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daaamn it's been a long ass time since i've written in this gaw-damn thing. yeah well today was minimum day so i have time now. hell yeah boyeee! well this weekend was pretty tight..Friday: noel came over and me and my little brother kicked his ass in NFL2K..literally beat his ass dude..haha. and then vince and ritz came over at like 11 o clock. all we did was watch television, vince tried playing guitar with my brother..and fucked around with ritz while he was sleeping. we put a mint in his mouth..he woke up and just ate the damn thing..then went back to sleep..Saturday: i had a family party. finally got to see my cousins..shoooot..i couldn't see them last party because i was at UC's homecoming..which was pretty cool..they have WAY more people dancing than we did at sweethearts..WAAAAY more..we went to Denny's after..and there was a MOUSE. fucking nasty. hah. yeeeuh. oh yeah saturday was also crystal's birthday party..that was hella fun! i played pool like the whole night. lost 2 bucks. that was siiick though. sunday. uhmmmm taught ccd and went to comisarry. daaang teaching 7th graders ccd is pretty fun..they really listen to what i have to say. and they like spy on me while i'm at church. i go to class and the students are all like "ooooo you talk a lot in church!" hah. fuuuuck basketball try outs in two weeks. i BETTER make the gaw damn team. if not..whaaaaack!! yeeeah well ima cut. oh yeah check out Mike's new band's's at the links. alright..later -augUSto
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