Monday, May 17, 2004

whoever said the library is boring is cRazy! hehe it was quiet..everyone was being studious... and out of no where...


hehe it was great! a couple of guys and a girl ran down the hallways in the library butt naked.. hehe quiet funny... i saw bare arse! heheh.. and thats all i saw =oP oh and one of them was jumping around... i feel bad for whoever was able to see that and good thing i didnt! i guess thats a way for some students to handle stress... as for me... i think im going nuts!! like really nuts!

so tomorrow will seriously be hell... chem final then pulling the all mighty ALL NIGHTER... u and me steph... we will...

fall asleep... ooohhh mnaannn, this will be real bad.. real real bad.

i really cannot wait til tuesday is over...

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