Kappa Alpha Psi, a college Fraternity, now comprised of functioning undergraduate and alumni
chapters on major campuses and in cities throughout the United States and abroad, is the crystallization
of a dream. It is the glorious realization of a vision shared commonly by the late Revered Founder
Brother Elder Watson Diggs, Brother Bryon K. Armstrong, Brother John Milton Lee, Brother Guy L. Grant,
Brother Ezra D. Alexander, Brother Henry T. Asher, Brother Marcus P. Blakemore, Brother Paul W. Caine,
Brother George W. Edmunds, and Brother Edwin G. Irvin.
It was the vision of these astute men which
enabled them in the year of 1910-1911 to form the organization now known as

The fundamental purpose of Kappa Alpha Psi as envisioned and spoken by the Founding fathers
give this organization its unique and distinguishing aspects. They sought to "shape a group
personality unique in the annals of College Greek letter organizations around the ideal of achievement."

In the early years, the concept of achievement was mainly concerned with improvement
of personal status and security, and the meeting of the everyday demands of living.
This was at a time when the hope of a people were dim. Their social and economic life
was warped by social distance. There was little incentive to advance in school beyond the
elementary grades. Baccalaureate degrees were rarities, and graduate degrees were almost non-existent.

This concept of achievement has undergone enlargement over the years. Social distance has lessened.
Economic opportunity has become better. The striving of our people is being increasingly rewarded
each and everyday. High school graduation, craft training and college degrees up and through to the
Doctorate level has increase tremendously. Kappa Alpha Psi, the name is rooted in achievement,
and assumes a position of leadership in the acceleration of preparedness for the present and
the future offerings.

This means to members of Kappa Alpha Psi that whatever is done must be done well and
in accordance with the highest standards around.

A little known Kappa History

In the Fall of 1914, Elder Wastson Diggs lived in a converted stable because of the lack of
men's dormitories and the scarcity of lodging accomadation for negroes. Subsequently,
he lease a five-room house at 721 Hunter Street that had been built for occupancy by it's owner,
but because of the death of the owner wife, he had never served that purpose.
This was the Kappa Alpha Psi first Fraternity chapter house.

It is difficult to assay the total benefits from living together in an ordered routine of
study and cultural development. However, it can be stated positively that a close bond
of brotherhood was discovered by our Illustious founders. That high point came each day
when just before study hours when the brothers would engaged is a discussion or just gathered
around the piano that Brother Diggs rented.

What is the difference between Pleasure and Pain?

Kappas in the 99th Pursuit Squadron

These men formed an unofficial "Pursuite Chapter" at Chanute Filed while being trained
as airplane mechanics and ground crew specialists...Shown are G.L. Black, Clovis Bordeaux,
John Rogers, James Reed, Fred Black, James Nelson and Edgar A. Pope.

Judge Irven C. Mollisonwas the first black to be given a federal Judgeship on the mainland.
The judge of the U.S. Customs Court was congratulated by Judge Webster J. Oliver.

Kenneth Billups wrote the music to the Kappa Alpha Psi Hymn.

August 8,1964 Atty. Thomas Bradley,Mayor of Los Angeles, CA., and recipient of the Laurel Wreath,
was elected as the Eighteenth Grand Polemarch

Kappas in Government

John Conyers, Jr.(D-MI), was the first elected to the House of Representatives in 1964.
A graduate of Wayne State University with a Bachelor and Doctor of Law Degrees,
he has held many positions during his tenure.

George W. Crockett, Jr.(D-MI), was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1980.
A graduate of Morehouse collee and the University of Michigan with an AB and JD Degrees,
respectively, he is also the recipient of Honory Doctorates from Morehouse College and Shaw University.

Mervyn Malcom Dymally(D-CA), was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1980.
A graduate of California State University wit a B.A. Degree in Education, Dymally began
a career as a teacher of exceptional children in Los Angeles.

Walter E. Fauntroy(D-DC), was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1970.
A Cum Laude graduate of Virginia Union University, he received a Bachelor of Divinity Degree
from the Yale University Divinty School.

Louis Stokes(D-OH), was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1968.
He became his State first black member of Congress. A Western Reserve University and the Cleveland
Marshall Law School of Cleveland State University, Bro. Stokes is a recipient of
Honorary Doctorates from 18 Universities.

During the Memphis Convention of 381 African American Mayors, 79 of which were women,
Atty. Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr.,was a feature speaker.

Before he died in 1993 at the age of 50, Reginald Lewis presided over the largest African American-owned
business in the nation, the billion-dollar TLC Beatrice International Holdings, Inc., headquarter in Manhattan.

Edward Gardners
President of Soft Sheen Products, Inc.

Percy E. Sutton
CEO of Inner City Broadcasting Corp., and Owner of the Famed Apollo Theater in N.Y.

William Cox
CEO of Publishers of Blacks in Higher Education, and recent
inductee into the HBCU Hall of Fame

William Johnson
CEO of Black Entertainment Television, Inc.; This industry pioneer launched BET
(Black Entertainment Television)in 1980 and sold it to Viacom in 2001
for nearly $3 billion, a deal that sealed his status as the country's first black billionaire.
Today the BET network, of which he's still CEO, reaches more than 71.9 million households.
Johnson's latest goal: to acquire an NBA team. (He lost out on the Charlotte Hornets in March.)

Keith Clinkscales, Alpha Xi(#21 Spr.83)
Most recently, Mr. Clinkscales was President, CEO and a co-owner of Vibe Ventures,
where he launched Vibe in 1993 in partnership with music legend Quincy Jones and Time Inc.
Vibe experienced tremendous growth and success under Mr. Clinkscales' direction.
As Time Inc.'s first African-American president, Mr. Clinkscales led Vibe to profitability in
only three years. In 1993, circulation launched at 100,000 and catapulted to more than 700,000 by 1999.
A magna cum laude graduate of Florida A&M University, Mr. Clinkscales also received an MBA
from Harvard Business School. He was recently appointed Treasurer of the Apollo Theater Board of Directors.

Kwame Jackson
was one of the two final candidates on Donald Trump's American television reality series The Apprentice.
Jackson is currently chairman of Legacy Holdings LLC, which among other things is building a multi-billion
dollar real estate project near Washington, D.C. Kwame Jackson is chairman of Legacy Holdings LLC

Arts & Entertainment

Tavis Smiley
As the former host of BET TONIGHT with Tavis Smiley on Black Entertainment Television,
Tavis Smiley became known as Black America's favorite talk show host. Smiley is founder of the
Tavis Smiley Foundation, a nonprofit organization, whose mission is to encourage, empower and enlighten Black youth. "
Alpha Chapter

Ed Bradley
Correspondent Ed Bradley's
23rd on 60 Minutes. He joined the broadcast as co-editor during the 1981-82 season.
Bradley was born June 22, 1941, in Philadelphia and graduated from Cheyney (Pa.)
State College in 1964 with a B.S. in education. He lives in New York.

John Singleton
Director of Boyz N The Hood,Poetic Justice,Higher Learning,
Rosewood, Shaft, Baby Boy, 2Fast 2furious, Remeber the Titans

Joe Clair
Host of BET's Rap City, Alpha Iota(Morgan State) F'89 Well as if stand-up and television were not enough,
Joe added radio personality to his list of job titles. Starting as co-host on the Sunday Night Hip Hop Show
on D. C's WPGC, Clair expanded his audience even further. The morning show quickly
shot to the number one slot in the city. After two and a half years of radio,
Joe left to focus on comedy, thus the move to New York City.

Cedric the Entertainer
Comedian, In 1992, he made his first TV appearance on It's Showtime at the Apollo.
Soon after, he appeared on HBO's Def Comedy Jam and BET's ComicView, which he would later host
for the 1994-95 season. In 1994, Cedric also won the Richard Pryor Comic of the Year Award from BET.
playing Steve Harvey's friend, Cedric Jackie Robinson, on his sitcom, The Steve Harvey Show
His acting career grew and he began appearing in movies, including Big Momma's House, Dr. Dolittle 2,
Barbershop, Barbershop 2, Serving Sara, Johnson Family Vacation, Intolerable Cruelty, Man of the House,
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, and Be Cool.

Finesse Mitchell
Comedian, From 2003 to 2006, he was a regular performer on Saturday Night Live.
Mitchell has also appeared on such television shows as Showtime
at the Apollo and NBC's Late Friday.He is a graduate of the
University of Miami, where he was a member of the University of Miami's football team

Montell Jordan
Recording Artist
Beta Omega(Pepperdine),1989

Donnell Jones
R&B singer

Bobby Valentino
R&B singer, He first entered the music scene in 1996 with the
now-defunct youth quartet Mista. Some years after Mista
disbanded, he enrolled in Clark Atlanta University where he
majored in Mass Communications, graduating in 2003 with a
Bachelor of Arts degree. He is also a member of
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated.

Donald Byrd
Trumpeter; Donald Byrd, Born in Detroit in 1932, his studies at Wayne State University (1954)
were interrupted by military service, during which he played in an Air Force band.
He then attended the Manhattan School of Music (MA in music education). At the same time
he was the favorite studio trumpeter of the bop label Presitge (1956-58), though he also recorded frequently
for Riverside and Blue Note. His best-selling album Black Byrd led to the formation
of his students into the Blackbyrds, a hit group of the mid-1970s.

Kenny Burrell
Jazz Artist; A member of a musical family, Kenny Burrell began playing guitar at the age of 12.
In 1951, while studying music at Wayne State University, he worked for a month with Dizzy Gillespie's
sextet, making his recording debut. After graduating in 1955,
he toured with Oscar Peterson, and then moved to New York in 1956.

Billy Taylor
Jazz Pianist

Mark Adkins
Delta Pi - Spring '81
Sinbad's Manager/Brother

John Marshall Jones
Northwestern's Theta Chapter, Spring '80
He is perhaps best known for portraying Floyd Henderson on the WB's Smart Guy.

Sharif Atkins
While at Northwestern in 1996, Atkins was initiated as a
member of the Theta Chapter. Television actor
who gained fame for his role as Dr. Michael Gallant,
a character that debuted in the eighth season (2001)
of the NBC Universal Television medical drama ER.

Whitman Mayo
Played "Grady" on the "Sanford and Son" sitcom,Starring Roles

The Cape (1996) - Sweets McCain
The Van Dyke Show (1988) - Doc Sterling
Hell Town (1985) - One Ball
Grady (1975) - Grady Wilson

Mayo went on to appear on shows such as Different Strokes, Hill Street Blues, and ER.
In his later years, Mayo was on the faculty of Clark Atlanta University, where he taught acting.
Whitman Mayo died on May 22, 2001

Earnest Thomas
Played "Roger" on the "What's Happening"sitcom;
  • Malcolm X (1992).... Sidney
    ... aka X (1992) (USA: poster title)
  • What's Happening Now!" (1985)TV Series.... Roger Thomas (segment "Raj")
  • Piece of the Action, A (1977).... John
  • 1977) (mini) TV Series
  • What's Happening!!" (1976) TV Series.... Roger Thomas (segment "Raj")

  • Jester Hairston
    Played "Rolly Forbes" on "Amen" and "Pops" in "I'm Gonna' Get You Sucka'!";
    Starring Roles: Amen,(1986)- Rolly Forbes
    That's My Mama (1974) - Wildcat
    Amos 'n' Andy (1951) - Henry Van Porter / Leroy Smith

    Max Juliens
    Played Goldie in the Blaxploitation film "The Mack";
  • How to Be a Player (1997) .... Uncle Fred
    ... aka Def Jam's How to Be a Player (1997)

  • Thomasine & Bushrod (1974).... Bushrod
  • Mack, The (1973).... Goldie
    ... aka Mack and His Pack, The (1973)
  • Getting Straight (1970).... Ellis

  • Deadlock (1969/I) (TV).... Coley Walker
  • Up Tight! (1968).... Johnny Wells
  • Savage Seven, The (1968).... Grey Wolf
  • Psych-Out (1968).... Elwood
  • Black Klansman, The (1966).... Raymond
    ... aka I Crossed the Color Line (1966)
    ... aka I Crossed the Line (1966)
  • Xi Chapter, 1953

    Gregory D. Ridley Jr.
    Alpha Delta Chapter, 1947
    Painting and sculptures in over 500 public collections in U.S. Ridley earned an undergraduate degree in art
    education from Tennessee State University and a master's degree in fine arts from the University of Louisville.
    Mr. Ridley was the first person of any color to receive this degree at the University of Louisville.
    He was the artist-in- residence at Morehouse College during the 1995-96 academic year,
    and he has conducted a number of workshops and seminars elsewhere. He served the Tennessee State
    Museum as a guest curator, organizing the acclaimed exhibition "Visions of My People:
    African-American Artists in Tennessee."


    A. A. Birch, Jr.,
    first African-American to serve as Chief Justice of the Tennessee Supreme Court

    George Edward Chalmer Hayes
    A Washington, DC lawyer who defended Annie Lee Moss,
    was the lead attorney in Bolling v. Sharpe, and later became
    the first African American to serve on the
    District of Columbia Public Utilities Commission.

    Donald L. Hollowell
    Hollowell became well known for fighting racial segregation in the
    State of Georgia. Hollowell sued the University of Georgia,
    charging the institution with racist admission policies. The suit ended in 1961
    with a federal court order demanding the admission of two
    African American students, Charlayne Hunter and Hamilton E. Holmes.

    Donald Gaines Murray
    Central figure in Murray v. Pearson (1935) which ruled that
    the University of Maryland School of Law policy of racial segregation was unconstitutional.

    Percy Sutton
    During the 1950's and 1960's, Percy Sutton became one of
    American's best known lawyers. He represented many controversial
    figures such as Malcolm X and argued many cases.

    John Brittain
    civil rights attorney and former law school dean.

    Dennis Hayes
    interim president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People NAACP)


    Dr. Rev. Ralph Abernathy
    Civil rights leader and former President of SCLC;In 1957 Abernathy, Martin Luther King and Bayard Rustin,
    formed the Southern Christian Leadership Conference(SCLC). In 1977 Abernathy resigned from the
    Southern Christian Leadership Conference and ran unsuccessfully for the Georgia congressional seat. His autobiography,
    And the Walls Came Tumbling Down,was published in 1989. Ralph David Abernathy died in Atlanta on 17th April, 1990.

    Carl Stokes
    First Black Mayor of a major US city (Cleveland, OH)

    Rep. Sanford Bishop
    Congressman, D-GA

    Mervyn Dymally
    Congressman, D-CA Mr. Dymally is currently busy doing a great deal of civic work in education,
    state politics and international affairs (Africa, Asia and the Caribbean). In 1966, he became the first African American
    to serve in the State Senate. In 1974 he again made history when he was elected as Lieutenant Governor.
    Dymally presently serves as Honorary Consul, Republic of Benin, West Africa. He is Vice-President,
    Pacific Century Institute (China, Korea, Japan, US) and President of the Surplus Book Foundation, Inc. in Sacramento.

    Rep. Alcee Hastings
    Congressman, D-FL;represents his native state of Florida by serving as Congressman of District 23,
    which includes parts of Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Hendry, Martin, St. Lucie, and Okeechobee Counties.
    Congressman Hastings was first elected in 1992 and most recently reelected in 2000. Born in Altamonte Springs,
    he attended Florida's public schools, and graduated from Fisk University in 1958. Having been accepted to
    Meharry Medical School, he decided instead to pursue jurisprudence. He received his Law Degree
    from Florida A&M University in Tallahassee,Florida. Known to most as "Judge," Alcee Hastings
    has distinguished himself as an attorney, civil rights activist and judge.

    Elihu Harris
    Mayor, Oakland, CA

    Rep. Albert R. Wynn
    Congressman, D-MD

    Michael White
    Mayor, Cleveland, OH
    Zeta Chapter

    Rep. Bennie L. Thompson
    Congressman, D-MS

    Mayor Thomas Bradley
    former Mayor of Los Angeles

    Mayor Adrian Fenty
    The sixth and current mayor of the District of Columbia, having begun his term of office on
    January 2, 2007. Fenty is the youngest person ever to hold the office

    Links to other Kappa in Politics:"The Political Graveyard"


    Dr. Rev. Joseph H. Evans
    Elected as first Black president to head the United Church of Christ
    (2 million members)in 1980

    Bishop Eddie L. Long
    Bishop Eddie L. Long is the founder and pastor of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church,
    Lithonia, Georgia, United States. Eddie L. Long received his Bachelor degree in
    Business Administration from North Carolina Central University and a Master of Divinity degree from
    Atlanta Interdenominational Theological Center.

    Jesse Curney,III
    Jesse Curney, III is the founder and pastor of New Mercies Christian Church in Lilburn, Georgia,
    one of the fastest growing churches in Atlanta with over 7,000 members.
    A native of Atlanta, in 1987, Pastor Curney became an Associate Minister at
    Bishop Eddie Long's New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Decatur, Georgia.

    Dr. Jamal-Harrison Bryant
    pastor of Empowerment Temple AME, Baltimore, MD

    Dr. Samuel D. Proctor
    Pastor Emeritus of the Abyssinian Baptist Church of New York City
    and Professor Emeritus at Rutgers University. President Emeritus
    of Virginia Union University, and North Carolina A&T State University

    Rev. Dr. Leon Sullivan
    Baptist minister, a civil rights leader and social activist,
    General Motors Board Member, and an anti-Apartheid activist.
    Pastor Emeritus of Zion Baptist Church in Philadelphia, PA.

    Rev. Calvin O. Butts
    Pastor of Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem, NY.

    Dr. Gardner Calvin Taylor
    Pastor Emeritus of the Concord Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY,
    is regarded as the dean of African-American preachers

    Pastor Andre Lander
    Pastor André Landers is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. He has been married
    for 16 years to Kimberley Landers and they are the proud parents of twin daughters,
    Devin and Morgan. Pastor Landers received his Bachelors in Administration
    and Marketing at the State University of West Georgia in 1988.
    In 1994, Bishop Eddie L. Long licensed him for ministry at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.
    Pastor Landers was appointed Youth Pastor in 1995 and ordained in 1996. On February 25, 2001,
    In the sonship order of God, New Birth South Metropolitan Church was birthed by Pastor Andrč Landers.

    Smokie Norful
    Smokie Norful is an American gospel singer and pianist, best known for his 2002
    album I Need You Now and his 2004 release, Nothing Without You,
    which won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album in 2005.

    Kappas in Sports History

    Willie McClurewon the gold medal at the Olympics in Rome.

    In 1965 Gayle Sayerswas named Rookie of the year and to the National Football League All-Star Team.

    Stars of the Boston Celtics.

    Tom Thacker (left) and George Wilson, played on the University of Cincinnati
    1962 basketball championship team.

    Tom Thacker, the starting point guard on the 1962 championship team,
    and George Wilson, power forward on the '62 team and on the runner-up team of 1963.

    Thacker, who played for eight years in the NBA, became UC's first black head coach
    in any sport when he was hired as the girls' basketball coach in the 1974-75 season.

    George Wilson coached for four seasons and had a record of 55-43.
    Wilson was a Sporting News All-American as a junior at UC in 1963.
    He won a gold medal in the 1964 Olympics and played for seven years in the NBA.


    Jim Ellis
    founded the Philadelphia Department of Recreation Swim Team.
    Subject of the movie Pride


    Wilt Chamberlain
    NBA Hall of Fame, Center for the LA Lakers.

    Oscar Robertson "The Big O"
    NBA Hall of Fame

    Bill Russell
    NBA Hall of Fame, Center for the Boston Celtics

    Cazzie Russell
    Russell spent twelve seasons in the NBA (1966-1978),
    and is best remembered for his five seasons with the New York Knicks (1966-71).

    Sam Jones
    NBA Hall of Fame, Guard for the Boston Celtics

    Rolondo Blackman
    Former NBA Player with the Knicks and Mavericks

    Alex English
    Former NBA Player
    Zeta Epsilon, Univ. of South Carolina at Columbia
    1996 Inductee in NBA Hall of Fame

    Anfernee Hardaway
    Kappa Beta, Spring '93
    NBA Phoenix Suns, Selected to 1995 1st Team All NBA,
    Starter for '96 Eastern Conference All-Star Team

    Alan Henderson
    Alpha Chapter
    NBA Atlanta Hawks

    Allan Houston
    NBA New York Knicks

    Kerry Kittles
    NBA New Jersey Nets

    Danny Manning
    NBA Utah Jazz

    Lorenzen Wright
    Kappa Beta, Spring '96
    NBA Los Angeles Clippers

    Elliot Perry
    Kappa Beta, Spring '90
    NBA Milwaukee Bucks

    Johnny Newman
    NBA New Jersey Nets

    Erick Dampier
    NBA Golden State Warriors

    Bernie Bickerstaff
    Head Coach of the NBA Washington Wizards

    Darrell Walker
    Former Head Coach of the NBA Toronto Raptors

    Rudy Washington
    Head Basketball Coach, Drake University
    President, Black Coaches Association. Washington became only the third individual to hold the
    title of commissioner of the SWAC when he was named to the post on May 21, 1998.
    The founder and former executive director of the Black Coaches Association (BCA), Washington,
    in less than three years, has adeptly guided the SWAC towards several new and exciting accomplishments.

    Paul E. Smith
    Head Basketball Coach, Dunbar High in Baltimore, MD
    Alpha Gamma
    Mr. Smith was named USA Today Coach of the Year in the early '90's, when Dunbar High
    was consistently rated as the top prep basketball program in the country.
    Former Charlotte Hornets' tandem Mugsy Bogues and David Wingate played on the same team at Dunbar.

    Larry Finch
    Head Basketball Coach, Memphis State University

    Nolan Richardson
    Former Head Basketball Coach, University of Arkansas

    John Chaney
    Head Basketball Coach, Temple University


    Anthony McFarland
    NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers & Indianapolis Colts

    Rod Smith
    NFL Denver Broncos
    Spring '92 Mu Epsilon

    Darren Sharper
    NFL Green Bay Packers & Minnesota Vikings

    Nnamdi Asomugha
    NFL Oakland Raiders

    Stanley Pritchett
    NFL Philadelphia Eagles
    Fall '83 Zeta Epsilon

    Greg Lloyd
    1995 All-Pro
    Spr. '83 Gamma Zeta

    Derek Loville
    NFL St. Louis Rams(RB)
    Delta Alpha, Spr.'88

    Larry Brown
    Super Bowl XXX Most Valuable Player

    Preston Pearson

    Harvey Martin

    Eric Davis
    NFL Carolina Panters, DB

    Glynn Milburn

    NFL Chicago Bears
    Spring 1992

    Earnest Byner
    NFL Washington Redskins, RB

    Steve Wallace
    Two Time NFL All-Pro Tackle, San Francisco 49er's
    Theta Delta (Auburn), 1984

    Chris Oldham
    NFL Pittsburg Steelers (DB)
    Delta Alpha,Spr '88

    Willie Jackson

    NFL Cincinatti Bengals, Cleveland Browns, New Orleans Saints

    Terry Jackson

    NFL San Francisco 49ers

    Robert Green
    NFL Chicago Bears

    Randall Hill
    NFL Arizona Cardinals

    Jesse Hester
    NFL Oakland Raiders

    J.J. Birden
    NFL Kansas City Chiefs

    Aeneas Williams
    All-Pro Cornerback - NFL St.Louis Rams
    Alpha Sigma Chapter

    Guy McIntyre
    NFL San Francisco 49ers - Retired All-Pro Guard

    E.J. Junior
    NFL Miami Dolphins - Retired Middle Linebacker

    John Henry Johnson
    NFL Pittsburgh Steelers - Fullback, 1954-66
    Inducted into NFL Hall of Fame in 1987

    Willie Davis
    NFL Green Bay Packers - Cornerback, 1958-69
    Inducted into NFL Hall of Fame in 1981

    Lem Barney

    NFL Detroit Lions - Cornerback, 1967-77
    Inducted into NFL Hall of Fame in 1992

    Ollie Matson

    NFL Chicago Bears - Running Back, 1952-66
    Inducted into NFL Hall of Fame in 1972

    Bill Willis
    NFL Cleveland Browns - Offensive/Defensive Tackle, 1946-53
    Inducted into NFL Hall of Fame in 1977

    Curtis McClinton
    AFL-NFL Kansas City Chiefs - Running Back, 1962-69
    1962 AFL Rookie of the Year; 1962 & 1965 all AFL

    Jim Marshall
    NFL Minnesota Vikings - Defensive Tackle
    Played on the famed Purple People Eater defense

    Michael Wiley
    NFL Dallas Cowboys
    Zeta Chapter

    Charles Lee
    NFL Green Bay Packers
    Lambda Omega Chapter

    Anthony Lucas
    NFL Green Bay Packers
    Iota Tau Chapter

    Randy Hilliard
    NFL Cleveland Browns/Denver Broncos
    Theta Lambda Chapter

    Orlando Ruff
    NFL New Orleans Saints

    Kirk Morrison
    NFL Oakland Raiders

    Andre Bernard Tippett
    NFL New Orleans Patriots

    Courtney VanBuren
    NFL San Diego Chargers

    Dontarrious Thomas
    NFL Minnesota Vikings

    Khalil Hill
    NFL Atlanta Falcons,New Orleans,Jacksonville Jaguars

    Andre Lott
    Strong Safety NFL Pittsburgh Steelers

    Drew Carter
    WR NFL Carolina Panthers

    DeJuan Groce
    NFL St.Louis Rams,New Orleans Saints

    Reggie Swinton
    NFL Dallas Cowboys,Detroit Lions,Arizona Cardinals, Houston Texans

    Corey Harris
    NFL Detroit Lions,Baltimore Ravens

    Jamar Fletcher
    NFL Miami Dolphins, San Diego Chargers,Houston Texans

    Shawn Andrews
    NFL Philadelphia Eagles

    Coaches in the NFL/NCAA

    Ronald L. Cooper
    Head Coach at Louisville Univ.
    At at 33, he is the youngest Div. 1-A Coach

    Ron Dickerson
    Head Football Coach, Temple University

    Carl Jackson
    Asst. Coach, San Francisco 49ers

    Bob Simmons
    Head Football Coach, Oklahoma State Univ.

    Mike Tomlin
    Head Football Coach, Pittsburgh Steelers

    Mike Tomlin (March 15, 1972), has been the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League since January 22, 2007. Tomlin, 35, is the second-youngest head coach in any of the four major North American professional sports, older only than Oakland Raiders' head coach Lane Kiffin. He is the tenth African-American head coach in NFL history.With the Steelers' victory in Super Bowl XLIII on February 1, 2009, Tomlin became the youngest head coach to lead his team to a Super Bowl victory. Tomlin is also the third African-American coach to participate in the Super Bowl and the second to win it.


    Kenny Lofton
    MLB Clevland Indians, 1994 All Star

    Lloyd McClendon
    Hitting Coach for Detroit Tigers and a former manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates

    Don Buford
    former MLB player and MLB coach

    Emmett Ashford
    On this date in 1966, became the first African American major league baseball umpire.
    The American league hired him. Ashford was excellent at his craft.
    He known for his spirited umpiring, resonant voice and professionalism.

    Emmett L. Ashford was the first black major league umpire. He was presented a plaque from the
    City of Los Angeles by Grand Polemarch Bradley. Mrs. Ashford looks on.


    Dante Washington
    MLS Player, and 1992 U.S. Olympic Team Member

    Dasan Robinson
    MLS player

    Heyward Blake Hinton
    Brookland-Cayce Standout


    Darryl Washington
    Top Ranked USA Swimmer: Univerity of Pittsburgh Record Holder


    *Arthur Ashe
    Tennis Legend, Civic AstivistBorn: July 10, 1943

    first black man to win U.S. Championship (1968) and Wimbledon (1975);
    1st U.S. player to earn $100,000 in 1 year (1970); won Davis Cup as player (1968-70)
    and captain (1981-82); wrote black sports history, Hard Road to Glory;
    announced in 1992 that he was infected with AIDS virus from a blood transfusion
    during 1983 heart surgery; in 1997, the new home for the U.S. Open was named Arthur Ashe Stadium.

    Died: Feb. 6, 1993

    Track and Field

    Jon Drummond
    World Class Sprinter and 1996 Olympic Silver Medalist (4 x 100 relay)

    Hollis Conway
    World Class Track Athlete in the High Jump, and the only American to win
    two Olympic medals in the High Jump

    Southwestern Louisiana University

    Erick Walder
    former top-ranked high jumper

    Vincent Henderson
    former world class sprinter


    General Daniel James Jr., U.S.A.F
    First Black General to wear 4 stars in the U.S. Military

    Lt. General Russel Davis
    First African American to command the National Guard

    Frederick C. Branch
    first African American officer in the United States Marine Corps

    Alfonza W. Davis
    A Tuskegee Airman, first African American aviator from
    North Omaha to be awarded his Aircrew Badge

    Lt. General Albert Edmunds
    Commander of the Defense Information Systems Agency - Retired

    Lt. General Andrew Chambers
    Former commander of the famed 1st Cavalry Division,
    Fort Hood, Texas and commander of the 5th (U.S.) Corps - Retired


    Dr. Bernard A. Harris Jr.,
    Selected by NASA in January 1990, Dr. Harris became an astronaut in July 1991.
    He is qualified for assignment as a mission specialist on future Space Shuttle flight crews.
    He served as the crew representative for Shuttle Software in the Astronaut Office Operations Development Branch.
    A veteran of two space flights, Dr. Harris has logged more than 438 hours in space.
    He was a mission specialist on STS-55 (April 26 to May 6, 1993),
    and was the Payload Commander on STS-63 (February 2-11, 1995).

    Dr.Henry Foster
    Dr. Henry Foster was a nominee to the post of Surgeon General of the United States
    by President Bill Clinton in 1995. Foster, an obstetrician from Tennessee,
    was nominated to fill the void left by Jocelyn Elders, but garnered substantial controversy
    when he admitted that he had performed abortions, as well as sterilizations of mentally disabled
    women in the past. When asked how many, he initially replied that it had been few,
    but later stated the number was likely substantially higher. Opponents accused him of dishonesty, while he defended himself by stating that he couldn't make a spur of the moment specific recollection without examining his records.

    Dr. Hakeem M. Oluseyi
    Astrophysicist and Inventor

    Dr. Darren R. Cross
    president of the National Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

    The Future

    One of the top tailbacks in the collegiate ranks ... Selected to the 2003 Playboy All-America Team ... Named second-team preseason All-America by The Sporting News ... Was a third-team preseason pick by Athlon Sports magazine ... Listed as the No. 3 running back in the nation by TSN ... A tough, physical runner with blazing speed....Now a first round pick of the Detroit Lions, wearing number 34.

    Chris Barclay
    Player Profile

    Louisville, KY

    High School:
    Male Traditional

    Height / Weight:
    5-10 / 170

    Running Back



    Expectations are high for the true sophomore in 2003 ... pleased the coaching staff with his performance as a rookie last season ... very quick with good field presence ... possesses good instincts ... has good hands and is able to catch the ball out of the backfield ... moved into the starting running back role in the spring ... had 39 yards on eight carries in the final spring scrimmage ... owns a team-best 38-inch vertical leap.

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