Friday, September 24, 2004

yay! thanks hoan for visiting! it was very sweet and a nice unexpected surprise!

OMG! im getting addicted to shows again! ahhhhh...why must one tree hill and gilmore girls be on one night... im obsessed! and when OC's on.. its just gonna go down hill!

hmm what else? i went to a VSA event to make lanterns and ashlee came with me where we met up with thao, isabelle, and tram. it was interesting but its definitely NOT my scene... it was just TOO asian for me... TOO vietnamese.. hehe anyway... here is mine and ashlee's lantern.

this is ashlees lantern.. hehehe isn't it round? =D she gave it to susie

this is my lantern.. it's a fish! an angel fish at that..after changing it from a star to a heart, to a circle, to a cylinder... it came out to be a fish. haha i gave mine to tessie

susie is proud of ashless works and hangs it in her room...

tessie, however is ashamed of my fish )o= and she hides it behind the curtains... hahah i am saddened.

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