selection of slogan

We decided on the slogan Live Like A Goddess for our company Aphrodite and the slogan Lighten Your Load for our The Dual Makeup Holder.

Pros for Live Like a Goddess as our company slogan
  • Incorportates a lifestyle like a God
  • Incorporates divine intervention in the product
  • The word Goddess hints feminity
  • Flows
  • Doesn't mention make up
  • Some people might not know who Aphrodite is and they won't know why the word "Goddess" is in our slogan

Pros for Lighten Your Load as our product slogan
  • Sounds light
  • Freedom
  • Released from burden
  • Sparks curosity
  • It's slang
  • People might take offense to it
  • Might mistaken it as a weight loss product
Pros for Sexier Than Ever as our company slogan
  • Catchy
  • It has sex appeal
  • It's attention grabbing
  • It's short

  • We want beauty and feminity in our product more than sex
  • "Than ever" incorporates past, we're a new company

Pros for Make Your Life Easier as our product slogan
  • Let's the consumer know that their life will be easier if they buy our product
  • It's fairy easy to remember
    • Sounds too general
    • Doesn't stand out

  • Conclusion

    We chose the slogan Live Like a Goddess because we want our customers to feel special. We want our customers to feel that they are unique, and that they deserve to be treated like a Goddess. This slogan portrays beauty and femininity, which is very appealing to our target market. The slogan Lighten Your Load, we decided, sounded the most appealing to our consumers because it sumed up what best described our product. It sounds carefree and revolutionary.

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