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Itís supposed to be the most special day of middle school, Promotion Dance night. My date was supposed to be the girl I had the biggest crush on. But it turns out that she couldnít go, due to certain circumstances. So instead of going to the dance we decided to just go to the park right next to the school and still spend the night together. Well, when that evening finally came I was ready to have one of the greatest and most fun times of my life.

She showed up with another guy! I was so downhearted. I thought that this would be the night that I could spend with her, only her. I was so excited forÖ nothing but being turned down. The feeling really isnít so great. Itís like I was stuck in a whole world of loneliness where no one cared for me, except for me, myself, and I.

I was so depressed but didnít want to show it to anyone. To make the matter even worse the ďgirlĒ just basically ditched me and went somewhere else with the other guy. I didnít feel like talking to anyone, not even my best friend. After walking around by myself I saw one of my friends sitting on the stairs all alone just like me. So I went up and talked to her and asked her what was wrong. She seemed to be hesitating about telling me but we still talked for a while.After talking, we decided to go down to the park where everyone else was supposed to be. We went down there, just the two of us. On the way there I decided to be a gentleman and hold her bag for her. When we reached the park we saw everyone else but there but just ignored them and went for a walk around the park. We were talking the whole way. Iíve never done that before in my life. All we did was walk and actually talk. Which was different for me because most of the girls I know I hardly talk to in person but would talk on the phone instead. But with her it was different. It was better, way better. She made me smile. She made laugh. She made me feel good about the person I am inside.

After walking around the park for a while we went back up to the park. As we were walking up the ramp we were still talking. It was great! When we were walking towards our friends they were looking at us smiling, acting as if we were doing something. When all we were doing was getting to know each other better and just going on a walk. We talked to our friends for a while and just started drifting away again. This time we went to the playground. We sat down on the swings together and just talked. Being with her made me realize that she means something to me and that her loneliness and my loneliness seemed to have met each other and just came together as one, releasing all the loneliness we had inside. This girl means so much to me and I care about her a lot.

this i promise you . aint it like you to make me smile . crazy over you