Monday, June 07, 2004

vh1 is having the i love the 90's! whoo! thats gonna be cool!

today was my 2nd day for my dentist intern thing...

so i was helping one of the assistants at the office so my job was to just suction saliva out of her mouth... the whole time however.. i was just so intrigued by the fat mole on her lip that thats alll i could concentrate on.. i mean seriously.. it was like MOLEY MOLEY MOLEY =oP *wink wink* sound familiar susie and tessie? hahahahha... hahahhaha ooh mann.. i mean it was just there and it just kept moving.. so intriguing.. hahah... anyway... i sooo wanted to just take the suction thing and try to pull off the mole although i know its not possible.. darn.. heehe

umm cooking today was a bit more sucessful.. after yelling at my mom i guess she finally got the point that i dunno crap about cooking and i really need to learn. i learned to make thit kho truong... errr i think thats how u spell it ... and just yummy string beans wtih mushroom... MmmM... next week i gotta cook for my mom... i wonder how thats all gonna work out.. hahhaha

tomorrow will be yummy food ... cant wait to get fatter.. hahah and umm... so my goal when i went back to san jose was to lose the weight i gained from freshman year of college and its not working =o( someone please tell me of an all CARB diet.. haahh that would be heavenly cuz thats all i eat... MmmmM bread, fruits, pasta, rice.. MMmmmmMMM... feed me more... im so sick of all these low carb crap..they're everywhere!! ahhhh

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