Saturday, May 29, 2004

yesterday.. i went swimming with hoan... hehe we snuck into a pool by apts by us and raced... hehe it was fun.. i got exercise! i proved that i cant tread for more than a minute.. oh thatsw gonna be sad if i was stuck in the middle of hte ocean or something. thanks hoan it was fun (o=

today was funnn too =D
i cleaned my room this morning so i coudl go out then me and hoan went to the bank to get moola before we headed to the movies... after that.. we picked up tam and sandy... bonnie couldnt go after all.. and headed to oakridge to watch day after tomorrow... it was a pretty good movie.. i liked it.. we ran into richard working at the theatre.. haha so random! the girl in the movie is pretty.. hehe after that we walked the mall and me and tam got 1 dollar flip flops at aeropostale! sweet! =oP umm we checked otu the mall some more and then headed to bonnies house

muahha thats where the fun started... CRANIUM is fuunn! hahaha of course we cant break up the duo of annie and tam =oP hah so it was me and tam versus bonnie, hoan, and sandy... oooh mmaann that was soo bad! hehe they lapped us and hoan us like nothing... we did horribly... all u can eat buffet tam! i learned that i draw better with my eyes closed than with my eyes open.. heehe and umm bonnie, hoan, and sandy were just on a role and kicking our butts... then john came and then we kicked butt! =oP not that we needed him to win or anything... hehe 2nd round was a close one... they caught up fast but at the end... me and tam pulled it off with a UNDERGROUND RAILROAD.. YaY! hehe it was fun and we should do it again.. thanks bonnie for having us over.. and thanks john for helping me and tam out! tam... we are too good at these games! =oP oh oh... we got qcup and dair queen too... MmmMM.. yuyuummmmm k thats it.. bye...

hope everyone has a good 3 day weekend!

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