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Independent Auto Body Association

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Collision Repair

Will it be fixed right?
Will my car be the same as it was before the accident? These are common questions on the minds of collision repair consumers everywhere... ...And they're valid questions. Some paint and body repair facilities cut corners, use inferior materials, imitation parts and produce poor quality repairs. These poor quality repairs are actually encouraged by insurance company contracts that force so-called "preferred" shops to hold down repair costs. YOUR SAFETY and YOUR FAMILY'S SAFETY is at stake here. Will the car be as safe to drive as it was before the accident? Regardless of how a repaired vehicle looks when the shop is finished, it may not necessarily be safe to drive.
What can I do?
How can I be sure my car is properly repaired? Insist on original equipment ( OEM ) parts. Use the body shop or auto glass shop of YOUR CHOICE, which may not be where the insurance company insists you take it. Report mistreatment by insurance companies to your state insurance department AND your state Attorney General's office. Also take time to visit the many collision industry websites about CONSUMER RIGHTS in collision repair. One very helpful site is:

The Insurance Consumer Advocate Network ( I-CAN )

With a better understanding of the collision repair process, you can assure yourself a better quality repair. By obtaining a top quality repair, you maintain the safety and structural integrity of your vehicle, which will be very important in the event of another accident.

Contact the Independent Auto Body Association ( IABA ) for further consumer assistance.
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Independent auto body shops are suffering discrimination at the hands of government agencies and insurance companies. By joining ranks, IABA members can be an effective voice to protect our customers and our livlihood.

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