Monday, July 19, 2004

so okie... this weekend... i was supposed to do my reasearch project thing and it turns out that the damn skunks have been eating the foods out of our traps while we thought they were voles... damn u stupid skunks that almost sprayed me and thuy... so yea, because of turn of events, me and kip had to go to the desert to catch the kangraoo mice instead. one time in the desert = fun!, twice in the desert with no one else around = crap! ehhe a bit scary and not fun at all.. way too much work but hey at least we're done with our part... also went to bakersfield to chill since it was too freaking hot in the stupid mojave..and im really tired of these hip hop radio stations that play the same freaking songs over and over... gRrrR! so thats my complaint for the day
oh and the fact that i was pretty much alone in the desert made me really think... i really hope i succeed in life cuz at this moment, it doesn't look too good... wish me luck u guys cuz i think im gonna really need it.
so yea... now that i finally back im deciding to just chill... i like this new editing of blogger.. its a lot more convenient... yea so i guess thats all for now... will take nap, dl songs, and have to catch up on reading..

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