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Chapter Name:
Charter Date:
Charter Campus:
Other Campus:
Chapter Email:
Chapter Advisor:
(Interim)Merrell Merricks
Chapter Polemarch's Name:
Chapter Vice-Polemarch's Name:
Officer's Name:
EN Members

Province Polemarch:
Chuck Carr Brown, PH.D
Province Address:
5323 Melrose Blvd.
Province City:
Baton Rouge
Province State:
Province Zip Code:
Supporting Alumni Chapter:
N.O.ALUMNI Polemarch:
School Officer:
Mrs. Pickney
School Officer Contact Phone:
Chapter Address:
6801 Press Drive
Chapter City:
New Orleans
Chapter State:
Chapter Zip Code:

Epsilon Nu, the Preiminent College Fraternity at Southern University in New Orleans

The Beginning

When our Founding Fathers dreams became a reality, they didn't know what to really expect on October 16, 1966, when ERROL B. CORNIN, MAURICE TOVAL, HARVEY H. CELISTAN, TYRE JAMES, ALFRED MEDLY, MILTON McWILLIAMS, GEORGE SIGUR, the Pretty Boyz of the South. These brave men who believed in the magnitude that is Phi Nu Pi was formed, by no misfortune, the traditions of achievement, brotherhood and service that is a stamped. The Epsilon Nu Chapter was born into an illustrious organization known as KAPPA ALPHA PSI Fraternity.

The Storm!

The South didn't know what hit them, they ponder and thought could it be Hurricane Betsy, and you know, they were correct, and everyone heard a voice and it said that the South shall rise again!!! The Esquire Nupes of Epsilon Nu Chapter was founded at the campus of Southern University at New Orleans. Southern University at New Orleans (SUNO) is part of the Southern University System and is part of the Historical Black College enrichment program.

The Hard Times

Since the inception of Epsilon Nu, getting good quality young men interested in joining the Fraternity on a commuter campus was very hard and fierce. Our founding fathers of Epsilon Nu iniated four lines (4 in Fall of 1967, 1 in Spring of 1968, 1 in Spring of 1969, and 1 in the Fall of 1969)in two years. The mighty roar of the Hurricane defunct in 1970 because of lack of enrollment into the chapter.

The New Era Begins!

The Chapter was reactivated in the spring of 1986. The Epsilon Nu chapter has upheld a long tradition since our inception of commitment, brotherhood and service which are just a few traits that the Kappa men of Epsilon Nu possess and enhanced in our community.

Epsilon Nu shines!

The Epsilon Nu Chapter was allowed to keep that long tradition going strong by spreading its wings to the young men at Tulane University and Loyola University since the late 1980's. We will continue to strive by strict adherence to the traditions that brought it this far and the policies of KAPPA ALPHA PSI. We're now the only school in the Metro area allowed to exemplify it tradition of commitment, brotherhood and service to both University as well as Southern University at New Orleans. Members of the Epsilon Nu Chapter have entered such professions as Medicine, Education, Chemistry,Journalism, and Business.

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