Sunday, October 31, 2004

hahaha spontaneity is the best! hahah well me and tessie were just sitting in our room when susie came in and we were talking bout halloween.... hehe then we dared each other to go trick or treating and thats exactly what we did... ehhe tessie was a sexy cat ;), susie was a poodle girl, and i was a tennis player (yea yea not a very good costume but it was totally last minute).. anyways.. hehe we went up and down our street and actaully got candy! aweeesoomeee!!! oh and then we went upstairs and got garlic and cough drops from the guys.. hehe =D it may not be much but its good enough.. theres a pic with us in our costumes but tessie wont let )o=

tessie finally let me put up the picture!!

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