Sunday, July 25, 2004

so ive grown to really like studying at coffee shops... i mean its so relaxing and i like the atmosphere... its my new favorite spot to study plus i cant study in my own apartment since i get too distracted... i went to starbucks today... my plan is to try all the coffee places aroudn berkeley and pick a favorite one... so far, went to starbucks, free speech, milano, and thats about it.... still gotta try strada, yali's and i dunno what else... and no im not a coffee addict... im just very interested in it right now hehehe... besides, its not like its gonna stump my growth.. its too late for that

besides that... i really really like yahoo's lauchradio ! it hast he best songs! and so many choices.. u should try it.. especially if u have sbc dsl... thanks jason!

thats it... oh and i lost my checkbook today for hte longest time... and i looked everywhere but it was nowhere to be found! then steph told me to check one of my drawers and i did.. nothing! so i talk to tessie online and tell her about what i did cuz i always do this to her and she always finds things for me.. thanks tessie! she insisted that it wasin the drawers but i said no... steph looks and what do u know... there it is! ahhahaahahhaahhahah i am a real loser! thank you steph and tessie... oh oh... then after that... i put the stamp on the wrong side of the envelope and couldnt work a white out pen... i was super dumb tonight... ooohhh weeelllll

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