Tuesday, July 13, 2004

so lets just recap how the desert was... elizabeth, our driver, was totally cool! shes like the nicest person i've ever met... umm we drove... her car died in dublin... radiator went bye bye so we had to get a rental... we sat at the honda dealership for long just eating strawberries.. ahha looked waayy too funny.. finally got a rental and drove there... fun chit chats and then too much chit chat that we missed a turn somehwhere and ended up in the wrong direction for about 2 hours... haha we had to join some other freeway... this was when we were by the desert already so we had nooo idea where we were... when we finally got there... we couldnt find the place even though they said they put up flags for us.. then we saw this white thing flowing that was stuck on a branch and we thought it was a flag so we pulled over in some weird dirt road... haha turns out that it was a piece of tissue that we mistakened as a flag...that called it a day... our 5-6 hour trip ended up lasting 12 hours... hahah too funnny! umm then next day.. we went hunting for kangaroo mice and lizards and snakes... fun fun fun! oh and we also climbed these reallly big rocks i mean really really tall rocks... it was sooo awesome! the view was sooo nice and we were the only ones in the whoolee area..susie got tired and she didnt wanna go to the top and decided to turn around... with her sense of direction.. she actually got lost! in the desert! hahahah! soo funny! what else.. oh me and steph sat on the window at night when we were looking for random animals and were staring at the stars.... it was sooo coooooolll! haha and then this cop pulled up next to us and asked what we were doing... hahah i was so nervous that i could say was "uh... uh" haha and kenny (in the car behind us) said he could actually hear my stutter.. haha that's so bad!! then we went to set out more traps and it was just great!! oh yea, and then someone got a flat tire so we had to wait awhile for them and then i saw all these cars coming and my group decided to go but i dindt wanna go because a lot of cars were coming by and then elizabeth almost drove off while i screamed "hey!" from behind the car.. heheh uMm... thats just a quicker summary... next day we went home...while we were stuck in traffic, there was this college uy sitting in his car next to us, and he was just digging for gold! i mean seriously diggin real hard.. hehe pretty nasty and its pretty funny how he seems to think that no one can see him do this... anwyays... every time he looked at us, we'd pretend to pick our noses and we actually yelled at "we saw u pick your nose" and drove off.. heheh then he catches up to us and gives up the thumbs up... haha i dunno what that means but it was quiet funny! stopped at dublin to drop off the car and barted back... and of course.. with my great sense of directions... i got us on the wrong bart.... steph is very sad for me and susie. we can never be left alone! hehe that was pretty much it... from bart.. we dragged all our stuff and sleeping bag back to our apt... we looked like the bums on the street.. =oP

whee.. giant rock! had to take a break...

hhah here's susie who got lost in the desert and me who got on the wrong bart and was almost left behind when elizabeth drove

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