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name: Ritz Dela Cruz
aka: Crackers and Ritz Bitz (to some people) =D
sex: Boy
b day: January 1, 2001
age: 15 and a couple of months
siblings: One brother named Roel
nationality: Filipino
screen name: RrRiTzZz
grade: 9th Grade upgrading to 10th
school: Eastlake Highschool
location: San Diego, California
raised: Mostly at Atsugi, Japan and San Diego, California
marital status: More single than kraft cheese
likes: Zhang Ziyi..
dislikes: Very Sunny Days...
krew: No crew, I like to hang out with everyone,
it's better and cooler that way...
best friends: Vincent and Augusto...Ashley, Jeff, and
Terri are close bads...Chris, David, and Hervinn
are right up there too...
hobbies: Connect Four
quote: "Bleh"