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name: Vincent -Daniel Talucad Lu The First
aka: n/a… jus borin ass vince
sex: male
b day: 06/24/86
age: 14
siblings: one ate called "vanny"
nationality: Filipino with a dash of Chinese
screen name: LoOodacrisS for now
grade: Movin on up to 10th
school: Eastlake High School..where todays's
learning shapes tomorrow's success
location: Chula Vista, CA
raised: San Diego
marital status: No girl here
likes: dunno? what's there to like?
dislikes: Mr. Merzbacher that fag needs him a personality
instead of all that moose shit in his cabinets
krew: welcome to our page
best friends: u know who u are
hobbies: what a coincidence Gustoman! Where would
I be without miko lee & kobe tai?
quotes: “Lesbians are fuccin HOTT man!"