The Definition of a Skater

Well, let's say if my line was made up of 23, and maybe seventeen of us decided just to do the MIP (Member Intake Process) process and the remainder of us did the underground process even though we may have done it two different ways the six of us have a more better light of the sorority/fraternity and we all cross on the same day. Why is it that we refer to the 17 that just did the MIP as skaters, and they get no respect from no one unless they decide to be individuals instead of one unity or entity?

To answer your question on the "skater" issue, you must first think about a few things. First, what situations actually create a bond that is lasting? Second, what is the TRUE definition of a "skater"? Let us first deal with the first question, on the topic of what creates a bond. Speaking for myself the one thing that creates a bond between me and another person is a common history. When there is a meeting point such as a common and agreed upon history there is a place where brotherhood or sisterhood can begin. So in order to create a brotherhood or sisterhood there must first be a common history that binds all members as one. This common history should be so deep or profound that it penetrates the heart as well as the soul of all who truly exemplify the ideals of the organization. This history serves as the strongest link that binds members, who come from different backgrounds, and gives them a tie that belongs to only them.

So now we see that all who know the history of their organization and live by the principles of their organization are bound to each other by this common knowledge. The bond of a common history is far deeper than the experiences that a member goes through to get the history of the organization. For each of us goes through our own trials in order to get to attain the history of our organization in its entirety. Someone said that you will never any what that person been through unless you walk a mile in his/her shoes.

Now let us look into the TRUE definition of a skater. Let me asks you a question. Have you ever asked a "skater" how long or how hard they pledged? Did you ever ask a skater what steps are they taking to ensure the longevity of their organization? Have you ever asked them what actions they taking to empower not only their organization, but the black community at large? These are all valid questions to ask a skater who claims they are a part of an organization. Unfortunately, you will find just as many "pledged" people as well as "MIP" people whose answers to these questions are shaky, or where the answer "no" or "not lately" applies to more than half of the questions. I stand solid on the ground that a "skater" is "ANYONE, whether pledged or MIP that does not uphold the principles of their organization.

I assert that a "skater" is ANYONE pledged or MIP that does not make a honest attempt to learn what it takes to become a member and uphold the responsibility of their organization. A "skater" is someone who thinks just because I paid my fees and have the overall G.P.A., I am a legal member of this organization. But no one ever said that they earned the right to become a member. Those who pledge before us EARNED the respect and HONOR from there peer and Organization that comes with pledging, can "Skaters" say the same? We as black people and our ancestors have struggles to earn a path in life, because the journey was Long, Rough, and Rugged. This crazy society put us through trial and tribulation. We have struggled, work two or more jobs, suffer humiliation from prejudice people or groups, and gave up so much just to say "I EARNED THIS RIGHT TO SIT HERE IN THE FRONT SECTION OF THE BUS" OR "I EARNED THE RIGHT TO EAT AND SHOP AT THIS STORE" or "I EARNED THE RIGHT TO GO TO THIS INSTITUTION BECAUSE I MADE THE SCORES. But most important of all, I also assert that a "skater" ultimately is someone who need to ask them, "Have I earned the right to be a part of this organization who's previous member males/females fought throughout history from its inception and made this organization what it is today, Have I earned the right to stand with them?

"Skaters" is those who say "I earned the right to ride this bus because I paid my own fair,that is true, but what they forget is that one black woman took a stand and said I EARNED THE RIGHT TO SIT HERE, BECAUSE I'M A HUMAN BEING JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE." "Skaters" is those who say "I earned the right to eat and shop here because I have money to spend, that is true, but what they forget is that our brothers and sister in the past sat and ate at these same establishments when it's "WHITE ONLY" they made a statement when they were called names, spit on, attack by people, dogs, and policemen. They earned the right to eat and shop. "Skaters" is those who say "I earned the right to go to this school because I paid my tuition with a loan or pell grant, that is true, but what they forget is those six students at Little Rock Arkansas School who were bus to a white school and spit on and severely beaten, and even killed. You say why, because they EARNED THE RIGHT TO ATTEND THAT SCHOOL, and so do you. But that one Question still remains, "DID YOU EARN THE RIGHT TO WALK IN OUR SHOES, JUST BECAUSE YOU PAID FOR A PAIR?

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