Tuesday, July 20, 2004

well i updated my pictures album so check it out.... no comments yet tho...
me and susie walked to safeway today to get grocery and it was bad... haha its a very far walk for two girls with lots of food.... some worker guy was laughing at us cuz we were stuffing the food in our backpacks... anyway, safeway has bad candy so we walked across the street to get candy at longs... i looked over at the guy and he was still laughing at us.. next thing u know i trip over uneven ground to get even more laughs... hehe anyway, we took the bus back and my back was in pain... then after that me and steph walked to the laundrymat to do our laundry... freakign a... ahha we carried this huge bag that like fits 1.5 of me in it... hehe and we carried it far... it looked real funny and we just kept bumping into each other... ahha i mean we seriously looked funny... going back was painful.. carrying that huge thing uphill was soo painful... haha steph pulled it through the home stretch... "purple tree purple tree! hehe good times.. ate dinner... very full... i like oriental dressing... now im chatting and i need to shower... UUGgGggHhHH so full!!

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