Tuesday, September 14, 2004

im saddened to say this but i really think im one of hte biggest klutz ever!!!

today started out pretty normal.. everything went fine... i was just going on my dandy day when disaster hits! heheheh well not really but its where the cluminess and dumbness of being annie begins... i ended up going to the wrong demo lab for chem.. why? becuase i thought i was in the right class room! haha i kept staring around and i did not see any familiar faces.. that is except sander and i KNOW he wasnt in my class. haha but yup being the idiot that i am.. i stayed in class and sat there until it was over... i wasnt even sure if iw as in the wrong class becuase i forgot what my GSI looked like so i wasnt sure if the guy talking was my GSI or not.. hahahah i really am dumb.. anyway, i decided to ask the GSI and he showed where i should really go... hehe now things get worst as i go back to the apt...

i get there.. me and ashlee FINALLY went jogging.. wohoo for us! it turned out to be a short run though because we didnt realize how close safeway was.. we went in, did our shopping.. ashlee actually bought a watermelon and a pineapple! (remember that we are carrying these grocery bags back by hand!) hahaa but yea.. so i grabbed this feticcine alfredo sauce thing in a glass jar and put it in our cart... next thing i know... the jar falls out of where baby's feet would be in the baby seat and SPLASH! goes the sauce and the glass breaks! oooh goddd.. this was in safeway and everyone was just staring at me and ashlee while we laughed cuz we didnt knwo what else to do.. hehe they were nice though so they didnt make us pay for it! i mean seriously, i have really got to get this clumsiness under control! i thoguth as i got older and supposedly wiser, id grow out of my clumsiness but i think it's actually getting worsee... ahhhhh

oh and to top it off... i told hoan that i did call him last night but he was half asleep so thats why HE didnt remember... he kept telling me that i was trippin but i sooooooo remmeber calling him.... but when i checked my call log and he checked his.. that fone call did not seem to have happened at all! hahaha susie said she didnt hear me talkign outside either so was i actually dreaming that i called him?? i dunno but either way... that was just dum dum.. haha i cant believe id reamt that or i think i dreamt that and really believed it happened... im going nuts!

TO HOAN: i like caramel happles, they make me appy (o= hehehehehheehe i miss you!

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