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p i c t u r e s

t r i o p i c t u r e s
tRiO..8th grade
mecca monday..8th grade
ninth grade gusto, lu, ritz

f o r m a l p i c t u r e s
ehs sweethearts group picture
ehs sweethearts..jason and jasette
ehs homecoming..jason and jasette
ehs sweethearts..augusto and justine

g u r l s
jennifer bantug..
virginia..VR Trooper
virginia and her friend whom i do not know of..
kimberly verzosa..
kimberly AGAiN..
karen, nani, sara, jessica, and abbey
uHmMmm..its sheryl and some of her friends!.
EXCLuSiVE seductive ten pictures!..
marley and vanessa

b a b y p i c t u r e s
ashley HONson

m i s c e l l a n e o u s p i c s
its augusto's cousin Ria!
gusto's cousin RoN˛ and his kick back krew..iMfamOus
ron ron taking a shit..
..the ehondas at at ehs..

got any pictures?? send them to ŠtRiOiMaGE..find the link on the "home" page...p e a c e