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b i g u p s

..justine rubio..
well...whut could i say?? but THANKS...thanks for all the memories..the laughs...the conversations..being mah bestest friend..encouraging me..being at mah games...shoOoOoT...i could go on and on...but most importantly THANKS for being a great best know that you're mah first ever gurl best friend..and ill always remember you for that...and ALSO..thanks for teaching me whut TrUe love is all about..i know that we got into a lot of fights/arguments now..but i just want you to know mean soOOoooooOOooO much to me as a best friend and MoRe..but one else has made me feel that way about them..but you....youre special to me in so many ways...youre mah first ever TRUE love.well NOW..were just best friends..but its all good cuz love aint love without HURt right?..and i guess we had too much drama to put up with so it just had to end..and take time away from each other..i dont want to..but SHiT happens right?!.haha..well ima end it here...but i could go on and on about words to describe tha way i feel about you couldnt even fit in the bible...i just want you to know that im always here for you..and will always love you best friend!

..vince and ritz..
sup dawgs! haha..damn..i dont really know whut to say..cuz i think giving a shout out to guys is pretty corny..but doing it anyways..cuz your guys are like mah brothers away from guys are practically family to me..isnt it kool how we all used to be in tha same pe class and didnt know we would come out to be tha ever infamous TriO...hahah..well yeah..i just want you guys to know that im here for you guys..and DuDE! weve been absent from going out now..whuts up with that? well..i think its cuz ive been at basketball games..haha..but yeah tha season is over now..and we came in second place..haha so ..we gotta go out more now..yeah lets plan something..! oh yeah! vince..tell your dad thanks for all tha rides! and ritz.. tell your mom thanks for all tha hospitality..haha..alright..take cares god bless..ONE LOVE

..kimberly verzosa..
KiM!!! haha...well yeah..youre like mah little sister i NEVER had..shOoOOt..haha..cuz mah mom and dad had to give me a little brother by tha name of andrew! haha..just know im ALWAYS here for you..always was and always will glad we became best friends..haha..even though some people think its weird..i think its really kOoL..haha...i just wanna say thanks for everything..=D thaaaaaanks so much..haha..oh yeah and watch out for them guys! sHiiiT ..that one time you went out with ***** told me not to worry..and then all of a sudden you got EVERYONE yeah just WATCH OUT..oh yeah! and dont get all sad when you THINK know whut im talking about...youre NEVER gonna lose me! im your freakin BEST friend! yeah dont worry..and if i dont talk to you that doesnt mean im MAD!! haha..well yeah..just tell your mom augusto says hi...and tell your sister i say hey too! hahah...byee

..terricia monzon..
hey terri "hUg bUDdy!"..wussup?! yeah well...i know that youve gotten mad at me a LOT in tha past..but yeah..thanks for forgiving me..=D..youre one of the KoOoooLest friends i have..youre interested in KoooOOL things like racing..punk..raving..white boys..haha...too many to name...all i know is that youre kool..and stay that way..oh yeah thanks for tha ride TO sweethearts! haha...that car is TIGHT.! its kool how we got closer..hah i think its cuz of fifth period and how im your walker to first and fourth period..haha..well yeah..stay sweet and kool..oh yeah and FUNNY too..oh yeah! THANKS for coming to our games! youre our number one fan!! =D

..ashley jonson..=D
wussup homegurlFRIEND!! haha..thanks for ALWAYS..and i mean ALWAYS being here for me..youre like one of tha best advice-givers i know..haha...keep it know that im here for you too..if you werent so afraid to call..haha..well yeah weve had some pretty kool memories together..haha..the walk..movies..hahaha..youre sOOooOO kool and funny too...and hella could never get mad at me...even if i tried..well yeah i dont know whut else to say but thanks for ALWAYS making me smile..i like that tha most about you!..whenever im down..and call make me feel good about myself..and always say things that make me smile..laugh or whutever..i just wanna say..thanks for EvERyTHinG! regards to your DOPE ASS mother! and to your sis. who has a TIGHT-ASS birthdate! hahaa..well ANYwaYS.. =D isa dalawa tatlo ..! love! 1.2.3 !

..jennifer bantug..
sUuuUUuppppP KkUuUuuUuuuZZzZZzZZzz....!!! well im really glad we met..haha..thanks to AOL..and to TERRi..from that one chatroom when she introduced us...youre really kool..haha..well there was a time when we stopped talking..but now were talking again..and thats know that you could always come to me for advice or just to talk...haha daamn..we still need to KiCK iT..haha...ONE of these days..well im really glad that we became closer..i think it was cuz of ritz..oh yeah keep working on tha COLLAGE!..haha and you still need to mail me a letter so i could see your handwriting!! haha..i dont know..well i dont know whut else to say so ima end it now..thanks for everything..stay KoooOOooL!..haha...byE

..crystal "DEWdette" aspiras..
VrOoOOOooOOoM...haha..whoa..well im glad were close friends now..i know we've had some stuff happen in tha mah "hugs"...hahaha...its kool though..well thanks for being kool..sweet..and know you'll always have a place in tha dew yeah..i just want you to know that im always here for you..and yeah you could call me up sometime..and maybe we could actually yeah..take cares DEWdette!

..jessica carpio..
daaamn..i dont really know whut to say...but youre really kool and funny...shoot you laugh at practically ANYTHING..haha..i wish you tha best of luck with maynard...=D..thanks for being there for me whenever i needed to talk to someone ONLINE..haha..youre kOOoOL...thanks again for everything!!!...stay kool and sweet...ByEe!

..ate RiA ..kah-sinn ko!..
sup kuzz! well..we just met like a few weeks ago..and i saw you at bonita's culture night..but was afraid to talk to you thinking you wouldnt know me...haha but it turns out youre one of the koolest and realest cousins out there..we gotta kick it some time..haha family night out! hah..just keep on dancing kuzz! cuz you guys were tight at the culture night!..haha proud na proud ko sa in'yo! my tagalog? hah...well just keep up tha good work! and dance to "dance with me" !! haha..alright then..take to the best of care..and god bless! oNE LoVe KuZz!...*e-HoNdA!*

..amy elefante..
whut ever happened to us B' OTCH?!? sucks how we grew apart..well you know youre tha first gurl ive ever talked to on tha phone..haha i think we were watching...uHhmmmmm...tha miss teen usa pageant..right???..haha..well yeah i try to call you up sometimes but youre hardly know im ALWAYS here for know mah number..just give me a call when you need someone to talk to..stay KooOL..sweet..and caring...just talk to me moRe! haha...laters B' OtCh!

..krystle acayan..
hey krystle acayan..! aka "wifey"..haha..well thats hella WEIRD how we got married at tha lu-wow and we hardly knew each other..but i guess it was kool..cuz thats how we got to know each other better..and you know that im ALWAYS here for you..just try to be happy...dont go the extreme about things..remember the PROMISE we had...i dont wanna let a good friend like you hurt sorry if you dont like it when i get mad at you for doing those things...but i just dont want you to do that..youre a sweet..caring..loving..gurl..if you ever feel like theres no one in this world thats here for you...just know that I am..and will always will be....thanks for being such a kool friend..!

..jasette fong..
hey there mrs "advice-giver" are like tha smartest gurl i know..and tha most KNOWLEGEABLE gurl like know tha right words to say..thanks for ALL tha advice youve given to me...i think i should also say SORRY for always going to yeah SORRy!..haha..well youre a really kool..NiCE...sweet..JASON-LOVING gurl..hahaha...i wish you guys tha best of luck with guys are RIGHT for each other..just know that jason loves you with ALL his heart...THANKS again..=D byee

..charlene cariaga..
hey babe! hahaha...yeah well thanks for always talking to me..when i needed someone to talk to..haha..oh yeah and thanks for making intersession FuN for me!!! hahahaha...if you know whut im saying? haha.. hey! you still need to take that "big pimpin" picture at tha pool! hahah..remember its when youre coming out of tha pool..hahahaha...oh yeah thanks for talking to me that one time i had MaDd DrAma...! youre soOOOo kOoL..stay that Way!...i LiKE you nike shoes..! tha orange and navy blue ones..! haha..those are off tha heezy for sheezy!hahahah...yeah well stay kool...sweet...and all that..byEe CHARmander!

..lauren maristela..
hEy SwEeETiE! haha...well we seemed to have gotten closer..cuz of intersession..and how boring it was...but it was pretty fun after school..RighT?! haha..and watching tha GuyS play pussoy-dos EVERY fuckin DAY..ahaha..yeah only seems like yesterday when tha school year started and now its coming to and end..and then next year we're gonna have som gay ass freshmen coming to our school...soOo yeah ..its gonna be GAY..haha..well i dont know whut else to say but thanks for talking to me during intersession..haha oh yeah sorry for that hug..i dont know i got carried away! haha..alright then..stay sweet SwEEtiE! me uP! hahhaha..byEe

..leslie nolasco..
wow..weve really grown apart..but im glad we got closer..and im sorry for all that i did to you...i never meant for that to happen...=/ really sorry...well thanks for being soo sweet..and caring..and nice...hope things work out for know im here for you and that you could trust me with anything..youre a really kool friend..and BUDDY..=D...take care of yourself..!

..rosa and rita "the twins" nguyen..
hey gurls! damn..its tight kicking it with you guys after school...but you gurls havent been kicking it with us lately..=/...whuts up with that???...well it was cool while it gurls are soooo nice...and have a TIGHT car..shOoOooOot...with tha RIMS...*bling*bling* hahaha...thats a tight car..we should go kick it somewhere sometime...thanks for being such kool friends..! =D ..just take cares..and god know you two could always come to me for anything..ill be here for you..stay kool SOPHOMORE BUDDIES! especially ATE ROSA! hahaha...=D thanks for being there when i needed you!..

..emmeline rivera..
wussup?? youre the other part of tha TRIPLE S GURLS right?! hahaha...thats kool...short sweet and.UhmMMmmMMm...SEXY! oOOoOo..OW!..well eMm UhhHhhhHHHh-i dont know whut to say- LiNn...thanks for being sooOOo koool...i remember how we was from archie..when i was walking with him to PE..well yeah..we also got closer from talking after school..haha..its FUN waiting for your mom to pick you up after school...yeah and you KNOW..that if you EVER need anyone to talk to you could count on your good buddy AJ to be here..there..ANYwhere..yeah and thanks a million for ALWAYS being there when i needed you..=) SMiLEY faces all yeah if you need anything.just PAGE me up...haha...youre a KoooOOOoL friend...ate! haha..well just take care of yourself..and god bless! stay SHORT..SWEET..and SEXXXy..naw mean! haha...BYEe AUNTIE! EmMeE hAMMeR!

..karen gatdula..
hey ATe KaReN! youre a kooool friend...haha youre like tha sister i never had..youre really kool..nice..and sweet too..whtever happened to you too after school? i hardly see you now? guys are all leaving me and mah bro hangin..haha..well i just wanna say thanks for being such a kool friend..hope to kick it with you some more! haha...oh yeah..e-HoNdA! hahahaha...stay KooL ReN!! haha..mah junior buddy!

..abbey mendoza..HAPPYabbey?
a b b e y m e n d o z a...haha..well..thanks for being a kool friend..youre really funny too...and you laugh at a lot of weird things too! hahha..oh yeah dont be scared soo easily when we were at ryans that one night...dude that movie wasnt even scarey..and you were hiding behind mah shoulder..haha...well its all here for yeah just stay kool!

..mishelin mucho..
hey wussup buDdy! well first semester math with you was pretty tight..haha even though we didnt talk as much as we do now..haha..well youre like one of tha koolest friends too! especially your style! thats freakin P H A T...its unique..much props on that..well youre really funny and fun to be with..haha.."naw were all not single" hahahaha..that was funny..hahaha..well youre a really kool friend..good luck with REAL gurls sound great...! of luck..much love.!

..tHe BrOwN BoMBeR..
well..whut could i say??? weve been threw a lot of stalls...but its all good..we could work it out..right? well i just wanna thank you for taking me to school that tha camaro is broken down...much LoVe! hahahahahhahaa gOd siSteR JaCkiE..
hey jackie! sorry for not putting you on earlier but it is! i dont know whut to say but dont think so negative..even though you may not have michael or whutever there for always have ME..your *long lost* god brother..! haha..thanks for coming to mah party..youre reall kool and fun to kick it with!...hopefully mah mom will let me go ALlLLLll tha way to mission to kick it with you and your friends...haha..well yeah..i dont know whut else to say but im always here if you need know mah sn..and number...bye *gOdSiSTeR*!

mah brothers gerald and andrew
mah cousin ronald..
kristine talamayan
jessica olaivar
eileen rubio
tha boys freshmen basketball team
jason jeff eric and them..ONE LOVE
hervinn aka hervando aka h bear aka quincy
anna-may naanos..ccd buddy!
andie mangarin
chris majomut
aj rosario
mike dejesus
aj salazar
eric gatdula
NOTE:not in a specific order! just looked at mah buddy list! haha seems like ive been forgetting about people...but i wasnt thinking right when i made this page...
so if youre not on there dont HATE...just email me...and you'll be up...aiight?..peace