Wednesday, June 09, 2004

OMG! i sucessfully cooked all on my own today... yay!! it doesnt look too great cuz theres no veggies but that was my mommys fault.. i had nothing to work with (o= it was pretty yummy...stir fry beef with red peppers or something... hahah yay! thanks to my aunts super cool chinese cookbook... sandy and hoan attempted to make boba but they were unsucessful..they bought the wrong kind so it was the teeny tiny ones like the one in "che"... oh well.. hehe we all played tennis today and it was fun... stupid ly just wouldnt stop saying "i got one" when she went to grab a ball.. i mean seroiusly.. she must've said that at least 40 times.. no kid! yuup... thats was pretty much my dayy....

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