Friday, May 21, 2004

well, i just ended my first year of college.. (O= it's had its ups and downs but its been great! i dont regret anything and i had the best time! im very grateful for all the new friends i made and really glad i picked berkeley. haha even though im doing horribly academically. now begins my summer for a month before i go back to summer school. i miss everyone at berkeley already =o( thank you everyone for making my first year complete...

thank you tessie, the bestiest roomie ever! (o= glad you're gonna be my roomie again next year but i wont get to have my late night talks with you for like 3 months! =o( this year has been so funny with u as my roommate...all those times of waking u up.. hahahah

thank you steph, susie, asalee, neel, john, stanton, tim, jason, randy,herbert, sherry, jen and everyone else... sorry if i forgot ur name... its been so much fun! u guys better still be around next year!!

cant wait to move into our own place.. its gonna be great! stephanie, im sorry but ur gonna have to deal with having a messy roomie for the summer =oP

im so happy im back in san jose! oh i missed home! my house looks funny. hahah my mom went nutso with remodeling so like things are a bit different.. i like it tho.. its nice. i got my viet sandwich... mmm ive been wanting one for soo long (o= yay! now i get to play witho hoan all summer and take sandy out... wheee... (o= okie thats all... hope everyone has a great summer!!

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