134551C205 - PowerTask v2.x 1888726-3148768-1644077986 1440110-6074370-1447091306 4886864-8024648-192201774 - PowerTicker v2.1 X GHA9X-6U2UU-A0TWS - PowerTone v2.0 PTM-200-90252336* v1.0 061630 - PowerTranslator vall versions PTFMA001295 PTFMA003769 - PowerTrax v1.2 267048 SSI-92-2031 E-34502439249 Password: 'PowerTrax' - PowerUp PDF v1.1.1 PUAC021004360423 - PowerView vall versions code: 1-38620-KVEASRD - Practica Musica v3.6 400757 v3.5 "-400757" v3.0 321471 v2.6.2 237741 v2.3.11 00215052 PM220569 692878 226835 v2.295 226835 - Pre-Lister v3.6.2 Name: Orygun Code: 163967125 License: Single User v3.6.1 Name: no*where*man Code: 440820630 License: Site v3.5 Name: nowhereman Code: 368825630 License: Site v3.2b2 Name: BonsaiFreak Code: 239954590 License: Worldwide (if you used old S/N, delete invisible "Pre-Lister 3 Preferences" file, and re-install Pre-Lister.) - PrePrint v1.5.1 11-1009-200108413 02-0001-100000000 11-1009-200021734 11-1000-200027072 v1.0-1.5 11-1009-200021734 02-0001-100000000 11-1000-200027072 - Precision Preview XT v2.02 KGA200R-91TJR3LJFK - PrefKiller v1.0 name: Registered code: F764727607 - Prefab Player v1.5 1616-15DE-3825-1234 - PrefsOverload v5.1.2 X ZIK-111053-6163-31783 v4.0 ZIK-111053-6163-31783 v2.0 ZIK-111053-6163-31783 - Prelude to Pestilence vall versions ( see --> Realmz ) - PresenterPro (VIDI) v3.1.3 Serial: 30C5766 Code: 148C421VW - Presidents3000 v1.0.4 Name: Macintosh Code: 1234588886 - Press Volume v1.1 Name: Chrisco* Code: 90321544803669 - PressMarks v1.0.8 MPMK-NMTYQ-JPAM4-PDPHVF v1.0.6 001139 - PressWise vall versions ( see --> Adobe PressWise ) - PrettyC v2.x Name: KIRI Code: 27-B43-2 Name: ANGEL Code: 2F-B72-3 Name: well, now what's? Code: 27-BA2-2 - PrettyGoodPrivacy v5.0 401CZNP500NS0000011864320 401PMAC500AF0000011868344 - PrettyScroll v1.0.6 see Tip v1.0.1 1. Open the PrettyScroll v1.0.1 control panel. 2. Option-click 2 times on the Pretty Scroll pict in the middle of the dialog. 3. Shift-click once on the version number in the upper right corner. 4. Click once with out pressing a modifier key on the "© 1997 by…" text in the upper left corner. Tip 1.0.6 Hold down the 'C' and 'A' keys while clicking on the Pretty Scroll logo within the main panel window. - Preview Editor v2.0.5 MPVW-NMPAD-NDNG4-KVVWTH - PreviewMaker v2.4.1 Name: Surfer Code: 48555-174420-287850 - Prickies!-J v1.0 KLE1H67890!-J.sit - Prince Of Darkness vall versions ( see ---> Prince of Destruction ) - Prince of Destruction v1.x.x Name: Anonymous Code: 7C409C00A4D37705 Name: Inpher Code: 0281A9A876F15BFC v1.04 name: Andrew Barry code: 2FD5AA782FF6A5G4 name: Tonio Loewald code: 8BG61E538A80C206 name: Pamina Loewald code: 817AF07061279C5A name: Doom code: 6DA2F55B46162G65 - Print Tools (Quark) v1.0.1 815715147 - PrintChef v2.50 01-000020386 - PrintGuard v1.x 264260496 - PrintMate v1.0J PRTM-V100-1234-5678-5299-1234 - PrintOptions v1.1J Name: KIRI Org.: ANGEL Code: P2X2-222J-6SB8-9ZP9L826 - PrintShop Deluxe v1.3 22044 - PrintToPDF v2.0.1 (see tip 1) v1.5.4 (see tip 2) (tip 1) First,change your E-mail address to "(your name)" with InternetConfig. Then, open Info window, in PrintToPDF's Preferences Dialog. Type "I paid for it" in the Title box, and you register it. After registering, you can restore your E-mail address to original one. (tip 2) 1. open "Page Setup" 2. check "Custom" size 3. type "I paid" into the "Height" box - PrintUseMonitor v3.4 1778527487 - Printer Switch v1.x.x Q1719327461 Q2070202363 Q1812582550 2119811782 K1177483953 K0922651233 V0079280166 - Printools XT v2.0 BPT1070531153 - Private Eye v1.0 MBPE-1045-REG-9381 (see krack also) this is a krack for using Private Eye 1.0 after the 15 free uses run out. To Krack Private Eye: 1. Go to your "preferences" folder and find the file called "PrivateEye Registration". 2. Open the file using BBEdit or another text editor. 3. You should see the following: >MBxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx >16 Note: The second number represents the number of times you have run Private Eye, therefore it may not be 16. 4. Change the "16" (or whatever number it is) into "-2.147484e+9". This is the highest negative number you can input. 5. Save and close the file. 6. Enjoy Private Eye for another 2.147484e+9 (2.147484 times 10 to the 9th power) plus 15 uses before you have to do this again. 7. Laugh at how easy this is... How to bypass the security password of Private Eye: 1. These people are idiots. They make security software and leave the password file lying around. 2. Open ResEdit (free from Apple), Snitch (not avail for OS 9.1), or another shareware app that allows you to make invisible files visible. 3. Go to your "preferences" folder. 4. Look for a file called "Private Eye Preferences" and make it visible. 5. Open the file using "BBEdit" or another text editor. 6. The word use see IS the security access password. 7. Change it, or just remember it for later use ;) - Pro Calc v1.3.1 Name: Anonymous Code: 0000000416 - Pro Fortran v5.0 name: (any) code: 15345 - Pro Tools v5.1.1 DIGI0510 a0210039 1b6bfbe9 DIGI 0510 ac3100c 473ccf70 v5.1 DIGI510 a52f00de 1b3b5c59 v5.0.1 LE df220097 87ece18e b43400e1 92f9f83d # DIGI0501 432c0088 4673edd4 (make sure to observe any spaces, so Digi says) v5.0 LE CUB BIDS FAN SUB ROBE - Pro Tools MP3 Export v1.0x228 CUBS HIP MID PARK MARE - iDress v1.2.2 X IAD-102404036 IAD-115065828 IAD-115076896 IAD-115087964 IAD-115099032 - Pro-Cite v2.1.1 MP21226 v2.02 MP12460 - xDNS Builder v1.0 X Name: Pablo Company: Minimal SN: 00055049400499 Part2: xDNS77-41 - ProJPEG v5.1 167BK63H9T7G v5.0 167BK63H9T7G 167256389S7F ABCRCZBWZZZG ZBCRCZBWZZZG (see tip) v4.0 ABCRCZBWZZZG or ZBCRCZBWZZZG v3.1 Q6DQXDWLVPM5 v3.0.2 DJFMXDHE29L9 v2.1.1 N3KNYAMTL2YQPBWUBY0BK2EIDXFM82N3M2WYN3M2WY v2.0 N3L000MTL2YQPBK77Y123456123456123456123456 There are 2 versions now. See file info (Command + i) Modify date: 1. 9/27 2:05PM 2. 9/29 1:14PM If 9/27 2:05PM, you can use 4.0 code. But if 9/29 1:14PM, you can't use 4.0 code. 9/29 1:14PM is 167256389S7F. - ProLexis v4.0 1R981-OQQ1M-IO418-01AEQ-V1TP2-3UA4U-IKGL0-GLC8K-NDQAM-9R5MI-X5NP5 v3.8 1LOSM-QM0EM-HLY5B-JPEMY-41U3D-WP670-0ZXGC-SFZ11-BH9VD-06UCR-HQ7JQ v3.5 15EVC-ZXFJO-AXLEG-S7FSH-YB0A3-HL13Z-Q8RPS-O6TNJ-BFOPU-7QJ22-M7O13 1LOSM-QM0EM-HLY5B-JPEMY-41U3D-WP670-0ZXGC-SFZ11-BH9VD-06UCR-HQ7JQ - ProMaker Utils v0.9.4 Name : Al Bundy Company: nop Serial : 4210-138-451 - ProSQL v1.1.5 Name: <anything> Serial: ATMO-SFEAR-123-CA92A6 - ProTerm v1.2.5 Serial: 1001041799 Key: 9876543210 v1.2.4 Serial: PM12U10152 Key: T@N19@vY4Y v1.2.3 Serial: 1234537890 Key: SPC0044042 v1.2 Serial: 1234537890 Key: SPC0044042 v1.0.x Serial: 000000347 Key: 0000015001 - ProTools v6.0 TDM DIGI0600 6E350059 ADAA6768 v6.0 LE DIGI0600 213C00F4 51FFBF20 v5.1 LE DIGI0510 7e3e00cb dfee5c8f DIGI0510 78350061 75614976 v5.x (TDM) DIGI0510 ac2200c8 913c43ae v5.0 LE CUB BIDS GIBE WARY NODS - ProView v2.0.1 Name: MoonDark Company: NOP Serial Number: PV1234GX78901 v2.0 PV200-GP-31868942 PV9999999999999 - Production Manager v3.0 admin pass: z13343424 - Profit vall versions code: 03015-0KG55 - Program Switcher v5.6 (see warning) v5.5.2J Name: unknown Customer Number: 777 Password: NRQQ-999-QROQ v5.5.1 Name: Chrisco* Customer Number: 777 Password: IHKK-999-QNOK v5.5 Name:nwhereman Customer Number:12345 Password:LNLR-12345-LNLR v5.0.x Name: nowhereman Customer Number: 123 Password: NLKJ-108-HIKJ v5.0.1J Name: nowhereman Customer Number: 999 Password: NLKJ-897-HIKJ v4.5.x Name : Inpher Cust#: 666 Code : 507542-111 v4.4b1 Name : MoonDark/nop Cust#: 725 Code : 645948-60 Name : NOP Cust#: 511 Code : 279846-170 v4.3.1 Name : CSP Cust#: 3951 Code : 15628179-1317 v4.3.0 Name : SPC Cust#: 3951 Code : 15628179-1317 v4.2.0 Name : SPC Cust#: 666 Code : 461334-222 v4.0.x Name : Anonymous Cust#: 3951 Code : 15716904-439 Name : HackUser Cust#: 3114 Code : 9777510-346 v4.0 Name : SPC Cust#: 012345 Code : 152416803-4115 Warning (v5.6) if you try to put in these codes it will send you here --> And it logs the name of the User [Chrisco] and the email which you have in your Internet Settings In version 5.0.x, there's a secret about box (hold down option while clicking on the about button) - Project D v1.0.5J BZ#OG02@Y7F! - Project Magellan v3.1 Name: nowhereman Code: 1252208244 - Prometheus vAll Code: 12335 - Proof Block v7.1.5 U.Name: KIRI B.Name: KIRI R.Code: 54-929 - Prosonic ∏-Warp v# 121231208015 - Protractor v2.4.1 17900066 - Prowler v2.3 X 123PABLO-1CJC-%="1-C]111 v2.2 Name: Blue Pass: BLUE-G`ML-1EDB-``B1 - Pseud040 v Name: Akuma Codes: 1234567779 1379691515 1752038222 - Psion vall versions 2505-0006-02 2505 0003-03 - Public Utilities v2.0 003182327 330-01315-301 330-01436-301 v1.0.x B102145276305 003182327 - Puzzler v1.x Name: KIRI Code: 3085 Name: ANGEL Code: 2584 Name: ThankYou Code: 463 v1.0.3 Name: Chrisco* Code: 1678 v# Name: DSAT Code: 1240 - Cool School Interactus vCSI Vol 6 CSi06-109-212-122 vCSI Vol 5 CSI05-760-000-277 CSi05-422-000-313 vCSI Vol 4 CSi04-975-001-161 vCSI Vol 3 Csi03-C01512-1 vCSI Vol 2 Csi02-B02636-1 vCSI Vol 1 CSI01-A01987-1 - BhodiNUT Jenna (Cinema 4D plugin) v1.0.2 JEN100-UMG6SXAJEV7TN6CV (see note) Only works with the Cinema sn: 72002001247-DA-TW-KK-NR and Bodypaint sn: 64002001142-7E52B9 - BirdItaly v4.2 MAURI BIRDUSER FRIEND_OF_MINE - Cinema 4D PyroCluster v8.1 34000900999-PHMV-WHVX-RJZP-BGJK v8 34030001732-VZXM-JMDM-JLLD-NWCW v2.0 65000002116-0b9E4 v1.8 65000001072-8AAAD - Q10 v2.2 105950Q10MA3730 - QBoard v1.0.1 5213-93617-396 - QC v1.2.4 4257324493 v1.1.3 4257324493 - QDesign MVP v1.0 F9901-200-QD000-623034719 - QDesign Music v2 Pro F9901-200-QD000-623034719 or F9901-200-QD000-62303471 - QIF Convert v1.6 Name: Halo Driver Code: 388056721 v1.4 Name: Macintosh Code: 194337403 - QIF Web Extract v1.3 Name: Macintosh Code: 194440991 - QIFCategories v1.2 Name: KIRI Code: 427511155 - QIM v1.2.4 Name: Inpher/nop Keywords: TYO Code: 2992954 v1.x.x Name: Inpher Keywords: NOP Code: 2612939 - QMidi v1.0.1 Name: KIRI Code: 1705919110 - QP Changer Pro v2.02J QPCP200110 - QPict v5.2 Name: Pabloo SN: 72092247 v5.1 Name: PYRUS MALUS SN: 94492445 v4.0.x Name: Inpher Org.: NOP Code: 02495543 v3.x Name: Server Surfer Code: 02695641 v3.0b1 Name: MoonDark Code: 39399646 v2.x Name :Registered Company :(anything) Reg. Number :66594643 Name :John Doe Company :(anything) Reg. Number :73696647 v2.2 name: The Shark code: 34396946 - QSR NUDIST v4.0 Part # MP40E. S/N # MP401038-1058-231519. - QT JOY v1.5 QT-000996 - QT Pad v1.0.4 (see Crack) (Crack) DF $49AC 41820110 -> 48000110 $6834 41820020 -> 60000000 - QT-Q v2.22 (see tip) Hold down option and open about. - QTVR Authoring Studio vall versions ( see --> Apple QTVR ) - QUAD-Plot v1.13 Name: KIRI Code: 175356527 - QUED/M v2.7.3J 967895348 - QV Digital Mate v1.7.1 Name : [k]rkckWorks Code : YPDB24451004 Code : LCQO11322317 Code : FWKI05261711 Code : NESQ13342519 Name : Macintosh Code : IDHQ25342536 Code : QLPY07160718 Code : XSWF14231425 Code : EZDM21302132 v1.6.1 EYCI01031707 - QX-Effects vall versions ( see --> Extensis QX-Effects ) - QX-Tools vall versions ( see --> Extensis QX-Tools ) - QiPo v1.6 X Name: Pablo Org: SN: 0150123442490125542 (This is a site license SN) v1.5.7 OS 9/X Name : KRAKHEAD Company : /NOP S/N : 0150000053782151254 v1.5.1 Name: AtmosFear Org.: Code: 0150671537861127266 - Quadrivio General Edit v1.0 c3hb22yy352x - Quake 3 v1.0 rdj2bpcl3tgsa7hw trcbsadh7ljg23wp agpsh2drljc37tbw rh7t3acdjsw2bpgl ra7dpcg2swl3tbjh agh2tjdpcbr73swl bdgtc7larhs2w3jp pjwgldcs3h72trab d3lswr2pthjag7bc w2s7taphdcgblr3j cb2p3gl7wrsadjht wh3aslcrdpjtb2g7 agp7dhrwlc2jbs3t rg3lpjhs7bwadtc2 gl7trwb3phjas2dc bjchrw7sdplg3t2a v Arena dctslw3bj2ph7arg jgdwhca7trl3pbs2 t7hpdajlsc23wrgb cjr2hda3pbgswt7l rthplgwdscbj3a27 w2pbsjlgatc7r3hd rwadps27cljbth3g htgjs3a2r7cdwplb dtaphljcr2sbg37w a3tbj27hcgwdslrp hlpasrtb23jd7gcw tlbcp3j2hwg7adsr lrpgb327wjtdcsah 7algs2cjd3whbrtp spdgla3t27jhbcrw lagpct7jb3dhw2sr 2rj3chtsgpwdbal7 7pjtbgrasldwc2h3 twrbsga32pdjc7lh 2lspt7rgjha3dwbc pag2tsl7cdwr3jbh jhtsp2bc73ardlgw grjpa7lbcht2wds3 hb73lgcjsd2pawtr rdctpjhlw3ag7b2s bjdsp7hrwagc3l2t wgtas3hl2crdpb7j - QuakeFinder v1.6 38140425-18515 v1.5.1 Name: Scott Knauer Code: 1302225-18036 - Quantrix (OpenStep) v2.4 8999dwtvr - Quantum Mechanic v2.2 pro QM-1234-5106 v1.1 QM3456789746 - QuarkXpress v6.0 beta GPZ796F6737UN5C1D8NRNK5ZBRSF5C1ERM7AVEGUHWVXA4S See Tip v5 Passport 576192231NCHRWSP695410567EQCKM v5 PC 38932809ZLBWCJF263682HLJV0 38935551KBEWCJF267769XXTV4 38929340NXSWCJF263571NHRV7 v5 38959760MJDRHJF18140AVMU3 (dealer copy) 39084704RVTGKJF15322PZCM1 (promo copy) 39173017RHSKKJF3199PYJX2 (educational) 38934797CAJWCJF264655MVHU6 38930358FEWWCJF267096CVSU3 38930249QUBDCJF266285KFGV7 v4.1 XU18571653180 (serial number) 1649816943SVEHPRB695218542JSABA (validation code) # 1112 9551 19HA WXVS P695 2583 45LE (validation code) Validation numbers: 39265795BEWQYSB695300610YJVGC 1112963376KQEQSNG695223601MVTBG 1649931442XDVGQWF695298227KDBTS 576188157NSTNWYB695284476QEUC8 1113022454QZETJDF695333879JZMSU 576081383LQZHLHE695269862YZUFE v4.0J PF18408261343 v4.0.4 UK PRODUCT: INSTCD.REPL.XP.PMAC.400.EN SERIAL: XU120087541664 VALIDATION CODE: 1112 9551 19HA WXVS P695 2583 45LE MPC v4.0.4 Serial number: PX71761979 Issue Code: A9FDDGGD4A95935DDE v4.0.3 XU18818014014 v4.0 upgrade 1113 0473 81GR ELKL P191 9747 40WA WTN XF41072121 (3.32) | 4.0 upgrade code:3931 7574 ZBVU KLP1 9196 6279 GRUC 8 XF18403240685 3.32 | 4.0 upgrade code:3925 2117 GSDX PCB1 9190 6964 ZPBB R XF41072228 (3.32) | 4.0 upgrade code:3928 4879 GFVU KLP1 9195 8158 MUUC U XF41072335 (3.32) | 4.0 upgrade code:1113 0612 48GA CUKL P191 9906 57AB NHS XF44854257 (3.32) | 4.0 upgrade code:1113 0377 06FG TNNS B191 9589 23RY PHG XF41072442 (3.32) | 4.0 upgrade code:1649 9175 57ZW HUKL P192 0108 68FJ CKZ without dongel XF81980321 (3.32) | 4.0 upgrade code:1112 9528 08GZ SARD P191 9231 77BN ME5 v4.0 XU18751158624 XM10000000097 XU10034020845 XU10033704079 XU10030527261 XU10035297515 XU10033066063 XU10035386781 XU10036160076 XU10038197735 XU10030218515 XU10032305322 XU10036052053 XU10037850027 XU10037865384 v3.x XG50002863 XR22000765 XR22246199 XU23262295 XU23326276 XU30435247 XU30435782 XU43158960 XU43914334 XU43950295 XU44134121 XU44267530 XU44317350 XU50002863 XU51210588 XU51636790 XU51785218 XU51849192 XU52404768 XU52443418 XU52628863 v3.3x XL10002565790 XL10002565806 XL10002566573 XL10002566730 XL10002566666 XL10002566913 XL10002566423 XL10002566827 XL10002565649 XL10002566063 XL10002565933 XL10002566160 XL10002565547 XL10002566316 XL10002566280 v3.3J PF56257495 v3.3.2 XF41072014 v3.11J XF07034847 v6.0 beta Tip: If you live outside the US, you have to setup OSX into the U.S. region. go into "system preferences" and choose "country settings". switch EVERYTHING to "U.S."...i.e. language, date, time, numbers etc. after installing QXP 6 you can switch back to your normal region. - QuarkXpress SXetch Pad v 63AC-DAF4-5CBD-AB98 - Querkz v1.0 Name: KIRI Code: A3B8CLDT - Query MPEGEdit v1.0.4J xxxxxxxx (x = any) - Query VideoCD Maker Personal v1.0.5J VMPJ000600041-000-100 - QuicKeys vX 1.5.3 BXBGKT43CCLPJT5 vX 1.5.2 D9XKSLT53CCLPJ5 vX 1.5.1 MZBGLG65QSVKAT4 vX 1.0.0 QYVEWK6VEL26W vX 1.0 s/n: 1000068 Activation Key: BBKETQ5CBUPA5W s/n: 1000932 Activation Key: DXBE353GM2KJ5W BBKETQ3ZD42J5W (see tip) v5.0 Install: KJAFJYBY2RY4R FirstRun: LFG24Z85TF6US5R W234F67890 [Use with crack] WAHWFLKWJ9LJJA7 [Full] WAGXF8NYJRSL3A7 [Upgrade] QUXE-WEW8-JART-82QA-41A6 v4.1 LCDXR29L92S7A7Q LCGWXNZJRF43A7Q LAVW96WC9AU2A7Q v4.0 LQAWAWTWHFRSPE4Q LNTSM3EHKCRN26Q v3.5b3 K7LAMCDPPANZC3 v3.5.2b Pass: speedracer Code: K7LAMCDPPANZC3 v3.5.2 K7CH2V69J3GU7A7 K7A4D3BWCEV6JA7 K7A4D5BWCEU6JA7 K7A4M3BWCAV6JA7 K7A4M5BWCAU6JA7 K7A5D3BWCWV6JA7 K7A5D5BWCWU6JA7 v3.5 Serial No: 5000972 Serial Key: K7AD233YL3DSKA7 v3.0J 1001704AZB 1005111YHB v3.0.1 1057081LHB 1002846AHB v3.0 1000888 1120000 v1.0 69402 If you are having problems registering Quickeys X after using the demo, try deleting the following invisible file: /Library/Application Support/.quickeysX100_cache After doing that, the expired demo dialog went away and it gave the option to register again. - QuicKeys Power Pak v1.0 PCSDSPR7CEZMNA7 - Thumbnail Pro v1.0.4b X Name: Pablo Company: Minima SN: COR2K3-UAEIDR-KYVNAO-NREJUX - Zar v1.0 X Name: Pablo SN: PABLD267-50K0-1 - Quick Draw Poker v1.0 8490-4594-0015 - Quick Editor v6.3.2 Name: KIRI Code: 86 Name: ANGEL Code: 96 Name: well, now what's? Code: 658 v5.6 name: MoonDark code: 363 v3.6 Name: Anonymous Address: World SN: 1430 Name: Unknown Address: Somewhere SN: 3079 - Quick Gallery v2.0.2 Q23456789@123455 - Quick Rename v2.3 Name: Lain Code: 4884798882 v2.3.1 X name: Pablo org: minimal code: 8083788086 v2.0 name: Orygun code: 5514791583 - Quick4D v6.0.5 3287550927 9796652389 2099076529 3211882902 5280632218 - QuickBooks Pro v5.0 1000 816 361 v4.5 1006551970 v4.0 Customer #: 2147-236-646 v3.1 1001262854 1000816361 1002776209 v3.0 100-284-7950 - Interactive Physics v5.0 IP50T-00001-063019207 - QuickCheck v1.0 QC-1471083189906 QC-1243213181817 QC-1351663589506 QC-1800807410435 - QuickConference v1.6 QCMSDLCX6WRWGJ3 - QuickConfig v2.1.x needs serial number generator - QuickDNS Lite v1.0.3 Serial: 1098018670 Code : 4294967295 - QuickDNS Pro v3.0 DNS3-aaaa-akum-a3xw-2w5e or DNS-aaaa-akum-a3xw-2w5e v? code: QDNS-enpd-aaba-7cie-n4ee user: LangKous pass: password v2.2.1 QDNS-aaaa-akum-a3xw-265e v2.1.1 QDNS-sams-hack-gawd-damn v2.0 QDNS-9998-aaaa-abxw-265e QDNS-9998-bkwm-aaxj-yc5e # s/n: QDNS-aaac-aaae-c8bs-zbq6 Support ID: 2-aaab-qz v1.1b2 QDNS-a3tr-aaac-adgq-5q5e v1.0 QDNS-9998-bkwm-aaxj-yc5e - QuickEncrypt v2.x.x Name: MMC Mekka Code: 251063036950 Name: Bill Gates Code: 037063207750 Name: Anonymous Code: 450062667354 Name: Inpher Code: 431061856958 - QuickFlix! v• F1009383-0045 v1.1.1 VF160547-20235 - QuickFormat v6.3 QF!DD45FPDACC16LS - QuickTime vall (see --> Apple Quicktime) - QuickImagePad v1.0.1 "QSBX1.0 will change your ScrapSystem 2001.5.2" copy & paste the string (minus the quotes) in the registration field & click "Register" - QuickMP3 v1.6 Name: Macintosh Code: 1234 5673 A209 - QuickMail v3.5.2 327211 327215 - QuickMail AOCE v 1000122 - QuickMail Pro Client v3.x CDC3LF9LWLQPA7Q v2.0 CDSKVM3DCL7J52 CKE3Q24HKHMA42 (The QuickMail Pro 2 client s/n works by deleting the old ProductRegistration file from the CE Software folder in the system folder.) (also see TIP) v1.5 PC NT7TG9RP3DGWR7S6 (30 days) JV268NME3Z626 v1.5 Mac EWXXG6ZN57WNXB54FM25 (trial) NT7TG9RP3DGWR7S6 (30 days) v1.0 ASUDP6CNQ4NA7 GF74TXWJ65 TIP: Go into your system folder, locate the CE Software folder in there. You'll find a folder called QuickMail Internet, open it up... drag the folder called Users to the desktop. Reinstall Quickmail Pro. Then just replace the Users folder with the one you dragged out of there. All your mail, contacts etc will be as before... Repeat every 30 day or so. ;-) - QuickMail Pro Server v3 Active Key: 2CSHY23H3T6AKA7S v2.0 2ABPD3HNTUJZJ5S (5 user) CKE3Q24HKHMA42 (clients) v1.0 Mac ABLXPC6SJJ3JB23 (25 Users) ABJT2XLYCTRJ26 (30 days) v Windows NT JV8NYNMS3Z626 (30 days) v Windows 95 JV268NME3Z626 (30 days) - QuickMovie v1.5 bj - QuickNailer v1.6 408495107 v1.3.0 name: MoonDark code: 408495107 - QuickNote v1.x name : Charlie Chaplin copies: 10 code : 170-150-1431 Name : KK Company: NASA Copies : 100 Code : 1700-200-150 name : Macintosh company: Apple Computer copies : 100 code : 1700-900-934 - QuickPop v2.x name : InFiNiTe vOiD copies: 100 code : 2300-1300-1128 - QuickSANE v1.0 QS-91337004 - QuickScrap v1.x name: InFiNiTe vOiD copies: 100 code: 1300-1300-1128 name: John Doe copies: 10 code: 130-80-711 name: Charlie Chaplin copies: 10 code: 130-150-1431 - QuickSearch v3.0J F10-135-168-108 v1.5J QSA29174-3814 - QuickSite v1.0 3730715 - QuickType v2.6 SJYB-49069129 - QuickWindow v1.1.2 Name: Macintosh Org.: Apple Code: BFP33GUAFSWEVK v1.x.x Name: Inpher Org.: NOP Code: BXYOOTPANM1T1C - Quid Pro Quo v2.02 A-03752-63906 A-09140-54462 A-10360-57202 A-33115-30289 A-37685-25663 A-43542-23836 A-12455-51117 A-06452-60990 v2.0 067-63090-376 712-62930-728 072-62839-637 - QuikSync v3.1 KALLY-KEYiU-8A7Ld-jBZm1 v2.0 1234U1mvVoVI5XCS3Q4r - Quit CSM v1.7.7 Name: nowhereman Code: B123-0898-0685-7790 - Path Finder v2.0.2 Email: SN: CTPF-APCC-5QZU-UDKR Email: SN: CTPF-1T1T-JARL-EHNK v2.0 Email Address: Registration Code: CTPF-1R1R-1T1T-7XUX - QXP Doc Opener v1.0 Name: Lain Org.: Knights Code: QDO-5678-5 - Quit It v2.5.1 Name: Lain Code: 5-QTIT-479190000 v2.4.3 Name: Harbor Bay Code: 5-QTIT-487556336 v2.4 Name: THE SHARK Code: 5-QTIT-498377547 v2.3.1 Name: nowhereman Code: 5-QTIT-586549529 v2.1.1 Name: Macintosh Code: 5-QTITJ-471571568 - QuitProcess v1.31 QDXU3517IWAT2591 - Quite A Box Of Tricks v1.2f Serial: 8444-3626-6522-4666 Code : 7588 - Quite Imposing Plus v1.2 Serial: 0524-0381-7081-0929 Code: 6806 - Quitling v2.0 01:01:01:01:01:01:01:01:4C:4C 01:01:01:01:01:01:01:01:7C:7C 01:01:01:01:01:01:01:02:1E:1D 01:01:01:01:01:01:01:02:39:3A 01:01:01:01:01:01:01:02:D6:D5 - Quitzoo v2.3.5 Name : MMC for KK Company: Smirnov Copies : 000000 (=unlimited) Serial : hsej439-SXX-dfs6grd - Quiver v1.2 Name: HotSix Code: 33901884-34136 - QuizMaker Pro v3.0.1 monitor - QuizScramble v1.1J ZMQ7000097 ZMQ7****97 - QuoEdit v1.0.1J Mail: KIRI Code: QEdt41856263 - QuoteMan v1.1 Name: KIRI Code: 303-14-1989 - TermXL v1.3.1 X Name: Pablo SN: dd38-c41e-590f-e505 - R2J v# CD-KEY : V13M SerialNo : 661-93842762 AUTHORIZATION CODE : 1039120D - RALLY BOY3 v1.1 333 - RALLY BOY4 v1.0 333 - RAM Disk Saver v2.0.x 771630015 571760507 158370362 158888126 358864284 871106348 - RAM Doubler v1.6.1 584303 To use the installer without the master disk, change code 2 offset 175c from 66 to 60 No MasterDisk CODE 2, Offset 1752 6632 -> 6032 - RingtoneConverter v4.0.1 X DAED-0DA3-03EE-2A1E-4226-E28B-A0E7-D8D1-74AE v3.9.1 X 9B2F-3AB4-DE43-90E2-4D29-CB2B-0DF7-2038-756A - RAMDisk v3.2.4 Leave three blank spaces after your name to register - RAW Bar v3.0 EIRL9-EOP2Q-B3C3S - RE:Flex v1.1.1 Name: TRINITY Code: 0000000000000000 - REAL DEAL® Video Poker vAll Password: elvisiskingvivalasvegas - REFlex v1.0 Name: Cendryom Code: 0000000000000777 - RETRO CD v1.xx-J Name: afex Code: 4TCpcby5JtL v1.5 Name: Anonymous Code: GGwtZ4iXTkb - RTC v1.0 magic - RTF Viewer v1.0 Name: MoonDark Code: 90282 - RTV v3.2 magic - Rabacadabra's Fun With Animals v3.0 941.2.08901 941.2.0abcd 941.2.0**** (* = any) - Rabacadabra's Phonics Fair v1.1.1 1.0.5671195 1.0.abc1195 1.0.***1195 (* = any) - Radius Edit v2.0.2 SEC6252711M SEC6252992M - Ragtime v5.5.2 D kswr64wccyxkypfve9g4k3kvedcw (this one is good, may skip the next one) Code: RCVYRR ECQTRR KUQXPT 7WS3AE NUD6S Name: 'RagTime-30-Tage-Test' (sounds like demo!?) v5.5 34TWS9 7Q3TSX 7HE73S UHQSHE ESPAK ETSNNK R6F7QG 9R9P3E HTQ9VM TREK v5.0 MQP7KPUTKY54CVNY66994RXF5GPS v4.2 3CCB01 3E5E63 8578E5 E2747C 1B9E0B E3CA 8D2B01 154AC9 452A45 A8D82A 308AA1 26F0 v4.0.1 + 3CCB01 3E5E63 8578E5 E2747C 1B9E0B E3CA 8D2B01 154AC9 452A45 A8D82A 308AA1 26F0 v4.0 8D2B01 154AC9 452A45 A8D82A 308AA1 26F0 3CCB01 3E5E63 8578E5 E2747C 1B9E0B E3CA v3.1 Serial Number: 6601120 Production Number:8739401 - Raika CSM v1.6.3J R50027-89012 - Rain'Net v1.1 Name: BonsaiFreak Code: 27613160733 v1.x Name: Inpher Code: 968070 - RakuRaku Keisen v4.0J 987721519 - RamCharger v8.1 1HU18-7M33E-M3KC3 v8.0.1 00601 5R001 C2M23 v3.0 NTEA-QPCC-WAAY-ANLSB v2.1J BPKB-LLLD-CBAD-JNFOB v2.1.x ZUMZ-TZBZ-QZZH-ZZRUB OTNA-QGQD-UEAD-OCKSB OSOA-PFID-TOAU-GAJRB v1.5.6 AVFA-SHAA-LLAO-LBPUA AITA-FAAA-YGAH-LACHA - RandomNoise CODA v 0Y-A45CK-ILINK-CAKD (Begins with zero not O) 162x-20dk1-gik92-2569 v1.0 0YA45CKILINKCAKD - RapidCD v1.0.4 0300-0400-7863-5382 - RapidTrak v 600001201 - Rapscallion v2.0.x Name : Inpher Copies: 31337 Code : INFR-10J0-6862 v2.0.2 Name : NiceBunsChrisco Copies: 1 Serial: 2222-7174-0E88 - Ray Dream Designer v5.01 3D-501-2-4750-54899 v5.0 SM-00002-0-1-54637 v4.1 RD-403-1-9999-24894 DM-410-1-1433-57131 v4.0J DW-405-1-1349-3096 v4.0.3fc6 SM-00000-0-1-54633 SM-00001-0-1-54569 SM-00002-0-1-54637 DM-403-1-2051-31836 DM-403-1-2116-14832 v4.0 RD-403-1-9999-24894 v3.1J RD-312-1-1675-41118 v3.11J RD-311-1-3809-41477 v3.1.1 RDD5-1230-48398 RD-301-1-2116-14832 RD-300-1-7537-49443 - Ray Dream Studio v5.5 SM-00002-0-1-54637 SM-00000-0-1-54633 SM-00001-0-1-54569 SM-2-0-1-xxxxx v5.0J ST-500-1-3324-59147 v5.0.1 3D-501-2-4750-54899 v5.0 SM-00002-0-1-54637 v4.1J DW-414-1-4684-1980 v4.1 DM-410-1-1433-57131 Needs SN: Follows this pattern: DM-nnn-n-nnnn-nnnnn (n = number) v4.03fc6 SM-00000-0-1-54633 SM-00001-0-1-54569 SM-00002-0-1-54637 v4.0.3fc DM-403-1-2051-31836 DM-403-1-2116-14832 4 Elements: 4E-100-01-1801-22085 Funpack: 3D Fun Pack: FP-100-1-1737-45089. Professional Lens Pack: LP-100-1-1843-42914. SuperMesh: ZA-100-1-1357-56203. - Ray Gun v1.2 1072-0100-01137327-453231-663683 Box: H5-RG101751 Sn: 1072-0100-49529199-102050-240630 v2.0 (RTAS) 1202-0095-15182152-783849-295681 v1.1.0 1072-0100-03132324-460242-579236 You must download the plug-in installer for intended target program (Deck II, Peak, Premiere, Digital Performer, Studio Vision, etc) from to use the above number. - RbMIDI v0.8.0 There are 8 input fields, but its need only 4 fields for registration. so input anywhere you like. 1. Enter "Europe" in one field 2. Push delete key 4 times in other field 3. Enter "phonium" in other field 4. Enter "123456" (or any numbers) in other field - ReadMe Generator v1.x RMG-98-25 - Ready-to-Fax v1.0 DB15494- - ReadySetGrow! v1.0 20475 - Reaktor v3 301-87661-14233 ( needs dongle emu ) v2.0.3 200 11833 67923 needs 100 mb "enigma" file - Real PC v1.0.9 3100-0000-4172-2233 v1.x 3100-0000-0740 10-4526-1253-003 v1.0J 3100-5001-5746-8207 v1.0 3100-0000-3067-1746 3100-0000-4172-2233 3100-0000-7658-1041 - Real VR vall versions SN: A017913276 The "trac number" is 10137 - RealAudio v2.1.1: 0094-26-7618 vPlus 0094-32-4766 1000-00-1000 - RealAudio Pro v2.1.1 0094-26-7618 1000-00-1000 0094-32-4766 - Real Producer vunknown 212-08869-3226 - RealBasic v5.0 See Tip v5 v4.0.2 HALXHQBTW-Z5YTG9XK-DRIVERPET-RB400CPHUSA previous version code: ZARGYHWAP-K5ZPKE2R-DRIVERPET-RB350CPPUSA v4.5fc4 6MZL6RJWN-8LTTJ6VD-7NDN2YG6F-RB300NPFUSA v4 beta ( see tip 5) vAll 01-7103-18112-036 vunknown 98-8102-48043-423 00-8102-48943-423 88-0102-49843-423 00-8102-48943-423 00-8102-48943-423 48-8126-14792-686 01-4505-41495-053 80-0102-48943-423 48-8126-10472-696 01-7103-11912-036 v3.5.2 FAFDVC6CT-VHTTKGGJ-MA5A75Q9H-RB350CPFUSA (pro) SRYUZRYQ8-GHTB7DZQ-9MH7PDXKA-RB350CSFUSA ( standard ) previous version code 6MZL6RJWN-8LTTJ6VD-7NDN2YG6F-RB300NPFUSA v3.2 name: spamking_doc code: ZKKBVCENF-YLTBRFU4-X37EJFAXC-RB300APFUSA name: docTheMasterHacker code: PMKBVCEYX-VLTBL8PQ-56AYJLTVB-RB300NPFUSA v3.0b6 GCC0-G224-2H1H-3H24-2 NTWBVCS6S-3LTT4Z5F-6DHBF38VA-RB300NP2USA ( see tip #4 ) v3.0a9 6H81-5AH6-91E8-49CH-E (Pro Edition) v3.0 pro 6MZL6RJWN-8LTTJ6VD-7NDN2YG6F-RB300NPFUSA v2d65 00-8102-48843-423 v2beta 86-0348-78117-340 v2.x.x Standard Edition: 8531-3HGE-FA06-E765-7 A3EH-85FF-4358-F672-E G294-AH7A-2588-8F10-5 GG3C-712A-F4E9-G5E7-5 AH50-943A-6714-E767-5 6802-5518-GF7A-H956-1 E316-F727-H84C-4ECG-F   Pro Edition: 3666-746G-F83G-7CGH-4 HHH7-E4EA-6CG1-171E-0 053A-3C86-745F-G999-9 C81H-5E99-2GAF-1E1E-0 13GE-1EAA-8CCF-HG77-6 0774-H96F-G391-F370-A HFHE-733C-FE77-319F-5 v2.2.1 H76H-A7GA-0CG7-4F88-E v2.1.xJ Standard Edition 2G38-9591-3951-1F83-5 E4EC-G2EA-AH35-0519-4 9A5F-1625-G565-CEG2-7 89EA-4776-E702-0GF0-0 1848-GF1E-39H2-F72G-5 Pro Edition 9500-78F2-90C5-6144-3 E6AH-E14C-0CH1-4521-5 GGGC-G7F6-2E44-9868-9 366H-8769-G930-C1G5-6 C296-GG91-2894-GEA9-7 H5A1-G44F-56F0-H30H-0 E4HE-FAEC-EG7A-C7FC-1 C8G5-6G0C-6GEE-46H8-9 v2.1 H76H-A7GA-0CG7-4F88-E v2.0.2J 7C9G-08G9-6HFG-616A-A v2.0.2 H76H-A7GA-0CG7-4F88-E v2.0.1 70G5-5FEE-78C1-CCF7-4 v2.0 see note for this numbers! Level 1 = 0000-0000-0014-5775-A Standard Register Level 2 = 0000-0000-0014-A635-0 Standard Register Level 3 = 0000-0000-0014-0A96-H Upgrade from Standard to Pro Level 4 = 0000-0000-0015-3022-8 Professional Edition v1.1 15-8765-31358-254 91-2577-71877-370 v1.0f9 81-4505-48145-053 v1.0f1 00-0102-40043-423 48-8126-14792-696 v1.0 01-7103-10112-036 60-3487-91187-340 91-2577-71877-370 Tip v5: Edit these values in the REALbasic 5.0 data fork: 4BFF518960000000907F002C8061006C280300004182000C4BDBA1A160000000 880100BE 880100BE --> 38000001 BEE1FFDC7C0802A67C99237983C28C6483E2BAD07C781B78900100089421FF80418201DC 418201DC --> 480001DC ___________________________________________ 2.0: Note: #1 all of these SN's say they've registered the app...which they have. But when you compile the says that the app is a demo. #2 Once you register 2.0 with one of these numbers, you can no longer reregister the app - even if you delete the REALbasic2 Prefs file in the preferences folder. If you want to use a _real_ number in the future, use ResEdit to find and delete an invisible file in the Prefs folder called "Icon ". That will let you register REALbasic 2.0 again. #3 For PPC: In the data-fork, go look for the first occurence of: 01 B3 [xx xx] (in hex) where xx can be any number, propably based on the creation date. Now, replace these values with: 01 00 00 00 (in hex) and if you've done it right, the timelimit should have vanished from your build. For 68k: Same as above, except you have to search for the hex values in the DATA-resource, item #2. #4 delete invisible file "icon " in preferences folder delete "REALbasic2 Prefs" and "REALbasic 3 Preferences" launch "realbasic 3.0b6" serial numbers previously (realbasic2) = GCC0-G224-2H1H-3H24-2 (Version 2 Professional) License type v2 pro to v3 pro upgrade Registration number = NTWBVCS6S-3LTT4Z5F-6DHBF38VA-RB300NP2USA ( i installed and registered the 2.1.2 first, the 3 beta noticed that ) #5 [k] for REALbasic 4.0 1) open a copy of REALbasic 4.0 with any hexeditor 2) look for offsets for PPC Version $25BC08 replace 418203F4 with 60000000 $25BD28 replace 418202B4 with 60000000 $25BD88 replace 41820270 with 60000000 $25BE48 replace 41820188 with 60000000 $25BEA8 replace 41820130 with 60000000 for Carbon Version $258848 replace 418203F4 with 60000000 $258968 replace 418202B4 with 60000000 $2589C8 replace 41820270 with 60000000 $258A88 replace 41820188 with 60000000 $258AE8 replace 41820130 with 60000000 O.K After [k] launch the [k'd] app when asked enter the SN: 6MZL6RJWN-8LTTJ6VD-7NDN2YG6F-RB300NPFUSA enjoy! the heXX™ - RealCADD v2.60 72&12h-241 - RealFlow v1.11a Code: 1500-1101597f #LightWave PlugIn - RealPlayer Plus v8 0684-96-5548 1365-14-6381 0608-65-1409 vG2 1196-84-5869 0684-96-5548 v8 beta 1342-69-7536 0608-65-1409 v7 plus 0600-06-0030 v6.0 (G2b) 0600-06-0030 0000-00-2668 0600-03-0300 v5.0 0094-32-4766 v4.0 0094-26-7618 0620-62-2858 - RealProducer Plus v8.5 212-61461-8704 vG2 212-08869-3226 v8.057 212-06937-6771 - RealVideoPlus v4.0 0094-26-7618 - Sketchup v2.1.32 Serial: fa-001-10020-abm Key : 814h-zgbo-k4fl-gq - QuickVoice v1.6 QV-4862-12345678-9963--10 v1.5.2 X QV-4862--8739--10 QV-5862-PABLO-8739-10-10 v1.5.2 38573758254 BXBGKT43CCLPJT5 - RealView v2.7 Name: Halo Driver Code: 0401-3694 (doesnt work??) v2.6.6 Name: KIRI Code: 4303-3674 S/N#: 2097184 If not registered, how to: 1. Run the RealView app and quit at once. 2. Open "RealViewPPC preferences" with resorce editor. 3. Create new resorce "rgsd" ID 128. 4. Paste this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aybe works. - Realmz v7.1.2 (see tip 1) v7.0.9 name: (Enter this field as your own name) code: To create your own custom registration code, take your serial number (in the upper-left corner of the "About Realmz" dialogue box) and devide it by 24. Remove all the numbers past the decimal point and multiply it by 15; now add 24 to that number. You now have your code! (This will work with older versions as well but if it is earlier than version 4.2.2. only add 104.) If you don't want to work that hard then type in 612 as a serial number in the "About Realmz" dialogue box. When it asks you for your old serial number type in 10404397; type in 6502944 as the reg. code and enter your name. Note: This will allow you to play the shareware part of the other scenarios, but won't register any except "City of Bywater" v5.x Enter 617 instead of 911 to be able to enter the serial number and to your REGISTRATION number you must add 100 to it to make it valid. If it was 9678654 now it's 9678754. v5.1 To register the main program, and consequently the first scenario, take your serial # and divide it by 24. Drop everything after the decimal point. Add 24 to this. Now multiply that by 15 and subtract 156. This is your registration #. To register the next three scenarios, use the following: Prelude to Pestilence: Name: MoonDark Number: 175973540 Assault on Giant Mountain: Name: MoonDark Number: 403273572 Castle in the Clouds: Name: MoonDark Number: 181560444 You will notice that these numbers are 100 added to the registration codes for version 4.4.4 as in C&N. However, the numbers in C&N for Destroy the Necronomicon is NOT good, and I tend to doubt the other numbers for Griloch's Revenge and White Dragon will work either, as they are only 8 digits... v4.6.3 SN: 12345678 Code: 7716149 v4.2.2 Enter 911 as registration code to change your SN, then use Serial Number: 999999999 Registration Code: 625000094 v4.1.1 To register Realmz enter 911 as Registration Code in the About Box and click on Register. Then you will be asked for a Serial Number, which is 1794683670. After this enter 1121677394 as Registration Code, click on Register, type in a name of your choice and you are done. v3.1 To register Realmz enter 911 as Registration Code in the About Box and click on Register. Then you will be asked for a Serial Number, which is 13579246. After this enter 8487119 as Registration Code, click on Register, type in a name of your choice and you are done. v3.0.x SN#1888300270 RC#1180187748 STEP 1 Open the Application Program. A registration window will appear. Look in the top-left corner and you will see a number. Write that number down you will need it. STEP 2 Find a calculator. Any one will do. Now, take that 7-digit number and divide it by 24. I know, there are decimals. Now, write this number down WITHOUT THE DECIMALS. STEP 3 Take the decimalless number, and add 24 to it. STEP 4 Take THIS new number, and multiply it by 15. STEP 5 The last step. Take this FINAL number and subtract 156 from it. Bang! There you go! Now, enter that number into the registration area, press register, then enter your name and BANG! - Realmz Assault on Giant Mountain v4.2.2 Name: MoonDark Code: 403273572 v3.0 Name: Tim Phillips Code: 1369115096 v2.x.x Name: Anonymous Code: RC#0705389594 Name: Tony Sanders Code: RC#3000730738 Name: Larry Charles Code: RC#3670562560 - Realmz Castle In The Clouds v4.2.2 Name: MoonDark Code: 181560444 v3.0.1 Name: Tim Phillips Code: 616398176 v2.x.x Name: Anonymous' Code: RC#0317578044 Name: Tony Sanders Code: RC#1778615800 Name: Larry Charles Code: RC#2080185120 - Realmz Destroy the Necronomicon v4.2.2 Name: MoonDark Code: 34629785 v3.0 Name: Tim Phillips Code: 117552804 - Rundy v1.1 X Name : Pablo/Minimal SN: 156491422033210 Registration information are stored into Home/Library/Preferences/MHSFT J403.plist - Realmz Grilochs Revenge v4.2.2 Name: MoonDark Code: 60292014 - Realmz Prelude to Pestilence v4.2.2 Name: MoonDark Code: 175973540 v2.x.x Name: Anonymous Code: RC#0307806044 Name: Cam Wayne Code: RC#0387687056 Name: George Walton Code: RC#3237769224 v2.5 Name: Tim Phillips Code: 597431732 - Realmz White Dragon v4.2.2 Name: MoonDark Code: 51623504 - Ratsel2 v1.2 9999993 - Reanimator v2.0.7 Name: Cendryom Code: CBKKFIOMXXII-0380 v2.0.2 name: MoonDark code: IBXKXKIFVXOUI-380 name: TIGER code: HKXVCEQWNXQX-4612 - Rearrange Folders v1.1.4J 06FD-5678-F30F-3456 - Referencer v4.0.3 MISSY - Rename Files CM v1.0f1 Name: Lain Code: TE4WAJUZNKU2RDY3 - Reason v2.5 beta RSN250-0000-000353-6ZZ6-ZD2Y-7A4Y v2 RSN200-7737-015778-BS79-M8GM-48K4 RSN200-0000-000201-ELNJ-6NX2-WU9K RSN200-6896-383672-6P38-KFZQ-4XDX RSN200-2731-628817-K6T6-2DBX-74PZ RSN200-7375-335833-BLSU-G623-BVDM RSN200-5726-747637-BW2F-VHX9-649J v1.0.1 update rsn100-0000-000116-7quv-fwpc-jspq v1.0.1 WTJ552-6657-137156-NM94-ZBUR-E4XL v1.0 RSN100-0000-000158-ALNC-998J-Y2HP - RecStrip v1.x.x Name: Inpher Code: ICLXGFJD - Recall v1.2 name: MoonDark code: M-1612-ASF-19-022 - Recent Cleanup v1.0 Name: Lucifer Code: IIHMPNNI - Reckless Drivin' v1.0 Name: nowhereman Code: CB9F76C190 - RecoWrite v1.0.2J 0819798346156 - Recycle v2.0 RCY200-0009-006285-B2NH-EBTM-B9RG v2.0a9 B RCY200-0000-000100-NSXH-9H7H-QCPP v1.7b 0237454790 - RedValveIt v1.0 260492-01-490000066 - Redneck Publisher vall versions Registration ID : BUBBA - Reel-Eyes v1.1 CUYR-132456-834511-X9A7 - ReelSmart FieldsKit v1.1 Name: TRINITY Code: 2222222222211111 - ReelSmart Motion Blur v2.0 Name: TRINITY Code: 2222222222222211 - ReelSmart Shade/Shape v1.2.1 Name: TRINITY Code: 2211111111111111 - ReelSmart Twixtor v2.0.2 Name: TRINITY Code: 333333333333332 - Regression v2.1 Name : KIRI Company: ANGEL Serial#: GAXQTPLB1K - Rei'sTextCutter v1.0 magic - Rei'sTextViewer v3.2 magic - Relax v2.5.1 see tip 000-000-0000-250 v2.1.2 110-894012-1 Don't paste the serial number but type it otherwise it won't be accepted. - Reliever v2.6.2 EAC1111111217055 EAC1111111317056 EAC1111111417057 v2.6.1 EAC3430183616690 EAC0185153849776 EAC5806070429630 EAC2107396192809 EAC7773891431550 EAC1615578244897 EAC7721384088896 EAC2759421974810 EAC4976688802250 EAC9709733974675 EAC9131942517178 v2.6 EAC1111111117054 EAC1111111017053 v2.5.2 EAC1107519305965 v2.4 EAC1107519305965 EAC1000135081273 - Remind v1.1 1ZQ-NFS6-YGC - Reminder Pro v3.2 ZAP-31284L-RMPR-3XX-96 - Remus v1.4 RB0N000 v1.4J R64C02X v1.4 Lite L50A3SM v1.3.2 RT0S0KE - Rename It! vall versions 0.45J SRIwrsPwff! - Re:Vision Effects (AE) v1.1 QWESESQA 1234567890000000 http://www.revisionfx - RSMotionBlur v2.0 ASFGHH P123456789000000 - RShadeShape v1.2.1 AS 1234567890000000 - RSTwixtor v2.0.2 QWSAS P123456789000000 - RSVideoGogh v2.6 HONG G VG12345678900000 - Stone Studio Create vall 29jl-44f6-vhqd-gxao - Stone Studio SliceAndDice vall 1k50-5k78-xu5t-94s2 - Stone Studio PhotoToWeb vall 267i-gg25-75ze-e026 - Stone Studio PStill vall 1lbc-2bkd-pgc8-hx23 - Stone Studio TimeEqualsMoney vall 28r9-6c0t-9my6-fcm1 - RenderBoy v2.2.0 Name: Lain Code: 160647 v2.0 name: MoonDark code: 229414 v1.2 name: MoonDark code: 229414 - Renderman v5.5 3273071853 4027723341 3574598582 2518174477 4011405915 v2.1 2182566625 v1.1 3273071853 4027723341 3574598582 2518174477 - Renderworks v9.5 4900M-DG-6PCYPMC-112233 v9 4900M-DG-6PCYPMC-112233 4900M-DG-4F958MJ-112234 # 4900M-US-4P61MYX-115432 # 4900M-US-M75MKC1-01BETA 4900M-US-PP339S6-02BETA v1.0J 4800M-AA-MCCMH0L-002434 v1.0 4800M-DG-N5Q3N5V-002654 1702-HS3CC10S-W00000 1802M48MKK7H4A529354 Here's how to register RenderWorks. You must have installed VectorWorks using the demo, the original installer and the krack as found on Hotline. Trash the "VectorWorks 8 prefs" file and the "LightWork preferences" file. Now open VectorWorks, enter some cool name and org. On next screen enter something cool as well. Now VectorWorks asks if you want to register RenderWorks, enter yet another cool thing, anything goes! That's all there is to it. In short, you have to install VectorWorks and RenderWorks at the same time and the krack will work for both of'em!!! - Repeat Light v1.0.2 82477-59662-90030-40260-63495 - Replica v1.0 RPM-0010-0342-38QD RPL12345678HZKG - ResAid v3.1.1 1310598927x2537 - ResHunter v1.0 Name : MoonDark Institution : NOP Software Key: 79AF6M25AXPNDXXK3NNX - ResSwitcher v1.0 Small Green Triangle - Resize XT v4 MRSZ-DREHF-DHJK4-IGRICA v3.1.5 MRSZ-NMSLH-BOEA4-WOJGLP - Resorcerer v2.4 0000000000 v2.2 0000000000 v2.0 1234-1000-1000-2345 note: the sn# is 10 numeric "zeros". - Resource Remover v2.0.2 Name: KIRI/ANGEL Code: 86408640 v1.1 name: MoonDark code: 48260482 name: LeetCheeZ code: 79139135 - Respond v1.0.1 Name: Akuma Code: 45831115 v1.0 name: Buck Rogers code: 48773710 name: MoonDark code: 56258784 - Restart Controller v1.0 Name: KIRI/ANGEL Code: 3836927258 - Restore Desktop v1.1 5173735656 - Retriever v1.1J A100055757 - Retro AS-1 v1.0 (CD Installer Key) 3b5ab-7edy3-k3x24 - Retrospect vunknown W-BRNS-Z8S7-832E-8 (50-User client license code) v5.0 server HEXY-P5ZC-E9VQ-AP48 P49V-BBV8-U3PD-8N7L v5.0 FNXR-Z3RM-TQMF-BKG9 T6XT-2B7U-23Q6-XF58 D8LJ-H4GD-CM7L-2BNE v4.1 U5830028490 U4561234567 U4561478529 U4569513572 U4570030681 U4100000000 812-3407815 v4.0J J4540000115 J454000015 E3K7-CJF5-9T4T-1 E3K7-CJF5-9T4T-2 E3K7-CJF5-9T4T-3 E3K7-CJF5-9T4T-4 E3K7-CJF5-9T4T-5 E3K7-CJF5-9T4T-6 E3K7-CJF5-9T4T-7 E3K7-CJF5-9T4T-8 E3K7-CJF5-9T4T-9 E3K7-CJF5-9T4T-10 v4.0 650-729-7746 577-533-0106 543-999-2682 647-741-1178 595-161-0202 v4 client QB48-9UQG-ZDXW-1 QB48-9UQG-ZDXW-2 QB48-9UQG-ZDXW-3 ... etc up to: QB48-9UQG-ZDXW-250 v3.0 650-729-7746 543-999-2682 647-741-1178 595-161-0202 577-533-0106 545-366-9586 602-708-6450 T8CQ-6RDF-8DGY-1 T8CQ-6RDF-8DGY-2 T8CQ-6RDF-8DGY-3 PB9G-BGY7-PARS-1 PB9G-BGY7-PARS-2 PB9G-BGY7-PARS-3 v2.1 583209819105030000180 One of the serial nbr schemes is: U456xxxxxxx where x is any number between 0 and 9. So some working serials are: U4561234567 U4561478529 U4569513572 The Retrospect version on the CD works without a serial number because it is locked. So, as a nice work around you can take the installed file and lock it (Command I) and it will think it is running off the CD and will work for you without a serial number. • Retrospect Clients Mac: The license numbers for the Retrospect Clients are also managed in the Retrospect Application on the backup server. In the Window menu, go to License Manager. Some working serials are: EWRC-6BV5-VWJ7-3 (3-pack) W-YQ8U-WX8H-UZQ2-5 (5-pack) W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-8 (50-pack) • Retrospect Clients 1.1 Windows: W-YQ8U-WX8H-UZQ2-1 W-YQ8U-WX8H-UZQ2-2 W-YQ8U-WX8H-UZQ2-3 W-YQ8U-WX8H-UZQ2-4 W-YQ8U-WX8H-UZQ2-5 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-1 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-2 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-3 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-4 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-5 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-6 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-7 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-8 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-9 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-10 - Ricette v1.0 SELVAGGIO - Retrospect Client Activator Codes v3 / 4 662-808-2913 659-110-4617 659-059-8065 647-510-4209 638-949-6921 627-704-2377 627-147-0305 592-600-1841 592-245-5977 589-763-4929 - Retrospect Express v5 SB44-ST5A-Y645-969J T6XT-2B7U-23Q6-XF58 v4.x ? U3540000000 U5830028490 U3500001500 v4.1 812-3407815 u3540173938 - Rotary Club Administration v3.0 DREWROT - Retrospect Remote v• Reg: U5830028490 (3pak) Act: HN7E-J9U8-5SN6-1 Act: HN7E-J9U8-5SN6-2 Act: HN7E-J9U8-5SN6-3 v4.0 544-982-5849 547-740-6509 550-301-3809 555-721-4873 567-574-8041 571-779-1857 571-880-4961 572-212-4137 572-336-3929 582-771-3641 v3.0 SNs are the same as 2.1 v2.1 Registration ID #1: 05030000180 Activator Codes #1: 426-194-038 439-567-011 449-444-775 451-420-328 466-515-577 477-515-790 478-470-205 485-865-864 486-575-037 497-972-457 - Retrospect Remote for Windows v1.1 Reg: U6515000040 Act: W-RD2J-KQH8-L34T-1 W-YQ8U-WX8H-UZQ2-1 W-YQ8U-WX8H-UZQ2-2 W-YQ8U-WX8H-UZQ2-3 W-YQ8U-WX8H-UZQ2-4 W-YQ8U-WX8H-UZQ2-5 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-1 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-2 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-3 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-4 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-5 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-6 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-7 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-8 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-9 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-10 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-11 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-12 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-13 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-14 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-15 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-16 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-17 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-18 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-19 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-20 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-21 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-22 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-23 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-24 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-25 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-26 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-27 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-28 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-29 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-30 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-31 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-32 W-BRNS-X8S7-832E-33 - Return To Castle Wolfenstein vall versions ( see --> Wolfenstein ) - Return of the Spaced Invaders v# 7oo6y - Revers-F v1.0 Name: KIRI Code: 201229 - Reversi - The Eclipse v1.2.x 543052367 213653266 222264559 - Reversi Unlimited v1.0.x Name: BonsaiFreak Code: C8-29DE5D56-4F65-2BB8-01 - Reverso v3.0.1 GCSCFBCLAS-0208 v2.0 pro GCSCFBCLAS-0208 v2.0 FBHVJGGBBT-1583 DHEPXFDEDF-1535 v1.0 EGWEJGDAFQ-1568 CGXVTEBQYT-1500 - Rewind v1.2 RWND-1234-588338472 - Rezoom v1.1 9345-323456 - Rhapsody BlueBox vDR1 StuffIt Password: ff4d6127Lf962a75d - Rhino v1.0 CD-KEY: 1296-4271 - Rhythmic Circle FUSE v1.5.1 RCF1234567670700 v1.1 RCF3456781246045 - RightWriter v5.0 TGMC 113695 - Roaster vAll 111259 - RoboWar v4.1.2 name: Buck Rogers code: 10882 - Rock Solid v2.3 Name: KIRI Code: 425292 Name: ANGEL Code: 426432 Name: well, now what's? Code: 2164260 - Rocket Share v1.0 640-0207-01 - RocketSience v2.04 1230-1100-191 (see tip) install the rocket plugs then open DPerf go to insert in DPerf mixer select the plug and when the plug will present click on the rocket icon and enter the SN DO SAME FOR ALL ROCKETS PLUGS the SN is separate for each plug. - Rokkaku Daiou Super v3.0J Code: 2848535011 SN# : 466754 v2.0J Code: 26-48515-99 SN# : 13028757 v1.0J Code: SH-80714-29 SN# : 145889 - Roll O'Pict v1.2 RP12-56789-6BA7 - Rom Info Bundle v1.5b3 KNjj70LrYZ4wLPKve03b0RkKB T234567890ABCDEYLww467890 v1.x aAcdefghijklmnopqrstuvaGK v1.5b2 wiriKIRIkGDZZ$RIkiriKIRIpANGEL! ojG**reeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeKIRI TahahahahahahahskwwahahahahaKIRI opM**ELzzzzzzz-ANGEL-Have-fun!=) wCracked-%RZZeBy-KIRI-SeeYouNext (see tip) v1.4b1 hotsix-hXjccx-hotsix-hotsix (tip) Before registration, you MUST delete all preferences files if used previous codes already. The preferences files are: 1. (each app name) Prefs 2. ROM Info Registration 3. ROM Info Statistics - Rommy Robot v2.3.1 Name: Cendryom and surfer Code: Brown KRAK-110 - Ron's Piano v1.2.3a5 RNP1007890-YB6D v1.2.1b3 0000000000-VSV8 v1.2.0b1 0 - 8C8C - Rosanne v 45101339 - Rosetta v1.47 Name: Doug Heffernan Code: ILAIGTADAAAFGIQK name: mansaku code: HBEDIFRPAIIRHJHS v1.3 name: News code: BHDFCKSJAECGFJIJ v1.2.3 Name: :-| Code: HEDFFSTCABCGAGDT - Route 66 v• 28JSSV4559813 v2002 Europe CD key 2248558BTRN42 252VDNN170772 v1.9 1FYUZ34729828 386066EFNX851 18NPAE3646820 283MPBE575040 27730DDUC6632 26863975JIQJ7 27XBXX9608589 276808NGRM704 27NCJZ6844552 268838CKGT659 24CLKY9210724 Maps: See Tip v1.8 2264KZKV90212 Benelux Map: 1359329MTJQ79 Germany / Europe Map: 2035SPGP23432 Maps: See Tip v1.5 2PRAI68977412 2QKDF76838152 27BBDG6850462 Maps: See Tip Route 66 1.9 Maps: Germany: BCVZ202059268 Benelux: 16849YWWT5361 Eastern Europe: 1678077SAHB56 Europe: 20167SSOB8338 France: 1PJKK51468803 Scandinavia: 2PCGY18647559 Spain/Portugal: 16781287LUSZ2 Switzerland/Austria: 20144KLWT3593 United Kingdom/Ireland: 1510HZIQ49994 USA: 252431371ZRFX Italy: 218123NOAD526 _______________________________ Route 66 1.5 Maps: Germany 1847777MT0V32 Europe 2AIPY18222594 1677FQKH76262 18455MOPR8601 Benelux 1342JVFL70468 Italy 283MPBE575040 Switzerland/Austria 2XICJ76900869 _______________________________ Route 66 Maps: Benelux 23490560TFJJ1 168142VPRE081 16849YWWT5361 Eastern Europe 1NMQR34217996 201330ULXF188 Europe 18456857MNST8 134YFSX426882 2349ETDC92898 23RFYW4966530 France 20GTJK1331459 234958WXFB339 218ILJE298627 Germany 234910724NPQU 1512RTUH16900 16807CQYS7572 Italy 1677FQKH76262 201356294NPQU Scandinavia 134MIPL286855 Spain/Portugal 184552200JXVE 1510SBYT20552 Switzerland/Austria 18455MOPR8601 PINM134255369 QBEW201358857 UK/Ireland 21811764IWXE2 2JXMU01369354 15103KYDN6682 USA 2516QEWS94859 1JWKR80679435 25169HUGJ2043 251CFUD686155 2WTVN51695627 SignPost Application 276885261LOWX 27855JOED1560 28070170FTQQ5 284396555EUGG 28JSSV4559813 3RUHU66103405 _______________________________ 1.5.0 PPC crack Remove Check for Program & Map Serial Numbers This code is in the data fork Search For -> 93E1FFFC900100089421FFB090610068B081006E80610068 Replace With -> 3BE00001480000589421FFB090610068B081006E80610068 - Roxio Jam vall versions ( see --> Jam ) - Rule v1.4.1 16711935 - Ruler Seigyo v1.0J RULE531015 (AI PlugIn) - Rumpus v3.0.1 Pro X Serial Number: RR7654321 Code: 104086 v3.0.1 X Serial Number: RP7654321 Code: 158570 v2.1 Serial: RP1234567 Code : 154558 vPro Serial number: RP-1234567890 Validation Code: 200129 v2.0.2 Pro Serial: RR-40-725831 Code : 229407 v2.0 Standard Serial: RP-40-682581 Code : 125549 Serial: RP-40-549803 Code : 198016 Serial: RP-40-691728 Code : 191633 (32 simultaneous users) v2.0 Professional Serial: RR-40-725831 Code : 229407 Serial: RR-40-283540 Code : 77867 Serial: RR-40-639802 Code : 122497 (256 simultaneous users) v1.3.6 Standard (32 simultaneous users) Serial: RP-13-682581 Code : 126575 Serial: RP-13-549803 Code : 197761 Serial: RP-13-691728 Code : 198884 v1.3.6 Professional (256 simultaneous users) Serial: RR-13-725831 Code : 228762 Serial: RR-13-283540 Code : 77744 Serial: RR-13-639802 Code : 123523 v1.3.3 Pro Serial: RR-133725831 Code : 143297 Serial: RR-133283540 Code : 127017 Serial: RR-133639802 Code : 199018 v1.3.3 Serial: RP-133682581 Code : 183697 Serial: RP-133549803 Code : 228960 Serial: RP-133691728 Code : 47485 ( MaxumPack see --> MaxumPack ) - LUCAmailX v3 A01LM3 B01LM2 - RunManager v6.5 X NAB-RNMN3F-653B02-8AY MNB-RNMNIW-65U802-17S C9C-RNMNP0-65DJ02-4OF 2GC-RNMNHU-65X702-7PL v6.0 7WA-RNMN3K-60P902-3L9 7DA-RNMNHU-60HK02-67C LRA-RNMNBL-60JJ02-95H VHB-RNMN7S-60WE02-21A VIB-RNMNH1-60QC02-5OP DCB-RNMNZ0-60XA02-8FP GUC-RNMNPZ-608M02-11U I1C-RNMNI3-600R02-4JP DHC-RNMN1C-60XX02-7EV - S-Spline v2.1 Serial: 31651-MZGMW-PD1TZ-TXVRD-5FMT8-A42JG Code: THL9N-LUWGZ-358X5-TQPK6-AFBSU v2.0 Serial: 316EK-9WOYE-U24GR-GWREE-B0YGX-KR7GP Code: C2A5G-27Z26-4993X-PNKAJ-FE9LR - S.U.M. II vAll D952906J - S1 v2.2 120948S1MA7518 - SAM v4.5 SMMS4504X330490417IN - SAS JMP v4.0 Accademic AD00009156 When launchin Install, hold the option & ctrl keys and wait for double-beep. Afterwards press 4 times the number 0. - SCSI Director v4.0.5 504589 v4.0.4 123456 v4.0.1b3 CM-600931 - SFX machine v1.5.2 Select Utilities->Register from Category, set fader value "0-0-0-0" and click return. # Select Utilities->Register from Category, set all faders value to "0.0" then type a "0" into the first yellow value field. v1.x 7082200145 - SFX typeB v# 012-753-29021 - SKParent v1.99 code: 11260970 - SMS v1.4.3 Name : MoonDark Phone Number : 9876-543210 Registration : C790BCE4 v 1.x.x Name : Buck Rogers Phone Number : 0070-00700 Registration : 2C015816 - Secret Barcoder Ring v1.0 Name: Lain Code: 4529683 - Say What v1.12 Name: Lain Code: SAYWHAT-LN76321748 - SafeDog v7.0 JKL-QR v6 AJ5-K-9F - SafeCat v5 LP5MAv HWCT6Z - SMU vall versions Name: Weapon98 Code: UJ9Z-GT2T-H7KU - SNA Unlockers vno serials (see Cracks) Commercial software encrypted with SNA Unlockers is downloadable from Software Unboxed (, MicroFrontier ( and Dubl-Click Software (, amongst others. There are different cracks because there are different versions of the SNA Unlocker. After applying the crack, you can unlock the software with any number. Version 2.1.0 Open the Unlocker with Resorcerer Open CODE 3 • At offset +1032 Change: BNE.S 6616 To: NOP 4E71 (w/Resorcerer Patch Menu) • At offset +103C Change: BNE.S 6606 To: NOP 4E71 (w/Resorcerer Patch Menu) Version 2.1.7 Open the Unlocker with Resorcerer Open CODE 3 • At offset +0DA0 Change: BNE.S 6616 To: NOP 4E71 (w/Resorcerer Patch Menu) • At offset +0DAA Change: BNE.S 6606 To: NOP 4E71 (w/Resorcerer Patch Menu) Version 2.1.9 Open the Unlocker with Resorcerer Open CODE 3 • At offset +0D9A Change: BNE.S 6616 To: NOP 4E71 (w/Resorcerer Patch Menu) • At offset +0DA4 Change: BNE.S 6606 To: NOP 4E71 (w/Resorcerer Patch Menu) Versions 3.0.8 to 3.1.4 Open the Unlocker with Resorcerer Open CODE 3 • At offset +0F0A Change: BNE.S 6616 To: NOP 4E71 (w/Resorcerer Patch Menu) • At offset +0F14 Change: BNE.S 6606 To: NOP 4E71 (w/Resorcerer Patch Menu) Versions 3.1.5b4 Open the Unlocker with Resorcerer Open CODE 3 • At offset +11AE Change: BNE.S 6616 To: NOP 4E71 (w/Resorcerer Patch Menu) • At offset +11B8 Change: BNE.S 6606 To: NOP 4E71 (w/Resorcerer Patch Menu) - SNAX v1.2.3 E-Mail: Serial: SNAX-7XUX-J0LD-EG73 # E-Mail: Serial: SNAX-1T1T-JARL-EHNK (see tip) v1.1.2 E-Mail: Serial: SNAX-1T1T-JARL-EHNK Look with resorcerer for "drqwerty" and replace with "mrqwerty". Save and register using the above data. - SOFTracker v3.1.3 Enter the code "THYR@". To kill demo mode when prompted for registration, enter: • Bill Gates • Development Inc. • BRAGYXBS v3.0.3 Name: Softracker Company: Softracker Code: SFVGYMOR v3.0.2 Bill Gates Development Inc. BRAGYXBS - SOFTracker Layouts & Scripts v3.0.2 thyr@ - StickTools v8.0.2J ji58km9eb5 ht45a8kss8 - StickCar v8.0.2J2 ke53m9swp4 - SOHO in CS v1.0 SINC-DSQY-1234-0000 - SOHO-CTRL v2.1.0a3 Name: Lain Code: SHC-01245864 v1.3.31 User: sohoman Pass: SHC-01763571 - SOHOMaster v• SM01464972 Password: Athena v2.0 Serial Number: SM03336972 Management Password: Athena User Password: User - SPARK downloader v1.0J H3LSqKRD7824kY3d8 - Sapiens v2.4 X D1ZNT7F1S - SPSS v11 SN: 3588358 Lic: 30375 70345 48531 71098 42284 7218 (gives license for base, advanced, and regression modules until 2015) v11 b79.4 30315 63977 83442 68132 69007 0470 vunknown 510456 11044001 30404 03147 78648 11199 77781 3879 (This code will be valid until October 31, 2001) 31469 35204 94368 65435 12052 6833 First enter: 30847 52323 44669 64832 10488 2262 then for additional installation items: 11044001 v10 PC Codes for SPSS 10 for Windows (installation) SPSS – 3615750 AMOS – 3604502 SamplePower – 3573221 Answer Tree – 3554665 Codes for unlocking some features: SPSS – 30489 82805 30519 95087 97427 0317 SPSS – 30704 64794 85365 20621 48132 3211 These codes are for SPSS base, Tables, ProStats, Advanc. Stats. Trends, Categories. AMOS – 40611 86385 60083 70060 31215 48248 45830 641 SamplePower – 44644 26368 90540 58120 05673 93067 52462 909 AnswerTree – 49140 16492 43890 89428 42953 80565 42674 694 v10 sn#: 3715060 License Nr: 30248 44451 27310 99887 38656 9497 gives licences to ALL parts of SPSS 10 - SPSS Base v6.1.1 30847 52323 44669 64832 10488 2262 v6.1 12345 30650 96234 33556 18631 07809 9930 You must include the spaces! - SQL4X Manager v1.3.1 QJTW-E65F-HU7G-8JFH-9EG6 (Pro Edition) QJTW-E65F-Z6FD-8JFH-8HH4 (Basic Edition) - STRATA PetiteVision3D v1.0J A156241377081 - SUBLIMITIE vAll gdy-sele2000-325171 - SUZURI v2.0.5 9807-00000001-TEST - SVS v1.2.0 1234-5678-6Z6X - SXetch Pad v1.1.3 PPC 9143-02C4-1001-4501 63AC-DAF4-5CBD-AB98 - SaberLAN 2 v License: AEL-03-0001-100 SN: AEL122998.100 - SadMacMaker v1.5.0 52356913 21766952 46055464 - SafePicker v2.0 antwerp-zyzzyva - SaifuSaver v1.0.1 Name: nowhereman Code: 527558423 - Sailing Master v1.1 00920ASIP - Sakusaku Print v1.02J 3258914 - Sambucus v2.0.1 RFYMtw445-2319 - Sandlot Baseball v1.0.3 0578-KIRI00-SB v1.0.2 name: nowhereman code: 0265-123456-SB - Sangokushi v6.0 (Crack) v5.0 (Crack) (6.0) DF $17ECB4 40860088 -> 48000088 (5.0) DF $6F938 41820018 -> 60000000 $AC584 4082 -> 4800 $AE65C 4082 -> 4800 CODE1 $5E194 6714 -> 4E71 $937D6 67 -> 60 $94E68 66 -> 60 - Sanity Check v3.2 SCD-98652-3757 - Readiris v7 337000206270027 (App) A07000207310002 (Asian add on) - Sans-Faute/Grammaire v2.5.4 F81DCB5DA11DR97016434 - Santorini Server Manager v4.0 1234-5678-9012-7598-1495 3456-7890-1234-1801-3607 2345-6789-0123-1920-2526 v3.2 7610-4947-8854-0626 4581-4062-1140-6924 v3.0.5 0984-7604-9445-2414 - Sapphire v3.0.5 X Name: Pablo SN: saph-260000-464801181817011818170 v3.0 Name: Cendryom Code: saph-300000-278292960131525184145 - SatTrak v1.0.2 Name: MoonDark/nop Code: A37916z - Satellite 3D v1.5 420491 - ScanFont v3.2 ( see [k] ) [k]: Use the fully functional 3.2 Demo (works 3 days) When first run ScanFont, it will create two invisible files (the secret lock). To remove the time limit locate and delete: G.975643#7 (in your startup disk root directory) I.975643#7 (in your current System folder) You can automatize this using Aladdin InstallerMaker building a Deinstaller, which you can put in the Startup Items folder. You can build one single Deinstaller which deletes the ScanFont and FontLab [see there] Demo locks together. Remember: this [krack] must be re-done every three days. - ScanOpen v2.0.x F9RTV-A5HMAG-TMCK4 - ScanPrep Pro v3.5.5 SPME-355-3D26-VL7K-YRJ2 v? 614231653750 v3.5.2 SPM-YD2X-NKA2-THH3 v3.5 SPM-DD2P-567E-ZPU2 v3.4J MIN-O7ZE-O851-98FW v3.41 1234567D9123B56489 v2.0.2 IXP-61082016-BK4 - ScanTastic v4.7.1 DL STPS4-1435174855 v4.5.4DL code: STPS4-1435174855 v4.3.6 (Epson) Password : e5e623fe&4663abee Registration: stps4-1572081656 v4.0 STPS4-1435174855 STPS4-625243912 v# STPSU4-2035692817 - ScatterBrains v3.2 6725 - SceneRemixer v1.32 4056199 - Schedule Board v1.6.1 SB123456492 v1.2.1 SB000009936 - Six Degrees v1.0.1 X MCBXSVEWWPWA - Scheme Factory v1.1 SF10-3PPG-CCF9-242 - School Time Quizzer v1.6.x MLBV-9295-HGCC-8872 v1.0.1 MLBV-9295-HGCC-8872 - Sci WorkPlace v2.5 serial - Scientific Word v2.5 123456 - Scitex Maskcutter v2.1.4 MC:E-1406-13263-7720-8142 v2.1 MC:E-1234-16193-0986-8023 - ScopeDriver v1.2.1 GM-685-13-19339 - ScrapDiary v1.0 [MacAddict] First Name: MacAddict Last Name : Hacker Code : FTFR-FBHN-F9LQ-NNPU - ScrapIt Pro v5.52 name: MMC Mekka copies: 5 code: 0305-045-0742 v5.4 name: InFiNiTe vOiD copies: 100 code: 6100-1300-1128 v5.3 Name: HackUser Copies: 100 Code: 6100-800-0790 v5.0.x Name: Anonymous Copies: 10 Code: 0610-090-0969 v4.2 Name: Anonymous Copies: 1 Code: 61-9-969 Name: Anonymous Copies: 50 Code: 3050-450-969 - Screen Catcher v2.2 Name: nnowhereman Org.: msj Code: AUCA-AAAA-XV v2.2b1 Name: duioirop Code: DERT-JUIO-LK v2.1 Name: nowhereman Code: ABJC-BBAS-AA (see tip) v2.0.1b1 Name: nqwhereman Code: BASJ-BAAA-AN v2.0 Name: nowhereman Code: ABJC-BBAS-AA v1.0.x name : TSNG Contributor code 1: 4656 code 2: 19312 v1.0 name: Mr.? code: 17712 If you registered before delete an invisible "screen catcher data" file in the prefs. Open SC with resorcerer and look for "nowhereman" and replace with 10 letters; save and register with the above serial. Enjoy! ;) - Screen Gear Pro v3.2.3 Name: KIRI Org.: ANGEL Code: 9799051 - Screen To Screen v1.0.2 S102S-00000-30408939 (standard license) v1.0 S1234567890182762085 S2345678901277867083 S3456789012362796553 S4567890123410779440 S5678901234504751241 S6789012345659329271 - Shave for Cinema 4D vall 74671127-29426424-28C3E - ScreenChooser v3.1 SIPLET7112 - ScreenCloze v1.3 herring (not paste, type it.) - JavaGroove v1.0d10 Name: Mouto Code: JG- INF111-117 - ScreenGear v2.0 Name : PPC Organization: BUG Code : 7349296 v1.1.2 Name : PPC Organization: BUG Code : 7349296 - XBubbles v1.2 X pfcABLAG9 - ScreenGrid v1.2.1J SG723458-3PC6-4M67-984F - ScreenScapes v 10SSM005528A - ScreenShot v2.5.5 000041-103947 000124-103947 000041&124-103947 321343-288353 v? 321343-288353 v2.5.4 010025589AB10 v2.5.3 202512-456775 202523-567874 202534-678958 202545-789061 202556-890114 202567-901201 202578-012368 202589-123441 v2.5 2025123456775 2025234567874 2025345678958 2025456789061 2025567890114 2025678901201 2025789012368 2025890123441 v2.0.1 2020000000078 - ScreenShot Pro v2.0 Installation Code: 123 Serial Number: AA770888CE-F14349FDE4 - ScreenShotGuardian v1.0 Code: ssgfks - ScreenSpanner v1.0 Name: Ragnarok Code: Q3dj8Hpk317531SY31SYWUSQWUS - ScreenSticker v1.3.0 PCH-7261847395-SP - ScreenTime for QuickTime v2.0.1 STQTCM3010128 - Screentime for Flash v1.3.6 STFCM40145 v1.3.3 name: anyname code: 123456789 - Script Debugger v3.0 LNS014-043-085 LNS014-048-083 LNS014-055-089 LNS024-025-093 LNS024-057-075 v2.0 LNS252-890-236 - Script Palette v1.7 ASPT-0000-6789-0054 - ScriptLock v3.0.4b1J Mail: Code: 14D53D2B3FDD2125 v1.0.1 SLCK*xxxxx-**xx*-x ('*' wildcard for letter 'x' wildcard for number) - Scripter v2.0 313376455 169690505 187100187 106900250 333333290 v1.0.1 20000000 - ScrollMagick v1.0.1 Registration Hold down option-command-shift-control when clicking on the Register Online button, and it will thank you for supporting shareware. - Scrollability v1.0.6 (see tip 2) v1.0.2 (see tip 1) (tip 1) Hold down Ctrl+shift+alt+command and click the register button. (tip 2) You must hold-down the OPTION key (alt) & click on "Purchase Scrollability Online" Button… Then=> Thank you for your support. or hold down: control+option+command and click on the purchase online button - ScrubDelete v1.3 ScbD-0130-00006593 ScbD-xxxx-xxxxxxxx (x = any) To call up the registration box, hold down option and click upper left box. - Sculpt 3D v 101164 - Seagull Video Player v2.0.1 Name: <anything> Organization: <anything> Serial Number: SVP456X8B178-496V8C2-26446V8-3N2N4969 Previous Serial Number: <leave blank> - Search & Rescue v3.0.1 321ABC v2.0.1 321ABC - Secret Agent v1.0 asdfuiop - SecretBase v1.0 esananawakiaevoli - SeijanGakuen vAll 30900285 - Seize The Day v• Code: 9312M00014 Key : Q1B9J - Sekai Chiri vAll ïBàæîû (This code is Japanese character) - HBImageProcessor v1.0 X IP100-5542-ABLO - Hog Bay Notebook v1.0 X NB12P-5542-ABLO - Hog Bay Timer v1.6 X TM12P-9986-ABLO - Sekita Shogi 5 v98.11.18 18029686 - Seldon v1.0 01-875-3945 - Select v# LMC213500156 v3.0 RMC510700011 v2.0J 701835 - Semware Editor v1.0 Pre-release code: 3001005027 - Sensible Grammar v2 103855 119303 - Sentaku Hyouji v1.0J SVIW190274 (AI PlugIn) - Sento Font Library v6.2 Hirakaku Name: KIRI Code: HSG301000000M (ProW3) Code: HSG605000000M (ProW6) Code: LSG815000000M (StdW8) Hiramaru Name: KIRI Code: HRG401000000M (ProW4) Hiramin Name: KIRI Code: HGM343000000M (ProW3) Code: HGM647000000M (ProW6) v5.0 Daigo Code: DIF260000000A (W2) Code: DIF314000000A (W3) Code: DIF413000000A (W4) Code: DIF512000000A (W5) Code: DIF611000000A (W6) Code: DIF710000000A (W7) Code: DIF816000000A (W8) Code: DIF915000000A (W9) Hirakaku Code: HSG160000000A (W1) Code: HSG214000000A (W2) Code: HSG313000000A (W3) Code: HSG412000000A (W4) Code: HSG511000000A (W5) Code: HSG610000000A (W6) Code: HSG716000000A (W7) Code: HSG815000000A (W8) Code: HSG914000000A (W9) Code: PKK046000000A (Pkana) Hiragyou Code: HFG411000000A (W4) Code: HFG814000000A (W8) Hiramin Code: HGM204000000A (W2) Code: HGM303000000A (W3) Code: HGM402000000A (W4) Code: HGM501000000A (W5) Code: HGM600000000A (W6) Code: HGM706000000A (W7) Code: HGM805000000A (W8) Code: YOK056000000A (hkana) Keage Code: KEF246000000A (W2) Code: KEF345000000A (W3) Code: KEF444000000A (W4) Code: KEF543000000A (W5) Code: KEF642000000A (W6) Code: KEF741000000A (W7) Code: KEF840000000A (W8) Code: KEF946000000A (W9) Oike Code: OIF202000000A (W2) Code: OIF301000000A (W3) Code: OIF400000000A (W4) Code: OIF506000000A (W5) Code: OIF605000000A (W6) Code: OIF704000000A (W7) Code: OIF803000000A (W8) Code: OIF902000000A (W9) Yut Code: YTK006000000A (5kana) Code: YPK003000000A (36kana) - Sentry v4.0.3 Name: Lucifer Org.: Lucifer Code: 90282 - Sequence A GoGo! v1.0.1 UserID: ABCDEFGH Code : 12238268 - Serf v1.0.x Name: BonsaiFreak Code: 1093-0000-0360-3895 - SerialSpeed 230 v1.7 1063481 v1.6 "-12335766" v1.5 "-12335766" "-23411613" 14889 4294982185 8589949481 v1.4 80424 145963 211498 14889 4294982185 8589949481 v1.3 "-12335766" - Server Sentinel v2.1.2 SURF-RAGNAROK-C0A545 v2.0 KRAK-CENDRYOMEFAD6B - Server Sentry v2.0 A399092584 - Server Tracker v1.0 1234-5678-9012-6487 1380-1515-0435-0471 2181-0641-4115-0160 1330-6007-7315-6929 1715-4643-5835-6329 - ServerManager v4.0 1234-5678-9012-7598-1495 2345-6789-0123-1920-2526 3456-7890-1234-1801-3607 - SecuritySpy v1.0b9 Name: Cendryom/nop Code: SS-902-651420 - Sesame v2.2J Name: Sesame Code: Se-95344248-2033 v2.2 Name: MoonDark Code: Se-28208-2060 v2.1.1 Name: Akuma Code: Se-17270-2017 v 2.x.x Name: Buck Rogers Code: Se-20154-2096 - SessionLog v3 s234-l678-o012-g456 s***-l***-o***-g*** (* = any) - Setting Sun v1.6.1 000000F00-000F00 v1.6 Name: Halo Driver Code: 30302222 v1.5 Name: nowhereman Code: 00111140 v1.2 name: anything code: 41106333 (see Crack) v1.1 Name: (any or HotSix) Code: 00000006 name: anything code: 41106333 Crack: Use Resorcerer or other editor, to search for the code (4110633) Change it to 15935785, Save, Trash your old Prefs and re register with the 1.1 number. He just upgraded with the old numbers imbedded so you will get the "this App. uses hack numbers message" - SevenDice v2.1 12345678 - SevenTones v1.0 9465821 - SexMaster v3.9 see tip Not a real crack but it works. go to and download the latest version. type in any sn in the field. Set an atrap for NumToStr and click the Register button. Once you drop into macsbug clear the atrap and set a new one for BlockMove. Check out A0 before every time Macsbug shows up. If it's not the sn you put in then just use "g" command untill next atrap. You should see the sn you entered show up twice. Then there should be a long number, the real regnum. Use that regnumber instead as the SN and TA DA the password file should be created for your comp. it dont work on earlier versions so dont waist your time on it. I did :( - Shade Debut vR4 S/N: 402703 Key: 05639396700015543014 # 06713769160683638373 - Shade III v1.3J 02370453420517815477 v1.x J light 0537863169 v1.2 lite 0315723752 v1.0 0429785090 - Shade Personal vR4 02653226630585358461 05368311220466911640 vR2 03497596350420210399 - Shade Professional vR6 06430581060417884647 06713769160683638373 vR5 (Updater) 06430581060417884647 02042817330243307261 06125096970346813523 03137461600425091780 (RadioZity) CUBA EATS ONES TILT BUST CUBA ELBA NOUN FEE IBIS (Serial) 203404 504435 vR4 06430581060417884647 (Updater) 06125096970346813523 (RadioZity) CUBA EATS ONES TILT BUST vR3 05204878240691144585 05196943600518530909 - Shader Detective v1.3 188877 - Shaderman v2.3 s/n : 44J8-L0060-1030 Code: 2L8-0A9-092 - Shaders vall versions SLA200-H6UGW9ZJYUMK7V7N - Soldier of Fortune vII CD Key FPKR-P4ZM-WKPZ-4EEW-89 3Z4J-J3PP-K848-EWPK-1F - ShadowCaster v3.0.1 SHDW300-13652-66787-35006-M v2.0 SHDW102-2200-0831-0140-50AH-1 SHDW200-1710-0685-0890-90AM-1 v1.0.2 SHDW102-2140-0576-0810-30AG-4 theres a ShadowCaster for InDesign too, i dont know if the codes work for both. - ShadowIRC v1.0.2 code: SHIRCUHQtblvClSvJ0m5DxOcmJN*ugGDnayH1QDb6oAJon_Daniels (Copy this into your clipboard and paste it into the register window) - ShadowKeys v1.1.1 Name: nowhereman Code: SK100T-40060044-F3C6 - ShadowLAN v• 'Paris' allows 5 users to connect. - ShadowWraith v1.0 6704SWM107602-R1 3055SWM100686-R1 6551SWM104898-R1 - Shapes II v1.0.2 CNDERY0MZ3 (The 0 is a zero.) http://www.TCNJ.EDU/~nowalk2/carrot/shapes/ - ShareDraw v2.0.2 SD345678903MAS - Shareway IP v3.0 21301234232345678901 203012778986905671 v2.0 22205678941000 22205678951001 22205678981002 v1.x 21117247251027 v1.1J 2211567862123456 v1.1.2 pro 22110000110000 22110000120001 22110001120000 22110000150002 22110002150000 22110000200003 22110003200000 22110000270004 22110004270000 22110000360005 22110005360000 22110000470006 22110006470000 22110000700007 22110007700000 22115678219876 v1.1.2 21118528258116 21115843584278 21115528735221 21118268891022 v1.1.1 21118988191765 21115948311932 21111364016905 - SharingMaster v1.2.2 Name: [k]rkckWorks Code: 2147473910 Name: Back Stage Code: 2147472259 - Time-X v2.1 fx34ep16 - Sharity v2.x 02-0000FF-5B7D34BC-00004D55 Unlimited and unexpiring v2.6 02-000022-2532E247-F0DE9CCF student licence = 2 servers max. - Shiro The Cat v1.0J KANSHA - Shisenfu Gekikara Mahjong v2.0 CGEK6Z13220880MCD CGEK6Z16964508MCD - Shomi v1.0 Email: Code : DPAA5678T6BESRV7 - ShootMe v1.0 ZekeLuvsMelvin! - Short Circuit v1.2.3 Name: MoonDark Code: RECB - Showplace v2.x 1950469700 344539530 - ToTheTrash v1 TTRASH1001-BN5B-CJ1M-DPF1-CPQE-G51Q - Shredit v4.9.7 X SHREDI5001-5Ce1-0T49-R2DA-TEP3-X0M8 v4.9.7 SHREDI4001-3A9T-GBDW-ON45-2FVK-K2PM v4.9.6 00000000000000000063b7a0d3 v4.6 123456789012345678b78d9278 - ShrinkWrap v3.5.x First name: Registered Initial: *leave blank* Last name: User Code: HLGH-KF48-PBPF-K68R Name: Cracked by MI : Last: Inpher Code: JXHT-PFLK-J7PU-RRVW v3.0.x First : Inpher Initial: E Last : Lite Code : 0C4M-8G7A-7A4G-J9AD - Shutdown Controller v1.0 name: MoonDark code: 50505050 - Sibelius v2.1.1 SCER210900491205668 v1.0 SCEP120419555134614 - Traktor DJ Studio v2 601-06475-06674 - Siege v1.0 VFDRQEL ZGJLNVG DORFNGO BWNDJHO KWAEHAK EOKWIKE JKBTIRA XNLLTBZ OUIYMQS ZTPVJAL IHMYULV GLIWSMV TXBLGWJ - Sifter v1.0.1 SFT-INTR-1110-9505KFJH SFT-EVAL-1110-9505030E SFT-100-0010-0546633F SFT-100-0100-5142069E SFT-100-1000-6574011D SFT-100-0100-0192827C SFT-100-0010-0213352B SFT-100-0001-9180463A SFT-100-0010-8079574F SFT-100-0100-7968685E SFT-100-1000-6857463D SFT-100-0100-5746574C SFT-100-0010-4635685B SFT-100-0001-1540796A - Sigma Chess v5.1 Name: nowhereman Code: 523456 Key : 1421-5228-5353 - SigmaPlot v5.0 code: k00266 - Signpost v1.2 Application: 284396555EUGG 276867PWIV076 Italy: 201356294NPQU USA USA-251CFUD686155 v1.x Application: 27BBDG6850462 276867PWIV076 US Map: 2516QEWS94859 European Map: 2BCPT01385474 2349ETDC92898 134YFSX426882 German Map: 134RDLH251012 16807CQYS7572 French Map: 234958WXFB339 Benelux: 1OWEQ34395137 - Silver v1.2 1044400 1615820 2057826 2657568 3288264 v1.0 3616526 - Nikon Capture v3 SN: bats fast bake SN: BAUD FLIT OUCH - Silverfast v6 Epson 1680 8171D7000020100904DA v5.2.0r06 DC 85A16912075002100007 v5.5 Nikon LS30 : 15602F0A58A01021748B LS2000 / 817011B500B3440F7A9F vPS Plug 7602A7015A4EAC29727D HDR 3.2.7 Demo Crack vGer.Version 001AE700377E133DA575 v5.x updates Polaroid Scanner download access: Name: PolaroidSF5 Pass: 480Neon Microtek Scanner download access: Name: MicroSF5 Pass: Indium256 HDR download access: Name: HDRSF5 Pass: Titanium699 v5 Name: NikonLS5 Code: Nickel298 Gives entrance to the Nikon scan driver area v4.0 9406128650F0227302D7 B12E307400978A0F8F46 (Epson) On the demo copy there is always a "Silverfast" or "Lasersoft" print in the final scan. Here is the crack how to get rid of it: Open the DF (DataFork) of the plug-in with Resourcerer or any text editor like BBedit and simply replace the two words "Silverfast" and "Lasersoft.test" with spaces, thats all! No more demo letterings appear. - Silvergol v2.0 (Licenza d'utente & N.1) EF22-0007-6501 - Silverlining v5.6.3 please (use on 2nd attempt) - Sim-Cinema Deluxe vAll 334259217 - SimExpress v1.4.1 X Name: Pablo Org: SN: UGFibF9fX19pZGV4ODI0NTEh v1.0 Name: nowhereman Org.: nowhere Code: BM93AG5VD2HPZGV4ODI0NTEH - Simone v2.1 X First Name: Pablo Last Name: Pablo SN: 84-540517534552551-988-0 (type, not copy/paste) v1.2 Name: Orygun Code: 88-539534557547557514-644-644 - Simple Projector Interface Builder v1.0.x code: 158454V6-565454 - SimpleAddress v1.x NAK05678 RXZ0*000 - SimpleImage v3.3.3 5294-8638-80G2-84C6-98 v3.1.1 Name: Inpher Company: NOP Code: 272E-2H5J-9ACN-26E0-98 v3.0 Name: nowhereman Code: 5294-9749-8PA4-37F9-32 v2.5.1 Name: HotAssBiscuitsAreGood Code: HA353F2991 Name: Inpher Code: AH484B233 - SimpleLauncher v3.5.2 2142168542 - SimpleText Color Menu v3.4 (see tip) Select "Color" from menu then you'll get reg alert. Hold down option and click "I Paid" - SimpleVCD v2.2 Name: Inpher Code: 684740-18743624 v1.0.x Name: [k]rkckWorks Code: 1290598-40370812 Name: Inpher Code: 684740-18743624 v1.0 Name: HotSix Code: 657223-19202362 - SimplisticMP3 v3.1 Name: KIRI Code: 115952-65003 - SinWaves v2.1 User ID : 00001234HG - Singer v1.1 Bring the control panel window to front and type "merlow" (without quotes) - Singer Song Writer v4.0J Key : 4017186297 Code: 4M600266 v3.0J 301652 v3.0 lite CD Key: 1642385362 Serial: L3M101639 - SimpleEnvelope v1.2 AMAZON NORMAL/NOEXPORT NORMAL/EXPORT hold down the option key while opening up the file and enter password. - SimpleDays v2.0.2 X Name: PYRUS MALUS SN: 16-S082-Y16 Name: Pablo SN: 49-O05-A10 (one Capital o and two Zeros) v1.2 Name: Lain Code: 34-N36-A8 v1.0 Name: Inpher/nop Code: 15-P910-N20 - Simple To Do v1.0 Name: Lain Code: 1A3A-5A7A-1A3A - Sinic Lunar Calendar v1.0.2 Name: KIRI Code: 1378316768 - SitComm v• SR93882 SC94802 SR22837 SC23814 SR27759 - SiteCam v6.05 Name: Cendryom Code: SC6-59013123 # Registered SC6-72143040 Inpher SC6-44579520 Nowhereman SC6-72701760 Hotsix SC6-46907520 Akuma SC6-36478080 MoonDark SC6-58454400 KIRI SC6-30518400 Accura SC6-42437760 v4.0.1 SC4-1114908 v2.x Name: Fran Carroll Code: SC4-91637843 v2.0 Name: Akuma Code: SC3411949730 v1.1 SC3456589011 - SiteToolkit v1.6 Name: KIRI X Code: ST210-16734-0-1 v1.0 Name: Chrisco* Code: STCE-170-396-1 - Skat v1.1.x 32C3B0C332C3B0C3 - Sketch v2.0 SMZMP22W2CD6CER SMDFQHB3THRH4LJ SMFRZ9CQG7ZWQ86 2.0J SPM-200451 SPM-200011 v1.0 SMKB8MMKZ6SM8EV - SketchBook v2.6 123453139 v2.1 +41131111 - Sketcher v1.0 0400102LUA - Ski3D v1.0 qAzx qAz-ski3D-x qAz-whatever-x - SkipPrint v1.0.2 Name: nowhereman Code: SK403736 Name: KIRI Code: SK724732 Name: ANGEL Code: SK844553 Name: well, now what's? Code: SK418101 - Skittles v2.0 SKIT2-0212B-0B21E-FC974-F8B2C-7F8E0 - Sky Designer v1.0 SD123454392 - Sleeper v3.5 Name: The Shark Code: 20392 Name: HachUser Code: 21870 v3.2.2 Name: comroe Code: 5459 or 20918 Name: Steve Code: 5421 or 20842 Name: iamdavid Code: 5951 or 21902 v3.2.1b Name: Cucuckoo Code: 05855 v3.1.x Name: MaXX use one of these two: Serial number 1: 5143 Serial number 2: 20286 v3.1.1 Name: HotSix Code: AADB-MD2Z-8H name: NCSA, code: 5151 v3.02 name: Registered User code: 21794 v3.0.x name: HackUser code: 21870 v2.1.1 name: HackUser code: 21870 name: Book Robber code: 20630 v2.1 name: Registered code: 6551 name: You code: 4997 name: Everyone code: 5887 - Slick Transitions & Effects v2.0 X SLICK-949-SR28-3A8 v2.0 SLICK-545-PB58-5D2 v1.x SLICK-303-CN86-&T3 or SLICK-303-CN86-8T3 - Slick Volume vVol 4 NOP71-CEN-643-8KR vVol 3 NOP71-CEN-643-8KR vVol 1 SLICK-949-SR28-3A8 vVol 2 SLICK-545-PB58-5D2 - SlideRule v3.0 X Name: Pablo SN: 422-3FD-C0 v2.5.1r3 Name: KIRI Code: D9E-186-80 Name: ANGEL Code: 8CB-1BF-00 v2.4pb1 Name: NopsBug Code: A07C-143B - Slippy v1.1.0J slpyuser - Slipstream Gateway vb1 Name: KIRI Code: 0064296565150200 - Slithereens v1.0 Name : Akuma Copies : 1 Code : KJJINGFA Name : Anonymous Copies : 100 Code : AKPPDFNP - Sloop v1.0 Meridae (1st letter must be capitalized) - Slot v2.7 A01SL3 A01SL6 B01SL8 C01SL1 D01SL0 C01SL4 B01SL5 - Smaller Installer v2.x Name: Ambrosia Software, Inc. Copies: unlim. Serial: 06312-27611-0000 Name: Developers Copies: 0 (= unlimited) Serial: 45710-47003-0000 v2.0 Name: HackUser Copies: 999 Serial: 51735-76315-0999 Name: Buck Rogers Copies: 1000 Serial: 07552-00660-0010 v1.1.x name: Anonymous code: 5147600600 - Smart Dubbing Pro v1.2v1 Name: Registered Code: 774307840 - Smart Scroll v1.0.1 5877870664629861333848 2774051850501666474766 6643228870942766270777 v3.x v2.0.3 Name: Buck Rogers Code: KCMG v2.0.2 Name: SPC Code: BPCN - SmartKeys 3 v3.3.1 Just use the CONTROL+SHIFT keys when you click on the bottom part of the main window where it says "After registering, personalize SmartKeys to remove the registration reminder." - SmartSketch vall versions 600741 - SmartSound v1.6 Name: MoonDark Code: 110452784 - SmartWrap v2.0 92559-64986-02043 59250-78650-02027 44236-14675-02022 42126-62959-02026 43613-11487-02018 v1.6.1J Name: nowhereman Code: 12345678900001525 v1.6.1 Name: nowhereman Code: 12345678-00015160 or Code: 12345678-00001516 - SmartZip v1.0.1 Name: KIRI Key : 7218-94849484-64159 To call up the registration box, hold down command key and select the about menu. - Smells Like Almonds v2.1 SLA200-PGMHLB8SFV4JS8K5 v2.0 SLA200-H6UGW9ZJYUMK7V7N 200-PGMHLB8SFV4JS8K5 this is likely dependant on the # used to register C4D, if so this number is based on the 6.1 number: 62242001719-05f3fc if you want to use a *different* C4D 6.1 number then you can follow these directions: (work with a copy of course) open up the file "bhodiNUT:bhodiNUT Volume :bhodiNUT VOLUME.mdl" in a hexeditor such as resourcerer goto offset: 1DFC4 the original value is 4182 you will change this to 4800 then register with any number and a keyfile will be created in the "bhodiNUT:" directory this file is easily opened with a text editor and contains the proper reg number - SmoothType v2.0 option-click on the large SMOOTHTYPE logo on the control panel. - Smoothie v1.1.2 SPC-428 v1.1.x Sxxxxxx (x any number) v1.1.0 S923812 S118345 S834023 - Snack Attack vAll ID : 12796 Name: Lucifer Code: 871131 - Snak v4.9 Email: Key : 81d5396A448442B7 v4.5.2 Email: Key : 81D5396A448442B7 v1.x name: code: 1AA53F1418FB55EO DISABLE 30 DAY EXPIRE good news for those snak users who dont want to register and dont want to lose their irc session after 30 minutes. 1. open resedit. 2. open the system folder. 3. open the preferences folder. 4. open the file "Acrobatç Font Storage" and make it visible. 5. save the changes. 6. open the system folder/preferences folder in the finder and trash the file "Acrobatç Font Storage". 7. you have just reset the 30 day timer. 8. enjoy a new set of 30 days of irc without a 30 minute timer. 9. repeat above every 30 days until you decide to pay for a key. - SnapMail v2.0 code: " -8E6C6183 10" - SnapTop Pro v2.0 853490-98345-12940 v1.0 59595-5521-253-39013 - Snapz vPro X 1.0.1 Name : Paul T. Klenk Copies: 1 Code : YKTX-MVN7-C29K (Set date back to Christmas 2001 for it to work) # Name: Gregory L. Hammond No. of copies: 1 License code: 5XAE-2YSM-9RLZ (turn date back to august 15th to register) v2.x (PPC) Name : HotSix Copies: 1 Code : BAJHDLNM Name : Inpher Copies: 1337 Code : NGCCDOIB v2.x (68k) Name : Inpher Copies: 1337 Code : HBKNDCLM Name : HotSix Copies: 1 Code : LNEPCAKK v1.1.1 name : Windows98 copies : 98 code : MEODNABM v1.0.1 Pro Name : SPC Copies : 666 Code : OFEBCPBP v1.0 Pro name : HackUser copies : 100 code : OBAJGLBI name : HackUser copies : 100 code : KJCNMIGG v1.0 name : Buck Rogers copies : 100 code : JOFMPCJF name : Anonymous copies : 10 code : PEFKJEPL In the original folder containing the app there is a file called "Register Snapz Pro" double click it, then click on the arrow down in the right corner. Then click on the 2nd box down...that will bring up the dialog box to enter your SN. It's a tricky little devil :-) - Snatcher v1.0 104321 - Snavely! v1.0.5 Name: KIRI/ANGEL Code: 1465834785 - SndCataloguer v2.x.x Name: Anonymous Code: 033035414234 Name: Inpher Code: 491033776453 - SndConverter Pro/Lite v2.x.x/1.x.x name: Buck Rogers code: 400011212117 name: Inpher code: 892011444442 - SndPlayer v2.x.x Name: Buck Rogers Code: 825020555544 Name: Anonymous Code: 592028165752 - SndSampler v4.x 301505993742798448 - SneakInCD v2.1.0 21381376 v1.0.0 2352941 - Snitch v2.6.2 Simply option-klick the register button in the Control Panel. Then enter any name and company name to register. v2.5 Hold down Command, Option and Shift together while clicking on the register button, and then enter name and company at the next dialog box. older versions: Snitch can be registered by shift-option-clicking the "Register" button within the •Control Panel• (**not** on the "About..." window). This "Shift-Option" click trick seems to work for all versions of Snitch 2.5b (b8, b9, b10, b11). Might even work on the 2.5 release when it is available (?) You can also enter any name and company in the registration dialog box after using this "Shift-Option-click" technique. or Hold down Command, Option and Shift together while clicking on the register button, and then enter name and company at the next dialog box. - Snood v3.0 beta dv6gmevGRfKf$NNWmgl1 v2.x name: Sardanapalm code: N6qxfE1Dxx8aVjgi1gBA v2.1 3PUDfpessJoS.AK9AwOC That registers it to "Irmguard Draht" v2.0 PA1%9QQZ22hNLHKSiT2n - Snoop v1.6.x Name: Inpher Org.: NOP Code: 1VDF-LFHN-Cy3f-oOTj-bZiR-UnKJ v1.5.x Name : Inpher Company: Code : C008-0GGG-Cy3f-oOTj-bZiR-JhCM v1.3 Name : Midiman Company: SPC Code : B2XC-J650-Cy3f-fUJc-bZiR-JhCM Name : HackUser Company: HackUser Code : D2BW-92VC-Cy3f-fUJc-bZiR-KjCM - Snoopy's Yearn to Read v 304E1342E - Snooze Alarm v3.0 (Crack) CODE 1 "Sources" $217A 6616 -> 4E71 Type in any numbers. - So-Bot v0.8.2 6227-6461-1337-6462 v0.7.5 KRAK-efJy-GW95 - SockeToome v1.0 name: :-| code: W88126D44B472368AA587R Name: Cendryom Code: W881665472662468A3587R - Socket Sifter v1.8 Name: Registered Code: SSP-4AF-AEEC-GBB0 Name: Anonymous Code: SSP-FDH-B0EY-FFFE Name: HotSix Code: SSP-MDP-PWMC-NG1M v1.6 Name: KIRI Code: SSP-AYA-CBUX-0BE0 - SofTTY v1.4 146670022 - SoftAD Pro v1.5 pas373501 - SoftAT v2.5.2 coeop1vu1ka2 v2.5 2ld0j1j1ssl7 wvu1e0335rv1 - SoftBTX v1.1 12518 - SoftBundler v1.0 Name: Cendryom Code: 4760569352619875000 - SoftNode v• passw : 3ubgr065j1w1 code : ikkt51borw1 serial: ND-39003394/001 or Pass: 3ubgr065j1w1ikkt51borw1 Code: ND-39003394/001 - Super Candy Cruncher v License Name: CHONG CHING BAK License Code: GQEWEGQMWE6BW8MK - Super Nisqually v License Name: CHONG CHING BAK License Code: 576A4242497032577A59 - Super Mahjong Solitaire v License Name: CHONG CHING BAK License Code: 4A57683742747746706F - Super GemDrop v License Name: CHONG CHING BAK License Code: 6B6D66477A756C4D4473 - Super TextTwist v License Name: CHONG CHING BAK License Code: 6F79656C614E704C3677 - Super WhatWord v License Name: CHONG CHING BAK License Code: 367346364B4B65317A55 - Super GameHouse Solitaire v License Name: CHONG CHING BAK License Code: 366E506A6F4C53415A67 - Super Glinx! v License Name: CHONG CHING BAK License Code: 755758356C45556B4B4D - Super Bounce Out! v Name: Marie Fader SN: 644C643236616643786B - Super Collapse! v License Name: CHONG CHING BAK License Code: 70674C78344664314441 - SoftPC v3.0 code : 751n51kd6c74 serial: UN-13042600/001 passw : v5vm51q8tud8 v2.5.x C7SC707UT9T3 hbadc1s8pvv1 - SoftPC Pro v3.1 S/N: PR-24004178/OO1 Password: rtu0j1m3tgt3 S/N: PR-24002279/001 Password: 2encc1(L)d6jt3 (L) lowercase L S/N: WD-64000911/001 Password: 17rn004urp00 v3.0 rx6o00u2q974 - SoftPC w/Windows v3.1 code : barb70t35710 serial: WD-64000911/001 passw : 17rn004urp00 - SoftRouter vall versions (see --> Vicom Softrouter) - SoftWindows v98 3200-0012-5172-5661 3200-5013-6610-1112 QK26P-FF74B-XBRH2-C47DQ-PJ4R8 (product key) v95 2700-0531-2124-1150 2700-5134-8091-7307 2900-0501-2220-2068 v5.0J 3003-5000-0000-0750 v5.0 3000-0006-0982-2043 3001-0005-9813-1197 v4.0 2900-0501-2220-2068 2900-0501-2075-0613 v3.0J 2600-5130-1550-6400 v3.0 2600-0000-0000-0121 2600-0535-4377-1264 v2.0 2500-6666-2112-1492 2500-0004-1485-1139 2000-0100-5122-0594 v1.0.2 2100-0201-9529-7269 2000-0100-2083-9122 2000-0100-5122-0594 2000-0100-7448-0102 2000-0100-5421-1836 2000-0208-0042-5185 2003-0200-4505-4825 (Ten User License) - Software & Hardware Tracker vv4.0.4 kalumm@ (master pass) kl31thr0n ZWKEPYJANVBX (unlimited records) vPro 4 ZWKEPYJANVBX (unlimited records) (see tip) v4.0 code: TRKEGOQMHJFY v3.5 Name: nowhereman Org.: nowhere Code: NFVGYMON When you first open the file you have to enter the master pass. It is "KALUMM@" no quotes. Then a dialog asks you to enter the registration password. it is "TRKEGOQMHJFY". You will only have to enter the registration password once but will have to enter the Master pass every time you launch the file. This master password can be changed to what ever you want after you initially enter it. To avoid this crap simply delete the runtime engine named "S&H Tracker" and launch the file "Software & Hardware Tracker" directly. You will need Filemaker 5. Then enter KALUMMA@ (master pass) and then the registration pass if the dialog asks for it. You now have complete access to all layouts, scripts etc. and can customize the database anyway you like. I would first suggest deleting all passwords. :•) also ( see --> SoftTracker ) - Software Station v1.1 Name: Lucifer Code: SWST-1279 v1.0J SWST-1279 - SoftwareFPU v3.0.2 SFPU-302-XXXXXXX 'XXXXXXX' can be any number you like and the 302 part is obviously the version number, so for any future versions, just place the appropriate number there. - Soho-ShowMe v1.2.2 Blackbird - Sokutatu! Mailyasan v2.0 NME8****20 - Solar System Sim v2.0.1 1662812910 - SolarCell v1.3 701975 3833965 3683855 2280527 4092039 2194469 2164767 5059158 v1.1d code: H236258469 - Solid Thinking v4 1-B214684672-6 - Solitaire Till Dawn vX 1.x BPVB-MEWZ-VYRT-RHVG See Crack v4.0 532-582-290 019-010-000 X 1.x Crack: SILLY FIX FOR NOW: This game will play 100 times before giving you trouble. At some point when you've played 90 games or so (the reg screen gives you the count), quit the app, and then simply find the "STDX Prefs" file here: ~\Library\Preferences\STDX Prefs Open it with a text editor and find the line with a number in between <gct> xml brackets. (<gct> = game count). Change that number in between the brackets back to 0. Now you've got another 100 games. - SolitaireBoard v1.x TBCST100-229856 - Son of Buster System Unlock Key v7.5.3s6c3 fb1dc44cT83823ef9 v7.5.3r3s1c3 58213f7eS87f97abe - Sonar Bookends v4.0 B6594 - Songworks (Ars Nova) vall versions code: 175110446 - Sonicfire Pro v2 A57930170 - SonicworxPowerbundle v2.5 SWB2-287332272084-AE - Sonix Works Artist v1.0 jdpVZ-ÖqÜcn-aBÖ_fScDa - Sony Oxford EQ vany for ProTools TDM PTR3GMLEQM1 12408 (for ProTools TDM) - Sony Hybrid CD-ROM v1.2 HYB2-120-0-553B2B16 - Sorenson Broadcaster v1.1 Registered to: bonnecaze E-mail: Company: N/A Serial Number: SBM-261-KN5UWDHTP729APHBNQCT846TY6 v1.0 SBM-350-3055-0051 - Sorenson MPEG-4 v1.00.209 SMM-100-9088-1458 SMM-100-9216-1106 SMM-100-9344-2044 SMM-100-9472-0696 SMM-100-9600-1104 SMM-100-9728-1487 SMM-100-9856-1852 SMM-100-9984-0851 - Sorenson Squeeze v3.0 M3JRNB-GUWJXH-EYB7TD-5T64NF-LES7Z6 See: Warning v2.0.1 QT 9GRBJ6-GT49DB-86DP4B-LHYHCG-C2RA7G v2.0.1 MX FHWHF6-LML2F5-GSD8CF-9HH4DB-4NHU5R v1.0 X 100-0000-0369 v1.0 SSM-250-0000-0369 v1.0 beta SSM-100-0000-0369 Warning: Block the 'Contacting Sorenson Media' feature : You will need to block the following IP : (ALL-ROUTERS.MCAST.NET) and the following service : IGMP Type 23 Code 0 - Sorenson Video v3.1 Pro SPM-350-2386-9496 SPM-250-1337-6417 v3 Pro SPM-250-9346-1709 v3.1 SPM-250-1337-6417 v3.0b18 SPM-100-2391-5193 v3.00.316 pro SPM-250-1337-6417 v3.0 SPM-100-2099-3010 SPM-100-0824-6655 v2.1 SDM-251-7893-4935 v2.0 SDM-251-7893-4935 v2 Developer Edition SDM-252-1221-3268 v1.0 SDM-000-0000-1214 - Souls in the System v1.0.1 1100SSM101300-R1 4886SSM100186-R1 - Sound Byte v1.8.1 12461244 (Pro) 113A1242 B32917D6 (Regular) BB9E17DB 2CFE176B (Lite) v1.8.0 12551744 (Pro) 29A65666 (Lite) 2DBB566B 28E91766 - Kairos v1.0 X Name: Pablo SN: 3000852100 - ViewIt v1.2.5 X First Name : Pablo/Minimal Last Name : Pablo/Minimal SN: 030456871 - XNet v1.3.6 X 123X104266348X1PABLO - Smiley! v1.6.0 X 123X33274702X1PABLO - iConv v1.0.0 X 123X82962147X1PABLO - Sound Converter Pro v2.3 Name: Anonymous Code: 153016413130 vPro Name: MMC Mekka Code: 735018684047 v2.x.x/1.x.x Name: Buck Rogers Code: 400011212117 v2.2 Name: Anonymous Code: 065016413435 v2.0 Name: ANONYMOUS Code: 278018974253 - Icon Maker X v1.0 Name: Pablo/Minimal SN: FS100-0671-5910 - Sound Icon Maker v1.01 name: MoonDark code: ugfddqfu - Sound It v2.0# Serial: MSP101439 CDKey : 6274158492 v2.0 89103020-006468 - Sound Sculptor II v2.4.1 Name: HotSix Company: (leave empty) Address: Soundgarden 99 City : Wavecity, MC 04899 Country: Cantaloop Password: mkae!1g0wh0tB273 Note: "0" = zero v2.1 Enter the following in the EXACT case in the registration: SPC 123 Main Street Anytown, DC 12345 USA SPCKRACK0000006A00 (those are zero's). ..leave company blank - Sound Studio v2.0.1 Name: mansaku Code: ST-9353-5621-7 v1.2.1 Name: nowheremht Code: SS3556268905 v1.1.5 Name: nowhereman012345gn Code: SS-78901234561-1 - Sound Transformer v1.0.x Name: Inpher Code: ST10768576 - SoundCataloguer v 2.x.x Name: MMC Mekka Code: 189036167353 v2.0 Name: Buck Rogers Code: 461036995860 - SoundEdit 16 vall versions (see --> Macromedia) - SoundFront FX v1.5 SFFX1003300-777 - SoundJam MP v2.5.3 SJ1-555-555-43100 v2.5.2 SJ2-539-703-55328 v2.5.1 SJ1-366-204-52237 SJ1-573-083-81316 SJ1-785-353-33970 SJ1-516-283-92548 SJ1-452-600-89769 SJ1-656-747-84372 SJ1-534-845-88854 SJ1-423-616-34977 Here's a list of all *banned* S/N's for SoundJam™ MP Mind you, *ALL* of these serial numbers have been banned! ...and as such will *NOT* work. They are provided for educational proposes only. [And to save time] ;-) SJ1-000-000-13201 SJ1-000-777-94482 SJ1-002-150-94775 SJ1-018-112-71041 SJ1-031-337-01202 SJ1-123-456-20865 SJ1-131-313-66810 SJ1-167-310-50591 SJ1-201-398-73063 SJ1-218-468-91797 SJ1-264-574-10543 SJ1-306-142-16767 SJ1-313-370-71403 SJ1-412-613-26286 SJ1-438-576-77201 SJ1-476-600-68489 SJ1-477-570-90867 SJ1-504-346-34971 SJ1-531-587-54220 SJ1-717-171-15116 SJ1-758-066-94227 SJ1-777-777-67002 SJ1-873-245-04278 SJ1-882-165-06414 SJ1-918-376-22921 v2.1.1 SJ1-106-880-19537 SJ1-531-587-54220 SJ1-306-142-16767 v2.1 SJ1-027-474-44067 SJ1-476-600-68489 SJ1-031-337-01202 SJ1-313-370-71403 SJ1-131-313-66810 v2.0.2 SJ1-882-165-06414 SJ1-504-346-34971 SJ1-476-600-68489 SJ1-758-066-94227 SJ1-516-283-92548 SJ1-766-727-10832 SJ1-766-727-10832 SJ1-777-202-24115 SJ1-764-303-47544 v2.0.1 SJ1-504-346-34971 SJ1-918-376-22921 v2.0 SJ1-123-456-20865 SJ1-873-245-04278 SJ1-717-171-15116 SJ1-477-570-90867 SJ1-438-576-77201 v1.x.x SJ1-000-777-94482 SJ1-777-777-67002 v1.0 SJ1-002-150-94775 SJ1-000-000-13201 NOP-KRA-CK!-73436 You must delete the invisible file in the preferences folder called "xq7un4ex8yb3er4im1zp" before you update. Note: Do not use network option. If used, it will be sending your serial automatically - SoundMachine v2.6 Hold down these keys -> Command-Shift-Option Choose REGISTER from the Apple Menu This brings you to the reg dialog instead of reg information, simply type name and company, and that's it. - SoundMaker v1.0.2 123456784900 123456703188 v1.0.1 401394394108 - SoundMaster v1.0.2 123456784900 - SoundPanels v1.0 857132 - SoundPlayer v2.x.x Name: MMC Mekka Code: 222029293543 Name: Buck Rogers Code: 825020555544 v2.0 Name: Anonymous Code: 592028165752 - SoundSpinner MP3 v1.0b2 Name: Enigma! Code: 1507411231 - SoundStudio Lite v2.0 AES PW 73837 - SoundThemeChanger v1.0 STC-6898-EEF - SoundWorks v1.1J 57940-58550-10174 25192-86362-10382 - Sounds4Fun v1.0 Name: MoonDark Code: 69750 v1.0b4 Name: MoonDark Code: 78809 Name: Akuma Code: 47932 - Space Arena v2.7 9786-4748-6856-968375-SA27 - Space Cab v1.2 F.Name : KIRI Initial: (none) L.Name : ANGEL Code   : NKLC-VC3V-N9TK-VVXY - Space Debris v2.1.2 code: hbcdefghe4ffklmnopqrstuv - Space Junkie v1.2 Code I : Buck Rogers Code II: 7XY8U43N4Y8C6Q4G9JN7G4 - Space Quest II v 112929060100656 112930000000000 - SpaceAgent v2.5 135397.6732 (see note) v2.1 134545.6552 v# 111-1300 (Before entering S/N, change your MAC's Date to 2000/11/15 Wednesday. After registered, you can change that current Date.) - SpaceInvader! v1.0.4 Name: KIRI Code: 822008345 - Spacestation Pheta v2.7 Name: KIRI Code: 3029394 - Spaceward Ho! v4.0.5 [MacAddict] First Name: MacAddict Last Name : Hacker Code : FTFR-FBNN-F9LQ-NNTU - Spades Deluxe vall versions ( see --> 3D Spades Deluxe ) - Spam Blaster v• First Name : Moon Last Name : Dark Unlock Code: WFUV5FZ8SAW94R2698M - Spamfire v1.3.2 X SF11-9097-0465-7471 v1.x SF11-7436-9458-7257 - Spanish Assistant v1.0 M1102424 M1104116 - Spark v2.7.0 b238 92290227 v2.5 92290227 v2.0 XL 92290227 v1.6.1 spark 1.5 -> 1.61 serial no.: 91601941 spark xl 1.61 : 92290227 - SparkME v2.1 X 93006840 - Sparks v# SM-0105 #LightWave PlugIn - SpeakBeep2 v1.1 Name: nwhereman Code: tWpvvytG - SpeakTime v1.2.3 Speak-R-1000 - Spectre Supreme v1.0 23XHC5N 45FGT67 45LKJ67 ACR25MM BVU247M CME2438 DMT24BV ENF2BB5 FLH242T LNB24WB LTS24QW LV8252W LV82HPQ - Spectre VR v2.0 LV82VNN LV83ABG LV83WWA LV842Z9 LV848PT v2.0d AVN2227 XPW23Z5 v1.0.5 MB7565LD v1.0 LV8252W LV82HPQ LV836AJ LV83ADH LV83G43 - Spectrum Analyser v1.1.2 Name: ANGEL Code: 875-1611-284 Name: KIRI Code: 940-441-328 Name: ThankYou Code: 3275-5040-1100 - Specular 3D Web Workshop v1.0 Consists of two programs: LogoMotion: 94-9369-5689 TextureScape:07-5626-5173 - Speech Typer v1.0.1 Name: SPC Cust #: 666 Password: D-5318-222 - Speech Writer v1.0.0 Name: MoonDark Customer Number: 12345 Password: MBIH-118535-2057 - SpeechButton v1.0.1 00000082 - Speed Analyzer v4.0 1234567890-GBGX - Speed Control v1.4.0 code: MSG3050659 - Speed Demon v1.x Name: Chrisco* Code: 65736 v1.2 Name: Akuma Code: 36784 - Speed Doubler v2.0.3 08968034872 - Speed Download v1.9 Name: QUICKER Code: 0e21a8aa0e34d148 v1.8.9 Name: Speed Download Code: 4ac6be66d1d34d94 v1.8.2 Name: -Atm*sFear- Unlock Code: 8057e41d39887f26 v1.8fc5b Name: Atm0sFear Code: 390aa776306c44f0 v1.8.1 Name: [AtmosFear] Code: 1bbe1d3c225d5d4av1.8 Name: Slow Upload Code: 0000000000 v1.5.1 Name: PHREKBBS Code: 23D0EF098B5A4C2387009517012077CE (see also tip, it still works) v1.1.1 see tip v1.0 Name: nowhereman Code: E13DB3CBDEA468B06A2BD0C58BF22214 Name: Cendryom Code: 2CCF93B724BB2BFD7BD5BE1B11090E30 1- Open Speed Download 1.5.1 with Resorcerer. 2- Search for 7145BB88383B9A5ED26A025797FA94C8 3- Change the numbers: 7145BB88383B9A5ED26A025797FA94C8 with 00000000000000000000000000000000 and 48C1FEA990D3B271C7A3957A058ECD14 with 00000000000000000000000000000000. 4- Close and save. 5- Restart Speed Download 1.5.1 end enter 1.0 registration code. ############################### 1- Open Speed Download 1.1.1 with ResEdit. 2- Open DataFork (<DF> and go to line 041920 (left column). 3- Change the numbers (right column): 7145BB88383B9A5ED26A025797FA94C8 with 00000000000000000000000000000000 and 48C1FEA990D3B271C7A3957A058ECD14 with 00000000000000000000000000000000. 4- Close and save. 5- Restart Speed Download 1.1.1 end enter 1.0 registration code. - Speed Profiler v1.8.1 MIND-SPRF-225-9 - Speed Startup v1.0 SP1-002-741-32366 SP1-002-846-97311 SP1-247-107-00460 SP1-515-102-01023 SP1-223-696-23869 SP1-736-273-16154 SP1-053-154-50771 SP1-786-380-69149 v1.01J SP1-515-102-01023 - SpeedApp v2.03 Name: Orygun Comp: STW Code: 14AE18-BC2125-DE07 - SpeedDial v2.2 superiority-1984 - SpeedDownload v1.9.2 Name: RELC/SYS Code: 517c5d40e6b9ceb1 Name : MSJ Code: 0250d488fda186b6 v1.8.8 Name: Speed Download Code: 4ac6be66d1d34d94 v1.8.1 Name: [AtmosFear] Code: 1bbe1d3c225d5d4a v1.8 Name: AtmosFear Code: 0b5ee08632130134 (see tip) Warning: It seems that SpeedDownload now "checks for new versions" when launching, so just to be careful, you might want to add to your hosts file and point it to or deny all connections to through your firewall. - SpeedPPP v9.0 544080 - SpeedShare v1.5 pro 1591-3440-1847-SSP 7404-9145-1388-SSP 4654-9041-0487-SSP 5391-2148-1436-SSP 0712-4446-2635-SSP v1.x.x pro Seed: 12345 SN: 856232212345 7603-0648-1337-SSP 4405-3844-4371-SSP 9871-4840-4254-SSP v1.x.x 8352-3521-4371-SS 7052-8920-4796-SS 9986-8128-1248-SS v1.1.2 pro 8259-3644-0236-SSP 3593-0946-4121-SSP v1.1 3593-0946-4121-SSP v1.0.1 774745289012 - SpeedTester v2.2 Name: Lucifer Org.: Lucifer Code: W0C - Speedbeep v2.0.6 PRETZEL To register Speed Beep, Cmd-Opt-Shf-Click on Title and "RoNertL" - SpeedyCD v1.2.4 02F614C99EB36FD8 - SpeedyFinder7 v1.5.9i To register SpeedyFinder7 and enable the Copying Options open the control panel and click on the Australia-Icon located in the lower-right corner. Type the number 12398745 (there is no echo on the screen, so be sure to type it right) and press and hold down the command-option-shift key combination. A Register button should appear as long as you hold down the keys (if not, you mistyped the number, simply try again). Click on the register button and a registration dialog appears. Enter a name & company of your choice and as a license number enter 1234567896. - Spell Catcher vX SCX-010-077-108-912 v8 SC8-010-040-682-423 v1.x SC1-EGQ-DQ1-JO-0964 SC1-010-312-492-110 SC1-2PD-R4T-35-1172 SC1-9E0-GBA-NE-1118 SC1-E4E-Q2N-L2-5634 v1.6 SC1-010-025-255-645 v1.5.8 SC144444SPC4506 v1.5.6 SC100000SPC6488 SC111111SPC8134 SC122222SPC0238 SC133333SPC2758 SC144444SPC4506 SC155555SPC0738 SC144444SPC4506 SC100000SPC6488 - SpellRight v1.0 Name: MoonDark Code: 3554481 - SpellTools v1.x.x 33A103315Q 68A833315Q 32A673024Q 46A223375Q 48A783232Q v1.3.2 12A453789Q - Spelling Coach Pro v4.1 427137 - Zoom GDL v2.0 100412-206920-138501 - Spellswell 7 v1.0.5 HK11-8021-1A - Spheres v1.x Name: KIRI Code: 164164 Name: ANGEL Code: 108108 Name: well, now what's? Code: 539539 v1.0 name: Buck Rogers code: 391391 - Spin Doctor v1.0 703-221-0616 - Spiral v 000000 (six zeros) - Spiral Graphics v1.1.1 Name: Registered Code: HZ-56047 Name: Anonymous Code: HZ-07976 - Spirit v3.1.4r4 D Name: Administrator Pass: Admin - Splash! v1.0 To register just hold down the "option-Shift" keys while going to the "About This" from the Apple Menu. - Splat vall HNLBOHPNJKEM ! first one empty space. - SplitsVille v1.0.1 384563745 - Spoontoons v# jostimperatusrex (enter in email field) - Spotlight v• 1315110350 445499048 1475581249 384468422 343623364 vDR2 222904212 v1.0.x 207304380 240740243 - Spreadbase v1.01 OSI-1-F-002-00105-100 - Spreadsheet 2000 v2.0.2 KS1-010-069-354-981 vAll S22-010-010-708-836 S22-010-032-713-261 - Sproing! v1.0 Name: Chrisco* Code: 13-*088-H16 - Square One v4.0 First Name: Moon Last Name: Dark Code: 6N45VN9F2L6FDZYFFHQ First Name: Akuma Initial: L Last Name: ikes to [k] Code: 1HNVZWVUSD$4SWF214G8Z v3.0 SQ3-00921-5991 - Square Up v7.0.3 U.Name: KIRI B.Name: KIRI R.Code: 57-962 - Squirrel Kombat v1.0: Code: 8863289202 - Squish v2.6.8 Name: nowhereman Code: 1130736273 - Squizz v# ZMS313100426 v3.0 SMD104300099 SMD110300102 v1.0f 801652 801538 - StampMap v1.0.2 231431599018145678 - Star Chaos v2.0.2 hjdsahdkshkandkYukkksnakd kodsakodsiaZZdsjakudsunku - Star Fighters v1.4.1 46875912379 - Star Gate v1.2 name: stargate code: 326D - Star Patrol v2.0 Name: Surfer Code: G]Ikj@A?ceau - StarAlarm v1.x code: =YASUHARA= - StarDrive v3.5.5 775-5444-300 247-0428-300 485-8574-300 295-1585-300 048-1575-300 486-1145-300 957-1576-300 045-1857-300 685-9578-300 545-5432-300 644-7143-300 375-1492-300 v3.5.x 483-453-5784-350 474-245-7453-350 586-274-5985-350 349-896-6598-350 340-274-4650-350 298-975-6439-350 598-095-6780-350 307-367-3485-350 195-278-6459-350 592-947-7698-350 449-784-5679-350 684-358-2357-350 965-355-9834-350 605-384-7568-350 104-106-3296-350 003-019-1965-350 v3.2 319-1965-300 421-1310-300 375-1492-300 644-7143-300 545-5432-300 685-9578-300 045-1857-300 957-1576-300 486-1145-300 048-1575-300 295-1585-300 485-8574-300 247-0428-300 775-5444-300 - StarWriter v2.0 1051810 - Starbound II v# Name: HotSix Serial number: Number Key: KNWAS-RADMQ - Starcraft v• 1234567890123456 1234567890123 3174-40788-0368 1700-60010-3412 v1.0 Full SN 4F-FVDH-X9XR-YTQ2 Net SN Y7-7N2Z-R9QK-RMJW vCD keys 0000-11111-0000 1111-11111-0000 2222-11111-0000 3333-11111-0000 4444-11111-0000 5555-11111-0000 6666-11111-0000 7777-11111-0000 8888-11111-0000 4931-86339-4070 4302-63486-7716 4638-35390-3933 4835-08309-0407 4315-63742-8951 4506-52157-0376 4456-03897-4759 4300-14849-6800 4374-44161-3642 4759-05999-0828 4123-47055-4150 - Stardate v1.0 ESM-10379-8830 - Starfight Final v1.1.0 DMsfFN-KIRI-162 - Starry Night v4.0 Pro P3-7588JS15563-13612809 AX12345-80738 v3.1 SP15590-13611170 v3.0 Pro JS15563-13612809 v1.0.3J JS15563-13612809 JS22222-22222226 v1.0.2 SP15590-13611170 SP99930-99999960 SP28000-28000000 SP37000-37000000 SP46000-46000000 SP55000-55000000 SP55550-55555500 - Starry Night Backyard v3.1 Name: nowhereman Code: yu3-ff2f-81f8-8b21-b96c v# Name: Dallas Pass: yu3-77a8-2f6a-fdd5 - Starry Night Basic v2.1.3 LX12345-95225 LX23456-83450 LX34567-33788 LX45678-69184 LX56789-43767 LX67890-49103 GX12345-64655 - Starry Night Deluxe v2.1.3 AX12345-80738 AX23456-12447 AX34567-34154 AX45678-55861 AX56789-77568 AX67890-21076 - Starship v1.0.4 Name: nowhereman Code: 17538880 - StartFaxing v1.1.4 BB138150 - StartOnce v1.2 1415351158 - StartThing v1.0 264859801 - Startup Doubler v2.6.x Name: Alpha Code: ADHP v2.6 Name: Omega Serial: AEPD Name: Bob Serial: EABP Name: Fred Serial: SBSK Name: Joe Serial: EAGF Name: John Doe Serial: CLMY Name: Jane Doe Serial: CFCY v2.5.x J Name : Mr.?. Code : ACEF Name : Buck Rogers Code : GCYH Name : MAC Code : DPSB Name : KIRI Code : SABA v2.5.4 Name : Buck Rogers Code : GCYH v2.0.x Name: Inpher Code: AKLC v1.2.5b Name: Inpher Code: AKLC v1.2.1 name: KK code: JPSB v1.0pb2 name: MoonDark code: DDMY v1.0 name: HackUser code: FABA - Startup Player v2.1 (see tip) To Register Open the control panel and type micmic on the keyboard, that's it. - Startup Security v1.x BJ you can use anything for the serial number, just make it start with a B and end with a J (yes that's right, give it a BJ) - StartupCreator vall versions Name: :-| Code: 846-592-317 - StartupQuote v1.0 Unlock Code: IPAID - Stat! Ref Medical CD v# Code: 56556 Key : 9FFE3A1A997C5986 Code: 80121 Key : A0ADA35ADE4AEAE7 v1/99 Code: 98936 Key : 8DC9C873A08A8F55 Code: 98936 Key : FB149B89B0BC13EA - States3000 v1.0.2 Name: Macintosh Code: 1234588350 - StatusMac vAll code: SMR25168 (25 Users) - Stealth v# 5398460Y00001600700202009219512 - Stedman's Medical Dictionary vAll 03558318 - Steel Fighters v1.2.2 Name: 2 Code: 12340612 NickName: nowhereman (Name is not '2' but ' 2'. Need space before '2'.) - Step On It! vAll ST1-234-567-890-030 ST1-000-666-005-410 ST1-031-337-003-649 - Stereogram Studio vall versions name: The Dead Guy code: 1007594498 - StickyBrain v2.0.1 X Name: Pablo SN: 16923996872502 v2 Name: Orygun Code: 05646196872502 v1.0 user: Orygun code: 44271460443201 - Stimulus v3.0 X EBSTM300-0303-2161-MX10 EBSTM300-1503-2061-MX12 EBSTM300-1503-2561-MX02 EBSTM300-1203-2461-MX04 v2.1 X EBSTM100-0901-2469-WM54 EBSTM200-1002-0315-WM03 EBSTM200-0902-0315-WM06 EBSTM200-0802-0315-WM09 v2.0 Name: Surfer Code: EBSTM100-0901-2469-WM54 - Stitcher v3.5 nB5Z-PwUh-BMgR-m7kw (full install only) v3.1 Gbbc-LXZW-J2Q0-67OT or Namer: Registered User Company: Self© Gbbc- LXZW- J2Q0- 67OT (see note) You have to type EXACTLY as written below! (Case sensitive.) There are 4 boxes to fill.. AS FOLLOWS!! Namer: Registered User Company: Self© Gbbc- LXZW- J2Q0- 67OT Make sure the "-" is at the end! Enjoy! =) - Moqx v1.0.6r2 kmmxmock0206 - NI Kontakt v1.0.2 281-12683-04213 (see note) needs a virtual CD or the full CD - Stomp Box Delay v1.1.0 Name: MoonDark Code: 12345-N Name: KIRI Code: 12345-H - Stone Studio vunknown (Do not be online when you register) Application: Create Key: 29jl-44f6-vhqd-gxao Application: SliceAndDice Key: 1k50-5k78-xu5t-94s2 Application: PhotoToWeb Key: 267i-gg25-75ze-e026 Application: PStill Key: 1lbc-2bkd-pgc8-hx23 Application: TimeEqualsMoney Key: 28r9-6c0t-9my6-fcm1 Application: PackUpAndGo Key: I would never steal from a small and honest software author (see tip) 1. Load the CD into your computer 2. Copy the Stone Studio folder to your Applications folder 3. Launch each Application and license them with the above keys. Note: GIFfun does not require a license Do not enter a user name when registering, or the key will be invalid. User name must be blank for these keys to work. Do not be online when you register. Registration process phones home to register online with the designer's site. - StopWaiting v1.5.1 Name: Macintosh Copy: 999 Code: LMMRRQWQSS v1.0 Name: Akuma Copies: 666 Code: LRQSMHWMMW - Stopwatch CSM v1.2 name: nwhereman code: F000-6445-6592-6233 v1.1J name: nowhereman code: F234-9404-7099-6134 - Storage Master v1.8.3 666-666-666-666-664 (not fully working ?) 214-324-151-502-686 - Storeys 3D v1.1.1 Name: Shadowgeist Org: PGP Inc. Email: Shadowgeist@PGP.Inc Reg: pf10-200417776031841 v1.0.1 Email: Code: 1pf-1223840316 - Storm v1.5 49589750-3E2F77A9-20043045 - Story Maker v1.0 DVXCCJLsLs00934EpA4Azz70821 - Strata 3D v3.7 pro 3PH-SS-83ARPOZAJG5AO 3PH-SS-V9KP88A86S1G4 v3.5 pro 3BW-SS-J870YJ90CGQNL v3.0 ZYMLQ8A828Q04 K03HSBS63H90Q EGSQH47RLCKB6 6XOPK7PPMNMBS 1) Download the free version and register it via the internet. You'll get your very own free serial number direct from Strata. 2) Install Strata 3D Pro. 3) Don't do another thing, especially removing the preferences. The Serial Number is in the preference file. Strata 3D Pro will use the Strata 3D serial number without a hitch. - Strata Instant Replay v1.0 I286243253831 - Strata MediaPaint v1.1J M366244677901 v1.0 M12309000011 M826243977191 - Strata Studio Pro v2.5.3 see [k] v2.5.1 S196247959301 C466241527321 A156241377081 C466248403601 S946244104641 v2.5 C466248403601 C466241527321 v2.1J A196247959301 v2.0J CD16249500111 v2.0.2J C466248403601 C466241527321 v2.0 C466241527321 C466248403601 C156241377081 v1.75 J A196247959301 S596244660571 v1.7.5 A466248403601 v1.5.1J A306246832891 A496246882901 (Other Versions) A156241377081 A466241527321 [k] Start with the 2.5 demo and download the v2.5.3 update from Strata's FTP which won't require a serial number until you try to install it, it will recognise the 2.5 demo as a legitimate copy of strata 2.5 ( ignoring that it was a save disabled demo) but won't allow you to install it using the serial number for version 2, unless you use an uppercase S in front of the usual number pattern, and you will now have a fully working version, not just Strata 2.5 but 2.5.3. - Strata Type 3D v• ST102704 v2.5 TD16241559751 TD16241401621 - Strata VideoShop v4.5 QD16245540791 v4.0 QD16241490111 QD16245432431 v3.0J J600-4480-A v3.0 302-1028355N - Strata Virtual 3D v3.0 V826243977191 - Strata Vision 3D v5.5J A156241377081 v5.0J AD16242220001 v5.0 A156241377081 v4.0J D166246768941 v4.0.1J QD16245432431 v4.0 D256246636041 DD16244883471 - Strategic Conquest v4.0 [MacAddict] First Name: MacAddict Last Name: Hacker Code: FTFR-FBNN-F9LQ-NNVU - Street Atlas v• 63046 v4.0 84100 - String Generator Pro v1.6 X Name: Pablo Code: KFHKGCUM v1.0 Name: Cendryom Code: RLTDIHUE - StripAmp v1.0 Name: Travis A East Code: B425-93A8-F3AA-CEA7 "The trick was throwing out my control strip prefs." - Studio 1 v 4682119240 - Studio 8 v2.0 9248372456 - Studio MX vall versions (see --> Macromedia) - Studio32 v1.2 3006127841 v1.0 3006003068 - StuffCM v2.5.2 Name: surfer has inflateable sheep Code: CK5704HO10780 v2.5.2J Name: Anonymous Code: BM3372IM - StuntCopter vAll MUHAHA - Style v1.6 name: nowhereman01544* code: 1234551254 name: [k]rkckWorks code: 0145R22Y name: Back Stage code: RXN500Y0 - Style Master v2.2 Name: Surfer Code: 570-AS-17354858-0422-39417 v1.9.1 Name: Halo Driver Code: 5832-AS-19122000-0422-11865 - StyleScript v5.0 SS563-125-872-8470 v3.8 SS563-125-872-8470 SS902-850-812-8808 v3.7 SS140-749-927-92303 v3.5 SS780-017-232-0495 v3.0 HP SS7800172320495 v3.0 SS7800172320495 SS146-419-224-456-75 - Stylus v # sn: 1081199 response: 558683992 - Substitute v1.x.x Name: Inpher Keywords: NOP Code: 26121241 - Substitute Pro v1.8.5 Name: KIRI Keys: ANGEL Code: 23032460 Name: blue Keys: blue Code: 24242525 v1.8.0 Name: nowhereman Keywords: enjoy! Serial Number: 30762683 - Sugurefude v99 171232000019800272 - Suitcase v8 ( see Extensis ) v3.0J STMS3004X305470713JP - Summary v1.4.4 (standard version) 1025379400631042 (PRO version) 1794237911150636 - Sundial v3,0 ( see --> Aladdin Sundial ) v2.0.2 SBTB-TJGB-BNBK v1.0.4 SUND-100-01097088 - Super 7 Utilities v2.0 129300096 - Super Blade Pro v1.0.6 2689653 5566018 6039210 6156528 6341658 3557513 3636401 3742313 3821297 6691044 v2.1J 519419 v1.0.1 48300096 - Super Laser Spool vAll 042401 - Super Mac Freecell v1.5.1J 8882888111 v1.5 name: MoonDark code: 9991499111 - Super Maze Wars v• 847-123-2576 v1.0 675-289-7102 703-652-7369 - Secret Barcoder Ring v1.0 Name: Lain Code: 4529683 - Super Othello v2.3.2 Name: Akuma Code: 116270 - Super POP v1.9.5 Name : MMC EMail: Code : 616usa214-9952-009 - Super Save v2.0.1 Name : MoonDark Number : 9999 Code : 840333-156 - Super Ships 2 v1.0.0 4918739362 - Super Sonohigurashi 2 vAll 200658 v2.0J 200658 51018 v1.0J 900447 51018 - SuperBridge v4.0.3 S380831337 S406567285 L375832013 S370302000 v? S382800906 v4.0.2 S370302000 v2.0 S370302000 - SuperCache v2.9.2 72507 4712 - SuperCard v3.6J US-SC-3600-100048273 v3.5 US-SC-3500-100048273 v3.0 US-SC-3000-200052222 - SuperDisk v1.0 On message, open Control Panel, Touch: Alerts, Security, More Options, Memory - SuperDuper v2.0 name: Buck Rogers code: 1309770 - SuperGIF v1.0r3 ALQQUFAVJKLJ - SuperKeno v2.0 First Name: nowhere Last Name : man Password : E850-N55-K25554 v1.9.2 First Name : KIRI Last Name : ANGEL Organization : ANGEL Address : Heaven City/State/Zip: Heaven Country : Heaven E-mail address: Password : 12g-19510-2AK4-K0K4-05 (Note: 0 = zeros) - SuperLock v4.5.1 Pro Name: nowhereman Org.: nowhere Code: 71YJHAGGMX3FFWVYJI9Z v4.5 Pro Name : (any) Company: (any) Serial#: 22222222222222222 v4.0 Lite Name: Company : Serial: 22222222222222222 (Serial = 17 * 2) - SuperOffice v4.03 name: Your own Name code: 1410031551 v2.5 Release 102600776 102600768 Upgrade 1026001535 1026001527 1026001451 - SuperPaint v3.5J 30-35J6-000832445 30-35J7-000907425 - SuperReplace v2.2 Name: KIRI Code: 328803-10289298 v1.2 Name: MoonDark Code: 877530-24248745 - SuperSpot vAll 062994 - SuperTech vPROII Name: nowhereman Code: 100697-123156 & 100697-000100 vPRO Name: nowhereman Code: 020697-121456 & 020697-001000 v1.3.3 Name: nowhereman Code: 150297-870123 & 150297-010000 v1.0 030598-123456 - Surf Express v1.1 965209 - SurfRecorder v1.1.0 Name: KIRI Code: 71600549 v1.0.2 Name: unknown Code: 175910138 - SurfScout v• S-202176-CGDKCSA 00000000X-724190288-ABCDEFG - SurfWatch v1.2 1SW52216449 - Surftron v1.1 Name: Orygun Comp: STW Code: 12344V3J4Y8L1Z2Z5M2R Name: Cendryom Comp: NOP Code: KRAK5X6P6V1Z7R7M4J7V - Suuchi Chizu Viewer v5.0b5 V2345796 - SwapTop v1.6 ST34D698901D3256 - SweeperDeluxe v1.0.0 SWDX1201AA - Sweet MIDI Player v1.0.3 77-Pk5d-99mue To register SMP choose “Password…” in the Help-menu and enter the password. - SweetMail v# 1234-5678-1234-5678 - Swerve v1.2 1049477 1475000 1868677 2457836 3310522 v1.0 3607232 - Swift 3D vLW T3LM100-98570-23407-58734 v2.0 T3DM200-54008-82077-06097 v1.0 T3DM100-32367-21788-05916 - Swindler v4.0.0 Name: A Code: 90909091&YTI-KRACKED - SwitchBack v2.5.1 Name: Buck Rogers Code: 66418 - SwitchRes vX Name: NOP Industries Code: F225ED6E9413D408 v2.5.3 Name: Mac User Code: C5D3A19F1F7AB5E0 Name: MrMonitor Code: D4819781E20C1D29 Name: Switcher Code: 49BBB44B12E6BD78 v2.5.2 Name: The Shark Code: 801E6A9FE9E750D0 v2.5.1 Name: PisssQue Code: C42FEB3E90775FA2 user: SAMSON code: 1650FD3FD655267A v2.5 name: nikihack code: 6654E3B4812835F2 v2.4.3 name: Pegasus code: 47A170C5B2792427 v2.4.1 name: Inpher/nop code: EE41F180B499FE02 v2.4 Name: Amanita Code: 8B9A4C34A3F90BEC v2.3.3 Name: %ysK:CaY9z;EnN Code: 4120412041204120 v2.3.1 Name: HotSix of NOP Code: 117F69BF989668AD v2.3 Name: HOTSIX Code: 1e0dcf99676d274c v2.2.1 Name: HotSix Code: 5424AE308F13D4A6 v2.1.x Name: 5*#/:.=3 Code: 0106d31dfef92ce3 v2.0 name: !.;?4%=: code: 0091ceeaff6e3116 (I know it's strange name but it works!) v1.5 see tip 2.0: If you don't want to see the !.;?4%=: in the Registered to: about window then you can do the following: (to Re-Register delete the Switch-Res Prefs and reboot) 1. Enter the Username in the Registering Window and press OK (don't enter a serial no.!) 2. Click on "Register" again. 3. Now enter only the Serial No. without a Username and click OK. 4. You'll get a Msg that registration failed, ignore it and click it away. 5. and viola SwitchRes is registed without a visible Username :-) That's all. It's not neccesseary to do but maybe you don't like the !.;?4%=: as Username ;-) 1.5: Press the 'ESC' key while clicking on the SwitchRes icon in the Control Strip. or Hold down the escape key while clicking on the icon in the upper left hand corner of the about box... - Swoop v1.0.x Name: HackUser Copies: 100 Code: LABGEBGD v1.0.2 Name: HackUser Copies: 100 Code: FLDKMGCJ Name: Buck Rogers Copies: 100 Code: JKAMGEKF - Symmantec Caffeine v1.0 The password you will require to install Caffeine is "say moof and enter". (this is real, not a joke) - SymphonyArt v1.0 Poncho-0091-Hellow - Sync&Diff v1.2 SYDF19651106 - Synchronize! v3.x.x 2784-1337-A - Synchronize! Pro v1.2.5 X EN 0404-9748-0761-2791-SA v1.2.1 X 0404-9748-0761-2791-SP v4.2.3 ABCDEFGHIJKL v4.2.2 49301111 v3.6.4 49301111 v3.5.3 Name: MoonDark Code: 18225678 v3.4.2 49301111 24102222 - System 7 Pack v3.7 Change 4DPX - 15001 at Offset $23FC from $4EBA 096A to $4E71 4E71 to remove the About-Box at startup. v3.5 summer - WhizGraph v1.2 123-12345-123-12345 - YVS Picture Translator v1.2.1 Short Name: Mac Long Name : Mac Birth : 1/1/2002 Code : 733654018 - T-Minus Ten v2.2 Code : 111158 - T-Script v4.0J 120992 - T-Time v2.1.1 THX4567890060 v2.0.3 Name: Hisashi Hoda Mail: Code: THX1138 v2.0 THX1138-0408162001 v1.1J MHB0000254220 - T-Track v1.0 TTRC-1708-0433 - T.C. Change v1.0.1 Name: KIRI Code: TC100R71991252/A - T.Clip vall versions serial: ? code: 604506 - T.V. Reminder v1.2.5 9994-TVRM-3918211034-149 # 0000-TVRM-3017911930-149 0001-TVRM-3017911931-149 0002-TVRM-3017911932-149 0003-TVRM-3017911933-149 0004-TVRM-3017911934-149 - TCP Extra Plugin v1.4 Name: Lain Code: TE4WAJU1NDM1MDG2 - TCP Manager v1.0.2 Name: Lain Code: TCPM42950 v1.0 Name: nowhereman Code: TCPM106226 - TCP/Connect II v4.0 GGXZQ 9500 JRQFX 6970 GGXZQ 9500 AZLBC 0260 GGXZQ 9500 NBSLF 8240 GGXZQ 9500 MMGTM 5170 GGXZQ 9500 XLXCQ 3330 GGXZQ 9500 SBVYH 1520 GGXZQ 9500 RXXDR 2510 GGXZQ 9500 XTFWV 4810 GGXZQ 9500 FBXGV 8610 GGXZQ 9500 BYFWK 4180 v2.3.1 DRJLT 8500 SVHTC 9210 v2.0 DRJLT 8500 ATGFM 9920 DRJLT 8500 DVLNS 4570 DRJLT 8500 IDXDB 4860 DRJLT 8500 KLCVV 2300 DRJLT 8500 NMXCD 2300 DRJLT 8500 PMLJZ 4410 DRJLT 8500 PTXYB 7810 DRJLT 8500 QLSBX 4320 DRJLT 8500 SVHTC 9210 DRJLT 8500 UQHNH 6040 DRJLT 8500 XLHTK 4410 - The Ultimate Wedding & Honeymoon Planner v3.0 ELLENRAE - The Ultimate Media Collection v1.0 9012 - The Ultimate Family Reunion Planner v1.0 MARTHA - The Car Repair Catalogue v1.0 PLAY-IS-PLAY - The Bat Phone Book v1.0.1 PLAY-IS-PLAY - TEXNE Sashi v1.0.1J Name: Lain Org.: Knights Code: SAM100J-665 - TCalc v1.0 [MacAddict] First Name: MacAddict Last Name: Hacker Code: FTDR-NBVN-F9LQ-NNVU - TFSoundsJ v1.0.1 ÉNÉ}ÇÃÉ}Å[ÉNÇÃëæòYçHñ[ (This code is Japanese character) - TGTools (Finale plugin) v1.75 Name: Cendryom Code: JTzT2xLP4567890DVlxFxpfpz906 - THETA Barcode MINI v2.0.1 TBP1-3296-9000-1687 After registeration, need a little works. otherwise the preferences file is not made. - TIFF Export v1.6.1 MTIF-NMSXW-LIOG4-OUCFTI - TILT 3D (Digieffects for AfterEffects) v 20EWAM0X1P2P3 - Time Track v1.1.1 Name: Lain Org.: Knights Code: TC12-6781-1236-67819 - Time Tool v2.0 Name: Lain Code: 886047709 - Time is Manger v1.0.3 Name: Lain Code: MSHOZ - TIM Time Information Management v1.8.1J Name: Lain Code: 1010-81693526 v1.7 1000-1951940075 - TKR Installer vall versions Servicenumber: ME56-19560AHOTSIX - TMDC SysMenu v1.0.4 Name: Halo Driver Org.: MAC HELP Code: f8d77a6-156a1c (see note) v1.0.1 Name: ColdFire Org.: PIRACY! Code: c8cdd026-fae177b note: The name, org and code are case sensitive! additional info: TMDC SysMenu creates an invisible file in your System-folder, called “Settings”. Remove this file from your System-folder to re-register TMDC SysMenu. RESTART YOUR MAC AFTER REGISTERING TMDC SYSMENU! - TOYS' MELODY v1.0 DOITYOURSELF - TRYUS v1.1 TR1-003GR-EIT - TS ChainLauncher v1.3.3 AAAAARF - TS-Backupper v1.2.4 AAAAAA88 - TS-TinyCron v2.0 AAAAAH09 - TTT vall versions ( see -> Tubes, Tines & Transistors ) - TableDraw v1.1 Name: KIRI Mail: Code: 443043 - TableWorks v1.0.1 SPC100000099999999 - TagTool v1.0.1 Name: KIRI Code: SCM-2585-3632463463 - Tailor v2.0.8 TZWCXLE-GIYQLYL Serial : DFFFOYB-GDYGGDN Expires: 02/1999 v2.0.x Serial : HAGGJGE-KAZWHBD Expires: 07/2153 Serial : NPFWEXL-SSKJPNA Expires: 11/2340 Serial : RUFHWUA-GTBGSDL Expires: 05/2042 Serial : UDQXYHH-PMRUCSG Expires: 08/2244 Serial : TXZVPHC-CEPTWUI Expires: 07/2129 v2.0.1 Serial : RBPQKCK-WNBSXND v1.1 RBPQKCK-WNBSXND v1.0.x YPKYTZE-BOXDOOG (Actual Code: 66546) Commercial License Expires 2345/02 KGIVCQI-LKVQUBJ (Actual Code: 19018) Commercial License Expires 2015/12 CIOLAXB-OAOAIOI (Actual Code: 82566) Commercial License Expires 2358/03 PIAHTUE-KCIBKYK (Actual Code: 05641) Commercial License Expires 2180/11 GNHHDSK-RDLULHD (Actual Code: 92060) Commercial License Expires 2249/12 ZCXHDPF-SMKXLHK (Actual Code: 99039) Commercial License Expires 2291/11 TSUYSQI-FFKZJAJ (Actual Code: 17993) Commercial License Expires 2349/08 - TakeABreak v2.x name: InFiNiTe vOiD copies: 100 code: 5600-1300-1128 - Tama The Cat v1.0J TAMATAMA - Tamazusa v2.1 Name: FIRE CRACKER Code: T5LAWMB3ATMMK64W5FA66VV7G5 - Tangentbordskommando v1.0 Code: "The Eye" - Tango v3.5 (Dev Studo) YJYAE-TFVQZ-WQHH4-T7400 vNT LLDJ/318703037 v1.5.2 GLMI/301926298 DLAE/285148614 v1.5 419464277 v# FileMaker Editor ED: KMCI/436145985 Tango for FileMaker CGI: OELC/301928257 - Tango Copix v# s5tmb-d8tjkr-r79vk - Tango Editor v2.0b3 BMKC/402718644 - Tango.acgi v2.0b3 BMLP/285277973 - Tank Wars v2.0.0 Sadam Hussein - Tanks of Terror v1.0 4556789344645654 - Tanpuku Tags v1.0J NCFAFQF - Tape v1.x.x Name: Inpher Org.: NOP Code: 220149 - Tapestry HTML v1.0.9 DR1 01103-29552-72035 - TarotWorks v 1.3 Name: Joann Burkart Code: TWJMD62299CL397 To register and unlock TarotWorks: 1. Copy the registration code above. 2. Open TarotWorks' Edit menu and choose the Register command. 3. Continue clicking the Register button until you see a window where you can type your name (exactly as above), then paste in the registration code. 4. Click the Register button and you're done! - Tartan Seifuku v1.1.0 19341-89272-20548-50848 - TaskMaker v2.2.2 511-KKQQQ-WWHP 511-kkqqq-wwhp see also "Tomb of the Taskmaker" - TaskMaster(OpenStep) v1.8.1 badkfetvn - TaskMenuBar v2.4.2 name: AtmosFear code: T234-1354356932 v2.4.1 name: untitled code: T241-1435895750 v2.4.0 Name: kiri@overkrack Code: T240-1364835084 v2.3.2 Name: nowhere*man Code: T232-1414380354 v2.3.1 Name: nowhere-man Code: T066-1089278574 v2.2.1 Name: no*where*man Code: T221-134250137 v2.2.0 Name: no/where/man Code: T220-1343546115 v2.1.2 Name: Cendryom Code: T212-1151678195 v2.1.1 Name: nnnowhereman Code: T211-0016835330 v2.1.0 Name: nqwhereman Code: T201-0081122771 v2.0 Name: nowhereman Code: T200-1428028178 v1.0.1 Name: nowhereman Code: T345-1159035712 - TV Reminder v1.2.6 Name: Lain Code: 1234-TVRM-3117B11634-149 - Trance v1.0.0 Name: LAINRZ Code: 909090901AAA - Trafic S5 v1.3.2 Name: Lain Code: TRF1-FJW5-0274-42DJ-H1R2 - TattleTech v2.5.9 Register with 'Twas Brillig' for level 3 access. v2.56 Twas Brillig borogoves manxome frabjous bandersnatch galumphing v2.22 Password: Twas Brillig - Tattoo v1.2 X Name: Pabloo SN: TTO1-165-058-446-808 v1.0 Name: Al Bundy/nop Code: TTO1-686-118-457-679 - Taylor v1.0.7 IUODAYAASVUGXHBA - TeXTractor vall versions 3.5.3 MTXT-NMKOH-GKGN4-HMQSMX - Teach! Pro v1.1.1 First Name: Oslec Middle Initial: M Last Name: Oliv Code: FSFV-JBFB-FALY-NNTU - Teacher's Favorite Hangman v1.5 ADTD-7382-WIJM-2235 - U-Sync v1.7 TYPER SMDEENTNODI EVITAVONNISMSI - TeamAgenda Server v2.5 User: 25 Serial Number: G140684764179 User: 25 Serial Number: F327513226152 User: 25 Serial Number: I143604565229 User: 25 Serial Number: E140213877129 User: 25 Serial Number: C21282967876 - TechTool Pro v3.0.8 76641621258664 70343641230045 v3.0.7 76342431458065 78744121662273 76542161644674 v3.0.6 74643161266453 76643141266453 78643121266453 v3.0.5 72643181266453 74641181264433 74643181266433 74645181268433 v3.0.4 72341861244265 74341101254274 v3.0.3 70343781260664 71343771260664 78343701260664 72343761260664 (see tip 4) 72343201270664 73343751260664 74343741260664 75343731260664 76343721260664 77343711260664 78343701260664 79343791260664 70343781260664 71343771260664 v3.0.2 74343741260664 ( see tips ) v3.0.1 72343201242433 74343741260664 v2.5.6 33546020891 328155778760 307705124169 36151882187 384145437410 351630023063 370836472117 372154179124 326302482400 321064621116 300584803836 374468438487 35100065409 324323437294 355081771390 372378347429 354474118494 314256004795 367801419234 346160637896 357652861711 343245619878 380024626196 32432033983 364465545604 380266434934 380767812728 v2.5.5 361114161497 331033169758 304361634648 315223406559 364057729853 307451325789 348622532659 372673207240 381587309843 346605535879 332482551442 v2.5.4 316336322509 318087509707 388315032205 383537784834 324553035987 343515672358 356617243736 321138533638 v2.5.3 314094068267 385025547576 316336322509 300007776915 v2.5.2 348115427069 323064733235 300007776915 377777778844 374210809471 380627021526 377143084664 303016762816 v2.5.1 (update) 31278147717 350007673211 313275342254 v2.1.1 313094731482 372584567013 344367305962 374808362939 373713224217 306144133065 374680155106 382585258536 356442004489 321200639914 357360155745 3195481602560 313862608697 (French) v2.0J 313275342254 313094731482 v2.03r1 313094731482 v2.02 3195481602560 3232701506073 323456785344 312964968681 3456837809690 v2.0 323456785344 v1.0.x 0267050303944 5842062202752 8411488807925 v1.0.5 387456871220 312345671637 387654325672 379242486701 378548212815 v1.0.4 312613945660 v1.0.3J 4715885000069 (tip 1) Throw out the key in the Tech Tool Prefs folder and use this serial: 74343741260664 (tip 2) If upgrading from 3.0 or 3.01 then you must first delete three preference files before entering serial. Go to: (System Folder:Preferences:TechTool Pro Prefs) and delete Application Preferences, Control Panel Prefs and Key File. (tip 3) "TTP loads and checks at application startup the contents of the “AREF” resource ids 2048, 2049 and 2050. Each resource id (2048 and 2050) contains a list of invalid Serial Numbers. My [k] replaces the lists with empty lists, so that you can register TTP 3.0.3 with a old TTP v3.0.2 sn#. So easy to [k]. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Micromat!!!!!!!" (tip 4) These are 3.03 serials (not 3.02) and work; I have used the first one. But you have to trash the Key File in the TechTool Pro Prefs folder (in Preferences folder in System Folder or wherever you put it) before entering a serial. If this doesn't work, also trash the Application and Control Panel preferences before entering. There is no need to use the [k]rack or try to modify the AREF resources (I couldn't find the lists in 2048 and 2050) - Wideload v0.9.0 X ndk73py45 ndk73pyjj ndk73pyuu - Technical Snapshot v2.0 SI5-QBMBY-NNCN - Telban v1.3.0 CHI-1579579643-2H - TeleFinder Server v5.7 Serial Number: TF00-19352 Registration Code: 4294963049 Unlimited nodes Windows Clients Support v5.6.1 SN: TF-11223 Reg: 17193 (Unlimited Nodes) v5.5b14 SN: TF-12345 Reg: 9076 (Unlimited Nodes) v5.1.3a SN: TF-12345 Reg: 9076 (Unlimited Nodes) v5.1.1 (Unlimited nodes) SN: TF00-12756 Reg: dbydyddbdd SN: TF00-13827 Reg: dbydydddyy SN: TF00-14517 Reg: bdcpx SN: TF00-15297 Reg: aagef SN: TF00-16916 Reg: dbydyefpye (10 nodes) SN: TF00-15297 Reg: aeady SN: TF00-16916 Reg: dbydydygpc (6 nodes) SN: TF00-14517 Reg: dbydydbgcy v5.0 SN: TF00-12345 Reg: g8c (Unlimited Nodes) v4.0 (2 Nodes) SN: TF00-00001 Reg: M3B6A7 (Unlimited Nodes) SN: TF00-00001 Reg: A7G4F v# TF00-20324 - The Box v1.0 X Name: Pablo SN: 0BEBB51299RELCSYS - TeleMagic vAll M27964 vMU10 Logon: Mac Password: Master - TeleTalk v1.0.1 10000476 10000577 10000678 10000779 10000870 10000971 10001972 10035676 10045677 11045678 11145679 11245670 11345671 11445672 11545673 - Teleport Fax vAll KZW3 - Temple Tantrum v1.0.1 Name : nowhereman Regis.: 1429502761 Serial: 1234567890 - Tempo vEZ 1.2a TEZ0104104078 vII+ 3.0.8 T2+ 0417507400 - Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor v2.2 000003131130 - Tenkai/Insubunkai v2 ìÀôŒ (This code is Japanese character) - Tenor! v1.7 Name: KIRI ID# : 1097024 - Terrazzo v2.0 400001952870 v1.0 600701841233 600700000000 - Tesselation v1.2.7 186919 900790 1053913 1256681 1411327 1478291 1886939 1970769 2005689 2378481 v1.25 12395561 v1.2.6 74599994 v1.2 872772618 v1.1 323199 357014 458999 475825 492552 492784 50137651 380895967 604746465 508524227 872772618 - Test Strip v3.0 56791 88888 v2.0.2 bead dote sane The algorithm is very simple in fact: 50000 < sn < 100000 and (sn modulo 13) = 7 - TestTrack v1.5 Multi User License MR0188257189BIDS Evaluation Licenses EV1A55739000BFGD MU12B4567995ADD5 - Tetris Max v2.x Name: MMC Mekka Code: PMP-538-MEB Name: Joe Clinton Code: LQE-549-GMM v2.7 Name :John Doe Code :PLQ-786-JFF v2.6 Name: Registered Code: LEK-786-FKR - TexFinder v1.8 Name: Orygun Code: 2C92392C6 Name: Pablo Code: 2C82D729 v1.7 Name: Cendryom Code: 2D82782P82F5 - Text Roller v Pro ATMOSFEAR-4537482 v Business ATMOSFEAR-9520175 - Text Toolkit v1.0.4 MTTK-NMLFQ-EHMF4-VVTPMT - Text Utilities vAll Name: MMC Mekka Code: 703053667050 v4.0 Name: Unregistered Code: 103054264543 - TextBridge v8.0 9712CN00089 9411TP00633 v3.0 1111111111 v2.0.2 PN#31-07995-00 SN#9404TM01068 - TextBroom v3.8.0 Name: Ragnarok Code: WL-204002203008452 v3.6.9 Name: [AtmosFear] Code: WL-197F675U70K7140 v3.6.8 Name: AtmosFear Code: WL-193F505U87K5918 Name: The Shark Code: WL-211536167016011 v3.6.7 Name: Halo n Driver Code: WL-162596663763985 Name: aardvark Code: WL-204302534432378 Name: anarchosyndicalist Code: WL-212542720082305 Name: authenticsender Code: WL-201192663811105 Name: barrowinfurness Code: WL-207116737784325 Name: biscuitbarrel Code: WL-194657222539556 Name: braincell Code: WL-205206233784871 Name: cheapest Code: WL-213148187879564 Name: detective Code: WL-215457284715518 Name: Code: WL-201792090190354 v3.5.1 Name: Halo Driver Code: WL-187166199208 Name: MacClub Code: WL-202166172172 Name: WarezBBS Code: WL-232166217178 Name: red5 Code: WL-217178175130 Name: BUXONFIVE Code: WL-169226235208 v3.0.2 Name: nowhereman Code: WL-205208232187 - TextConverter v2.x.x Name: Inpher Code: 674052249153 Name: ANONYMOUS Code: 639053729461 v1.x Name: Everyone Code: 735052908658 - TextMerge v2.x Name: Everyone Code: 735052908658 Name: Inpher Code: 674052249153 - TextSplitter v2.x Name: Everyone Code: 735052908658 Name: Inpher Code: 674052249153 - TextSpresso v1.7.1 Name: disterfoo Code: lbgxt1 v1.3 Name: The Mac Community Org.: (any) Code: l98kim Name: Registered Copy Org.: (any) Code: ltn2gr Please note that the first character of the SN is a lowercase L, not an I. - TextToMidi v1.4.1 OIEJKIDYLKYG - Textation v1.1.1 X Name: Pabloo SN: TXT1-164-624-645-630 v1.0.2 Name: Al Bundy/nop Code: TXT1-685-316-726-401 - Textbook v1.5.1 Name: SPC Code: 666-2499-1234-5 - Textissimo v# TMT202000236 v2.0 TMT222008000 SMD110300102 - TextureMagic v1.4 X Name: Pablo Code: TM-27458-G Upgrade: Leave this blank v1.1 Name: HotSix Code: 21783 - TextureScape v2.0 07-5626-5173 v1.5.1J 07-3010-9920 v1.5 27-9003-6624 27-9082-9628 v1.0 27-9003-6624 - The Atomic Mac v4.2.1 2443565F90 v3.7.1 2443565F90 v3.7 1224A9785F v3.5.8 1252687890 - The BoardRoom v2.0 33024000 84633933 (any 8 digit number that is divisible by 43) The master pass for layout access is: space opt/space space opt/space space opt/space - The Comic Box v1.0 Name: KIRI Org.: ANGEL Code: TCBN1004529280123456 - The Complete Oxford vall versions code: 0310 - The Customer Jit Server v1.2.6 Name : LeetCheeZ Company: SPC! Code : 03210715A - The Eraser v2.x.x Name: Inpher Keywords: NOP Code: 26113344 - The Fishin' Hole v1.5.2 0945-yaks-mule (see tip) So, as for actually registering this game, here's the method: Step 1: Launch the game up from the Finder. Step 2: Wait for it to load, but do not click at the Title Screen where it says 'Click to Continue' Step 3: Now that you're at the title screen, type in the keys (And only these keys) "k", "b", and then "p" Step 4: While still at the title screen, hold down the option key and the shift key on the keyboard, and then click on the dot of the first letter 'i' in the word "Fishin'" on the wooden sign. Now a dialog box should pop up that asks you for a "passwordio." Step 5: Now, type in the following password (Excluding the quotation marks): "0945-yaks-mule" Step 6: A little banjo music should play, and you'll need to do nothing further, because the game is now registered! The code is the same to the previous versions. You need to insert the note, though. - The Fontz v3.4.3 X Name: Pablo SN: 45-O90-A10 (one Capital O and two Zeros) v2.0.1 Name: KIRI Code: 28-I44-I8 (Note: I = big letter "i") - The Fragmalyzer v1.1 5467-71-40128 v1.x.x 4371-00-31112 5263-22-43168 8000-26-51184 1337-58-01584 1460-58-02520 v1.0.3 1286-79-43276 v1.0.2 Name: MoonDark/nop Code: 2030-33-63632 - The Gomoku narabe v2.0J 671MAC 571MAC - The Last Chance v1.5.2 4869726F6E616B611 - The Last Resort v 0821-1996-A92C - The Lightsaver v2.0 Name: Lucifer Org.: Lucifer Code: 41744 - The MacLocksmith v2.3.0 Name: FullCrack Keywords: 0 Serial Number:1953 (or 1935) - The Musician Pro v3.1.0 Name: Chrisco* Key : Chrisco* Co. Code: 441822074 - The Palace vCD CYB6-4468-K9HVA v2.2 88ZW-59D6-NBPP8 v1.0.1 LV3M-GRTN-XNG7E - The Palace Server v# 4ZTHM-34D6D-BJHBG-SK3SA 7MYL6-TD67T-2ERQ8-69LUA E9SBY-3FT6D-ATU7Y-SKR7A 4ZTBD-7UD6M-RUDBG-UXZBA YV2YZ-4KC8G-2RX3Q-BHJNS (50 user codes) - The Pianist v1.0.2J 516.102.00011330 516.102.00012205 - The Sims vVacation CD Key: 1500-0938150-6239671-4906 v2.0.1 carbon 112999-726362-521582-6537 v1.1 112999-726362-521582-6537 v1.0 105497-859214-224982-2841 100380-894345-537976-4619 100486-585530-905808-0928 - The Tower II v2.0J 1310-1010-4484-8321 1310-1010-4138-3480 1310-1010-3285-1472 - The Unmounter v3.x Name : MoonDark Institution: NOP Industries Code : 126737218 Name : Buck Rogers Institution: NASA Code : 2859221 - The VR WORX v2.1 name: anything company: anything sn: X-11T0-2701-0928-565F (see Special Note) v2.0.1 X-81N4-B358-E918-F26Z v2.0 X-11T0-2701-0928-565F Special Note: the serial will only work if all fields with the registration are filled, therefore you MUST enter a name AND a company with the serial number for the 'register' button to become available. - The WordsCrosser v1.3.4 MC-3F3C0002 - TheGoodBook v3 JesusReigns - TheLastChance v1.5.2 4869726F6E616B611 - TheTranslator v2.0J 100409546291 - TheZone v1.5 Name : The Dead Guy Copies: 2112 Code : BLPXGXC Name : Inpher Copies: 1337 Code : CZMYDKH v1.4 Name : Anonymous Copies: 50 Code : AQFYPZG Name : Buck Rogers Copies: 100 Code : BXBXEKN - Themer v1.0 Name: any name Org: any org Serial: THA-572-702-423 Serial: THA-246-369-946 Serial: THA-029-934-265 - Themer:Anche v2.0 THA-572-702-423 THA-513-748-727 THA-807-944-328 THA-169-271-593 THA-983-117-937 THA-601-988-622 THA-499-062-099 THA-172-077-336 THA-029-934-265 THA-677-990-002 THA-938-746-462 THA-842-691-081 THA-246-369-946 THA-135-787-340 THA-854-579-929 THA-932-875-642 THA-786-540-080 THA-925-060-305 THA-574-207-736 THA-430-564-179 - Theorist v1.51 010626 v1.1x T-100-001351 v1.11 T-111-003367 T-110-001351 - Thermograph v1.0 Code: mercury - Think Ahead+ v3.0.1 Serialnumber : 180101 (I don't believe this is used) Registration Key: 2103171921 To register bring up the about box and option-click on the icon on the right. - Think Pascal v4.0 050000 65500 01064 66514 - Thinking Home v1.0.3 Name: KIRI Code: 87887613 - Thor v1.2 s/n : 84H8-L0060-1030 Code : 2L8-0A9-092 - Thoth v1.6.0 Name: PYRUS MALUS SN: BKDDHAMCAJEPREAC Name: Brian Clark Code:BFDJQCIGALEKLRJH v1.5.5 TF242-1754331 v1.5.2 Name: Brian Clark Code:BFDJQCIGALEKLRJH v1.4.x Name: Brian Clark Code: BFDJQCIGALEKLRJH v1.4.6 Name: Inpher/nop Code: BTIHFCSGAKIRDBKQ v1.3 Name: :-| Code: BHDFETECAECGAGEK - Three By Five v2.0 TF242-1754331 - ThrobberDeveloper v2.1.1 Name: TD Code: TDEV-6666-UEZZ-3456 - ThrobberEdit v1.3 757-631-284 - Thrones v1.0.1 Name: (any) Code: 5104-614-386-56606-74831 - Thunder Dome: Shock Therapy v1.0 name: nowhereman code: 989239 - TicTacWeg v2.0.1 Name: Joel Arvidsson Firm: anything you want Code: 112825745 - Tiff-Sight v1.3 X See Crack v1.2.2 171-LWX-127-VDZ-13 v1.0.3 (Crack) 1.3 X Crack: 1) Open Tiff-Sight 1.3 X with resorcerer and Look for "171" You will find this : (171-LWX-127-VDZ-13 2) Change "171-LWX-127-VDZ-13" to something like "000-000-000-000-00". 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To fix this (and allow you to re-register), view package contents on the app, go to contents/macos and delete the rox.dat file. (Tip 2) Open up your Toast 4.x version with ResEdit, then Toast 5. Copy the LOST 128 resource from 4.x and paste it into 5, replacing the resource in 5. Save changes and quit. Toast 5 is now registered to you... No CD key needed! - Tomb of the Taskmaker v1.0 S14-DB6VY-TT8T see also "Taskmaker" - Tombo vDR5.2 (see tip) How to: 1. Open an invisible file in the pref folder. (The name of this pref is japanese char) 2. Open datafork, you'll find that first line: 00000000B617..... change $3 00 -> 01 like: 00000001B617..... 3. 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Then you should be able to re-register 3.2rev3 - TopNote v4.2 Name: none Code: 700031854718 v F1-3.1 7000 138 370 20 - TopOrganizer vall versions ( see --> TopNote,TopCalculette,TopAddress,TopAgenda) - Tops v3.1.1 0247718M21 - Toto Mac v1.0 Name: [k]rkckWorks Code: GY6GM8VNKPAVVGGGPMG-3D373P Name: Back Stage Code: 4MG495Q2APYY6G9YKKH69D3RYY - Tototurbo v2.0 (Licenza d'utente & N.1) 7811-0005-C0F0 v1.4.3 7811-0203-C0F0 v1.0 License Type: Worldwide Code: 7811-0569-C0F0 - TouchBase Pro vAll TB6I14233S2KE1CS buvc0z9s8h1n7dab (See DateBook Pro) - Tour of Duty v1.2 name: Stefano Olivieri code: 1516991 - Tiffany v3 11r1-y75l-roiw-san2-q3mj - Tous Comptes Faits v3.6.1 TCF3-36-MAC-10-FR-M00U00006-X6 TCF3-36-MAC-10-FR-M00U17597-O6 v3.5.4 TCF3-35-MAC-10-FR-M00U000o6-X6 v3.5.1 Name: none Code: TCF3-35-MAC-10-FR-MO0U02555-L3 v3.0 code: TCF3-30-MAC-10-FR-M00U00066-X6 v2.7.3 code: TCF2-27-MAC-10-FR-M00003319-13 Le SN# de SS n'est pas bon, remplace le "O" avec un "0"="zéro", ça fonctionne. ;-) - Trackplan Tools v7.0.1 U.Name: KIRI B.Name: KIRI R.Code: 55-939 - Trade Assist v2.0 TA20-123456XMECCZKCQW v1.5.3 Name: nowhereman Code: GDWMA-KESHLM-XUW - Traffic Report v1.0 Pro Name: Cendryom Code: 29E3-6905-12DC1 v1.0 Lite Name: Cendryom Code: 29E3-A5A5-12DC2 - TransLand/JE v2.0 460045 - Transcribe! v6.0 X Name: Pablo SN: 28431 v5.20 X Name: Pablo SN: 28431 v3.0.1 Name: KIRI Code: 29964 - Transit v1.2 (see --> Transmit) v1.1.1 3815-2429-3773-4800 3391-0945-1014-9700 1416-1056-6440-0000 v1.1 7028-8112-5815-6990 2358-2023-8178-2020 1416-1056-6440-0000 v1.0.5a 4226-4748-6044-0571 3391-0945-1014-9700 1234-5612-5925-1234 1234-5612-5925-1235 v1.0 4226-4748-6044-0571 just remember that unless you are using the newest verson of transit (1.1.1) turn off your internet connection before! - Transjammer vI & II 82-50195-51793-52051 82-21530-49681-39171 - TranslateIt! vall versions code: 03016-W8CO6 - Translator v 100410000000 100409599990 - Transmit v2.2 X 6050-9536-0647-0735 v2.1 1031-5170-9710-3252 P0A1-B9L2-0628-1437 C0R3-A6C7-K8E8-D834 M0I1-N8I3-M6A7-L500 1051-3254-0061-0170 v2.3 X 1031-5170-9710-3252 P0A1-B9L2-0628-1437 C0R3-A6C7-K8E8-D834 M0I1-N8I3-M6A7-L500 v2.0 9000-4197-0815-0010 see Tip v1.7b2 7668-7116-4877-2657 v1.7.x 8356-1612-9520-4800 v1.7 7879-8018-6751-2603 7561-2011-7954-7200 v1.6 1312-2768-2380-4000 3917-6145-8360-3700 3345-3838-8064-0800 4374-4570-8660-9000 2418-2917-1698-5900 6485-6513-8792-9100 7238-5211-7264-0240 7096-1512-8440-3150 5392-1083-5775-5000 9202-3311-6869-5910 5720-7989-2443-2400 6640-2888-9797-5200 5081-2780-2840-6600 5796-7213-0426-2000 2540-8437-8585-1600 2454-2725-7698-3500 4960-4475-8947-3200 v1.5.1 1350-9621-4802-6400 2580-8649-2944-2600 3907-3431-2587-2000 4966-1263-0697-2400 5271-2779-0690-5000 6317-4176-4406-6100 7927-5012-3669-0000 8979-6721-1022-2450 9197-9926-3982-3130 3434-7749-8041-6500 (French) v1.5 0370-0930-3473-8853 2129-7326-1956-7900 1276-2714-6771-0500 8401-5711-9302-2940 1683-2721-2092-0200 v1.2 7191-9118-1955-3230 8026-0891-4973-1200 6254-2688-8104-9200 to extend 15 day trial (that has no limitations) before starting it for the first time set year to 2004. start Transmit. set it up. quit Transmit. set date back to 2002. now you trial period is 2 years. - Transverter Pro v3.2 12345678904900 00000000001435 - TrapWise v2.3 CD TWP230DU0013005712 - Trapcode 3D Stroke vAE Name: SCOTCH Code: TNWQWKQA - Trapcode Shine vAE Name: Montana Wildhack Code: 34F4TZKP Name: filin Code: WWYY8KUU - Trapcode Sound Keys v AE Name: :::Ox::: Code: 4ATKPKUX v# Name: filin Code: XUWZUFF4 - TrashAlias vall versions T140-5640 T1450-697 - TrashPorter v3.0.3J Mail: Code: 4BD13A3760D92639 - TraverseCalculator v1.0 1350000-42-00-00 - TrayOpener v1.3.1 52356913 21766938 10352124 - Tree EIAS vAll SSSSSSG - Tree Painter v3.0 232607 - Tree Pro v4.0 442191 v3.0 432041 - TreeDruid v1.2 s/n : 94H8-N0G60-1030 Code : 2L8-0A9-092 v# 9RHF-10160-1030 - Tresor v1.0.x Name: Inpher Code: 54985135617 - Tri-BACKUP v3.1.x L81170301876 L69100183137 L50100197081 L50102131448 L99170031571 L99188771289 (Multi-User License) v3.0.1 L99 644 655 613 v2.0 US X10 101 120 580 v1.0.x French Version: F10 987 635 655 German Version: D10 987 619 597 English Version: E10 987 627 626 - Tri-CLEANER v2.0.1 X12-157-832-901 (US version) v1.0.x E03 432 702 912 (english version) F05 304 597 884 (french version) - Tri-Catalog Images v5.0 F10 253 682 210 L99 869 237 873 L99 758 429 121 L99 662 165 615 L99 828 169 342 L99 214 229 393 v3.1.2 F10 885 281 655 (French) v3.x.x French Version: F01 123 701 095 F03 123 715 102 F01 254 341 765 F03 123 627 721 German Version: D39 195 997 769 D03 123 615 714 English Version: E39 195 963 775 E03 123 671 717 A11 314 245 751 - Tri-Catalog Pro v5.0 L99 869 237 873 L99 758 429 121 L99 662 165 615 L99 828 169 342 L99 214 229 393 v4.0 US F12 123 915 677 v3.x.x French Version: F03 123 627 721 F39 196 181 205 German Version: D03 123 615 714 D39 196 151 194 English Version: E03 123 671 717 E39 196 116 200 v3.x E00581485526 v2.5.x F105 399 489 E125 187 595 D147 174 311 F116 393 039 E298 445 549 D258 868 271 F501 167 289 E685 857 370 D583 836 131 v2.0.x 125 749 717 298 674 674 542 987 489 889 183 946 v2.0.1 D637593728 v1.3.3 243 743 042 298 543 814 547 957 584 748 893 748 F (for French versions) E (for English versions) D (for German versions) J (for Japanese versions) - Tri-Edre Le Dictionnaire v1.0.x 298694224 498625239 555521784 - Tri-Explorer v1.0.x French Version: F124 786 325 F347 769 869 F645 779 831 German Version: D248 012 891 D879 656 871 D147 419 291 English Version: E852 833 945 E298 729 543 E142 809 091 - TriangleSweeper v1.1 Name: nowhereman Code: HON-TS-20091030 Pass: 1419620345 - Triazzle Animated Puzzle vAll TRZ-41257-9637 SPC-10002-0104 - Trilite v3.0 Greatly Insane? - Trinity v1.1 ppc Name: Cendryom Code: HPOHABZAWHB1UABF v1.1 68k Name: Cendryom Code: HPOHABZAWHB1UABE - Triple-A PPC v1.0 name: Anonymous code: rrssdcdkp name: cipher code: t7oqkb4f name: nobody code: eft1ukv - Tristan v2.5.1 ie E-mail: Key-Code: 841256149062368478713049 vunknown 11300017816 - Tropico v1.0 12PU-LRT3-RS23-QS45-7997-1231-TROP - True Forms v2.0 TC2009001554 TDA2008000217 - True Motion v1.1a3 051895 - TrueKeys v3.4 CAN-080433-MAC-070333 MAC-070333-CAN-080433 If not registered, open invisibile Pref "CJKF.Reg" and change datafork to: 596F7572204E616D650000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000596F7572 204F7267616E697A6174696F6E00000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000043414E2D30383034 33332D4D41432D30373033333300000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000B3D75703 - TrueVerb v2.2 126116TVMA5741 - Truespace v3 5300211002075 - TubeTime v1.0 400001952870 100100310040 - Tubes, Tines & Transistors v2.0 Install Pwd : cx95d-h7dqw-mps79 Reg: TTT2-590569-314549-513289-041109 - Tumejouzu vAll 171B005D896I589A Illustrator PlugIn - Tunda Me! v1.0J ÉTÉìÉVÉìÇÕâ´ìÍÇÃï∂⪠(This code is Japanese character) - Tune-a v1.1.1 260492-05-430000108 - Tuneup v1.1a Name: RyDeR H00k! Code: 8ZAM-IIOL-AUPK-FTO - TunnelBuilder v# (see tip) Before you install TunnelBuilder set the date to 2005. After the installation you can set it back to the real date. And I think it's quite easy to remove the reminder screen! Just a solution till a crack is out!! - Turbo Internet v1.0.1 80121042210093 - TurboCD v1.1.7 916A885B - TurboPS! v2.0 TPS677d-1bb1-4669 TPS77a2-35c0-0b74 TPS3851-02c3-6bf1 TPS5c5f-4222-072e TPS30fd-378c-4975 TPS6f62-03aa-5bc5 TPS4626-7757-4bc6 TPS2617-1392-036a TPS021a-2a53-054a TPS0531-0c03-2276 - Twist v1.2 1025090 1599745 1985269 2490733 3408239 v1.0 2387321 - Twrite v4.3 L7D-TWRTJK-40JU01-36D 6RD-TWRTDX-40XA01-6VW KOD-TWRTU1-40LA01-9UI 8FB-TWRTM4-40C101-23B VJB-TWRT21-409B01-5RW VPB-TWRTSF-40FN01-8ZV GRC-TWRTGK-40MS01-18C PLC-TWRTWM-403Z01-45F C4C-TWRTUO-40AT01-76P GTD-TWRT58-407Z01-0KR - Type Chameleon v1.0 OMAJ-392644-4885 - Type Switcher v1.0 Name: NopsBug Code: 130876247 - TypeJet v1.1.1 Name: Lain Code: TJYP-3434-4266-9476 v2.1.2 Name: Rob Nemo Serial: TJYP-2354-8526-7384 v2.1.1 X Name: Pablo SN: TJYP-2314-5406-9048 (don't copy/paste) v1.1.3 Name: Pablo SN: TJYP-2314-5306-8248 (don't copy/paste) - Type Twister v• US-45-1000-000117659 - TypeBe v2.0 Name: unknown Code: 000007844704 Name: lupin Code: 000005523360 v2.x Name: nowhereman Code: 000001076672 - TypeCaster v1.15c 800081922691 800371423895 v1.1.1 100001123725 v1.0b 100100310040 v1.0 300701722461 100001123725 - TypeIndexer v2.0.8 0219345 - TypeIt4Me vX 1.0 Name: Pablo SN: 43390 (X 0.99 sn's still work too) vX 0.99 name: DarkSide code: 80181 Name: KRAKHEAD/NOP code: 66301 v4.8.2 Name: Micmac Full license: 52575 Lite license: 5441 v4.8.1 name: DarkSide code: 80181 v4.7.0 name: MoonDark code: 77950 use ResEdit, go to the ressource hOpN , clear all the data. Save and quit Resedit. That's it - TypePopper v1.3 Name: nowhereman Code: 12345678-00025160 or Code: 12345678-0002516 - TypeRecorder v1.0.1 Copies: 5 Name: Halo Driver Code: LQWZQCCHSQ v1.0# Name : -Akuma- Copies: 1 Code : LRZLWWCMPC v1.0 name : Orygun code : LLRLRRLQCS copies: 1 - TypeSaver v1.x Name: Cendryom No. : 100 Code: 5800-800-833 v1.0 Name: nowhereman No. of copies: 1 Code: 58-10-1076 - TypeStyler v3.7.2 TS3-2GQ-E6243DF6-07WX4JC v3.5.8 BBS-3ZS-HOTSIX99-66086W9 v3.46.2 BBS-3ZS-HOTSIX99-66086W9 v3.43.2p TS3-XJT-7119587-FX456 v3.14.1 SR2,WIS,6008476,EW345 v2.1.1 1800172168 1800159111 3824455642 Tip 1 Remove your earlier try at installing typestyler and use the installer again to put the program on your disk. Then start typestyler as if it was your first time starting it. That is the time to put in the right ser#. Just removeing the preferences doesn't do anything. Tip 2 TypeStyler 3 beta 1) Go into ResEdit or some other Resource manipulator. 2) Get Info for "SysReqFl" which is located in "System Folder: Preferences:". 3) Make it visible. 4) Move it to trash and delete it. Now you have 60 days trial again... Tip 3 (for 3.46) To re-register TypeStyler you have to deleted the invisible file "Mac OS Data Prefs" inside the Preferences folder.... or better: Go to File menu and select "Type Styler Online". Then click on "Register" and the register box appear. - TypeTalker v1.0.0 Name: [k]rkckWorks Code: TYPTPYCD4A4C8B8GPAB56CP73P Name: Back Stage Code: -MD-GAJPRAGMKBAYKFY9YCPRYY - TypeTamer v1.1.9 A13AJ8J29F v1.x.x INPHER802K IN6HER28QQ B2K8A4A1NG v1.x A0L0YAS77M X9O3X0M3AO W5QEB566LK v1.1.6 FA63TF532GA v1.0.6c A13AJ8J29F - Typeset v1.5.1 X Name: Pablo Code: TYPE-7AB5-0E26-CA3D-3456 v1.1.1 Name: Typeset Code: TYPE-19EA-7980-6338-7890 - Typestry v2.5 1379000784 3478905948 3789856338 v2.1.1 1800172168 1800159111 v1.1 1379000784 3478905948 1900582261 - U-Page v4.0.1 0002-3373-0867-2034 v4.0 0014-9213-5824-5891 - UHS for MacOS v5.0 Name: Lain Code: 165271 v4.x name: Sardanapalm code: 643542 v4.0 Name: Inpher Code: 474332 - UNICORN v1.0.5 client 550053-635363-53D56F ( US0000 ) 550043-734373-426112 ( UC0001 ) 550043-734373-4150B8 ( UC0002 ) v1.0.1 server 550053-635363-53D56F ( US0000 ) 550043-734373-426112 ( UC0001 ) 550043-734373-4150B8 ( UC0002 ) - UNIX Console v2.6 109876543210 - UP Utilities vAll 0002190715 - URL Box v1.5.5 1278456932 - URL Extractor v1.0.1 Name: Cendryom Pass: 207062485840 - URL Manager v3.0.4 Name: Cendryom SN: YNM1163702272 Name: Fallen Angels SN: UM30-2393-F35A-1AFB-DA52 v3.0 Name : KRAKHEAD /NOP Code : UM30-62EA-48CA-3B3E-B89F Name : Steve Jobs Code : UM30-9248-AAC1-5E1C-DC7C v3.0fc4 Name: NOP Industries Code: UM30-12D5-938D-F9BE-7C7F v3.0b19 Name: AtmosFear code: URLM-772A-45A2-1635-617F v2.7fc name: nowhereman code: URLM-62F1-7427-E6AD-CB17 v2.7.1 name: nwhereman code: URLM-D002-3DCD-944F-D783 v2.6.x Name: Inpher Code: RPM1156698112 v2.5.x Name: Akuma Code: SUM1153900544 Name: Sonoko Suzuki Code: ONM1185955840 v2.0v1 code: suM100761600 name: Akuma v2.0b3 code: 1247019008 name: MaximumBob code: 1198129153 name: SPC! v2.0 Pro name: MoonDark: code: aoM135118848 v1.3.1 code: 1249509376 name: Buck Rogers v1.1.x code: 1244397568 name: 'Anonymous' - URL Memo v1.7.8 Name: La femme Code: 2147477646 v1.2.x 28883 v1.0 Anonymous, 18867 Registered, 6225 - USB Label Insatu v1.3.1 7d3100-000000-001b24 - USB Overdrive v10.2 Name: Pablo SN: LMSB-6812-3276 v10.0.0 Name: Lain Code: LMSB-8033-3458 Name: USB Overdrive LMSB-9210-7168 v10.0.0b1 Name: Al Bundy/nop Code: LMSB-2404-2253 v1.x Name: JamesBond 007 Code: LMSB-4961-5011 Name: Inpher Code: LMSB-7471-5464 v1.3.7J Name: nowhereman Code: LMSB-3678-8485 v1.3 Name: MoonDark/NOP Code: LMSB-3897-4252 v1.1 Name: HotSix Code: LMSB-5134-5325 Name: MoonDark/NOP Code: LMSB-3897-4252 - Ultima III v1.4.2 Name: Lainxxxx Code: NGDNBBPG v1.3 name: HackUser code: BLDNCDJL name: Buck Rogers code: LBUPPTQG v1.x name: Anonymous code: MKDYNAKS - Ultimate Blackjack v2.2 LockCode: jxgfds AuthCode: laqshm How to register: 1. Run the Ultimate Blackjack app and quit at once. 2. Open the "Ultimate Blackjack Prefs" with resorce editor. (ResEdit, Resorcerer, etc) 3. Open STR resorce ID 130. This character is your LockCode that made start up. 4. Change jxgfds and save. 5. Run again, you will see changed character jxgfds. 6. Enter laqshm in reg box. (All characters are lower case.) 7. That's it. 2.2.sit.hqx - Ultimate KnockOut v1.0 004292 <-- 1st char is a space - Ultimate Label Printer Pro v6.0 ( see --> Label Printer Pro ) v5.5 4348823 v5.1.3 4348823 v5.1.1 9072386 v5.1 4348823 2348236 1387893 5742936 v5.0 4348823 2348236 6723673 1387893 5742936 9072386 5742936 3748238 4597293 7903480 8437573 - Ultimate Music Player v1.x Qk2Hs4P# - Ultimate Pool v1.1 18245147 177097 4931847 6833747 11588497 1003429347 1411386897 - UltimateSpell v(1) 1.05 dispelcurse v(2) 1.03 summonersparty - Ultra Lingua v4.0.1 French - English: M4FE66249990727531-NOP German - English: M4GE29474066235649-NOP Italian - English: M4IE93459860505857-NOP Portuguese - English: M4PE86616148136604-NOP Spanish - English: M4SE95749508902224-NOP English Thesaurus: M4ET32808530009743-NOP English Definitions: M4EE48392585951750-NOP German - French: M4GF85162516191820-NOP Spanish - French: M4SF79219772398847-NOP French Definitions: M4FF83716918325366-NOP v3.41 English 29CF5CD79BCDMACEE-Krystal v3.41 French-Spanish 29CF59508ECDMACFS-Krystal v3.41 French-German 29CF2334BDCDMACFRDE3-Krystal v3.41 French 29CF2ECB9BCDMACFF-Krystal v3.41 English-Spanish 29CF4059ABCDMACSP3-Krystal v3.41 English-Italian 29CF4EEBA4CDMACIE3-Krystal v3.41 English-German 29CF37C4A9CDMACDE3-Krystal v3.41 English-French MED 29CF0454E7CDMACFEMED3-Krystal v3.41 English-French 29CF31CFBCCDMACFR3-Krystal v3.11 FRENCH/SPANISH 3478A7521D78MACFS-The Shark v3.11 FRENCH 3478D0C90878MACFF-The Shark v3.11 ENGLISH/SPANISH 3478BE5B3878MACSP3-The Shark v3.11 ENGLISH/GERMAN 3478C9C63A78MACDE3-The Shark v3.11 ENGLISH/FRENCH 3478CFCD2F78MACFR3-The Shark v3.11 ENGLISH 3478A2D50878MACEE-The Shark v3.0x French-Spanish 1234C2524134MACFS-Cendryom v3.0x French 1234B5C95434MACFF-Cendryom v3.0x English-Spanish 1234DB5B6434MACSP3-Cendryom v3.0x English-German 1234ACC66634MACDE3-Cendryom v3.0x English-French 1234AACD7334MACFR3-Cendryom v3.0x English 1234C7D55434MACEE-Cendryom v3.03 English 1234C7D51B34-Cendryom v3.0.2 MACFR3-CABCD-0123-4567 v3.0 French MACFR3-CABCD v2.2 12345678EF81 v1.21 Spanish 123456789E17 v1.21 German 12345678E98A - Ultra Recorder v2.4.1 Name: BonsaiFreak Code: WL3AXYF5IX9 (or name in all caps) v2.x.x Name: Inpher Org: NOP Code: Y3G4I5 -AoS- Here you go,  letters in the name field can be upper or lower case. A=X B=W C=R D=V E=I F=F G=J H=4 I=Y J=P K=9 L=T M=Z N=3 O=L P=G Q=D R=5 S=A T=6 U=B V=0 (zero) W=C X=2 Y=8 Z=E - UltraFind v2.5.3 name: UltraFind code: 0005623260 v2.x.x name: Anonymous code: 0004675320 name: Doom code: 2981460 name: Anonymous code: 4675320 v2.5 name: HackUser code: 0004459536 name: Anonymous code: 0004675320 v2.2 name: Buck Rogers code: 4102560 - UltraPaint v1.0.3 19369 51736 v1.x 51736 88613 - UnCoverIt v1.4 See Crack v1.4b2 Name: donald gadziola Code: 1237002566098142451700386178591651718271 v1.3b6 Name: nqwhereman Code: 2234568290 v1.3.3 name: nikihack pass: 210000007 v1.3.1 Name: no*where*man Code: 299451236 v1.3 Name: nowhere Code: 223456789012346978 v1.1 Name: nowhereman Code: 243456789312345678 Crack for 1.4: Open Uncover It with Resorcerer and search for ASCII-string "donald gadziola", then replace a few letters in it (length must stay the same). Then change the corresponding serial, which comes before or after the name (I don't remember it exactly). Save changes. Open Uncover It and enter the serial for v1.4b2 - UnDoIt! v1.0 74656-KPSJ16309-QW359-001 - Unboxed vall versions ( --> see SNA Unlockers ) - Unchi v1.0.1 UNC01220 UNC013557 - UnderWare v2.0 UW030047813 v1.01 UW020025406 UW020030243 - Underwear Girl vno serials (see Cracks) Double-click on the unremovable bra or panties, and when it asks for a password, enter: axolotl - Uniqorn v1.0 UQ199930114056-605 - Unisite v1.0 US01-653-069-485-897 - Unit6 v1.1 R23cR2fJ - Unite v2.1 Name: $KIRI Code: 2686569 - Unity DS-1 v2.1 mupj3-zc28e-aqr2v v1.0 Registration: BHI-DS110-0017 Password: 4y7k3-5t2w9-v6r4s - Unity SESSION v # InstallPass:gf87q-zcm3w-p3arc Reg:UTY3-712289-787919-145799-831899 - UnivertX v1.5.9 X 2078917053 - Universal Animator v1.0 UA1-294M82723 UA1-631M31337 UA1-666M27381 format is: UA1-###M##### - Unmounter v3.1 User Name : MoonDark Institution : NOP Industries Registration: 126737218 - Unreal vno serials (see Cracks) CD [k] To get around the CD not being present, open up the 'Unreal.ini' file in simple text and change this line: 'CdPath=Unreal:' to 'CdPath=HardDrive:Unreal', where 'HardDrive' is the name of the volume that Unreal is installed on. If you have the Unreal folder stored in a subfolder, just type out the path to the folder. - Unreal File Organizer v2.5b1 name: Cendryom code: 62871417 - UpTime Log v1.8 UTLog-373214 - UpdateAgent vX sn: 109368.5258 Reg scheme is date specific, so set date to 12/4/02 prior to entering code. v8.1 108640.5170 (verified, set the date to 16th april 2001) v8 109424.5390 (verified, set the date to 1st september 2000) 108136.5038 v3.0 108136.5038 before register, set the date of your mac to: Mar 23, 1999 (NONE OF THEM WORK, I NEED A WORKING ONE!!) (this will need a sn-generator) - Updater VISE v1.x UPV110M5936190-10876 vUpgradecode 1113-0176-69ET-HHHZ-B183-5748-53KN-KH3 v1.4 UPV110M3614478-10464 UPV110M0000124-14757 v1.3 UPV110M1273297-21038 UPV110M0000124-14757 v1.1.x UPV110M1792432-13424 UPV110M9660827-92546 UPV110M0145995-74820 v1.1 UPV110M0000124-14757 v1.0.2 Buck Rogers UPV100R12-3456-172 v1.0.1 UPV100R3743465-175 UPV100R1413575-627 UPV100R6738451-124 - Updiff v1.0 309438180 - UsausaMouse v1.0 ǧÇ≥ǧÇ≥Ç≠ÇÈÇ≠ÇÈÇæÇÒÇ∑ǵÇÊ (This code is Japanese character) - UserLand Frontier vall versions ULF.13106.100 ULF.10108.100 - UtilityDog v1.1 Name: nowhereman Code: 23749678992MK2L4 - Utter Chaos v1.0.1 UC101471620425558527 - V-Mix v1.9.25 JONATHAN - VB GraphMaster v1.1.2 NFR 11200159 - VCD Player v1.4.5 Hold down the 'L' and 'K' keys when launching the program - VCDMaker Personal (Query VideoCD Maker Personal) v1.0.5J code: VMPJ000600041-000-100 - VGS vall versions ( see --> Connectix Virtual Gamestation ) - VIDI Presenter Pro v3.1.3 Serial: 30C5766 Access: 148C421VW - VISE Lite v3.5 DVL330R3571474-784 DVL330R6123813-170 DVL330R3023873-275 - VJP_Poker v1.0.2 6260-0060-0000-MVP v1.0.1 4984-6328-4567-MVP - Vreel Morph v1.0 MOR58987359665 UM30-9248-AAC1-5E1C-DC7C - VOH's BackUp v2.6.3 Code: isu01m9808.4u-24482&489 - VOLEE v1.0.0 194f00-f34fc9-287f29 - VOODOO v2.1 Personal VOO-E-800024-999-266207432-999 VOO-E-800036-999-266572631-999 VOO-E-800174-999-264888832-999 VOO-E-800212-999-267421331-999 VOO-E-800244-999-267145732-999 VOO-E-800324-999-266213732-999 VOO-E-800336-999-266579831-999 VOO-E-800394-999-265824932-999 v1.8.1v3 Code : VOO-180-660051-100-91427197-100 Count: 100 Code : VOO-180-760507-999-904572440-999 Count: 999 v1.8 Code : VOO-180-999999-100-99987333-100 Count: 100 v1.7 Lite Name: Buck Rogers Code: 12345-00796548 - VPC vall versions ( see --> Connectix Virtual PC ) - VPC Helper v2.1 Code: VPCH21-917560-23235-04 v2.0 Code: vpch12-348534-50134-97 - VSE Be Found v2.7 (Lite) Name: Vincent by Code: VSE-BF2-L-115846 v2.7 (Pro) Name: Don McLean Code: VSE-BF2-P-424806 v2.6 name: DocIsAHoax Pro : VSE-BF2-P-760690 name: DocIsAHoax Lite: VSE-BF2-L-440990 hold command when clicking: "Make your web page search engine read" # Lite: Name: revirD olaH Code: VSE-BF2-L-640120 Name: Hal* Driver Code: VSE-BF2-L-534755 Professional: Name: Valery Very Valid Code: VSE-BF2-P-580760 Name: Hal* Driver Code: VSE-BF2-P-120826 v2.5.6 Name: Inpher/nop! Code: VSE-BF2-P-388602 Lite: Name: halo driver/nop Code: VSE-BF2-L-155626 Professional: Name: halo driver/nop Code: VSE-BF2-P-728846 v2.5.5 Lite: Name: Halo Driver Code: VSE-BF2-L-830755 Professional: Name: Halo Driver Code: VSE-BF2-P-307900 v2.5 Lite: Name: Inpher/nop! Code: VSE-BF2-L-544956 Professional: Name: Inpher/nop! Code: VSE-BF2-P-388602 (To invoke the registration dialog, hold the command key while clicking the "Make your web page search engine ready" button in the main window) v2.1 Lite Name: by n*wherem*n Code: VSE-BF2-L-220170 Professional Name: by n*wherem*n Code: VSE-BF2-P-820876 (to enter S/N, hold CMD key on, and click 'Make your web page search engine ready' button.) v2.0.2 (Professional) Name: nwheremam Code: VSE-BF2-P-526876 Note change the last letter nwhereman to nwheremam (m) and it works (tip 3) v2.0.1 (Lite) Name: nwhereman Code: VSE-BF2-L-115179 (Professional) Name: nwhereman Code: VSE-BF2-P-526876 (to enter S/N, hold CMD key on, and click 'Make your web page search engine ready'button.) v1.7 Standard name: list of sn by nowhereman code: VSE-6006-BFS008 Professional name: list of sn by nowhereman code: VSE-6005-BFP408 (To enter S/N#,hold commad+option key on and click "Ordering Information" button.) v1.6 Standard name: No Where Man code: VSE-4002-BFS200 Professional name: No Where Man code: VSE-2001-BFP206 (To enter S/N#,hold command+option key on and click "Ordering Information" button.) v1.5 Name: surfer the uberwhacker Code: VSE-2005-BFP307 (see tip 3) v1.3 pro Name: HotSix Code: VSE-9680-BFP529 (tip 1) v1.2 Name: HotSix Code: VSE-9680-BFP529 (tip 2) command + "Make your web page search engine read" tip 1 Hold down Control-Option and click the "Ordering Information" button. tip 2 To enter the serial hold down the "ALT" key and click on the "Order..." Button in the main window. tip 3 Install an earlier version (1.3, duh) use a SS sn. Then download and install 1.5. As the info on the web site states, the demo version will become registered if a previous version was correctly registered. ##2 VSE Be Found Version 1.5 would not use the Surfer's Serials/SaltMiner SN ('HotSix')... VSE-9680-BFP529 after upgrading from 1.4 to 1.5 Change "HotSix" (o=x'6F') to "HptSix (p=x'70') in the application using Norton Disk Editor+, seems to work OK. (tip 3) DON'T register VSE BeFound 2.0.2 with the existing 2.0.1 sn#'s! If u try to enter the 2.0.1sn# into the 2.0.2 version, your computer will shout down immediately!!! The searchengine-installer v2 quits itself if u try to enter the sn# for searchengine-installer v1!!! (tip 4) Open application, then hold down the command key and click on the first botton in the window "Make your web page..." Then insert the SN - VSE Be Found Expansion Kit v4.0 CH/AT Basic Kit name:list of sn by nowhereman unlock code:VSE-BFCHA-06404 DE Basic Kit name:list of sn by nowhereman unlock code:VSE-BFGBK-00006 DE Extended Kit name:list of sn by nowhereman unlock code:VSE-BFDEE-90073 Europe Basic Kit name:list of sn by nowhereman unlock code:VSE-BFEUB-06425 Europe Extended Kit name:list of sn by nowhereman unlock code:VSE-BFEUE-58000 Europe Plus Kit name:list of sn by nowhereman unlock code:VSE-BFEUP-08535 FR Basic Kit name:list of sn by nowhereman unlock code:VSE-BFFRB-10405 UK Basic Kit name:list of sn by nowhereman unlock code:VSE-BFUKB-20008 US Extended Kit name:list of sn by nowhereman unlock code:VSE-BFUSE-75007 US Plus Kit name:list of sn by nowhereman unlock code:VSE-BFUSP-31241 v3.0 CH/AT Basic Kit name: No Where Man code: VSE-BFCHA-19121 DE Basic Kit name: No Where Man code: VSE-BFGBK-80042 DE Extended Kit name: No Where Man code: VSE-BFDEE-10038 Europe Basic Kit name: No Where Man code: VSE-BFEUB-06887 Europe Extended Kit name: No Where Man code: VSE-BFEUE-28000 Europe Plus Kit name: No Where Man code: VSE-BFEUP-08299 FR Basic Kit name: No Where Man code: VSE-BFFRB-15105 UK Basic Kit name: No Where Man code: VSE-BFUKB-44008 US Extended Kit name: No Where Man code: VSE-BFUSE-04048 US Plus Kit name: No Where Man code: VSE-BFUSP-75225 v* Unlock Name: Nowhereman Unlock Code: VSE-BFCHA-19121 v(All): CH/AT Basic Kit Unlock Name:n0wh3r3m@n Unlock Code:VSE-BFCHA-60022 DE Basic Kit Unlock Name:n0wh3r3m@n Unlock Code:VSE-BFGBK-20241 DE Extended Kit Unlock Name:n0wh3r3m@n Unlock Code:VSE-BFDEE-36414 Europe Basic Kit Unlock Name:n0wh3r3m@n Unlock Code:VSE-BFEUB-20849 Europe Extended Kit Unlock Name:n0wh3r3m@n Unlock Code:VSE-BFEUE-97066 Europe Plus Kit Unlock Name:n0wh3r3m@n Unlock Code:VSE-BFEUP-20671 FR Basic Kit Unlock Name:n0wh3r3m@n Unlock Code:VSE-BFFRB-88446 UK Basic Kit Unlock Name:n0wh3r3m@n Unlock Code:VSE-BFUKB-90465 US Extended Kit Unlock Name:n0wh3r3m@n Unlock Code:VSE-BFUSE-88241 US Plus Kit Unlock Name:n0wh3r3m@n Unlock Code:VSE-BFUSP-08308 Use capital 'N'(Nowhereman) ,because 'nowhereman' is already blocked. It will work. - VSE Be Found Professional Search Engines v11/01 Name: nano halo solix tango Code: VSE-BF2-SE-41600-SALYC Name: Hal and Pet are nowhere Code: VSE-BF2-SE-70033-PETY # Name: Sentience SW Ltd. Code: VSE-BF2-SE-47004-USAYN v8.0 Name: n1w1m1n Code: VSE-BF2-SE-12059-YZWYC v7 Name: Merry Christmas! Code: VSE-BF2-SE-42071-SSWYJ v6.0 Name: generated by n/w/m Code: VSE-BF2-SE-47075-QMWYB v5 Name: nwm Code: VSE-BF2-SE-82033-ZZWYD v4.0 Name: n@wh@rem@@ Code: VSE-BF2-SE-20401-ULWYE v10/01 Name: break me halo! Code: VSE-BF2-SE-13289-QSTYK Name: Sentience SW Ltd. Code: VSE-BF2-SE-47004-USAYN v1.0 Name: nwhereman Code: VSE-BF2-SE-17012-12WYC v08/01 Name: lnpher/nop Code: VSE-BF2-SE-72678-MKWYP v05/01 Name: Halo n Driver Code: VSE-BF2-SE-32077-YHDYD Name: Valery Very Valid Code: VSE-BF2-SE-42071-VERYD Name: I like Assembly Code: VSE-BF2-SE-74881-RESYS v04/01 Name: Greetings to Leda Code: VSE-BF2-SE-31008-TINYJ Name: Halo Driver Code: VSE-BF2-SE-42071-YHDYD Name: Halo Driver Code: VSE-BF2-SE-42071-PYFYJ v03/01 Name: lnpher/nop Code: VSE-BF2-SE-72678-MKWYP (Note: The first character of the name is a lowercase "L", not an uppercase "i") - VSE File Pirate v3.1.1 Name: lnpher/nop Code: VSE-3052-FP-706 Name: N_W_M Code: VSE-3552-FP-706 v3.1 Name: n@wh@rem@@ Code: VSE-9027-FP-107 v3.0.2 Name: nowhereman Code: VSE-6026-FP-400 To enter serial: Keep Control-Option key down Click "About VSE File Pirate" menu. Serial dialog will appear. "Important System FIPI" invisible file delete it and register again... - VSE Link Tester v3.2.1 Standard Name: Halo Kracking Force Code: VSE-9507-LTS056 Business Name: Halo Kracking Force Code: VSE-0619-LTB069 tip 1 To enter the sn#, keep command-option down and click on the “globe” icon in VSE Link Tester’s Main Window. tip 2 To get rid of the startup window, go to the preferences in the "edit"-menu and disable "Show About window at startup". v3.2 Standard Name: by n*wherem*n Code: VSE-4005-LTS104 Business Name: by n*wherem*n Code: VSE-9354-LTB203 (To enter S/N#, keep Command-Option down and click icon of the "New URL...") v3.1 Standard Name: n@wh@rem@@ Code: VSE-8896-LTS334 Business Name: n@wh@rem@@ Code: VSE-5850-LTB981 v2.5 (Standard) name: No-Where-Man code: VSE-2309-LTS604 (Business) name: No-Where-Man code: VSE-5060-LTB800 v1.0 (Standard) name: No Where Man code: VSE-2309-LTS604 v1.0 (Business) name: No Where Man code: VSE-5060-LTB800 (To enter S/N#,keep Command-Option down and click icon of the "New URL...") - VSE My Privacy v1.5 Name: PHREKBBS Code: VSE-7034-MP-487 v1.2.1 Name: n@wh@rem@@ Code: VSE-8494-MP-201 v1.1 name: No Where Man code: VSE-4024-MP-804 (To enter S/N#,hold command+option key on and click "About VSE My Privacy"menu.) - VSE Web Site Turbo v4.0# Name: NOP Kracking Force Code: VSE-6254-HT-908 (see tip 1) v4.0 Name: unknown Code: VSE-5113-HT-331 Name: R-knight Code: VSE-6220-HT-208 v3.1 Name: nwhereman Code: VSE-9308-HT-644 v3.0.x Name: Inpher Code: VSE-0853-HT-267 v3.0.1 Name: nowhereman Code: VSE-2066-HT-808 v3.0 Name: HotSix Code: VSE-0893-HT-160 (tip 1) To invoke the registration dialog, hold the option key while clicking the "Optimize File…" button in the main window. (tip) (Press ALT while clicking on the "Optimize File..." button in the main window to bring up the registration dialog.) ...option (ALT) on the about button brings you to a secret about... - VST Wrapper v3.0 mail: code: 5709760 v2? mail: code: 427942 v1.0 Mail: Code: 397522 Mail: Code: 499629 - VSTi Host v2.0 QmBD-BwTm-VH20-07q7 - VSTiHost v3.0 Name: TheSwag Code: dFJSkewKdDdmBcEb - VSamp v3.0 1004062211706 0809062201741 0708062201741 0607062201741 0506062201741 0405062201741 0304062201741 v3.0beta 0809062201741 0708062201741 0607062201741 0506062201741 0405062201741 0304062201741 v2.5 0203062201741 v2.4.7 3500163211731 v2.2.1 3500163221721 0102062201741 - VTrack v1.5.1 9020010 v1.0 6009111 - VUSIC: The Screen Raver v1.0 Code: 88118874 - Accounts v1.4 X Name: Pablo/RELCSYS SN: BA100-7142-4927 - Valentina v1.8.5 V1S1-1254-0677-9640 v1.7.3 V1S1-0000-0018-0266 - eFax Cocoa v1.0.3 X Name: Pablo/RELCSYS SN: AX100-8431-7505 v0.9.6b28 Name: Ben Mackin Serial: AX100-1885-5387 - ValueFax v2.0.9 Name :Buck Rogers Company Name :NASA Adress line 1 :Milkyway Adress line 2 :Huston Adress line 3 :Texas Fax Number :1234567890 Electr. Adress popup:Internet Electr. Adress:(leave empty) Reg.# :8E37442C v2.0.4 D7BF082C - Vanessa Chess v2.0 Name: Lucifer Code: 5822-VC-1153316925 Name: Dr.Qwerty/nop Code: 8804-VC-1749725871 - VirtualCursor! v1.0 Pass : 1234567890 Serial: 158543765787 - Vanishing Cream v2.0 name: MoonDark code: VALkl v2.x Name: KIRI Code: VAJIJ Name: ANGEL Code: VA@LM - VTRControl Plug-In v1.0.1 F.Name : Lain L.Name : Company: Code : 66D841114844DC57 - VisualProjector v2.0.1 Name: SerialLain Code: VP200-RVI2PTITGS - VideoBase Library v1.4 FVDBA100569 - VarioData (OpenStep) v3.2.2 100056b9b - Vector Pro v# VP3-100-442-585 - Vector Studio v2 VST-94015-81967 v1 HVS-75310-21073 - VectorDirector v1.0.4 Code: DP29622731 - VectorTools vall versions ( see --> Extensis VectorTools ) - VectorWorks v10 AZM456-M2G4BK-A9CKE0-123456 (Mac) AZW456-52Y4J1-AQC2E3-123456 (PC) v9.5.0 1900-UG-QQ2N3FG-061506 # VW ARCHITECT with LANDMARK 9 9900M-DG-A3ZMDDV-112233 9900M-DG-BLJPMPV-112234 VW SPOTLIGHT 9 6900M-DG-N74CRQM-112233 6900M-DG-QC6KNBG-112234 RenderWorks 9 4900M-DG-6PCYPMC-112233 4900M-DG-4F958MJ-112234 v9J 1900M-JA-5MKMNGA-400218 1900M-JA-763XXQ5-301209 v9 1900M-DG-52NBPPK-115435 1900M-DG-QZ5LDDF-115436 # 1900M-US-2DYQXZ6-01BETA 1900M-US-AFC33CK-02BETA v8.5.2 1800M-DG-W4X2WF5-001108 v8.5.1 1800M-UK-N4W7HSV-991026 v8.0J 1800MJA-0KM5DB1-123450 1800MJA-WA4MCF0-123451 1800MJA-MLP1M0G-123452 1800MJA-C4CB9HY-123453 1800MJA-X1NZGBX-123454 1800MJA-ZMYFKAK-123455 1800MJA-NL47KVL-123456 1800MJA-4PMK4DW-123457 1800MJA-W5DZJNW-123458 1800MJA-YZNQ8M1-123459 v8.0 1802M-48-MKK7H4A-529354 (see also --> Renderworks) - VectorWorks Architect vall versions ( see --> Architect ) - Vellum v4.0 Serial: ASH-677305-40 Code : 7LTQR-QQQQ-PKLTT v? VPM1000915 v3.0 Serial: ASH-100060-30 Code : BKWM0-RPQ7-PP6QK v2.7.0 #V#M-0081-2.70 v2.1.2 01399 - Verbs & Nouns v2.3.7 940311J v2.1.6 940311J - VersaTerm Pro v5.0.4 338815 392813 57199 v5.01 12345 Any number from 100 to 9999999 - Versatile Pro v2.1.x 63790664 37429660 v2.0 ID:Buck Rogers Password:39335 v1.6.x ID:71190246 PW:7790 ID:76354972 PW:8355 ID:79549337 PW:8705 ID:31740614PW:3473 ID:16417332PW:1796 ID:16384614PW:1793 newer versions (2.2) are no longer protected - Version Finder v2.5 1114205292 v2.4 code : beta (case sensitive) v2.1 1114205292 - VersionFinder v2.4 code: beta (case sensitive) - VersionSet v1.0 AKUUYEVOLI - Versioneer v1.1.1 163v0-ABCDE-5F9e1-12f21 - Vertex Paint v1.x VPF266666 - Vertigo 3D Dizzy v1.0 agp-16440-6325 kSr-00549-0468-348 - Vertigo 3D PopArt v1.0 SV-797-RTVS - Vertigo 3D Words v1.0 MT-183-MF8-347 Q5-322-XM1-347 - Vertigo Hot Text v1.0 Q3-SES-9GL - Vicom FTP Client v3.0 Serial: FPK-EN-270-90083 Code : mdaagf-fnaa-oeoedn-fmgk-klip-achj-fnmhN-hn v2.8 Serial: FRK-EN-280-12345 Code : jnaa-gb-ea-abdmcmhdkojabicjio2Ajnamll v2.5.8 Code: bhaagf-mjin-nebf-Xjpocaa-apapbpmj-bdbh-ag - Vicom Internet Client v2.5.8 bhaagf-mjin-nebf-Xjpocaa-apapbpmj-bdbh-ag - Vicom Internet Gateway v7 GTW-DB-700-31265 ( see tip ) v6.6 GTW-DB-660-31265 100 user jnaa-gh-ea-bhdmhahdkojabicjioaaAjneaij v6.5 Serial : GWU-EU-650-910002 Unique ID: 799765-456761 Users : 10 v6.0 dloacggkbh-mpckchdlpl-pgkpppmlgk-benboolcng-ingnaocdE v5.0 1. Register Gateway with SN: GWU-EU-450-56789 2. Install Gateway 3. Enter Activation Password: aehppdcoba-bhgkpllkjo-jjhkSndii-doopaggafn-ghdnhkjaQ v4.5.1 see 5.0 v3.2.2 claa-fpjboogb-Kclgf-bgaclc-bgpo-aecd you will need a valid ".lic" file - Vicom SoftRouter v5.0 1. Register with SN: GWU-EU-450-56789 2. Install 3. Enter Activation Password: aehppdcoba-bhgkpllkjo-jjhkSndii-doopaggafn-ghdnhkjaQ v4.0.3 Activation Password: pikihnalIlkigjbnlipIfoiemiakpipcml v4.0.2 Activation Password: aoaahngf-aagkgkhc-kmhlgf-iipa-pagfafob-nj SN: SRU-EU-400-80061 - Virtual TimeClock v4.2.1 X VR18-41033-7231-0424 VQ19-4648-7010-1440 VS17-4717-6202-5411 VQ49-4575-2790-5337 VW53-4544-4020-1381 - Video Finesse v2.0.2 VFM33-83106-32934-20 v2.x VFM23-39905-43174-99 v# VFM18-12436-40046-60 - Video Funhouse v1.1 bj - Video Fusion v1.6.1 VF1009283-4816 v1.6 VF160547-20938 - Video Gogh v2.6 Name: TRINITY Code: 4444444443333333 - Video Graffiti v1.0 1-56471-1611-56028 vAll 1-56471-7382-49217 1-56471-12594-60837 - VideoClips Pro v2.0.2 Name: nowhereman Code: 12345678917230712211017111346 - VideoMonitor Pro v2.4.2J EAC1234567898089 v2.2 EAC1234567898089 - VideoPalette v1.0 A00000425VDPLKIRI A12341734VDPL0000 A13068626VDPL0000 E94353264VDPL7519 J80356408VDPL4265 X74868100VDPL9513 R99995860VDPL9999 - VideoPhone v1.0 111459 - VideoScope v1.3 VS1Surfer615-Surf (see comment) v1.1.2 VS3456789307-KIRI VSLucifer380-KIRI How to: 1. Launch VideoScope app. 2. Launch SimpleText and type (or paste) a SN. 3. Select text and drag onto the VideoScope window. That's it. - VideoShop vall versions ( see --> Strata VideoShop ) - Vinyl vall versions ( see --> Opcode Fusion Vinyl ) - Virtuagirl v# see tip Disable Virtuagirl after installation, open data file in Vgirl & change all BK.01 files to BK.03 then RESTART - WebLauncher v1.0 X ZIK-6453-5747-2387-7313 - XChar v3.0 ZIK-50402-68534-78234 - Virtual v2.x Name: 4':8?s?s Code: ANGELLLL Name: XVEVXVEV Code: KIRIKIRI v2.0b2 name: Akuma [k] code: CDNFTGND v2.0J Name: nowhereman Code: ZNPAXKXF v2.0.x Name: Inpher Code: VGIAXKAA v2.0 name: MoonDark/NOP Industries code: HWYWXPFZ v1.6.1 name: HackUser code: UTVDHLXK name: Buck Rogers code: LXGDGEHZ name: MoonDark code: ZHHGQTKD v1.5.1 name: SPC code: FCPAAAAA - Virtual 3D Kaleidoscope vAll Name: Registered Code: 1957080064 Name: SPC Code: 2458880 Name: LeetCheeZ Code: 1097404416 - Virtual Composer v3.0.4 7-5130-1254-4745 v2.8.3 Name: kiri overkrack Code: 2812 - Virtual Disk v2.1 1411092382 v2.0.3 0222492382 00032382 000032382 v2.0.2J 12421419 12351419 v2.0.1 00310456 12351419 12421419 12491419 - Virtual Drum Kit v1.0 4166808 - Virtual Gameboy v2.0 Name: SpeedyReturn NWM Code: R3BHBXA v1.7 Name: KIRI/ANGEL Code: W2VR1V1 v1.6.1 Name: MacGameboy Code: ZA6CDDJ v1.6 Name: DoomBerryBush Code: L77GZR1 v1.5.2 Name: Buck Rogers Code: YUD8Y7A Name: Inpher Code: ENXJTTS v1.5.1 Name: Gameboy Code: 1MWCWLJ v1.3 Name: Nintendo Code: YBM56DS v1.2.1 Name: Ami Suzuki Code: 7CMPPDA v1.0.x name: HackUser code: UNHVQBJ v0.8 name: Kill Bill code: 1DWEEF1 - Virtual Image v3.0 Name: TQ3C0S0XE7GACXHA6 Code: CENDRYO-MMMMM-THG - Virtual PC vall versions ( see --> Connectix Virtual PC ) - Virtual Painter v2.40J QBB7-f2b v2.30J QUAPEO E526-mn4 PLINCE E526-r9t RABICA E526-a7p SAPLET E526-7be PURTS E526-3fd ALUBUM1 QBB7-f2b - Virtual SanFrancisco 2001 v# 36505-63030 - Virtual Singer v2.1 MVKNH-HYTDJ-F7NEA MVXMX-G9D42-2DPTJ MVHID-D62IE-V3MGQ - Virtual Wings v1.0 CD 0897120734 v1.0b8 0897120734 - Virtus VR v1.5 J PVMEF125-000-FE4C v1.0.1 GMCAH109-000-9AC8 - Virtus WalkThrough v2.6 EWCCE384-000-C296 v2.x.x EMCCC558-000-45D4 v2.6J JWMHC041-000-7C65 v2.51 AMDAA058-000-00FC EEEEE000-000-DD0E EEEEE000-001-5E9F EEEEE000-002-A5F0 BOOKWORM-000-0D06 v2.5 EDVWT157-000-36F6 v2.0 EMCCC702-000-9674 - Video Poker 5000 vX Name: Pablo or any SN: 5KLLPSBUMEAE02 - VirusBarrier vX TEVV-ARVE-NXCT-ZCTE-101013 v10.0.1 VOTN-LVVE-MXMS-ZMRO-101758 v1.6.2 sk4c-hc2w-vkhm-dmyv v1.6.1 7mva-nm48-wn9s-cc7k v1.5.3 nmu4-0d4v-s50m-apdb v1.1 t8hp-dbyd-ti9w-hv9w v1.0J 2nz8-zmi5-mmtv-3du7 v1.0 xv9t-rimr-xzfb-dnsz - Vision Link v1.5.3 VLL223300-052906-313707 vLite VLL087487-052872-458441 - Vision's Edge vdiverse ACT 1.1a MACT-NMANO-IOGP4-BUJKUO AdInfo 1.0.2 MADI-NMLTJ-HIPI4-NVNDYA AdInfo Administrator MADI-NMMUC-FEBI4-JJRFGV Bookletizer 1.0.4 MBKL-NMMGY-DAGO4-EDRGQY Crops XT 1.0.5 MCXT-NMYAW-OCPG4-GPLLFH FlexScale 1.0.6 MFLX-NMAUE-PCML4-AOUUAV Focus Gold 1.0 MFOG-NMGBQ-DANF4-YRCQFQ Grid Master 1.0.1 MGRD-NMLQS-HFFA4-DXOCKH Guide Master MGUM-NMUMJ-CGNE4-FTRXPI I Shadow 1.0.4 MEYE-NMJQA-MOCH4-OWYPYG IndeXTension 3.1.6 MNDX-NMUNA-HBIJ4-SBAJNU JobSlug 1.0.3 MJOB-NMEJC-MDOA4-IJLGGU Layer It! 1.0.4 MLAY-NMKSQ-KGAK4-UVDERE Nametag 1.0.2 MNAM-NMNAO-LHPB4-XKPESW PageShot 2.0 MPAG-NMGKQ-HFAA4-LNIKUI PressMarks 1.0.8 MPMK-NMTYQ-JPAM4-PDPHVF Preview Editor 2.0.5 MPVW-NMPAD-NDNG4-KVVWTH Resize XT 3.1.5 MRSZ-NMSLH-BOEA4-WOJGLP Text Toolkit 1.0.4 MTTK-NMLFQ-EHMF4-VVTPMT TeXTractor 3.5.3 MTXT-NMKOH-GKGN4-HMQSMX TIFF Export 1.6.1 MTIF-NMSXW-LIOG4-OUCFTI TimeStamp 1.1.1 MTIM-NMNEI-LGNF4-CLDCFI Xdream 1.0.4 MXDM-NMXOR-EBBI4-HWNHUK XFlow MXFL-NMIAY-KBLI4-EOINYT XReference MXRF-NMPJA-ELHL4-YXERSG XTSee 1.0.6 MXTC-NMBNM-INLL4-DDCWXO v more diverse AdCreation MACT-NMQUN-PFFA4-JSBIVG MACT-NMUFD-DLEG4-IEXURV MACT-NMOSI-JKNK4-CRHWSQ AdInfo MADI-NMUVJ-CJKD4-IXMVTO MADI-NMTRV-NGKA4-HJLBPO MADI-NMNFL-EIJJ4-OXFLCJ AdInfo Administrator MADI-NMCFR-NOLC4-PMOPBP MADI-NMPFI-HICH4-YRKYPW MADI-NMGYC-HEDI4-DDKQHQ Bookletizer MBKL-NMKXM-HNBL4-BOJISY MBKL-NMKXE-EALJ4-JBWANV MBKL-NMNJL-EPIG4-TGNLAG Crops XT MCXT-NMUFD-CCHB4-GXLYNL MCXT-NMQVG-LKAC4-BFPROG MCXT-NMIST-EMAF4-GRVNLE FlexScale MFLX-NMXNQ-PAIG4-QOKUSW MFLX-NMQCM-LEIC4-MMTUEU MFLX-NMFLI-IKOM4-CDFMXS Focus Gold MFOG-NMVFI-IIDM4-WPYXKJ MFOG-NMFDW-CEMM4-PSQSAD MFOG-NMSCX-CDAG4-PADRXA Grid Master MGRD-NMWKQ-NCEB4-QXVPKM MGRD-NMPTL-EJGK4-PTWGSQ MGRD-NMTSO-MIAK4-UVLIHI Guide Master MGUM-NMJFB-DEIO4-NKCVQV MGUM-NMXRN-OPKA4-TOIXWO MGUM-NMCHD-GBIH4-EVRWDK I Shadow MEYE-NMXNO-NAKC4-JSDIJP MEYE-NMLTL-LKDC4-GDAMMN MEYE-NMBTH-JOBP4-XAACQT IndeXTension MNDX-NMATV-IKAE4-CLGMPI MNDX-NMMHH-PPOO4-ARHEVM MNDX-NMGMU-OECL4-IJNYQL JobSlug MJOB-NMVLE-MBFB4-RCWNKA MJOB-NMPYS-CNBG4-EWGNDU MJOB-NMFXF-BPJC4-SDVIOD Layer It! MLAY-NMLVL-AHPI4-AGYAXT MLAY-NMNQV-IPJF4-BVBDUN MLAY-NMLAU-FFFA4-JVEGMO Nametag MNAM-NMPHO-GNDG4-PSLYIT MNAM-NMKDT-PGBG4-XFALHG MNAM-NMSKW-EFNP4-UHINUT PageShot MPAG-NMDWK-GJAA4-SAOUKX MPAG-NMMID-OPAO4-OSVXUP MPAG-NMUQA-BAGM4-LYCDRH PressMarks MPMK-NMDST-GJLD4-IGHIWY MPMK-NMCBA-GBBH4-DKOXQA MPMK-NMKPJ-DHFP4-YUGLFE Preview Editor MPVW-NMKIY-GKEJ4-PKJXEJ MPVW-NMNDK-LBFN4-BBCLUQ MPVW-NMQWE-AMGE4-VLJLNW Resize XT MRSZ-NMRLA-NPEP4-WYUREO MRSZ-NMRCI-BKKJ4-UFWMLF MRSZ-NMKLC-PEBM4-DPOIMM Text Toolkit MTTK-NMXFI-MECI4-PTWCMY MTTK-NMXIF-DMOC4-OFRPRA MTTK-NMSSO-OMMB4-UADNBU TeXTractor MTXT-NMDVN-FKKG4-INOENT MTXT-NMVDQ-BBCA4-PLTVHH MTXT-NMNKQ-HHFC4-WGFUQX TIFF Export MTIF-NMSKH-PFBL4-IIWMXB MTIF-NMXQK-KJKA4-RIOYOK MTIF-NMARF-ICAD4-TSRLLD TimeStamp MTIM-NMTUW-CKDN4-MQNEHJ MTIM-NMJTH-JABF4-TVUOMK MTIM-NMMPR-EAEB4-YBSJMU Xdream MXDM-NMXDE-BPDE4-FSEDJF MXDM-NMGHM-IBJG4-CBMELW MXDM-NMSGV-DLGN4-LOMYRF XFlow MXFL-NMVEQ-KEPM4-YELDNJ MXFL-NMXWS-JMGG4-GJPCBM MXFL-NMFGN-GMEA4-VJQKQW XReference MXRF-NMGJN-DMBN4-SSXXEG MXRF-NMBFN-MBNE4-IDSHSO MXRF-NMLBT-MEJJ4-XIMYYJ XTSee MXTC-NMMNQ-BIJI4-BNIKAR MXTC-NMUVA-PPMM4-MVSNBU MXTC-NMEOJ-AHJH4-HMGFDA - Visual Basic v5.0 PRO 2201-1253476 is this mac? - Visual Lab v4.2 C4475-WKQV8Z-UUQ3 - Visual MacStandardBasic v4.1 0870569-547890 or (see tip) To register Visual MacStandardBasic, create a new file with ResEdit in the Preferences folder and name it 'Backside System Caches' (without the quotes). Create a new 'PREF' resource (command-K). An editor opens, just put 00 (in the hex field, btw if you type just one 0 it will put two) And if you want to make your pref file nicer, change the type to 'pref' and the creator to 'VmSB'. Visual MacStandardBasic is now registered ;) - VisualArranger v1.0J 11MA00983875 11MA00659875 - VisualFont v2.6 name: nowhereman code: VF-0776810503KK - VisualRoute v6.1a VISUALROUTE-PWV5S1-470164-64C3 v6.0.1 Code: VISUALROUTE-PMV6C1-1234567-1C70 v5.4a VISUALROUTE-PWV5S1-470164-64C3 - Vocab v1.9.1 Name: Surfer Code: 0230-1A1-A44 v1.8.1 Name: nwhereman Code: 1268-321-4C3 v1.7.1 Name: nowhereman Org.: nowhere Code: 1030-0A2-B74 - Vocal Lab v1.1 Name: KIRI Code: VVJIJ Name: ANGEL Code: VV@LM - VocalWriter v1.0a 123457789 v1.0 name: kj code: 537824907349 - Voice Calendar v2.9 Name : MoonDark Serial: 999999999 Code : VC11821241 - Voice Messenger (Cypress) v1.5 AZ10021932 - VoiceMail v1.0 V00000001/C3F7-Q00000006 - Vokabeltrainer v3.1.x Name: BonsaiFreak/nop Code: 69861093 - Volume Scan v2.02 ust{z##,#+ yes its "ust{z##,#+" - VolumeKnob v1.1 VN100-54-3098fd - VolumeRocker v1.5 (see tip) To register VolumeRocker, hold down shift + tab, then click on the control strip and wait for 5 seconds, a "Thank you for purchasing VolumeRocker!" message should appear. - Voodoo Drum Machine v1.0 arecw-93wqs-87bdz - Vortex v1.0 Name: BonsaiFreak Code: 5765-1710-17610-2061-5453 - Vue d'Esprit v4.0 VUE4-32423-R-87283-131 VUE4-12348-Z-04003-022 - VueScan v7.2.27 8219944 v7.6.26 4711768 v7.6.24 11066356 v7.6.10 351636 v7.6 11390429 v7.5.70 13438457 v7.5.69 3592543 v7.5b3 11390428 v7.1.17 3592543 v7.0.12 5378427 v7.0.1 3592543 - Vulkan v1.4.3r2 00346-94092132h v1.4.2 00300-00000000m - WAF TO WAY v1.3 Name : [k]rkckWorks code : KBPN10312724 Name : Back Stage code : KQUF12143235 - WAFF Expander v1.0.2 Mi4wb729 - WCUtility v1.7.1 WCCacheCleaner Name: MoonDark Code: 45836 AOL Cache Cleaner Name: MoonDark Code: 910872 - WIN MOUNTER v3.0 ABFCCF-F45E53-38C702-30 v1.0.2 5C0B46-7DE714-FCA10A - WWW Weaver v2.5.2 F%GD29ifFe82 v2.0 700-1-PNNDBHBMDMNRNRP1 v1.1.1 1.1.0*985-10-48-48-57-68-51-51 1.1.1*000-10-48-49 1.1.1*100-10-48-48-52-54-51 - WakeUp Items v1.0.x Name: Macintosh Code: 4809 Name : TSNG Contributor Code : 4519 Code 2 : 19038 - Wallaby v1.x.x Name: MoonDark Code: WA-2126080334 Name: Server Surfer Code: WA-488831844 v1.1.6 Name: Wicked Company: Home Number: 1648939677 - WanWan Bakenshi v1.0.1J 116303305003 - WanWan House v1.0.1J 114203302001 - Wapp Floater v2.x Name: Chrisco* Code: 78728 v2.0.1 Name : nowhereman Organization : nowhere Registration Code : 119436 - Wapp pro v3.1 A111111227391 v2.1 Name: HotSix Code: 607 Name: Inpher Code: 614 Drop it into your control panels folder....then it works... (tip) important: this is not a serial number but it is an important note how to crack wapp pro. the serial numbers are already listed in "surfer's serials" and they work, but the problem is that the registration disappears after restart. how to crack: 1) register 2) do not restart yet! 3) open wapp pro prefrences file in resorcerer 4) choose string list str# 128 5) get info for str# 128 and mark "protected" 6) save the file. that's it! - Warbirds v1.2.3 Name: Buck Rogers Code: WBK4354499 - Warcraft vIII FCHFXL-JPLA-TTMWZJ-RN19-D3UOBY ALOOIU-FEKY-QMHVZI-LP13-P2LSTP JH2217-YWXZ-PTGC4U-XOJV-DOCNRA UM6728-LRSO-VHLO6H-SNGH-EZCTSV XB4753-DUXN-UAZH7M-LENC-LMLBEQ VKJSRV-WLJP-CTVUTU-NR36-H7WAIY 08D9KI-MHEZ-IHJNBU-2FNL-R85G0E - Warcraft Battlenet Edition v1.7 H7BT-MDJX-MDTF-H9CM 64J9-B7GR-RTEM-62DG hnne-mdkw-kk64-mngb install codes keygen: KFEP-VJTB-T4PT-MBV4 6DC8-7CRK-C8PR-6ET2 V86G-PEM4-7X4E-RGVW M2JJ-DK2H-47HJ-2TRV KMHC-VZ2H-N9C9-NDCN vWindows 95/98/NT/MacOS code : hnne-mdkw-kk64-mngb - Warp7Utilities v1.3 W7FU683649 W7FU123456 W7FU031337 W7FUxxxxxx (x is any no. from 0 - 9) - GuideLiner v1.0 X Name: Pablo/Minimal SN: GL10-5810-4781-1359 - WatchGate v1.0 1234-4678-9012 0000-5000-0000 - Watcher84 v1.0 X Name: (Any) SN: 145577PABLO-1984 SN: 1234589051-1984 - Watcher v4.1 serial: B5 code : 302C3C serial: c3e6 code : 302bef serial: 395a code : 302c53 serial: 1a4c code : 302c45 - Watcher Of The System v0.85J FGBG4058AR - WaterLoo MacJANET v4.0.x 40-58423E-82BCD-9324778P - Watson v1.5.5 name: anything organization: anything E-mail: Code: BVSHY6B NQ39MNW 8YWH9SC B4RMKGQ v1.1.1 Name: (anything) Org.: (anything) Mail: Code: BV79RQR NG9VZFP 7C8KXLM BX9JHXL -or- Name: (anything) Org.: (anything) Mail: Code: BNVDQQ4 Q9ZYF67 BKRBNLC BNVD7KG - Watson for Hotline v2.5 First Name: nowhere Last Name : man Code : W12H4H6n First Name: nowherenowhere Last Name : manman Code : W23H5H7nW23H5H7n v2.0.1 First Name: nowhere Last Name : man Code : W23H5H7n Uebrigends - kleiner trick bei watson - wenn man die SN von SerialSurfer eingibt ist diese bereits bei Watson als illegal registriert und es kommt bei der #verbindung eine meldung (illegal...blabla) um das prog weiterhin knacken zu könne einfach alles doppel (name-vorname-code) eingeben und der #verbindungsserver schluckts.... ;-) Means: btw - little trick - when you enter the sn# from surfers Watson is registered illegally, the connection gives you a notification illegal etc etc. entering everything double seems to work and the connectionserver closes (whatever that may be, lol) - WaveConvert v2.x.x Pro 65602WPMA2863 v2.x.x 65602WCMA2863 v# 68055WCMA8847 - WaveTrans vall versions code: 23464269 - WaveWindow v2.x Name: KIRI Code: WVJIJ Name: ANGEL Code: WV@LM v2.7 Name: MoonDark Code: WVLkl - WealthBuilder v4.0 WM416MT63EU - Weather Tracker v3.x 5654-1026-23941120 1579-8808-37227008 4263-6904-40022528 v3.0.5 541-1122-47681536 v3.0.1 HOTSIX-HOTSIX-13361572 v2.2.1 4982-LE-7941 1358-LE-0009 1570-LE-0009 5318-LE-7208 7652-LE-9006 - WeatherCenter v1.0 KRK6-9444-2186-33933 - Web Album Wizard v1.3 X Name: Pablo Qty: 10 Lic.: Single User Code: 937421147 Name: Pablo Lic.: Site License Code: 941463222 Name: Pablo Lic.: Worldwide Code: 941463232 v1.2 Name: KIRI Code: 436740324 (WorldWide License) Name: Inpher/nop Code: 1137232432 (WorldWide License) v1.0.2 License: Single User Qty: 1 Name: nowhereman Code: 1838948345 - Web Validator v1.3.2 Name: Lain Org.: Knights Code: 133357849449 - WebPeek v1.0.1 X WBPK-Pablo---minimal WBPK-*************** (* = any) - Web Animator v1.0 WAS10-0723-3730721584 - Web Arranger v2.0 JXR789CEFCS4 SN:3000289 - Web Buddy v2.02 code: 3743923-9688 key : K320-39000AMA3Q07 v2.0 code: 4188944-2763 key : MOEK-3F000AMAF5DC Key: 99999999-634 Code: 5K5E-24083F02A3A5-FFFF v1.1 Key: 99999999-634 Code: FFE0-F505DB1988F8-FFFF - Web Collector v1.0 20646972 - Web Confidential v3.5b4 X Name: Pa blo SN: WM30-C26D-070F-9CB3-9D5D (yes, there's a space in the name) v3.0.5 Name: Tonton WebConf Code: WM30-62F2-B880-AF0D-09ED Name: Web Confidential 3.x Code: WM30-823C-03B2-893C-04B4 (Register before 09.30.2002) v3.0b3 Name: The Shark Code: aAW30577024 v3.0.3 Name: NOP Industries Code: WM30-120D-774F-2F91-DEA6 v2.2 Name: The Shark Code: aAW30577024 v2.1 Name: nowhereman Code: ehW30772864 v2.0 Name: webcon20 Code: scW30403456 Name: Back Stage Code: tkW30686080 v1.x Name: Server Surfer Code: svW31200256 v1.0.1 Name: Akuma Code: smW30223104 v1.0 Name: MoonDark Code: rnW30491520 - wxDesigner v2.7g Name: :-| E-mail: Key: TXINT-CADEN - Web Crossing v1.2.0 AU90B02D - Web Devil v5.4 bj v5.1 b-elite-inpher-honfj v4.9.5 b-elite-inpher-honfj v4.5 Code: bHotSixj - Web Dumper v1.7 X MAC-OWTdgR4MTk5ATMO-1 v1.2 MAC-OWTdgR4MTk5ATMOSFEAR-1 - WebPics v2.5.1 Name: Lain Code: LAIN-03733092 - Web GoGoGo v4.1.0 Net WN02-KJJI-KIRI-KIRC (Client) WS02-KJKI-KHRI-KIRD (Server) v2.5.0 WG02-KJJI-KIRI-KIRC - Web Recorder v2.0 WR02-KIWL-KIRT-KIRL v1.0 1431567890 03315678901 - Web Register v2.5.x Name: Inpher Org.: NOP Code: 571765 v2.5.1 Name : HotSix Company: NA Serial : 485601 - Web Squirrel v1.5.7 Name: MoonDark Code: xaded - Word Square Builder v3.2.1 X Name: Lain Code: 9F36AEC5-D4DDD527 Name: Pablo Code: 8DD4C2CA-5B349A87 - Web Watch v1.0 X First: Pab Last : lo Code : gbadefgh - Web Watcher v1.2 bj bxxxxxxxxxj (x = any) - Web Weaver v2.5.2 F%GD29ifFe82 v2.0 700-1-PNNDBHBMDMNRNRP1 v1.1.1 1.1.1*001-10-48-52-49 1.1.1*002-10-48-56-49 1.1.1*003-10-48-67-49 1.1.1*100-10-48-48-52-54-51 1.1.1*111-10-48-48-70-54-51 - Web-Motion (MCP) vAll WM1-107-6D1-K1W - Wednesday's List v1.0 X Name: Pablo SN: 640-1552-2352 - WebAlbum Wizard v1.2 Name: Inpher/nop Lic.: Worldwide Code: 1137232432 - WebArchive Expander 2 vall versions WE-0522-01622440-RDF - WebBooster Ninja EG v1.0 421233900018101393 - WebBurst v# WFX268-172839271928362 v1.22 WWW100-0H07Z80B0000000 WWW100-0H07Z80D0000000 WWW100-0H07Z80F0000000 WWW100-0H07Z80H0000000 v1.02 WWW100-0H07Z80D0000000 ("D" can be any letter from B to Z using every other letter. i.e. B,D,F,H, etc) - WebCatalog v3.0.1 WCAT-7q42-4y4u-8108-Y4w2 WCAT-Rrre-w748-eWUe-Ew8T WCAT-y7Ty-7t33-6W27-Ty4R WCAT-7Ue2-eqwq-6ERy-P4uW WCAT-7qeq-4eqw-y0Re-0rtP v2.0 WCAT-666e-3839-yT2t-EetQ - WebChecker v1.1.0b Brewster - WebCollage Assembler v1.x WCAM-tq42-4eTT-e9Yr-W97P WCAM-Eq4q-4q1Y-ttPp-Uup% WCAM-8E18-tr2T-94Q7-1q80 WCAM-R6r1-3eTQ-84@8-2r7W WCAM-r0R4-3p@1-yr04-Upp@ - WebCollage Editor v1.x WCED-%Ueq-e98P-%R6p-Ww92 WCED-rR64-3wr5-PT89-Pu6R WCED-y%e8-tqqU-%07u-R8p% WCED-Q3eR-9pwP-T@yu-2yp@ WCED-y7T8-te45-2Y84-@epP - WebDataChecker v2.00 JWDC167325 - WebDesign v1.8 X Name: Lain Mail: Lic.: 0-1889 Code: 0-133-BOM-155-10682 Name: Pablo Email: License: 66666 SN: 0-133-BOM-155-10682 v1.5.1 12345-632-HPK-605-11128 - WebDoubler v1.2 X Serial Number: WD-7654321 Code: 174841 v1.2 Serial Number: WD-12345 Validation Code: 27013 Serial: WD-120221893 Code : 141631 Serial: WD-120635814 Code : 183128 Serial: WD-120263785 Code : 193949 - WebFinder v4.5 Name: nowhereman Code: 2X3G2-X3-X2-M3 - WebFont Wizard v1.0.3 Name: (any) Mail: abc@abc Code: 2461-1e1c - WebGate v# code: 43682497 (multiuser) code: 52597168 (serial for single user.) code: 83565579 (serial for upgrade to multiuser from single user.) - WebLife v1.3.8 123456788F27 CB6BCB6BCB6B - WebMarker v1.0a1 Name: MoonDark Code: 5D7D7B784C67 - WebMerchant v• WMRT-7UTp-440r-E%Q8-5r9Q WMRT-8%4W-tw5w-0@@3-166U WMRT-%pep-4qPu-Q5Rw-56q% WMRT-R6r1-w3Ye-1P0e-Etp@ WMRT-tpep-ey@q-1@Ey-@33@ v2.0 Key Serial Number WMRT-6ut4-twUY-pTEt-WeyW WMRT-R6r1-w3Ye-1P0e-Etp Key Support ID: 91-73-2ZD - WebPainter v3.0.1 MWP30-123456 v3.0 MWP20-200536 v2.0 MWP20-200536 MWP2--200536 v1.0 MWP10-110472 v3.01 Type into the SN box: Alex said I could have it - WebQuick v1.4 WSW-062-000-100-1567-100 WSW-068-001-101-5270-100 WSW-080-BKWM100013-100 v1.2.1 WSW-073-0344444000-100 - WebScanner v1.6 Name: nowhereman Code: 65996-150356-351228-231642 - WebShocker v1.0 Serialnumber: 1910407865748 Digital Key : 97E6-B864 - WebStar v5.0 WEB*-XEeX-7py7-Q6qq-u87P v4.0fc2 WEB*-66r4-e9U3-eu34-49qr v4.0 suite WEB*-x3TB-9r93-Eyeq-p67E v4.0 WEB*-Gq4z-eqrp-Twr3-uueW WEB*-gq4k-4e8y-Y438-ur91 WEB*-DYTH-u87r-2488-3r7U v3.0 WEB*-x3TB-9r93-Eyeq-p67E Licence Number: 458060 Licence String: HA3 Serial Number : WEB*-g21A-eyqy-@t68-379P v2.x WEB*-F%4m-tt6u-Ueu3-uweW WEB*-jweB-uw76-W7y7-uuyR WEB*-GqeA-47qe-U4ey-q961 WEB*-c0RJ-3849-%86q-p96W WEB*-FE4X-7ty9-E8tu-yu3R v2.0J WEB*-y74y-7qQ0-Jtp6-68u@ v2.0 WEB*-6r6e-36yu-E6yt-eew0 v1.5 WEB*-yt4y-tu36-W637-ppwr SupportID: 4-3780-ZTX v1.3.1 WEB*-yt4y-tu36-W637-ppwE WEB*-66re-343e-%t7p-uutT WEB*-yt4y-tu36-W637-ppwR v1.1 WEB*-q497-tpP3-yret-yuwr - WebStar/SSL v2.x W*SL-H0rJ-wpe%-54p2-r47T W*SL-f0rJ-w6u1-UeyY-r66E W*SL-cR0d-wee@-E8t2-wpqR W*SL-x5eH-uqt%-2ewY-q99% W*SL-Ft1X-7q3W-W7rP-y3r@ - WebTen v3.0 1-6-12-3fffffffb-21-72-99-4WT v2.1.9 1-6-12-3fffffffb-21-72-95-4WT v2.0 1-6-12-3fffffffb-21-72-95-4WT 1-5-11-3fff830b-231988-195-4WT - WebVise v• WV1-305565M35- - WebWhacker v4.x Serial # : B7 Key Code : 30270B Serial # : 8 Key Code : 30270B - WebXTractor v1.0 Name: Ragnarok Code: WXTR100120888 Name: Pablo SN] : wxtr10072740 - Webfile Manager v1.0 name: Orygun code: 1713707326 - WebiToome v0.9pb Name: Black Diamond Code: V327B6666946461F34B86T - Website Wizard SE v1.0 MSWW100-0811-1111-310184 To unregister it, delete the invisible file named internet.30.prefs which is in the Preferences folder. - WebsiteCompressor v3.0 Name: AtmosFear Code: PU-166223202208 Name: KIRI Code: PU-196190217190 v2.2.4 Name: TheShark Code: PU-223187178220 - Welcome 3 v3.2 Name: nowhereman Code: 123456707192233 Name: Inpher Code: 123456706706585 Name: KIRI Code: 123456702523224 Name: HotSix Code: 123456704120571 Name: MoonDark Code: 123456702202876 Name: Accura Code: 123456702797656 Name: Akuma Code: 1234560595476 Use the URL below to register your copy of Welcome 3.2 Plugin http://<your-servername.domain>/pi_admin.welcome?register - WetPaint (OpenStep) v1.7 tsssqoprr - Where in the World? v1.1 psw300u3100172-005 - Where's my window? v1.0 Name: nowhereman Code: 6-WIMW-520488470 - WhereDidAllMyMoneyGo? v3.x Name: PYRUS MALUS Password: RCXCCFAQDOO v1.0.x Name: Inpher/nop Code: KRVPODWDGJ - Whistle Blower v2.1Lite 3412-435011296-5382 v2.1 3412-48142229155-62140 v2.0 12-9418819199 - Who has a Bad Memory? v1.2 I have PowerBookDuo280. - Who's There v1.3 X 2710JX6K32I8AV 27102EVP16KDOV 2710TB8X11BWBT v1.x 2610ATM084FEAR (OS9) 2710ATM038FEAR (OSX) v1.0.1 26101234345678 26104034068764 26104455441723 26103857811391 26101272274817 - WhoInstalled? v1.1.0 name: [k]rack Works code: WI5001 - Widgetizer v1.0 B-71Z4-A006-F714-814N - Wilbur Worm v1.0 70764WW - WildRiver PS Plugins v2.1J WRSSK0200J-07375-18595394 WRSSK0200J-00367-15301852 WRSSK0200J-01729-17831040 v1.0 WRSSK0100E-91506-10000000 WRSSK0200X-16000-13361659 - WildRiver's FunnyPoppers vall versions WRFP00100J-00955-15612784 - WildTools v5.x WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW (plugin for PowerCADD 2000) - Wildform SWfX v2.10 Name: Stanton Perry Code: SWFXMAC THIN BANK HOLD TAX HEAR FLIX - WillMail vJ1-1.1r2 WM942000000 WM478305053 vLite jonply - WindoWatch v 5009545683 - Window Monkey v1.3.1 Name: Mojo Jojo Code: 539468084831 v1.3 Name: nowhereman Code: 523456789868 v1.22 name: Fred Bon code: 539068619831 v1.2.x name: user code: 251808078272 Name: KKSerial code: 251813166251 v1.2.5 name: Window Monkey code: 252159107282 v1.1.1 name: SPC code: 251708239484 Install and register Window Monkey 1.2.5 (found on HL) and then install version 1.3 it'll use the same registration - Window Set Manager v1.0 1660513894 - Window Wizard v1.2 name: Buck Rogers code: 717084598 - WindowTamer v1.0.1 Name: Buck Rogers Code: JF-908-19-512 - Windows 95 vAll 31396-OEM-0005441-xxxxx <- (any five digits) - Windows 98 v.all HTTMH-JHRC2-HWMMT-QMK6D-JVMD3 DKRBQ-TXYCX-6K4GD-4CPJ7-C6B26 K4HVD-Q9TJ9-6CRX9-C9G68-RQ2D3 H2YG3-2GDDH-37DH3-R76HH-J3VTW vCD Key: PW3DW-PC9D8-Q7VMQ-8YTMY-RTR9G License Used: 25295-OEM-0004467-55555 - Windows Millenium v# Product Key for Windows Millennium HBTD9-6P338-XT2MV-QBTTF-WPGGB Windows Millennium RBDC9 - VTRC8 - D7972 - J97JY - PRVMG HBTD9 - 6P338 - XT2MV - QBTTF - WPGGB Windows Millennium Pro CD-Key: 975 - 4769754 CD-Set: 236 - 075 - 240 - WineBook v2.1.7 X Name: Pablo SN: 0BEBB2A199RELCSYS vall versions Name: Akuma Code: 0BEBB1FB901234567 - WipeMan v1.3.4 J RMsk-0000-Hhbf v1.3.1 J RMsk-0380-HUYJ v1.2.1J 6mzc-kS5D-SS8e Tr4R-5Jtu-ccWu bOvH-d886-d/Uz u95J-FZfB-LPL? PzgF-Npk9-L3CC evMj-N03?-3BsX scmN-xWYD-Kjoe zZRK-mz5V-v6G5 nlTD-lbzT-eW+N mKi7-bn83-o3+Z rsNo-tyvL-IDSk 1K2O-DAHu-rkPE 8psf-ozjS-QJ47 3SrF-Qoub-OQyo - Wire Reader v1.0 SUN-KING - WireCutter v2.3.1 Name: KIRI Code: 2147457398 - Witchdoctor v2.0.0 pro Name: Chrisco* Key.: Chrisco* Co. Code: 27562325 v2.0.0 Name: nowhereman Key.: enjoy! Code: 30751894 v1.x.x Name: Inpher Keywords: NOP Code: 26122842 - Wiz Tools v1.0.1 46174-693287-501022 35662-482574-501021 19200-006798-501020 - Woden v1.x YHSGWJ7891234 YHSGWJ1234567 YHSGWJxxxxxxx (x=any number) - WodenDotEditor v1.7.1 YHDEWDEJ2345678 YHDEWDEJxxxxxxx (x = any) - Wolfenstein vMP See Crack v# AACD-RJRC-LWTL-CCDG-5B APGD-PDAA-RLHG-CATJ-8E CHCL-ATLT-AWCC-SCRH-68 CLSC-TDRP-PHRT-DDJS-F7 CDHR-CRWL-GDJC-AWJL-7C CSJT-HJJR-TGCH-JCDW-A3 CHDH-DSPJ-TSSR-WPAR-A8 SSDS-DLCJ-HWCL-SGAH-2E JCDL-LWGJ-AACH-WWWJ-20 SCWJ-SAAL-CPDP-DCCT-FE SWCW-HSPC-LCHT-TWWP-82 CPLC-RCTW-LCTH-LRSG-09 HDWL-JTJR-WCGA-THDP-E8 GLWS-LCAH-ASPT-PGCD-5E RGCW-GWGC-LGHH-DSPA-CD ADLD-SWLS-AGGC-DLCC-45 LLTA-PARS-JLWS-CSSS-71 CCLL-LDRT-GAHC-LGJC-5B HWTC-HRAJ-HGHR-PDCJ-BC SPCD-CJGC-AWST-TRJD-58 The following solution fixes INVALID_CDKEY message when trying to play multiple play mode in Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Step 1. Open terminal (Go -> Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal) Step 2. Copy/Paste following line in terminal window -> sudo ipfw add deny log ip from to any Step 3. Enter your admin password. Step 4. Play the game and enjoy Explanation: the line blocks from checking your copy of the game for unique CD_KEY. - WonderCube v2.0.2 Name: [k]rkckWorks Code: 4KGAAGC644-YBY3GVHHY3-373P Name: Back Stage Code: GL6Y34JGR4TV9Y-YY6GG9-3RYY - Word Perfect v3.5e (Enhanced) WP4R-19792A527 136044596 v3.x V0000005961 v3.5.x A13-28Z4605861 v3.5.2 ADEWPXXM013226 V0000005961 135988613 v3.5 136286985 - Word Perfect Works v 1WW12XM0000099 - Word Search v2.9.0 Name: Macintosh Code: 907848 - WordHunter v2.0.1 Name: KIRI Org.: ANGEL Code: 1234599025 - WorkStrip v2.0.2 Activation Key: F812-WX46-5D57-5BB3-28D-9E5 Confirmation ID:dee1234@hotmail.com_ v1.5.1 mail: code: 1BE4121BEC7C78C01D4A3D If you have any problems registering, delete the invisible file "CS03407720745" located in your Preferences folder - World Book v1.0 AH059N761257 AH088N398790 - World Book Encyclopedia v1.0 ah100n893609 - World Clock CSM v2.7.x name: nowhereman code: C000-8734-2635-6979 v2.x name: nowhereman code: C123-8370-2765-6172 - World Clock Deluxe v3.2 X Name: Pablo Code: G123-0861-2147-7017 v3.0 Name: nowhereman Code: G111-8346-5635-1898 - World Music v2.0b M20014-41003 SN#='MXXXXX-XXXXX' , where X=any digit - Wowser v1.0.1 (see tip) (How to register) Hold down Shift + Control + Option keys and choose "Register Wowser" from the Apple Menu. Then a message dialog of "Did you pay for Wowser?" should appear, click "Yes". That's it. - Write Me v3.0 X Name: Pablo Company: Minimal SN: 2865-3360-2618 Name: Freeware Company: Freeware SN: 3584-4402-3175 v1.1 Name: Chrisco* Company: Chrisco* Co. SN: 2819-809 - Writer PRO v1.0b4 Name: Daniel B Kennett Code: WRP-000032-034624 - X-FerIT v1.5b4 Name: Anonymous Code: 550035173-2 - X-Mas Lights v1.0 125001751 - X-NailArt v1.0.5 54052-52159-11134-88921 - X-PAR v1.1.1 492482064 - XTimer v1.9.4 Name: SERIAL LAIN Code: 11=.8NM620 - XContact v2.2.1 Name: Lain Code: 50646B6F5649 - X-TRACE vR6.9 Name: Lain Code1: abcdefg Code2: vMnaE0keI887bT vR6.5 Keyword : Anonymous Password : vVcmM4+LUodYAX11i - X-Words Deluxe v1.2 11955800 v1.0 Name: MoonDark Code: 119558789 To make the registration dialog appear, enter "shazam" when in the game window - X<>Pose v1.5 beta JMH-10187 v1.0 IT MP-100147 - XData v4.0 PCEJ-CBCY-JTSY HJYM-RLYY-HPSC - XFlow v# MXFL-NMIAY-KBLI4-EOINYT - XG Works v3.0J 63MA20199395 - XGedit v1.0 Name: Andy Ganin Code: A0000000002A8D10000F - XLR8 MACh Speed Control v2.6 XLR-VL2C-9C2M-UAZ3 v2.5 XLR-DP2U-2BR2-UQX6 XLR-5629-PL5N-U7XE XLR-8E2C-6XSQ-TEG5 ( see also --> MACh Speed ) - XML Editor v1.0 Name: Cendryom Code: XHED-EAHP-VE6F-AET1-IAKL # Name: Nowhereman Code: XHED-VV17-HC61-U1HH-UF1L Name: KIRI Code: XHED-176L-IEF6-PCKF-VALK Name: Inpher Code: XHED-ZUAU-U1P1-L11H-THCH Name: HotSix Code: XHED-HL77-6TVC-66AI-ZKAA Name: MoonDark Code: XHED-KK6U-TAU7-66KZ-HEZC Name: Accura Code: XHED-EAUE-ZAFL-1FPL-7CH7 Name: Akuma Code: XHED-ZCVA-Z7IF-P7VL-H6VF Name: User Code: XHED-ZLIT-H6PZ-UFVH-TK1U Name: The User Code: XHED-ZHUV-H7FL-6FA6-TP1I - XP INposition v1.5.1 IM-3727581 - XP PressMarks v1.0.6 1139 001139 - XP Print Tools XT v1.0.1 815715147 - XP QX-Tools v4.0 QCJ-400-100-276-130466 v2.0 QMU-200-001-915-10796 QMU-200-001-915-106796 v1.0 QMU-100-001-915-106796 - XP Squizz v1.0 801538 801652 - XPert Tools Volume 1 vAll XPT1100-2080-0556-0330-80AA-2 XPT1100-2460-0603-0880-80AA-0 # XPT1101-2970-0015-0110-90AA-7 XPT1101-2920-0663-0860-90AA-5 XPT1101-2900-0835-0510-00AA-0 XPT1101-2480-0690-0920-80AA-7 XPT1101-2310-0668-0580-40AA-0 XPT1101-2270-0317-0330-70AA-0 XPT1101-2080-0818-0290-00AA-2 XPT1101-1970-0467-0690-00AA-1 XPT1101-1930-0891-0150-60AA-8 XPT1101-1890-0948-0630-10AA-7 XPT1101-1850-0052-0440-30AA-7 XPT1101-1770-0935-0340-40AA-2 XPT1101-1470-0351-0540-70AA-2 XPT1101-1350-0554-0600-00AA-0 XPT1101-1320-0121-0150-90AA-0 XPT1101-1220-0213-0430-90AA-1 XPT1101-1130-0464-0140-20AA-4 XPT1101-1010-0962-0490-60AA-6 XPT1101-0640-0792-0470-20AA-5 XPT1101-0240-0799-0140-10AA-8 XPT1101-0210-0535-0490-80AA-2 - XPert Tools Volume 2 vAll XPT2100-2790-0063-0100-30AC-9 - XReference v# MXRF-NMPJA-ELHL4-YXERSG - XState v2.9 305419896 v2.4J 306138XSJ - XTSee v1.0.6 MXTC-NMBNM-INLL4-DDCWXO - XTraNet for Director vno serials (see Cracks) To initialize the Xtra without the "Unregistered" dialog coming up, pass "XNET101-00000-00000" as a string to the XNetInit function: XNetInit("XNET101-00000-00000") - Xanadu v1.6 MB-12345-17126398-01 v1.0 FN-MHRU0-23612133-11 MC-HGTXJ-26622189-17 FC-0BSEI-70821708-00 MN-VYVKD-65479611-05 MN-N1DAS-63316367-06 MC-VMWO7-97085312-13 MB-TMM6P-25014269-04 MB-HTA44-15057934-12 FC-JQ44C-84712311-16 FB-M8QIU-40542302-16 FB-6LR21-45877339-08 MN-LPRMF-64996252-01 MC-3XAQR-94247311-11 MN-J1729-87336103-08 MB-WFM6M-43802585-18 FC-CJ4OE-36131510-16 MC-QUPT7-45646444-06 MC-L0FBQ-35154437-08 MB-JFD9W-91808131-08 FB-EB048-63775721-06 FC-2Y8VA-81603255-02 - Xaos Tubetime vall versions ( --> see Tubetime ) - Xcatalog v4.1 pro CJLS-KBHC-EEFA - Xdream v1.0.4 MXDM-NMXOR-EBBI4-HWNHUK - XeNoN II v Name: KK Serials Code: 266864-926 Name: MMC Code: 882569-996 - Xenofex v1.0 JKGDDBEEKLCH - Xiola v2.x Name: Chrisco* Code: 76732470 v2.5 Name: KIRI Code: 169408 - XmasSaver v1.0 noel - XoftWare v3.0 s006163 - Xop v1.0 N2J419 - Xtools v1.0.x 1-6-14-3ffff0000-211-765521-96-4XT - Xx vall versions code: 100000 - XylophoniX v1.0 5732996 - Y2K Checker v1.0 Serial: H60 800 078 086 - Y2KSA v#div. see [k] Open Y2K Software Audit with an Hex Editor (HexEdit, Snoop, BrainHex... but not ResEdit) and replace the following data in the data fork. This trick only works with the PPC version! You can then register the application with any SN# (16 digit, in theory). . Version 1.1.6 Offset Original Data Patched Data $16B8 2C 03 00 00 $16BC 40 82 00 0C $16C0 38 60 00 00 -> 60 00 00 00 $16C4 48 00 00 50 -> 60 00 00 00 $16C8 80 A2 F3 7C $16CC 38 C0 00 01 Version 1.1.8 Offset Original Data Patched Data $16B8 2C 03 00 00 $16BC 40 82 00 0C $16C0 38 60 00 00 -> 60 00 00 00 $16C4 48 00 00 50 -> 60 00 00 00 $16C8 80 A2 F3 74 $16CC 38 C0 00 01 Version 1.2.1 Offset Original Data Patched Data $16E8 2C 03 00 00 $16EC 40 82 00 0C $16F0 38 60 00 00 -> 60 00 00 00 $16F4 48 00 00 50 -> 60 00 00 00 $16F8 80 A2 F3 54 $16FC 38 C0 00 01 Version 1.2.2 Offset Original Data Patched Data $1808 2C 03 00 00 $180C 40 82 00 0C $1810 38 60 00 00 -> 60 00 00 00 $1814 48 00 00 50 -> 60 00 00 00 $1818 38 C2 0D 84 $181C 38 E0 00 01 Version 1.2.4 Offset Original Data Patched Data $1854 2C 03 00 00 $1858 40 82 00 0C $185C 38 60 00 00 -> 60 00 00 00 $1860 48 00 00 50 -> 60 00 00 00 $1864 38 C2 0D 8C $1868 38 E0 00 01 Version 1.2.7 Offset Original Data Patched Data $1914 2C 03 00 00 $1918 40 82 00 0C $191C 38 60 00 00 -> 60 00 00 00 $1920 48 00 00 50 -> 60 00 00 00 $1924 38 C2 0D C4 $1928 38 E0 00 01 Version 1.3.1 Offset Original Data Patched Data $1C88 2C 03 00 00 $1C8C 40 82 00 0C $1C90 38 60 00 00 -> 60 00 00 00 $1C94 48 00 00 48 -> 60 00 00 00 $1C98 38 C2 0E 88 $1C9C 38 E0 00 01 Version 1.3.2 Offset Original Data Patched Data $1E0C 2C 03 00 00 $1E10 40 82 00 0C $1E14 38 60 00 00 -> 60 00 00 00 $1E18 48 00 00 48 -> 60 00 00 00 $1E1C 38 C2 0E F8 $1E20 38 E0 00 01 Version 1.3.3 Offset Original Data Patched Data $1E0C 2C 03 00 00 $1E10 40 82 00 0C $1E14 38 60 00 00 -> 60 00 00 00 $1E18 48 00 00 48 -> 60 00 00 00 $1E1C 38 C2 0F 4C $1E20 38 E0 00 01 - YEARN 2 LEARN J v 311EJ10885U - YER v1.0 Name: Inpher Org.: nop Code: 26131743 Name: maxx Keywords: PlanetEarth SN#: 24452522 Name: The Mac Community Keywords: PlanetEarth SN#: 35902522 - YO! v1.x 2406-4223-62YO 0651-4665-67YO 0284-8770-89YO - YP Circular v1.0.2 Name: Cendryom Code: CrhDDyEU - YP Collisions v1.0 Name: Cendryom Code: CrFBuyRU - YP Electric Field v1.0 Name: Cendryom Code: CrFBuyFT - YP Gear v1.0.1 Name: Cendryom Code: CjiDEyDO - YP Image v1.0.1 Name: Cendryom Code: CEBDpyIQ - YP Magnetic Force v1.0 Name: Cendryom Code: CBgDtyHS - YP Planetary Gear v1.0.1 Name: Cendryom Code: CjiDEyDO - YP Projectiles v1.1 Name: Cendryom Code: CChHpyKN - YP Reflection v1.0.2 Name: Cendryom Code: CriDGyQR - YP Refraction v1.0 Name: Cendryom Code: CEsDjyEQ - YP Shadow v1.0 Name: Cendryom Code: CofDeyJN - YP Slider Crank v1.1 Name: Cendryom Code: CeoGpyPU - YP Vectors v1.0 Name: Cendryom Code: CrEHtyMI - YP Vernier v1.0 Name: Cendryom Code: CjkGIyLK - YP Waves v1.0 Name: Cendryom Code: CpfDEyNO - Yacht 3D v1.1 Name: MoonDark Code: 5559502 - Yagi Paku Melody v2.07J 720107910401 - Yakushi Mouse v1.0 52183252183285 - YankPro v3.1 kiu-10761-4548 nWi-12730-2287 Esj-06943-6404 wXi-12730-4628 qFS-07003-9160 qjN-04915-0158 AvG-08793-4548 lmi-07122-4599 qXB-06884-0174 XmG-14401-2335 http:/ - Yatyo Dokei v2.0.0 HK-20SK@03108 - Yellow Card v3.1.6J Name: SerialLain Code: Yc-7k8thnA-irKLZdG v1.0.1J Name: nowhereman Code: Yc-Qai6tZ6-chgy - YellowEdit v1.x.x Name: Inpher Keywords: NOP Code: 26123144 - YellowView v2.x.x Name: Inpher Keywords: NOP Code: 46102846 - Yipe! I v1.0.4 074452689 - Yipe! II v1.0.2 9274531873 - Yipe! III v1.1 911-Biz037 - YooZ v1.65 US name: Macintosh code: 598907904 v any name: MadMac & Flush code: 1544814592 - Yorozu Dentaku v1.7.2 Name: Lucifer Code: uReae1234 v1.7J Name: Macintosh Code: ioaYo0000 - Yutorichan v3.0J 73021-000862 v2.0J 63021-02902 - Z-Write v1.1.3 ZW1-1234595-K-4691 Scheme: ZW1-XXYYZZZ-anything-4691 where XX + YY + ZZZ = 641 example: 12 + 34 + 595 = 641 - ZBrush v1.1 ZBRC55398653790983591122 v1.0.3 ZSRALLODNOILLIMENO - ZPC vCD You can jump to any level by holding option-cmd when starting a new game. - Zaku Da vAll 010100013544 - Zap'T'Balls II v1.0.1 fdjafjdslfjdslIQJJjdosmfl - ZephyrPalettes v1.3 2-130-3186163 - ZipIt v2.2 12345678 v2.0 JQRLYIFB v1.4 [k] DF $02FB80 : 4182 --> 4800 (BRA) v1.4 Name : Sam S. Fred Org : Pass : LQVKLQQ Zipit 1.4 upgrated If you upgraded to Zipit v1.4, try this one: (Softlock ID. 99234386) Password : OLGHIGWX v1.3.8 Name : HellBarto Org : FuxSoftwarez Pass : 8040K80644W0 v1.3.5 JQRLYIFB - ZipQuest Pro v1.0 serial: A 10392 code : B-143385261 - ZipZapp+ v1.0 57-300113 - Znippetizer v1.1 Name: nowhereman Code: 8174535856574 v1.0.4 Name: Znippetizer Code: 81740561152685 - Zone vall versions ( --> see theZone ) - Zounds v1.0.1 ZND1047162042555852723 v1.0 ZND100AAC00000450 - aClock v3.0b6 8254qreh2 8365qrel4 8276qreuu v2.5.2 8365qre14 8365qrel4 In order to enter the serial number, you must hold down the option key when pressing the Register button - ai Haicher v1.2b1 Mail: Code: EFD10220EFD12100 - Auto Illustrator v1.1 5098-3882-62584CB7-5745 - avenue.quark validation code: 1113008906VNGGZSP704769035ECBSG - bManager v2.0 Code: bManager-D281169 v2.0 Server Serial: -bManagerS-o281169- Key : ZPOSkaRF-100 - bs-1 v1.1.2 Name: KIRI Code: 01F700E6 - cache-cache v2.0 Name: Lucifer Code: EUPH82045788 - charlieX Screen Ruler v1.x cXSR-7915253243 - clip2icns v1.5.1 Name: Chrisco* Org : 777 Code: 440003 v1.5.x Name: Inpher Org.: NOP Code: 108968 Name: KIRI Org.: ANGEL Code: 338876 Name: well Org.: now what's? Code: 714376 - dBase IV v5.5 1234567-28 - dacc v1.0 Name: nowhereman Code: 220-10-989 - db Reports v3.0 (1st enter) Name : Surfer Company: Serial#: 133-520-012-006 (2nd enter) Version2#: 11199843-5678 - e-Picture v2.0 2002296355407106 v1.0 3169384346502661 - e-t-f Job Ticket v1.0 GGGN-ZP16-XVCD-D9KR - e.Typist v5.0J M40SM-99832026 v97 M97SM-69706184 v4.0J M40SM-99832026 v2.0 bilingual Ma9BM-19654718 MA9EM-79501190 MA9BM-19656900 - eDOC v2.1.1 Name: Himitsu Code: 11651S1S114965 - eDisk v2.0 E109716 - eKiosk v3.0 Code: -eKiosk-M281169- - eLetter v1.00 588134B - eLister v1.2 Name: AtmosFear License Type: Single User Quantity: 100 License Code: ELSM1-80102-94476-2107-8416-14167602 Name: AtmosFear License Type: Site License Code: ELSM1-87329-83492-7232-3838-14503283 Name: AtmosFear License Type: WorldWide License Code: ELSM1-8850-30704-8695-2017-14215060 Careful... some people reported that the developer would contact them through their ebay info and threaten them if they weren't on his registered user list. - eMail Alert! v3.0.1 SURF--RAGNAROKE68521 v2.5 Name: Macintosh Code: ALRT-00014001-448110 v2.0.1 Name: nwhereman Code: 12345677905233AC14 v1.x name: -Akuma- code: MALB-131706-12562-138544-38122 v1.9 Name: magnito Code: MALB-131706-12562-138544-38122 v1.8.1 MALC-131358-15538-136880-20855 MALC-6702-9012-3456 # Name: nowhereman Code: MALA-4114-123-456 - eMail Bounce Handler v1.1 MAC-OBTmgH4MTk5ATMOSFEAR-1 - eMail Extractor v1.4 MAC-OETegX4MTk5ATMOSFEAR-1 the registration information is stored in a file called "@#!EeX1##%" inside your preferences folder - eMail Xpress v2.1 ez-email-123 - eMailMan v1.6 ( see --> eMail Alert! ) v1.2 Name: nowhereman Code: MALA-4114-123-456 - eMerge v1.6.2 Name: NoWhere Man Code: NWM-5823-53124-PDQ - ePage Pro v1.2.3 fKc-07811-7591 - eXodus v8.x AAAPA-GDGMN-TTLKI-KCNTK-DDHLD v7.0 SN = SEM9-0010-0900-2ZJ0 Key = XEM0-0013-0M14-4001-XXXX (the last 4 "X" could be any char. i.e. "1A2B") v6.1.2 HEMB01103M0WQE00 REMR00100P83ELMZ0000 v6.0.3 code: SEM9-0010-0900-2ZJ0 key: SEMQ-0010-0L00-2BM0-0000 v6.0.0 code: XEM0-0110-0L0Z-0A00 key: XEM0-0110-0L0Z-0A00-0000 code: XEM0-0010-0D0W-0F01 key: XEM0-0010-0D0W-0F01-0000 code: XEM0-0110-0W0Q-0Y02 key: XEM0-0110-0W0Q-0Y02-0000 v5.2 SEM9001009002ZJ0 v5.1 SE99001700022101 - easy beat v1.2 e-e-*nowh-ereman-RZZEL85469-1 PPPP-PPPP-30780-1-124278941-1 - epsConverter v1.x PA04-6722-HE19-7695-NGGD-RK79 - exp system v1.0 em*******23296*72 em000000023296072 - f(x) v2.6 X fofx25081-66666-7391 v2.0 fofx25081-12245-7391 fofx25081-12365-7391 - fMSX v1.5.2 Plus Name : fMSX 1.5.2 Plus Code : DUP7MA1 Name: Registered Code: FCKQ2ZS v1.5.x Plus name: Buck Rogers code: Z3MRY7A name: John Stiles code: J3LPR6S v1.5+J name: Steve Jobs code: 3E3T8ZJ v0.4.x name: HackUser code: VERDQBJ v2.6 Name: MATRIX Code: 03E0A97EDD36EE97A47D4200 - faxElite v6.0 MGAXJ-F8ABC-DNLVX (Server) UGAXJ-F8ABC-DNNAZ (Client, good for 50 users) v5.0.8 Solo SFAXJ-23456-AHINL or SFAXJ-23456-AHIN v5.0 MFAAA-ABRLH-XESCL (server) UFAXJ-DNDMA-NMBOY (10 clients) UFAXJ-RXAAF-NGXDB ( 5 clients) - gNMR v3.6.5 095-365-0347 - gURLfriend v2.2 Name: MoonDark Code: 115363 v2.x name: Macintosh code: 124120 - golive v1.0.1 373L665R7595 123B456Q7899 234M567T8906 345F678E9015 456Q789X0126 567T890O1239 - Golive Pro v1.1 Key No. 375J854G3766 Key No. 378W857X5951 - Xinet MacConnectivity v9.03P5 Name: Anything Code: aMOHMQNP - Androkids v1.0 First Name: Pablo Last Name: Pablo SN: AK1725LU1 - Android v1.1 First Name : Pablo Last Name : Minimal SN: MELMMMNNIDNG - BongoBoogie v1.4 First Name: Pablo Last Name: Minimal SN: FBEFNXWEDAER - Helix v1.1 First Name: Pablo Last Name: Minimal SN: OQFGOKSFPFMI - LuaLua v1.2 First Name: Pabloo Last Name: Minimal SN: RWSYVLYVOOFDE - DripDrop v1.0 First Name: Pablo Last Name: Pablo SN: KKOMFFKOOS - iBase-Filo v1.1 HLN0-0000-0000-0000 - iCDc v4.1 X Name: (Any Name) SN: iCDc-122756-788912 v2.1.1 Name: Ragnarok Code: 9536412343 v2.1 ATMOS00094-0000 - iCalendar v1.8 6L42N 9M21P 8F22J 3K63R - iCamMaster v2.0a4 X Name: iCMS-Pablo SN: 871-1790599296-2613 v1.9.5 Name: iCMS-Felice Code: 961-1402739032-2883 Name: iCMS-Surfer Code: 1008-1853218888-3024 v1.9.2 Name: iCMS-Cendryom Code: 1210-1869016496-3630 Name: iCMS-Jim Morris Code: 1333-638574336-3999 v1.3 Name: ICMS Code: 300-31258381-900 I got a NilObject Exception error when I tried registering iCam Master 1.9.5 upon launching (three different Macs and system versions). I found that this error vanished when I allowed the trial period runtime (a few minutes) to run out and post the Register or Exit display, then registered with the s/n posted. After a re-launch, it has run flawlessly. - iClock v1.0b5 Name: Pablo Company: Minimal SN: ic-30015-00013-oj v2.0 Code: 436C6B32 v1.0 Name: (any) Code: 69436C31 - iCommander v1.5 Name: La femme Code: ML4MW439-58LAGA4BTK64PMS39 - iControl v1.2 Name: Chrisco* Code: 604827 v1.x Name: Zaphod/nop Code: 607053 v1.1.1 Name: Cendryom Code: 605452 v1.0.1 12GRIS32 v1.0 Name: nowhereman Code: 607380 It might not work if you copy & paste it, so be sure to type it manually. - iCount v1.2 50856 28886 54876 v1.1a name: MoonDark code: 12846 - iDo vall versions Name: iDo Code: IDO-b3958d3997dd - iDup v1.2.0 Code: FGI0062GDY - iEdit v2.2 (see --> Mac Coder) v2.0.2 1423-JFDG-5GE-A 1423-GDFS-s5HF-B 1423-SADA-5IG-C 1423-NCN-5JH-D 1423-YTEY-5KI-E - iLiner v1.1 IL-Himitsu!!-1199 - iListen v1.5.1 7U98-1M9D-14WS-051G v1.0.1 X123-AB1C-XXXX-DE2F CM90-GTUH-A3ZK-HZ5M - iMOnTime v1.1 ZAP-31284L-RMPR-3XX-96 - iNES v1.2 name: KIRI/ANGEL code: X6Y81V1 v1.0.x Name: Inpher Code: FJS1TTS v1.0.2 Name: iNES Dude Code: LKGYVA1 v1.0 name: frash frash code: 5LFCVMS v0.7.x name: Serial code: EHKM2R1 name: HackUser code: VJCDQBJ name: Server Surfer code: 7Y6PCXJ v0.7.7J name: japanese code: 43UZY2A v0.7.7 name: John Smith code: Q3GG4RJ name: macintosh code: T1WS2ZA v0.7.5 name: Akuma[k] code: MRB4KF1 v0.7.1plus name: Everybody pass: D3BEDC1 v0.7 name: Kill Bill code: 2HTWEF1 v0.6.2 name: Steve Jobs code: 3JZT8ZJ v0.6.1 name: Bill Gates code: L64RRWA name: John Stiles code: JYHPR6S v0.6.0 name: Buck Rogers code: ZYGRY7A anyone know how to use iNES 0.7.5 when an older version has a pirated sn?? yes, do you have norton disk editor? #yeah start the editor, then select the volume with your system folder next navigate through the dirs to your pref folder there should be a pref file named something like: iNES.pref hilite that file then click on the i button to get the files info unlock the file and make it visible then trash it and enter the new number there ya' go. you'll be fully registered with the new prefs file. - iNet Stream Archive v1.6.0 X Name: Pablo SN: 1407244454 v1.5.2 X User: Yves GENGOUX Code: 1374426592 v1.1 Name: TechnoCore/nop Code: ISA1-2808-2771-4242 - iNotePad v1.6.1 X Name: Pablo SN: 0136351996 Name: PYRUS MALUS SN: 0116766868 v1.6.x Name: AtmosFear Code: 9930335720 v1.1 Name: Lucifer Code: 1216676543 Name: nnowhereman Code: 1293126974 v1.0.1J Name: n-wher-man Code: 1230523023 v1.0 Name: KIRI Code: 1289213415 - PinPoint v2.0.2 X Name: Pablo SN: PS200-8351-6065 - Alepin v2.1.3 X Name: Pablo SN: AS200-8430-0836 - iCalepin v1.6.1 X Name: Pablo SN: 0136351996 - iOrganize v4.4.1 X 100067521-4871 100140992-4871 100214463-4871 100287934-4871 100361405-4871 v4.1.4 X 164207704-4871 v3.4 X 164207704-4871 v3.2 Name: nowhereman Code: 1234566085 v3.0 16782118 v2.5 1464991378 - Organizer v1.0 X Name: Pablo/Minimal SN: OX100-0671-5910 OX100-0671-5910 - iOrganizer v1.5 Name: Orygun Code: B1E1-0837-F800 - iPObox v2.0 j5rs8uyw - iPet v1.1 3447978 - iPhotoBatch v1.0 Name: KIRI Code: 1609-7803-1456 - iPodium v1.1.0R4 30015-74298-22287-60005 - iPoker v2.1.5 X Name: (Any) SN: 3JQKA v2000 Name: Tim Fletcher Code: 3JQKA - iRecall v1.3.7 (see tip) To register, click in the upper left corner of the about/nag dialog. - iRemember v1.0.3 name: Al Bundy/nop code: 176207 name: HotSixIsKewl code: 219814 you need to restart after registration - iScreenMaker v1.5 X Name: Pablo Code: ISM-9840-5688-4330 v1.0.1 Name: Cendryom/nop Code: ISM-2562-8351-0713 - iScreensaver v3.0.1 Designer Name: Orygun Code: CBCD3CF4 (Unlimited License) v2.0.3 Name: Graphic Language Code: D94781EB (Limited License) See Note v1.5 13001102 v1.1.1 Register No: 10001102 Build Code: Professional Status Name: WEZ Code: 11101968 Note: To Enter the iScreensaver Designer Registration Code, Please follow these steps: (1) Open iScreensaver Designer (2) open an existing project or create a new one by clicking the 'New Project' button. (3) Click the 'Build' tab at the top of the window/ (4) Click the 'Register' button in the window/ (5) Enter both the Name and Code EXACTLY as shown above. (6) Click the 'OK' button. - iSearch v1.1.1 03967 26957 76907 v1.0 Name: MoonDark Code: 12846 - iSee v1.8 Name: nowhereman Code: iS-131498-BF - iSeek v1.2.1 Name: KIRI Comp: ANGEL Code: NCGAERD-BK8FHIB - iShade v1.0J s/n: 402703 Key: 05639396700015543014 s/n: 402703 Key: 639396700015543014 - iSlideShow v1.1 iSlideShow1609 - Boka Marble Solitaire v1.0 X 1234-5678-1091-1384 1PAB-L000-1049-9201 - iSolitaire v1.0 338164440068 - iSynch Lite v1.3.1 Name: a Code: 987WFQM - iTarget v3.0 Name: iTarget Code: TARG-8556-IRHN-3456 - iText v3.0.1 R2J Name: KIRI Code: ACA4567890 - iThink v1.0 Name: Chrisco* Code: 4405D28B-F96D870F - iTunes Library Tool v1.0 X Name: Pablo Email: SN: AB10-TVK6-KWT-ZR - iTunes Publisher v3.0.4 X Name: Pabloo SN: 358298301331340124605 - iTunes Remote v1.5 Name: Surfer Code: 36599-64322 - iType v2.0? Name: (any) Code: Carpe Diem - iView v3.6 07977 10907 26977 37907 45907 51967 60937 73957 80907 v2.8.5d1 Code: 12947 You can use any name v2.7 Name: MoonDark Code: 12947 v2.6 Name: MaximumBob Code: MB866MB - PigMoney v1.0 PIGM-100-CATH-935007 - LapCop v1.0 LAPCOP-100-CATH-226685 - iMsafe v1.8.1 IMSAFE-100-140201-CATH-405624 - iView MediaPro vX 1.5 IVW-1111111-530 IVW-2222222-070 IVW-3333333-501 IVW-4444444-041 v1.5.5 NWM-5678901-8516 v1.x Name: Al Bundy Org.: nop Code: IVW-1234567-861 (see note) v1.0r3 NWM-5678901-8516 1.x Note: you MUST enter the name, the organization and the license number in THAT order, otherwise the app will not register. - iView PhotoMover v2.0 Name: Macintosh Code: 7x29 (x = any) - iWatch v2.5 Name: iWatch Code: WATC-3453-GEJB-3456 - iWrite v1.0 I want a dinosaur mommy! - icWord v2.0 P02F1-2l9-42345689 P02F1-3a9-42345689 (Bundle icExel) v1.2 B1BA-111111-AQAB B7BK-987654-AYAS H7QK-999999-TYZS v1.1 First Name : no Initial : N LastName : whereman Unlock Code : 17SF3WSW5832EWN2N4EB3 v1.0 First Name : nowhere Initial : N Last Name : man Unlock Code : NBNU5ZUT20N1T25VQX9 The registration information is stored in an invisible file "y100262.bxl" in your preferences folder - iconCompo v2.1 8T16902PABL7 v1.3 MaSaKa! - ideaSpiral v1.0.3 Name: Ragnarok Code: JER616V6FRHV16 - idin v2.1.x name: BonsaiFreak code: 651572955 - image buddy v1.6 Name: PHREKBBS Code: 5123-9826-3615-9834 v1.0.3 Name: nowhereman Code: 7437-1968-8200-1969 - ixExel v1.0 (bundle) P02F1-3a9-42345689 ( see also --> icWord ) - ixTV TurboTV v2.10 test-021 - kykz's Software vall versions Name: Server Surfer Codes: AddWindow+: FJVQQVFF CalcStrip: GLYUVCMN G3Strip: LVOPVHWD G3Throttle: NAUXGTLT Mathtiny: GLYUVCMN - m7 v1.0 (see tip) Demo crack Open datafork and change: $5DEC0 4BFC191D -> 60000000 $6151C 4081002C -> 4800002C - mDialog Server v1.5 Serial: -mDialogS-x281169- Key : ZPOSkaRF-100 - mLove v2.0 Code: mLove-P281169 - mPower v2.0.1 MP212153 v2.0 MP201635 - mSecure v2.0 Code: -mSecure-a281169- - mTropolis v1.1.2 MTAA-MUS-27C2E26K4M MTAA-MUS-27G2728M4M MTAA-MUS-27M2E2BP4M MTAA-MUS-27Q272DR4M v1.1.1 SPC12345611S4767D4W v1.0 SPC1-C11750-000-00GW4H-V I6EL-0NXS8Y-12D-14JC1F-U - mbot v1.6.1 Name: m! Bot E-Mail: m@bot.haha Organization: (leave blank) Serial Number: SGP174-2312-J10903147 v1.5 Name: Andre Ayotte E-Mail: Organization: (leave blank) Serial Number: SGP194-2924-V10055170 Name: Moria Bot eMail: moria@bot.15 Company: (leave blank) Number: SGP187-3663-V10704 v1.2.1 Name: Moria Bot eMail: moria@bot.121 Company: (leave blank) SN: SGP168-3938-V15265166 v1.1 Name: m! Bot Email: m@bot.haha Company: (leave blank) SN: SGP141-2441-R17320 Name : T. Koybayashi email : Company: Serial : SGP88-2620-R29382215 - moments v1.0 clockwork - motion dive v3 MD3MJ-A21A3-44NZ6-Z34AJ-2284N v2.0J MDJ200-A289-3813-8225 v1.5 MDDS-96084-17118 - Digitalfireworx ScreenSaver v1.0 X Butterflyz 1.0: 111592 NightLights 1.0: 120840 Cemetery 1.1.3: 101331 Batz 1.1: 2287 Charms 1.0: 21403 Frosted 1.0: 10503 - moveMove v1.4.2 Name: Lucifer Code: 130521345 - Desktastic v3.0 X 1010-1014-1818-1814 2020-2129-2525-2326 3030-3433-3939-3536 v2.x 4082-6437-9435-7790 N6E0-W6U3-N8X1-X0X6 7072-7379-7573-7176 - mp3voodoo v2.1.1 Name: Cendryom Code: KRAK-NOP-7151140191 v1.1 Name: Macintosh Code: 0000000008161140161 Name: Zaphod/nop Code: 5312964291101041101 v1.0 arecw-93wqs-87bdz - mrc2M v1.8b82 (see tip) Name: ANGEL Code: AEAA8942100C If you want to regist this ware, use "Mac OS Setting Assistant" and change your machine name "ANGEL". - nQuick v3.0 Code: -nQUICK-N281169- - net_clipper v1.0.1 NETC-MIMM-T77G-8455 NETC-0OV7-QQ69-8181 NETC-Y3V6-ZQTN-9081 NETC-0RXJ-5E36-5369 - pPuzzle v2.2.1 Name: Lucifer Code: 173412592 - piDock v1.22 Name: orygun@[k].com Code: 2119-0822-1143-1205-5060 - piPop v2.1b1 Mail: Lain Code: 1018-7140-2210-8284-6211 v2.1b3 X Name: Pablo SN: 1018-6664-1988-1433-6801 v2.0 Email: Serial: 8106-5748-1110-1174-5566 v2.0b5 Mail: KIRI Code: 7665-5768-0377-5335-9184 - picpic v4.0 73060924 - powerCutter v0.6b2 PWCT-53729 - pro FIT v5.1.2 code: 19345678[012345678901]5823091 - proxy selector v1.0 0573057305739999 - ramBunctious v1.5 rb00src - reflection v1.1 RE11-CENDRYRGOODMUGHQ - ruGANg vAll code: rugangchu2 - sLog v2.2.6 Name: Macintosh Code: 306753 v2.x Name: Inpher Code: DHCIFDDN v2.0b1 Name: MoonDark Code: FBFICHCJ v2.0 Name: Inpher Code: HDDANKHA - sMailing v3.5 Name: <anything> Company: <anything> Serial Number: -sMailing-u281169- - Photologist v1.1 X Name: Pablo SN: 61-O60-A10 - MediaKeeper v1.0 X Name: Pablo SN: IMSW-567.501-9D89 - Siteyard vPersonal SQR6-6KHE-5D30-65DC-2B05 vStandard 0N66-JG23-3365-DVJC-1E67 Good for 30 days - sliding v1.0 upware - smallCaps v2.5.4 Name: ookisan Code: 998779608 - t-26 Address Book v• Monkey - tAkeOut v1.0.1 U11T011351112113 v1.0.x U11T011351112113 UR3T0W128NX028W3 - tactile12000 v2.0 200-00715-82727 - text2graphic pro v2.0 Name: nowhereman Code: 1234567112205112112 v1.5 name: (any) code: T-684952 - textSOAP v2.6.4 Name: Mark Munz Code: N6M9RUQ1 Name: nwhereman Code: L3RR3113 v2.6.1 Name: nowhereman Code: MW755PRW v2.0.x Name: Inpher Code: 79142418 v1.2.1 Name: The Dead Guy Code: 9X3W3TW4 v1.0 Name: MoonDark Code: N8736R81 - uCalendar v2.1 Name: nowhereman Code: 01527001 - uNote v1.0 Name: nowhereman Code: 10199T50 - wData Builder v2.0 Code: -wData-D281169- - webAlias v1.1 code: 73413 - webfeedback v2.0 00000-00000-00000-00000 - wire-R2-031 vAll serial : 1234564444 keycode: 3333330765 - www.SitePromoterPPC vany DLP5100140 v2.09 46789754 - wwwART v2.0 WA10000R0000T WA14371R6723T WA15621R4371T - xBinder v1.10 55U70110CA7337A1 - xRes (MacroMind) vall versions ( see --> MacroMind xRes ) - yamato menu v1.4.1J 422A224 IEYWPTQ SDGGSPV LPJPHKL SSGQEPI JRVFNDZ SLEKGQF LUXBBVE JPFBELF XVNLJOV NYXXEEO SPSKEJF QCQCAJU EJAQMLP v1.1J PZVLSGH UDQMKLF TMVFEIC VWPLSME - ~Action Names v4.0.3 17894762-161 v1.1D 191A756BX7-20 - ~AlarmClock vall versions code: 100695 - ~Aloha vall versions code: 249214 - ~AppMan vall versions code: jnaaa - ~BackDrop Plus vall versions code: 187247 - ~BackGammon vall versions code: isagh - ~Beam vall versions code: 211939 - ~Big Notes vall versions code: iqaab - ~Bills To Pay v B2P2059MAR vPro B2P30000000 - ~Boxer vall versions code: 117148 - ~Calc++ vall versions 95555 - ~CardStyle vall versions code: 66004 - ~Catamount Enhancement Pack vall versions code: 28125 - ~Clip Art vall versions Vol. 1 htaff Vol. 2 htaff - ~Clipper vall versions code: htafb - ~ClockWork v1.0.3 1133904594 - ~DateMan vall versions code: 87660 - ~Drag vall versions code: 243252 - ~El'barqs vall versions code: ftaae - ~Email Service vall versions code: 209099 - ~ExpensePlus v2.0.5 59AZ12345D - ~GoFetch for Email v1.1 5ZW4QCRSEAYF5D9 - ~Graph Paper vall versions code: npadc - ~Jumble vall versions code: ksaab - ~KeyMan vall versions code: jmaaa - ~Librarian vall versions code: iqaae - ~MPG vall versions code: 662vo6661 - ~Mail-It v1.6 371924277675 - ~MobileMath v1.0 1982487924 vAll 2100012050337131 2100000000000000 - ~More Folders vall versions code: hmafa - ~NameDropper vall versions code: 36103 - ~Namigator vall versions code: 60086 - ~NewtHack v1.0 87912297 - ~Nick's MoreFonts vall versions code: ABC0123961000000024 To use, write SN on notepad, open Nick's MoreFonts, click on "Logic Tools" logo, drag SN into the About Box! 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